Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 13 Contd.

Chapter-13 Contd ( Realization )

“I’m a….” She hesitated, and gulped a little looking deep into his eyes.

Neil looked down into her eyes quizzically while raising his eyebrows.

“You’re a….” He asked softly, nodded his head encouragingly at her.

Oh, dear. She felt like clawing her eyes out than talking right now. She gulped again wincing. He waited too patiently.

Alright. This was it. It would rest the things that he said often which hurt her. Now was the time to come clean. Why should she listen to the accusations where she wasn’t exactly being the person to have done the things he said that she did. It was the matter of her self respect and preservation. Be brave and be a big girl to take his sneer later. She squared her shoulders and his eyebrows raised looking into the ample courage sparkling in her eyes now. Her breath caught in her lungs but she maintained a calm com outside. She looked him straight in the eyes and he narrowed his in serious curiosity.

“I’m a virgin.” She said firmly and as determination coloured her words. To carry across him with a definite meaning and end to his misunderstandings.

Sam waited with baited breath and she flinched and winced for him to let out a sharp bark of laughter in her face. And not really believing her. She looked up into his face with reddening of her cheeks. He stayed the same. With flat eyes and poker face. For quite a long time. She started breathing heavily under him with his body over on top of her. He looked into her eyes and she really maintained the courage to hold his gaze.

“You’re a what?” He asked in a quite voice.

Sam froze at his calm composure and she did a little happy dance inside that he wasn’t reacting as she thought that he would but she did not reply to his enquiry again because one time was enough to muster up the courage. He stared into her eyes and she felt the burn of those reaching inside her mind. Sam could not hold his stare anymore and remained silent. It seemed like he got what he looked for and asked for again because he moved off from on top of her body and slid down beside her on the bed.

Sam stared up at the place he had been just a second ago. He did make a sound nor she could hear his breathing. She feared to look sideways at him. She winced and finally moved her head to see him staring up at the ceiling.

“Are you alright?” She asked a little worriedly.

He didn’t blink and his face was still no say. She did not get anything of what he was thinking. Okay. Alright.

“Yeah.” He replied softly and curtly.

Sam was about to open her mouth to ask him more about what he was thinking instead he slid up the bed and her eyes widened. She blinked when he got off the bed and walked towards the door with long determined strides which did not waver like she did while trusting him.

She stared wide eyed at the door. What just happened? Did he just walk out on her? He wasn’t reacting as she assumed so now she was in the dark about his next move. She had thought about her own theatrics if he did not believe her but now. He seem to have believed before he stared into her face and long and hard until her face starting burning because of his incessant gaze.


Sam gasped. Was he running away? What…..she slid up the bed and just as she tried to move her feet down to the floor the door opened and she jumped. She stared frozen when he came back but he wasn’t looking at her. He walked straight towards the couch.

He sat down on it with a stress ball in hand. He was squeezing it hard and she gulped looking at the poor harassed thing. Sam stared at him in bewilderment. He sat down with composed face and poker expression.

Sam hesitated and drew closer to him. She moved her feet at the edge of the pink couch.

“N…Neil…..are you alright?” She asked while trying to catch his eyes.

He did not turn his head towards her but she saw the neck muscles strain. The muscles strained at his shoulders and arms and the shirt stretched the sinews with his silent strength.

He nodded his head without exactly catching her eyes and staring front.

“Yeah. I’m good.” He said vaguely and noncommittally, and looking front.

She bit into her lower lip and kept gazing at him with bewilderment and confusion. She sighed giving up communicating with him because now he was drawn into himself. Better thing was to leave him for the time. She moved towards the door reluctantly.

“Go back to my room.” He muttered quietly, and so barely speaking up that she felt herself unsure if she heard him at all.

She turned around with raised eyebrows.

“What?” She asked.

He finally turned his head and caught her eyes. She blushed profusely when he looked at her curiously up and down as if looking at her for the first time. His eyes came up lazily and she felt like he really was looking at her for first time. She remembered when he did that, as she went to her first date wearing a flowery summer dress.

“Go back to my room.” He repeated nodding his head in the direction of the door.

It seemed like she hasn’t said anything and he did not hear anything. Wonderful.

She scowled. His room? Why. Seriously she did not want to stay in his room. It was too boyish.

“Ashh.” She groaned frustrated and looking at him being all stubborn. He wouldn’t leave it alone…..”Why? Why do I have to go to your room. I don’t like your room. Look at mine. I love the colours. Pink couch. Blue covers.” She said looking around her room and completed under her breath….”Your room looks like a dragon living has been living in it. It looks like a dungeon.” She completed sullenly.

He stared at her like she hasn’t said anything through out her frustration. He blinked twice and she almost gaped at his non reaction and poker face.

“Go back to my room.” He said fatly yet again.

She let his gaze look into her eyes for a whole minute. She couldn’t get into his eyes. What was he thinking? His eyes shuttered tight. Not a thing. Nada. It seemed like his walls were high up.

She nodded her head finally while her lips thinned out. Oh, what to do now. She turned around not really satisfied with anything that was happening right now.

Sam took a final valiant attempt. She turned to him once again and hesitantly asked.

“Are you……” She started and he looked into her eyes once again….”going to run for the hills?” She completed in a fearful voice.

His reaction was instant. His eyes darkened and narrowed. His jaw ticked as she seem to test his patience.

She folded.

“Alright.” She said hastily and moved back a step before turning around.

“Geez.” Sam muttered under her breath and walked out of her room.

She sighed heavily. Oh, well. She didn’t know now what to do. Ah, why did she even open her mouth. Sam went back to his room where most of her luggage was. She got ready for work and moved towards the door hurrying as she was too late.

She got interrupted by the body guards.

“Master ordered us to stop you if you tried to leave the mansion.” One of them said robotically.

Sam stared with wide eyes at four of them and a second later anger coloured her every nerve. Who was he to stop her to leave for work? He wasn’t her master.

“Tell your master that I’m not his servant to take his orders.” She snapped irritated.

She tried to move past the bodyguards but her feet stayed glued looking front. Her eyes widened taking in his figure. All suited. Sharp looking. More handsomer than last night. All black. The shirt looked so hot over his toned body and the coat made him like a GQ model. Shiny black shoes and eyes that portrayed something stronger than steel. More powerful than he looked were his eyes. He burrowed into people souls. Digging deeper. He looked so intimidating that the guard breaks down easily by his stare. He had the same expression. Completely flat. The dark hair of his arrange carefully back from his forehead. His hands were in his pants. Wow. Everytime she looked at him, he took her breath away. Swagger. That’s what he had. Dark swagger. If the words mix then he was the devil’s god. Sauntering lazily, breaking into barriers and slaying people with his looks. He was leaning over the door with his upper back attached to it while lazily looking across at her. His eyes were the bright fires of amber. Under the layers of camouflage he was something more than fire. The thick layers of ice was only a barrier. A hard exterior that he protected himself against the world. That froze people out. From his mind. From his heart. From his life. What would happen if she ever was encircled in the fire of his heart. In the centre. Would she burn or the ice saves her. He was complicated for her to understand. That’s the reason she sounded more melodramatic than she usually was. She remembered. When she turned nineteen and came home to celebrate one of his sisters birthday, and when the door bell rang, Sam opened the door with an ice lolly in hand. She had frozen to ground looking at Neil who came around her parents house to visit them. He had on a grey suit then. Rohan later told her that Neil had took over his father’s business that day. Looking too sharp and grave. All grown up and grim. He looked more closed off that day. More solemn. He didn’t seem happy. He looked haunted. She did observe him alot then than now. He just stared at her. Looking down at her face when standing across the door. Her coloured smeared face. Oh god, Sam had been so embarrassed. She had on then blue jean shirts and a white loose t-shirt of her brother. That said big boy printed large across her chest. She remembered her mouth over the ice lolly half open like a fool with a drool and the colour dripping over her t-shirt. He had looked down at her mouth and down at her shirt and back at her face. His face too grim and scary for her back then that she never read too deep into his eyes. She always had looked down at his chest. And he moved past her into the hall without a word. She knew how the look of her was of her then. Scrawny looking idiot that she was. Embarrassed alot about her appearance. And then she shrugged off thinking that he hadn’t had observed or he didn’t care. Someone like him stood atop of high pedestal. Out of reach and out of league. How times changes. He was the same but a lot changed. His face changed. Softer than before. His voice and manner a little gentle yet the same.

