Bin Kuch Kahe 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sudha sees Myra and Akshay outside Kabeer’s room and asks what are they doing. Myra says she wants to throw out Kabeer’s bags. Sudha says let her speak to Kabeer first. Myra says no need for that and keeps Kabeer’s bags in garden. She then sees a man in dark and thinking him as Kabeer yells at him. Sandy comes in front and asks if Kabeer is not at home, he came here as Kabeer is not picking calls. He asks if these are Kabeer’s bags. She says yes. He checks his bags and does not find passport. She asks to take these bags. He says he will send his driver in the morning. She asks what time. He says 8 a.m. and leaves. Myra then goes to her room and sees Riya still awake. Riya argues. Myra asks her to let her sleep.

Next morning, Abha walks towards home. Sandy stops her and

asks if she got legal notice to vacate her cafeteria. She says no. He says she should not vacate then until she gets one. She says he wants to grab her cafeteria, then why he want her to delay. He asks her to do what he says and to trust him. She reaches cafeteria. Aryan comes and asks her if they have to vacate cafeteria. She says not yet.

Myra goes to her office. Kabeer comes there and asks why did she throw his clothes out. She asks why did he betray her family. He says she rejected him. She says she did as she knows he does not love her. He says then what he did is right.

Nikhil asks Akshay when is he proposing Myra. Akshay says not yet and he is feeling guilty as he could not save cafeteria. Nikhil says because of him, Riya is doubting his capability and thinks he is also coward like his brother. Akshay says it is easy to spread moral gyan, difficult when it comes on oneself. Nikhil says he is right.

Sandy goes to Abha’s cafeteria and sips coffee. Customer asks which coffee is best here. Sandy says name and says he is addicted to it. Myra comes and asks Abha what is he doing here. Sandya asks Abha to think about his words and leaves. Abha tells Myra that he is first customer everyday and says he comes daily and goes giving some moral gyaan. Riya says strange. Abha goes in. Myra imagines Kabeer and asks what is he doing here. Abha from inside asks if Akshay proposed her. Kabeer says she will reject Akshay. Myra says it is none of his business and pinches him. Customer asks why she is pinching him. She realizes it is her imagination and apologizes customer. She then goes out and imagines Kabeer again in bus stop and scolds him why he is following her. He says listen to him. She shouts she will not, why should she. Their argument continues.

Precap: Myra asks Akshay if he want to say something. Akshay stands nervously.

Update Credit to: MA

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