Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 12

Chapter-11 contd (Irrelevant Souls)

Sam fumed in silence while her cheeks heated up. Numerous curse words just circled her mind. The major receivers of it were Neil and Dev. Oh, she wasn’t just angry. She was furious.

“Do you want to order something? Or you aren’t done still being a prim and proper prissy princess and so on?” Neil drawled, and his eyes moved all over at her and interested.

The restaurant was elegant and beautiful and it had been ages since she walked into such a beautiful ambience and luxury. It riled her up more.

“I don’t want to have lunch with you.” She whisper hissed while looking him straight in the eye.

He grinned suddenly.

“And yet you are here.” He replied softly.

Sam almost want to punch his smug cocky face but she tamed it because it wouldn’t too elegant of her and lady like.

Yes. Why the hell was she here? Why? Only because Dev turned into a jerk suddenly. What was the matter with him. It was crazy. Crazy indeed.

She scowled instead of replying.

“You are a jerk. I don’t like you.” She fired back incensed.

He smiled at her instead and flicked his gaze to the side before nodding his head.

“Yeah I got that before you sat there glaring at me.” He murmured, while leaning back on the chair casually.

He did not look very much angry anymore but more amused.

What was so amusing here? He really was something, wasn’t he.

He grinned and she fumed more. She snorted in disbelief.

“You really are something, aren’t you. Before you wouldn’t even forgive me let alone look at me. You even made me your servant and black mailed me into a contract and now suddenly you are interested in me?” She asked incredulously and getting more and more angry by the minute.

His grin tamed into a smile and he leaned back narrowing his eyes.

“Because you’re a competition now.” He drawled and smiled coolly….”And you know I don’t lose one.” He murmured mockingly.

Sam stared wide eyed into his smirking face. Oh, only if she could smack his handsome features.

She was a competition now?!? Wow, he really said that? Serious as hell she was going to kill him.

“Oh, my god.” She cried out mad with anger.

Her breathing turned heavy because to contain it. She closed her eyes and steadied herself.

She opened her eyes to see him still looking at her smiling amusedly.

“What do you want from me, Neil? I don’t understand you.” She started in a desperate attempt to make him know what’s going inside her mind….”You say that I play you constantly but it’s the exact opposite.” She said shaking her head. The anguish in her voice wiped away his smile and his lips thinned out and it made him look grave and sombre suddenly….”You play with my feelings so ruthlessly. You mock me. You sneer at me. You condescend me.” Her eyes filled up a little but she powered through it….”You judge me on everything. You have an opinion about everything that is me. You don’t even know while you do all that how much it shrivels and hurts me inside.” She concluded.

She laughed watery eyed and humourlessly. His gaze went all grim and his jaw settled hard while his Adams apple bobbed. She picked up a fork.

“I feel so small in front of you that I can’t even lift a fork before thinking what would he think about me now.”

A strong determination entered into her mind.

“You are too far into a league for me, Neil that I cant even reach you. I don’t suit you at all.” She said shaking her head as her voice became tremulous a little…”I’m done making you walk all over me. I have now a life to live. I forgot that I had a dream and how I had been bent on chasing it. I even left my best friend in the midst of the her problems to come here. Even then she encouraged me to follow it. And, I’m not going to let go of such a dream only because of you and….” She said sadly sighing and disappointed.

Well, who was she explaining things. His opinion wouldn’t change about her anyway.

All the while he just sat there listening to her pour out her heart and he never uttered a word except looking back at her quietly. The calm over his face quietened her too. She got up getting her purse from the table silently.

She took in a deep breath and turned around and walked a little distance. A sudden thought made her stop abruptly. She turned around to see him looking down at the table incessantly and intensely.

“Hey, Neil.” She called him out from the distance.

His head shot up and his black eyes collided with hers. He waited for her to speak which she did.

“Just so to be clear.” She said nodding her head….I’m never going to marry a jerk like you.” She said tilting her chin in the air as a sudden rush of confidence pumped in her veins.

His eyes narrowed at that. He did not blink neither he looked anymore a dark prince sitting there in the restaurant chair as if perched on his throne.

“I never asked you.” He replied equally calmly.

Sam smiled coolly.

“I just want you to remember my answer when you do.” She said dryly before turning around and leaving the place.

Neil sat there for several minutes in complete silence. He dialled a number after a long while. It rang and kept ringing like that. The call cut into a busy tune. His jaw hardened. He tried the number again.


Sam walked fast on her heels and reached Dev’s office. There were four or five of his employees surrounding him. She pushed opened the glass door and walked inside and the meeting stopped suddenly at her abrupt barge in.

Dev looked on surprised but he smiled instead when she moved across the table.

He got up and opened his mouth.

“Sam, you….” He started.

And just as he did Sam slapped him right across his left cheek quite hard. His head head whipped to the side.

Silence vibrated around and each one of them watched with sudden surprise and shock.

She saw him rub his jaw and he lift his face to her smiling sardonically.

“I guess I deserved that.” He muttered while still rubbing hid jaw.

Sam’s jaw settled grimly.

“You so did.” She replied coldly, and turned around to leave.

