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Bin Kuch Kahe 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra reaches police station and meets Sandy, asks him if he met Kabeer. Sandy says he did not as inspector did not let him. She asks what are the charges. Sandy says Kabeer was found ith a girl in a hotel room. Myra asks him to go to the hotel and find out in whose name room was booked. She then walks in and introduces herself to inspector. Inspector says Shekhawat is his dear friend. She asks if she can meet Kabeer. Inspector permits. She meets Kabeer and says she told him it is a trap. He jokes that he could not inform her family about their love. She asks to stop joking and asks to give girl’s number. He gives. She asks if he had food. He says he was waiting for her. She asks him not to worry, she will do something He says he knows. She walks back to inspector and says that girl

trapped Kabeer, he is an International journalist and even Shekhawat’s close friend. She asks if he let the girl. He says she is here itself. She takes his permission and meets girl, introduces herself and asks how does she know Kabeer. Girl lies that Kabeer called her. Myra asks how did he get her number. Girl lies again. Myra leaves.

Myra reaches home. Family asks how is Kabeer. She says he cannot get bail and someone has framed him, they need to find out who it is.

Next morning during breakfast, Nikhil informs Riya that when Kabeer went to get file from home, he heard Akshay promising mom that he will not let Myra keep any contact with family after marriage. Riya fumes and says she will inform Myra. He stops her and asks not to takek tension, it is not good for family. Riya says she will not inform Myra, but will not let her marry Akshay.

Sandy calls Myra and asks if she spoke to girl. Myra says girl is lying to save one who hired her. Sandy says room was booked by a boy and girl paid money in cash. Myra reaches office and asks Shekhawat if he found out in whose name number is registered. He says Nikhil Sharma. She is shocked. She reaches Nikhil’s house and asks why did he trap Kabeer. Nikhil she must be stressed, so she is talking nonsense. She says she has proof and the number Kabeer got call from is in his name. He says he really does not know anything about it and she knows he holds only one number. He says let us go to police station and find out some clue. She says she will go home as mamma did not sleep whole night. Nikhil calls her after sometime and says that number was bought in a college campus and vendor does not remember face as usually students buy sim in their family’s name. Myra apologizes him for doubting him. He says at least they are going near clue because of her doubt Akshay hears that and says their mehandi ceremony is tomorrow and she is worried about Kabeer, why she and her family are worried about a loser. She asks to mind his tongue and walks out.

Inspector calls Myra and says girl wants to speak to only her. Myra with Sandy reaches police station and meets girl who says a boy hired her to trap Kabeer and promised to give her 50,000 rs, she did not see his face as he used to call from different numbers, he kept advance money and sim in a secluded building and she used money to book hotel, he had promised to free her once she traps Kabeer but did not return. Myra says one falls in own’s trap sometimes. She asks where is her mobile. Girl says she it is with inspector. Myra meets inspector again and asks to give her girl’s mobile for 30 minutes. Inspector says it is lonely evidence and something happens, his job will be at risk. Myra gets sad.

Precap: Myra scolds Akshay that she was marrying him for her mamma, he wants her to break relationship with family after marriage, she does not want to marry him. She returns his engagement ring.

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  1. I really hope it’s over between Myra & Akshay, he’s creepy.

  2. Finally, thank god, can you imagine someone like in the army.

  3. please show update of 19 july .. we are waiting eagerly

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