Bin Kuch Kahe 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshay takes Abha to a lawyer to tells that a big builder is involved in her canteen deal, he has tied up with an international café house and they have lots of money and can go to any extent to get her cafeteria. He knows how to handle these kind of cases and she needs to keep what he told as secret and not inform anyone. She thanks him and leaves with Akshay. They go back to cafeteria. Abha thanks him for helping him. Akshay says they are family and she need not thank. Abha hopes Nikhil is fine after revealing truth to Abha. Akshay says he will go home now as Nikhil will be waiting for him, she should just remember what advocate told and not entertain Sandy. She asks who Sandy. They both laugh.

Nikhil eagerly waits for Akshay. Akshay enters. Nikhil says he was waiting for him, where

was he. Akshay says he will be either at war or at Abha’s cafeteria. Nikhil asks if he spoke to mom and dad about him and Riya. Akshay says he will, but he should convince Myra to marry him, he loves Myra a lot. He says mamma will be in shock knowing her both sons want to marry Kohli daughters, especially after Riya’s incident. Their conversation continues.

Kabeer comes to kitchen at night and sees Abha. He tells he is trying to find out Sandy’s company plans and will inform her soon. She thanks him and says everyone is trying to help Kohli. He suggests her to not get angry on Sandy and be friendly with him so that he can reveal his plans. Abha says why would he do so. Kabeer says he felt what he told, it is up to her now. He leaves. Next morning, Abha informs Myra what Kabeer told. Myra says she should listen to Akshay and his lawyer and not Kabeer as Kabeer is a stranger.

Myra walks via Kabeer’s room and clashes with him. He touches her hand and says sorry. She reminds as per their contract, he cannot touch her. He jokes and gives her calcium and iron tablets, says it is necessary for a growing woman, else she will collapse repeatedly and he will not be there always to hold her. Myra yells and leaves. Kabeer smiles.

Akhay and Nikhil bring snacks from favorite shop. Myra opens door and gets very happy. She calls whole family. Sudha says Akshay and Nikhil know how to uplift family’s mood, they are like her sons. Akshay asks not to make him senti. Kabeer watches from his room and walks back in jealous. Whole Kohli family enjoys snacks. Akshay gives Myra’s favorite childhood toffee and she excitedly eats it. Sudha takes their pic and sends it to her nanad saying she told they will make a perfect couple. Nikhil tells Riya that he loves her. She says even she and she means it. Sudha asks Aryan to take snacks to Kabeer’s room and ask him to come down once his work finishes. Aryan takes snacks to Kabeer’s room and asks why he does not want to come down, if he is jealous of Akshay that he is Myra’s best friend. Kabeer says no. Aryan says he is not a kid and walks out. He goes down and tells Kabeer is very busy in work. Family continues enjoying snacks.

Precap: Akshay shouts at Kabeer to stop interfering. Kabeer says it is not about them, it is about saving the house. Myra asks Kabeer to stay away from her family issues.

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