Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 10 Contd. 3


Apart Not

Sam was feeling millions things right now and everything pointed at hitting the man on the head with something. Since after the ordering her around in the messages he again went missing. No calls. No talk. Nothing.

Sigh. He was thoroughly unpredictable. She didn’t know a thing about what would happen next with him. It was a wonder how she had managed to stay sane till now. If given to being to remain in his company twenty fours she sure would end up in the craziest of the loony bins. That was a sure thing to happen.

She smiled while sautรฉing onions in the pan.

Reeka came around and murmured in her ear.

“Have you lost it finally. You’ve been smiling to yourself. Seriously, Sam, it’s weirding us all now. Look around.” She whispered and moved away.

Sam’s smile fell off and she looked around clearing her throat. Each of them was staring at her and were murmuring among themselves.

Great. Now she was a certified crazy. Everyone would be a witness to send her to an institution. She drew down her head and went about her business silently. So much for not seeking attention and coming out being strange, the day hadn’t been that amazing till now. With Neil being AWOL she had been feeling many things. These were all the symptoms of missing him. That’s was what the conclusion.

Neil treaded upstairs with the security team around his back. Well, he wondered at the extra numbers. He did have a death threat though. Twice the letter came warning him of consequences of what he did and frankly he didn’t know what exactly he did that someone was after his death. Well, he put people find out about the letter and none found any similarity of the writing. He wasn’t aware that he had created enemies all this while instead of allies.

He though was tired to think through this mess.

When he got around the other aisle instead of the elevator he took to reach his study, the security team head stopped him with a hesitant protesting.

“Boss, that aisle isn’t the way to the elevator.”

Neil smiled and his eyes narrowed.

“I’m very much aware of my Villa and it’s many aisles and also well aware to what this one takes me to.” He replied still smilingly.

But a steel maintained in his voice.

The man looked unsure and a little apologetic.

“I’m sorry for interrupting.” He said, while Neil understood a bit of disapproval in his voice.

And for the first he observed the man. He was young in his mid twenties. He had seen this guy somewhere but Neil brushed it off instantly.

This one seemed sharp and edgy kind. His eyes narrowed more sharply.

“Good.” He muttered, and turned his way to the aisle of the kitchen.

He walked into the area and the main hall where the supplies were being taken in the pantry.

As soon as he entered in, he heard a lot of shocked gasps, murmurs and after that a complete silence fell around.

One woman exclaimed loudly and Neil blinked surprised.

The fluttering, smiling short woman of twenty wearing an apron coat came running towards him.

The security head got around him and stopped her by grabbing her upper arm.

“No, Misha.” He warned her.

The woman with a round, young pleasant face made a grimace.

“What? Rudra, how can you…”

“Shut up.” The man cut her off and pushed her out of the door.

Neil looked amusingly at the lovers tiff. Well.

The security head came around with a reddened angry face and when Neil quizzed with an eyebrow raise he smiled a little.

“She is a fan of yours.” He muttered in explanation.


“Seems like she is some else’s fan. Who isn’t aware of it.” Neil replied sighing.

The man frowned in confusion at his reply but he stayed mute and moved away tilting his head.

Neil momentarily forgot about why he came here for.

Sam sorted broccoli into the fridge room and moved to and fro from the kitchen and into the room.

“There is no steak pieces here, Roshan and..” Sam got out shouting about the things that needed to stocked but she stopped dead as everyone was staring front at something.

“Is someone dead?” She joked lamely while she smiled.

Yuvan moved out of her and Sam’s lower jaw hung while looking at the person standing in the middle of the hall while four or five men surrounded him like F.B.I

She stared ahead unblinking and completely thrown off the loop.

What in the god’s name was he doing here?!?

The first was question mark in her mind, then it turned into bewilderment and then later question mark continued in a loop.

The broccoli rolled from her hand and dropped on the floor. It made a loud thudding sound in the silence. Reeka looked across at her horrified.

What the hell? She mouthed silently while Sam stared at her frowning.

With that humiliating noise made by her every pair of the eyes there swivelled around to look at the person responsible for the sound.

She gulped hard and Neil who was looking around curiously spotted her instantly in the crowd. His blue suited form straightened as his eyes narrowed at her. His black sharp eyes caught hers while she stood frozen to the ground looking ridiculous with dropped broccoli all around her legs.

