Bin Kuch Kahe 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 13th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Party continues at Kohli house. Everyone’s turn come and they either sing, dance, mimic, etc. Rosy’s turn comes last. Myra jumps in happiness that Kohli’s won. Rosy says he can lose anything to see smile on her face. Party continues. After party finishes, Sudha thanks Kabeer for helping in party arrangement. Kabeer says he just helped Abha a bit. Abha joins and says a lot. Sudha says Kohli’s parties used to be very famous, but after Kohli saheb passed away, she cannot organize good parties alone. Kabeer says she was a very good host today. Sudha asks Kabeer to go and rest now. Kabeer says he will help Abha wind up. Myra comes and Kabeer leaves. Abha tells Myra that whatever she did with Kabeer is not right, reminiscing Myra insulting him. She says Riya is arrogant, but she

speaks her heart out. Myra is trying to hide things over a mask and she will be lost soon.

In the morning, Kabeer gets out of house for a jog. Rosy stops him and taunts if he also jogs. Kabeer says why does he think so. Rosy challenges him. Kabeer say he jogs as he feels good and does not like competition. Rosy insists and they run. Rosy wins.

During breakfast, Kabeer joins Sudha, Rosy, and Myra. Rosy taunts Kabeer that he lost. Myra laughs and says seriously she didn’t think Kabeer is so dumb to compete with Rosy, nobody can win over him. Kabeer silently listens and starts coughing. Myra gives him water. Sudha says Rosy is an all rounder. Rosy and Myra leaves. Aryan asks Kabeeer if Rosy challenged him. Kabeer asks how does he know. Aryan says it is Rosy’s habit to challenge and win, he loses only in general knowledge.

Myra briefs about an illegal construction in on government land and plans of covering the story. Rosy enters there and asks if he can kidnap her for a moment. Myra introduces him as her childhood friend and army officer. Shekhawath gets impressed. Myra excuses and takes Rosy out. Rosy serves her favorite snacks from favorite shop and get nostalgic. Shekhawath comes and says he is going for a conference. Rosy offers him snacks and says he will prepare a diet chart and exercise plan for him and make him fit in 2 months. Shekhawath enjoys snacks and reminds Myra to work on illegal construction story.

Kabeer teaches karate to Aryan. Rosy enters with Myra and asks Aryan why is he learning outdated martial arts, he will teach him Krav Maga which is more advanced. Aryan thanks him. They sit on sofa. Aryan tells Sudha that Rosy is teaching him krav maga. Kabeer says Krav Maga is not a proper martial arts and is borrowed from judo and other martial arts. Aryan hugs Kabeer. Rosy says wining is important and says he suggested Myra also to learn it as she goes to cover risky stories, like she wants to cover illegal construction story now. Kabeer warns her not to cover it now and keep it later till election, it will help her channel’s TRP. Rosy says he will protect Myra.

Precap: Kabeer asks Shekhawath if he can postpone illegal construction news. Shekhawath says news will be aired on its scheduled time. Kabeer thinks Myra did not do right and hopes she will not fall in trouble.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I think the show is moving too slowly…no logic in today’s episode.
    An army man is not supposed to behave like Rosy is doing..i mean its gud to be competitive but not to prove your superiority that too by an army man,..hell NO!
    That lil kid is more mature than those were on the dining table . All of them keep blabbering about army and its goodness but hardly understand it.
    And last but not the least MYRA ..why r u spoiling such a lovely character.?
    Please bring some logic in what ever happens..and the two shud (lead actors) be given some importance than other fillers all the time.??

  2. i agree with u sneh , where is the love story of the two ? i mean only fight , no understanding.
    Thank god they have brought rosy atleast Mr. Miranda will be jealous.

    1. Exactly Aditi…starting episodes were entertaining…but these days nothing interesting happens. Myra ke andar kya chal rha h ..kabeer ko lekr..? U remember she had tears in her eyes when kabeer spoke about her life partner…dun kno?
      Nd her irritating boss..gawd I don’t wanna see that man.
      The promos of this program were so gud..nothing like that is being used.
      Like “tutte taare aur aankhon me khwab dher sare” . I hope they get attracted to each other soon. *sigh*

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