Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 10 Contd. 4



Sam sagged against his body and she felt his lips smile into her neck. His hands banded around her more tightly. He stayed closer for about a minute and then he moved back a little.

He smiled at her boyishly while locking her left hand fingers with his.

“Let’s go.” He said in a husky voice, while pulling her along into the darkened aisle.

Sam couldn’t match up to his eager pace. His strides were long, hasty and frantic.

“Where are we going?” She asked panting a little.

He pulled her down the stairs and walked her fast into the back door hall.

“Shhh, be quiet. The security team is going to hound me again if you don’t shut your trap.” He admonished her.

Sam felt her cheeks heated up. She gritted her teeth at his high handedness.

He pulled her hard and she went crashing into his back. Oh, what the hell now.

He put a hand over her mouth while pulling her behind a door.

They heard murmuring sounds coming closer to the hall.

“Did you find him.” One of the security asked the other.

The other one seem to sigh.

“No.” He replied disappointed.

“Where did he disappear off to.” The previous said exasperated.

Neil grinned down deliciously at her. His hand still over her mouth as his back stayed attached to the wall and his hands circled tight around her back.

His face drew down and got into her neck and he took a deep breath.

“This is a different smell. Have you changed perfumes.” He murmured huskily in her ear while blowing warm air into her skin through his breath..”Nevermind, I like this one alot too.” He said even more gruffly and tightening his arms around her waist.

Sam tried to reply but because he had his left hand around her mouth still that she remained silent. She rolled her eyes instead.

His head came up and he peered into the crevices of the door.

“I think they left.” He said sighing relieved..”Let’s go.” His hand closed around hers again fast and he pulled her out of the door.

Sam frowned back at him irritated now. His back was to hers while walking so she didn’t get much of an eye contact.

“Why are you hiding from the security?” She asked while matching upto his longer strides.

He looked back at her flatly.

“To have an alone time. They keep hovering around me everywhere.” He replied stiffly.

Sam sighed.

“It’s for your own good perhaps that they are around you.” She said a little worriedly.

Maybe, he wasn’t safe that might be the reason why the security was so tight. She thought about the warning note that she got while gulping hard.

His eyes snapped to hers sharply. He stiffened seeing the look on her face.

“What are you hiding from me?” He asked curiously.

Sam’s widened. Dear god, he was perceptive. How did he get that something was bothering her.

Well, lie you idiot or he is going to create ruckus in your life for a petty thing.

“Um, what? What are you talking about?” She asked hedging away while looking him straight in the eye.

He stared across at her while walking. His expression wasn’t much convinced. Well, if he was curious before, then now damn suspicious now.

Great going, Sam.

He nodded his head in understanding.

“I will let you off now. Later, I’m going to find out anyway.” He stated gruffly again.

Sam felt herself sag in relief. He instantly observed that too because his eyes narrowed more.

She gulped hard and looked around. A frown marred her forehead looking at the unknown territory that they just ventured into.

She never came across this place in the Villa. They were walking in the thick white sand and she could distantly at the back structure of the house.

Sam turned her eyes towards Neil who in turn observing her reactions. She quizzed him with an eyebrow raise.

“What is this place?” She asked in a little wonder, because she hear the rush of cool ocean water coming closer and closer.

The atmosphere here was very different and lovely. It was amazingly breezy and she felt the strings of the air pass through her skin through the clothes in a sweet caress.

He smiled across at her while linking his hand more tighter with hers.

He looked front and smiled even more wide. He was doing it often now since she saw him just now. His smile held a relaxed and laid back attitude. He looked like a complete free spirit without much responsibilities and things to annoy him. This was another side of Neil. The boyish jovial one but he was the same nonchalant and arrogant man that she knew well still.

She wondered at why he was showing this side of him to her. Usually a he put barrier between them. Never talking enough of his life. Always cautious and evasive.

He pulled her out of such deep thoughts when he started talking again and her attention went towards the way he was looking at and she froze seeing it too.