Sam came back from the fog of the memories with burning face. Thank god she wasn’t the same. Or she would have had several heart attacks by now by only looking too longer at him. She jumped at hid low quiet voice.

“Do you take requests?” He asked in a deep rumbly voice that came from his chest, that never failed to skip her heart beat.

Thrown off by his words she gave him a wide eyed look.

“What?” She asked a little breathless.

Curse her for sounding always weak. Why wasn’t she a little more courageous with him around.

“I request you to stay back at home.” He murmured softly with his eyes holding her prisoner…..”Can you do that for me?” He asked even more huskily.

“Please.” He said next with that same flatness in tone as before.

And, Sam’s eyes popped out.

She blinked twice. Did she hear him say please or were her ears ringing? What in the world…..

“Did…di….did you just say please?” She asked spluttering a little.

He straightened without responding and nodded his head towards the bodyguards and when she opened her mouth he turned around already and opened the door before walking out of the hall. The guards closed it instantly and stood by it.

She closed her mouth snap shut.

What just happened? The magnolia classic red bag from her right shoulder slid down to her hand. Her shoulders sagged. Please. He said please to her. She blinked turning around to walk back to his room. She couldn’t do anything now he requested. She sagged down on the bed bewildered alot.

It wasn’t like Neil to request her. It was impossible. It was laughable. Wait. What the………

After a second of an angry silence Sam let out a loud curse.

“That manipulative jerk!” She let out.

Sam pulled at her locks.


Fool. She was a fool. He would never request her. He was only being manipulative. Knew the affect he had on her. Smoothly made her think he requested her and serenaded her mind while making her not leave the mansion. He was shocked, her foot. He was the same sly jerk who burrowed into people’s minds and made them do as he wished. He had her completely under his spell. How was she so much in love with such a guy that she couldn’t see anything else.

Sam let out a deep frustrated sigh. She changed into her night dress as she wasn’t going out. She felt like throwing things around. Why does she have to be locked inside the mansion.

Just as she thought, her absence at the gallery made Dev call her.

“Where are you, Sam. I need the samples of the new short listed people.” He said annoyed into the call.

Sam winced at his loud tone.

“Good morning to you too, Dev.” She replied saccharine sweetly.

She heard him grunt instead. Oh, Dev turning into this sharp person instead of the friend that he was to her. Oh, why men were like this.

“Why aren’t you in the office?” He asked her in quiet unhappy voice.

Sam sighed.

“I’m held back.” She said scowling and after a second of after thought….”Why don’t you send me the samples here?” She asked.

Dev sighed.

“Why? Is your boyfriend now holding you a prisoner in the house?” He asked in a sneer.

Sam rolled her eyes. These two’s rivalry. She didn’t know why they can’t be friends.

“No….” She hesitated….”Im just not feeling so great..” She concluded lying through her teeth.

There was a pause and finally she heard his worried tone. At least she has Dev as a friend.

“Why? Are you alright? Do you want me to come over?” He asked with a voice tinged with worry.

Sam’s eyes widened. Don’t meet the ‘guy’. She remembered Neil’s serious warning to her. She gulped a little.

“No. No. It’s fine.” She said hastily….”just send me the samples. I’ll work through it.” She concluded.

Dev sighed again.

“Alright. Let’s have dinner tomorrow.” He said in a haggard voice.

Seems like he was working hard. Poor, Dev, he was barely taking a break.

“Alright.” She agreed….”and take care of yourself.” She said worriedly.

“I will and you too. I miss hanging out with you.” He said in a low tone.

Sam smiled a little.

“Of course, Dev. We will meet up this weekend, alright?” She asked.

Dev agreed readily.

“Alright.” He agreed finally sounding pleased.

Sam cut the call smilingly and a second later realization dawned at her. She let out a gasp and face palmed herself. Neil. What about Neil. He said her not to meet Dev. But Dev sounded so forlorn. Her heart went out for him. He was as lonely as Neil. She was afraid he was at the brink of something. Drawn in. She really was ignoring him, wasn’t she. When he had been there for her through thick and thin. She was the one pulling away from him when he needed a friend more than ever now. He wouldn’t do anything silly, right? She worried anew for him. Oh, dear. What was she going to do now.


Sam got the samples through the body guards. She rolled her eyes. Why was the security needed outside her room? It’s not like she was running away. But thinking about the incident of the day’s before she shivered. Was Neil worried about it? What was happening really? He wouldn’t tell. He would never share.

She sighed and got through the samples which took her quite a while for checking the designs and use of colours. There were two of the samples she selected. One had such beauty in it that she forgot about the limited use of colours. The painting had so much meaning and use of such panache. The other one was expensive looking one but she felt it missed something. More like the feel of it that would warm the heart. It wasn’t there. But Dev had already told her to go for the second one. When she asked the reasons he swiftly ignored it. He only told her to think about her position in the company. If she decided otherwise then it would mean her position would be in threaten and also company’s future and on alot of the employees that she appointed. She couldn’t think of letting them go jobless because of the decision she would make. She started sweating. And he told her to trust him. Sam trusted Dev. She never had any doubt that he would bring justice but her heart was for the first painting.

Oh, it was complicated. She signed the papers for the second painting. It means the person who painted it would get the contract in the gallery for two years. It was quite a big thing. A dream come true. But was she going with the right decision. She shook her head and let it go.

Evening drew around already and time went fast and it was already 8PM. Sam drew back tired with all the work. She craved to paint but time wasn’t with her. She really missed those days of her struggling in the gallery. Was really past that phase because she really missed being unassuming in her work. No big hanging decision on her head which questioned her motives, hard work and fairness. This thing wasn’t her. She wasn’t made to make to such cold cut throat decision. It was making her head ache. How was Neil working like that? Did he get such decisions to make in his business? Where guilt ate at him.

She let the thought go and got out of the bed gathering the samples. Her eyes strained over the painting she loved and she sighed. She took it and strung it into a folder carefully. She would think about it later for what to do with it.

She almost got out of the bed when the door opened abruptly. Neil walked in while loosening his tie and looking at her. His hair was all dishevelled and he looked a bit tired but het the same. His eyes caught hers and then down at the file in her hand.

“You have been working.” He stated while putting down the case over the recliner and moving towards the wardrobe.

He removed the black and his back was turned to her.

“Yes.” She replied, nodded her head while her heart started beating rapidly.

The familiarity felt so nice to her. It felt the barrier was drawing down rapidly than she though. It made her immensely happy. Sam sighed out the folder down on the table while a strained frowned covered her forehead. She really was making a mistake, wasn’t she.

She was so into her thoughts that her ears failed to pick up him walking towards her. She only realized when his shoe clad feet came into her vision. She looked up to see him looming down at her with narrowed eyes.

His hand came down and he slid the lock of hair over the back of het right ear.

“What’s wrong?” He asked gruffly, while sliding his gaze all over her face.

Sam hesitated.

“Did you ever get to decide something which isn’t right?” She asked sounding vague and uncertain.

He looked into her eyes and after a more searching second he nodded his head.

“Alot of times.” He replied softly.

She blinked up at him thoughtfully.

“Does the decision has alot fo things depend on it?” He asked quietly getting into her mind.

Sam thought about the trusting employees.

“Yes.” She replied in a low tone.

He nodded his head.

“Worry about the things that weigh the decision than taking the right one. Which makes the things better around than make it worse.” He suggested drawlingly.

Sam took a deep breath in and she nodded her head. He slid his thumb finger over her cheek before pulling her abruptly into a warm hug.

“Stop feeling sad about it.” He murmured into her hair as he put his chin over her head.