He called her back.

“When are you going to forgive me then?” He asked still in an unaffected voice.

She turned her head to the side.

“When you get yourself right.” She replied in a slow snap.

She walked away with head held. Men. She muttered under her breath.


Dev rubbed his cheek. It stung and smarted. Wow. That was some slap. Well, he deserved it for calling her names. She did not deserve that she did not take any shit from anybody. Be it him or her so called boyfriend. She showed it to him that and he was proud of her. He smiled shaking his head.

His phone started ringing again. He frowned down at his. Irritation curled around his back.

He put it to his right ear while rubbing still his heated cheek.

“Why the f**k are you calling me constantly, douche bag?” He asked annoyed.

“Why the f**k aren’t you taking my calls, a*sh*le?” Came a languid drawl in a retort.

Dev smiled sanguinely.

“My my sounding like a true stalker.” He taunted jeeringly.

That was ignored.

“Meet me now. Upstairs of the mansion.” He muttered in a low quite voice.

Dev straightened and sighed.

“You sound like my b*t*hy ex.” He taunted again in reply.

The call cut there instantly. He laughed shortly. It was too fun frustrating the guy.


Neil walked into the mansion and he went straight for the lift. It moved slowly and within ten minutes he got onto the top of the mansion.

He walked into the breeze and found him standing there. The two men looked nonchalantly at each other for a second.

“What? You going to kiss me now?” Dev drawled bored.

Neil laughed a little looking at the guy’s smirk before his fist landed hard over his right cheek.

Dev was propelled backwards and his jaw stung like a b*t*h. He grunted, smiled and spat out the blood.

“Fine.” He growled low.

He moved back and reared a punch at his face too. Neil’s head buzzed and he groaned as he landed on the floor before he got up and hit him hard in the stomach.

Both fought hard landing punches and kicks at each other. Neil slipped suddenly when Dev pushed him hard.

He missed to land on his feet before he fell down the building. He hung over the edge and grunted.

Dev looked down interested while he struggled to pull himself up. Neil down and a sudden vertigo hit him hard.

He looked up to see the a*sh*le smirk down at him.

“Pull me up, you bastard. I’m gonna fall.” He growled looking up at his face sneeringly.

Dev chuckled lightly.

“And I thought you would never ask.” He shot back, before giving Neil his hand.

He grunted and pulled him up and they both fell over the floor.

Dev grunted in pain while he slid back over the wall. Neil followed suit and breathed heavily.

Both of the men sat beside each other all beaten, bleeding and grunting.

Dev moved his jaw and groaned.

“f**ktard, my face hurts.” He growled low.

Neil breathed hard still while feeling his cut lip and swollen right eye.

“That’s for calling my girl a whore.” He grunted back.

Dev laughed suddenly while throwing his head back but since it hurt to even do that he groaned later.

“Is she even your girl now?” He mocked, while looking him straight in the eye.

Neil looked back at the guy while his eyes darkened in anger.

“She has always been my girl.” He replied grimly and very gravely.

He got up and straightened his coat.

Dev slid up on his feet too. He stood before the man and said derisively.

“This isn’t high school and you aren’t her boyfriend nor is she any interested anymore in you.”

Neil moved forward and caught his coat lapels.

Dev looked down at his hands and his jaw ticked and he looked Neil up straight in the eye.

“Careful there.” He said while taking off his hands from over his coat…..”If I start liking her then it wouldn’t take a minute for her to run into my arms.” He grinned devilishly and moved back.

Neil’s jaw grinded as he looked at the guy walk away after saying that.


Neil got into his room cursing heavily. He walked into the shower muttering several things under his breath. It relaxed him a little and he got out refreshed and walked towards his wardrobe.

He was about to lay down on his bed when Lee walked in unannounced and uninvited. Neil groaned. Not anymore work now.

He grunted.

“What is it, secretary Lee?” He asked sighing and giving up.

Lee stared at his face for a second before he muttered flatly.

“You got into a fight.” He stated.

The unaffected and unemotional way he spoke made Neil chuckle but he did not reply.

Lee did not expect him to reply as always.

“You have a date tonight.” He said robotically.

Neil stared at his stolid face for a second before he chuckled tiredly.

“Yeah the one I want to go out with isn’t ready. I don’t know how you can convince a girl so stubborn, secretary Lee. It isn’t possible.” He said wryly leaning back on the bed again while closing her eyes.

“Mrs. Gordon arranged it, Sir.” He replied instead.

And just like that Neil’s tiredness washed away and deep despondency settled in his gut like a bitter ball.

He opened his eyes.

“Mother is bent on match making now.” He muttered dryly.

Every week repeatedly she settled various dates for him to go out with. One plastic doll was enough to grate at his nerves the whole evening. He couldn’t go out with more of those.

“Tell her that I’m not interested.” He said irritated.

Lee did not respond and Neil sighed and sat up the bed. If he did not go he was sure that mother would come here which he did not want at all.

“Damn my life.” He muttered under his breath and got off the bed.