“This is my hide out. A shack like house. I get away here to stay alone for a while from work.” He looked back at her while talking and he grinned again and his eyes danced in humour..”You’re the second woman that I brought here.” He said in whisper and in mock scandalous voice.

Sam stiffened and scowled at him immediately.

“Glad that you shared that with me.” She muttered sarcastically while pulling at her hand to free herself.

Second woman?!? Really and he had the nerve gloat about it. Ah, the impossible man. What did he think that she should be thankful to be brought here to revel about the number of the women he flagged. She glared across at him shooting arrows of fire.

He smiled and pulled at her hand and locked his arm around her neck.

Ugh, the big bully.

“Get off me.” She said irritated as his large hand her head vigorously.

“Come on, don’t get mad…or jealous.” He said with a smile in his voice and Sam snorted. Jealous her ass. Though but he continued speaking..”Jealousy, it’s very s*xy on you but the first one is my mother.” He said concluded with humour in his voice.

Sam stiffened. Oh, mom. Well, then nevermind. She could do with that information.

She moved his hand from on top of her head and she set right her hair which he destroyed.

She scowled at his annoyed.

“Why do you always pick on me?” She asked while pushing away from him.

He got hold of her waist before she could escape. She rolled her eyes. Always touching her when she didn’t want him to.

He looked down at her with a smirk as his hair fell over his forehead in disarray.

“Because it’s always fun to rile you up.” He said teasingly.

Sam’s lips pursed at his reply and his eyes fell over flaringly.

He sighed and moved away and her forehead folded.

“Come, let’s eat lunch. I’m starved.” He said while pulling her into the house.

It was a white washed small out house. When she got a look into it her lips parted in surprise.

It was a one room large house with the bed near the large windows where she got the ocean view. The ocean was rushing towards the glass and moving away. The bed was large and Victorian era styled. In fact, the whole room was designed like that. There was a big fireplace right across the bed with tree logs in it. There were numerous sofa chairs and tables. It was spectacular and in the middle of the room a large mahogany table was arrange with loads of delicious looking lunch on it.

It had steaming plate laden with creamy pasta. Fish and chips with green peas and mashed potatoes. Fried rice and Thai curries. Different kinds of salads with mouth watering dressing drizzled on it. There was a pie plate and tiramisu in another.

This was like a king’s dinner.

Sam kept blinking around the room. It was suddenly freezing here. Neil got around the bed and removed his coat. He loosened the tie and removed the shoes. He removed the top buttons of the white shirt that stretched across his chest.

He went towards the fireplace and lightened up the logs. He used the poker to put some coal in it to help the fire to generate into the thick log.

He got up and moved towards the opposite side of the room. It was the washroom. Before going in he looked back at her.

“Help yourself. I will just come out in a minute.” He said gruffly.

He suddenly turned sombre once inside creating a wall between them already.

Sam moved towards the glass wall windows. She put her hand over it and felt the cool frigid atmosphere of the outside. Her lips parted in a gasp as the ocean water rushed fast towards the windows. She felt as she was standing outside on the beach feeling the waves curl around her body. The water rushed back just as it came. It was breathtakingly spectacular a view. The blue ocean seemed more bluer as this close to the beach. It was as if she was in the moving and in a ship.

All this while she was looking out in wonder, her hear sense wasn’t even aware when he came out of the washroom and sat on the chair of the mahogany dinning table.

She only jerked away from the window he as called her out.

“What are you doing there far away. Come here.” He ordered in an imperious tone.

Sam sighed at his attitude. He bewilders her everytime.

She walked into the centre of the room and sat on the chair opposite to his across the dinning table.

He looked across at her incessantly intensely all the while she sat on the chair. He kept staring and his jaw hardened and his eyes darkened even more.

Sam blinked rapidly. Huh? He was angry?

“Get up.” He said sharply and she stiffened at his tone.

“What’s wrong?” She asked getting alert by his manner.

“Get up.” He said a little louder now.

Sam got off the chair immediately.

“Geez, what’s wrong with you.” She said whiplashed by his change moods.

God, bipolar much?

His eyes narrowed dangerously cool on hers.

