Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 10 Contd. 5

Chapter-10-Part-5 (Good To Worse)

Sam felt the band of his hands tighten around her waist and she was moved back even more snuggling closer to his front.

“Babe, wake up.” His voice deep husky and gruff whispered into her ears.

She groaned in her sleep and her sluggish eyes slit open half mast. Bleary eyed she looked around to see it was still dark.

Her face scrunched up and her lips curled into a scowl.

“Why are you waking me up in the middle of the night?” She groaned again.

She turned into his arms and snuggled into his hard chest. His upper front was without t-shirt and she felt his heat seep into hers warmly. She pulled the covers over her face. His chest rumbled in response to her reply. It vibrated into her body.

“You look really delicious now all sleepy eyed but sadly it’s not the right time for me to devour you. Will do that later but right now, I need you to see something.”
He drawled and his voice was coloured with humour.
Sam’s eyes flew open at his words. Her cheeks heated up feeling the serene beating of his heart against her own fast paced one. Her eyes rounded more realizing that she was pressed head to toe to his half naked body. She gulped hard feeling his toned abs attach to her waist and stomach. There wasn’t an inch of space between them. His right hand was curled round hers and their fingers were locked together intimately. Her heart palpitating feeling him like this. She was about to jump off the bed like it was on fire but he tightened his hands around her. His chuckle vibrated into her ears again.

“Not so fast.” He whispered huskily again and turned her body towards the windows. He curled his hand again around her waist as his front attached to her waist while his lips attached to ear again….”Look at the sunrise.” He whispered.

His cool breath fell on her neck and ears warmly.

Sam’s eyes slit open fully and they were greeted by the spectacular view of the ocean which spread its blue into vision while the sun slowly and slowly rose up from under it. She gasped feeling the affect of such a beautiful view. The golden yellow rays of the sun and its threads fell over the darkened waters and illuminated slowly the blue into more deeper colour all around.

“It’s beautiful.” She whispered.

Her voice was sleep ridden and sandpapery and but yet surprised coloured her tone even more looking at the rising sun from under the ocean.

His lips curved into a smile on her skin.

“Yes. It’s very beautiful.” He replied softly.

His words coming from somewhere deep inside him and his tone was coloured with as if he was talking about something else.

Sam turned her head to look up at him. He stared down at her smiling warmly.

His hair fell over his forehead and he looked way younger and carefree than last night. His face was lined with softness instead of the hard mask he usually wore around her. The tiredness she observed yesterday on his face was completely wiped off now. He looked refreshed and energized.

“Good morning.” He said in a deeper husky voice while his left hand was busy curling her thick hair around his wrist.

His eyes intently were locked on her hair spread all over the pillow. She remained silent as he seem to be busy with his hands touching her everywhere.

“You have some spectacular hair.” He murmured while pulling his fingers into her scalp and spreading those down into her strands.

Well…he was a view to watch other than the sunrise over the ocean. He was on top of her attached completely to her body without an inch of gap and now her heart was like beating crazily into an overdrive.

His eyes coal black came back to hers and narrowed at her lips. He chuckled looking back at her eyes.

“Hmm, Seems like I have to wait for your heart to calm down.” He murmured teasingly and he moved….”Meanwhile, let’s go see something else.” He said smilingly saving her from complete embarrassment and heart failure.

Sam took a relieved breath but she frowned looking at the digital clock over the bedside table. It was 5 O’ clock. Where was he taking her now. Sam scowled when he got off the bed and moved to put on his t-shirt. He grinned at her while putting on his sports shoes.

What the hell was he making her jog in the morning now?

No. Not going to happen. Sam drew up the covers and slid on her front pushing her face into the pillow. Ah, sleep was nice.

She was shocked out of it when he removed the covers and spanked her bottom hard. It stung too much and she squeaked.

“Come on, lazy daizy. Get up. Fast. Now.” He ordered her sharply while putting on a black hoodie over his shoulders.

Sam glared across at his back and she got up groaning in a whine again.

She yawned and stretched her arms and moved towards the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later they walked out of the house with her wearing a track pant, a similar looking black hoodie, sports shoes and with her hair pulled up into a long pony tail.

Sam cursed at his energy while she lagged behind jogging slowly like a snail on the sand of the beach.

He looked back at her shaking his head.

“You’ve been neglecting exercise. That’s bad for health. Though you don’t need it because I like your figure just like how it is now but I have to show you something and you aren’t moving fast.” He said in an irritated tone while jerking her out of the lethargy from time to time.