Lee went away when Neil moved towards the wardrobe. He changed into a blue suit and walked out of the room. Just as he did a woman tall, slim, long dark haired and dressed in red long flowy gown walked towards his side smiling wide. The air of hers and the vacant large brown eyes did not please him at all.

Mother’s choice. Vain. Vacant. Sparkly. Facetious. High strung. Stuck up and made up dolls.

“Hey, Neil.” She came towards him and reached into his chest and gave a tight hug….”long time I did not see you.”

Her strong perfume almost smothered his senses.

Neil’s arms stayed on his sides. She moved back still smiling.

“You are?” He asked gruffly and looked back into her pretty face unimpressed.

She laughed suddenly and put her hand over his arm and linked her hand around his.

“I’m Nisha. We met briefly in London remember.” She said saccharine sugary again.

She linked her hand with hers as if he was her boyfriend already. Girls who pursued him. He did not like. Too much of touching and not much of a mind. He looked down at their joined hands grimly. The girl was too ditsy and frivolous.

Neil just had to bear this until dinner.


“Thanks for coming here, Sam.” Dev said smilingly….”I did not think you would.” He murmured softly.

Sam stared back flatly at his face.

“I’m buying you dinner because of the kindness you showed towards me by selling my paintings.” She said coolly….”And nothing else.”

Dev smiled dryly.

“Well, at least you are here for me.” He muttered in wry humour.

Sam stared at his swollen face.

“What happened?” She asked sighing.

Dev looked nonchalant.

“What happened?” He asked back quizzically.

Sam slid her hand to his face.

“To your face?” She asked frowning.

Dev smiled ruefully.

“My girlfriend did it. She is into this stuff.” He said humorously.

Sam did not laugh because it wasn’t funny. It looked like he got into a fist fight. Though he looked not anymore less handsome with it.

“Not funny. Really what happened?” She asked worried now.

Dev sighed.

“Just a minor thing.” He said carelessly with a hand slash.

“Lets just enjoy our dinner.” He smiled.

Sam sighed and did not push it because he wouldn’t tell her even if she did ask him again and again. It was frustrating that he wouldn’t share.

It was a plush uptown restaurant very closer to the place of her work. Dev had been constantly calling and asking for her forgiveness. She had avoided his calls for long but that’s it. He was her friend and he was apologetic. At the least he must be given a chance.

She looked around the place and smiled a little. It had been days since she had gone out for dinner. Roshan, Reeka, Yuvan and Ridhi were a little stiff around her now. She had gone to the kitchen and when they saw her transformed into this they scattered away from her. Sigh. She needed to convince her friends that she hadn’t changed at all but was very closer to them now.

When her eyes drew to the entrance of the restaurant she stiffened and grew hot instantly. A sharp breath escaped her lips. Seriously. Her lips again parted and she stared. Neil walked in with a beautiful brunette perched over his right arm. Too closer to his side.

Both walked towards the other side of the restaurant. The hell. The nerve. She let go of him only this afternoon and he had the nerve to go out with a girl already.

“Disgusting.” She muttered under her breath.

Dev looked up sharply and narrowed his eyes.

“What? What’s wrong?” He asked and followed her gaze.

Neil was bored. He needed to cut off her yapping soon. The woman was eating at his ear since they got out of the mansion. He looked around carelessly. He straightened and his right brow raised at a pair. His jaw hardened.

He caught hold of the woman’s hand and suddenly smiled down at her.

“Let’s go there.” He said gruffly…..”The corner looks romantic.”

She looked up at him blinking at his abrupt smile.

“Oh, wow, yes.” She exclaimed happily while he took her hand.

Neil sauntered to where the pair were and he seated himself right beside the table. He leaned back in the seat and stared right across into her wide eyes.

Sam stared incredulous into his smirking face. She looked at the back of the woman and him again. She saw Dev stiffen and straighten too.

Neil smiled when her red luscious pursed and she stiffened in her seat. She looked beautiful with the smoky eyes and seductive curves. His eyes moved down to the sleeveless silver shimmer dress that she had on. It stuck to her like second skin but yet she looked too elegant and well rather gorgeous. The creamy skin of hers shined almost too luminous in the demure light of the restaurant.

He saw that the woman was yapping away while he only nodded. His eyes were though stuck to her fuming face.

Sam fumed angrily. She stabbed at her salad with the fork.

“Are you alright? Do you want me to change seats?” Dev asked her frowning.

Sam stiffened.

“No. I’m good. Why should we change our seats.” She replied coolly, while glaring daggers at Neil.

Nisha the girl kept looking at him and finally she stopped talking and sighed heavily and irritated.

“What are you looking at?” She asked exasperated.

Neil’s gaze drew to hers but he remained silent.

“I’m talking here aren’t I.” She said petulantly.

“So?” He asked while sampling a piece of bread.

“So?” She asked back irritated…..”So you need to look at me.”

Neil looked back flatly at her.

“Do I have to?” He asked carelessly, while he chewed.

She shook her head incredulously.

Sam kept glancing back at Neil. He deliberately was staring at her incessantly making her uncomfortable and uneasy.