“Get here.” He ordered again.

Sam folded her hands around her chest.

“I’m not a dog. I have respect and when I have respect I expect it and need to be asked…nicely.” She hissed.

He stated across at her they fought with the eyes in a challenge.

A smile covered his lips.

“I have all the time in the world.” He said while pulling a pasta plate.

He took a fork and was already digging into it.

Sam gasped at that. The brute. She was wrong to come along here with him. What did she think that he would suddenly turn into a prince charming. That was ridiculous. He was just like the grinch who stole Christmas.

Ridiculous. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. She mumbled under her breath and turned around to leave.

Before she could take a step she was pulled back hard and went flying around. He had her fall over his lap. Sam struggled to get out of his hold.

“Let go, you big brute.” She heated her hands at his chest.

“Run from me as much as you can. I will always catch you before you could even try.” He said in a husky glint of a murmur.

A dark warning coloured his tone. His hands tightening around her waist more when she tried to get off him.

Sam sighed exasperated.

“Fine. Do as you want.” She muttered under her breath giving up.

He chuckled lightly.

“I never needed your permission.” He said softly.

Sam gritted her teeth remaining silent. And he had always the comebacks. He always proves that he was way smarter than her. Always mocking about the age difference that they have. Almost about seven years or more she didn’t know.

His large brawny hands cupped her face and he lifted her eyes to his.

“Hmm, it had been a week. Let me look at you first.” He mumbled softly with the light returning back into his eyes.

The last time he observed her….it was very uncomfortable. Now he doing it again.

“No, I don’t want you to look at me.” She protested trying to get off his lap.

He grabbed her waist and he leaned back on the chair lazily. His eyes caught hers trying to see deep into.

“Really?” He asked her in a deep timbered voice and his right hand grabbed a loaf of bread tearing a piece of it. He popped it in his mouth looking away…”Then, what were you expecting me to do when you were fifteen.” He concluded in an uncaring tone.

Sam stiffened and her back snapped straight. Her eyes widened and her breath missed going into her lungs as the veins blocked it altogether. Her face reddened and heated up.

“What?” She breathed.

He looked back staring into deep into her eyes whole he shoved a fork full pasta into his mouth as he kept her locked in his lap.

“You always looked at me. Looked at me the way you should never have done but you still did.” He said in a lazy husky voice but the control of the tone turned more heated with the way he was saying the words each one carefully.

Sam felt her throat strained shut to swallow. The white shirt at the top of his throat was unbuttoned. His neck muscles were strung tight and she knew that he was passive angry. His other hand around her waist was clenching a little harder into her flesh under her t-shirt.

“I wasn’t looking at you.” She lied in a strained voice.

He looked back at her unsmiling.

“You were always looking at me when I hung out with your brother.” He stated a little harshly silent, the tone of his voice broke
no argument.

He was making it sound so forbidden. It was strangely warm all around them now.

She stayed silent and observed his hands. His large brawny strong hand grabbing the fork looked really hot.

He dropped it on the table and her eyes moved to catch his.

“You want to know how uncomfortable that made me?” He asked in a low calm voice, though a glint of an anger coloured his voice.

Sam stared at his tired face unblinkingly.

He leaned more on the chair settling her deeper into his body. He stared at her for an incessant second. She could understand of what went around his eyes darkening them.

Annoyance. Anger. Lots of it. Frustration. Distrust. Which she knew from the start of this that he never trusted her. A confusion. And something even more deeper that she couldn’t understand but she got it that he hated feeling it. Hated it so much that it almost shadowed his eyes like an eclipse.

He broke her curious gaze getting into his mind by shuttering her out from his eyes and something like cruel entered into his demeanour.

“Do you want me to show you how uncomfortable you made me?” He asked her even more in a dangerous voice.

He didn’t give her chance to reply. He looked across at the dinning table and took something from the corner. Sam frowned and when his came back to hers they were pitch black.

His left hand came around hers slowly. He moved his hand and Sam observed a black round sea stone. It covered her whole hand. He pressed her palm over it. It warmth up with their mixed body heat.

