Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 8


Chapter- 8 ( Extreme)

After the revelation of what he said and the way he said it, Sam couldn’t think much but be in a daze. How come she couldn’t see it. How was it that, he looked at her. Really looked at her and she was so blind to not notice it. Surely there might be an indication she missed? She tried to revert to the past, but except the rememberence of his cold brush off she couldn’t get around to think of his eyes. She never made eye contact. She was too afraid to see the coldness and hatred written in those inky black eyes for her. Too afraid of a heart break. Too afraid that if she really glanced deep into the bottomless pits of his eyes, then there would be no return for her. It might have ruined her. She was afraid to get closer yet felt that he could have crossed the space between the walls of their personalities.

If they would have happened, then…… he wouldn’t have went for someone else. He wouldn’t have gotten engaged. He wouldn’t have lost everything in the process. Though he had lived in darkness, and has then come out of it. The incident after that made him go to the same cold place he had been in. Anyone would have in his place. Sam knew that his parents divorced very early in his childhood, and he lived with his father. The same father who hit him. Hit him repeatedly. Scarred him for life when he was ten. Somehow the child care got to know about the violence and he was taken away. After a long custody battle, Neil was taken away by his mother to London. He lived there with her and had healed but not completely. Sam remembered his face when he got into a room full of smile and cheer of her family. He was uncomfortable and suddenly looked visibly drawn back into a shell. He came around much much later and started to smile often at her parents, Rohan and her sisters. She felt with sudden slow rising dread that he still was there in the shadows. Why didn’t they happen? Her and Neil. Sam bemoaned at the lost time. She felt immense sadness, thinking. Feeling. Hurting. Sam was now being melodramtic. She was making Neil a broken man image. Which he wasn’t. He was much stronger and sensible. He wasn’t a person to need an assurance to be in control. And she wasn’t the one to bring him out from the shadows. He was very much capable of coming out of it himself.

He needed no one. He coldly made sure to get across people with sympathy filled eyes to back off. Even her, she thought sadly. She was the one who was weak and unsure. She didn’t suit him. He was enigmatic and she was paltry. He was different and she was ordinary. He belonged to someone else still, because Sam thought he wasn’t going to let it go. The relationship he was in. It was very much there.

She didn’t know what to do with the information swirling in her head. She got of the bathroom in stealth whisper of feet on the ground, but she didn’t have to be careful, he was passed out on the bed with his front sprawled over her pristine white sheets.

She sighed relieved and walked upto her wardrobe. Sam took out pair of black jeans, black t-shirt and a long black jacket. She zipped it up to her neck. Her gaze always fell on the bed in the process, to see if he was awake but he still was sleeping. Sam caught a scarf and a monkey cap. Well, it may come useful.

She glanced across the bed and ran her eyes all over his form. He looked tired and haggard. She shook her head and made way out of the room. She wore the sports shoes that she had bought along with Dev that day while they shopped for his formal wear.

Sam treaded her way out of the apartment, when she got down the stairs the frigid breeze flew past and she shivered with it. God, it was really very cold and it was snowing.

It couldn’t get any better than this.

She got into Neil’s car and pulled it on the main road. It was time to get her sister out of the incredible mess that she created in her life. Let her scream, scratch and protest, Sam was determined to get Suha back to their family. Her family. Rightfully where she belonged. For papa and mama’s sake.

Sam pulled the car under the apartment where Dev lived. She got up the stairs and took out a key that Dev had given her. The key to his apartment.

She pushed the door open and got inside. She moved forward and froze suddenly. What the hell…

She gasped aghast looking around. Goodness in heaven. It was a mess. The front hall was a complete mess. Sam scowled disgusted looking around the numerous pizza boxes with crumbs on the cardboard pieces soft drink cans, clothes thrown carelessly everywhere, newspapers and god knows what else was living under the couch.

She shook her head and her hands itched to clean the mess but she just shrugged and treaded her carefully through the mess. She reached Dev’s bedroom.

Sam kept her hands on her hips and kept staring down at his figure which lay sprawled down to the front on the bed. But for the mess around, the apartment was very warm and it gave her shivering form a little heat. She couldn’t tell much about Dev though. One of the sock was missing. The covers were down to his legs and he looked cold, because he was wearing a thin grey t-shirt and black track shorts. He had his head to the left side on the pillow. He had messed up his hair and he had a little scruff over his jaw. Jeez, what happened to him in a day.

Whatever. She needed to get him out of the bed anyway.

She bent down to his face.

“Dev…” She nudged his shoulder with her forefinger.

His face twitched while she did that. He only grunted again when she lay her hand on his shoulder and shook him hard.

“Dev, come on wake up.” She raised her voice a little.

He mumbled something under his breath roughly in a scowl and turned his head to the other side on the pillow.

Sam sighed exasperated. This guy sleeps like a log. What to do?

Her forehead cleared off the frown suddenly as a clear impish grin replaced with it.

She bent down closer to his ear.

“Get up! There is a fire!” She shouted loudly.

The affect of it was instant. Dev flew up the bed in a frantic movement.

“Where? Where is the fire?” He asked in a panic.

His eyes were sleepy and red. His face was shadowed and lined with creases of the sheets. He looked comical as hell.

His frantic eyes moved all around and finally fell over her. He blinked and kept blinking for a second.

He swung around and switched on the lights. He winced and his eyes narrowed.

Sam drew her arms on her chest and kept staring into his sleepy eyes flatly.

His features turned a shade angry. The scowl came slow and fierce.

“This better be good, woman or else I swear to god…” He started growling in a low husky sleep roughened voice.

Sam snorted unaffected.

“Save it, I don’t care for your threats.” She cut him off.

He groaned heavily and got off the bed.

“I curse the day we met.” He muttered frustratedly.

Sam moved forward and laughed a little.

“Oh, come on, don’t be such a melodramtic chick.” She said sarcastically.

