Bin Kuch Kahe 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bua goes to Abha’s room and says she is not getting sleep and wants to watch movie. Abha says she does not have movies. Aryan says he has and gives DVD. Sudha enters and says she has seen this movie. Bua asks what is the topic. Sudha says South Indian marrying North Indian. Abha says she will play DVD to stop their comments.

Kabeer and Myra reach informer’s told spot and wait for her. Myra says she knows nobody will come. They hear sound, but don’t find anyone and walk back. Akshay has planned to trap Kabeer by hiring a girl and pulls her back seeing Myra. Girl asks to give him money. He says he will once work is done and takes her along. Kabeer and Myra walk and Myra suggests him not to fall into trap. He says if woman does not call him, he will call her. She says he should

not. They reach home. Kabeer asks her to delay her marriage so that she can avoid Akshay. Myra says after Riya and Nikhil’s incident, she does not want to trouble her family and will do whatever is best for her family. He says okay then. She says okay good night. He asks her to wait for 5 minutes. She smiles and sits back. Bua notices them.

Bua sees Sudha watching TV serial and asks if she does not gossip. Sudha says she does. Bua says let us start then and says she should hurrying up in Abha’s marriage. Sudha say Abha takes decision carefully and takes time. Bua says is she backing off because of Abha’s husband Ritesh. Sudha says Ritesh did not even ask about Aryan once. Bua yells at Ritesh. Sudha says Mr. Kohli made his daughter self-sufficient. Bua says even her contribution is there, she made her daughter’s self-sufficient and says somehow she should convince Abha to marry Sandy.

Sandy’s mother comes to meet him. He praises about Jaipur. Amma asks if this place has better temples than South India. He asks not to compare and says he has found a girl for marriage. She is shocked and asks what is her name. He says Abha Kohli. Mom says not South Indian. He says Indian though.

Nikhil calls Kabeer and asks him to get some file from his parent’s house as Riya does not want to go there. Kabeer agrees. Nikhil asks to give it to Riya when she comes home. Kabeer goes to Nikhil’s house and after greeting his father says Nikhil asked to get some items from his room. Father thanks him for helping Nikhil. Kabeer says he just encouraged him, rest Nikhil did himself. Father thanks him again and asks to be careful as Nikhil’s mother is present. Kabeer smiles.

Myra and Riya prepare food for Abha’s surprise party. Abha greets them and leaves for cafeteria. Myra says Abha will be surprised seeing her surprise birthday party. Sudha asks Riya to stop coming here often and she can come occasionally. Riya says today’s Abha’s birthday, so it is special. Sudha says this girl will never change.

Kabeer hears Akshay’s mother telling him that he told Nikhil will return home if they attending wedding, he did not come and instead Riya argued with her. Akshay says Kohli’s strength is togetherness and he will break their unity after marrying Myra.

Precap: Kabeer agrees to meet informer girl. Girl asks him to meet at Grand Hotel’s room #201. Akshay tells girl that this time Kabeer should be trapped.

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