Sam stared confused and fascinated at it. She lifted her eyes to his quizzically.

His eyes were burning fire.

He tightened his hands around hers on the pebble stone. His Adam’s apple moved up and down.

“Your stares made me this hard always.” He murmured gruffly and very very huskily and his eyes almost dilated…”Stone hard.” He sighed but his hands let go off hers as cold entered into his eyes…”And I was f**king twenty two perving on a fifteen year old girl.” He concluded in a gruff disturbed voice.

Sam stared breathless and mute at him.

She somehow understood the gist of his anger.

Neil looked back at her accusingly but his eyes encountered a round of observations of her face. A cruel streak entered into his mind suddenly and he wanted to see more of those looks she was giving. His left hand caught hers as his jaw hardened. He moved her hand over his thigh and up slowly.

Immediately he got what he wanted. With widened eyes she looked at her hand and she snatched it away as if burned. And he got more of those looks. The parting of her luscious lower lip. The deep breath she took in. The stiffening of her body over his legs. Her eyes wide luminous and innocent moving even rounder in realization of what he was implying. Her pink tongue coming licking her full red lower lips nervously. The blushing deep to the roots of her hair. He could see the crimson red cover her porcelain cheeks into a deep pink twinge. As if he pinched her cheeks. The colour spread over her nose, forehead, ears, jaw and down the slender neck. It spread speed and fast down her br*ast bone and disappeared under the pink t-shirt. Neil scowled heavily. Confounding clothes. One day he was going to see it spread all the way down.

There she goes again making stone hard and itching for a relief again.

He gritted his teeth in real anger now. He didn’t know why she was acting innocent when she knows well about what goes on between a man and a woman. He didn’t understand her act and the coy ‘deer caught in the headlights’ look. He sure wasn’t her first. She had four boyfriends before him and his blood boiled that he wasn’t her first. And of course she was experienced and to cover it up that she was innocent, made him really angry and shamefully aroused him even more. The way she looked around the how just now with wonder and naivety. It really threw off the loop here if he was wrong. But he wasn’t wrong and she was again deceiving him with her innocent act. It didn’t make her any less than her sister.

His eyes turned cold and he caught her hand again.

Sam’s eyes rounded and she snapped at him snatching her hand back.

“Stop it, Neil.” She muttered uncomfortably.

Neil stared across at her with eyes sharp as slice of a knife and he smiled and chuckled coldly.

“Why do you act all coy and naive behaving as if you aren’t aware of a man’s anatomy.” He titled his head down and she blushed profusely…”or his body parts.” He whispered scandalously mocking her.

Sam straightened. Act coy? He was back to that again, wasn’t he. Dear god.

He jaw worked in an angry set as his hand tightened around her waist.

“I know that you went out with quite a few before me and I also know that I want to kill each one of those losers now.” He said through gritted teeth but he closed his eyes and shook his head…”But, you should drop the act of innocence because it’s becoming old and is frustrating to see the shocked expressions on your face whenever I get close to you.” He said each word silently threatening and sighed…”It’s kind of irritating me now.” He concluded.

Sam looked on bewildered at his words. Went out with quite a few? She only had four dates. Lames ones that Suha sent her to, which turned out to be even more boring. She didn’t go out with anyone like the way he was telling her. Looking at his face a second more realization dawned on her abruptly and with it brought into her mind numerous emotions. Every thing made her mind into convoluted disturbed circuits. Dear god, Suha what did you do. Her sister very thoroughly poisoned Neil’s mind with such things. She remembered the first time he called her a spoilt princess and a sl*t. Now, she thought he had an improved image of her all this while but she didn’t know he had barely an inch of a better thought of her still. Only that he cut out ‘spoilt bratty prince’ and curtly put the ‘sl*t’ in a big, red, stretched capital word deeply inserted in his mind. He was unknown still that she was a virgin and he was thinking that she did it with four other guys. Sam flinched inside. God, he was making her feel like a sl*t even though she was not.

She opened her mouth to clarify the fact but she shut it close not knowing how to say it. If she did say that she was innocent still what would he do?