Dev just shook his head, scowled some more at her and walked forward and out of the room and Sam followed his trail.

“I want to know where Suha is.” She said to his back sharply.

Dev stopped suddenly and his shoulders bunched up. Sam moved around and stood facing him.

He lost the scowl and his face suddenly looked flat and covered in a poker. Well he seem to be back to his old self as the sleep left his face immediately.

“Why?” He asked her curiously.

She stared into his dark sea green eyes as if he was crazy. He seem to be genuinely curious as to why she needed to know about Suha. Duh dude..

Sam drew up and squared her shoulders in a challenge.

“She is my sister, you idiot. I have the right to know about her whereabouts that’s why.” Sam hissed up.

Dev looked down into her eyes still flatly and finally slid down his gaze all over her form with a raised eyebrow.

“Is that the reason you look like a batwoman. What did you think to find her in a cave?” He muttered cynically and moved past her uncaring.

Sam looked down at herself. Well…

Her face flamed.

“That’s beside the point. I want to find her at any cost.” She moved forward and persisted in a stubborn voice.

He winced and moved around the kitchen.

What the hell was he so calm when she was so anxious thinking about how her sister was doing. If she was fine? If something happened to her? Sam was plagued with every kind of nightmare thinking about the way how Suha got into that strange looking dinghy van.

Dev took out a cold water bottle out of the refridgerator and Sam stared at it. He slowly unscrewed the cap and took a deep pull of the water. His throat worked as his adam’s apple moved up and down.

Her face pinched tight at his nonchalant attitude.

“Dev! Are you listening to what I’m saying….I need to find my sister.” Sam said fiercely and sharply.

He flicked a glance and his eyes flashed a little. He wiped his mouth with his tonned forearm. The t-shirt drew tight around the sinews of his arm.

“Why do you care for her so much? She seems to be doing well without you. Even if you find her, I don’t think she would appreciate even a speck of your care.” He said carelessly and without a speck of interest.

Sam couldn’t believe he just said that.

“You did not just say that.” She whispered.

Dev shrugged.

“I just did.” He said shortly.

Sam just was disppointed now.

“Will you stop caring if you have a sister who is like Suha? I mean everybody is different than the other. I agree Suha is a little fierce but it doesn’t make her a bad person and that, she wouldn’t be my sister because of it. Do you think you can brush off relations so easily? I don’t think so Dev and if so you do feel as such, then you’re a cold blooded person and frankly I don’t want to be associated with such people.” Sam blistered and fumed in anger.

Her chest moved up and down with the deep hacked up breaths she took.

He had put his hands in his track shorts and had leaned on the kitchen counter. He still was like that staring back at her calmly.

“Are you done?” He asked coolly.

Sam shook her head still fuming.

Dev sighed and he moved towards her and his hands held her shoulders firmly yet soft.

He looked down into her worried and his expression softened immediately.

“We’ll find her in the morning and you need to calm down right now.”

How can she calm down when she knew Suha would be in trouble. Her anxious heart could not help but be anxious. Sam stared into Dev’s shadowless face. He had an expression so reliable and soft that she felt the anxiousness leave her a body a little.

“She relasped, Dev.” Her voice finally carried out her helplessness.

He stared at her for a second and his hands fell off her shoulders as he stepped back. He looked surprised as hell. How can he not know that? He met her too many times all this while, didn’t he? Sam was hurt that he put it as a secret from her about Suha, but now it wasn’t the matter to argue.

“I thought she stopped it altogether. Got cleaned.” He said in a surprised tone and pissed off voice.

Sam could feel his frustration as the same like hers.

“I thought the same too and I when I saw the fresh needle scars on her wrists and….” She replied in a hurt voice.

Dev drew his hand over his hair and the pulled the dark locks impatiently. All calm gone now, he looked thoroughly disturbed.

Sam couldn’t hold the many questions any longer. She needed to know a lot of crap right away. It made her life for the past few hours a literal hell, thinking and thinking.

“How long have you known about her staying here in New York?” She asked in a snappy tone.

Dev looked immediately flushed and contrite as he kept his hands over the kitchen counter in a grip.

He avoided her glare and looked anywhere else but her.

“A while.” He replied evasively.

Sam blistered at his secretive manner.

“A while?” She persisted.

Dev sighed and faced her completely now. His stare came down to her eye level and he kept his gaze unwaveringly honest on hers. She could feel the calm he always spread whenever he was with her. He had such amiable warmth that it was hard to be mad at him for not more than ten minutes longer.

“You trust me don’t you?” He asked her suddenly and earnestly.

Sam wondered at the sudden uncertainity that coloured his voice. She was curious now, because Dev was always a confident soul and never seem to need an assurance for anyone’s trust.

Her face softened immediately.

“You know I do.” She said in a low whisper.

Dev closed his eyes and shook his head as if he just regreted of what he asked her.

“You shouldn’t.” He said sighing again and his gaze fell away from hers and he gazed at the ground now.

Sam frowned. What was the matter? Why shouldn’t she trust him. Her heart gave an anxious beat in her chest.

“What’s going on, Dev?” She asked sliding her hands around her waist.

“I should have known, Sam.” He said frustratedly, walking to and fro around the kitchen now in a anxious circle.

What the hell…

He pulled a one twenty with the change from the ever cool to completely worried.

“I should have known that she would do that…damn..” He went on talking to himself in a voice affected with deep rising anger.

Sam’s eyes moved over his form moving faster now from the other end of the kitchen and to the counter.

Alright, geez, now this has to stop.

“Dev, you’re scaring me now. What do you mean by you should have known she would do that? What did Suha do now?” She asked in a fear filled whisper.

Sam cut his walk as she pulled infront of his adrenaline pumped up body. The energy of it was coming off in waves.

Sam hurried and drew closer. She took hold of his left hand. Dev immediately held it in a tight warm grip.

“Alright now, you need to calm down, Dev…”She said calmy and willed his eyes to look at her and he did.