He had already covered distance towards the waters. Sam looked back at the house and wondered how she felt ocean rush towards it because it was nowhere near the waters.

It looked like miles of distance now. Sam somewhere huffing and puffing managed to run the distance and she reached him into the cold water. She frowned looking down at a jet boat. It was really large for a jet boat. It almost looked like a mini ship kind. There was a lot of space in it separating the place to stand for driving the boat and for sitting and watching the water kind of space. It was big and blue in colour with the black steering wheel and space of three seats in it. Sam looked up at him confused.He grinned back at her.

“We are going into the water.” He said while wearing the safety gear over his hands
Sam gasped and gave him a ‘are you kidding me look’.

He smiled devilishly.

“We are so not going into the water.” She said snorting in disbelief and shaking her head.

She moved back deciding firmly that he was deranged and was completely out of his freaking mind.

His eyes narrowed in challenge and lips quirked up in cool mocking.

“I knew that you were a woos always, but I didn’t know that you were a coward too.” He mocked her chuckling lightly.

Sam’s jaw gritted and she rose upto the challenge immediately. After all she was a cop’s sister and a colonel’s daughter. At least she should muster up some guts to show this bully that she wasn’t a coward or a woos.

“Alright. Challenge accepted.” She said through clenched teeth.

He smiled widely at that.

“Glad to see the barely there courage in your eyes.” He taunted her sarcastically.

She wore the safely gears too and both of them them got into the boat. He smiled tauntingly at her time to time and she breathing hard by the minute.

Great now she had to fall for his tricks. He always picks on her and it was enough already being a laugh in his eyes. It was humiliating. Sam clenched her stomach and pulled it back. She had to get past through this.

He moved towards the steering wheel of the boat. Sam sat down on the space with her shivering through and through to the bones.

He looked back at her shaking figure grinning wide.

“Are you ready?” He asked her in a mirthful tone.

Sam glared across at him and clenched her jaw. He was enjoying this a lot wasn’t he. He was having fun seeing her in this state.

“As ready as I can ever be.” She shot back angrily.

He chucked and turned his head to the front.

“Alright then. Let’s start this thing.” He murmured and pulled something which jerked the boat hard and Sam’s heart thudded loud.

She squeaked and he chucked.

“As ready as you can ever be?” He mocked her, and Sam felt like throwing something at his head.

The boat started and it vibrated moving to and fro. Sam clutched onto the boat’s edge for her dear life and she braced for it to zoom into the ocean.

It did and her veins thumped with adrenaline rise coursing through her blood. The water gushed up on her face and she screamed laughing.

“Oh, my god!” She squealed looking at how the boat cut through the ocean water and rushed onto its waves.

“Are you alright?” He asked in a shout through the whipping wind.

“This is crazy.” She shouted back while holding tightly to the boat.

He laughed hard while the water drenched her body from the sides.

She didn’t know what to do as laughter coursed through in exhilaration.

“You’re crazy.” She shouted again feeling the wind whip her about in the boat.

He looked back at her as the breeze pulled up his figure as regal as darkly handsome as ever he was. Nothing fazed him and he seem to be always at ease being on edge always. His hair spread on his face and moved untamed and wild as he grinned at her.

“It’s fun, isn’t it?” He asked her softly while he stared across at her endearingly.

She smiled unable to let of the affect he had on her. He was impossible not be loved or that not be endeared. He still didn’t know that.

“Yeah, it is.” She agreed, smiling big.

His eyes caught hers and his smile waned slowly as an intense look crossed his face.

He stared at her like that for a minute and she felt her heart flutter as his eyes darkened more.

“Come here.” He said gruffly.

Sam’s eyes widened. She looked front at the way and with what speed the boat was cutting through the waters. She looked back at him as if he was crazy. She was clutching too tight at the boat edge and she wasn’t going to loosen her hold anytime soon until it reached the land. No. Never.

“No.” She replied sharply.

His eyes narrowed and they lost the sparkle of laughter. His jaw settled more firmly.

“Come here or I will come there.” He threatened her.

Sam’s eyes widened horrified as his hand slipped slightly from the steering wheel.

Oh dear god!

The boat tethered wildly and to and fro. Sam almost fell on her face hard.

“Are you crazy!” She screeched while terror struck her mind.

She looked up to glare at him and he looked back at her with the same look.