She saw a look pass through his face as lips quirked up a little at her shocked reaction. His hair was longer and dishevelled and was definitely in the need of haircut. His eyes were red and he had circles under his eyes. A five O’ clock shadow was around his jaw and he looked really haggard and tired. Oh, dear, he looked like a complete mess. Since how long hadn’t he slept. His eyelids were almost drawing down but even then he looked way way smarter and handsome. There was no point there in argument about his looks. He always looked dashing. The tired look elevated his looks even darker and rough.

The compelling question was, How the hell did he come in an hour here from London that too. Did he fly across like a superman. She felt like it hours that he messaged her but it had only been an hour and now he was here.

The look of lazy assessment of her body cut off abruptly and he looked angry suddenly.

“You.” He pointed at her with a head tilt.

“Come along.” He concluded curtly and turned around.

He paused and said over his shoulder.

“Don’t make me wait.” He said and as he came with all the hustling of people he left with people moving around him like a protective shield.

Sam stood there surprised as well but she wasn’t that surprised at his moves now a days.

As the shock drew away from the kitchen crowd they all turned to their business except her friends.

Reeka came towards her hurried.

“Seems like an inspection and why the hell did you drop the broccoli..” She said a little panicked while picking veggies off the floor.

Yuvan slapped her back sadly.

“You’re going to be sacked. I’m sorry buddy.” He said deeply affected.

What the hell…

Roshan gave her a apologetic shrug.

“This happens very rarely. I’m sorry I can’t do anything for you. Can’t go against the boss here.” He said in a quiet tone.

Sam played along. Thank god, they didn’t think otherwise.

“Awesome. Just throw me under the buss, guys.” She said angrily and threw the kitchen cloth on the slab and moved out of the kitchen almost mock crying.

She took a deep breath in. Heavens, that was a close call. Really, this Neil was going to mess up her life more now. Damn him, she cursed scowling heavily.

Where was he? She thought while walking into the great hall. It was empty and none a person lurked around.

Well, she could go back to kitchen and think that it was a dream. It really must be.

She was seriously going crazy now if she made up in her mind this incident.

Before she could enter in two large band like hands circled around her waist and before she could scream in a shock, her body was pushed to a wall with her back to it. Her mouth was instantly covered with a large hand and another locked her to a body.

Her eyes widened when a pair of black gaze loomed down at her in mirth.

Neil. He smirked looking at her widened stare. His hand fell away but hard suited body stayed attached to hers. He smiled at her devilishly.

“Neil, you jerk.” Sam whispered a scream as soon as his hand moved away from her mouth.

She pushed at his shoulder but he didn’t move a budge.

She gave up panting heavily.

“God, I was scared, you big bully.” She said glaring up qt him.

His eyes danced in humour having scared the hell out of her. His breath minty and cool fell over her forehead. His left hand came up and cupped her cheek.

His skin was warm and rough against her cool and rough one.

“Did you miss me.” He asked her softly while his hand caressed her back.

She could feel the warm brand of his touch over her skin even with the thick layers of coat.

Sam snorted.

No how are you but he went straight for her to inflate his ego.

“Yeah, like a lot.” She said sarcastically in mocking.

His eyes narrowed dangerously at her tone. A sharp glint like light passed over his eyes. Though they were now looking displeased as hell while straying down at her body.

“What the hell is this thing?” He asked in a gruff blunt voice.

Sam sighed.

“It’s an apron coat.” She repeatedly flatly again.

His eyes came up lazy and dry.

“Seems like a potato sack. I can’t feel your curves. Get it off.” He said annoyed while tugging the buttons at the top of her neck.

Sam gasped. She looked cautiously.

“Neil, are you crazy. Someone will come.” She said panicked, while he removed the last button of the coat like a manic.

He grinned evilly.

“Nobody comes to this corner.” He said in a low burr of a voice as he tugged the thick coat off her shoulders…”And, it’s not I’m stripping you bare.” He said in a low husky murmur as his eyes flared looking at her tank top pink t-shirt.

The few last words he said breathily excited making her breathless all the same.

He moved the curtain of her dark straight hair from off her left shoulder. His face snuggled deeper into the bare skin of her neck.

He took a deep breath in making Goosebumps rose up her flesh.

“This is good.” He sighed in a groan even more heavily.

The murmur and the vibration of his deep voice went down her body heatedly.

“I missed you.” He said in a quiet voice as he burrowed his body deeper into hers……


To be contd.


In the previous updates Sam and Neil get separate piece of papers with the same warning written in it. Both have the same enemy or…

Credit to: Blue

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