Sam nodded her head when he took a deep inhale of a breath and pulled his right palm down his face as if removing off anxiety.

“Good, now tell me all about it.” She continued on in a soft voice.

“A week back, In a small café, I had a meet with one of my art dealers. We were having a discussion there and suddenly I see the back of this woman which looked really familiar..and when she turned around…”Dev shook his head and continued….”God, everything came back like a punch to the gut…Suha didn’t see me though all the while of five minutes I kept staring at her like an owl. She got out of the café and I followed her instead of saying hello….”Dev drew his furrowed gaze to Sam’s and his hands went back to the track short pockets…”I thought of knowning what she was upto first….I was kinda relieved when she closed into a nice looking neighbourhood…she turned around just then when going into a house. She looked surprised at first and it was awkward as hell I tell you and even more surprising was that…”Dev moved towards the cabinets and took out some coffee powder, he put on the kettle to boil….”She invited me in. I didn’t know what to do with that when she smiled at me like sunshine and roses instead of hissing and scowling.” He said and took coffee mugs from beside the counter.

He turned around and glanced across at her. Sam frowned.

“Maybe she was with the guy she ran away with in Manali..”

Dev shook his head and pulled the kettle and poured the hot vapours of the cafe into the mugs.

He offered her one and Sam took it. They both sat on the bar stools facing each other.

Dev took a sip and so did she.

“I did think the same as she cheerfully made me some coffee, talked about this fashion designing job she had and all….I really thought everything was good with her but suddenly she became hesitant and I asked her what was the matter. She told me she needed some money and she ranted irritatedly about how she didn’t get the paycheck for the month and how silly that she ran out of groceries.” Dev sighed.

He looked into the mug and hardened his jaw.

“She convinced me so good Sam. I fell right in her trap and gave the money she needed twice…the third time I told her that you’re here and you needed to know about her….but strangely she started grinning looking over my shoulder. I ignored that but she became this girl that I knew from before. She hasn’t changed Sam. All the while the arrogancy and smugness came back in her face. She asked me for another martini glass, so I did and when I crossed the room I….”

“Met me.” Sam completed knowning of what happened next.

Dev nodded his head in agreement. They remained silent for a second contemplating and thinking.

“Now I know what she needed the money for. Dammit, how did I become so gullible to not know her motives…” Dev banged the empty coffee mug on the counter with force.

Sam put her hand on his over his thigh.

“She did this before too remember.” Sam tried to soothe him calmly.

Suha was capable of anything when she relapsed into old ways of hers. Dev lifted his wounded eyes to hers and took her hand in his.

“You’re not mad at me, are you?” He asked her in a hurt voice.

Sam was sure he did that because he thought he was helping Suha.

“I’m not mad at you.” She replied softly.

He sighed.

“You should have told me even though I know that she had warned you about not telling anyone, right?”

Dev shook his head.

“I was about to but then again everything happened so fast when you insisted to meet my so called date..” He countered in dryly.

Well, everything happens for a reason. After a moment of thought, she decided to act right away.

“We need to look into this house of Suha’s.” Sam said suddenly.

Dev caught her eyes and his hand tightened on hers.

“I already did. She wasn’t there. I searched the area. People told me that the house had been rented only for a day. I checked around the café that I met her the next day…..nobody knew about her there. I mean if she lived around the neighbourhood and was a frequent visitor to the café, then people would have known her well, right.” He concluded in a low tone.

Sam felt bad now for Dev. She had accused him of stuff and here he was guilty as hell searching around for Suha. That’s the reason his apartment was a cyclone mess and he was tired to the bone all the this while trying a way to find her.

“I’m sorry, Dev. I was so rude before.”

Dev just smiled wryly and squeezed her hand warmly.

“Don’t beat yourself about it.” He said in a soothing voice now.

Sam’s face pinched tight.

“We need to find her, before it’s too late…hell where can we find her now.” She got off the barstool and moved around to and fro just the way he did before.

“There is only one place we can find her.” Dev said in a low dangerous tone.

Sam turned around slowly to look at him fully.

“Where?” She whisper asked.

Dev sat there and lifted his eyes to hers and locked in a gaze.

“Skeleton trove.” He whispered back.

The back of her hair raised up in fear at that. She gulped hard.

“Sounds worse than a cave.” She squeaked finally.

Dev shook his head.

“It is….the place is downtown. Most such dealings happen there.” He said in a calm voice.

Oh crapity crap, Suha, what are you doing with your life, Sam moaned inside her head.

“I’ll go and look for Suha. Hopefully I don’t find her there. You stay here until I come back.”Dev got off the chair.

The hell he’ll go alone.

Sam hurried.

“I’ll come with you.” She said firmly.

Dev froze and his annoyed eyes caught his.

“Don’t be ridiculous. It’s a dangerous place. Anything could happen.” He looked down at her sharply.

“Suha could be there, Dev. I need to look after her now…you don’t understand how mama will react to if she gets to know about Suha…I…” She started but her voice weakened almost because of the tears that threatened to flow down her eyes.

Dev looked contrite suddenly and his face morphed into helplessness. Sam pleaded with her eyes to his and then she hardened her jaw when he looked away.

Fine, if he was stubborn so was she.

“You know well I’ll not stay put until I find her and don’t think I won’t come after you when you leave to look for her.” She threatened.

Dev glared down at her and Sam held it firmly with her own cold one.

They stood rigid to the floor staring at each other in a challenge, battling with glares and scowls. Finally as always Dev moved back.

“f**k my life.” He cursed heavily and walked towards his room giving up.

Sam grinned in truimph.

“And don’t forget that I always win.” She shouted at his back.

He seem to grunt some more curses all the way.

Ten minutes later Dev got out of the room looking much better than before. He had on a purple t-shirt, black jeans, and a black thick jacket coat as a team up. His hair was gelled back but it still managed to look a little dishevelled. He did nothing with the scruff and seem to let it stay.