Dev smiled at her time and again and made her involved into conversations and talk about his business. Sam couldn’t concentrate because of his burning gaze on her.

Dinner persisted the same with her too much conscious of his stare. She looked into his eyes to see him look at her. He wasn’t doing anything. Not talking to his date. Not listening to her. Nothing but just staring at her. It was so strange to have his gaze only directed at her. Before he wouldn’t even look at her. She had wondered then if he ever felt her presence in the same room that they were in her parents house. Her eyes went back to his face again. He really was handsome. She could not ignore his dishevelled floppy hair. His inscrutable gaze. They were too bedroom eyes and inviting. He smirked while she checked him out constantly.

Dev smiled at her when the dessert came to the table.

“After this let’s go to my place. I have a new painting for you to look at.” He said warmly.

Sam relented and smiled back at him for the first in the evening since she met him.

“Alright.” She nodded her head.

Neil straightened in his seat and his jaw ticked. The f**k she would be going to his house at this hour. He didn’t trust the guy nor he had any less anger at such an idea. He almost got up to drag her away but he tamed such desperate emotion. It would make everything even more worse.

But the hell he would allow her that. And when she smiled so luminously and nodded her head in agreement, his anger knew no bounds now.

His mind went wild with various things and he finally got an idea. The Thursday meeting. The most important one of the year. He could do something about it. He smirked and got up excusing himself.

He called Lee.

“Secretary Lee, can you move the meeting of Thursday to tonight?” He asked while sliding his left hand into his pant pocket.

“Tonight?” Lee asked curiously flatly.

“Yeah.” Neil said looking back at her.

“You don’t have any meetings on Thursday, sir.” Lee stated.

Neil shook his head. Lee and his work. He was too diligent but he was intelligent too.

“I have a date again with the girl I’m with tonight.” He said slyly.

Lee seem to pause and think.

“Well, if you say so, Young Master.” He sighed apprehensively.

Neil smiled.

“Yeah.” He said distracted while he watched her smile again.

It rubbed him off wrong.

“Are you sure what you are doing is right, sir?” Lee asked finally.

Neil straightened.

“I’m sure.” He responded immediately, and cut the call.

He next called a cab. He later glanced at her to see her laughing. He walked out of the restaurant and made more calls.

Neil saw them walking out too. She was smiling again. Damn.

He had enough of her smiles and demureness directed at not him but at the guy he hated the most right now.

Sam smiled when Dev went to drive the car towards where she stood. She saw Neil was there too with the girl. Ugh, why the hell was she hanging onto his arm like that.

He walked in five long strides towards her. Her eyes widened when he charged at her and caught her hand.

“Enough of this.” He muttered and pulled her to the side.

Sam gasped when he caught her hand and pulled her up to the side roughly.

“Neil what are you doing?” She asked while trying to let go of his hand on her wrist.

The woman he was with came forward.

“What the hell? Why are you holding her hand? Who is she?” She asked glaring daggers at Sam.

Neil looked down at the woman’s face.

“I came here and had dinner with you. Now you’re done.” He clipped.

Sam gasped at his attitude. She glanced across at the woman’s fallen face. Oh, he was so rude. He had no manners at all with women.

Sam pushed at his shoulder.

“Neil, how can you talk like that.” She glared at him.

He ignored her and looked down at the now flushing girl.

“You can leave. I called a cab for you.” He went on even more rudely.

The girl gave her a glare and then stared hard at Neil.

“I did not expect for you to be so rude, Neil. I wish to not meet you again.” She said angrily and walked away stomping her feet on the ground.

She got into the cab in a huff.

Neil now directed his gaze solely down at her. His jaw ticked. Sam looked up at his hard unrelenting face bemused. Why was he angry?

He held her wrist in his tightly and she winced.

“You come with me.” He said gruffly and pulled at her hand hard.

Neil’s hand on hers was suddenly held by another. She looked up to see Dev standing next to Neil. Now that she looked at Neil’s messed up face closely and then at Dev’s understanding dawned into her mind suddenly. They had similar marks on the face. Swollen face and cut lip. Dear god, both of them got into a fight. Oh heavens, she did not even want to ask why. The anxiousness would not leave if she thought about the two going at each other with swings of fist and kicks. Oh the two impossible idiots.

“Let go off her hand.” Dev warned quietly in a steely voice.

Sam looked on worried as both of the men looked at each other in challenge and narrowness of eyes.

Neil stared hard into his eyes and smirked when Dev’s phone started to ring. Sam watched him frown and he moved back suddenly and went to attend the call. She sighed relieved.

Her eyes turned into slits while looking at Neil.

“What’s your problem?” She asked frustatedly.

He stared down at her her grimly.

“You don’t go to his house. Not gonna allow it.” He stated curtly.

Sam gasped.

“Not going to allow it?” She asked incredulously.

Neil did not reply but started at her unconvinced at her anger. Her lips thinned out.

“Stop acting like my chaperon. I’m not your responsibility.” She retorted furious with his protective attitude.

He looked down at her grimly now.

“I promised your bother….” He started.

