Bin Kuch Kahe 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra gets ready for her work when she hears door knock and asks who is it. Kabeer walks in and says he should she would realize it is him. She asks what he needs, she does not have time much. He says exactly, she should inform family about their love. She says she does not love him, then why should she. He says she does and says she has time till even to inform family, else he will inform them. She asks what will he say. He says that they both love each other. She says no. He says Akshay is not like he depicts himself. She says why should she believe him. He says it is her problem and reminds she has 8 hours, else he will inform family, leaves.

Myra walks out of house for job when Akshay stops her and asks her not to go as he has better plan. She asks what. He says they can go and

distribute wedding cards. She says they can do it later. He insists and she agrees.

Abha gets ready to go to cafeteria. Bua enters and say she wants to tells omething. Abha asks to go ahead. Bua says she should consider remarrying as she cannot stay alone whole life and even Aryan will miss his father. Abha says she is there for Aryan and she does not want talk about it anymore. Bua smiles and walks with her.

Akshay’s puppet girl calls Kabeer and asks why did he bring someone with him last time. he asks why she wants to give info to him, he does not trust her. She says it is her wish and asks him to meet her tongue at a hotel. She then informs Akshay that she has called Kabeer at a hotel room tonight. He says this time he will be trapped. He turns and is shocked to see Myra. Riya comes and asks what is going on. Akshay smiles.

Riya and Sudha make arrangements for Abha’s birthday. Nikhil’s mom comes and asks if she can help. Sudha says no. Mom fumes seeing Riya. Sudha takes Riya aside and asks to respect her saas at least. Riya says not after what she did. Bua then discusses about marriage with mom and says both families will take care of their relatives’ stay. Mom says yes. Akshay shows wedding card samples. Sudha asks Myra to take Kabeer’s help. Kabeer comes and says he has better card in his mobile and takes Myra along and is about to speak when Akshay says he should finish his work first and then show card to Myra. Myra says same. Kabeer leaves. Akshay’s mom says they can select cards on internet.

Riya tells Myra that she does not seem happy, does she really want to marry. Myra stands nervously. Riya says Akshay and his mother are acting so sweet, so they are up to something. Myra says she does not think so. Riya reminds her all the previous incidents and says she is sure they will do something wrong. Drama continues.

Precap: Akshay asks Myra where she has to go to honeymoon. Sudha says there is a long way and asks if they can cut Abha’s birthday cake. Nikhil says where is Kabeer. Sandy calls Kabeer and asks where is he. Kabeer says he is behind bars.

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