He was really going to drop his hands from the wheel.

Oh no.

“Alright. Alright, I will come there!” She shouted.

He nodded his head and she wanted to throttle him to death.

She muttered quite a few curses under her breath The stubborn jerk was going to be the death of her today.
She somehow let go of the boat and her feet trembled on the unsteady floor of it. She moved slowly while closing her eyes and praying to god for it to not propel her off the boat.

She stepped up on the pedestal that separated the boat into wide space between the wheel and the seats.

“Careful.” He muttered over his shoulder.

Sam scowled while the wind whipped her body forcing her to move closer towards him. She jumped and clutched onto his shoulders.

“Oh, god, I thought, I was going to die.” She whispered relieved finally.
He chuckled and his hand curled around her back and he pulled her to the front roughly. Sam gasped looking at the view.

“Are you crazy?” She screeched while his hands completely slipped off the wheel.

He immediately pulled her hands over it from behind her. Her back was fully attached to his front as his arms circled her hands over the wheel.

His chin slid on her left shoulder.

“Hold tight.” He instructed huskily and Sam looked front as she felt the adrenaline really rush into her veins now. It was a feeling when you sit on a large metal boat wheel while on exhibition rides and how sacredly exhilarated the mind goes into while it moves up and high and how it got down in a rush.

It felt the same way as she saw how the jet cut faster into the waters. Her toes curled feeling it while she shouted in giggling delight. Her hair was everywhere flying in the breeze and she felt it into her scalp.

“Oh, my god! This is so wild and….”

He laughed feeling the rush in her voice. His chest vibrated on her back as his laughter deep and delighted passed into her body.

“And it’s fun, yes?” He completed her sentence.

She shouted back grinning.


He chuckled and his hands tightened around her waist.

“Good. Now, Marry me.” He said in a deep rumble of a voice.

Sam’s laughter immediately cut off at the shock of his words. She rolled her eyes at his persistence. He was doing all this to convince her to marry him. She thought he was only joking yesterday but she didn’t know that he was serious.

She started laughing again while his breath tickled her ear.

“You’re as crazy as this ocean, do you know that.” She replied back.

He sighed while moving the wheel to the left and he pulled the lever harder and the boat went jetting faster. Her eyes widened.

“No, but I do know how to make you come around it.” He said in finality while the jet throttled in a round circle.

“Neil! What the hell are you doing?” She shouted.

The boat turned down to the water as it pushed in a round circle. It speeded fast over the ocean.

He laughed again like a crazy unpredictable maniac.

“Oh, my god! We’re going to fall off the boat!” Sam screamed again, just when the boat turned over.
He held her tighter while they propelled out of the boat and their bodies went crashin into the ocean. The water rushed and Sam went drowning into it. The water bubbles surrounded and she could barely see while she pushed her feet under it. Thank god, she knew how to swim but she couldn’t stay much longer under water.

Neil swam to the front and caught her face. Her eyes widened when he smiled and then his lips fell over hers and stayed there for a second. His breath got into her lungs and provided air into it. She gasped and pushed back struggling out of his hold. They came up the water gasping for breath and coughing hard.

He breathed hard and grinned back at her while they both got hold of the boat.

She mock glared across at him while gasping for breath.

“You’re mental.” She whispered.

He gave her a nonchalant smile while water trickled down his hair and face.

“You love me for that.” He replied arrogantly.

Sam held onto the boat smiling at his confidence.

“So, what do you think?” He asked while floating towards her.

Sam frowned while still trying to bring her breath to normal.

“About what?” She asked.

He titled his head to the side and half smiled. He caught her waist as his legs held hers under the water.

“Marry me.” He ordered her while looking down at her like a king who would give his final decision to his court.

Sam’s drew up at his attitude. He intended to follow this through quite arrogantly but she wasn’t going to give in this easily. He was crazy to assume so if he thinks that she was a meek party.

Her eyes narrowed.

“Never.” She replied in a vehement tone, while firmly and quite bluntly denying his crazy proposal.

His eyes narrowed dangerously in challenge and he pushed away from her smiling coolly. The water splashed around his body in tension.

“We’ll see how long you’re going to deny me.” He drawled in a gruff hard tone.

Sam held the boat with one hand.

“We’ll see.” She replied back evenly.

His jaw gritted at her tone but he chuckled anyway. This one did not hold any mirth but it carried out a warning. And it was kind of scary as his eyes glinted though his teeth showed while smiling.