He walked along the hall all the while glaring at her. Sam stared back unaffected and followed him out of the apartment.

They both walked down. When Sam moved towards Neil’s car, Dev caught her hand and lead her another way. She frowned looking to the left side at his face.

He got around a car and Sam stood gaping at it. What in the world..

“Dev? tell me what is an Impala doing in your driveway?” She asked still gazing at it in wonder.

“That too a shiny new one?”

She turned around just when he put a key to the car.

What the hell.

“Oh my god, you stole it.” Sam gasped horrified.

Dev straightened and his gaze swung around at her. He gave her such nasty look that Sam’s face reddened and she looked away.

“I was just…” She started to explain but he cut her off and shocked her to silence.

“It’s mine.” He muttered unamused at her try to cover up the blab.

Sam’s eyes rounded and she stared at the Impala and then at his flat eyes.

“But…” She spluttered.

Dev grinned suddenly.

“I’m not really tight with money anymore.” He chuckled looking at her facial expression.

His grin wiped away as he looked her unmoving figure.

“I would love to chat with you here but not at the cost of freezing to death…so get your ass in the car before we turn into ice statues, Sam.” He declared irritatedly and got in the car.

Jeez, he was cranky in the snow. He was cranky inside.

Sam got around the car and got inside it. The car immediately started warming up when he switched on the heater.

“What else are you hiding from me?” Sam asked annoyed that he bought a vintage car and he didn’t tell her.

Dev started it and rolled around the driveway and out into the road.

He glanced across at her while changing gears.

“There is a lot.” He agreed smiling still.

Sam scowled as he didn’t look a bit unhappy about not telling.

She though observed his face.

“That’s the reason your apartment looks like a pigsty? you’re working too hard, aren’t you?”

He flicked a dry glance at her.

“Careful there. It’s my den.” He said possessively.

Sam snorted. Den? As if he was a lion. Ridiculous.

“Sure looked like pigs rolled around it.” She murmured dryly.

He glared across at her for a second and Sam shrugged uncaring.

“What happened to the lover boy of yours. He isn’t with you?” Dev asked suddenly in a wry tone.

Sam narrowed her eyes at his lover boy comment but decided against defending.

“He was asleep when I came here.” Sam murmured back.

Dev turned his eyes to hers.

“You sneaked out.” He observed.

Ugh! why was he insisting on this. Sam remained silent and thought that he would get that she didn’t want to continue but he wouldn’t let go of it, would he.

“Do I have to expect the guy to come threatening down on my throat when he gets to know about your missing?” He asked her cynically.

Sam blistered. He was talking as if she was a little kid who lived in constant state of protection.

“I’m not anyone’s responsibility, Dev. I can very well take care of myself and can go and come as I wish. I don’t need anyone’s permission for that.” She replied in a retort.

Dev all the while remained calmly silent.

“Do you always make it a speech while conversing? You sound as if you’re chained inside a dungeon and everyone is gaurding the door of it……newsflash, baby, don’t give yourself such importance, nobody cares that much about you.” He muttered sarcastically in a very dry voice.

Sam’s face fumed hot. She scowled quite heavily at his words. He gave an amused flick of gaze her way while driving.

The arrogant ass.

“Nobody cares about you too, Mr. Dev. I see no girl nowadays. Did you lose your charm suddenly.” She muttered back just as evilly.

He sighed suddenly.

“Yeah, it’s just my hand these days.” He replied bluntly.

The reaction came immediate after that. Her ears burned and her face turned crimson.

“Oh, my god, why would you say that to me? Why the heck would you say that to me? Aw heck! you killed hundred of my brain cells just now.” Sam groaned shuddering.

He just shrugged at her horrified reaction.

“You asked.” He said dryly.

Sam gasped at his reply. Oh, she was going to kill him for this. When did she ask about his personal stuff. She only thought to give him back the arrogant words but he would beat it to her each time wouldn’t he.

“Speaking of which, how is it going with you?” He asked curiously.

She stared.

“What’s going on with me what? She asked frowning.

He gave her a glance of pure ‘unbelievable look’.

Her face coloured several shades red when she got his meaning.

“You’re disgusting.” She whispered in a scowl.

He started chuckling immediate.

“So, my little spitfire had grown up.” He teased her.

“Shut up! it’s nothing like that.” She retorted again hotly.

That’s it. She was going to kill him as soon as she was done searching Suha.

“What? you two live together. Correct me if I’m wrong, if I think nothing happened between you two and isn’t he your boyfriend or something?” He muttered again nonchalance.

Sam gave him an irritated look.

“Nothing happened as you think..jeez do you guys always have one thing in mind?”

Dev glanced across at her and smirked.

“But something happened right.” He asked her in a teasing drawl of a voice.

He shook his suddenly frustrated.

“God, even a wallflower like you is getting it more than I do. f**k my life really.” He muttered tightening his hand over the gearwheel.

Sam groaned heavily.

” Ugh! Hell, why did I ever decide to come here. I should have gone all alone to find Suha. I’m gonna regret this for life.” She shook her head in complete disgust.

Dev immediately encored her in praise cynically through out the journey. She decided to keep silent and ignore his presence altogether but he didn’t leave her alone in jeering the hell out of her.

Sam really was going to kill Dev one day. That was for sure.


They finally reached to a place that looked and spoke of complete not a go zone for normal mundane people like her. It was all dark and the street was filled with suspicious looking men and women.

There was this kind of air that spoke of danger. It seem to travel around all over and settle as uneasiness everywhere. It was thick and palpable the slow dread that one faces when reaching a place that they shouldn’t. The affect of it was so heavy that even Dev stirred grimly silent beside to her.

There was this strange looking dipalated building right across the street that they were parked in. It looked bad with its paint falling off its walls. Dev was looking at it in silence and Sam got it that whatever happened here, it happened right inside it.

Sam gulped hard looking across at the dimly lit enterence. It was like shop shutter and it was closed.