Her mind went into circle of various answers to that one.

He would surely run for the hills. He was this close to her because he thought she had done it before and that he was very relieved about the fact of it. Because there wasn’t a speck of danger to put his heart into this temporary relationship. Or upto whenever he thought this would last with her.

Oh, he was calculative wasn’t he. He was a thorough cold hearted banker.

His eyes narrowed coolly at her contemplative silence. His gaze was assessing her and he was providing the time for her to think through this.

She could easily clear the misunderstanding but she didn’t want. It was a kind of a betrayal on her part but he would find eventually that she was a virgin and then he would run. Because, he would repent of the fact that he hurt her and did not trust her at all. Till then, for own selfishness, she didn’t want to let go off him now that he was with her.

He pulled her again from such disturbing grim thoughts by sliding his long fingers into his hair.

“You always stared at me and went out with those losers and confused the hell out of me. Was it nice playing the field? Playing all those guys and then wounding me around like a drawn dog with your eyes?” He gritted in remembrance of the past in a very hard unforgiving voice.

Sam winced. That surely must have put her in the certified list of sl*ts in his mind. Permanently so. Because only those have wandering eyes but what about him. Well, he did the same to her, didn’t he. He walked with numerous girls over his arm every week. Didn’t he fling that at her in a sneer. The compelling thing was he never showed interest and she never thought he observed her gazing at him always whenever he came home. Geez, did he have eyes in the back of his head too. Her cheeks heated up. Oh, dear, how embarrassing. She would have never looked at him then. She only did that because she had a crush on him a little. Well, a huge one.

He caught hold of her left hand within his in a lock while talking.

“At first I thought you were just a kid and that you would grow up and wait for me.” He said grimly and continued while he moved his hand over her jean clad upper leg and her breath hitched up….”But, again, you brought that another loser to the pub wearing the shortest sparkly dress two years back looking all the way very much grown up with these curves and all…” His voice turned husky. His eyes caught hers lazily intense….”You must know. It made me furious and then do you know what happened that made me even more mad at you?” He asked her in a low harsh whisper while his hand tightened on her leg to the point of digging painfully into her skin. He moved closer and his breath fell over her lips in short angry breaths…”one of the dickhead in the bar called you a sl*t and you know what I did. I broke his nose and most of the bones in his body. He probably wouldn’t have children for eternity.” He concluded becoming even more incensed by the second.

Sam remembered about the incident. The brawl that he and Rohan got into while in the pub two years back. She saw Neil beat the hell out of a guy who had been writhing in pain on the floor. Dear god, she didn’t know and the ‘loser’ that he was talking about was actually Dev. How did Neil not recognise him. Well, because Dev’s back was to where Rohan and Neil sat far across the bar. So that the reason he was glaring daggers at her then. She didn’t know why he was angry at her.

Wow, the misunderstandings in their lives did bit by bit become a huge boulder now. She didn’t know how to clear them. He would never trust her words.

Neil sighed and smiled rue fully now.

“Do you know what Rohan thought? He thought that I beat the shithead to pulp because he knew I was looking out for you as being his sister and that I shared the same feeling as his about you.” He said closing his eyes shaking his head….”But he would kill me too knowing that I only want to f**k you now.” He concluded in a crude cruel blow.

Sam immediately hit his chest hard and tried to struggle out of his arms. He was saying that to hurt her and warning her that she should not have any romantic feeling towards him other than those he encouraged just now.

Cruel jerk.

He laughed evilly.

“God damn, twisted it is, isn’t it.” He murmured while trying to contain her flailing hands around his arms.

“Relax your ruffled feathers. I was only joking.” He said smiling down at her.

Sam gritted her teeth. She had to ask this.

“What do you mean?” She hissed.

He frowned in confusion.

“What do I mean what?” He asked her instead.

Quite hedging the question, you jerk, she silently communicated the anger she felt coursing into her veins through her eyes. He didn’t get it as he looked back at her flatly.

“The thing that we have? How long will it be?” She asked bluntly.