“You don’t know the lengths I’ll go if I want something.” His voice was low gruff and harsh and largely border lined to a sinister level.

Sam gulped hard. She knew that well too. His eyes flashed and he seem to suddenly show her his fierce side but he looked away keeping his gaze locked on the waters. He closed his eyes and seem to find some control over himself.

She observed his profile. Want. That’s it. That is what he wanted from her and nothing else. How can he not know that it hurts her. It bleeds her heart each time he denied her love and claimed to never love her back again. And now, he orders not ‘asks’ her to marry him? It was ludicrous.

Sam hastily swam faster to the shore and she felt him splashing after her a minute later but hedidn’t talk to her nor he touched her. Great. She got into the house while he followed her trail. He pushed past and she fell to the floor almost. She gasped at his anger display but he got into the bathroom before she could even open her mouth. She rubbed her shoulder where he pushed at her.

How mean. Oh, this guy was making her life run in crazy circles. Her body was wet. She was still getting the adrenaline to normal from the over adventurous jet boat ride and here he was behaving like a ten year old kid.

Sam saw her phone vibrate over the bed side table. She walked across it and unlocked the screen.

It was a message from Roshan. There were several of those from all her friends. Oh dear…

Where are you?

Are you really fired? We didn’t get any news….Yuvan’s message read.

Lunch starts now…

We need you here in the kitchen. NOW!

The last one was from Reeka. Oh crap. She should be in the mansion or the suspicion they had on her would turn into a big boulder of doubts and she couldn’t handle another day of it anymore. People staring at her and all. She had enough reputation already on the fourth floor and she didn’t want it to reach the kitchen.

Sam hurried towards the door but her hand suddenly was caught in a strong hold.

She turned around to see Neil narrowing his eyes at her. Huh? He already showered that fast. He changed into his formal white shirt and beige pants. His hair was damp and he had a towel around his shoulders.

“Where are you going?” He asked her in a guarded voice, there wasn’t a smile or flare of his eyes at the end of his words.

She sighed. And they were back to that again. He was always going into ‘square back to one’ mode. His change of moods were pretty crazy. It doesn’t mean that she was going to relent to his demands. That was a clear no in her mind.

“To work.” She replied quietly.

He let go of her hand and she felt disappointed and also a little thrown of the loop at his attitude.

“Yeah, I have a meeting. You can leave now.” He said instead coldly and dismissed her reply as if he didn’t hear it.

He moved towards the wardrobe and got out his coat from the hangers.

Sam shook her head and turned around to leave but his voice interrupted her again.

“Not before you change into better clothes. You don’t walk around looking like that.” He clipped at her in a rough voice.

His voice though cold and harsh held a little thread of territorial and possessive.

Sam flinched at his order and tone. Well, her clothes were wet and they stuck to her body like second skin. Her hair was dripping salt water. Yeah, she should shower and change.

Before she could turn around he already was walking past her. Sam opened her mouth to talk but he opened the door and walked out without even looking back at her or saying goodbye.

Sam’s lips thinned. She didn’t feel good. She closed her eyes exasperated. He was angry with her and it always was really hard to make up to him. He froze her from his life with his silence.

Oh dear what should she do now…


Sam changed into a pink knee length dress which had the buttons over the back. It was a half sleeve cotton dress. Since her work clothes were dirty she had to wear this instead. She hurried towards the kitchen. As soon as she got in, the hustle and bustle around it surrounded her ears.

A hand came and settled around her shoulders. Sam looked up

“Finally, she arrives.” Yuvan smiled down at her.

Reeka came around hurriedly and pushed a tray containing tomatoes in her hand.

“Thanks.” She smiled across at Sam and went running out of the kitchen.

Misha came from behind her and pushed closer.

“Where were you last night?” She asked.

“What happened? What did the boss want from you?” She asked again in a curious voice.

Her eyes were round and she looked eager for some hot gossip.

Sam’s cheeks heated up thinking of the word ‘want’ and she remembered the way Neil’s eyes flared up with interest when he said it.

Ridhi who was putting salad bowls in the trays rolled her eyes at all of them.

“Come on, guys, leave the poor girl alone. She looks pale already. Don’t make her pass out now with your pestering questions.” She muttered dryly and firmly.

Sam’s shoulders sagged in relief.

Oh thank you so much, Ridhi, she mumbled in her mind.