Sam blinked at his sudden move. She kept blinking and her heart starting beating rapidly when her face burrowed into his shoulder. Why was he being like this. So understanding about it. It was quite big one. Of what she told him. But whatever he felt, it never came in between his care. Even though he was angry, he never was away from her. Feeling her eyes stung and a wide smile kept spreading her lips and she leaned into his embrace more and her hands moved down his waist. He smelled so good and felt so warm and strong. She circled her arms around him and just as she did he pulled back removing her hands from around his waist. Neil hugging her out of nowhere was like rainbow appearing without the sun in the rain. If that makes sense.

He looked down into her face and his gaze zoned over her lips before he took a step back. Sam kept blinking at the space he created in between their bodies. He turned around and moved towards the wardrobe again.

What just happened? Did Neil pull away from her?

“Get ready. We are going out for dinner. The night dress wouldn’t do.” He said over his shoulder huskily.

Sam’s eyebrows raised. And she forgot about his sudden pull back from her.

“We’re going for dinner?” She asked feeling pleasure run through her veins excitedly.

He turned a little while taking out a blue t-shirt and looking at her quizzically. Some things about Neil. When he looked at her with raised eyebrows. Those dark mesmerizing eyes. The dimple which appeared so rarely. The quirk of his lips. The wide boyish grin of his. The warming of his face down at her. All those were truly precious. For someone who did that rarely, it really mattered a lot to have that to herself. And only herself.

“Dont you want to?” He asked her quietly.

Sam nodded her head hastily.

“Of course I want to.” She replied a little more than brightly.

And then she winced and bit her lower lip for sounding too much into it.

His lips quirked up at the corner at her reply and she really cursed herself. He had so much leverage over her. So much power. Power of his charm which she couldn’t resist but fall for.

She smiled a little inside while walked towards the bathroom. Sam walked towards the wardrobe too to select a perfect dress. It was quite a fast before she wrestled with her mind for what to wear. She finally settled for a pink sleeves dress which reached down her feet and which wasn’t floating but hugged her curves. It was a plain pink one but elegant at the same time. Same waited for Neil to come out of the bath but he seem to have taking his sweet time. Great really.

She walked to and fro and bit into her lower lip and tapped her right foot on the floor frustrated. What the hell. She walked towards it and rattled the door knob.

“Why is it taking you so long?” She shouted over the door and beat at it.

She got complete silence in return and a groan escaped her lips. Ten minutes later the door opened and Sam opened her mouth to blast her anger but her lower hung like that looking at his almost naked body. Half naked. His upper body was bare and except wearing a pair of jeans he had on nothing. The jeans hung low over his narrow hips. The hip bones of his seemed profound more and so did his toned body. He was very toned. Lightly tanned. His abs. Her eyes travelled up to see his black hair was all dishevelled and wet from the shower and his hand carried a towel. His shoulders and hands flexed and she could see the veins standing out indicating the strength behind such manliness. Well….

He caught her eyes and she forgot about her anger. Why was he this devilishly handsome? It was hard to form words let alone blurt anything in his presence. Charming devil. She had nothing against him now. She tried to smile and he just flicked a glance at her. Her smile dimmed and she scowled at his king like attitude.

He rubbed the towel over his hair and moved towards the bed. He threw the towel over it and the grabbed the t-shirt that he took out before.

“You only have half an hour now.” He muttered quietly and gruffly.

Sam’s mouth closed up and her eyes widened and she stopped gaping at his body. What the hell….

“Half an hour?” She cried out and ran hastily around to take her clothes with her.

“Ass.” She flung a curse at his back before running into the bathroom.

Sam hurriedly took a super fast shower and walked into the glass area where her clothes were and she hastily slid the dress her head. She tried with the hair dryer to fix her tresses which seemed to have the mind of their own as they settled wildly around her head. She combed her hair to long wavy bangs. Her eyes took hold of her image in the mirror and she just sighed. She couldn’t do anything now. She got out fast and looked around to see Neil wasn’t there. Good. Or he would hurry her and she would have less time to get her make up. She put it minimal with a blush pink coloured lip stick and eyeliner and foundation and that’s it. She didn’t have time to go intricate with the make up. She caught the diamond studs and the bracelet and she was done. Sam took hold of the clutch and turned around hastily.

She stood locked to the ground when looking at Neil staring at her. Sam smiled wide and spread her hands.

“How do I look, baby.” She said grinning.

He was wearing the blue t-shirt and faded denim jeans with a thick black jacket on. His hair was pushed back and now she knew why people named him a bad boy in the magazines showing him different woman hanging over his arm partying all night in a club. He really seemed like a bad boy with that pushed back hair and gleam in his eyes and that black leather jacket. The devil may care attitude spoke volumes.

But what was off here was him staring at her grimly rather having any kind of reaction to her dressing up for him. Since he liked such dress she had chosen it to pleasure. But it seemed to have opposite affect. He gave her a once over. That lazy draw down of his eyes over her body made her self conscious instantly. She kept that silly grin over her face and spread of her hands in the air. His eyes came back to her and he bit his lower lip with a deep frown marring his forehead.

He moved back and turned around and disappeared from her vision. She stared at the empty space without blinking really. Did he just walk away from her? She let out a gasp at his dare. What the hell…..

She stood like a grinning fool with no idea what to do next. Was the dinner date cancelled?

She looked down at herself and it seemed a good dress. Was he turn off by it? She shrugged and looked at the way he went. She saw him come back a minute later. She straightened and he moved closed into her space before pushing a big large blue sweater her way. She blinked down at it and then looked up to catch his eyes.

“Wear it over the dress.” He said in a gravelly deep voice.

She frowned down at the sweater and looked up at him half smiling.

“I’m not cold.” She replied looking dubiously at the material again.

If she was cold too she wasn’t going to wear the tasteless baggy sweater. She would be wearing her pashmina shawl. She would look weird in this piece of thing. She was wearing a dress for god’s sake. That would make her look like a geeky teenager who had seen better days than wearing the sweater.

“Wear it anyway.” He said gutturally again.

Sam looked down at it and her upper curled up in distaste.

“It’s unattractive.” She mumbled fatly.

He nodded his head approval.

“The better the reason for you to wear it.” He said evasively.

Sam scowled into his face as he pushed the sweater into her hand.

“Dont you like the dress?” She asked looking down at herself.

He let out a deep patient sigh while looking down at her body.

“I do like it.” He said gruffly while narrowing his eyes into her gaze and his warm minty breath fell over her lips….”I like it too much. Hence, you need to wear the sweater.” He concluded while stepping back from her.

Sam frowned up at him.

“What does that mean?” She asked and he froze.

He kept looking into her eyes before letting out a frustrated sigh. He looked at her so pathetically like she wasn’t a human really. Like how he had ever thought that she was wise. Her cheeks fumed when he carried out the message to her silently with his eyes darkened face.

“f**k my life.” He cursed under his breath before moving back a step move.

“Just wear the damn sweater, will you.” He muttered sounding annoyed as hell finally while staying clam all this while.

He looked down at the sweater helplessly before sliding down her head and shoulder. Sam went towards the dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror. The sweater over the dress looked so odd and horrible. Ugh. She groaned closing her eyes and not looking at herself for she winced even raising her eyes to look into the mirror.

She walked towards the door found him turned to it. Sam slid her arm around his and locked her hand with his. He seemed startled and his eyes drew down to her hand around his. He kept staring like that and she bewildered at what he was thinking. He removed her hand from his and moved back before clearing his throat.

What’s with him? He was behaving like she has some contagious disease. Sam scowled at his back as walked out of the room.

They walked in silence and she looked down at feet which moved along with hers. He wasn’t taking long strides but walked along with her. He could have done that but he moving with her. Which was a relief as he wasn’t pulling away from her exactly but just kept a distance. Awesome.

In silence the car moved and he looked out of the window. What was going on in his mind? What was he thinking? Was he like this because she told him the truth. Whatever it was, she was done with thinking alot now.

