Bin Kuch Kahe 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nikhil’s mother alleges Sudha that because of her wrong upbringing, Riya is arrogant and Abha is a divorcee. Myra confronts her that she cannot blame mama for Riya’s mistake and everyone in their house has right to take their own decision. Nikhil’s mother leaves. Sudha tells Myra that she has to convince Nikhil’s mother.

Myra then goes to Abha’s restaurant and sees Nikhil there wearing hat and goggles. She asks reason. He says mamma warned her not to meet Riya’s family. Riya enters and yells what is he doing here then, he should obey his mamma, he can leave now as she will help Abha in her canteen. Myra asks not to be so rude to Nikhil. Nikhil challenges Riya that she will miss him soon and leaves. Myra makes weird face.

Myra returns home and gives medicine to

Sudha. Sudha says she is worried something wrong will happen, she has to convince Nikhil’s mother again. Myra calms her down and makes her sleep.

Parul comes to meet Abha. Abha takes her to Myra. Parul asks why did she leave Mumbai without informing. Myra says they will go to canteen and speak. Once in canteen, Parul asks why she left Mumbai and what happened to her Zee News job. Myra says does not know what to do with job. Riya asks what about Kabeer, if she spoke to him. She says if she has gone mad..Abha asks what are they talking about. Myra says about Zee News. Abha says even she watches Zee News and goes to attend customers. Myra says for her, family comes first and she does not want to think about job.

Aryan comes back home. Abha prepares sandwich for him. Myra helps and Abha asks her to ask Riya to start working in canteen as they are short of staff and Nikhil used to handle most of work before. Riya goes to call Riya and sees her fighting with Sudha for taking back bridal lehanga. Sudha says since she is not marry, she will not get it. Riya continues fighting. Myra says her that Abha is calling her down. Riya leaves. Myra cheers up Sudha’s mood. Sudha says she has high hopes on her and one day people will praise that one should learn sanskars form Kohli’s daughters. Myra promises.

At night, while studying Aryan asks Abha what she wanted to become when she was of Myra’s age. Abha says a perfect housewife with a dream of big kitchen. She did not want to do any business, her papa used to tell that his princess will live a queen life. She wanted a son like him tough…and asks what he wants to become. He says he wants to join NASA, and Myra wants to become journalist, what if she wants to go out of Jaipur to fulfill her dream. Ahha says she does not want to send Myra, but if she wants to fulfill dream, then she will convince Sudha.

In the morning, Abha goes to canteen and sees Riiya busy taking selfies. She tells Riya to take over Nikhil’s work. Riya says this interior is not good. Abha says she got it done last year itself and asks her to concentrate on work. Riy starts munching biscuits, but seeing Myra coming says she will handle cash counter, Myra customers, and Abha kitchen. They agree and disperse. Myra gets Zee News’ call and rejects it. Roy in Mumbai scolds his assistant and scolds her to get Myra at any cost as they need talented people.

Myra meets Nikhil outside who agrees to help them, but will come to canteen in the morning when Riya is sound asleep. Back at home, Riya gets call from Zee News again. Myra from kitchen calls asks Aryan to get her mobile. Aryan goes up and seeing Zee News call picks it. Roy’s assistant asks him to tell Myra that her appointment letter is dispatched. He runs and tells Myra that her dream will come true.

Precap: Kabeer packs his clothes. Myra in bed remembers Kabeer.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Maggi

    Why wasn’t kabeer shown in this epi?
    Waiting for der scenes, today’s epi was a bit boring…

  2. boring episode..
    plss bring back them together …

  3. Why there is blank page only on clicking woh apna sa?

  4. Nivu99

    welll riya always over reacts for everything…… abha nd aryan convo regarding ter dreams was nice….
    Myra should accept the job offer soon and waiting for kabber – myra scenes

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