Dev eyes cautious and serious caught hers.

“Are you sure about this? You can stay here while I go and look.” He whispered, looking around the place with straightening of his posture on the seat.

Sam looked around too and determined her will.

“I’m sure.” She replied firmly with a set of the jaw.

Dev stared at her for a while flatly.

“Guess that you’re not afraid to invite death at your head with the blood thirsty attitude thing that’s going on with you right now, but I hope when sanity returns you don’t croak right there and then.” He mumbled cynically again, and got out of the car.

“Gee, thanks, the insipring speech just made everything better.” She replied sarcastically at his trust on her.

He just grunted a muted reply at that, but Sam couldn’t hear it though she knew he muttered curses under his breath for letting her drag along with him.

Sam rolled her eyes and she remained silent at his ever dwindling confidence he put on her gut.

Dev stiffened suddenly when a man as drunk and unsteady on his feet moved across to her, Dev closed his large hand behind his tall hard frame and pulled her closer to his back.

Sam drew tighter aroud his arm.

The man treaded the other way as soon as he saw Dev pull closer to Sam.

“Stay closer. Don’t stray. If anyone approaches closer than necessary just punch right across the nose the way I made you learn long back, alright. You remember it, don’t you?” He leaned back and whispered in her ear.

Sam straightened.

“Yeah, I do.” She replied and looked around the ice covered ground and the area around the building.

It wasn’t just freezing here. It was complete ice hell.

Sam pulled the monkey cap over her head and covered her ears. She pulled the thick coat around more tighter and held her gloved covered with Dev’s bare left hands.

“Good.” He muttered down at her and they both marched forward.

She didn’t know why but she felt like a soldier going to be matyred soon in a war. Ugh, pull up some pluck girl, you’re doing this for your sister, her mind encouraged firmly.

Dev never drew down the confidence he has. It always surronded him like a constant shield and it did too now. lt gave her an certain amount of courage to go through with this. He moved forward like a man with a motive and nothing could back him down.

He moved forward to the shutters and knocked thrice. Sam frowned at that.

What the hell…it seemed like a code.

“Speak.” Came an instant rough hard voice.

Sam jumped at the danger quality in the tone.

Her wide eyes moved towards Dev’s face while replied sharp and clipped.

“67blackray.” His voice carried out an authority that couldn’t be denied to be bent to.

A deep husky hard burr of a tone.

“67 what?” The voice behind the shutters vibrated hard in loud bark again across towards them.

“67DRay.” Dev replied back just as the same.

Sam couldn’ think much now. She was a little shaken with this so cue into a little panic attacking her nerves.

How did Dev know about the code inside to the drug dealing world? what the hell was going on here that she didn’t know about.

She jumped again and stiffened pulling closer her body to Dev’s back.

He moved back and held her hand while after a second the shutters drew up.

Sam peered inside the dark tunnel type of a way in.

A very tall beefed up man came out. He looked like a pure movie style henchmen with piercings all over his eyebrows, nose and lips. The blonde cropped hair looked almost white. He wasn’t just beefed up. He was unnaturally large looking guy with blue eyes too deep inside the sockets. They looked almost invisible but when he blinked, the blue specks glittered in a hard shard of glints.

He doesn’t seem to have a neck because his head was attached to his shoulders as if some kid had beheaded a toy and put it hapelessly back on its place.

He looked that strange. Like frankestein had come alive. The grey t-shirt he had on was almost on the verge of ripping and same goes with the blue jeans.

He seem to recognise Dev as he nodded but when his eyes fell on Sam’s, she froze right to the ground.

“Newbie?” He asked in a harsh voice as his gimlet like eyes strayed from hers to Dev’s.

Dev stiffened and he shielded her completely.

“Yes.” He bit out.

The strange guy just smiled lightly. His face morphed into a evil smirk.

“Doesn’t look like one.” He muttered back suspiciously.

Dev chuckled back. It was as fake and dangerous as the man himself.

Sam froze again.

“They always are not.” He said in a low burr.

That means more girls like her came here and ended up into a web of this darkness that they could not pull away from even if they tried. Oh, god, what is this place. It seemed like the spot to drug dealing of course. What esle was it used for she didn’t want to know. She just wanted to find Suha and get the heck away from here.

The frankenstein looking guy’s eyes gleamed as they swiveled all her form lecherously.

Sam shivered.

“True.” He bit out, as his smile vaporoured and he made way for them to move forward in the tunnel.

Every nook and crevice was without wallpapers. The cement too was coming off but around the edges of gaslights there were human skulls arranged. The deep eye sockets were glistening with different lights. They seem to be radium painted as they gleamed in the dark.

A woman or a man surely lurked about in the shadow of the tunnel smoking pot. God in heaven. It was a place thriving with addicts. The smell of smoke was thick and sharp. White mist of various drugs just surronded the area in white mist.

Few of them stared while Dev and Sam walked.

“How do you know this place? How do you know the code to enter this hell, Dev?” She whisper asked him suddenly very very afraid.

He seem to be very thorough of the way. He never hesitated one second while since they entered it. Dear god, he had been here before.

Dev shrugged.

“I just do.” He replied evasively.

Sam looked back into his shadowed face in disbelief.

“Swear to god, Dev, if you too are…” She started to say in a high screech but she tamed it when a bohomian looking guy snapped his stoned eyes towards her.

Dev moved his arms around her back and pulled her closer.

“Calm down, one of the art dealers I know is from here. He owns the place next to it. Brought me here to paint a picture of this woman who stays here….” He went on.

Sam’s rounded eyes snapped back to his and he smiled.

A woman?

“Beats me why he was obsessed with her, but I didn’t protest as I got a million for it.” He told her grinning.

Sam’s round eyes got more rounder. A million? A freaking million?

She thought he was doing well. blo*dy hell, this surpassed everything. The man must be crazy to give away a million away to paint a woman but, her mind reasoned suddenly…but unless it’s a……and her eyes got more bigger than they appeared.

