Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) A Glimpse

-A Glimpse-

Neil stared down at her thunderous and she let go Roshan’s hand around her waist. He almost looked muderous and about burst in flames and Sam gulped hard not to cringe and move back.

He moved past her but she observed his fist were clenched. He reached the kitchen door but slid his head to the side.

“Are you coming?” He bit out and she jumped recognising the steel in his voice.

Roshan gave Sam an anxious look. Only minutes ago they were laughing at some random recipe finding in a book but Neil seem to get something else out of it.

Oh, dear, she needed to cook.

She followed him to his study. Taking a deep breath she opened the door and got in. He stood there all formal and grey suited near the windows with his hands fisted inside his pants.

He turned around just as she moved closer to the table, but he didn’t look up at her instead he twirled the glass paper weight on the table around with his left hand.

“I had brought you here to do the chores of the mansion but not romp around with the cook.” He muttered in a hard voice.

Sam blinked. Romp around? Hee cheeks burned and she clenched her hands tight together.

“I wasn’t….”

He didn’t allowed her to explain but rather he moved fast and closer to her. Sam moved but he glared at her for taking two steps back.

“Tell me, do you allow every other man to touch you. The.places they shouldn’t.” He glanced down to her shoulders and up into her eyes coldly.

Sam fumed now.

“Roshan wasn’t…

But the words died when he caught her arm tightly.

“Eyes up.” He ordered.

Sam frustrated at his brutish finally glared back looking him straight in the eyes. His eyes all black looked furious enough hurt her.

“Do you know the places nobody shouldn’t touch of your body?” He whispered threateniningly down at her.

Sam tried to lean away but he caught her jaw and sneered down at her.

“Everywhere is the place I own. Let me f**king show you.” He snarled and caught hold of her from behind.

Sam tried to wriggle out but he held her tight.

“If you try to move, I’ll rip off your dress and you would have nothing to wear for the whole day.” He muttered in a gravelly low tone.

Sam’s breath caught in her throat and she stopped struggling altogether.

“This belongs to me and I know every nook and corner of it.” He grated punishingly pulling down the zipper of her dress , he slid his cool hand all over around her naked back.

Sam gasped as his hand went down and caressed crudely over her skin.

“He doesn’t have the right to touch you here, yeah. You got it right.” He muttered huskily breathy, biting hard on her ear shell.

He was angry and he was showing it roughly on her body.

“Neil, stop it.” Sam breathed out trying to free herself.

“Stop, yes, you should have stopped him touching you and yet he did. I need to show what else is mine.” He gritted and moved his hand inside her dress and around her br*ast.

He held her cupping her flesh and groaning in return.

“These are mine.” He gravelled gruffly.

His hand travelled down and Sam tried hard to free herself. The dress was almost on the floor now.

“Neil, please don’t do this. I can’t…” Sam began to mumble incoherantly.

His hand cool and firm on her burning skin began to move lower on her stomach.

“Can’t take it. Yes, I couldn’t take it too to watch random men touch you like that. Don’t you still get it, babe. This all…” He moved his hand all over her skin in a possessive brand, his voice turned all growly into her ears….”Mine only to f**king touch and spread my hands on……….


Credit to: kfar

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  1. Sorry Farah but I m a bit confused is it the part or any other fiction with same name????…

    1. Sorry….Farah confusion got cleared and I m really hoping to see the next update soon…

  2. Wow wow wow!! Farha!! What are you made of? Neil’s being too possessive… Ouch.. That was bad.. I loved it… Post soon..

    Love you loads.. Tc.. Keep smiling.. Bear hug ??

  3. Is it a new story…??????

  4. Whoa.. gotta watch out for furious Neil!!
    Your story’s going great Kfar…!! Just keep it up! Really waiting eagerly to read the update and know what exactly happened!! Just keep writing and keep smiling!! I really don’t have to tell you how awesome you are cuz i’m out of words for that!!
    Loads of love kfar!! :-*

  5. Oh god di, u just take my breath away with such flaming updates. Plzzz post DT next. Love you loads! Good night. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

  6. Pliz pliz pliz Kfar update na im coming here alwayz update karo pliz

  7. I LOVE U SO MUCH FARAH”….U R AMAZING…UNPRIDICTABLE….u r the one to make me happy about neil…u r story perfectly fit on him…

    Thank u for this glimpse….atlast u considered my request….but i want big earlier post….

    I have a doubt farah…”previous spoiler..u told that,sam ll stayed at neils flat again as staff..because of that agrement know..” that scenes ,u posted as spoilers only right..??..u didn’t post it as chapter……..
    !!???….pls tell me…if u post,then tell me abt where s it?…..i m eagerly waiting for ur story(still exams:D)..

