Bin Kuch Kahe 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra wears India outfit, salwar kameez. Sudha and Abha praise her beauty and says soon she will also marry and leave her. Myra says they started again talking about her marriage. Abha then walks with Aryan who praises Sandy that he is so mature and gentleman, they usually have man to man discussion and Sandy helps him clear his doubts a lot. He continues that Kabeer and Sandy are so good. Abha says yes.

Akshay walks into Myra’s room and tries to get intimate with her. He holds her and says they are getting married ,so they should kiss. He forces on her. She pushes him. Kabeer passes by and angrily walks in and warns Akshay to get out. Akshay shouts him to get out. Argument starts. Myra asks them to stop and asks Akshay to leave. Akshay leaves shouting he will not spare Kabeer.


goes to her cafeteria and sees candles lit in a romantic way. Sandy says her that he is happy when she is around and she makes him feel happy. He continues expressing his feeling and says I love you, no matter what I want to spend my rest of life with you, etc. She walks out. She reaches home reminiscing Sandy’s words and weeps in her room. Aryan asks her what happened to her. She does not reply and he consoles her. Next morning, Sandy waits for Abha in cafeteria. Kabeer says don’t worry, Abha will accept his proposal. Sandy asks if he is sure. Kabeer says Abha went through bad first marriage and has built a fear shell around her, so Sandy needs to break it. He then jokes once Sandy marries Abha, he can give discount during Myra and Kabeer’s marriage. Sandy says he need to consult his partner. Kabeer says South Indians are so creepy.

Riya comes home and prepares breakfast for herself. Sudha says she thought she is married and gone, but she returned. Riya says Nikhil went to office and told he will have breakfast at office, she thought of coming here and having breakfast. Sudha says just like Nikhil changed, even she should change for good. Riya says she will and goes to Myra’s room. Myra gets very happy seeing her. They chat. Myra says Nikhil’s mother is fond of Riya. Riya says she is a double faced woman. Myra says she will leave for work now and walks out. Akshay comes and apologizes for last night’s incident and says he was just joking, but then seeing Kabeer he got angry and lost control. She asks if his mother does not like Riya. He says he will set things right. She says what if her mother behaves with her similarly. He says he will not let that happen. Myra says she is late for her job He says he will drop her. She says no need for that and walks away. Akshay stands fuming.

Precap: Sandy gives CD to Sudha and tells all his personal details, his qualification, his family details, etc., are in this CD. He wants to marry Abha and requests her to give him one chance. Abha comes and asks what is he doing here.

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