Bin Kuch Kahe 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abha gets Sandy’s message if she can meet him outside café. She asks Rajesh to handle counter as she is going out. She then meets Sandy who says he knows she is angry on him and does not want to talk to him, he just came to inform him that his amma has come and he informed about them to her. She asks what did he say. He says if she is concerned that he would not accept Aryan, then she need not worry and gives her a file. She asks what is it. He says Aryan’s adoption papers and he has gone through all formalities. He then goes to Aryan and sees him counting money, asks what is he doing. Aryan says he wants to buy gift mamma for her birthday. Sandy surprisingly asks is it. Aryan says he is mamma’s friend, how can he not know anything. Sandy apologizes. Aryan says it is okay.


then returns to cafeteria and waits for Kabeer. Kabeer reaches. Sandy says women in his life have created trouble for him. Kabeer asks him to relax and tell what is the issue. Sandy informs that hi mother is not approving his and Abha’s marriage and Abha on the other side is not agreeing to marry him. Today is Abha’s birthday and he wants to celebrate. Kabeer gives him idea.

Kabeer goes to meet informer at a hotel. Informer tries to lure him, and he pushes her. Police raids room and alleges it is a s*x racket. Kabeer shows his car and says he is an international journalist. Police arrests them both.

Abha reaches home. Sudh and Myra greet her happy birthday and say Bua should have been with them, but she went to her home to solve property dispute. Sandy enters and greets them all. He gives greeting card to Abha. Nikhil and Riya enter next and they give Abha their gift. Abha thanks them and says they all planned surprise or her. Akshay enters next and greets them. He greets Sandy and asks to forgive him for last fight. Sandy says it is okay, he does not remember bad things. Sandy behaves too well. Myra says he is behaving too good today. Riya comments he must have seen his mother’s face. Everyone signal her to stop. Sudha says let us cut cake. Akshay says Myra that he booked Delhi’s best designer for mehandi designs. Nikhil asks where is Kabeer. Akshay says he went for some work.

Kabeer from jail calls Sandy and asks him to not react and says he is in police station and asks him to come silently. Sandy leaves and reaches police station, but inspector not let him meet Kabeer. Sandy walks back. Kohli family waits for Kabeer. Myra reaches Kabeer’s message that he is going to meet informer at a hotel. Sudha says she is worried about Kabeer, if he is in danger. Akshay enters and says his doubt was right, Kabeer is in police station as he was caught in a shady hotel with a call girl. He continues badmouthing about Kabeer. Kohli family does not believe Kabeer can do any crime. Myra asks in which police station Kabeer is. Akshay she cannot go. She insists, takes name and leaves. Akshay then yells at Sudha next. Sudha says Kabeer cannot do anything wrong, and Myra is doing right by supporting him. Riya warns him to behave with her mamma. Akshay leaves.

Precap: Myra asks Shekhawat if he found out whose number it is. Shekhawat says it is in Nikhil Sharma’s name. Myra asks if she can check message. He shows and she looks concerne.d

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