Bin Kuch Kahe 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshay scolds his mom to stop creating her typical saas drama till his marriage. She says what did she do, instead Riya did not bring any dowry and took away Nikhil. He says he needs to concentrate on something else. She asks what is he planning now.

Myra enters Kabeer room. Kabeer asks if she came to talk about Akshay. She says yes. He says it was not his mistake. She says she knows, but Akshay is his fiancé. He says he is selfish. She says she knows. He says at least she agreed. Their discussion continues and he continues that he is perfect for her and not Akshay. He gets a call from a girl who says she has a lead regarding upcoming civic poll’s fund irregularities. Myra asks who was it. He tells her everything. She says be careful. He smiles and says at last she started

caring for him. She leaves.

Bua and Sudha enjoys tea and snacks. Bua asks her to come to Delhi soon. Sudha says she will for Myra’s wedding shopping. Sandy enters and after greeting them hands over a CD to Sudha and says it has all his personal details and he wants to marry Abha. Sudha sits silently. He says his amma is coming to meet her. Abha comes and asks what is he doing here, she already told him she is not interested in his proposal. Sudha asks her to go in and tells Sandy that she will speak to Abha first and then will inform him, she will definitely meet his amma though. Sandy says he will wait for her call and leaves.

Myra returns home. Sudha says Sandy had come and proposed to marry Abha. Myra gets very happy and says it is a good news. Sudha says Abha does not want to marry though. Bua walks into Abha’s room and asks her to think about marriage. Abha angrily walks out shouting she does not want to. Sudha enters. Bua says Sandy seems a good boy. Sudha says even though he is a South Indian, he is different.

Sandy is busy serving customers in cafeteria. Abha enters and says he is fired. He says he cannot accept her order. She says everything was going fine, then why suddenly all this. He says this was not sudden and they love each other side. She says this is not true.

Riya comes to Kohli house with dirty clothes. Sudha scolds her that she is married and should wash her clothes at her house. Riya says she already told in the morning. Myra comes and says good she came here, she was about to come to her house. Riya asks if there is anything special. Myra says Sandy proposed Abha, but Abha rejected his proposal. Riya goes to Abha’s room and asks reason. Abha says she is not yet divorced and cannot dream so high. Their discussion continues.

Precap: Kabeer asks Abha what is her decision. Abha says Aryan will suffer in all this. Kabeer says he does not think so. Abha says what is the guarantee that Sandy will not feel Aryan as a burden, she cannot compromise with Aryan’s future.

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