Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 10 Contd. 2


Time Apart

It had been a week. A week since she last saw Neil. Since he surprised her with cupcakes and a few shocking things. The whole Villa was abuzz with the news that the big boss had gone to London for some big meet. Something like a conference or sorts. But, Sam knew that he went to see his mother. She wondered and kept wondering.

Each time she looked at her phone to check if she got a call or message from him but each time the empty inbox left her disappointed. She was perplexed at his behaviour. He got closer and then he froze her off from his life like this. She left him several messages and now she groaned heavily for coming across desperate.

Oh, god, how shameful. For heavens sake, what is wrong with you Sam. She cursed herself heavily for calling him repeatedly for only to be humiliated when it went up to his voice mail. He put her call in the god damn voice mail!

She took out her frustrations on a pizza dough. Rolling it and beating it out on the kitchen slab.

Roshan exchanged looks with Yuvan. They remained silent at her anger display. She scowled at all of them before working through the kitchen laboriously. Evening drew down and she got busy with cutting veggies for the night’s dinner.

Suddenly her vibrated with a message. That must be Reeva asking about the supplies Sam bought this morning. Oh, life was busy and hectic.

She washed her hands in the sink and rubbed her wet hands on the kitchen cloth.

Sam lifted the phone and unlocked. She frowned looking at a private number.

“What are you wearing?” The message asked.

Her forehead crinkled more at the bizarre message. Who the hell is the creep asking her what she is wearing?

Usually she ignored calls and messages from unknown numbers but because her mind was rankled and annoyed as hell she gritted her teeth looking at it.

Her fingers could not stop tapping out a message.

“And who the heck are you?” She wrote out in a snap.

Useless god damn creepy unknown numbers she thought while chopping a carrot.

The phone instantly vibrated.

“Your BOYFRIEND.” The reply said.

Her eyes widened at the caps over the last word. What the hell…

Her cheeks heated up and her body felt a ripple of many thing. She blinked several times at her phone before freezing to the ground. Her mind went into overdrive and with these all familiar feeling realization finally dawned on her.


A short escaped her lips as her heart skipped several beats. Goodness. Impossible man. Seriously. What the hell. Just make her flustered up and leave her high and dry and come again to mess up with her mind. She pushed away the knife as sudden anger coursed through her body.

Jerk. The big bully. She ought to chop him into pieces with this knife.

Boyfriend. Boyfriend?!? Her mind cried out in anger. Since when were they in such relationship.

She didn’t know what to reply as she fumed continually for a minute in silence. But then again she needed to make sure if it really was Neil or it wasn’t someone else pranking her. Yuvan usually did such things.

She looked across at the guy folding her hands under her chest and narrowing her eyes at his bent head. He was mixing something in the soup with a large wooden spoon.

When he felt her glare his eyes caught hers. His eyes widened.

“What the hell are you doing?” Sam asked threateningly.

He blinked at her innocently.

“Er..mixing salt in the soup..” He replied unsure.

Sam saw that both of his hands were busy over the large container. He didn’t look like he was using a phone. Sam shook her head moving away from the kitchen counter. Yuvan gave her a weird look.

“Woman are strange.” He muttered under his breath.

Sam closed her eyes and slid her hand over her face. Ah, he finally was making her go crazy. She was becoming a loony bin now.

Unlocking the phone again Sam typed out a reply.

“Are you Neil?” She enquired.

The message came instant.

“Who else is your boyfriend.” The message stated.

Sam smiled grimly.

Even in the messaged he was arrogant as hell. She could feel him smiling across at her lazily while replying in a mock at her question.

She didn’t reply and another message followed.

“Now, shut the hell up and tell me what you’re wearing.” The message read.

Sam’s eyes widened. She bit her lower lip not to let out a loud curse. He wasn’t even here and already she felt completely under his control.

She could feel his anger through the message. Dear god, please provide me with patience. I need lots of it.

Why does he want to know what she is wearing. Ridiculous she thought and looked down at herself. She was in the kitchen so obviously she wearing a white apron coat and black jeans.

“White apron coat.” She replied curtly.

She closed her eyes at her own lame reply. Why did she do as he said always she didn’t know. It was irritating.

She waited for his reply and it came immediate.


Sam gasped.

She typed out a reply.

“I’m sorry Mr.Boyfriend whatever for being uns*xy. Someone has to work here for a living.”

That was a longest message she ever wrote and she typed it hurriedly before she folded and changed the decision. She was so angry with him for not talking to her for a week. A whole week he avoided her. Like as if she was some stalker.

She got the reply instantly.

“Are you smart mouthing me, babe?”

Sam stiffened suddenly. Babe? Babe.

She gulped hard. Her eyes stung with immediate tears.

He hadn’t called her that since a long time.

A very long time. She could feel all this while that he put a distance between them but this was the first he was referring again as her boyfriend and calling her babe. Dear god, what was happening.

“Tired out. Been working since four days without a break.”

She read the message feeling sorry for him. She didn’t have any idea that he was working hard and here she was cursing him for not replying. Surely he was a billionaire for nothing. He had to work hard for it too.

“Now, send me a picture of you. Without the apron.” Came the order instantly.

Sam scowled at his attitude. He was back to his original self, wasn’t he.

“I’m working.” She typed a reply.

She felt herself cringe. Now why did she do that. Talk against. He would always get angry if she ever did.

With thudding and fluttering of her heart to opened his message.

“Babe, don’t make me come there. Now, be a good girl and get THE DAMN APRON OFF YOUR BODY.”

She felt Goosebumps rise up her flush. Anger made her face reddened. Damn him.

She pushed her feet into motion and walked out of the room.

“Hey, you haven’t cut the veggies, man!” Yuvan called out from behind her.

Sam shooed him away from her hand over her shoulder.

“Get that done yourself.” She flung the words uncaring.

She heard a frustrated sigh.

“Dammit, I thought of taking a break.” She heard him whine before she treaded out into the hall.

She found herself a little corner where people walked around rarely. She removed the apron and set right the pink t-shirt she wore under it. Frustrating idiot.

She pursed her lips and scowled and then an idea came up in her mind. Her face twisted and she poked out her tongue. She took a picture of it and pushed the sent button. Take that.

She grinned satisfied finally.


Neil’s phone vibrated again. He unlocked it and got into the messages.

It took two seconds to download the image. As soon as he looked down at it, he smiled a second and later threw his head back guffawing hard.

“Funny, aren’t you.” He told himself after he sobered down.

The hall went into complete silence and the presentation halted instantly. He looked around the room of fifty of his employees staring at him wide eyed.

They were all seated facing the projector as an important meeting was being held which he broke just now by laughing.

Neil sighed heavily. He smiled a little across the big hall. They were almost covered darkness and most of them were worn out since days now and were probably snoozing off.

He got up in decision.

“Gentlemen, we have been working since a long time now and I’m happy with the result. Though there are a few things still to be tweaked…” He went on and heard a lot of groans at his words….”But, those could be done late as it’s time to take a day’s break.” He concluded finally.

With that the crowd around cheered and sighed in murmured appreciations.

Good. It’s time to see his girl and god if he didn’t miss her being in his arms. Feeling her sag against his body. He smiled in anticipation……

To be contd.

Credit to: Blue

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