Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 13


Billionaire Banker And The Chirpy Beauty

Neil had gotten up to the bright morning with good spirits and sharp mind. He was in the game for getting back into his work which as said had piled up overnight. Well, Lee called him all night. Ten on his business phone and four more on his private number. Fed up and bone tired he switched off both the phones and went back to sleep.

He walked into the study and cleared his throat and looked a little sheepish when Lee gave him a sigh. His expression though wasn’t much a give away.

Neil walked towards the mahogany table and settled himself in the chair and smiled.

“So, how are you this morning, Lee?” He asked deliberately and little brightly than he usually did.

Lee came towards the table and he gave Neil a sharp nod.

“A morning you wouldn’t like.” He replied dryly.

Neil smiled and frowned at the same time while weighed Lee’s vague response.

He looked up into his face and after smiling like that as a fool can do it the humour faded instantly and dimmed out of his face. He gulped hard and he moved back on the chair. The thing that he observed in Lee’s face and eyes made him realize the minute that he was in now.

“Dear god, she is here, isn’t she.” He did not ask but stated.

Lee gave him a half smile which conveyed a whole lot of meaning.

“Mrs. Yuveth Gordon for you sir.” He mumbled and moved back.

With that his face darkened and the bright morning that he woke up to shadowed completely. Neil set right his tie and pushed back his hair with his fingers. Here comes the hell and the wicked witch.

He got up the chair when the doors of the study opened up slowly. He swallowed a little while she came in. His mother. Yuveth Gordon. A woman of fifty. Wearing a skirt and a shirt and a coat over it. All in cream colour. With hair platinum and eyes cold and sliver of steel she walked in not smiling but with an air of authority. With ears adorned with diamond drops. Slender wrist with platinum bracelet. Everything about her was a luxury and wealth. Her eyes narrowed and searching fell over his form. He straightened when she slid her gaze all over him and then passed by him uncaring and unaffected. He could literally feel the ice getting deep into his bones. It penetrated the walls and made it more colder to stay in. That’s the aura of his mother. She looked anything but too happy to see him.

And he wasn’t surprised.

“Son.” She greeted him in a cool undertone.

Neil tilted his head to the side.

“Mother.” He greeted back sardonically.

If she observed the sarcasm that was too frozen out and her black identical to his gave him a once over. But he wasn’t in the focus as her cool gaze moved all the study and then fell on the head chair of the mahogany table. Neil stiffened instantly.

She gave Lee a nod and moved towards the other side of the room where there plush red leather sofa in the corner. A maid hurried towards her and as soon as she seated herself on it regally a steaming green tea china cup was handed over in her right hand. The maids fluttered around her shifting the sofa pillows around her and well being just near her in case his mother needed anything in particular.

She directed her attention towards Lee.

“I hear that my son failed to attend the important annual meet? Is that right, Lee?” She asked coldly not to him but obviously to Lee.

Her voice was hard as brittles and her tone was saccharine sweet. It would appear anything but an appreciative nod from her. Since it was not. Neil could understand the blithe anger behind such sweet said words.

That made the point quite clear to him. She wasn’t happy with the way the things he was doing since a while now.

Neil chuckled but humourlessly.

“And suddenly it got your attention, mother. I wonder why now but after three years you abruptly find me a rebel?” He sneered looking into her eyes.

He wasn’t afraid of the look in her eyes. They could have really frozen a boiling ocean immediately into glaciers but not him. He was cut bone deep already to feel anything but cold.

She sighed sipping on her tea and when her eyes came back to his again. He was suddenly afraid by the look she settled his way. The flick of her elegant right hand and the way she observed his face so patronisingly. It ruffled up the deep resentment. It grew up his throat and almost choked him.

“Have you been going out again with the likes of the sl*t that you were engaged to before?” She asked without much of anger but with a tinge distaste colouring her tone.

Neil’s right hand clenched into a painful fist and her smiled looking down at it.

She laughed that light humourless grating one that made him want to throw things around.

“Oh, my, my, still the same anger and resentment.” She narrowed her eyes…..”Is it because….”

“That’s enough.” He said quietly.

She sipped on her tea delicately and flicked her hand carelessly in signal for the maid to take the tea cup out of her hand.

“Why?” She asked without much understanding the turmoil raging in his heart.

Neil’s jaw hardened. His shoulders bunched up more.

“Because she is dead, mother, that’s why.” He said in a frustrated tone.

His mother smiled deliciously satisfied.

“That is a good thing, isn’t it.” She said while getting up and moving towards the windows.

And he was dismissed.

And he couldn’t believe her. He had expected a cold brush off. He really did. But he did know that each time it did hurt. And now too. A chill ran down his spine when he thought about it. Was mother behind the accident? It wasn’t his car too. It was Sonia’s. His mother was capable of doing it. But he still kept that thing locked inside somewhere in his mind. He was too afraid to open the Pandora box.

He saw her looking out of the window. He straightened.

“By the way moth…..” Neil cleared his throat…..”mom…I’m doing good.” He completed dryly and sarcastically.

Her eyes still stone cold black came back to his.

“I can see that in your face.” She reinterred flatly.

Neil smiled frostily and turned around to leave.

“I hope in the future you don’t stray from the meetings, Son. Your rebellion would make me look into your life and you don’t want that do you.” She said at length and coolly.

Neil froze and the cold finally got inside. He did not want her to look into his life. He was suddenly afraid. The calm threaten in her voice pulled him into alert.

“No. I don’t want that.” He replied grimly.

With that he walked out of the study and rotated his way towards the terrace. Damn, the letters and the accident in the office. Were they warnings from his mother. The cool air of the ocean blasted over his hot skin. Neil ripped off the tie from around his neck.

“f**k.” He cursed and threw the tie to the floor.

He removed the coat next and drew out the wrist pins of his shirt. He pulled at his hair next thinking and thinking about the stuff that his mother was capable of doing. He sat down on the stone bench and looked incessantly at the ocean until his eyes started to hurt and burn. He started to swear and his shirt soaked up with it. His hands started to shake. f**k no. Not again. He wasn’t going into one those again. He felt like breaking out from his own skin.

He got up panting heavily. His eyes narrowed and his jaw ticked. He needed a bit of adrenaline to calm down or he was going to kill someone. He fast walked towards the stairs and got down fast breathing hard. He could hear the grunting of his own voice. Sweat trickled down the sides of his forehead.

He froze suddenly over the last step when he heard a familiar soft giggle enter into his ears like a soothing music. His head snapped up and he looked around frantically in desperation.

His eyes narrowed over the source of such a sound. Her face was luminous with a grin. Warm and happy. Giggling away. His hand gripped over the stair case grill. His heart slowed down its fast race. His breathing toned down a little. Just a little thought because the tension flowed into his veins like hot lava. He took a deep stuttered sharp breath in. She was wearing blue printed shirt and palazzo pants and her hair was straight and flowing. He frowned. He would have liked it flowing and curled. He turned around on the step and watched her for a second before firmly walking towards her.

The more he got closer the more the electric attraction towards her made his hand itching frantically to touch her. He couldn’t help it. She had been a teasing sweet piece of candy since a long time. Just to a hand’s reach but he couldn’t have her without being too guilty until he saw her face and questioned his motives from the first. She was too child like and innocent. That made his fingers to curl up before they got burned desperately to touch her soft skin.

He moved into her space and her laughter ended suddenly and her eyes widened in surprised before a blush covered up her cheeks and ears. He looked down at her luscious lips turned up either side as a wide smile.

Well. He stared into her warm clear warm brown eyes. His jaw hardened. He grabbed her right arm and it seem to surprise her more as she stiffened at his touch. Her light sweet scent entered into his lungs and he inhaled more deeper for to settle his grated nerves. He could smell the lilacs again. That sweet tantalising lingering homeliness. It was enough to bring him down to a level of calm but not enough to stay at one place.

She resisted his touch and his eyes narrowed.

“What?” She asked smiling while looking awkwardly and blushing.

He could feel that they broke the ice barrier and ventured closely to a familiar intimacy. He looked down into her red face. She was shy.

He looked around and saw the kitchen staff seated over the sofas around. He gave a sharp nod of acknowledgement and her friends gave him a surprised filled look. He looked at her hands which were holding a tray filled with china cups of tea.

He caught her fleeting eyes.

“I thought you were done with being a servant.” He murmured in a low rumble.

Instantly her cheeks flushed pink and she looked a little annoyed but still the smile stuck to her face.

“They are my friends and im just serving them tea because since they have been so nice to me always. Unlike you.” She concluded wryly.

Neil ignored that. He caught hold of her arm more firmly.

“I don’t have time to argue with you here. Come with me.” He grumbled while trying to pull her to him.

She again pushed away from him while chuckling a little. The second time she did it. Moved away from him. It made madly pissed him off. She shouldn’t have done that.

“What is so urgent. I’m with my friends here, Neil.” She said in whispered embarrassment.

His jaw hardened more. Seems like he was causing a scene in her friend circle. Fine then. His demeanour turned ice. He looked down into her face searchingly. She would run at the first chance. He didn’t trust her. He didn’t trust her not to run from him. She would. And he knew that she wouldn’t look back once gone a good distance from him. He didn’t trust for her to do it again. Betray him once again. It froze whatever the feelings he had for her.

He moved back and took the tray from her hands and put it on the trolley. He went back a step and kicked the trolley with his leg. The tea tray fell down and the pot full of the sweet concoction spilled all the floor. The loud sound pierced into the silence.

“There. Tea is served.” He clipped.

Gasps escaped into the air and her friends stood up surprised. Well, shocked more precisely to say. She gave a him wide eyed horrified look. He did not have time for that too.

He caught hold of her hand painfully tight.

“Now, you are coming with me.” He stated in a hard voice.

She didn’t budge but he made her by placing his arm around her waist too a little more roughly.

“What the hell, Neil. Have you lost your mind?” She lashed out at him angrily.

But he made her fast walk towards the door.

This is what it was wrong with him. One moment he was nice and in another one a complete jackass.

Sam tried to pull her hand hard but he didn’t relent. She scowled at the back of his head.

“I thought you were…..” She started angrily, but he stopped abruptly and half turned to her.

His black eyes caught hers and her heart skipped a beat.

“You thought what?” He asked in her snap.

She blinked back and completely thrown off by his question. She looked down at his hand and then at his face.

“Yesterday night you said…..” She whispered.

There was something else in his eyes. Honest. Clear. Angry. Frustrated. Speedy. Oh dear god, what had happened. He wouldn’t look like this until.

And what’s with the sudden coldness in his eyes. Dear god he blew hot and cold really fast. It seemed like he wasn’t asking her but fiercely telling someone or perhaps himself.

“What are you…….” She started to ask but he cut off her again.

“You thought I would forget alot of things, don’t you. Only because I softened for a short while.” He grated.

Whoa. What? What was he talking about? Why was he suddenly this furious.

She opened her mouth to ask the same but he cut her off.

His body was all high strung and vibrating with something which she did not understand. He gave his back to her again and pulled her forward.

“The intelligent thing that you could do now in your life ever is to shut your trap.” He said coolly in a low voice, the tone turning to ice made her back straighten and the hair over her skin raise up.

Sam’s mouth shut tightly now. She didn’t know what else to say because he wasn’t talking to her or was in any state to listen to her protest. She relented and he dragged her outside. At times when he was sweet she was afraid more because she was more frightened of such a trait of his to come out after the deep calm he portrayed before. This face of his personality. It was this that she was terrified of last night.

Yuveth Gordon stared down the study to the ground floor through the glass wall. Her eyes took measure to the surroundings.

“You are saying that my son has sold the mansion?” She asked, drawling and a little coolly to Lee.

She turned to him and he stiffened while setting right his glasses.

“Yes he did, Madam.” He replied flatly.

She sighed and looked down again while her eyes narrowed at a pair. Her son dragging a woman’s hand and walking fast towards the hall.

Her eyes turned cold as she sharply caught Lee’s eyes.

Lee looked down and cleared his throat.

“She is the one who brought the mansion.” He replied noncommittally, and while avoiding the way her son held the girl’s hand.

“Is it.” She said coldly and searched into his face before walking gracefully towards the mahogany table.

“Find out about the girl’s background. I want every detail. I dont want my son to tangle with another gold digger.” She said while settling herself on the chair.


Sam winced when his hand tightened more over her wrist. The breeze blew across her face and she shivered while they fast walked down the steps of the porch. He made her walk towards the back of the mansion where the evening brought down the darkened clouds indicating the oncoming storm. She could smell it in the air. It was going to rain hard. But the sunrays still penetrated through the clouds.

The road cleared and Neil’s Harley Davidson came into vision. Sam froze and Neil stiffened but he pulled her towards it nonetheless. He wasn’t looking at her but folding his shirt sleeves and grabbing at the helmet. His eyes hard and unforgiving caught hers and he held the helmet towards her. The black unruly silky hair fell over his forehead while his eyes shined behind his tresses like gimlets.

“You get on behind me.” He said coldly.

Sam gulped hard and looked down at his tanned hand and the veins rippling through his skin and his arm muscles straining hard. She stared at the helmet.

He waved it under her eyes again when she did not reply.

“You dont want the safety gear then be ready to fall off and break your bones in the process. Dont blame me later.” He grated and she looked up into his annoyed eyes immediately.