Sam groaned. She was going to kill Rohan for making Neil watch her back always. She did not like it at all. She wasn’t a kid anymore but a grown up woman capable of making her own decisions. But dad, bro and he never would agree. She was still a fifteen year old.

“Oh, stop interfering into my life all of you. I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself.” She snapped angrily.

Neil let her rant it out.

“You’re big girl.” He agreed softly….”But you can’t blame us for not worrying about you.” He concluded with a frown.

Sam stared into his eyes for a long time. His hand softened on her wrist. She snapped out of the trance when Dev forward frowning still.

Neil straightened and he looked at the guy in anticipation. Now, he really needed to see. Would he chose Sam or the million dollar worth meeting? Because Neil wouldn’t let go off her even if he was brought down to his knees.

Sam looked into Dev regretful face.

“What’s wrong?” She asked frowning.

He shrugged but he kept looking at Neil.

“I have an important meeting to attend…” He drawled….”suddenly.” He finished the sentence while staring Neil’s eyes knowingly.

She stared bemused and bewildered at the two of them. They seem to be talking in codes. Dev then moved back. She saw his feet move away from her.

“You go home, Sam.” He said while his mobile again started ringing.

She stared at him surprise. How can he back out like that. He always left her when she needed him most. She didn’t want to go with Neil now. She was super pissed at him.

“But, Dev…” She started.

Dev gave her a sheepish shrug.

“We’ll check out the painting some other time, Sam.” He said hurriedly and walked fast towards his car.

She shook her head. Amazing. She grudgingly looked up at Neil. His phone started to ring too. Great, now he too would leave her here in the middle of the road.

Neil smiled at her unhappy face. She stared up at him quizzically.

“Aren’t you taking the call?” She asked coolly.

Neil knew that it was Lee calling him. He knew also that Lee was about to warn him about the meeting and also about what his absence would cost him. And really it would cost him a lot. Even though it took him several sleepless nights to prepare for it he didn’t care anymore to attend it. He took out his phone and glanced down at the caller id.

Even if it made his mother to call him too. It had been wow three years since she called him. Neil straightened and switched off his phone.

He looked down into her sweet frowning face and he smiled.

“It’s not important.” He said shrugging.

He put his hand at the small of her back and pushed her towards his car.

“Now, let’s get going.” He said softly into her ears.

She moved back scowling at him.

“I don’t want to go with you.” She snapped.

He grinned and opened the door and pushed her into the seat.

“But you have to.” He said smiling back into her glowering face…..”Now stop acting all cute or I’ll kiss you.” He threatened her but softly.

Her face reddened and she moved away and settled on the seat instantly. He laughed suddenly and deliciously.


Neil gave her a little time to fume but when they reached inside the mansion he couldn’t keep quiet. He needed to talk to her.

They walked side by side in silence towards the corridor of their rooms which were opposite to each other.

“Look, I just…..” He started to say.

She walked inside her room and closed the door in his face while he tried to talk to her. He sighed, shook his head and pulled at his hair.

“Oh, come on now, babe.” He groaned.

Sam made a face and ignored him before moving away into the room. She did not open the door. She sighed and walked into the bathroom. She took a very long relaxing shower which made her aching muscles to relax lethargically. She got out of it finally and reluctantly wearing a blue and white striped night shirt and shorts.

Just as she was about to get into the bed there was a knock on the door. She sighed and went forward and opened it.

Her eyes went wide and her stomach took a back flip. There was Neil standing before her across the door with a bunch of red roses in his right hand. He changed into a pair of blue t-shirt and track pants and looked very odd with the flowers in hand. Charm radiated off him when he kept smiling at her boyishly. The cut of his lip at the right corner and the fist mark over his left cheek gave him an edge yet his eyes twinkled child like. She stared unblinkingly into his face. She looked down at the flowers. If she thought any better of Neil, he surely would have picked up some expensive jewellery or something unemotional but not flowers. Roses that too. The irony was he made sure that he wasn’t a hearts and flowers guy. It suddenly freaked her out that he brought roses.

She broke out from the spell.

“I’m not going to ask about your face.” She said hastily.

His one dark left eyebrow rose up.

“You seem to already know.” He replied while reading her eyes expertly.

She sighed. Only Neil can do that. Read everything from her eyes before it got out of her mouth.

“And I’m so not going to ask about the flowers.” She said looking down at the roses.

Neil and flowers still not get into her head.

He smiled lop sided suddenly. The dark crinkle around his eyes made him look too handsome for his own good.

“But you can take these, right or the flowers go straight into a thrash can.” He drawled while pushing the flowers right under her nose.

The smell of the flowers was so delicate and good and they looked so pretty that she had to take those from his hand grudgingly. She did not want the flowers to be thrown in the thrash can.

“Right.” She agreed reluctantly.

She saw him smirk from the corner of her eyes while she put the roses and replaced them with the already there lilies. Sam walked into the bathroom and filled the vase with fresh water. She cut a small end of the stems and placed the roses in the glass vase. She walked inside the room and saw him lying on the bed leisurely.

“What are you doing?” She asked sighing.

He did not open his eyes nor he got of her bed.

“Lying down.” He answered flatly.