He got the challenge in her eyes as his turned cold in response.

“As long as until it fizzles out between us.” He said coolly practical.

She knew that and she also was aware that he knew that she knew but he proved of being a big mean jerk by saying it out loud anyway.

His hands banded around her roughly as if he was afraid that she would run away again.

Her hands remained to her sides unmoving to curl around his neck.

“What about….” She started unsurely but he cut off her hope into pieces with his own final words.

“Love?” He asked her mockingly and then his smile wore off as a harsh hard look came across his features….”You don’t put hopes here…” His forefinger tapped on her upper chest….”or have any such ideas because I will never give you that. Love is never going to happen between us but we can have….” And then he grinned devilishly again….”lots and lots of amazingly hot….” He went on huskily before Sam flew out of his arms in a one big desperate struggle.

She muttered heavy curses under her breath. Oh, she was angry now. Dear god, he was such a dog.

Oh, impossible beast. She moved her feet fast towards the door but before she could fling it out the ground disappeared off her vision and do did her feet.

Sam squeaked in surprise when he flung her over his shoulder like a potato sack.

“Neil! Stop this!” She screeched and beat her fist on his hard back..”Let go off me!” She screamed again.

“No.” He clipped while he made a walk outside of the door.

Sam screamed some and protested with flailing hands and legs. She kicked him in the stomach but he hardly flinched. She was flung upside down over his left shoulder.

“You can scream as much as you like. Nobody is going to come here to your rescue.” He said amused by her failed tries.

Sam huffed and puffed fuming in silence and she locked her hands looking at the white sand of the beach while he walked with her upside down over his shoulder towards the ocean.

He finally took her into the rushing foaming water as the sun slowly immersed itself into the ocean. The setting of it brought around the dusk.

He put her down finally in the wet sand. The cool water slid along her feet and rushed back. Sam tried to run again but he grinned and caught hold of her arms.

“Not so fast.” He drawled and pushed her to the view and circled his arms around her waist from behind.

His front attached her back firmly as he locked his hands around her middle.

Oh god, he was impossible. She didn’t want to be with right but he wouldn’t leave her alone. Goodness, this was like too much of Neil today. She had enough of him already.

She sighed heavily when he put his chin over her left shoulder.

The sun was a bluer of orange round. It was beautiful of how it was setting down into the ocean. The evening circled around dimming away already. A few boats floated around and the light in those twinkled far away in the ocean. The breeze was a little pleasant.

“We should get married.” He murmured and shocked her again with his words.

Sam closed her exasperated. Marriage without love. Great. Just great. Everything was a joke to him. She turned around facing him.

He looked down at her with unsmilingly and Sam gaped looking at him for a while minute.

“You’re serious?” She asked incredulously.

He frowned at her innocently.

“Of course.” He replied unaffected by the way he was hurting her.

“A marriage without love in it?” She asked again to clarify herself.

He smiled cynically while a steel went into his eyes.

“What does love has to do with it?” He asked her while pulling his hands and putting them in his pant pockets.

Sam stared at him in disbelief. A short escaped her lips.

“A loveless marriage which would eventually move towards a divorce?” She asked again for him deny the way his words were affecting her.

He stood grimly uncaring while looking front at the ocean.

“That’s what I said. When the marriage fizzles out of the mutual attraction that we have between us then we’ll get a divorce. Simple, isn’t it. Lots of people do the same thing nowadays.” He said nonchalantly.

Oh, my god, she was going to kill him. She was literally going to kill him.

This was his style of proposing her. Why wasn’t she surprised.

“Ugh!” She let out her frustration.

Sam turned around to walk away fuming but he still wouldn’t let her go. He caught her left hand tightly in his.

She turned around to face him coldly. His face was etched in an intense grave expression.

His fingers bit into her flesh of wrist and she flinched. His eyes flashed.

“I will be giving you everything that you ever dreamed of having.” He said in a low gruff rumble.

Sam felt herself stiffen. She across at the Villa.
He could give her immense wealth but that’s that. Empty houses and Villa with being just bricks and cement. What would she do with all those.