She stiffened when he dared her to run. She knew he would sneer and blame her later for running away. She glared at him and at the challenge written clear in his eyes.

“Unfeeling jerk.” She muttered under her breath, and took hold of the helmet.

She glanced at the motorbike and she thanked her stars for as she opted out for jeans and t-shirt in the morning. She had been sick wearing alot fo dresses these days. Those were too elegant. Now she wondered how she would manage to get on top of the beastly thing. He cursed and she squeaked when he caught hold of her waist tightly and lifted her up and settled her roughly over the bike. She felt like a ragdoll now as bruised her continually in his anger.

He got in front without wearing any helmet and she opened her mouth to question him.

“Where is your helmet?” She asked in a low quite voice.

He let out a bark of sharp laughter.

“I don’t need one.” He said in a gruff voice.

Sam’s cheeks heated up and she felt her heart race fast. It wasn’t a sane thing for him to ride the motorbike. He seemed too out of control.

“Listen, Neil, I think we shouldn’t…..” She started anxiously.

“Legs.” He barked,while sliding his head towards the left.

She jumped a little at his tone and he snickered while sliding his large hand around her thighs and lifting them up over his legs.

Her breath caught in her throat with the way he always touched her. Sure. Firm and possessive.

“Move closer. Put your hands around me.” He ordered over his shoulder.

Sam was still uncertain about this. He was vibrating with something and frustration. He shouldn’t be on the bike nor she should. This was going to be such a disaster now.

The next was her squeaking when he pulled at her arm and plastered her front over his back.

“I don’t understand why you hesitate always. It’s not like I haven’t seen and touched you before.” He drawled, sardonically while starting the bike.

Sam’s face turned red and she grabbed her hand around his waist more tightly. She remained silent as he zoomed to bike to roaring start and her eyes widened when he turned up the speed. She held onto him for dear life.

She could feel the surroundings disappear around them and the wind whiplashing her face. It chartered her teeth. His arms flexed and his shoulders bunched into a strain. The heat coming off his body penetrated into her and she panicked. She burrowed her face into his back.

“Slow down, Neil!” She cried out as he took a left and almost toppled them over the road, but effortlessly pushed it smoothly over the the way out of the woods.

“Hold on tight. You’re gonna fall off!” He shouted through the breeze, and the bike skidded and he raced even more faster into the disappearing and marooned woods.

Where was he taking her? They were almost an hour on the road and he wasn’t stopping either. Her heart almost jumped out of her mouth. She grabbed onto his waist.

“Slow down! For god’s sake, Neil. You’re going to have us both killed!” She shouted again through the wind roaring around them.

He did not listen to her. His arms flexed and his hand turned the handlers more firmly.

Sam took the last measure.

“You’re scaring me.” She whispered in a shattered voice into his ear.

He stiffened immediately and his back relaxed over her front and he slowed eventually after a minute. He let out a curse and stopped the bike to a halt which made her arm to rub hard against back support. Her elbow grazed and she felt the stinging pain.

He got off first sweating a little and he grabbed her waist without really looking into her face. She winced as he put her down over the grass next to the road. He caught her elbow next she howled because of the pain.

He froze and his eyes arrested on her red face and watery eyes. He let out another curse and caught her wrist and observed her elbow. His jaw hardened and his face turned frozen cold.

Becoming conscious of his stare over her bleeding elbow she freed her hand from his hard grasp.

“It’s nothing.” She mumbled in a low voice.

His eyes caught her and she froze at the look in his eyes.

“It’s not nothing.” He said in a cold voice while looking down at her elbow….”I hurt you.” He completed in a wavering voice.

Before she could open her mouth he moved back as if burned by her and pulled at his locks. She tried to grab at his hand but warned her with his eyes to not touch him. He turned around and kicked at a huge rock over the grass.

Sam gasped and ran towards him.

“Neil stop it. You did not hurt me.” She said while putting her hand around his arm.

He jerked away from her violently.

He was breathing hard. He turned his wounded eyes towards her and she blinked at the pain written in his dark gaze.

“What do you do when you’re very angry, Sam. I need to do something before I do something really out of control..” He grunted like a caged wounded animal beating at the bars of its enclosed cell.

Sam wiped the sweat off her forehead and she strained to understand his pain which seemed to break her heart to see him in such a state. Her eyes watered and whispered In a tremulous voice.

“Dont hurt yourself.” She said fiercely while looking down at his clenched hands.

He smiled and his lips turned up in a sneer while looking down at her elbow.

“I hurt you instead.” He repeated in a brittle hard voice.

He closed his eyes and turned around and let out a loud curse again. She saw him straighten and her back stiffened and in the next moment he was disappeared from her eyes like a flash. Her mouth opened up and she gasped as ge took to a frantic running as even an Olympia athlete would be shamed by his speed.

Oh dear god.

“Neil!” She cried out……”Wait! What are you doing?” She shouted, after him while she too ran after him.

It was a very secluded area and the sun here shined on their heads and she sweated profusely while trying to pace after him.

“Why are you running?” She asked while gasping for breath.

He ignored her and kept going like that. Sam was out of breath and sweat trickled down the sides of her forehead. At last he slowed down. Sam thanked heaven for that. She reached him much later. His back was to her face and he was breathing hard. The white shirt he wore stuck to his back as sweat covered entirely.

She gasped for air and pants escaped her mouth. He was too panting.

“I can’t find anything.” He panted and his voice was strained and out of breath.

Sam breathed hard and frowned.

“What can’t you find?” She asked confused and shaken at the way he was now.

She did not understand what made him like this. But whatever it was, it just was hurting him beyond his control. He seemed not able to keep it down.

Neil looked at the long stretched road and at the green grass swanked at the either side of it. Except a butter desolation he found nothing a good thing. Neither things that he could have given then.

“Memories.” He answered gruffly as a deep wrenching pain hit his chest and he drew down to his knees groaning inside.

“I’m trying to find her.” He said with a gasp.

“Who?” Sam asked instantly in a tremulous voice.

Neil’s calm shattered and the million of the memories surged up from the past which wrenched his heart and cut deeply into his soul. It stung his eyes and brought a bitter taste in his mouth.

“My mother.” He said brokenly.

He remembered everything. He remembered how he turned into a curse in her life. He remembered how his father lifted his hand not to caress and love but to hit his face and body and how his mother rescued him always.

“No! Dad; I swear I did not enter into his study.” Neil whimpered as his father came after him with a stick.

“You useless punk!” His father lifted the stick but his mother came running into the room.

“What are you doing? How can you hit your own child!” She cried out while shielding Neil behind her protectively.

Neil clutched on to her leg shivering continually.

His father caught his mother’s chin and hurt her while glaring down into her flowing eyes.

“You! This punk had turned rebellious because of you! You have been nothing to me but useless!” He thundered and pushed her down.

Neil remembered breaking of glass and closing of the door where he beat his hands rapidly until they hurt. He heard noises and crying and a loud scream chilled his bones.

“Dad! Please dont hit mom. Please dad!” He cried hot tears.

Ten minutes later the door opened and Neil froze and chilled and hurt to his bones looked up while his mother walked out looking dead and bruised chin and cheeks and a bleeding lip. Her hands hand marks and her throat hand finger prints around as red vicious evidence of the abuse.

He remembered crying hard while his mother walked like a dead body to her room. He remembered her locking the door while he cried sliding down on the floor and until he sleep came like that. He remembered doing that for many days. A year later with her mother’s lawyer a case was registered of domestic violence which lead to the fierce battle of custody. His mother won the case and which made Neil immensely happy. Only his happiness was short lived as his mother froze his out and became a businesswoman over the night. She got half the money of his father as the alimony and Neil got half of his wealth after his death. Mother became a stone. She came home later after he slept. Never met him at breakfast, lunch and dinner. He always sat at the dinning table happily expecting his mother’s smiling warm face only to be eating alone with tears in his eyes each time. He saw her rarely. But when he did there nothing but coldness written in her eyes. She distanced from him. Not even a smile or embrace him and slid her fingers in his hair lovingly. Which made him believe that she did not love Neil anymore as he reminded her of his father. It made him completely dead from the inside and the place which was his heart turned into an ice ball eventually over the years with her constant cold brush off. Now slowly and slowly he forgot how her touch was. Filled with warmth and affection and love. He forgot how her smile was and how she used to look at him. He forgot how it was her embrace which he craved all those years ago but found her arms not around him. And he was at the brink of losing his sanity if forgot all that. He cursed himself for his father’s child. For reminding her of the wounds his father gave her. He literally felt himself die inside each time thinking that he reminded her of his father. It killed him. He hadn’t been a normal kid with a perfect normal family. Whenever he saw kids with their families in school it brought such loath to his mind that he was a loner his entire life.He craved hated seeing affection and love and care in the faces of the other kids mother and father which he couldn’t get his entire life. He felt immensely desolated while thinking why his mom and dad weren’t the same as everyone else’s. Yes. Families do have fights but the love in the heart surpasses everything. If the thing wasn’t there to stick them together then it was hell to live with each other. He faced that hell and now he wasn’t the same anymore. More colder. More stone hearted. More an a*sh*le. He wouldn’t suit perfect little smiling Sam. Because he wouldn’t make her happy at all. Because she didn’t deserve a person who wasn’t whole himself. Neil deluded himself for a little while that he could lead a normal life with her. That everything will be alright. He did not love her. Because he didn’t have any love to give. Instead he loathed how she grew up all being loved and protected by family. Just like how he hated the other kids at school, Neil hated now Sam too. He remembered every scar his father gave and he remembered every accusing look his mother directed across at him for being a curse on her life.

He got out of the poisonous memories of his childhood and fiercely blinked back the tears. It was his punishment until his death. He was going to receive it happily from his mother until his dying day. Until it made her satisfied and happy in return.

He cleared his throat and wiped the sweat off his forehead with his shirt sleeve.

“I’m fine.” He said in a cool voice finally and got up.

He tried to walk past her stiffly but she caught hold of his arm. Her fingers did not reach around his bicep though and not even covered barely half way. He looked down at her hand and down into her eyes.

Her eyes were swimming and she shivered a little and the wind moved her tresses flowing around her face.

“Why don’t you tell me what’s going on in your life?” She asked in a deeply hurt voice.

He smiled and tilted his head to the side and moved completely towards her. He grabbed her waist and she stiffened. His other hand travelled up her spine and she trembled at his touch. He smirked. She wasn’t resisting his touch. He moved his fingers up the back of her neck and he grabbed lightly into her thick so that her face turned into his entirely.

His eyes turned cold as he looked into her widened eyes and upturned face.

“When I asked you at the hospital about what’s wrong…..” He drawled and her cheeks turned pink remembering the day……”did you trust me with your life? I was there with you, right? Did you tell me what was going on with your sister?” He questioned her in a low quite gruff voice.

She immediately avoided his arm and her throat convulsed. He did not like her to look away. He tightened his fingers into the back of her hair and she winced instantly while her hand came over his hand. Her eyes pained caught his.

“Let go. You’re hurting me.” She said while pulling at his hand.

He moved closer to her and he caught a whiff of her strawberry flavoured chapstick. His jaw hardened as he felt the slam of an immediate desire surge up into his blood. He sneered distastefully down into her face. He wanted to hurt her and he did at the next second.

“You’re like a disease to my body.” He muttered huskily while looking into her eyes.

She stopped struggling and froze suddenly while her eyes watered instantly at his words. A lone tear escaped her left eye and he rubbed the trickling down dampness over her cool cheek.

Strangely he felt a strong sense of triumph as he hurt her. He looked down at her red luscious lips and murmured.

“A disease that I want to get rid off until you wear out from my mind and every where.” He grunted…..”it can only happen when I take you. Not once. Repeatedly. Over my bed.” He whispered huskily…..”against the shower wall.” He continued and her eyes widened and she turned red until the roots of her hair……”on the kitchen counter…..”

She looked away instantly while wincing at his strong hold of his hand in his hair.

“Stop it.” She said in a fierce snap.

He let our a sharp bark of laughter.

“I haven’t even started yet.” He muttered huskily in her ear and turned her face into his while the mocking faded away from his black eyes…..”dont expect anything me from when you walked away from my life without a backward glance. I wouldn’t trust you with my life now when you did not trust me with yours…” He sneered down at her while pushing her away roughly.

She glared at him while almost toppling down on the ground.

“How long are you going to punish me for it?” She asked glowering at him with tears in her eyes.

His eyes turned even more colder.

“Till as long as you can pay for it.” He replied back coolly and turned around to walk away.

“You’re a cold unfeeling heartless jerk.” She said in an angry fierce hurt voice.

Neil froze and but he did not turn around.

“I never said I was a prince charming, Sam. You followed me around even then. Now is your choice to walk away. I can’t be anything else for you.” He said flatly over his shoulder.

He continued walking while leaving her stranded at the road. He heard a crunching sound of grass being trampled over. He looked around feeling a presence closer. He turned to see what it was until his eyes froze over Sam’s figure. All the muscles in his body locked up while looking at her. His heart kept up to his throat while his eyes narrowed on a red beam moving over her chest right over her heart.