She rolled her eyes and put her hand over her hip.

“Oh, I know what you’re doing but you go lie down on your bed.” She flippantly.

He slid up slowly sighing.

“It would be nice if you join me here.” He said huskily while tilting his head to the bed….”Or in my mine.” He finished while smirking.

Neil being playful and she thought he was that only when drunk. But wasn’t she wrong because he looked every way laid back and wearily in good spirits which was unlike him. He always was busy. Busily grim. Absorbing inside nothing but work. It was strange because she could not read into those enigmatic dark eyes. Which was disturbing and strangely unsettling.

She folded her hands over her waist.

“What is this now?” She asked warily….”Another one of your game to make me feel like a competition between you two?”

He lost the smile and opened his eyes.

“You’re not a competition.” He said wryly and looking into her eyes.

Sam straightened. The seriousness in his voice and manner did not speak of mocking or patronising but instead she could sense his sincerity in it. She grew hot as a sudden blush covered her face.

“Then what I am?” She asked awkwardly.

His eyebrows raised at that and he nodded his head slowly.

“Maybe you can answer that well.” He said while looking into her eyes and searching for something.

She shook her head and straightened defensively.

“How can I answer to that?” She countered asked and shrugged.

He got off the bed and sauntered towards her. She froze suddenly when looked over her. She stiffened when his warm hands caught her cold ones. Her small wrist disappeared into his large brawny strong hands.

He frowned looking into her fsce and sliding his thumb over her fast beating wrist vein.

“You’re cold.” He murmured, and his voice clouded into a displeasure.

He looked down into her upturned face and started rubbing her arms. She didn’t know until her feet kept walking front and he kept moving backwards to the bed that he lead her to it. Didn’t she knew that he was as sly as a fox can be. She only was annoyed that she let him do it again to her.

He made her sit facing him too closer that she his warmth radiate into hers. He held his hands with hers. His eyes spoke of million things which not one she could decipher.

His hand came to her face and he moved back her hair over her cheek towards the back of her ear. His thumb finger rubbed over her cool skin.

“How can you be anything else less than more.” He said without a smile and in a rueful reverie. He held her right hand over chest and flattened her palm over his heart……”When you broke through the barrier and came towards me with a face so sweet.” He concluded softly.

Her heart took a racing along with his. She felt her fingers move over his hard chest while he thumb caressed her now heated cheek.

Her heart warmed instantly at his words. Then she snapped out of it.

“Oh, no,” she shook her head vigorously….”I’m not going to fall for it and expect you to be the same the next day. I’m not so stupid anymore.” She said shaking her head again and tried to move away.

Who knows what he will be the next day. He was so bipolar. She got up trying to move away from him.

He took a deep exasperated breath before he pulled her hard and she fell down on the bed and right under his big buff body.

“What are you doing?” She asked gasping, as she felt every hard counter of his very well toned abs over her stomach.

He smirked down at her again.

“Getting on top of you.” He murmured meaningfully while a teasing light twinkled in his eyes.

She pushed at his shoulders and scowled.

“Not funny. Get off me . You’re too heavy.” She said gasping as his weight settled on her more.

His breath fell over her face and the warmth she felt messed with her head. She had to stay strong here and he wasn’t helping her at all to do that.

“Just wait a second will you. I’m not gonna eat you up.” He said annoyed but a second later he smiled mischievously….”That is if you want me to eat you…” He murmured huskily while his hand slid under her night-shirt over her waist.

Sam gave him a withering look.

“Just shut up and get off.” She snapped sharply and pushed at his chest.

He held her pinned to bed and chuckled.

“Relax, alright now.” He murmured huskily, while the smile wiped off his face and he looked down into her face Intently….”I want to give you something.” He said while his hand moved inside his track pocket.

Sam frowned.

“What is it?” She asked bewildered.

First flowers and now what. Neil was behaving so strange tonight that it made her suddenly anxious. It alarmed her.

He got out something thin and long completely covered in a shimmery silver coloured gift wrap and red bow. Both of her eyebrows raised up at that.

He took her hand and put it around the thing.

“What is it?” She asked curiously.

He smiled down into her frowning face.

“You need to unwrap the cover to see what it is.” He murmured cheekily.

Sam rolled her eyes and removed the red bow ribbon and then the silver the wrap. She looked blinking at what seemed like a sliver fork. She felt around it. Yep a silver fork.

She looked up into his face blankly.

“What is this?” She asked flatly.

He had on that stupid smile still while he wrapped her fingers over the fork.

“This is a fork.” He said lamely…” Now you can use it in front me without you thinking about me disapproving you for lifting it up.” He concluded dryly, while trying to not tame a seemingly dark chuckle.

His eyes were dancing in humour and it was infection his obvious amusement.

She looked down at the fork wide eyed and then into his face before laughter bubbled in her throat. She couldn’t help and burst out.

“That is so idiotic and silly.” She said feeling ridiculously hysterical while looking down at the fork.

He threw back his head and started laughing too.

“Did you just pick up the fork? Just like that?” She asked between giggles.