They both got into this posh hotel which brimmed up with lot of elegant dinner dressed people. The whole of it was decorated with expensive colours. Well. Neil had such exotic choices. He laid a warm hand over the small of her back and she closed her gaping mouth.

He walked her to towards a corner which was mostly in the dim side of the diner area. Neil’s choice. Always the corner table.

She sat down and he sat across at her. He ordered his and she orders hers. Looking at the menu itself her stomach started to growl in hunger. Then she remembered of having only an egg sandwich in the afternoon when working through the samples.

The order came and she dug into the fish fillet mignon and it just melted in her mouth. She had ordered a small bowl of rice which mixed with the sauce. What to do, she was though an Indian at heart. She started pushing back more of the rice and the fillet and the combination was so good that she was going to cry. The chilli fakes added in it just made her mouth water. It was spicy, tangy and all kind of textures accompanied it was just bomb.

She looked up with mouth full of food and watched him look at her incessantly. Her filled cheeks bloomed pink. He just have think that she was pigging at the dinner. He was watching her with narrowed eyes and his plate was untouched. Why wasn’t he eating? And why was he staring at her like that? She blinked and avoided his heated stare. She felt really new now with his eyes on hers. Something really shifted between them.

“You aren’t the most beautiful woman.” He murmured to himself more than saying to her.

Sam with her cheeks stuffed with rice blinked at him. Her face burned and her upper lip curled at his words.

Yeah, this cruel attitude of his. This she had been missing.

She ignored his presence and his stare and focused on the food instead. Jerk. She cursed at the plate. She wasn’t going to ruin her appetite because of him. She pushed a spoonful of rice into her mouth.

She looked up and saw his jaw tick while his hands folded over his chest. The blue t-shirt stretched when his arms flexed.

He tiled his head to the side.

“So why am I hung up on you so much.” He muttered thickly, with his tone gratingly held a grudge.

He stared at her long and hard until she saw his eyes go red. Her cheeks started to burn and so did the whole of her body at the intensity of his words and gaze.

His jaw kept ticking and his eyes watered with the affect of his hard gaze in hers. He looked angry red now.

“You annoy me alot of times. You don’t have the grace and manners of elegance.” He went on gutturally insulting her very smoothly along.

Sam stared into her gaze wide eyed. She couldn’t blink because if she did his gaze warned her of repercussions that wouldn’t be too good for her. Which held even more a punishing promise.

“Why is that? What is in you…..” He continued and again took an angry intake of breath and shook his head before sliding his fingers over the middle of his forehead…..”f**k my life really.” He grunted in a painfully frustrated voice.

Sam started chewing and her eyes drew down to her plate before she pushed a spoonful of rice inside her mouth. Better not to react. She didn’t know what he would do if she let out the curse sizzling at the tip of her tongue.

And she did not look up at him and he beat his hand over the table and she jumped at the sound.

“Stop stuffing your face.” He sneered across at her and Sam immediately dropped the spoon on the table.

She looked around to see if anyone was looking and sure there were raised heads from the other corner table. She just smiled and they went back to whispering.

“What were you thinking?” He whisper hissed and Sam stared wide eyed at him.

She gulped hard without chewing. She winced as he drew down her throat hurting her oesophagus in the process.

“What?” She asked hoarsely.

His face darkened and somehow she knew something was coming.

“I was this close to f**king you. God knows how many times.” His voice reached a low quiet threaten as he leaned on the table…..”And you never thought about stopping me. Making me aware of it?” He asked accusingly.

Sam opened her mouth to reply but he cut her off.

He leaned back and shook his head while sliding his hand over his locks and pulled at those.

“Did you want me to scar you for life?” He asked gravelly with feeling……”Don’t you know how it hurts the first time?” He asked in a hoarse whisper……”where was your trust in me?” He asked as his voice shook with emotions, and his wounded eyes caught hers.

His jaw grinded and he out effort to stay composed. She felt his emotion as feeling how deeply it hurt him. She looked down at the table.

“I wasn’t sure if you would believe me.” She replied in a small voice.

She looked up to see him chuckle sharply.

“Wouldn’t believe?” He laughed hard and then the mirthless chuckle faded and his red eyes darkened dangerously…..”Then, without saying much you would have allowed to take you roughly and would have hated me for life?” He asked cynically as his eyes shown the hurt he felt.

Sam gulped hard and her throat convulsed and he avoided her gaze as he looked down at the table while his hands went into his hair.

She tried to put her hand over his shoulder but her insides restrained from doing it. A waiter at the exact moment chose to move closer to table. He looked at Neil’s bent head and he almost put his hand.

“Sir, are you….” He started to ask but Sam’s flashed forward as held the waiter’s hand.

“Dont touch him.” She warned him low….” He would whip out a gun and point it over your forehead.” She concluded in a whisper.

The waiter blinked.

“Mam?” He asked not really understanding her.

Sam shook her head closing her eyes.

“But is sir alright?” Asked the pesky waiter.

Sam grinded her teeth and smiled.

“Just indigestion. You can leave him alone. He will be alright.” She said while looking at Neil’s bent head.

The waiter finally left them alone. Sam sighed heavily and looked across at Neil. He raised his head and eyes to her.

“Would you have allowed me to take your virginity like that? Are you into such kinky stuff?” He asked gratingly.

Sam’s face bunt with embarrassment. Dear god, Cant he just let it go?

He snorted and leaned back laughing a little.

“Oh wait. How did I forget.” He drawled sardonically smiling at her……”you just know how to play a tease all the way before saying something really important. Isn’t it?” He asked with his eyes drilling holes into hers…..”And when it gets to the point close to my losing the sanity, Bam! Comes the true! Isn’t it?” He asked going on crazily.

Sam felt anger rise her skin.

“Dont be ridiculous, Neil.” She snapped while looking away from angry face.

She looked up instantly.

“Ridiculous?” He said with raised eyebrows. He snorted in disbelief before smiling….”This is ridiculous, huh?” He asked now completely in a bit out……”wasn’t it important to you? Did you want to lose it like that? Is it bothering you being a virgin? Did you bet on it with your friends for a f**ked up guy like me to take it?” He continued in a raised tremulous filled voice that rattled at her emotions.

“You aren’t f**ked up.” Sam said equally affected and her voice shook.

He stared at her with his jaw ticking still. His was completely washed of the cold ask he always had one. Now it was coloured with various intense emotions that she could barely handle and which made her gasp because she was at the receiving end of it. His eyes were red and filling up with water which he made a severe attempt to push back the angry tears. His jaw bones and face muscles strained to keep it together.

“Do you even have an idea? What it’s making me feel?” He asked gratingly ad his eyes blazed……”I couldn’t live a moment of peace since you told me. The thought of not knowing and going all the way with you. Taking your virginity without knowing that you’re a virgin….” He said in a strangulated voice and looking away. He rubbed his chest as his it was making him sick and he held his head in between his hands……..”It just makes me want to………” He gasped and almost choked on words.

She winced and concluded for him. She could feel him. He seemed like a wild animal just taken from the jungle and caged. He kept rattling and roaring and beating at the cell. Frustrated. Angry. Helpless.

“Makes you want to puke?” She said in a murmur.

His head whipped from his hands and he caught her eyes before staring at her so intently that it made the hair over her skin raise up. Goosebumps rose high and she felt herself getting warm. As if she was about to get a fever. The feeling written in his eyes, it just made her breath caught in her lungs. It was heart wrenchingly scary to look at. Him with his emotions not bottled inside.

“It makes me want to kill myself before hurting you.” He concluded in a deep horse voice.

Sam gasped at his words and her eyes stung immediately and filled with hot painful tears before sliding down her cheeks. She cried silently while he looked at her without responding while a tear escaped his right eye. He got up and zipped his jacket before turning to walk away.

He kept walking and she rubbed her eyes which did not slow down with the tears.

The car ride was strained and silent and the tension filled around. After a minute she seem to have enough and her eyes drew down to his hand which was spread over jean clad thigh.