Dev nodded his head and chuckled again.

“She was painted in nude.” He said smugly satisfied…..”While he looked on….

“Ewww…I don’t wanna know anymore..please stop it.” Sam’s ears burned.

Dev guffawed a little.

“You asked…and hey it was strictly pure art and nothing else.” He countered back still smiling.

Sam shook her head not believing him at all a second.

“Sure.” She said in complete mock.

They both got into a more darker place inside the tunnel. Dev really had the guts to drive in places so bizzare. He was that persistant to make his way in the world. His own large place and name.

They both treaded their way through the darker area and moved into a closed up part of it.

There was another shop shuttered room. It seemed a big one.

“It never opens to anyone. The woman I painted is the cook around here.” Dev pointed at the other way that seemed like a walk to a far sided room….”She said that, people never come and go. Only a few dealers stay here.” He explained.

Sam stared at the shutters and.her gaze swung back to Dev’s eyes.

“Do you think Suha might be here?” She asked worriedly.

Dev’s face turned a shade pallor and grave.

“She is capable of doing anything in such state.” Dev replied in a cold voice suddenly…”She seemed desperate for the money and as immediately she got it, she surely would have run to grab the goodies.”

Sam thought about it and she concluded the same as Dev said.

“And you think this is the place she might have run…” She started to say but her brain quickly picked up and flashed an image infront of her eyes of the van that Suha got in.

Oh god yes the red skeleton design on the van and the skull’s all around placed here resembled quite similarly.

“Oh, my god, Dev. She is here. Suha is inside.” Sam said panicked voice.

Dev held her flailing arms immediately.

“Shhh, calm the f**k down, woman.” He whisper hissed at her.

Sam’s muscles locked up as a man who had lingered there glancing across at them suspiciously near the aisle came walking towards them.

His face was hard and mean. He wore a blue t-shirt and jeans. He looked normal enough except the look on his face.

Two pair of black eyes drew from Dev and to her angrily.

“You’re late. Boss is unhappy.” He hissed in irritation.

Huh? Boss who? Both Sam and Dev looked on confused for a second. The guy was who might be around mid twenties lifted both of his eyebrows quizically.

“You are Lara and David right?” He asked them still moving his eyes from her face to Dev’s.

Sam opened her mouth to correct him but Dev hastily countered in.

“Yes, we are sorry about the delay. Just been stuck in the traffic.” He said in an earnest voice.

Sam drew her eyebrows confused.

The guy raised one of the dark left bushy eyebrow in question up his forehead.

“At this hour?” He asked a little suspiciously.

“We come from far and you know it right? And We don’t have time for this questioning.” Dev pulled at his luck quite confidently.

Crap, it was going to backfire on them. Damn, Dev for taking chances on their already dented luck.

The man looked at Dev and narrowed his eyes and Sam held her breath.

After a second of more staring, the man nodded his head.

“From Sunnyvale, right?” He asked again.

“Yes yes…” Sam nodded her head vigorously.

He moved towards the shutters and Sam sagged back against Dev’s chest and she breathed hard.

Sam nudged Dev in the ribs with her right elbow and he groaned glaring down at her.

” Coming from far? Have you lost it? Don’t take such chances again.” She glowered up at him.

“We are getting in, aren’t we. Dammit, Sam, it hurt.” He rubbed the left side of his stomach.

Sam rolled her eyes.

“Wuss.” She taunted him.

He shook his head and signaled her to remain silent as the shutters opened again.

“You guys are going to love the new stuff that just came in a week ago. It’s already a hit around the rave parties in the town.” The guy said excitedly.

Both Dev and Sam froze while they looked around the large hall. It was filled all over with a dozen set of couches, chairs and tables.

And compared to the thick smoke filled hall they came across before, this beat everything and all. It was circulated thick with poisonous fumes of god knows what kind of heavy drugs.

Sam flinched and almost covered her nose. It stank with it and she was about to keep sneezing lots but she held her breath afraid that she would draw immediate attention.

There were women sat on the couches and sofas pulling needles into their skins. Sam jerked back looking at the guys took turns snorting stuff of white from across a large table in a round circle.

“f**k.” Dev whispered behind her.

Indeed Sam agreed to his curse.

The guy looked back at their shocked faces.

“Is something wrong?” He asked suspiciously sharp.

“No.” Sam hurried to reply.

Most of the men turned lazy glazed eyes their way and held curious stares without a twitch of muscles.

He nodded his head and kept walking. Sam kept her gaze trained on every girl on the couch.

“Look for Suha.” She whispered to Dev.

Dev tightened his arm around her.

“Yes.” He whispered from behind her.

Her heart palpitated each time she came across a tall thin figure of a woman but to her disppointment they only stared back at her with lifeless unfamiliar eyes.

“Boss, found the new birds.” The guy said out loud.

As immediately he said it, Dev plucked her around his back and shielded her, but it was too late, the boss guy whoever he was already flicked his glance across at her from the large red cushioned he was sat.

But god was he not something like evil. The first she encountered were his eyes. They were spectacularly black. Cold black emotionless eyes.

She knew how warmth swirled in the pair of eyes she encountered till now, but the way his inky black gaze stared back across at her spoke of no compassion whatsoever.

He looked young. Not the way a ‘boss’ she had sketched out in her mind when the guy spoke of him. He was wearing all black. Black t-shirt and jeans and a jacket. He was handsome with sharp hawk like gaze and aristocratic nose. He had a light scruff around the square jaw and thin lips.

His hair was pulled into a thick dark set of hair, but the arms that rippled around his shoulders and tightened firm spoke of a workout body.

His eyes never strayed from hers when Dev pulled her back.

“New birds?” He asked, and his voice was very deeply husky.

He was still in that lazed back posture. Sam looked around. The way a silence fell around when he spoke suddenly, it screamed of authority.