Neil felt his world circle around him while looking at it. He instantly looked up into her pained face while she stood there confused, frustrated and unaware of every thing of what was around. The hair over his skin stood up and he felt his heart almost burst out. He felt the presence of a shadow around them as they weren’t alone. The red beam over her chest. His focus shifted to it and he never felt so afraid in his entire life just about how frightened he was now. It almost crippled him helplessly down to his soul.

His wild eyes moved around the grass field around and his gaze narrowed at a tree. He froze even more and his muscles remained unmovable as a slice of searing hot shock cut deep into his bones. His eyes remained stuck to a cold metallic murderous pistol directed at Sam and the black leather covered hand pointing the gun’s end at her chest. His eyes flashed fast to the red beam moving over her left shoulder.

Sweat trickled down the sides of his forehead and he let out a curse.

“f**k! Move, Sam!” He shouted at the long distance between them.

He took to running while looking at the gun getting ready to fire. He ran halfway while Sam froze looking at the expression of his face. Her eyes widened and she was arrested to the place even more.

“Wha….” She started to speak as confusion marred her forehead, but just the gun let out a fire and Neil pushed her away and moved them around.

A scream escape her lips while hearing the gun shot sound.

Neil felt a sudden shock of a hot searing pain over his shoulder while he protected Sam while they fell to the ground.

He gasped and he felt his breath caught in his throat while his eyes watered with the effort to bring down the flesh tearing pain. He grounded his teeth and while clutching at his arm. Yet he covered her body with his because he wasn’t sure if the shooter did ran. Neil did see the hoodie covered person running from behind the tree. It was quite possible that they were still in danger and he wasn’t going to let Sam get hurt.

“Stay down.” He groaned, while getting on top of her.

“Oh, my god, Neil!” She cried out in fright and her eyes were wide in fear….”What was that? Did you hear the…..” She then looked up into his face and her eyes froze while a kind of horror coloured her face when she looked down at his bleeding arm.

“You….you….you have been shot!” She screamed……”My god, Neil!” She panicked and instantly her eyes started flowing as she registered his wound.

Neil could hardly see now. His vision blurred already. Everything was smudge and he felt his ears ring.

“Back pocket. Call Lee.” He gasped and felt his muscles weaken.

He knew he was strangulating her with his weight but the only thing he could protect her was with his body now.

She ran her hands frantically down while muffling her sobs and shivering harder than he did.

Sam looked down at his arm and the blood seeping out of his body and he bled profusely. She cried hot tears of pain looking at the stain and at his face. His eyes almost drooped and lips and face paled. He was going to pass out. She panicked and got his cellphone out and searched into his call history. She found the number saved as ‘Lee’.

She dialled the number instantly with shivering hands while her left hand went over his shoulder for trying to stop the bleeding. He groaned hard while she touched him there and he flinched away instantly.

“Are you trying to kill me.” He mumbled while gasping for air.

The phone rang and she cursed that it went into ringing alot. At last ot connected.

“Hel….hello….” She trembled….”Mr. Lee….” She cried…..”Neil….Neil has been shot….” She wailed….”He is bleeding profusely and….” Sam gasped as she felt his body weigh down over her.

Neil grunted, grumbled and groaned.

“Oh for f**k’s sake….” He grunted and scowled down at her fiercely and snatched the phone from her blood covered hand….”Lee, get my location from the phone….” He gasped and but said firmly….”The bullet grazed past my shoulder. Bring the chopper. SOS…..” He said weakly and his muscles relaxed and she squeaked as he completely lay dead unconscious on top of her.

“Neil….” She cried out and her eyes started to sting and hot tears flowed down her cheeks….”Please, Neil, don’t pass out on me. Just hang on.” She said in a trembling voice as her other hand clutched onto his good shoulder.

Neil could hardly see next and but he heard the faint pleading of her sweet voice from away. She was pleading him to hold on to her and not fall unconscious. If this was death then he was happy that he was dying in her arms. He felt himself fall into a deep black vagueness and his body relaxed over hers entirely.


Neil woke up suddenly sweating profusely and he wildly clutched to the unknown stranger who was trying to cut his throat with a knife. His hand reached out to unmask the faceless person but a deep gasp escaped his lips and he jack-knifed up from the ruthlessly cold dream. He blinked hard and several times.

“Neil! Neil! Calm down… are alright.” He heard Sam’s voice and instantly he relaxed and blinked twice more to look around.

His blurring vision came into focus and the first thing he looked into was Sam’s anxious pale face. He looked down to see he was on his bed and in his room with a tube fixed over his wrist vein where the saline drip was attached. He grunted feeling like a pu**y. He ripped it out of his hand and groaned while a deep slashing pain hit his right shoulder.

“Hey!” Sam cried out and Neil looked around feeling the presence of more people in the room.

“You mustn’t do that, Sir.” Lee’s flat voice entered into his ears from his left side and Neil looked around into his grace face.

He was just the same. Tall. Old. Thin. Grave and Neil finally felt that he was indeed alive. There was his body guard Rudra beside the bed standing there like a frozen statue on night patrolling duty and while a doctor closer to him looked unhappily into his face while he wretched the vile tube our of his hand.

He felt all the eyes over his face and the looks on their faces was as if he had come back from dead. Embarrassing.

“I’m fine.” He grunted, and slashed his good un bandaged hand in the air for them to leave.

Lee nodded his head and looked towards the doctor. Even the bodyguard left but not Sam.

Neil leaned back on the pillows and observed her face. She was near his right side closer to arm. She could feel her perched beside his waist. Her face was pale and her eyes stuck to the bandage around his shoulder. She was flushed. Her long black hair was all silky covered around her face. The locks reached down her waist and her blue t-shirt had dried up blood of his around her neck and shoulders. Her jeans were dusty and ripped.

Her eyes still were wounded looking at his injury. Neil sighed.

“It just grazed past my shoulder.” He said gruffly, his throat was parched and was unused for a long time.

Neil looked around and his eyes came back narrowed on her.

“How long was I out?” He asked while looking past the curtains.

She seem to steady herself and he saw her gulp hard while her luminous brown settled on his gaze warmly and strained and worried.

“About six hours.” She replied in a meek voice.

She seem to be completely shattered and shocked by what happened.

Neil straightened over the bed and his jaw hardened as he looked away from her pale face. Distance was necessary from her.

“I’m fine. You need to go and change. You dont look well.” He said coolly.

He surprised himself at the detachment filled in his tone.

But when she pulled closer and spread her delicate small fingers over his good arm. He stiffened at her confident touch. His eyes immediately drew down to hers and his gaze widened a little when looking into her clear brown eyes.

“You pushed me away.” She murmured while looking into his face.

His forehead folded and he looked down at her hand over bicep and his narrowed on hers.

“What?” He asked in a low quite gruff voice.

She weakened his desire to stay away from her when she looked at him so sensitively.

Her eyes caught his and he straightened but winced as the pain shot through his muscles again. Damn. It hurt like hell.

“You got shot instead of me.” She said in a low quite sure voice and her eyes drew down to his bandaged arm……”You pushed me away.” She repeated and his eyes caught her wide gaze….”You deliberately pushed me away.” She said in a trance.

Her fingers tightened over his arm and the look on her face almost made him undone. He leaned over his arm and almost circled her around in his arms to pacify her he drew back instantly as if burned.

“Don’t be delusional. I would do that to anyone.” He said ruthlessly and continued looking deep into her tear filled eyes….”it’s called humanity.” He sneered and looked away.

He heard her take a sharp intake of breath and he closed his eyes tight shut.

“I don’t know why you do this? What’s going on, I dont even know that? Where do we stand? I don’t even know that….” She said in a tremulous voice.

Neil cut her off because he couldn’t to hear more of her uncertain tone of their relationship. He rearranged his face as if bored by her emotions.

“Are you done here? I need to rest.” He dismissed her flatly.

He closed his eyes and leaned back. He heard her sigh and she slid out of the bed and walked out of the room.

Neil opened his eyes and slid up the bed. He looked incessantly at the door and his fingers curled up. He shook his head and reached towards the bedside table to take the water glass but his hand arrested mid way. His eyes narrowed on a white small square paper and he tilted his head to the side. It was folded under the glass. Neil took the glass and gulped down the water and unfolded the paper.

He straightened up the bed and his jaw hardened while eyes slid over the words written on it.

-Gotcha. The bird and you-

His eyes narrowed on it and he remembered the shooter. A sneer escaped his lips as he balled the paper. The warning between the lines was very clear.

“f**king hell.” He cursed loudly and got off the bed, not before groaning hard.

His while arm was completely in a white bandage. He took in a deep sharp breath and determined his steps out of the room. He walked towards the lift and got in. Ten minutes later he walked towards the study.

He burst open the doors and got in while he searched around with his eyes. Lee stood there near the large mahogany table with his mother seated over the chair. They seem to he busy discussing and talking over a file.

Neil walked towards and bend down while beating his fists over the table.

His mother straightened and looked across at him while Lee grew alert.

“Sir, you shouldn’t have gotten out of the bed.” He said a little gravely.

Neil directed his gaze on his mother’s narrowed cool grey eyes.

“Isn’t it enough that you made my life a useless play.” He growled in a low quite voice……”Why the hell are you going after her?” He fumed while seeing red almost.

His mother smiled coldly and leaned back on the chair.

“So you are serious about her.” She directed her steely gaze to Lee’s and then at Neil.

Lee looked nonplussed a little.

She smiled again.

“Quite loyal had Lee become that he let out such information from me.” She said coolly.

Then her smile vanished and Neil straightened. He looked deep into her eyes probingly. If it wasn’t his mother? Who was it then?

“You are injured.” She looked at his injured hand and continued….”You must rest. Dont chase around women who are gold diggers.” She concluded without any emotion.

He stiffened. Was that a warning? Damn.

But. Wrong move. He shouldn’t have come here. He suddenly felt of making another enemy against Sam. If so why was he getting the letters? Who was against him and Sam?

Neil’s jaw hardened and he moved back while turning around finally.

“Like father like son.” His mother muttered….”Using force to get across a conversation.” She said sneeringly.

Neil froze at the door as his mother’s poisonous words stung deep through his flesh and into his soul. His eyes stung and the acute hurt of her words slid across his mind.

He turned to the left and glanced across at his mother with hard wounded eyes.

“I’ll try hard mother not to hate you.” He said in a deep gruff hurt voice.

His mother straightened and her eyes turned even cold.

Yuveth Gordon looked at the door and she clenched her fingers.

“Leave, Lee.” She said in a quite order.

Lee hesitated for a second before he left nonetheless.

She dialled a number and put it over her ear.

“Why did you miss?” She asked in a hard brittle voice….”How could you miss him?” She asked in an unforgivingly.

She waited for the response.

“Next of this shouldn’t repeat.” She warned and cut the call immediately.

She leaned back looking at the door gravely.


Neil walked down the stairs while taking out his phone. After giving the orders he turned to the left and he reached down the corridor. He froze by her door and saw her walking towards the bed. He felt a pang in his chest looking at her breathing and being alive.

He walked into the room and she froze looking up at him. Her eyes widened and they turned accusing.

“You shouldn’t have got up from the bed.” She said sharply…..”You are hurt and…..

All the while she blabbered he looked down at her clothes. She was wearing another tasteless pink t-shirt and blue ripped denims. Well….

He moved into her space and grabbed hold of her elbow.

“What are you…..” She tried to move away but he tightened his fingers on her hand.

He looked down into her wide brown confused eyes.

“You are hurt too.” He said while looking down at the deep scratch over her elbow.

It had dried up blood. She froze while looking deeply into his eyes. Neil moved over the room and found a first air kit in the one of the cabinets in the bathroom.

He walked back into the room and caught hold of her hand and made her sit on the bed. He sat down too and tore a cotton piece and unscrewed the cap of betadine.

“This will sting a little.” He murmured while looking up into her eyes.

She nodded her head while looking curiously into his face.

He focused over the cotton and he pressed a little when she flinched. He smiled a little and cleaned the scratch and dressed it up with a plaster.

He looked up to see her watching him intently.

“What?” He asked feeling uncomfortable at her burrowing gaze.

“I don’t understand your mood swings.” She said finally sighing and looking away.

She looked away and straightened when there was chaos outside her room. Neil got off the bed and looked outside.

“Good. Come inside.” He said while the maid came in followed by another.

Sam frowned when the maids came into her room and she got off the bed confused as hell. The maids went towards her wardrobe and started taking off her clothes.

“Wait. What are you doing?” She asked the woman.

The maids looked up at Neil. Sam bewildered as hell followed their gaze and settled her eyes on his narrowed stare on her.

“What’s going on?” She asked in acute suspicion.

He nodded his head for the maids to continue what they were doing. He glanced down at her.

“Take the clothes to my room.” He ordered them instead of replying to her.

Her forehead folded and her lip curled. What the hell?

“To your room?” She snapped in a snarky voice.

He sighed and his eyes narrowed into slits as if bored.

“You’re going to stay in my room. From now on.” He replied flatly.

She frowned with even more confused eyes.

“Are you moving out of your room? Have you decided to leave the mansion?” She asked a little brightly.

His eyes narrowed.

“No.” He replied immediately and shortly.

Her cheeks heated up.

“Then, you and me….” She started to say but he cut her off dryly.

“Yes. You and me are going to live together in my room.” He said the last three words deliberately slow for her to understand well.

More of the people came to shift her luggage and she gasped at his arrogance, and patronising act. Who does he think he was?