“Suha told me that you lost yours on your nineteenth birthday.” He said in a husky strained voice.

“Did she.” She said in a tremulous voice.

A silent gasp escaped her lips and she bit her lower lip before another tear slid down her cheeks. Suha? Suha told him. The knowledge of her sister saying something about Sam like that just made a tear in her heart.

He let out a sharp mirthless laugh.

“I was a naive bastard, wasn’t I?” He asked in a self depreciating tone.

Sam smiled and rubbed her eyes which weren’t really cooperative today.

“You were.” She murmured in a quiet voice.

He looked across at her and at her filling eyes and his jaw hardened and he looked front again.

Sam slid him a curious look. She always wondered at his friendship with Suha. They were really comfortable with each other.

“You believed in her words.” She observed wryly.

Neil stiffened beside her.

“She had been a good friend.” He nodded his head and his jaw hardened…..”before she turned into a mean b*t*h who destroyed our lives.” He looked across at her coldly….”Yours. Here.” He tapped at her chest…..”She hurt you here.” He said in a deep icy anger…..”And f**ked my life by lying through her teeth. It would have been different if not I had misunderstood and believed her.” He muttered under his breath.

Her back straightened. She couldn’t here more.

“Neil.” She protested, and his whipped to hers.

“Dont.” He warned……”Dont back her.” He said angrily….”What kind of devotion is yours. She had been doing wrong to us since years and you have such…….” He started but when he looked into her tear filled eyes he trailed off before his jaw hardened and he looked away frustrated.

Soon the car reached the mansion with Sam’s mind was a chaos with numerous of the revelations. Suha. Why did she do such a thing to her? She was too obsessed with Neil. She would do anything if hung up on something. Even throw her sister under the bus. She didn’t care and that’s what hurt Sam so much that it literally was hurting her chest.

“How can I forget that you can do anything for her. Even run away from me for her sake.” He grunted before getting out of the door.

San flinched at his coldness. Him turning into this person. He was hurting so much. She did not know what to do.

He walked inside and she followed his trial trying ways to thinks and pacify him. They reached his room super fast because of his long strides.

He stopped mid way and Sam froze. He sagged on the bed with holding his head in his hands where his elbows rested on his thighs. Sam afraid alot moved towards the bed and sat beside him. Her right-hand shook when she raised to put it over his shoulder.

“Why didn’t you tell me.” He repeated in a low quite voice.

She jumped when he slid down the things from the bed side table in one violent lash out of his hand. Sam jumped when the things came crashing down the floor with the table lamp shattering.

“Why didn’t you?” He growled and got before moving around in desperate uncontrolled anger.

Sam flinched back and her eyes filled up looking up at him and she walked towards him. His face was red and the veins over his forehead turned green with the effort to hold himself together. His watery eyes caught hers and her heart broke looking at him like this.

She moved towards him immediately and crashed into his chest with her arms circling around his waist. He struggled to move put of hers arms but she tightened her hold with all her might.

“How can you claim to love me? How can you love someone who never gave you the reason for it.” He groaned while his body shook against hers……”I mistook everything the fool that I was. Why couldn’t just tell me.”

Sam’s eyes filled and little sobs escaped her lips as her hands tightened around his waist. He sagged into her finally and for a long time held her hard into his hug that it started hurting her bones.

“I’m sorry.” She cried…….”Im sorry. I should have told you.”

He stiffened and moved back a little.

“You could have trusted me.” He said in a much controlled but still hoarse voice. He looked into her watery eyes…”Why are you crying?” He asked while his thumb finger rubbed under her eyes.

“Because you are crying.” She said tremulously.

He grinned a little and she gaped.

“I wasn’t.” He muttered defensively and earned her with his eyes…..”you are going to die if you ever blurt this out to anyone.” His told in a dead serious tone and getting back to himself.

She nodded her head. But she was going to tell.

“Do you believe me then?” She asked while looking into his eyes while he rubbed his.

His eyes came back to hers and hooded. He gave her a once over.

“Yes, I believe that you are a virgin.” He said huskily while his hand caressed down her waist.

“Which I believe no one has touched you like I have.” He said sardonically with a pleased accomplished edge in his tone, which clearly said his narcissistic ego was satisfied with it.

She sighed and shook her head at his too cool an attitude. She looked down at herself feeling hot suddenly and her vision caught the sweater and she scowled.

“Why did you wanted me to wear a sweater? It’s so unattractive.” She said sullenly while sniffing.

He smiled finally and the dimple appeared followed fast denting his cheek and making him look so entrancing.

He let his head fall back and his amass of wild abundant hair followed suit by shooting out in different directions and he laughed hard before sobering up slowly. His eyes deep, sharp and pulling went down to her body and them back again. He still had the red in his eyes because of the swimming tears and with that smile he looked so different. Sensitive yet deep.

“It’s not unattractive.” He said gravelly and his eyes pulled hers into a compelling……”I can still feel the curve of your br*asts. It’s the otherwise. You look s*xy even more.”

“It’s not unattractive.” He said gravelly and his eyes pulled hers into a compelling……”I can still feel the curve of your br*asts. If at all, you look s*xy even more. Curvy even more. Hot as…..” He murmured while his thumb finger rotated heatedly underside her br*ast over the sweater.

With layers of clothing’s she still felt the heat of his touch. Sam shivered.

“Stop it.” She whispered, while her cheeks turned apples.

He just chuckled and his warm breath fell over her forehead.

His even more warm and strong hands held hers in an embrace and he tugged at her.

“Come on.” He said while getting up….”Let’s go.” He murmured before pulling her up and holding her hand into his.

He locked her fingers with his and he turned.

“Where?” She asked confused suddenly by his movement.

He pulled her towards their wardrobe and flung it open. While still holding her hand in his he slid his hand into her clothes and got a pair of ripped faded blue jean shorts and a t-shirt out. He threw that at her and he pulled a leather hoodie coat out.

“Perfect.” He muttered and while taking out the coat.

Sam stared bewildered at the clothes.

Neil turned and muttered down at her.

“Change into these.”

She kept blinking up at him.

“Why?” She asked dazedly at his change of his mood.

He sighed exasperated. He just moved towards her and grabbed the edge of the sweater she had. He raised it up and Sam automatically raised her hands while he pulled it off her shoulders and head. Je threw the sweater on the bed.

“Where are we going?” She asked again.

He just smiled down at her as his eyes twinkled with mischief.

He tried to reach for the zipper on the back but Sam came back to her senses rather than looking at his lop-sided dimpled smile.

She grabbed his arms. Her eyes widened.

“What? What are you doing?” She asked.

He just smiled and tried to reach around her back again.

“I can change myself.” She squeaked hastily and tried to move out of his arms.

He just shook his head.

“I forget. You tend to get shy.” He murmured and continued wryly….”which says I should have known.” He concluded with a self depreciating tone.

He held her arms and his gaze held hers captive and she froze. His hands went around her back and he slowly brought down the zipper carefully not to touch his fingers over her skin.

“Dont worry.” He murmured huskily….”Im not going to eat you up.” He grinned and the flowing dress fell down to the floor.

Sam gasped but never looked down and not once. Her hands tried to cover her chest but he only grinned and drew the t-shirt down her head and slid it down her waist. He bent down to his hunches and Sam looked down while his eyes still held hers. He was looking up while he held the loop of the jean shorts. With burning face she slid her legs into the holes. He drew up slowly before sliding the shorts on her hips and while looking down at into her eyes still. She gasped when he pulled at the buckle roughly and buttoned it.

Not once his fingers touched but her skin craved his touch and her face burned at the realization. Her whole body started burning and he remained flat with his emotions. He took the black leather hoodie coat and slid it around her shoulders before zipping it up. He slid the hoodie over her covering her head completely.

“Perfect.” He murmured again, before smiling.

He moved towards the wardrobe again and his fingers slid through his side of the clothes. He took out the matching black leather coat which has a grey hoodie. He got into it and zipped it up before sliding the hoodie over his head.