He got of from on top of her and laid back on the bed. A devilish glint entered into his dark eyes.

“I just stole it.” He said chuckling.

So that was why he was looking down at the table so incessantly then.

“You’re so silly.” She said shaking her head.

He breathed hard finally as his laughter turned into chuckles.

“Yeah,” he looked back at her sideways on the bed….”You make me do silly thing.” He muttered while looking deep into her eyes.

She laughed again.

“I did not know that you would take what I told you so literally.” She said while looking down at the fork in her hand.

The smile wiped off his face and he looked at her sombrely now while lying next to her on the bed.

“I did not want to make you feel small or hurt you.” He sighed….”Maybe I just did all those mean things to you because to cover up my own faults in your eyes.” He concluded vaguely.

She gave him a once over. Her eyes slid up to his perfect floppy messy hair. His perfect dark eyes which were fathomless, piercing and at times torturingly intense. Which made her heart race fast. His lips and square jaw would put any Greek god to shame. His perfect chiselled body and his demeanour so attractive and alluringly dark. He pull anything around his way with such a charm. Everything about him was perfect.

Her eyes went back to his and her eyebrows raised mockingly.

“Faults huh?” She asked unconvinced and coolly.

He chuckled and spread his arms under his head while straightened leisurely on the bed. The white sheets under his body were too pristine for the bad boy he presented on top of it. He was sin specially made only to fail any woman’s heart. He smiled lop sided again and let her check him out slowly. Oh, he knew what he made her feel. He was too arrogant.

He leaned towards her and took her hand in his. He pulled her towards him and spread her palm over his chest again.

“I’m talking about the faults I have here.” He said grimly, while entwining their fingers over his heart.

Her smile dimmed and she swallowed hard while looking into his uncovered eyes.

“What faults do you have here?” She whisper asked while his fingers firmed over his chest.

He let out what seemed to shaky breath while she did that.

“A lot that I don’t want to show you.” He said evasively.

When she frowned he smiled shaking his head.

“Do you know what your brother would do if he knows I’m here. With you.” He murmured moving close to her….”Like this.” He said while looking at his other hand on her waist under her night shirt.

Sam smiled wryly.

“He would kill you for sure.” She said flatly without humour.

He chuckled.

“Exactly and do you know why he would do that even though we are best of friends?” He asked her softly.

She just stared into his face. He sighed and her eyes drew to his lips.

“Because he knows that I’m very bad for a good girl like you.” He concluded self derisively.

Her lips thinned out and he understood the look as he smiled again.

“No brother would want his sister to have a guy in her life other than anyone perfect and I’m not for you.” He sighed.

Sam stared into his eyes and at his face for a long time before she muttered dryly.

“You’re too full of shit you know that.”

That was so unconvincing. He was too arrogant to say that he wasn’t perfect for a girl. It was laughable.

He stared at her for a second before his threw his head back over the pillow and laughed hard.

“Of course I know that.” He agreed amusedly while sobering up immediately.

Sam sighed stared straight up at the ceiling. He really was full of crap. Of course, it wasn’t the only reason. It wasn’t even the major one. He had his own issues there which she didn’t know about at all. While he did come closer to her. He pulled back right on immediately. It felt like he regretted every second of being with her at the next sane minute and at the next given opportunity itself. It did nothing to her self respect except shatter it into shards of broken glass. His hand inched over hers and she drew away and got off the bed immediately as a sudden pull back held her far from him and his silent demons.

She walked upto the window and stared across at the deep ocean. Tonight the weather was clear and breezy. The sky finally smudged out the white clouds and numerous twinkling stars peaked down and brightened the dark all around. The moon shone on the moving waters and she sighed listening to the rush of the ocean running fast toward the shores and moving back again into a foaming flowery white pearls on the wet sand.

She felt his warm hand slid over her waist from the back and she stiffened. His other hand slid across her bare skin and she closed her eyes. He pushed her back over his front while his locked around her waist from behind. Her hair was moved back from the right shoulder and she felt his face burrowed into neck and shoulder.

He let out a deep breath as if to break out from a depth of weariness from the very inside his soul.

“I’m very tired.” He murmured into her skin in a sigh.

Goosebumps rose up her flesh while feeling him with every inch of her body. He was strong and powerful yet is soft and amazing. She felt hot suddenly and a rush of something weirdly warm settled in her lower gut. All sane thoughts left her mind when he touched her. His wamrth almost reached into her soul.

She moved around in his arms and locked her hands around his neck. All sane thoughts escaped her mind as she moved up on her toes and hugged him tight. His hands went around her waist as he held her to his body without an inch of gap between them. She was plastered to him tight from head to toe and she did not want to let go off him and he held her still as he didn’t want to go away from her too. Their breaths mingled and so did their chests. He had this strength that made her feel powerful and valiant. Like she could face anything with him held closer to her like this.

She gasped when his hands went down to her thighs in indication and she jumped up surrounding her legs around his waist.

He walked backwards with her head still deeply burrowed in his broad shoulder.

He moved around with her clung to him like a monkey attached to a tree branch. He pushed her down and got on top of her. She closed her eyes when he moved closer to her face and his heated breath fell over her lips.