“Not in a million years I’m going to stay in your room!” She snapped instantly while squaring her shoulders.

At first she thought he was kidding with her but the maids dragging her clothes in the bags without her god damn consent just proved that he was and will be an aristocratic jerk who would do as he pleases. In just about five minutes the whole of her room got emptied of her things. The maids left with a meek bow to the lord and manor of the mansion himself.

A sardonic expression covered his square jaw and eyes and his face darkened with ruthless humour which mostly did no good to her self respect. His dark hair fell over his forehead and almost covered his deep hawk like penetrating eyes. He was in his white vest and black pants without the coat pants and with the white bandage around his right tattooed arm, everything about him even if he was injured, it all just made him even more badass and a brat. Even if he was in a split personality mode where he was an utter jerk, she was still very attracted to him. What’s wrong with her head she did not know. His full lips curled up in a sneer.

“You weren’t this stubborn when living with that jerk while you walked out of my life?” He asked in a accusatory mocking tone.

Sam’s face coloured and anger rose up her veins as he reminded her of the hell time she spent in Dev’s apartment.

“That’s none of your business.” She snapped back.

His eyes darkened and narrowed into slits dangerously. His jaw hardened as she seem to have uttered wrong words to raise his anger more.

He drew closer while a lock of his hair fell over his right eye as he grabbed her arm hard.

“You must have shared a room too, right? That explains the deep friendship between you two. Did you allow him to f**k you too? Did you……” He went on in a low quite jeer, but Sam’s right hand slashed fast over his left cheek.

Her eyes filled up at his harsh ruthless words. Hurt rose up her throat but she wasn’t going to cry in front of this jerk. It was pointless to make him believe her and her faithfulness. He wasn’t even aware how much she had been in love with him since long. Why couldn’t he understand her. Why couldn’t he trust her? Why did he always make her the ultimate sl*t? Or was he deliberately hurting her just for the sake of fun. Should she believe the Neil of yesterday night or the unforgiving man glaring down at her and who treated like garbage.

“You’re just a monster.” Her voice trembled with the effort to contain the emotions.

She walked past him furiously sliding her hand over her eyes to rub off her tears.

Neil let out a sharp dark chuckle before sliding his hand over his stinging cheek.

She looked like a little mix with no strength but when it came to the temper she was too valiant and fiery. He found the quality oddly beautiful about her. Anger rose when knowing that she was with that douche bag in his apartment and that made him deeply possessive.

His jaw hardened and he turned around before following her tread. He strode after her in long determined steps. He got her in the front corridor and he grabbed her arm and turned her around roughly.

“What are you….” She squeaked and her eyes widened.

He looked down into her eyes and scowled fiercely.

“You’re just itching for it.” He sneered, and bent down before swiping her off her feet.

She screamed in shock and Neil ignored her cross before lifting her up and carrying her over his good shoulder. He grunted and the pain over his left arm made his eyes watered.

“What the hell are you doing, Neil?” She screamed and beat her tiny wrist over his back.

And he felt not a thing before smiling.

“You got what you were craving for.” He replied drawling each word, as he walked down the corridor.

She froze and hit his back one more time

“Have you lost your mind!” She cried out again angrily.

He grunted and scowled as he carried her.

“You sure have gained a little weight.” He mocked her.

He ignored the gasp escaping her lips and looked up to see his mother walking down the corridor with two of her body guards walking behind her.

“Think of the devil…..” He muttered under his breath, but he did not get her down.

“What?” Sam snapped, from on top of his shoulder.

“Shut the f**k up.” He snapped back.

She reacted instantly by beating her fist hard over his back.

“You’re the one who is holding me up against my will! Why should I shut up, you Neanderthal!” She fired back loudly.

He grinned at her temper. It was delicious.

“So you’re saying that you will allow me to do this if it was at your will?” He asked back slyly.

He got another punch to his back and another shout.

“Shut up! Pervert!” She snapped now really angrily.

With her loud shout they got his mother’s attention. His mother almost lost her footing but Neil continued to walk nonetheless. His mother finally got her composure back looking at them still wide eyed and stopping at her tracks.

“Mother.” He acknowledged her with a nod of his head while walking past her blinking bodyguards.

He felt Sam look up from over his back a second later he felt her stiffen.

“Who is the lady again, Neil?” She asked curiously, not really hearing him greet.

He smiled and replied flatly and very shortly.

“My mother.”

He literally felt the lock down of her muscles as if frozen instantly and super speedily.

And just he expected he heard her scream and he flinched at her shout.

“Your mother!” She panicked……”Your mother…..” She cried out……”And you….you crazy idiot! Put me down! You dont have any shame carrying me around like this!” She continued.

He gave her a stinging slap to her bottom when she wriggled over his back.

“I can really find the way to burn down your calories. You’re weighing me down too much!” He grunted while walking.

The servants stopped by to see the chaos and the all the shouting. Their eyes widened while he walked upto his room and swing open the door. They gave both of them too much of scandalous looks.

“Everyone is looking.” She whispered hissed embarrassed to the core.

He replied instantly.

“So what.” He shrugged….”This is what you wanted always.” He drawled….”you want a name to whatever we have between us.”…….”So this is what you get.” He grunted painfully before throwing her onto his bed.

He groaned and moved around his good arm.

“Dammit.” He muttered looking down at her jean clad thin waist….”how do you look so thin and weigh so much.”

Her face reddened and she tried to get off the bed but he moved fast and got on top of her instantly.

She pushed at his chest with small fists.

“Get off!” She screeched into his ear.

He flinched and caught both of her wrists and slid then up her head and looked down in her red angry face sardonically.

“You’re moving into my room. There is no protest in this from you. If you do im gonna have to spank you to submission. That would bring me immense pleasure but as a nice guy that I’m, there is a choice for you. Chose to live in with me or get spanked. Quite hard.” He completed wryly while looking down at her supple red lips and getting distracted by her scowl.

She gave him a look so evil that knew her knee trying to hit him in the shin but he caught her thigh just on time and grinned deeply when she scowled at him even more fiercely. She struggled some more but gave up again.

“How is that a choice, you jerk!” She shouted into his face.

He stared down into her flushed hot face and fiery eyes.

“Get ready by nine. We’ll have a dinner date.” He said instead flatly.

Sam blinked up into his face completely thrown off by the sudden change in the conversation. She frowned for quite a while A gasp escaped her lips as disbelief filled her mind and her eyes widened at his words.

“A date?” She asked confused and bewildered completely forgetting momentarily.

He nodded his head once.

Dear god.

“As in date? Dinner date?” She asked again to satisfy her not so convinced mind.

Huh? A date with Neil. After so long a wait. All her teenage years she longed for him when he hung with her brother. How she secretly wished he go on a date with her. Of course, it seemed impossible for her then. She stiffened while looking up into his face and all thoughts vanished and dimmed out when he grinned down at her boyishly charming. He nodded his head once again for her to understand. While looking at his even white teeth and the twinkle in his eyes, her cheeks heated up, the pulse in her wrist quickened and her heart rate picked up, and warmth slid down her stomach. All this happened as a reaction while looking at his blinding smile.

He then looked down at her clothes in visible distaste.

“And wear something nice.” He said tonelessly while his eyes spoke complete mocking at her choice of clothes and after a thought he continued more….”Something red. A dress.” He said finally and got off her before tugging at her t-shirt end at her waist.

“Dont come wearing clothes that make me look like im dropping off a college kid to a tuition.” He drawled in a serious voice and hard face and looked down at her ripped jeans before shaking his head….”I’ll be burning these myself.” He grunted in displeasure and got off from on top of her.

Sam’s face reddened like the cherry tomato and she scowled for ever thinking that he was a nice guy.

“Jerk.” She muttered under her breath.

He smirked at her before cutting her off with another order.

“Be ready by nine.” He muttered while the smirk wiped off from his face…..”Don’t keep me waiting.” He said distracted as the maids brought in her clothes and bags.

He smiled once again at her direction.

“Remember. No argument about it. I find you running back to your room. Im going to bring you back again.” He concluded grimly and turned around.

Sam sighed heavily while she saw the maids have left hurriedly after arranging the things fast. They seem to be blind and deaf to the master’s archaic rule. She saw him stiffen at the door and a second later he turned around again and at the seriousness written over his face froze her on the bed.

His midnight black eyes caught hers into a pull.

“Do you want to…..” He hesitated and she waited breathlessly……and after a second of her observing his nervous flexing hand and uncertain gaze in her, he went on still in a deep rumbly huskily voice….” go on a date with me?” He asked finally while looking deep into her eyes.

She stared at him with unblinking eyes but then shuttered her out before clearing his throat.

“Even if dont then…..” He started but she cut him off.

“Yes.” She replied instantly, as her body grew warm with pleasure that he asked her out for the first time than giving out an order.

He stopped talking instantly and he stiffened while still maintaining the poker face but something shifted in his eyes and expression. She kept looking at him and her breath caught in her throat while he stared at her for quite a while and very much intensely that made the hair over her skin stand up.

One moment he was at the door looking all tall dark and a handsome stranger but no stranger and the next moment he was on the bed right in front of her closer to her face.

She blinked before opening her mouth but he shocked her by kissing her hard on her lips. He caught her hair from behind and held her roughly as prisoner into his arms. She stiffened as his breath entered into her lungs and his spicy woodsy cologne penetrated deep into her senses. She clutched at his vest over his hard chest as heat slid down her stomach and he straightened while leaned into her on his knees on the bed. His hands slid down her waist as he kept kissing deeper than before by slanting his lips to the right side. She gasped and he licked her lower lip before sliding into her mouth. He tasted vanilla as he continued deepening the kiss. He groaned and clutched his hand around her back and pushed her chest into his. He the corner of her lips and travelled his hot breath to her neck. His hand travelled inside the t-shirt and up her back and she shivered as his cool fingers spread over her back.

“Dammit!.” He cursed souding hoarse and husky……”You shouldn’t have said yes.” He grunted into her skin of her neck.

He leaned back a little and gazed into her eyes with hooded stare. Her own eyes were glazed.

“Why?” She asked breathlessly.

He leaned towards her again and pecked on her lips and she minded not to touch his injured shoulder. His eyes darkened in response.

“Because I don’t want to go on a date now?” He said distracted while his fingers moved over her stomach slowly.

She gasped when his fingers drew closer to the underside of her bra.

“Why?” She blinked as her breath caught in her throat as he slid his hand.

He pushed her down and got on top of her and she blinked at his speed of such things. He smiled a little at her reaction while moving up her t-shirt.

“Because now I want to spend the night with you. On the bed.” He murmured huskily.

Sam’s face turned pink and she retorted hastily.

“No.” She said while grabbing at his exploring hand.

That was too much for her. She was about to burst into flames now.

His smiled wiped off before he pushed away her hand.

“Take off the t-shirt.” He ordered in a gruff husky voice.

Sam stared into his meaningful eyes as they blackened into gimlets. She felt heat curl all around her body.

“No.” She whispered weakly.

The locks of his hair fell over his face and covered up his eyes as he smiled and yet again he serenaded her mind with his boyish grin.

“You want to, don’t you.” He murmured while his hands worked her shirt up her waist.

Her cheeks heated up and she glared up at him.

“I don’t!” She fired back…..”Stop doing it.” She clutched at his hand.

He scowled down at her while his warm hard body weighed heavily over her.

“Come on. I deserve that much….” He let out his displeasure while slid her t-shirt of her right shoulder…..”take of the t-shirt, babe.” He said in a very serious and deep tone.

She caught hold of his hand and let out hastily and a little breathlessly.

“Take me to the date and I’ll take off my thsirt.” She said breathlessly.

He froze and his eyes widened and she would have laughed a the comic surprise colouring his face. His hand stopped moving the t-shirt off her shoulders. He gulped a little and looked down at her chest and she felt self conscious immediately. His stare penetrated deep into her bones. She felt excited.

“What about the bra?” He asked huskily while pulling at the straps over her shoulder.

And there he went and ruined the moment. She pushed at his shoulder.

“We did not agree to that.” She snapped glaring up at him.

He scowled back.

“Fine I’ll take you to date.” He grunted…..”but I dont guarantee about….” He started to say but his phone started ringing which distracted him.

He looked down at her and into her eyes. He smiled looking all pleased as hell that stupid grin of his. She couldn’t help it as an answering smile covered her lips before he looked and leaned to kiss her once more. He just pecked her once and moved back while his eyes darkened. He licked his lips.

“You have a delectable mouth.” He murmured as he breathed into her lips with his and kissed the beating pulse over her neck…..”get ready by nine.” He murmured into her skin and got off her.

He glanced down at her one more time and got talking into his phone while walking out of his room. Sam kept staring at the door as nothing else swirled into her mind as his scent, touch and words lingered around for much longer time. He was a person not to be forgotten easily once our of sight. He intrigued and caught attention easily and everything centred around him once he was in the room. His presence was that potent and alluring and king like. That got people talking and while he sauntered about leaving murmurs and gasps. Sam looked around his rooms and she felt million things. One was the delicate excitement that drew heat all around her body thinking about her living with him. Sharing his room. It was crazy.