The hall was dimly lit from the radium painted skull lamps all around. She could barely make around the back of the hall.

“Pure.” He muttered in a hiss at the guy who brought them in.

Sam froze suddenly and so did Dev.

“The girl is as pure as first f**k. Must be too.” He said in a lazy drawl of a blunt voice.

Sam’s face heated up and Dev moved immediate in a war growl, but the two of the guys who too were seated in smaller sofa chairs caught hold of both of his hands.

Sam gasped and her heart came into her mouth at the way instantly they violently tore Dev away from her.

“Dev!” She cried out.

She tried to move forward but the man who lazed on the chair just flew fast across at room and stood facing down at her in a loom.

Sam stiffened as she looked up into his eyes. She wasn’t afraid even though he looked like a wild fox looking deep into the prey eyes for a minute before it blood thirstily pounces on its prey.

Sam stared back equally cold but something pulled her eyes to the side. Her eyes widened when a slender hand from the far corner couch fell down in the air lifeless. Her breath knocked out when her eyes drew to the dearly similar looking rose tattoo over the wrist of the girl. Suha! her mind cried.

A whimper escaped her lips when Sam saw her form laying on the sofa unconscious. Several needles and some sort of white powder too lay scattered all around on the floor.

“Suha.” She whimpered in a shock.

All fear, panic, hurt, disbelief, and incredible pain came down over her head like hard hit of cold ice looking at the ghostly form of her sister lying there like a dead body on the sofa.

She was wearing the same clothes as the evening. That long thin red gown did nothing to keep cold at bay to her body. Sam whimpered again in pain looking at her sister in such state.

Sam tried to flew fast towards her but a grip so tight over her arm made her flinch hard in pain.

Her red tear filled angry eyes looked up into the face of the boss whoever he was in such loath but he still held that silent animal look.

Two other men moved towards to shield Suha from her eyes.

Sam in pure black anger anger caught his collar tight.

“What the hell did you do to my sister? Swear to god..” Sam whispered dangerously…’Swear to god, if something happens to her I’m gonna tear you apart, you bastard…” She warned through the immense angry tears.

He only stared down unaffected with those animal eyes.

Her eyes flowed down with angry and hurt tears but she remained stronger than before.

She saw from the corner of her eyes Dev punch the men one after the other as they came at him in full fight. The place turned into a groans, punches and grunts.

“Forget that b*t*h. I have found a new drug and I want it.” The boss caught hold of her hands over his collar and pulled her up.

Sam froze when he muttered the last three words in such utter lust that she tried to move away her face in complete loath.

She struggled and lifted her knee hard hitting his shin in the process quite with force.

He bent forward immediately and groaned in pain.

Good, he wouldn’t have children for the next coming century. She scowled down at his form, but he surprised her when he got up laughing like a maniac.

He kept up with the laughter and most of the men too took it from him.

“Fiesty little thing. Makes me want it more.” He looked across at her smiling darkly.

One of the guy punched hard at Dev’s ribs. Another punched his face. Sam’s heart failed looking at him take all painful groaning hits one after the other.

The boss guy drew forward step after step in a prowl slowly at her. Sam back walked breathing hard. Mean looking henchmen guys surronded her in a circle. Sam had no way to reach her sister who might already be dead or Dev who would die because of her.

Nothing could beat the horrible nightmare like fear that raised goosebumps on her flesh and stayed like that all over her body.

The guy reached her and moved in closer in her space.

“Enough playing.” He said with a hungry voice that made Sam look away in disgust….”It’s time to take some taste…” He growled and his hand raised up.

Sam closed her eyes tight and she flinched away. Her heart thudded hard under her chest and she almost felt herself fall into this dark black fog of unconsciousness.

The air changed into a sudden lilth breeze and she felt a pull in of something, of a familiar scent enter into her nostrils and her eyes flew open. Just as immediately she did a hand came out into her vision stopping the filthy man’s touch on her face.

She gasped and all the knocked up breath entered into her lungs in a rush when Neil’s back pulled in front of her possessively.

“Not. One. Finger. On. My. Girl.” Neil enunciated each word dangerously low.

Oh thank god, her mind cried out. She felt the black dots clear up in her vision as she blinked away the darkness that she seem to just fall off.

Every sound from around came into her ears all at once. Dev was fighting hard now.

Neil was staring at the man like he would kill him that instant and bury him deep six foot under the earth.

He pushed his hand and gave the guy one hard almighty punch to his face.

Sam set her jaw hard when the boss of this place just got almost thrown to the ground. He got up though and got ready for a fight in a high growl. Neil looked back in challenge. The man was calling his death going against Neil.

She moved fast towards Suha but the guys gaurding her came charging at Sam. Her eyes widened. Heck what to do, she looked around frantically and cried out when her hands autimatically caught a big wooden cue stick of the billiards table.

She screamed yet again and pulled the stick in defense and closed her eyes and beat it at the guy who first came at her.

An immediate family painful groan entered her ears and Sam opened her eyes shocked to the core.

The stick she held broke into half and Dev was doubled over on the ground in hurt. The other two were too on the floor as she though Dev had hit them before they could charge fully at Sam.

Oh god, she hit Dev.

“Oh, my god, Dev, I’m so sorry.” She said in utter contrite.

“I was trying to protect you, woman.” He groaned again pain.

Sam drew up in irritation.

“I hope now you understand about how I can protect myself.” She bit out angrily.

He rubbed the back of his neck and groaned. His eyes glared daggers at her, but his face transformed into several shades pallor when he looked away. His form froze on the ground and extreme fear entered into his eyes and Sam’s heart palpitated again that.

“Suha.” He whispered and Sam’s eyes followed his gaze.

With wide big eyes she saw Suha’s mouth froth. White liquid was trickling from her closed lips. Her unconscious body had turned green on the sofa.

Sam felt her heart come into her mouth.

She drew back in a gasp and ran towards her fast. Sam drew down to her knees as her face controted in extreme pain and sobs escaped her throat immediately.