Misha looked disappointed. She moved away scowling at Ridhi. Yuvan started arguing with her again over how the messy the salad bowls were placed on the trays. They moved out of the door bickering and fighting.

Roshan was looking at her suspiciously over a big container of a soup on the fire. The kitchen smelled of various kinds of smells. The tasty treats of lunch.

Sam avoided every pair of curious eyes on her as she moved about towards the kitchen counter.

Most of the staff disappeared out of the kitchen taking the lunch trays for the VIP guests who had arrived a week before and had stayed back in the mansion.

It had been a hellish week and everyone was working frantic and rigorously each and every day.

Roshan stayed mute while Sam washed the tomatoes in the sink. She wondered at his silence. What was wrong with him?
She sighed down at the tomato in her hand and wondered about how to cut into it without making the juice to spill all over.

“That’s not how you hold a knife. You’ll cut your hand and hurt yourself.” Roshan murmured while moving closer to her.

Before she could reply he came from behind her and held the knife over her hand. Gently he pushed the sharp end into the tomato and circled around the stem. It pierced into the skin of the it and cut smoothly into the pulp.

Neil walked upstairs slowly. His thoughts were disturbed. He wasn’t in the mood to sit through an hour long presentation and with her in his mind. He closed his eyes and sighed heavily.

He had to make good with her. His jaw hardened though. She was going to be his wife and he was going to make her his finally. She wouldn’t dare to run away from him again if he would make their relationship official. His lips thinned grimly. His mother was going to be a problem though. She wouldn’t like this or his relationship with Sam. She wouldn’t like anyone else for him other than finding him a girl and family of their own stature in the society. She was as cold and heartless as he was. Life made her like that. His father made her like that. She hated the word love and so did he. He thought previously that he was in love with Sam but now he was just obsessed with her and nothing else. His traitorous heart though said otherwise to which he put a deaf ear and closed off his mind to its voice.

He reached the kitchen and his step faltered hearing her voice and another one. His jaw hardened hearing a male laugh. He slowly walked into a scene he shouldn’t have walked into. She was smiling while her body surrounded by a pair of hands not his. His body hardened to the floor while furious black anger curled up his whole back and neck. He rubbed the back of it to shake off the roaring violence surrounding his body while his other hand fisted by his side.

He smiled feeling the depths of despise for the man touching her. The god damn witch would allow random men closer to her and smile up to them. But not with him. He had to force it out of her. His teeth gritted. She seem to feel his presence as she looked up startled like a dove nettled in his furious gaze. His first reaction was to beat the shit out of the guy but he thought better of it and counted to ten. He stayed for a second more before walking out of the door. He stopped and flung roughly an order over his right shoulder.

“Are you coming?” He muttered and walked fast out of the kitchen.

Sam felt her heart give out and she pushed away from Roshan as if burned. Neil looked thunderous and he was about to hit someone. Or that someone was Roshan. She gulped hard feeling the furious anger coming off his body from across the room.It circled around her like dark black mist and her panicked eyes glanced down at his fisted hand. He was rubbing the back of his head. Dear god. He looked dangerous as she caught the hard glint timber a fire in his black eyes. Before she could open her mouth in hasty explanation he turned around and flung those words over his shoulder while he walked out of the door in barely there controlled fury.

Roshan stared front and then at her with widened eyes and then they narrowed on her pale face.

“You and the boss…..” He murmured in a knowing voice.

Sam hurried.

“I will explain later.” She said hastily and treaded her feet out of the kitchen.

She followed his ground eating strides hurriedly up the floor. He disappeared into the elevator and she tried to get in but he glared at her angrily and the lift closed up in her face.

“Listen to me, Neil…”She tried but the lift moved up.

Oh dear, she should explain to him before he got everything wrong about her and Roshan. He had the least trust in her when it came to such things.

Heavens help her today.

She took a deep breath while she entered into the study. He stood there with his back to her face. She was afraid of his formal wear. All suited and in grey with his hands fisted in his pant pockets he cut a very mean figure in it. She could feel his anger and it disturbed her too much.

“Listen, Neil, it’s not like how you think it was.” She said in a patiently calm voice.

He turned around slowly but he didn’t look back at her. His right hand came out of the pocket and he twirled a glass paper weight on the table while speaking in an equally quiet tone.

“I brought you here to do the chores in the kitchen but not romp around with the cook like a god damn tramp.” He said in a low steely voice.

The last few words were flung harshly in a hiss and Sam flinched visibly at his tone.