After work, Sam got into Neil’s which was still strange idea to her for living in a room which screamed boy lives here vibe. She scowled at the colourless walls and black tiles. She missed her pink wallpapers and the arrangement she made in her room. She did not want to love with a guy. She sighed and moved towards the bed. Her forehead folded while looking at a red coloured long gown dress being spread over the bed.

What the hell…..

She looked at it suspiciously and slid her hands over it while lifting it up. It was sleeveless and cinched at the waist and spread long. It was deep luscious red. Looked totally expensive. The material was soft and velvety.

It surely would hug her curves. She sighed. A thrill went down her spine. He wants her to wear this. Oh dear. Well. She shook her head. Neil’s choices were as scandalous as he was. Completely perverted. She smiled wry and put down the dress. She walked into the bathroom and prepared for a long bubble bath. The bathing salts spread across the air and she felt immediately relaxed into the tub.

“How long are you going to take in there?” She heard a grunt at the door of the bathroom, and Sam’s eyes popped open and she jumped in fright.

She scowled as his familiar impatient tone. For heaven’s sake.

“That’s why a girl needs her room. Im not coming out any time sooner.” She shouted.

The incessant knocking stopped instantly and leaned and her ears strained to hear if he walked out of the room. A moment later she sagged back and smiled victoriously.

“I’m coming in.” She heard him mutter as the door turned.

Sam’s face burned and her eyes widened and anger rose up her spine.

“If you take one more step, I’m warning you Neil, I’m never going to allow you closer!” She shouted.

The rattling at the door knob stopped instantly and she waited in fright for the door to bang open. But it did not and she felt rather than heard him draw back from the door.

“Oh, for f**ks sake.” He muttered a curse and a moment later she heard him walk out of the room.

Sam’s shoulder sagged with relief and she leaned grinning ear to ear. After an hour of completely drowning herself in lethargy and relaxation she finally felt human again and utterly fresh. Sam moved into the mirror space of the bathroom and got into the dress after drying her hair with the dryer. She gasped as the cloth stuck to her body like second skin and anger rose up high up her spine.

She got out of the bathroom and looked around the room to find him completely dressed. He was leaned back on the recliner with newspaper in hand which covered his face.

“You….” She muttered angrily and Neil moved the paper down.

He was dressed in white shirt and black coat and pants. His hair was gelled back and momentarily everything else vanished from her mind as she took in his charming smiling side. He looked like the Greek god himself mostly putting one in shame compared to his looks now. She forgot about what she was about to burst out in anger.

“Where did you get ready?” She asked. While blinking at his recently showered hair.

He gave her a droll stare accusingly.

“In your room.” He replied wryly.

He straightened on the recliner and slid his eyes down her body in a once over. His stare stayed at places over her body and she stood uncomfortably. When his eyes came back to her he grinned mischievously and she glared daggers at him.

He got up and walked towards her and she stiffened. He loomed closer to her and looked down into her face, eyes, cheeks and lips for a longer probing time. His hand came down and removed the towel from over her head in a careful tug. He threw it on the bed and moved closer into her. His hand went into her wet hair.

“Beautiful.” He murmured, and slid her around while moving his arms around her waist and pushing her back over his front. His head leaned on her shoulder and he caught into her eyes in the mirror.

He grinned again and she scowled.

“You deliberately….” She started angrily.

“Deliberately chose a dress which did not require bra and panties.” He murmured deliciously in a lascivious tone while breathing heavily in her ear.

He tried to move away while his hands explored her front and he groaned.

“Yes, I did….” He murmured while his lips down her neck and shoulders….”the thought of you naked under this thin piece of silk makes me…..” He went on and his hand slid down her hips.

She closed her eyes and gasped.

“Stop it.” She tried to wriggle out of his hold.

He grabbed at her hips and his fingers bit into her flesh.

“f**k.” He hissed….”Dont wriggle like that.” He groaned…

Sam scowled.

“What are you….” She started again frowning and he caught her eyes and glared at her in the mirror.

“You don’t know do you of what you do to me.” He said gruffly while pushing back her hips into his and Sam’s eyes widened as she found the evidence of his desire for her.

Her cheeks bloomed pink and he narrowed his eyes before sighing heavily and moving away from her as if burned. He gave a her a final glare and muttered.

“Ten minutes and not more if you want this date.” He warned her…..”or else there are other ways to spend the night.” He said gruffly and walked out of the room while cursing under his breath.

Sam gulped a little and moved towards the dressing table. She wondered at his desire for her. How long was it going to persist and he easily can it last. If it was not more than that then what was going to happen to her once he discards her form his life. She didn’t know if he cared for her more than that. Or loved her. Once she thought he did and next moment she felt he hated her. She did not know which emotion had more power. Hate or love. He did both. She felt it time and again in his attitude and behaviour. She knew he did not like the way she made him feel. Out of control and out of bounds. Which what made him rude and a jerk towards her.

Sam let go the swirling thought and she got ready hastily while remembering his threat. He was a man to carry it out if it made him to do. He wouldn’t think twice.

She walked towards the car and saw him waiting near it. The night was foggy and cold. It had been snowing in the morning and now it was dead cold as the snow ice under her feet. Neil straightened when he spotted her. Sam tightened the shawl around her shoulder which came with the dress. She saw him smile while walking closer to her. He slid his warm around her waist and pushed her closer to his side. He rubbed her arm.

“You’re cold.” He observed a little displeased.

“Now I’m not.” She murmured while talking in his warmth and strength.

Sam burrowed into his chest but she jumped as four of the body guards circled around them.

Two behind them and two in the front. Sam looked up into his face blinking confused and bewildered. What the hell…

He just stared down at her grimly without much a word. Sam’s lips thinned out. He wouldn’t share a thing.

“Why the bodyguards?” She asked in a whisper.

It was too intruding and strange. Neil was strange.

He smiled a little which did not reach his eyes. He looked around furtively around the darkness and she frowned. What’s with him today. First he moved her forcefully into his room and now the body guards? What was going on?

“Feel yourself a movie star?” He asked sarcastically.

Her eyes narrowed and she snapped.

“Which I’m not.” She shot back irritated.

He tightened his hand around her waist.

“Just think that you are.” He said in a no nonsense tome and pushed her towards the car.

Half an hour later they were ushered into a posh looking restaurant which overlooked the sea quite clearly. They got the view and the table and the candlelight’s. Few other diners were spread around but not closer. They were literally all alone.

Sam stared into his face as he leaned to check the menu. She liked to look at his face. The shadow of the warm dim light played over his face and hard features. He had a square jaw which was very attracted when his jaw bones moved. An unsmiling mouth and lips which made her forget everything. His black shiny hair falling over his forehead giving him a boyish look even though he carried out coldness and intimidation. The muscles of his neck and smooth jaw. All manliness and strength. The flex of his hands and the veins standing out visible. Too attractive a little dark skin tone. She was the only one who knew him thoroughly because she had observed his face for quite a long time than she remembered. He wasn’t what he portrayed out. Deep inside he was too sensitive than the indestructible demeanour he presented outside and his attitude he threw around.

“You want to look around for once than staring at me.” He murmured drawling while still sliding his gaze over the menu….”or people are going to think we aren’t past the honeymoon phase.” He completed while looking up finally and smiling across at her.

How did he always was aware that she was looking at him. Her straightened and she reddened.

“Shut up.” She snapped, and looked down at the menu.

The waiter arrived on time when her stomach grumbled.

“Fish steak and salad.” He ordered…..”And the usual.” He finished.

Sam waited more while the waiter turned to her in expectation. She frowned at Neil and he glanced across at her finally.

“What are you looking at my face?” He asked annoyed….”Aren’t you going to order?” He quizzed while taking a sip of the water glass.

Sam’s face burned bright red and she covered her face with the menu and cursed Neil alot. What’s up with him. He always ordered for her without really asking her the jerk and now he was behaving like the utter gentlemen. Was she disappointed not to taunt him. She ordered her dinner and stared at him while the soup came in first.

“What’s wrong with you?” She asked frowning at him.

He gave her a flat look and shrugged.

“I’m dating you. That’s what is wrong with me.” He said unemotionally and stared at her without much of any expression.

Ah, he can joke too. The hell….

She felt frustration bubble in her throat. Should she be surprised that they were dating or that dating her was what made him strange. She scowled instead as she felt an immense feeling to slap his face.

He smiled smugly while reading her thoughts. She stared at him hesitating to ask about the more serious thing right now. But she determined to ask nonetheless.

“Who shot at us in the evening?” She asked in a hesitant low voice.

The smile vanished from his lips and his expression changed completely. His face darkened and his jaw ticked instantly.

“Way to spoil the mood, Sam.” He murmured sardonically, with an unseeing smile.

She sighed and felt disappointed when he changed into addressing her name.

“That’s not an answer.” She said while looking into his face.

He gave her a cold look.

“You don’t need to know.” He snapped sharply while going back to his damn soup.

Sam felt frustrated at his words.

“I want to know.” She snapped.

He glanced up and slid her an intimidating look with narrowed eyes. She gulped a little hard.

“Shut up and eat your dinner.” He said in a hard voice.

Sam folded back immediately in fear.

“Alright. Alright……” She said hastily…..”Geez….i was just asking.” She muttered under her breath.

He sipped on the soup. It was sweet corn one that she liked. She looked up at him to ask another question. This one meant for her a lot.

“When was the first time you….” She hesitated but continued….”felt for me….” She completed embarrassed.

He looked up at her while taking a spoonful of the hot soup. She felt his gaze slid through her like warm honey.

“The first time?” He asked quietly.

She nodded her head eagerly.

His hand flexed over the bowl while he spooned another of the soup. The veins over his wrist defined more over his golden skin.

“When you wore the red dress for the first time.” He said flatly without much enthusiasm.

She scowled at his for his deep interest in her. And then she frowned thinking about when did she wear the red dress. Her cheeks heated up and she blushed heavily as remembered it.

He caught her fleeting eyes.

“On your eighteen birthday.” He looked down at her body…..”you wore that mini red dress. Looking all grown up and hot as hell.” He gave her a heated look…”That was the first time I stopped myself from not having you. You were forbidden to me. That made it quite difficult for me to not think about having you in my bed.” He smiled while narrowing his on her lips.

She took in an affected breath at his words and his husky deep voice. He always talked about such things? Why doesn’t he…..she remembered him zipping the back of her dress. His fingers moving along heatedly over her cold skin. When she turned around he had been looking down at her legs and front. When his eyes got back to hers he had a very cold look and grim and grave face. That made her feel embarrassed and right then Suha had said something really humiliating about her not able to fit into the dress. What a bad memory. She had removed that dress immediately and cried all night. She didn’t know that he felt like that. Suha had pulled him out of the room while Sam drew down on the bed shattered completely by her words. If he did feel as such, Sam had to commend at his control of emotions. She really could not back then penetrate into his thoughts. Now was another matter. Now he let her in.

“The second time had been…..” He frowned….” when you were wore that piece of cloth that barely covered your back and legs.” He looked up sharply from his soup bowl to her face with an unforgiving stare……”at the restaurant with all your sisters. Had been the time when I wanted to beat the shit of every guy leering at you then.” He said on a low quite voice.

It may seem to other diners that he was normally conversing but as the sea looked calm and serene here but when in the waters it showed hell to the boats and launches, it was the same with Neil. One could easily be deceived by his outward unemotional appearance. He was but anything else than unemotional. She could hear his calm voice but the steel under it slid across her and she shivered. He really would have done as he said. Neil had been very popular back then for getting into fights and brawls and she had been the witness of it.

He finished the soup and right then the entrées were brought down on the table by the waiters. It was something like chicken nuggets dipped in garlic sauce. Neil popped one into his mouth. His jaw worked over it as he chewed. His eyes focussed on hers while she lost appetite while looking at how he was staring at her. Through the black of his falling over his forehead his gaze penetrated deeper into the layers of the defense she had against him and he connected to her where nobody had the string into her soul. Where only Neil could enter. Where nothing else mattered. Where she always had him there.

“The third time. In a club when you tagged along with Rohan and me.” He murmured slowly for her to remember the incident and she did……”I rearranged the face of the a*sh*le who jeered while looking at your body……if it hadn’t been for Rohan, then I would have ended up in jail.” He grinned while remembering the incident.

Sam blinked at his smile. How can he find that amusing. She had been so afraid of Neil back then. She did remember that. His face all scary red and fists pounding into the guy’s face. The murder written in his eyes. Oddly though, she found him even more attractive then. Even though he intimated her with his strength and roughness. He had been a complete rogue back then along with her brother. Except Rohan had been the loud one and Neil the quietest. She remembered the club brawl before the bouncers came and threw both of them out. Rohan had his arms around Neil’s waist. Her brother had been pulling Neil away with all his strength. She did not know the reason. And now she knew.

He looked down at her plate and lifted up a quizzical brow at her.

“Aren’t you eating?” He asked her flatly.

She gave him a black glare. He and his talk wiped her appetite and hunger completely and he had the nerve to ask her if she wasn’t eating. Sam grudgingly popped the steaming nugget into her mouth.

He smiled at her sardonically which really did not reach his eyes. Sam could now decipher his smiles. Not one was honest. Only when he grinned that deep dimpled charming is the one he smiled from the heart. The others were all either mocking or patronising. And some were scary.

“Why didn’t you tell me then?” She asked a little sadly and helplessly.