She looked back at him staring into his eyes.

“But, you wont give the one thing that I need mostly.” She replied back equally coolly.

He let go off her hand immediately.

“I never promised you hearts and flowers.” He said softly.

And, Sam was hit by the force of his words. She cringed inside. Yes, he did say that. He always said so. Very honestly that too and she was foolish enough to have a hope even after he made it clear. That he would never love her. But still coming out of his mouth so carelessly….it hurt her.

She stood there staring up at him trying to see into his eyes. He gazed down at her giving away nothing.

A deep sigh escaped his lips and he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Enough of this.” He muttered tiredly…”You’ll come around it eventually, but now let’s go to sleep.” He said yawning a little, while he caught hold of her hand again.

Sam scowled looking down at their locked hands. He wouldn’t leave her alone , would he?

She freed her hand.

“I will never come around it. I will never get married to you.” She said fiercely, and turned around before he could even reply.

“Fine. Go back to the hall. I will come after you and announce loud and big to everyone that you’re my mistress.” He said to her walking back.

Sam’s step faltered to put forward to next one. Her cheeks heated up and she turned around with lips parted in surprise.

His lips quirked up in a cruel smile.

“Think of the way your friends will look at you if I do that.” He said in a low black mailing voice.

Sam stared at him wide eyed. He would go down to any standards wouldn’t he. To control her life always.

“You’re unbelievable.” She whispered.

He walked towards her grinning widely.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever, you can praise me later.” He muttered sarcastically and caught hold of her hand…”Now, come with me.” He tugged at her hand and dragged her unwilling form towards the outhouse.

He didn’t budge even a little when she beat her left hand over his.

They both got into the house and Neil closed the door and locked with the security on. He smiled at while walking towards the bathroom. Sam snorted at his behaviour.

He thought she would run away and he thought right. Sam went towards the wall and she punched in random numbers but everything came out wrong.

She stood there helpless. The windows were locked.

He came out a minute later. She saw that he changed into a grey t-shirt and black track pants.

“You didn’t get the code. How sad.” He jeered at her.

Sam pursed her lips into an angry line.

He moved towards her and caught hold of her hand. His face was now very haggard and drawn. He said he hadn’t got time to sleep since two days now. Well, she can hardly argue with him now.

“Now, I really need to sleep.” He said in a lazy gruff voice.

Sam sighed treading along with him to the bed.
He cut her way standing close to her. His eyes were frowning down at something down her waist. Now what? She rolled her eyes at his attitude.

“You don’t sleep in those jeans.” He ordered her.

Sam stared up into his eyes while folding her hands around her chest.

He got the look in his eyes and his jaw hardened.

“I would encourage this attitude if you get the vile jeans off your legs. Now.” His tone imperious as hell.

Sam thought of punching his face but if she then it would only hurt her hand. That means she wouldn’t be able to paint for a week or so. Her hands were already stinging with the way she used her fists to beat his rock hard chest several times since an hour. The conclusion to all of this thinking was that…….she should deal him with utter incredible patience because he wouldn’t let go off her. He hurts her in ways of hurting her bad and expects her to stay by his side even then…..Wow, what planet was he from she didn’t know.

“I don’t have here anything to change into.” She replied patiently.

He looked back at her still angrily but he nodded his head moving toward his wardrobe.

Wow again, to get around him unscathed, she had to be meek. Sam fumed. If so, he should have a pet instead of a girlfriend or whatever that is he labelled her with being in his life. If he expects her to wear his shirt, then he should really forget her staying here.

He threw something at her face from across the room and Sam closed her eyes gritting her teeth. Brute.

She slid down the clothes from off her face and frowned heavily. A pair of blue night shirt and pajama shorts. These were hers. How did he get her clothes here?

She looked across at him bewildered.

“Change into those.” He said curtly.

Sam stared into his eyes for about a second. Then realization dawned on her.

She snorted.

“You were so sure of yourself, weren’t you? You knew that I would come along with you here so you brought my clothes?” She asked in incredulous disbelief.