When nothing happened she opened her eyes and looked up to see him loom above her. A frown marred her forehead and he smiled.

He only leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. He moved back to see her watch his face pouting adorably.

Sam saw his face awash with warmth.

“I don’t think you are ready for me to go all the way , babe.” He murmured groaning and taking in a deep breath.

He moved off from top of her and laid on the bed next to her.

Her face reddened.

“How can you know that.” She shot back defensively.

He sighed closing his eyes.

“You stiffened when I moved closer.” He muttered exasperated…..”and trust me no girl did that to me but only you.” He concluded wryly….”And only you can do that to me.”

Sam scowled at him. How would she know? She never had experience and he didn’t know that the jerk. And he just gave too much information about his experience though and she didn’t want to know that ever. Now that she knew she wasn’t sure anymore.

He slid his piercing gaze towards her face and locked gazes with her intently.

“What if I want you do something for me.” He said suddenly and gravely and very much anticipating to wait for her reply.

“What do you want me to do?” She asked curiously and anxiously a little.

“What if I tell you to not let go of me. Now and as long as you’re in my life.” He asked quietly.

The seriousness in his tone did get into the deep and withered emotions of her inside. And he went on.

“What if I tell you to try. Stay closer.” He asked again with even more huskier and gruff voice.

She looked into his uncertain dark eyes.

“Even if you push me away?” She asked instead while his strained emotions flowed into hers.

His eyes darkened more in response.

“Even when I push you away.” He said quietly.

Sam took a moment to realize it. The various times in her life he was with her. Either he was aloof or this closer. He had been there with her. Somehow. With something as a reason or the other he wasn’t far from her heart. Even though he wouldn’t say what she wanted for him to say. He wasn’t exactly the guy who let her cry in the rain and leave her standing there shivering and drenched and all alone.

He waited patiently for her to think.

“Yeah.” She answered shakily while taking in a stilted breath.

His grim face suddenly changed into this lightened warmth and the darkening shadows in his eyes tamed and moved back. But those were there still. His white even teeth sparkled and he entwined her fingers with his.

“You’re cold.” He murmured again frowning and he spread his arm on the sheets…..”Come here.” He whispered.

Sam smiled back and she hesitated. He saw her being unsure and pulled her hand and moved her closer to his side. She sighed as she laid her head over his arm and moved her hands over his chest. He leaned towards the side of the bed and switched off the lights.

“What if tomorrow you ask me to leave?” She asked quietly while listening to his serene beating heart under her ear.

His chest rumbled in response as he chuckled in that deep throated voice of his. It ran tingles down her body.

“Then you slap my face and tell me to beat it.” He muttered dryly.

She smiled widely.

“Well, if you let me slap you that is.” She said grinning.

“Only if you don’t take the vengeance too seriously and not hit me too hard .” He said grinning too over her head.

“Of course, I’ll be real gentle.” She said humouring him softly.

Sudden silence fell after that and she frowned. What? Was he regretting being with her already?

“What?” She asked suddenly at his persisting silence.

His hand tightened over her waist and moved down.

“I’m just wondering.” He murmured huskily.

“What?” She asked lifting up her head to look into his face.

His eyes caught hers in the darkness. They were glinting with something and she took a sharp breath in while his gaze moved over her lips.

“If you are wearing any panties under this teeny tiny shorts.” He murmured in a drawl and huskily.

His hand moved over the line of the shorts on her lower stomach and she felt Goosebumps rise over all over her skin instantly.

Her eyes widened and a blush covered her face and she flushed breathlessly.

She was about to push away from him when a mischievous streak entered into her mind. She smiled impishly and he frowned at her.

She placed her hand over his and pulled closer and down.

“Why don’t you check to make sure if it’s there or not.” She said in slow deliberate husky seductive words.

His eyes widened instantly in surprise and he stiffened while heavy desire dilated his eyes. She saw him gulped hard.

“You have turned too dangerous for me.” He said groaning heavily in pain, and moved back and got off the bed as if burned suddenly by her touch.

Sam pouted when she felt the loss of his heat and as sudden cold hit her skin when he left from her side.

“Hey, where are you going?” She asked sullenly.

He did not look back but she observed his bunched up shoulders and fisted hands.

“To my room.” He grunted.

“Why? You can sleep here in the bed.” She reasoned still petulantly.

He froze but did not look back at her.

“I can’t because even your breathing is turning me on now.” He said in exasperated frustration.

She smiled at that.

“Oh come on, now you’re just making me sound like a seductress.” She said grinning.

He straightened and his body went tensed and hard on the floor.

“f**k, you’re a sly little minx aren’t you. Damn you, babe, I have take a long cold shower now.” He grunted again in displeasure and walked out of the room cursing heavily.

Sam slid down on the pillow and laughed hard at his un relented frustration……


To be contd……

(Weeping souls—next part)


Wow, the weather is too good here. Its raining finally and its freezing too. Finally. Have happy days everyone and pls do comment guys. Waiting for your replies. Thanks alot for your support. Means alot to me?


Credit to: Blue

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