Why didn’t he?

He smiled at her mockingly.

“You were busy going out with other guys.” He muttered coolly.

Sam bit her lower lip to out let out some choice curse words at his face. He was so wrong. He wouldn’t believe her if she said about not having a social life then. Going out with guys was way out of her league. She was too awkward and Suha made a mock out of her for sending her to blind dates. She had been in the belief that her sister was being very nice and worried for her. But it wasn’t the case. She had been busy to get Neil. Maybe Suha observed the interest Neil had in Sam then. Whatever it was Sam never came across to know it. She was too dense back then to understand his silent personality. Would she get a dream him the dark prince had anything for her at all? That was just too unbelievable.

“And fourth time is now.” He muttered, and brought Sam out of the fog of the memories, while giving her a narrowed look.

Sam stopped chewing and stared at him wide eyed.

“Now?” She whispered asked as her voice left the gumption to speak.

“I don’t like you going out with that guy. Get rid of him.” He muttered gruffly.

Sam frowned.

“What guy?” She asked confused.

He popped another nugget into his mouth. His jaw worked s*xily on it and Sam felt her cheeks go red. Where are her thoughts going. Why was he so attractive even though he was an ass.

“The guy that you call your friend.” He muttered in a hard voice.

Sam frowned again but her forehead cleared of the fold.

“Dev?” She asked with wide eyes and she chuckled…..”I’m not going out with him.” She shook her head.

The thought was ridiculous.

He stopped chewing and stared at her with his mid night black that made het heart skip a beat. He leaned forward and she saw his neck muscles strain and his hair to fall over his forehead.

“I don’t f**king care.” He said in a cold voice…..”I dont like you talking to him. Laughing and even smiling in his company.” He leaned back after sneering that. His head tilted to the right side while sliding his gaze all over her face…..”If you want to be with me, then get rid of him.” He concluded while moving his eyes towards the other side of the restaurant.

Sam snorted and chuckled at his order. Who does he think he was?

“How can I get rid of him. He is my friend.” She said smiling, while thinking him being a little ridiculous about this.

His eyes snapped back to hers sharply and his jaw ticked whole he still maintained that clam scary dark demeanour of his.

“Get lost. From my life.” He muttered as quietly and calmly as he could while ignoring her right there and then.

Sam gasped and her mouth hung open a little at his rudeness. what the hell…..

Anger rose up high and her face burned because of it. Her hands folded into fists. This rude, condescending, sardonic, brutish bastard. Ugh. Oh. She was going to kill him. Even a king would be shamed in front of this rich stuck up brattish idiot. Oh…..heck. She shook her head not to scream her lungs out at his face.

She threw the napkin down on the table and got up glaring daggers into his bent head. He was devouring the nuggets like starved animal. He was least bothered looking at her.

“You…..” She fumed…….”you……” She lacked words…..”Oh…” She grabbed at her hair ends frustrated and tried to walk away.

He grabbed her hand suddenly and she squeaked while he pulled at her hand hard. She fell over his side before his hands grabbed at her waist and prevented her from falling. She was immediately swept off the floor and in a second she was in his lap with both of her legs hanging down sideways on his lap. She came face to face closer to his. She stared wide eyes into his black gaze. He smelled of cologne and and his body was warm and strong. He grinned suddenly and she stiffened.

“Where are you going?” He murmured huskily, and his warm breath fell over her forehead.

“You’re not going to get rid of him then I am.” He smiled warmly into her face and she froze.

What the hell……

“What?” She almost cried out before trying to move out of his arms and lap.

That got her the attention of the other diners who looked at both of them with curious annoyed eyes in the dim orange light.

“Shh… are going to ruin the evening of others.” He warned her softly before smiling again and his eyes twinkled with mischief.

Sam hardened her jaw and her lips thinned out while she came an acute suspicious look.

“What do you mean by getting rid of him?” She hissed while glaring at him.

Just then the waiter came at the table and Sam wanted to kill him for the intrusion. The waiter cleared his throat. Sam tried to get off Neil’s lap but his hands tightened around her waist and he gave the waiter a flat look.

Sam gave Neil a warning look but he ignored her.

“Bring the mains.” Neil ordered before the waiter could ask.

“Certainly, Sir.” The waiter agreed meekly and ignored the way she was huddled into Neil’s lap as swiftly as not noticing the tiger in the woods.

Sa felt embarrassment course into her veins while looking around the people giving them some serious scandalous looks.

“Are you out of your mind? Let go of me.” She hissed again while trying to pull at his iron band like hand around her waist.

His sure touch slid down heat in her lower stomach. It jerked up her something inside always.

Neil followed her gaze and looked around the people looking them and he just shrugged. As if he wasn’t creating a scene in public.

“What about you getting rid of Dev? What are you going to do?” She asked anxiously.

Ah, no he was going to fight with Dev. God knows if both of them would end up in the hospital. Oh, no, a new anxiety swirled around her heart. She was worried if they both would kill each other this time.

He looked down at her and smile and just then the food arrived. Fish steak and roasted potatoes. The smell of charred spicy meat entered into her lungs and her stomach growled again.

Neil took the fork with his left hand with her still in his lap and his left hand from around her waist.

“Don’t worry your pretty little head.” He murmured, while smiling patronisingly at her.

She scowled at him and he slid his eyes down at her lips. His eyes came back to hers and darkened and he held her hair and kissed her hard on the lips instantly before letting her go after a second. He leaned back and wiped his mouth grinning while her eyes glazed and heat unfurled around her skin while her lips sizzled with the evidence of his taste and mouth lingering over hers hotly. She closed her legs tightly. Unknowingly toher but he was making her feel things. Intimate things. She couldn’t help but her mind created images of them together. Ah, he really was a bad influence. He was making her mind perverted. The dress felt too tight now. She was hot and bothered.

“Off you go.” He muttered before tapping her bottom.

Her cheeks heated up as she fell over her seat across at him. He read her mind and his jaw flexed before his eyes darkened once again recognizing the answering desire in her eyes. He pulled at his hair and closed his eyes before sighing. His eyes opened and narrowed on her and now all cool and clam. She was surprized at his self control. It was commendable.

“Finish your dinner fast.” He grunted hoarsely, while he seemed to push away from the plate.

She smiled inside as she saw his hand tremor a little. He was alot affected than her. By their closeness. It was explosive. His touch on hers. Their lost breaths.

“Aren’t you going to finish your dinner?” She asked while looking innocently at his barely touched steak.

He gave her a smile and nod at her joke while shesmilingly pushed a forkful of steak into her mouth. His smile vanished while looking at her mouth.

“I’m just waiting for you to finish.” He muttered, with a meaningful stare into her eyes and look full of dark intimate promises.

She stopped chewing and gulped hard while her appetite left again. He smirked at her response while taking up the fork and cutting into the steak happily tucking in.

Jerk. Can’t he just give her the last laugh at least. She sighed and somehow managed to finish the dinner and really focused on the dessert instead of looking up at him. Because he was too distracting a person.

So, it wasn’t a bad date. She was with Neil. And it was comfortable. Like she always felt in his company. They walked out and Sam shivered as the weather worsened to a state of minus degrees. The thin shawl did nothing to stop the shivers penetrating deep in her bones. Just as she thought of freezing to cold ice, right then a deep warmth surrounded her body.

Sam felt Neil come around her while sliding on his coat around her shoulders. She looked up into his grim eyes and thinned out lips.

“I’m regretting buying this dress for you. It’s so thin.” He murmured huskily in displeasure while his hands around her shivering body…..”God, you’ll freeze to death. You always catch cold easily.” He muttered gravely, while removing the muffler he had around his neck.

Sam stared into his scowling face while he slid the thick muffler around her neck and zipper up the coat. He smiled into her face while taking hold of her cold hands.

“Ah….” He muttered while rubbing her fingers and taking her hands towards his mouth.

He blew warmth into her open palms and Sam gasped. He rubbed her arms looking all worried for her which changed his face entirely.

“Are you warm now?” He asked gruffly.

She nodded her head and he smiled unrestraint and rubbed his hand over her head and moved it up and down. He should look at himself now. Smiling so beautifully. So boyishly. Without any pull back and with so much warmth that it reached into her heart.

“Good. Come. Let’s leave.” He said while looking at the empty dark streets…..”It’s seems like a thunderstorm.” He muttered looking around the dark clouds and foggy weather.

Sam stayed frozen to place while cold left her body immediately. White puffs of air escaped their lips and memories dawned into her mind like an acute realization which made her heart ache and she gasped sharply because of the affect of it.

She remembered everything now little by little. How Neil had been there always in her life. Him with Rohan always protecting her. At first she thought he had been since then doing it because her brother had said him to look after her too but now she knew. Him taking her to college. Silently. Without talking to her. Driving her around. Beating up a kid who bullied her on the way home. She never told about it but he somehow found it out when she refused to go to college. He followed her. Maybe. Because she saw him walk into her college at that time. She wasn’t aware that he was going to find out the problem.

She remembered one time when she got stuck in such a weather as this one. All alone near the campus while darkness drew around. She saw his brother’s car in the distance as she shivered waiting near the gates. She smiled while frowning and expecting her brother. The rain hindered her vision as she saw an umbrella first. And then it lifted up. She observed Neil’s looming figure walk closer and she had been frozen to the ground in shock. He came around her just like that without much expression and had slid the coat over her shoulders and wrapped her fingers around the umbrella while hurriedly walking her to the car. She remembered him saying gruffly that he wasn’t her driver when she moved towards the back of the car awkwardly.

Those were the only words she remembered him muttering to her. He turned on the heater in the car and safely brought her home. Sam immediately asked her brother about it.

“Did you send Neil to my college?” She asked while getting out of the coat……”I really was stuck. Thanks bro.” She smiled at him.

Rohan gave her a quizzical look while eating pizza from the box as he lounged in front of the television on the couch.

“You were stuck?” He asked while looking down at her drenched figure…..”I didn’t send Neil.” He shrugged, while turning his attention to the television.

Sam frowned at her brother and she turned around when Neil walked in. He avoided her eyes and ignore her completely while walking up the stairs.

Sam’s eyes filled up and stung as she looked at Neil who stood near the threshold while looking out into the night. She remembered too. When she walked out of his life. When the basket fell off her hands and the things spread all around the ground. It was him. Saying to take care of herself in the middle of the road. It wasn’t a stranger. Even though she hurt him with words and left him in such a heartless way. He was still taking care of her without actually being in her life. And now too he took a bullet for her. Took care of her just now. Her lower lip trembled and a tear escaped her left eye. He had been always there for her in the past and now too. What if he had been hurt badly. If he had been seriously injured. What would have become of her? Another tear fell down her cheek.

What was she thinking? Why was she thinking anything else. It was the same Neil she did had the habit of looking at so longingly. She had been in love with his silent personality. He was the same. The same silent gestures. The covering up with coldness. It was him. Brute Neil. Sweet Neil. Condescending Neil. Split personality Neil. Smiling Neil. Smirking Neil. Devilishly handsome Neil. Brat Neil. Broken Neil. Hurtful Neil. Harsh Neil. Emotionless Neil. Big hearted Neil who treated his staff well which made them really loyal toward the master of the mansion. Caring Neil. Neil who had no one for himself to be taken care of. A hot tear pricked her eye. Neil who had grown up before he should. Strong pillar like Neil standing by her side. Neil who beat guys up for her. Neil who looked at her like she was the only woman for his eyes when in crowd. She smiled with tears brimming in her eyes……. Any kind. She would take him. Stay with him. In any kind of mode he was. Because she was in love with everything about him. Even though it was difficult to understand his poker face and cold outward appearance.

She gulped hard and rubbed the tears with the back of her hand. She sniffled and smiled while taking in the scent of his coat. His scent. It had deep engraving in her heart. There wont be anyone else for her. She walked forward and lined beside where he stood. Near the edge of the hotel porch.

She looked across at him sideways and he too did the same. He was wearing the white shirt and pants with dishevelled hair moving in the air and the dimpled right cheek. He smiled at her and it deepened. His white perfectly lined teeth flashed when he did that. How was he so dear to her yet so far from her reach. His face. Him. She recognised the twinkle in his black eyes. It was so real. Something personal. He always did smile like that when he wanted to. Or he never did except sneering. When he did smile at her like this. So heart felt. So warm. So real. So himself. So endearingly, then how she going to help herself to not fall in love with him all over again.

“What?” He asked while she kept looking at him.

She shook her head.

“I just realized.” She said quietly while looking down at her feet.

“Look up.” He murmured softly.

Sam did as he said and she looked at him and caught his eyes while he still kept smiling at her.

“What did you realize?” He asked staring into her eyes.

Sam gulped hard and went for it.

“I love you.” She whispered without a shake in her voice.

Nothing else mattered. Only him now.

“I just love you.” She confessed, from deep with her soul and put into her voice as many feelings she could and she felt for him from all those years ago and now.

There was complete silence for a second and it broke immediately as the sound of the rain falling hard suddenly pierced around them. He froze staring at her like that while the spark in his eyes left first and then slowly the smile dimmed out from his grinning face. And the dimple vanished. His face whitened. His lips paled. He gulped slowly and hard and she could feel the dryness in his mouth. And he stared into her eyes like deer caught in headlights. She really had now thrown him off the loop. He wasn’t prepared for it. She guessed.