Sam stared at him bewildered while her hands warmed into the pockets of the jacket. The weather was almost freezing now.

“Where are we going?” She asked in a really worried tone.

What was he up to?

He only grinned and with the leather jacket hoodie and with the low hung denim faded ripped jeans he looked every way a bad boy in his extreme. He grinned and Sam straightened in alert.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her towards another door than the actual one.

“What are you doing, Neil?” She hissed, frustrated at his vague answer.

“Shhh.” He warned her with the finger over his lips…..he looked across at her….”The guards.” He whispered.

Sam’s eyes widened.

“But the security….” She said worriedly, thinking back about the incident and shooting.

He snorted.

“I won’t let anything happen to you. Even with the security I’m not as sure. I feel you’re more safe with me.” He said gravely before smiling at her….”Dont worry. Nothing is going to happen to us.” He said while reading her thoughts thoroughly well.

Sam sighed and followed him out through another set of corridors which seemed completely marooned.

“Nobody knows this passage of the mansion. I discovered this when I was a kid.” He looked back at her excitedly a little by their adventure, while pulling at her hand.

Sam looked around with raised eyebrows and before they her eyes can take in mote of the lantern lit area they were already out near the sand. She gasped when her shoes dug into the sand. The wind blasted on her face and she glanced up at the star lit sky and the soft moving ocean. It wa quite spectacular a view and Neil was lucky to live here.

He pulled at her hand and made her walk towards his bike which was near the back of the mansion.

Oh, his bike. She was going to have a heartache because of it.

She stopped in her tracks getting anxious by the second. He stopped walking her to the door and his head turned around before his eyes hitting hers. He smirked when she kept blinking at the bike.

“Dont worry. I’ll drive slower.” He said gravelly and pulled her towards it.

He and his motorcycle were like chums because when he drew nearer to it he had on a smug smile. She sighed and he attached the helmet over her head. He thankfully had the helmet himself too which lead her to believe that he was sane this time around.

He tried to lift her up before she lashed her hand for him to stop.

“I can do that myself.” She said stiffly and moved towards the bike.

His eyebrows raised when she jumped a little and in the next instant she was perched on the back of it with her legs on either side of it.

“Impressive.” He said nodding his head before getting on in front.

When she did not move closer he sighed and took hold of her hands and pulled her front plastered to his back. Next followed her legs on his and later he started the bike.

He chuckled when she tightened her hands around his waist.

“You should get habituated by it now, babe.” He said through the whiplashing wind that drew cold over her face.

“I might if it wasn’t too dangerous.” She shouted back, because the wind made it hard to get the words to hear.

He just laughed out loud before driving fast into the night. Sam held on to her dear life. Half an hour later he stopped the motorcycle and she opened her eyes finally.

She blinked at the rows of small shops across the street with the blinking lights and rectangular long boards over the top. It was like an advertisement board of the shop. It was some language she did not get. Maybe, Spanish or something. What kind of lane is this? It seemed too scandalous.

“What is this place?” She asked gaping at the darkened streets.

Where is the god’s name did he take her to now?

He just got off the bike and removed the helmet before sliding his fingers into his wild dishevelled locks. He grinned maliciously down at her and his black eyes twinkled and the dimpled appeared mischievously denting his cheek.

Her eyes took in the look and they widened before he pulled her into the first shop. The interior was flooded with dim white lights and there were numerous papers stuck to the walls with incredible looking designs. Sam gaped at it before realization dawned at her. It was a tattoo shop. Looked really scandalous. Dear god. Was he mad?

Before she could think of running he caught hold of her hand and pulled her unto a room where a woman with tattoos spread over her arms and with pixie hair cut was using the tattoo machine on a girl. She had on leather jeans and coat with a pot of kohl in her eyes. She had piercings over her eyebrows and lower lip. And down into her bellybutton. She looked more like a gypsy than running a tattoo parlour.

Sam opened her mouth to protest and run but her lower jaw hung open and remained like that when removed his coat. He next pulled his t-shirt over his waist and then up his chest. He then went on to remove it from over his head and he threw then the tee to a corner seat. She stared mesmerised as her eyes focused on his abs and the tattoo around his right arm. The tight jeans hung low over and his hip bones drew profound before disappearing down into the buckles. Sam stared unblinkingly while drawing her chin up.

“Where?” He asked as his eyes darkened on her lips.

“What?” She asked dazedly.

He drew back a little and looked down at himself.

“Where do you want me the tattoo?” He asked huskily.

She stared at him with wide eyes and her breath caught in her throat.

“What?” She asked a little breathless suddenly.

He stared down at her intently.

“Where do you want me to get the tattoo inked?” He asked again drawlingly.

Sam stared into his eyes mesmerised when he stood in front of her very very shirtless looking all smexy amd smoking hot around the very scandalized looking parlour. She looked down and blinked watching his arms and abs flex under the gaze of her eyes. She looked at the tattoo around his right arm. She didn’t know what language it was? And she didn’t know the words or it’s meaning which Neil never told her and she never asked. Maybe, she did but she did not remember him saying anything about it.

She kept blinking unable to locate a place because the tattoo of now mattered to him alot as she looked into his eyes for understanding. Sam blinked down and her hand went over his chest and she placed it over his heart.

“Here.” She whispered, and pressed her palm on his serene beating heart.

Neil’s eyebrows raised down at her hand and he nodded his head slowly.

“Good.” He murmured, while moving back.

Sam stared at him wide eyed. Was he really going to get the tattoo? Really?

He talked to the now free tattoo artist for ten minutes before sliding down on the recliner. Sam stared at him while he laid down with his arm as a rest for his head. He motioned with his free arm towards her to sit on the chair beside the recliner.

Sam walked towards it and sat down before really thinking about his serene mind. Which wasn’t sane as she thought because he was so unpredictable. She felt like barely knowing him.

He did not even flinch when the artist started the machine and the needle inked into his skin. Sam did wince though as blood seeped a little and the woman rubbed it off with the cotton cloth while inking the design. He kept staring at her all the while and she felt his gaze entrancing and arresting with it slashing deep into her bones. She looked away because his stare was heated and full of promises which spoke of what he was capable of.

She stared at the tattoo which spread over his heart and she frowned at the language. What was it now? What were the words?

The tattoo artist suddenly looked up at her curiously at the end of the inking. Sam straightened.

“Isn’t your girlfriend getting one?” She asked in a throaty deep accented voice.

What the hell….

Neil looked across at her for a thoughtful second before grinning at her lasciviously.

“She is getting one.” He answered in a very husky frim voice.

Sam’s eyes widened and she stared at him. Was he for real? Dread rose up around her mind and she jumped off the seat to run before Neil moved fast like a ninja and banded his arms around her.

He caught her failings arms.

“Are you crazy?” She shouted….”I’m not getting a tattoo.” She screeched while trying to kick her feet over his before he smoothly handled her well with his strength.

His lips moves over her ear and his arms held hers with his front plastered to her back. And he held her prisoner in his arms.

“Come on, Miss goody two shoes, it’s time to be a badass.” He whispered gruffly into her ears before carrying her to the recliner.

The woman smiled at both of them thinking that it was some kind play between them which wasn’t. Neil was totally doing this against her will over her body and skin.

“Where?” The woman asked shortly.

He made her stay out before sliding his gaze lazily over her chest. Sam’s eyes popped out when she saw where his gaze settle.

She covered her arms around her chest.

“Dont even think about it.” She warned him and glared into his eyes.

He stared at her flatly and he looked across at the woman with a shrug.

“She is a virgin.” He muttered dryly and Sam gasped.

“What the hell, Neil.” She cried out before her cheeks started burning.

What the hell was he saying it out loud to a stranger that too.

Sam reluctantly looked across at the woman who in return grinned.

“Waiting until the vows?” She asked while the lip ring twinkled down into Sam’s eyes.

Sam’s face burned and glared at Neil for being such a guy.

“She wouldn’t wait.” He said looking down into her smirking…..”it’s something she wants to get rid off before the vows.” He muttered slyly.