Romp around and tramp?

Crap. Her back stiffened at his accusatory tone. Her eyes stung at his words. Why would he think about her like that always. She was tired explaining things to him.

“Roshan isn’t like that.” She said stiffly in defense.

His eyes flashing caught hers.She jerked back in fear when his jaw ticked in response to her reply.

Damn. Very very wrong choice of words. He was beyond angry now. She never knew how to handle his anger but now as his fury went beyond it and in reaction to that her palpitating heart of hers hardly could take so much fear before it gave out.

“Do you always let random men touch you like that? The places they shouldn’t touch…” He asked in a whispered fury.

He moved around the table.

She moved back while he took a step closer to her. His eyes drew down angrily as she took two steps back.

He eyes cut to hers. His narrowed gaze held a threat. A threat of a warning for her to take one more step back and face the consequence of such a movement.

“Do you know those places of your body that the man shouldn’t touch?” He asked her again threateningly.

His face morphed into a hard stone mask.

He straightened while looming down at her dangerously. Sam looked up anxiously as he barely gave her chance to talk.

“Let me f**king show you what belongs to me.” He said through gritted teeth answering his own questions in a gruff voice.

He didn’t give her chance to reply again. before he got around her fast and moved behind her close.

His breath fell over her shoulder in rough angry pants. He pulled her back on his chest and caught her left shoulder hard while his other hand unbuttoned her dress of her back.

Sam panicked and tied to push away from him. His fingers dug into her skin and she flinched at his rough brutish behaviour.

“Neil, what are you doing? Please, listen to me….” She tried again as her voice raised a little in worry.

He whispered in her ear while spreading his hands over the bare skin of her back.

“Everything of this is mine.” He said while moving his fingers down her body crudely while his hands rapidly unbuttoned the back of her dress completely.

Her eyes suddenly swam with tears at his behaviour. He ignored the shake of her body while he tried to move his hand around her front.

He groaned and his breath came out fast with his words.

“These belong to me. I had claimed your body as mine long back and nobody but me is allowed to touch you like this.” He whispered gruffly, his voice turning all growly and out of control in her ear.

“Neil, stop th….” She tried again to free herself but he tightened his hold around her more roughly.

“Stop it? Yes. You should have stopped him coming closer to you or should have moved away but you didn’t.” He growled while his left hand got under her dress and over her legs.

She clenched her legs together and her hand curled around his hand on her thigh to push it away.

“Neil! You shouldn’t do this. Please, I cant take….” She whispered incoherently now.

He pushed away her hand while his other one pushed the dress off her shoulder.

“Cant take it?” He completed her sentence in a question…”Yes. I couldn’t take it too seeing his arms around you like that…”He groaned and his voice tethered to dangerously obsessive…”Don’t you get it still, babe, every part of your body is mine to touch and spread my hands on your skin with. However I want and whenever I want to…” He growled aggressively as his lips moved over her neck and shoulder.

His touch heated up her blood but all for the wrong reasons. He was angry and he was doing this to put her in a place.

“No! Stop this now.” Sam pushed away but he caught hold of her waist immediately.

“Yes,” he muttered while his left hand caressed her upper thigh.

Goosebumps rose up her flesh while his lips were busy nibbling on the pulse of her neck.

“f**k, babe, if you aren’t already wet down there….”He whispered in a very low husky intimate tone…..his fingers moved up her thigh….”Swear to god, Sam, I’m going to make you soaking wet for me….” He growled in her ear lasciviously.

His words were making her derailed of all the sane thoughts. She was going to combust in flames if he keeps touching her like that. He turned her around to a closed door roughly.
“Let’s get this over with once and for all.” He said coldly and ignored her firm voice.

Sam panicked and her eyes rounded when he pushed her into the room. It was small one with a large bed on it. He probably rested here often. Dear god, what was he doing?

Her eyes flowed. Was she going to lose her innocence like this? Him being angry with her and all. No, he cant do that to her. She should explain to him about this.
She turned around while clutching the dress to her chest. He glared back at her while holding her prisoner in his arms. Her eyes beseeched him to calm down.

“Listen to me, Neil, I’m a vi….” She started to explain but he ignored that too before he bent down and pulled her off the floor.
Sam screamed while she went flying across the room and her back landed on the bed. Her eyes widened and she stared across at him visible shocked. He removed the coat slowly. He glanced down at her coolly but he got on top of her before she got off the bed.

