Bin Kuch Kahe 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer goes to Myra in kitchen and asks if she did not sleep yet. She says she has to clean plates first. He asks if she started working on Steve’s articles and says he wants her to be an international journalist. He then says if she thinks they are meeting repeatedly just like that, it is destinty that wants them to meet. He tells he wants to tell her what happened that night. She says she does not want to. He says she has to as he does not want her to be in guilt forever. He tells she was heavily inebriated that night and was collapsing repeatedly, so he took her to his hotel room. She vomited and spoilt her dress, so he had to take her dress for wash and returned hurriedly after dry cleaning it, but she misunderstood and left.

Kabeer says he wants to see Myra successful and this small place is not for her. He says he loves her and showing a ring proposes her to marry him. She says she cannot marry him as her family will not approve their marriage. He says he will ask his mother. She says her mother has a lot of dreams for her and she does not want to disappoint her mother. He tries to convince her, but she gets adamant.

Myra goes for a breakfast in the morning and sits nervously. She starts breakfast without having juice. Abha asks if she is fine. Myra says yes. They chat and Myra leaves. Riya asks Akshay to start plan B. Myra goes for a bath. Akshay goes to her room and writes I love you with flowers on floor. He slips on window and it opens. Flowers fly. Myra gets out of bathroom and asks why he shattered flowers all over, is it Riya. He sadly says yes Riya did it.

Abha walks on street trying to get taxi. Sandy passes by and insists her to get into his car. She rejects his offer and walks. He gets out of car and insists. She calls his full name and asks him to behave here as it is her son’s school area. He continues insisting.

Akshay keeps Dholia and Kabeer’s photo in Myra’s desk. Myra sees them and is shocked.

Precap: Akshay takes Myra to Kabeer when he is with Sandy. Myra yells his closeness was planning. Kabeer says they can sit and talk. She says there is noting left to talk.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Omygod..did he really proposed Myra? Haha…what kind of act was that…nd Myra said I cant…no cross question, no drama…what was she thinking all long…btw she behaved too sensible as I thought she wud?
    No love confession no feelings…directly marriage…friends plz comment nd share what u think on this never seen this way situation amid them??

  2. Sweetsameeksha

    Oh god! What is this now. I m fed up of this . Myra never understands kabeer.

  3. Sweetsameeksha

    Ya ur right. This never happened between them but now i m damn sure that when rosy will proposeto myra,she wont accept it at all. And this is for sure. So we should be happy

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