She snorted and a little laughter escaped her lips at his reaction. He stared at her unblinkingly as if she had said something ominous and scary. Neil would never confess back. Even the sweet Neil wouldn’t because he was drawn in like that. She did not expect for him to reply back to her. But she knew that he did love her. She did not know the level. But she knew he did.

She grinned at his frozen facial muscles. He literally turned into a stone statue. Sam slid her hand over chest.

“Are you going to pass out?” She asked while trying hard to control the giggling trying to escape her lips.

He eyes did not even blink. Oh dear, it seemed like she had shocked Neil for the first time. She was afraid he really turned into ice statue. But she was suddenly really really very happy. Usually the reaction should be the other way around. With a guy confessing the love and girl going all frozen shocked like Neil. She was really amused now. Their relationship was different. Neil was scared of such things. He would run for the hills for sure.

She shook her head while still grinning.

“Breath, Neil. It will be easy to sink in the words if you do.” She said smilingly at him while stepping down the pedestal triumphantly.

Hastily two of the bodyguards came around her on either side behind her with lifting up the umbrella over her head. And the rain continued to pelt hard around. But Sam did not feel the cold at all. Instead her heart now too warm.

Neil looked at her figure walking towards the car and he gulped hard. His throat felt parched and his mouth dry. Something ruffled inside and reformed before he forgot everything else suddenly. Every nerve ending in his body started to come aware as immense pleasure surged up everywhere and brimmed over with pride. He gasped and looked down at his feet before blinking several times. He took sharp deep pants in and the white puffs of air escaped his lips. His fingers felt cold and so did his body. A slow smile started to curl up his lips and he breathed hard and grinned heavily the next instant. A deep happiness overflowed. Damn. What was this. What was happening. He pulled at his hair while chuckling. His heart raced fast. It seemed like to jump out of his chest.

He looked and located his bodyguard next to him.

“Hey, do you hear the sound of my heartbeat?” He asked grinning and little breathlessly.

Like he had run miles without an end and rest.

His bodyguard looked wide eyed at him.

“Sir?” He asked.

Neil looked front at the car while shaking his head and breathing hard. f**k. Was he going to die? It hurt somewhere deep inside his chest. It was really hard to breath.

“I can hear it.” He murmured while sliding his hand over his chest.

The sound of his beating heart vibrated into his ears.

“For the first time. I can hear it beat.” He murmured hoarsely.

He took a deep breath as he felt his head spin suddenly.

“Damn, I need to sit down for a second.” His legs weakened and he drew down to sit while he felt like a heart attack coming.

He couldn’t gather himself before he heard her shout and he jumped a little startled whole aware of the surrounding.

“Are you coming?” She shouted while leaning out of the car window.

Neil rearranged his face and got up before shuttering out any emotion from his eyes and face. He cleared his throat and nodded his head calmly.

“Slid up the window.” He shouted back…”You’ll catch cold.” Before clearing his throat again.

She grinned at him knowingly and he smiled a little.

“Alright….jeez really.” She replied giggling a little before moving her head inside the car and closing up the window.

Neil rubbed the back of his neck while walking into the rain. The bodyguard pushed up the umbrella while he walked towards the car all the way smiling wide. He did not know why he was doing that. But he really felt like smiling for the first time.


Sam stared at his figure beside her in the limo. The back of his head was her view. His hands were folded over his legs. His shoulders were bunched and he was looking out of the window.

He had been like this since for the past fifteen minutes when the car started. What’s wrong with him? Was he still shocked? Oh poor him, she shouldn’t have surprised him like that. Oh she was an idiot. He hurt his arm. He was in pain and she made it worse by straining him like this. What version is this? She hasn’t seen this one before.

His head turned fast and her eyes widened as he caught her gaze. He had a poker face again. But his fisted hands and uncertain eyes gave away the many feelings passing by him. He opened his mouth to say something but he closed his lips shut.

“What?” She asked wide eyed still.

He shook his head and again turned his head towards the window.

Geez. What the hell….

She looked front unblinkingly. What the hell was wrong with him?

His head turned around once again and then she observed his fists and his lips. He tried again to say something.

“What?” She raised her voice worried….”What’s wrong with you?” She asked panicked.

Oh dear, was he alright.

He kept staring at her without a word and her eyes widened again.

“Geez….what’s wrong with you? You’re scaring me!” She cried out and tried to go on more before it snapped shut.

“Dont stop me.” He muttered gruffly and finally.

She stared at him as if he had gone crazed.

“What?” She whispered by really weirded out by his behaviour.

He looked down at her lips.

“Dont stop me today.” He whispered back very very huskily again.

Sam’s panicky mind went even more alert and anxious.

“Are you alright? Is your head alright? Did you hit it somewhere? What are you blabbering about?” She asks worriedly.

He stared at her and the look of uncertainty vanished and a firmness entered. A deep angry silence pursued in his eyes and face and he stared at her grimly. Sam blinked gulping a little. She shouldn’t open her mouth. It was the angry Neil once again.

“How did you ever cross the first base?” He muttered annoyed.

Sam’s face burned with embarrassment. She never had crossed the first base with any guy.

She blinked at him still when he faced front and sighed exasperated. A second later his eyes caught hers and his jaw hardened.

“I’m ending the date.” He said in a cold voice.

She stared at him with round confused eyes.

“What?” She asked bewildered.

Has he taken leave of his senses. What was he talking about?

He sighed and grunted before his hand came out in a lash and one second she had been sitting beside him and in the next she was pulled into her lap quite roughly. He stared into her face while his hands moved down the zip of his coat.

“What are you doing?” She grabbed at his hands.

He gave her dry look.

“It’s quite warm now in the car.” He smiled meaningfully at her…..”You don’t need the coat.” He drawled.

She saw his long thin fingers move down the zipper a little breathlessly.

“I said not to stop me.” He murmured….”I’m ending this date.” He leaned into her while drawing closer into her front.

He looked into her eyes all the time while saying the words for her to understand. His body was even more warm like a furnace as he embraced her inside the coat. He did not removed it completely off her shoulders. His face moved her neck and burrowed into her skin.

“You smell good. Delicious.” He murmured while his hands moved over her bare back.

He chuckled as he spread her legs and and pulled her closer into his lap while circling her ankles around his back. Sam gasped feeling flushed and hot.

He grinned at her more deliciously and freely than before. She smiled back into his face as he slid up his hands over her thighs while rubbing them down her legs.

“The reason why I bought a dress with a split.” He said teasingly, while tugging at the material over her upper thigh.

She blushed and pushed at his shoulders.

“Let go.” She whispered, while looking into his eyes.

He tightened his arms around her back.

“No.” He whispered back while pecking at her lower lip.

The pressure of of his lips increased and feathered light warm kisses.

She blinked as he moved back and a grin covered her lips. His left eyebrow raised at her smile while answering one coloured his face. He slid his thumb finger over her lower lip.

“You’re smiling alot tonight?” He asked gruffly while looking down at her lips.

She locked her hands around his neck. She was happy that he wasn’t running back or was blasting a her after what she told him. Instead he looked more at ease.

“Because you’re making me smile.” She replied softly.

His eyes twinkled and the dimpled appeared while he nodded his head.

“We did not dance tonight.” She complained sullenly a little while pulling at top button of his collar.

He caught her fingers and placed a warm kiss in the middle of her palm.

“You wanted to dance without music because there wasn’t playing any.” He murmured.

She shook her head sadly. He lifted her chin and caught her eyes.

“We’ll do that in the next date.” He said while rubbing his hand soothingly over her back.

She leaned back and blinked at him.

“There is another date?” She asked feeling pleased.

He gave her mocking look.

“You dont want another date?” He asked….”You don’t want me to court you first?” He asked amused at her wide eyed reaction.

Sam stared at him with even more rounded eyes.

“Oh my.” She snorted and then she gasped as she looked into his no joking serious face……”Really? You’re courting me?” She asked again as laughter bubbled in her throat.

What was he from the Victorian era to court her. Speaking of him, by looking at his mansion and the servants flocking around the place, he really was someone treated as close to a duke.

He stared flatly at her as she tamed the mirth trying to spread her lips.

“Are you done?” He asked her flatly.

She sobered down and nodded her head.

“Alright.” She relented and he smiled.

She stared at his face bewildered. She was smiling, that was another case but him smiling and grinning was something very new and pleasing.

“You are smiling alot.” She said looking at his face.

He leaned back and did not reply instead slid his hooded gaze all over the dress she had on. He stared unsmiling at her and she cursed at her mouth for blabbing that he was smiling.

The words next uttered by him so gruffly and affected slayed down her thoughts.

“You look beautiful.” He murmured while looking up into her eyes.

Her cheeks turned red and she felt flushed as she smiled coyly at him. Him saying that she was beautiful, must he really honest because Neil never humoured anyone. He wouldn’t humour her but be honest. That’s what she liked about him. He spoke his mind. Most often if not about his life.

“Do you think I would have the self control until these dates get over?” He asked while his jaw settled hard grimly.

She stared at him wide eyed.

“What?” She asked when his eyes carried out the message written in his eyes loud and clear.

His hand moved up her waist and she his fingers spread over her back purposely.

“I dont think I will lasting until this car ride.” He sighed and Sam tried to move off his lap.

He let out a sharp laugh.

“Calm down.” He chuckled in a humour filled voice.


They reached inside the mansion with Neil being calm yet again beside her. It was as if he wasn’t there at all and she was walking along though his hand over the small of her back. His touch sure and possessive burned into her skin and flesh through the thin layer of the dress. Sam looked at him sideways as they passed the flock of chattering servants in the hall.

They reached the dimly lit corridor to the right side of the hall and just as she turned into the dark corner of her room Neil caught hold of her arm and he pushed her to the wall by making her plastered to it and she gasped as the cold surface hit her skin. His front attached to her back while his hand slid down the dress off her shoulders.

“You know me for years and I have wanted you since you were fifteen.” He grunted…..”You should have enough trust in me now, babe. I have had enough of this.” He breathed into her neck, while he slid up his hands over her front.

“Neil.” She gasped his fingers dug into her flesh.

“Are you on a pill?” He asked a little breathlessly.

Sam froze at his words. Pill. Pill? What pill? Anxiousness ran up her spine while getting aware suddenly of his intent.

“Pill?” She asked horrified a little while her mind glazed up building up images.

He turned her around and grinned down while his eyes darkened as her dresses loosened down her chest.

“Nevermind.” He groaned….”Take a morning after then.” He whispered while he held her head by her hair and kissed her roughly on her lips.

Hers were red luscious and red and he wanted her lips with a blinding desire.

He kept kissing down her neck and cheeks and shoulders. Leaving trails of his mark heatedly on her skin.

Morning after? Panic coloured her mind completely now.

Sam tried to push at his chest. He seem to have lost it, the thin thread of control. She closed her eyes and took in the heat of his body and hardness of his muscles before pushing him hard with all her strength. Before he could react Sam pulled open the door of her room and pushed in fast. She closed the door instantly.

The door banged immediately shut. Neil surprised at her move felt himself froze for a second. He pulled at his locks and felt anger pump into his veins.

“Sam! You f**king tease!” He beat at the door and groaned.

f**k, really? did she close the door to at his face?

Sam winced as she felt the door banging and him cursing.

Neil started to chuckle.

“Damn you, why tease me like this. I feel like a hormonal teenager.” He chuckled while hitting his fist another time and putting his forehead to the door.

“I thought you loved me.” He murmured sighing while fisting his hands for not to break down the door off its hinges.

Sam smiled at his frustration.

“I do.” She replied honestly.

Neil smiled at the door and closed his eyes before counting to ten.

“Alright.” He sighed heavily….”Have your way. I will see too how long it is going to take you to trust me.” He shook his head before moving away from the door.

He wasn’t a person to force himself on a woman. It had been other way around until she came into his life and made him do things that he really did not want to.

Sam heard him walking away from the door and she sagged against it heavily relieved. Oh dear, how was she going to ever tell him. Oh, this was a complete mess. She grabbed at her forehead.


Neil walked back to his smiling all the while. He shook his head and spread his fingers in his hair.

Did she really lock him out of her room? When did she turn so brave?

He unbuttoned the top of his shirt and opened his wardrobe. He froze mid way and he stayed like that for a second before his eyes fell over the bedside table.

There was a folded rectangular white piece of paper. He frowned and moved towards it. He took hold of the paper and unfolded it.

He stared down at the words and the smile over his lips vanished completely.

-I’ll put a hole in her heart-

The words made his ears ring and his hands to shake. He grabbed onto the bed and slid down on the floor as his legs shook and as the breath in his lungs left altogether. Sweat covered his entire face and it trickled down the sides of his forehead. He pulled in deep strained breath and the sounds of it filled the entire room. He could hear, feels and taste the extreme fear hit his senses. Sam. His mind went alert and grim. Shit.

“f**k!” He cursed loudly and crunched the paper in his fist.

He hurriedly walked into his wardrobe before hastily dialling a number.

“Send more men over.” He muttered an order curtly, He pulled apart the curtains of the large French windows and he looked around cautiously into the darkness. Who the f**k was sending the papers. Had the dare to walk around his mansion freely? Even after he tightened the security around.

