Bin Kuch Kahe 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Riya tells Abha that Sandy loves her a lot, else why would he leave such a high profile lucrative job and work under her in a small cafeteria. Abha says Sandy deserves a young woman and not her. Riya says even she has right to be happy. Myra and Sudha hear their conversation. Riya asks if they are spying them like in saas bahu serial. They all 4 laugh.

Kabeer returns home and asks Sudha whats up. She asks if he wants to have tea. He nods yes. She serves him tea. They both sit. She asks since when he knows Sandy and how he is. Kabeer says since years and he is a good man, in what angle she is talking about. Sudha says he gave his personal details CD and proposed to marry Abha. Kabeer says Sandy is a very honest man and he also loves Aryan a lot, so she need not worry. Sudha says

she is tension-free after speaking to him. Kabeer then meets Sandy and says he got so straight forward. Sandy says he is true professional and really wants to marry Abha.

Akshay comes to meet Myra. Myra reminisces all his misbehaviors and Kabeer’s sacrifices for her. She tells him that Sandy has proposed Abha for marriage and asks him not to tell anyone. Akshay is shocked, but reacts as happy.

Kabeer meets Abha at her cafeteria and asks her decision about Sandy’s proposal. Abha says she does not think Sandy will accept Aryan after marriage and she cannot risk Aryan’s life.

Akshay returns home and tells mom that Nikhil told he will come during weekend. He tells he has an exciting news for her, Sandy proposed Abha for marriage. Mom asks what did Sudha says. He says even Sudha is okay with it and whole family is trying to convince Abha. Mom says they trapped an innocent boy, Abha is acting and soon will agree.

Kabeer gets a parcel from informer. He takes it and sits in his room working on laptop. Myra enters and asks if he got gift. He says she herself can check. She checks and finds lead in it. She suggests him not to fall prey as she feels something is fishy. He says he did not say anything yet. She says she will accompany him tonight when he goes to get lead. He says sounds good.

Kohli family sits for dinner. Sudha serves idli sambar and says she likes South Indian food. Everyone say even they like south Indian food. Sudha says she likes even South Indians. Aryan says she told south Indians are fussy. Kabeer says if they did not teach in school not to discriminate anyone. Abha says she knows what they are all up to and walks out.

Riya and Myra sit together for a chat. Myra asks what is her opinion regarding Akshay. Riya asks if she does not love Akshay. Myra hesitantly says she does. Riya asks then not to think much.

Precap: Kabeer and Myra reach informed spot to meet informer. Myra says nobody is here and if someone has to give information, he/she will call in some decent place. Someone makes sound and signals them.

Update Credit to: MA

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