Sam gave him such a blistering look. It made her blood boil. Idiot. Jerk. Ass.

“All the best.” The woman quipped and Sam closed her eyes shook her head.

This was so embarrassing.

“Where?” She asked again.

Sam’s eyes flew open and she looked up at Neil to see him checking out her body.

“No.” She cried out before he put his hand over her mouth to stop her protesting scream.


Half an hour later, Sam stood outside the shop with barely there people and with the dim light penetrating the darkness. She had her arms around her chest folded and her jaw ticking and her mood sullen.

She glanced down at Neil who was on his knees with his gaze stuck to the tattoo. He had on a very smug look that spoke of very much satisfied male ego. Her skin was smarting and it stung like so bad. It was burning too much. The tattoo was on her hip bone. Where Neil had her jean shorts pulled down a little to check it out. The rose and its thin stem curled around a word. N. Yes. He had his initial tattooed over her hip bone. It was not big a tattoo but not too small to get not noticed.

“If someone sees it…” Sam started angrily.

Neil looked up at her and he grinned.

“That’s my tattoo and it’s in a place where I’m the only man to check it out. Don’t get tensed.” He patted at her bottom with his other hand.

“Neil.” Sam warned and tried to move away.

“Is it stinging?” He asked gruffly.

“Badly.” She whispered back, while looking down into his face.

His face moved closer and she could feel his cool breath over the tattoo. He leaned in and licked his lips before planting a wet kiss over her left hip bone. Sam gasped as his cool lips slid over her burning heated skin. His lips opened up and his tongue came out and laved at the skin and she almost moaned. He slid his tongue around the hurting part of her and Sam tried to move back. He did not relent and kept sucking at her stinging skin with his lips. Trying to soothe the pain but it was making her body go out of control.

“Neil.” She gasped breathless before he took pity on her and finished the kiss with a peck.

He slid the jean shorts in place over her hips and kept kissing warmly up her body. Over her waist. To the side of her br*ast and on her neck before sliding his and trailing wet kisses towards her mouth. He grabbed his hands over her cheeks on either side and his lips firmed warmly on hers and his minty breath entered into her lungs. His chest plastered to hers and his hand circled around her back as he moved his head to the side and deepened the kiss. His tongue touched hers just slightly before he moved back while she leaned in.

He chuckled hoarsely at her move and her cheeks burned. Damn him. He was a tease. She wasn’t.

“You taste good.” He murmured while his thumb rubbed her glistening lower lip.

He moved back and grabbed hold of her hand.

“Let’s go.” He murmured.

Sam blinked up at him with glazed eyes again.

“Where?” She asked getting tensed again.

He only smiled.

“Somewhere.” He replied vaguely.

Sam groaned.

“Not another tattoo place.” She protested.

He just chuckled.

“Dont worry your head.” He murmured.

Every time he said that her heart started to palpitate and actual worry started to colour her heart.

She groaned inside her mind as he started the motorcycle and waited for her. Sam reluctantly got behind him before he zoomed past into the night again with her holding him tight for fear that she might fall off and break her bones in return.

He stopped the bike only twenty minutes later and Sam got off the bike before blinking at a bill board sign again.

“A club.” She observed looking across at him.

He smirked.

“Genius.” He mock praised her sarcastically.

Sam rolled her eyes as he yet again pulled her hand and walked her into the club. As immediately they entered the music was so loud that Sam flinched and put her hands over her ears to protect her hearing.

But, Neil was Neil. He pulled her into the wild dancing crowd with the music pumping up high and crazy. They crossed the ocean of the moving hands and arms and legs and what not. There were lot of girls and guys grinning, laughing and just were chilling around the tables. Neil pulled her to the bar counter.

“What the hell….” She murmured while looking around chaos and the bar lights which were dim and going off and on.

Red. Purple. Yellow. Too many colours of the light.

Neil shouted out to the bartender.

“Two tequila shots.” He ordered to one who hovered to the counter when Neil closed in.

Sam’s eyes widened.

“What are you doing?” She asked while dreading his reply.

He grinned across at her when the shots were placed before them on the purple counter. There was small steel plate of lemon cuts and salt. Sam gulped hard. She had wine before with Radhika a lot of times but not hard core drinking.

“I feel that since you’re a virgin in everything. Which you’re one in alcohol too then this is it.” He muttered while looking down at the clear colourless liquid.

It looked just like water and smelled pungent and musk.

She blinked down at it and the protest rose high and screechy up her throat.


Neil caught hold of her hand.

“You need to try.” He said in hard voice.

And Sam snorted. The tyrant.

“No. I dont need to try.” She fired back and tried to turns around but he pulled her front to the counter and got behind her before locking her in place, while sliding his hands over the counter on either side.

Sam rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Fine.” She agreed in grudging anger.

“Dont worry. I’ll take care of you when you get drunk and jump my bones.” He chuckled.

Sam scowled at his smug ‘I’m hot and smexy’ attitude.

“Shut up, will you.” She snapped.

His chest vibrated with the amusement bubbling in his throat. He sobered down and went on to explain in detail about how to pull down the shot.

“You grab the tequila shot glass and pull it back without a sip break and with one clear intake. Then you lick the salt and chew on the lemon slice. Alright?” He asked in one smooth voice.

Sam nodded her head with raised eyebrows.

Her finger grabbed around the chilled shot glass but he stopped her with his hand.

“Let me demonstrate.” He said before moving back and sliding beside her.

He grabbed the glass within his fingers and snapped his head back before gulping down the liquid and shaking his head. His eyes turned red while he caught her eyes and grabbed her hand. Sam’s eyes widened when he put the salt while turning her wrist around. He immediately sucked on her skin and while his tongue touched around. Sam gasped as he moved back and grabbed the lemon slid before putting it in over his teeth and he squeaked the juice.

“Ahh.” He let out before shaking his head and beating his hand over the counter.

Her skin over her wrist was still burning by the assault of his heated lips and tongue over where her thumb started. Her skin was wet and glistening with the liquid as he took a lot liberties with her tonight.

“This is how you do it.” He murmured before inching the salt and putting it over the same place where of his right wrist.

“Now your turn.” Hr murmured while his eyes glazed with the affect of the alcohol.

Sam closed her eyes and brought out the gumption before looking at Neil uncertainly. He nodded his head encouragingly.

She took hold of the shot before pushing back her head and gulped down the liquid in one clear intake. It burned down the path of her throat and she gasped and coughed as it stung her eyes. Neil immediately pushed her head towards the salt over his wrist. The liquid tangy and ripe but with so much intensity that it brought tears in her eyes. Sam’s watery eyes caught his gaze before her lips opened up and she sucked on the salt and his eyes darkened as he gulped. She felt him stiffen a little and she moved back fast but Neil grinned and picked up the lime piece.

He wrenched the juice of it with his lips before he grabbed the back of her neck and pulled hard. He opened his lips into hers and the too much tangy flavourful liquid entered into her mouth. She gasped and he took advantage and his tongue got inside. The flavour of his mouth, the lemon and the sting of the tequila mixed with hers and she felt light headed already. He pulled back and grinned while the lime juice trickled down the corner of his lips before wiped his glistening lips with the back of his hand.

“Good.” He nodded his head.

The alcohol burst into her veins and she felt really light headed and crazy. The lime and salt really made the shot go through her system a little better. She tried to grab onto the second shot but he stopped her there.

“Whoa. One shot is enough for you. You’re already tipsy.” He said softly while his gaze drew to her red flushed cheeks.

She felt tipsy alright. She blinked before he moved back from her and walked backwards towards the dance floor. What was he doing?

She chuckled when he started dancing to the cheap thrills song by sia. The music around blasted it more as the girls moved back to see him swing his hips. He grinned back when the girls fanned themselves. He motioned with his hand for her to come to him but the awkwardness got the better of her seeing him dance so well.

It was kind of crazy looking at him. She had a tattoo. Which was incredible. And she had tequila shots with him and now dancing was supremely crazy.

