Bin Kuch Kahe 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra collapses after inebriated at a restaurant with Kabeer. Kabeeer takes her to his flat. Myra wakes up in the morning and sees herself draped in only bedsheet. She sees Kabeer’s wallet beside, wears Kabeer’s clothes and leaves. Kabeer comes back after getting Myra’s clothes laundried walks into his flat. He calls Myra and says that he brought her clothes from laundry, but does not see her around.

Abha’s client calls her and yells if she cannot handle catering, then why she takes orders. Aryan comes home early from school. Abha asks why did he come home so early. Sudha comes down trying to convince Riya to apologize Nikhil and his family, but Riya yells it is over and she cannot force her to marry. Sudha tells because of her whole Jaipur is shaming them. Riya continues

yelling. Abha interferes. Riya yells she eloped and married and left her husband and now she is lecturing her. Abha gets disheartened.

Myra reaches home. Aryan greets her. She asks why did not he go to school. He says mom did not pay school fees yes. Sudha continues asking Riya to call Nikhil and apologize, but Riya continues her arrogancy. Abha’s worker comes and says other workers don’t want to work until they get pay hike. Abha says she hiked salary just 5 months ago, she will talk to them in the evening. Aryan says Myra maasi returned. Sudha and Abha say good she came son. Myra asks Sudha not to take too much tension and asks Abha why did not she pay school fees. Abha says she did not have time as Nikhil is not coming to restaurant and gave fees and card to Sudha. Sudha apologizes Aryan and says his grandma has gone old. Myra asks her not to worry, she will go and pay fees and asks Abha not to worry, she will handle customer.

Myra goes to restaurant and handles customers and then goes and pays Aryan’s school fees. Love you zindagi…song..plays in the background. She then goes back home and enjoys dinner with family. At night, she looks at herself in mirror and thinks she did a big mistake and should not forget it, she should forget that night though and should not gobac to Mumbai in life. Riya comes and asks whom she is talking to, how was her trip. Myra says no one, goes to bed and weeps.

In the morning, Nidhi calls Myra and asks why did she leave without informing. Myra says she had important work, so had to leave. Nidhi asks what. She says she will tell her later. In Mumbai, Roy tells Kabeer he should be so harsh to Myra. Kabeer says he is off becoming angel to Myra, she did not even call him once and thanked him.

Myra hears Nikhil trying to convince Riya to patch up, but Riya gets adamant and talks rudely. Myra asks her not to marry Nikhil, but not be so rude to him. Actually, Nikhil is better off her, but he is mad in love. Aryan also comments, but Riya asks them all to go out. Myra takes Aryan out and tells he should not interfere between elders and takes him to school.

Sudha tries to convince Nikhil’s mother, but mother says nobody insulted her and her family like Riya did and she will not re accept Riya. Sudha continues trying, but mother says her upbringing is wrong, so she Abha came back home and Riya is so arrogant. Sudha says if they both convince Riya, she will get convinced. Mother asks who wants to convince her. Myra returns and hears their conversation.

Precap: Myra gets Zee New’s call and reject it. She gets sad and Sudha notices it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. oh Myra u have to call kabeer but is ok….after your rejection…surely kabeer will come…to search u…..I think…
    but this Riya is too much.

  2. Maggi

    Oh, Myra need to get back to Mumbai for us to see sum myra-kabeer scenes…

  3. Nivu99

    Riya is too mch stubborn nd immature…..sudha always blame abha soo sad….. Hope Myra gets bck 2 mumbai soon

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