He hurried towards the wardrobe and pulled out a key before sliding it in a box. Neil looked into it and his jaw settled hard. He grabbed cold and ruthless looking gin out of the box. Neil immediately pulled out the cartridge of it and inserted the bullets in the holes. He locked the gun and took out another key from the numerous bunch.

He walked out of his room before the bodyguards followed him from the other end of the hallway.

He nodded his head and lead them towards her door.

“Guard it all night.” He said while looking around.

Neil put the key in the hole and hastily walked in before locking the door. He rattled it to make sure it wouldn’t open. Damn. What was he doing?

He looked around the dark room. Was she asleep already? Neil moved towards the bed and his eyes caught her sleeping figure under the sheets. He drew closer and sat down on the bed. His hand shook over the sheets and he drew those down. He looked down at her chest and closed his eyes relieved.

Damn. He rubbed his hand over his face. He opened his eyes and gazed into her sleeping face. She slept so peacefully. She was alright. He sighed and slid his hand over her face and caressed her cool cheek.

He shook his head. She was always cold. He slid the covers over her shoulders. He locked his fingers with hers tightly while feeling her beating alive pulse. She sighed and burrowed into his side and groaned.

He pat at her right shoulder distractedly for a long while. He got off the bed when she settled deeper and curled around herself. Nobody can hurt her. He wasn’t going to let anything happen to her. Damn, but he didn’t want to be the one in the dark about the danger circling around them. Around her.

Neil put down the gun over the glass teapoy in front and sat down on the recliner while looking out at the glass windows. He had asked two more of the guard outside the windows.

He closed his fingers together and wondered. Who was it? Trying to get him through his girl? What was the person’s motive?

He believed first his mother was behind it. But, he now doubted. Because it wasn’t his mother who sent someone to shoot at them. If she did, Neil was sure to find out by looking at her face.

He thought long and hard for a long time. he rubbed his forehead. Suha. Damn. It might be her. She was the one with the most vile grudge against her sister. She was a drug addict. An obsession with him and desperate for money. She might have known about Sam staying with him. Suha might be now wounded, hurt and very angry. She was capable of doing anything. She wasn’t right in the mind at the moment. Neil took out his phone and dialled a number. Someone in the mansion helped the person. Worked for him or her. Otherwise Neil wouldn’t be finding these papers all around his room. Someone who knew the inside of the mansion very well and also very much aware of Neil’s routine. Where he went. When he came back. All these things.

He talked for a minute.

“Find out where she is.” He concluded the call.

Suddenly he realized something. He couldn’t cut out the third motive. Who was hidden behind the curtains. He looked at her sleeping form unaware of anything else happening around. It pulled up his anxiety. She was so unassumingly happy person. How was he going to make her live in fear all the time now. He kept looking at her gravely. Dev. The third person.

It might be him. He came into their lives suddenly. Rich and with a motive. It might be to get him. He sighed doubting now. No, it couldn’t be. Dev was Sam’s friend. Apparently she trusted him. And Sam, trusted only a few. It was a possibility that Neil couldn’t deny too that her friend might be just using her. Oh, f**k, he was going to go crazy now with these thoughts.

Neil got up feeling tired as hell. He slid down on the bed beside her and he felt her instantly roll into his side and put her legs over his. He circled his arms around her protectively. He groaned as his shoulder ached so bad. He kept his eyes open unable to fall asleep and unable to let go off her. He tightened his hands around her waist. He couldn’t let anything happen to her. What would have happened if he hadn’t turned around to see her in the evening? If she did get shot? Someone putting a bullet right into her heart?

Someone really want her dead. He gulped hard the bitter taste in his mouth.

He looked down into her sweet sleeping face for a long time before his eyes started to burn and drew to a close finally. He took in a deep breath of her lilac scented skin and the feel of her body plastered to his chest. Her beating heart. And his left hand fingers in her smooth hair massaging her scalp, and his right hand fingers locked with hers. Feeling her in his arms, he fell into a deep disturbing and tiring sleep.


Neil jerked up from the sleep gasping heavily as darkness pulled at his senses and took away something from him. He tried hard it back. His heart. Someone was grabbing at his heart. Bleary eyed he looked around the bed panting heavily. He only got handful of sheets. He froze while his eyes came into focus.

“Sam.” He mumbled gruffly, and looked around the room.

He looked at the door which was bolted. f**k. He got off the bed.

“Sam.” He shouted as his eyes took around the sunlight streaming inside the room.

It was too stark and it hurt his sleep deprived eyes. Neil groaned as his shoulder hurt like a mother f**ker. He grunted painfully and walked into the bathroom with long determined strides.

He found her turned to the wash stand and he breathed a little relieved.

“Sam.” He sighed while smiling, he turned her around and his smile vanished and he paled while looking down at her chest but not at her face.

The red covering her white night shirt over her chest. It spread turning crimson. His mind stopped working and his eyes started to smear across the dark into his gaze. His ears started to ring. The pain he felt over his shoulder turned ten fold and he gasped feeling the air leave out of his lungs.

“Blood.” He whispered weakly, before darkness engulfed him and he fell to the floor as his eyes rolled.

“Neil!” Sam cried out.

“It’s only toothpaste.” She said hastily.

Neil groaned while looking up at her horrified face and then down scowling at the red gooey smudge on her shirt.

“f**k. It’s toothpaste.” He grunted, in confirmation before passing out embarrassingly on the bathroom floor.


Neil felt himself drifting up from the heavy clouds of white and into consciousness. The ceiling first came into his focus but a little smudgy. He blinked twice and then his ears picked the voices of people around. He grew alert and stiffened while recognizing the place. He slid up the bed immediately but his wrist stung and he winced. Neil looked down at the needle pieced into the skin of his wrist and at the tube fixed into it. He looked up sideways to see the saline stand next to the bed. His face reddened.

Why were they always doing this? He didn’t need any glucose. He wasn’t a f**king pu**y. He just passed out.

He cursed and removed the needle and threw it away.

“Neil.” He heard Sam mutter.

He looked front finally and found again Lee standing across the bed looking the same as stone statue of before. He glanced at Sam who sat beside his left hand and closer to his hand. He saw two of the bodyguards around the bed.

And the doctor beside his right.

“You mustn’t do that.” The doctor muttered in displeasure.

“I don’t need it.” Neil replied curtly, before sliding his gaze at Lee’s direction.

“Make everyone leave.” Neil said coldly to him.

He saw Sam getting up quietly at his words but he pulled her down.

“Did I tell you to leave?” He asked angrily and annoyed.

He saw her face colour up. He stared at Lee next in silent communication.

Lee nodded his head and opened his mouth to speak to the doctor who instead was yakking Neil’s ear off.

“You need to take the medicine mixed in the saline, Mr Gordon. It’s necessary to….”

Neil ignored him but the man persisted and touched his wrist to put the needle back into his wrist. Just then Neil snapped and he whipped out the gun from under the pillow behind him and put it over the doctor’s forehead.

He saw the man freeze and Sam gasp and Lee move forward.

“Neil.” Sam cried out again.

“Young Master.” Lee warned calmly.

Neil slid the circle of it into lock of the gun. He heard the sound of bullets settling in place penetrate into the silence.

“You either leave yourself or do you want me to shoot you. Your choice.” Neil whispered dangerously low while looking straight in the eyes of the frightened shivering man.

Sam gaped at him and she saw with her very own eyes Neil turn into his ruthless, cold, rough, heartless and cut throat banker. She gasped while looking at the gun over the middle of the forehead of the doctor. Trust Neil to give a choice when threatening a man. Oh, he was unbelievingly frightening. She gulped hard looking at the equally dangerous looking gun. Where did he get that? All the while she had slept on the bed with him, it had been right under the pillow? Heavens. Why was he keeping the gun there? What was happening?

Neil sighed while looking at the shivering man and he glanced across at Lee.

“Get him out.” He said while removing the gun off his forehead. And Lee nodded his head towards the bodyguards.

The men took the shivering man out by catching of his arms each. Lee gave Neil a grave look before walking out of the room. His eyes drew down to Sam’s worried annoyed face.

“Stop meeting the guy.” He said in calm and quiet voice.

She frowned at him.

“Who?” Asked confused.

Neil remained silent and he put the gun over the bedside table.

Sam blinked twice.

“Dev?” She asked quizzically.

Neil’s face darkened ominous at the mention of his name. Oh, seriously now.

“You’re still hung up on that?” Sam asked annoyed.

She saw his jaw tick at her irritation. Crap. He was very angry.

“Stop meeting the guy.” He repeated gruffly, again but this time in complete warning.

His voice was the same calm but she could feel the steel in it. Geez. What’s with him. She looked at his pale haggard face and his injured shoulder. Goodness. He was shrivelling. What was eating up at him inside. He just saw toothpaste over her heart and he passed out on the floor unmoving. She nodded her head hastily. She did not want to strain him by arguing and protesting. He seem to have enough going on around his mind. He looked too worn out.

“Alright.” She agreed readily, but not really honestly.

Neil kept staring into her face.

“Come here.” He muttered flatly.

Sam blinked at the distance between them over the bed. She moved a little closer and looked up at him. He stared at her for a second and sighed while pulling at her hand. He leaned her down and got on top of her while Sam slid her hands around his neck comfortably.

He stared at the smudge over her night shirt and sighed again exasperatedly annoyed.

“Why are you so clumsy?” He asked and slid his hand over the dried red colour of it over her shoulder.

Sam grinned while tugging at the short hair of his over the back of his head.

“Why? are you going to pass out on me again?” She asked smilingly.

He stared down at her flatly while his breath fell over her face warmly. He smelled of vanilla and cologne.

“Was that a joke?” He asked tonelessly.

“It was.” She replied grinning up into his face.

He shook his head and smiled.

“By the way. How did you manage to smear it on your shirt?” He asked bemusedly looking down at her chest.

Sam scowled a little.

“I squeezed the tube.” She replied wryly.

He raised one dark quizzical brow down at her. She looked away and cleared her throat.

“I didn’t realize it was unscrewed.” She replied flatly.

Neil snorted and mocked her.

“Klutz.” He muttered dryly.

Sam gave him a glare.

“I’m not.” She retorted.

She grabbed at the back of his hair and pulled at his silky locks. He kept staring down at her. His hands tightened on her waist under her shirt. His fingers dug into her bare skin and flesh.

“Why do you keep pulling back?” He asked a little seriously now.

Sam scowled at him.

“Do you always want the only thing from me?” She asked snapping at him.

He stared into her eyes and his jaw firmed. His eyes were still flat even at her raised tone.

“Low blow.” He muttered quietly and without anger.

Sam felt her cheeks heat up and burn. Regret filled up inside her immediately.

“It was.” She agreed ashamed….”I’m sorry.” She apologized instantly.

He sighed yet again and his head down and his face burrowed in her neck and he deep breath in.

“Ah, gosh, what do I do with you.” He murmured.

Sam felt a rush of courage all around her mind and she felt that talking would help clear the misunderstanding that Neil had with her. What would happened anyway? Sam gulped hard and she bitter taste pool on her mouth. He wouldn’t believe her. That is what would happen. Oh, she was going to die if he wouldn’t believe her. But still she trusted Neil. She must trust. For the sake of their relationship. She didn’t have a choice. Her heart started beating rapidly and she could feel his calm one over her chest.

He stiffened feeling it too.

His face got out of her neck and he leaned back.

“What’s wrong? Why is your heart racing?” He asked bemusedly.

Sam gulped a little and she shook her head immediately. The gumption left her and she felt breathless. He stared down at her full minute on observation before leaning back more.

“Alright. I’m going to shower. Don’t go anywhere when I come out.” He said gruffly and tried to get of from on top of her body.

“Wait, Neil.” She said hastily and grabbed at the handful of his shirt over his collar.

Neil looked down at her hand grabbing his shirt and then down into her face with raised eyebrows.

“What? Do you have something to say?” He asked bewildered a little.

Sam nodded her head frightened alot now. She felt her hands and feet go cold. Oh, no, no cold feet now.

“What is it?” He asked curiously and very much interested.

He drew down into her and looked into her eyes.

“First,promise me that you won’t break my heart.” She said earnestly, puttin her hands around his neck.

He stared into her earnest face and anxious eyes. She wasn’t joking? Whatever it was, it was something important. He felt her body stiffen in tension under his. He did not like to see the fear and sadness written in her face.

“I won’t break your heart.” He promised as earnestly as she asked.

She smiled a little at his reply and he waited.

“Is it too hard to say it?” He asked while sliding his gaze over her flushed beautiful face.

She tugged at his hair and he felt sleepy because of it and he let out a tired sigh. She was making him feel good with her arms willingly circled around him for the first time. It seemed like she had let go of any fear of having him closer to her. It pleased him extremely

She nodded her head instantly and quite vigorously.

“Just say it anyway.” He said softly.

Sam looked into his ardent trusting black eyes and a little valiant effort made her to speak.

“I’m a…..” She started nervously feeling light headed already.

His left eyebrow lifted up and he looked down at her lips.

“You’re a?” He asked nodding his head encouragingly at her.

“Im a…….”…………


To be contd……


Ah, damn, I’m too tired. Like really tired and haggard. My limbs are aching. Lol. If I can write in the chaos of around, I can really write anywhere ?

Can’t continued more. I’m stopping here….

Credit to: Blue

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