He smiled and chuckled lightly.

“Ah, the feel of triumph is good.” He said in satisfaction and walked around the bed…..”And, for the record, I was already here since three days now. You must have not know that.” He said concluding in an evil smile.

Sam gasped and she blinked rapidly.

So he came back from London long back but stayed out of her sight since the night on the beach and she wondered why he didn’t talk to her before going away.

And she left him several of the embarrassing messages.

He had his hands in the track pockets now. He stood there looking and being every way completely rude, arrogant, aristocratic, mean, patronising, condescending, brute, Neanderthal nonchalant, egoistic, sarcastic, cynically cruel, controlling, bipolar, and an a class jerk.

He saw her face and chuckled again.

“But, I held back looking at your many messages and calls. ‘How are you?’ ‘where are you?’ Why aren’t you answering my calls…….. Frankly, it was quite amusing.” He said smirking at her and went on arrogantly….”But don’t you think….. that you were more than a little desperate to have me back in your life?” He asked her mockingly again.

Sam had enough. Her eyes saw a deep angry red. She slipped out of her sports shoes and took one in her hand.

She flung it across at his face. He ducked immediately laughing hard and she cursed at the missed attack. Oh, she took hold of the another shoe and threw that. It went flying across the bed and hit him across the shoulder but he stayed attach to the floor thoroughly well and unaffected. He grinned back at her shaking his head patronisingly. Maybe, asking her ‘is that all you can do’. Sam gritted her teeth in frustration. Fists doesn’t work. Shoes doesn’t work. God damn him, was he made of stone. Of course he must have, he had a cold hearted stone instead of an actual beating heart.

His smile wiped off.

“If you’re done throwing a hissy fit, then go change into those. Immediately. I’m done humouring you and if you don’t remove those jeans right away then I will gladly do it for you and I possibly will rip it off your legs.” He muttered an order and a threat again in a rough grit of a voice.

Sam scowled at his changing mood swings. He was a certified bipolar. That she confirmed it now after being in his company for more than an hour.

She treaded her way into bathroom.

“And, come back soon before I fall asleep.” He said in a trailing tired voice as he got into the bed.

Sam fumed while all along the shower. Dear god, he was impossible. She changed into the night clothes and got into the room again.

He stayed half sitting on the bed with his eyes closed and with his hands holding the back of his head on the pillows.

She got around the bed and his eyes opened slowly. She turned to the far side and slid back the covers. He looked back at her lazily but he remained amused and silent while she put a barrier of the pillows on the bed creating two sides.

“Stay on your side.” She ordered him.

His eyebrows raised at that and he smiled saluting her with his left hand.

“Yes, mam.” He replied gruffly.

Sam scowled back. He looked like an idiot doing that. She slid her nose up in the air while lying down. She gave him her back and switched off the lamp over the bed side table.

“Good night.” He muttered already seeming to fall asleep.

Sam remained silent. Sleep alluded her for a long while. The rush of the ocean coming towards the windows and the slow cool breeze around the beach pulled her finally in a drowsy yet disturbed sleep.

Sometime around the the night, a pair of hands circled around the middle and his face got into the skin of her neck.

“It had been a while since having you in my arms, babe……I warn you to run away from me again….” He mumbled sleepily and his breath evened out immediately and his words trailed out.

Sam smiled feeling the impossible many characteristics of his nature. Even in his sleep he was threatening her.

She sighed and closed her eyes finally getting deeper into a relaxed slumber with his arms around her and his front attached to her back warmly and secure…….

To be contd. Plsssssss bear wit me to update ardhika story a little while later. I wil surely update it but it would take time. Hope my frnds understand it.

Cakes, pizzas and burgers?????? are best in the world but panipuri comes betest of all comfort foods. The bestestestbestest….hahahah??

किेपिया करके dटि के लिये थोढा एितेजार किजिये

Hope i wrote i wrotw i crct hindi. Lol. Mistks mkstas sorry in the previous update there were lot of mistakes coz i wrote hastily in contact us page of the site?

Credit to: Blue

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