Bin Kuch Kahe 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Bin Kuch Kahe 10th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sudha shoes family pics to Kabeer. Riya reaches from recording. Kabeer speaks. She says she will go and take a shower. She walks into the room. Myra walks around room fuming and says if she know what Kabeer did. Riya asks her to stop it, why she is always behind Kabeer. Myra says but.. Riya says she needs a boyfriend. Myra says really, she is talking as if she did PhD on men. Riya says ther are only 3-4 categories of men in the world, she has done masters and men are not worth doing PhD. Myra asks then which category Nikhil and Kabeer come. Riya says she did not think much. Their nok jhok starts and they throw pillows on each other.

Abha enters Myra’s room and informs that someone special is coming to Jaipur. They both make weird guesses. Abha says Rosy is coming. They both

get very excited. Aryan says thank god, at least now their attention will be on someone else. Kabeer hears their conversation

Next morning, whole Kohlil family excitedly starts making arrangements for Rosy’s welcome with cleaning house, preparing special dishes etc.. Kabeer thinks who must be this Rosy. Sudha asks Myra to get dinner set down and clean for Rosy’s dinner and leaves for shopping. Kabeer asks Riya who is this Rosy. Riya says Rosy is their favorite. Kabeer asks if she knows Rosy since childhood. Riya says yes and tries to continue, but Myra calls her and she leaves.

Sudha sits on sofa and waits for Rosy. An army officer comes and touches her feet. She gets emotional and hugs him and calls captain Aksath. Kabeer comes down and realizes he is Rosy. Myra happily hugs him and Riya joins. They all 3 sing a song. Sudha introduces Kabeer to Rosy. Nikhil comes and says he knows Akshath would be here and says mom is eagerly waiting for him, revealing Rosy is his brother. Riya murmurs he came to have food here. Abha brings mooli parantha and gulab jamoon for Rosy. Nikhil introduces Kabeer again as an international journalist and has covered many wars. Myra comments covering war and fighting are 2 different things and soldiers are best. Kabeer feels hurt. Abha asks if he did not forget Jaipur people. He looks at Myra, indicating he has a crush on her. Abha says today they will have a party.

Precap: Aryan asks everyone to pay attention and Myra comes well dressed in party attire. Kabeer and Akshath/Rosy get mesmerized seeing her well dressed with makeup.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. anay bangalore

    i dont know why cant writers make Myra a normal girl, i am fed up of her tantraums

    1. Yes myra is soon rude

  2. Myra is really annoying nowdays ..she seriously needs a boyfriend

  3. guys….. dont u all feel frustrated as they are circling around a pointless plot……. hope they find a gud plot nd revolve around it………. ??????

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