One of the girls moved towards him and Sam had enough of the woman fluttering around him. Really. It was enough.

She walked towards him slowly while taking in a deep breath. Well, here goes nothing. She got around him before he pulled her hand towards him while turning her back plastered to his front. He started to swing her hips with his.

“You wanted to dance the last time didn’t you.” He murmured into her ears, while playing his hands down her hips.

Sam nodded her head while the music took over then and he really made her swirl around and dance. Her head started to spin but in a good way as he grinned up at him.

After much sweating there on the dance floor he pulled at her hand. Sam was breathing hard because of the exertion needed to dance.

“Let’s go.” He shouted over the now blasting music.

“Where?” Sam asked breathlessly and panting.

He grinned at her while the sweat covered the upper part of his t-shirt. He really danced like the pro. She loved his company. He was a very exciting person.

“Somewhere.” He smirked.

Sam grinned back now giving up at his unpredictability because it was so much more amazing. His personality and his charm which was so hard to resist.

He pulled at her hand and they walked pushing back the wild girls dancing about. They finally reached outside of the club and her ears felt so good. It felt great.

The silence was good and the cool wind blasting her face was even more a relief to her sweat covered body. He pulled her to the bike and she got on behind him before he started the motorcycle.

“Where are we going?” She asked again curious while trying to peep through his shoulder while he rode the mortar bike.

He chuckled.

“Somewhere.” He murmured back.

Sam rolled her eyes at his evasive reply. They stopped fifteen minutes later at a take out place.

“Pizza.” She said blinking at the rectangular box he pushed into her hand.

“Peppers, chicken and cheese.” He murmured.

Sam got the sniff of the hot and tasty pizza and her face brightened. They always used to have it at her parent’s house. It was everybody’s favourite. Sam and Neil’s too. When the girls and Rohan and Neil watched television together at that time. It had been so much fun then. She was surprised that he remembered there usual toppings and pizza.

Sam held the box while he rode the bike again. Twenty minutes later the road ended and they were at the rocky side of the hill where the ocean was too closer and Sam could hear the rushing of the waters. She got off the bike and Sam stared surprised when Neil’s limo came closer to the place where they were.

What the……

Then the body guard of the mansion got out the car and Neil went towards him without turning back to her. How did they followed them here. Wow. Neil’s security team was so crazy. Just like Neil.

The four of the guards walked back then and he came back to her. Sam gave him an eyebrow raise.

“Did they follow us here?” She asked him.

“Apparently.” He muttered…..”But I made them invisible for now.” He concluded.

Sam blinked back at him before he came around and pulled her up into his arms.

“What are you doing?” Sam squealed.

He only grinned at her and slid her body on the limos’ bonnet. He got up beside her and laid down. Sam stared surprised while lying down at the numerous stars twinkling down at them. It seemed like he was making her aware of his world. Introducing to his life and yeah tattoos. The rushing of the ocean waters and star lit sky and the gush of breeze hitting her senses was something surreal.

He tore a slice of the pizza and offered her one before drawing closer to her beside on the car. She bit into the cheesy filling and murmured.

“I’m not getting another tattoo.” She warned him.

He grinned at her before his jaw worked on it too.

“You’re a badass now.” He grinned….. “You’re going to do what I tell you from now on.” He murmured in a superior patronizing tone.

His eyes drew down to her chest and his gaze darkened.

“I want another tattoo. On one of your…..”He started to murmur.

Sam gave him a glare and he laughed hard in amusement at her facial expression. What a perverted idiot.

“Pervert.” She muttered.

His eyebrow raised at that.

“Naive.” He shot back, hinting at her virgin status.

Sam scowled.

She sighed and looked up ay the sky and a snorted escaped her lips. She shook her head. Neil was after a little cheesy. The star lit sky and pizza. She did not like this date. She loved it to the core. Sans the tattoo which still hurt her and his possession of her like that was mind feeling. She still was burning with his kisses.

“Must say. This is cheesy.” She chuckled.

Neil immediately reacted and slapped her upper thigh hard.

“Brat. Stop complaining. You love cheesy.” He snapped softly though.

Sam rubbed the spot where he slapped. It was stinging.

“Ouch.” She said wincing and glaring at him.

She remembered what he told the tattoo artist and a scowl coloured her lips.

“Im not taking the vows with you.” She snapped.

His one dark left eyebrow raised at that.

“You’re losing the virginity with me though.” He countered flatly.

Sam’s cheeks burned and she cursed herself for opening her mouth.

“Shut up.” She said embarrassed.

He gave her an elbow edge to her waist before finishing the second slid of the pizza.

“When?” He asked slyly.

She gave him a suspicious stare.

“When what?” She asked dreading at what would come out of his mouth next.

Because he had no filter. His face was awashed with darkened interest and keen curiosity. His hair was all dishevelled and all he looked completely laid back.

“When do you want me to take your virginity…” He raised his eyebrows and made it apparent for het to understand while nodding his head.

Oh, why did she even tell him that. He was having fun at her expense. Making her embarrassed because of it seemed to be his sole purpose now.

“Tonight?” He asked with intent.

Sam let out a disbelief filled snort.

“Shut up.” She snapped and when his eyes remained flat which told him that he was serious Sam gave him a glare…”No!” She said fiercely.

He closed his eyes groaned.

“Oh, come on. How much longer are you going to stick to it.” He said gruffly and frustrated.

He turned his face towards her and made her lie on her left side.

“Tomorrow?” He asked with a little hope in his eyes.

“No.” She snapped again,and her cheeks heated up.

He closed his eyes and shook his head before turning on his front.

“Do you think that I wouldn’t wait till eternity?” He asked her wryly.

Well, she didn’t know that but would he stay in abstinence until she was ready. What if he got bored of her and went after another girl. The Casanova that he was.

“No other girl then?” She asked a little seriously now.

His eyes turned to hers and he smirked.

“There will be a lot of girls.” He murmured, while sliding his thumb finger over her right cheek and Sam scowled and tried to move away.

He caught her waist and held her there beside him. The cold surface of the car was now warm because of their mutual body heat.

“But I wont be interested in any.” He said gruffly.

Sam gave him an eyebrow raise before he drew closer to her. His face drawing forwards to hers and he whispered as his breath fell over her lips. His fingers were warm and so was his body. His spicy woodsy cologne hit her senses and she took a deep breath in.

“But one thing is sure.” He whispered, while looking deep into her eyes and tucking her hair behind her ear.

“I wont be f**king you now.” He said while his lips drew up in a half unseeing smile…..

Sam’s eyes widened ay his words and her cheeks flushed.

He smiled at her reaction.

“I will be making love to you instead.” He murmured while pecking her lips.

His were rough on her lush ones before he deepened the kiss………


So stopping here lol coz I wrote it so frantically fast that I dont know what I was writing so yep. Im sorry for lot of spell errors. Missed out words and so many things. Sorry yaar I wrote too fast to check. I actually had written at random times in a day of the little time I got until now. ?


Maybe you dont have to rush,

you could leave a toothbrush at my place

At my place……

We dont need to keep it hush,

You could leave a toothbrush,

At my place… my place…..

Stuck in a limbo

Half hypnotized.

Each time I let you stay the night…stay the night

Up in the morning tangled in sheets we play the moment on repeat….on repeat….

Hahah I love this song. I can write only wen i hear songs. I love the feel and the beat of this one….it was Under You by nick Jonas before. Oh, Shay is so amazing in it. and his other song ‘close’ and now this song…..’Toothbrush’. Its lovely. Im singing out loud everyday these days. Before it was ‘Cheap thrills’ that I was singing. So if you ever come across a crazy singing girl then its me hehehehe.

I dont know why there are so many haters to songs and things like that. If you love something like a song , movie stuff u just f**king love it. I feel a hater is someone who loves a thing but is too embarrassed to admit and is in denial and starts hating….lol whatever it is…

I just agree that im cheesy and cliché. Im very cheesy. I love cheesy love stories and all those things…..

Okay always smile adios?

Credit to: Blue

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