He caught hold of her flailing hands in one hand and slid them up above her head. His face drew closer to hers and he stared down into her eyes deeply. His eyes were speedy wild. Like as if he took drugs and he had the affect of it still. His face was lined furious harsh lines. He wouldn’t listen to her.

“Look, Neil. Calm down. You don’t want to do this.” She whispered in a soothing tone.

Her heart still was beating anxiously in her chest.

He was turning every word coming out of her mouth to deaf ears. His eyes heatedly intense went down to her lips and Sam froze as his look went deep down her stomach. She was feeling things for the first time. Intimate things. It thronged and prickled her skin hot. Her breath came out in short pants and it mixed with his warm breath.She was going to dissolve in a mess on the bed if he kept looking at her like that. Like as if she was something he thirsted after for years. Sam felt the fear of giving in to him.
No. Never like this. He was angry with her. This was him proving his brute like behaviour as right. He was behaving like a crazy caveman on loose trying to claim his right on her. She wasn’t going to allow it. Not like this.

His hands curled into her fingers holding them locked over her head.

He still was looking at her lips.

“Kiss me.” He whispered huskily.

Sam’s heart thudded out of her chest. A spear pierced it at his unfeeling tone. He put the thick wall back up against her again. No feelings. No hurt.

She understood his strategy well.

She turned her face away from his.

“No.” She said fiercely, but her tone came out gruff and low.

His face burrowed into her neck and he took a deep breath chuckling softly. It vibrated into her skin.

“That weak ‘no’ did not stop me before. It isn’t going to stop me now too.” He whispered while trailing his lips down her collar bone.

She tried to push at his shoulders but he grunted and stared down at her in anger.

“Move an inch again and I’ll rip this dress off your body into pieces and you’ll have nothing to wear all day long and the night.” He whispered harshly.

His other hand pushed the dress up her thighs. His fingers cool on her hot skin circled over her upper leg. He grunted heavily. His breathing changed and his body drew down on hers without making her suffocate with his weight. He was being sweet and caring suddenly.

“You’re soft all over. I f**king want you. I want you too much. I’m shaking with it. Baby, give in to me now. I promise to make you come so hard that it will make you forget about the number of the men you were with. You’ll only want me after this. Give in to me, babe…say that you want me too.” He whispered huskily in a deep gruff voice layered with heavy and desperate amount of want and need.

His every word uttered so crazily and out of control made her gasp in slow circling pleasure on her senses.

His eyes lifted to her and the black hypnotic stare of his deep fathomless gaze blazed down into her eyes.

“Do you want to see what you’re making me feel right now?” He whispered softly.

Sam’s body shook all over under his feeling him. Her eyes widened when he took her other hand down and showed the evidence of the affect she had on him. She drew back her hand feeling her cheeks burned and crimsoned.

He chuckled and groaned in what seemed to be in pain at the same time to her response.

Sam abruptly stiffened when his face drew closer to hers. His hand was busy moving up her thigh and he tried to separate her legs to move his hand up and more.

“Do you love me?” She asked while his lips almost touched hers.

He froze on top of her completely from head to toe at her words. His eyes opened and narrowed in a glare down at her.

“What’s that got to do now?” He asked her in harsh low growl.

His eyes took up the guard against her more.

Sam stared back and her jaw settled hard.

“It has got to do with everything that I have.” She muttered fiercely again.

This time her voice came out strong and firm. His face hardened and he looked completely pissed off but he stared down coldly at her in challenge. Sam desperately searched his face for something of a softness and love towards her. He gave back nothing to her but a black glare. His lips lifted up cruelly and she braced for something really hurting coming out of his mouth.

“Asked this question to every man that you f**ked?” He asked her harshly.

Sam froze and she felt a big tear split into her heart and break it into two. She gasped feeling the hurt course through her like a knife going through her flesh. A hot tear rolled down her left cheek. He followed the trail of it and his lips caught it at the corner of her own. His face moved back to observe her eyes.

“That was a low blow, Neil.” She whispered in a shaky voice.

His eyes borrowed coldly unfeeling her hurt.

“Deal with it.” He said in a low quiet murmur.

Sam’s eyes flashed as his lips almost touched her again.

“If you’re going through this then you should do it by force and you know what people call it if you do that.” She bit out in angry voice.

He froze altogether and his hand moved out of her dress as if he was burned by her words.

His jaw gritted looking down at her and Sam felt the satisfaction of seeing him flinch at her words.

His eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Bet that if I push my hand down your dress then I sure will feel you drenched and soaking for me. And, that, will be the evidence of your want for me.” He gritted through clenched teeth.

Sam felt her skin flushed at his crude words bit she steeled her heart against him. He hurt her always now she will hurt him in return too. He had pierced her heart and hurt her time and again uncaring about how she felt after he left her broken hearted like that. Fine then.

“It still will be you forcing your body on mine when I still say…’No’.” She said the last word in an enunciation.

His face paled several shades white at her words. She knew it was a low blow but he needed it.

His voice tremored while he spoke and his eyes glistened. His hand tightened on her wrist and she knew it would leave bruises on her skin later.

“Does my touch abhor you that much, baby?” He whispered asked her in a weak low hoarse.

She could feel a wealth of his emotions in his eyes as his guard drew down a little. She could see the emptiness and pain. Desperation and warmth. Wanting and need. Care and something else she couldn’t decipher but it was too dark and it frightened her very heart for her to venture into his soul. He seem to hate all these feelings he had for her and the power she held over him. He despised her for it.

Sam’s eyes glistened with unshed tears too feeling his heart like this. He was hurt. Her hand itched to caress his cheek but she couldn’t do it.

She hardened her will and gave him the final blow.

“Yes.” She replied in a low quiet tone.

His face changed into a stone mask slowly and his eyes turned colder and colder by the minute. She squeaked in fright as he hit hands violently beside her head on the bed. It almost broke and shook with the force of his fists.

His face drew into her neck as his breathing deepened out of control and he shouted out loud.

“f**king, b*t*h! You don’t play with me like this.” He said his voice trailing angrily high, and he breathed into her skin deep.

Her eyes burned and Sam sobbed silently and her body shook with it. He grunted in pain like a wounded animal. His face got out of her neck and he held her face in his large strong brawny hands. He put his forehead on hers. His skin cold on her heated one. She froze abruptly feeling a cool tear spill on her cheek. It seeped into her skin and split another tear into her heart. His eyes were closed. He still repeated the pained words. It suddenly hurt her to see him like this and she closed her eyes feeling guilty of the words she just flung at him angrily.

“You don’t play with me like this, babe…” He whispered gruffly as his cool minty breath mixed with hers.

He stayed like that on top of her but he got off her completely when he saw her lift her hand up to touch his cheek.

He sat on the edge of the bed clutching his head in his hands. His back was to her face. He pulled at his hair and his palm moved over his face as if he was trying to contain and gather himself.

She got up slowly in sitting position. He stiffened hearing her get closer to him.

“Cover yourself and get lost.” He murmured the words gruffly.

His words held no power but a cold detachment entered into his tone. Anxiety curled newly around her heart. He was drawing inside. Moving away from her. Freezing her out of his world. Giving her his silence. Breaking her heart all over again.

If she touched him she didn’t know how he would react. She cried silently and buttoned her dress hurriedly.

He got off the bed and moved towards the bedside table. There was a sherry glass container. His fingers were shaking while he poured and made himself a drink.

Sam got off the bed and moved towards him. He needed to know why she said those words. He wasn’t listening to her when tried to tell him that she was a virgin. He ignored her completely then what should she do. She did the only thing that came into her mind. Push him away. Why wouldn’t he trust and understand her. He keeps on hurting her and himself in the process of getting incredibly furious.

“Listen, Neil, You should know why I did it. I’m a…” She started to explain in a shaky voice.

His back was trembling in anger while she was talking and she saw his left hand curl up in a fist.

“f**king, get lost!” He shouted and threw the glass across the room.

It struck violently to the wall and slid down to the floor in broken shards and pieces. Sam drew away covering her ears in fear. Her chest moved up and down looking at the glass shards. Her eyes glistened with fresh tears again and she ran out of the room flinging the door open………..


Someone influential and dangerous entering in their lives in a storm…

And when the storm strikes den he would go to lengths to get what he WANTS….

(To be contd)


I say there is not one pair like these two are.hahaha. Have you see like these two people like anywhere?!?!? Nope I don’t think so….(lol kiddin)

Well guys I wouldn’t be able to update as often as I used to update once. The updates wil be rare now but you do know dat I wud update at every opportunity if i get to write, right? Life is kinda busy. Every day isn’t like how it used to be sooooooo hope u understand?


Have a good day?

Credit to: Blue

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