    U know…. Manmarziyan serial update only got so much comments after that ur’s only getting that equal understand ur story’s value among us…so keeep going…update as soon as possible ;)bye

  8. Dat was real neil. . . With no supressn over hw he felt abt her. . .the very very possesiv Neil. And he is al bak to his old avatar, hu cares abt no one bt nly Sammy… Updt nxt part sooooon dr 🙂

  9. But far Sam is not wid Neil name then he come they r together nw a big confusion plzzzzz cmnt and clear it

  10. Oh god Farah plz don’t leave it like this. It’s toooooo gud. I loved it. Wow.. when r u going to give us real chapters??? How does nesam meet again???

  11. Yaaar kfar please update the next part yaaar!!! Eagerly waiting for it after reading this short one!!!

  12. Wowww neil possessiveness was awesome yaar

  13. Please dnt make her do household job yaàr……

  14. Hey Farha awesome update….
    Will b waiting to read the entire chapter.
    Hey do update Radhika- arjun’s part tooooo 🙂

  15. The devil Neil is back again……
    Looking forward for the next up part eagerly…..

  16. wow it was awesome. his possessiveness. the update was all fine. but I am worried about you. are you alright. pls tell .maybe your problem gets solved by sharing. pls take care and be the chirpy and lively farha you usually are. pls for god’s sake take care of yourself.

  17. sorry if I an pestering you with my non sense. take care. and lots of warm hugs.

  18. waiting for the next one

  19. aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssommmmmmmmmmmmeeeeee
    cant tell dude, how good i felt after reading this part
    oh god Neil is back
    the very own Neil, all possessive abt her
    god loved it to core
    plz update soon
    hey dude a bit confused, hope u can clear this one
    r u going to write in continuation with the preview?
    but dude we need a chapter, that one wasn’t less than a chapter though, but still wanna know how do they actually meet, I mean how Neil approaches her, or the other way how he makes her approach him, unknowingly
    need a very long one and soon
    take care
    love u loads

  20. Its just awesome….Neil in his devil form is back….. His possessiveness,lust, love,jealousy…4 sam….
    Really its not fair…..i want more than dis glimpse…. I’m jest a little bit greedy wen it comes to ur story…
    Write a very very long….chapter…..plz….post sooooon….

  21. farha farha farha u r just terrific yr der r srsly no words to describe u i m a silent reader of urs nd u just drive me crazy ummuaah

    u r just out of dis world ur stories can make anyone go crazy just love u yr but yr dis glimpse ws just like a drop of water in ocean we want d whole ocean like ur bdaa wala update dat at least take hours to read i knw i m asking too much kya kare thode mai kaam nhii chalta
    haahahahah but do take care of urself as u r foremost imp love u take care byee

  22. farha farha farha u r just terrific yr der r srsly no words to describe u i m a silent reader of urs nd u just drive me crazy ummuaah

    u r just out of dis world ur stories can make anyone go crazy just love u yr but yr dis glimpse ws just like a drop of water in ocean we want d whole ocean like ur bdaa wala update dat at least take hours to read i knw i m asking too much kya kare ye dill mange more
    haahahahah but do take care of urself as u r foremost imp love u take care byee

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    want the next update soon
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  27. Awesome glimpse Farha darling. possessive…omg…I’m totally amazed with this update..In each word n action neil’s real avataar showing here…so intense n only cocentrate on his bebe sammy…n dialogue…everywhere is the place I own…wowww…mind blowing..can’t wait for the full chapter to read…plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz darling farha, update soooooooon. …lots of hugs n kisses, muaaaaahhhhhh ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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    we need an update!
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    loveeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuu
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    where r u yaar? missing you very badly buddy,common pls atleast reply……..
    if u can’t update means,atleast try to reply us sweety…..we r waiting for u…(still in exams)

    see,NIKKI s searching u so long…..atleast reply da……miss u very badly……….:-((((((((((((((((((

    1. she seem to be quiet very busy dear
      we dont have any choices abi dude, until she turn up on cmmnt section
      just hope she get it soon that we r literally dying to read her writings, kind of master pieces for us, right?

      farha plz plz dear update or reply
      been so so so lonnnnnnngggggggggggg since u turned up to the cmmnt sectn
      and ya am watching Krishna dasi daily(10:30) somehow escaping from my mom, thankfully she started sleeping early, from past few days, lol
      stay healthy and update fast love u

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