She touched her fingers on her sister’s face but she flinched away in a hiss. Her body had turned cold as Sam ran her gaze all over Suha’s still turning green skin.

Hot burning tears flowed her eyes.

Sam was breathing hard and crying.

“Neil!” She cried out loudly still sobbing heavily.

She can’t touch her. No. No. No, Sam shook her head.

“Neil!” She shouted again in panic pulling at her hair.

Her voice travelled around across at the room. She looked around and saw Neil’s form harden at her high screech. The guy was down and almost unconscious on the floor.

He turned around slowly and caught the tears, pain and sobs of her bent form and his face morphed into immediate concern. Sam started crying all over again when he pumped his feet toward her. Dev too got off the floor.

They came around towards her. Neil froze looking down into Suha’s face. Dev looked paled and ghostly. Neil’s jaw ticked.

He looked at Sam’s flowing eyes. She sobbed continually and helpless looking down at her sister’s face.

Sam saw Neil bent forward. He caught Suha’s wrist and felt her pulse immediately.

Sam strained to breath looking at Neil’s hard features. She waited dreading every second of his silence.

“She got a pulse.” He said calmly at last and Sam felt herself breath more hard.

Neil caught hold of Suha’s form and heaved her up in his arms.

“It’s beating weak. We need to get her to the hospital.” Neil said again in a serious tone.

Sam and Dev walked along as Neil treaded out of the hall carrying Suha all the way out.

They all reached Neil’s car. It was a bigger one. A station wagon? And how did Neil get here all of a sudden? Sam wondered but all her thoughts turned wary when looking into the face of her sister.

She will be fine. She has to be fine, Sam wiped the still flowing tears off her face with the back of her hand.

Neil got behind with Suha still in his arms. Sam got around the other side of the car and immediately held her sister’s head in her lap while the rest of Suha’s body lay over the seat.

Neil got out and went in the front beside to Dev.

Sam eyes filled as she wiped the froth trickling down Suha’ lips. A sob rose again in her throat when Sam craddled her head.

She drew a shaken breath. God, please don’t let anything happen to her, Sam prayed and again all through the journey to the hospital. Dev and Neil remained silent and grave.

They pushed into the emergency doors with Suha on top of a white wheeled stretcher.

Sam, Dev and Neil remained outside in quiet grim silence. Sam was seated in the middle and the both the guys were on either side of her.

Dev drew his body forward on his knees and he kept his hands over his face. He looked very affected by all of it. Sam knew that he was guilty of not finding about Suha sooner when he met her. He seem to be drawn back and beating himself for it. Sam herself was shaken to the core. Why didn’t Rohan and her put more effort to find Suha in those four years? Why did they gave up on her so easily? Sam felt immense shame course through her body and burn it even more in guilt when she chose to live her life thoroughly uncaring of how Suha was doing? Why did she disappear? What happened to her?

Seeing her now in this state Sam was never going to give up on Suha, even if she turned away from them.

Dev jerked on his feet suddenly and he got up. Sam immediately held his hand.

He turned and looked down at her. His eyes were low and full of regret.

“Where are you going?”

He moved away her hand from off his wrist with his other one. He shuttered her out from his thoughts as he stared back at her blankly.

“I’ll just come.” He muttered evasively and turned around to leave.

Sam thought to call him back but she drew back in the chair feeling that he needed an alone time.

Neil too got up.

“Where are you going?” She asked in a sudden fear.

He looked back at her. Sam gazed up at his face. She really could look at him finally. He was wearing a grey t-shirt and black jeans and had on a light cream purple jacket. His face remained calm as ever.

“I’ll just come.” He said the same words as Dev.

But before she could open her mouth to talk, he already walked away to the other side. Sam sighed heavily. Her thoughts turned worried.

She walked to and fro around the place and she bit and ate away her nails in the process.

Finally tired Sam sat down on the chair.

The doctor who took her inside told them that it was going to be tough washing away the heavy drugs from Suha’s body, but they are going to try harder and see what damage it did to her vitals. He told Dev, Neil and her that they had bought Suha just in time. He asked Sam if she was an addict. Sam had to explain about Suha’s recent turn to usuage of it. He advised her then to put Suha in a rehab sooner. He also said that she might gain consciousness the next day but observation seemed necessary for it if she did not wake or slipped into a coma.

Sam shook her head thinking about drugs but not a drug that Suha had been using. It was impossible to believe that she can go to her old self. Her sister was a strong girl and she has
taken care of herself till now but this was a new low she hit.

A cup of hot steaming coffee entered her vision as she had held her eyes to the floor. She blinked at it and looked up to see Neil offering her the cup.

Sam shook her head. She hadn’t any appetite for nothing now.

“I don’t want it.” Sam said in a low voice and looked away.

“Come on, you’ll need energy to stay on your feet. This will help warm you.” He said in a very soft voice.

Sam sighed and took the cup. Neil settled beside her on the concrete bench that was outside the ICU.

Neil pulled her back in his arms and circled his hands around her waist. Her back was to his front.

“Where is your cup?” She asked while taking a sip.

“You need it more than me.” He said over her hair on her shoulder.

She could feel his minty breath on her shoulders and left cheek.

She sagged back into his strong chest as the heat coming off his body gave her much warmth than the coffee. He hands provided safety that she needed.

“How did you find me?” She asked sighing.

His breath still hit the side of her warmly. He took a deep breath in.

“I got a voice message from Dev.” He said shortly in a deep husky.

Dev? Sam frowned. When did Dev call Neil?

She remembered him going into his bedroom to get ready. Maybe he called Neil then and left him a message about her.

She rolled her eyes. God, Dev too was overprotective of her. Great everybody was treating her like a china doll. She wasn’t a weakling. When would they all understand it.

Neil’s hands tightened suddenly on her waist.

“You should have told me about it.” He muttered in a rough voice into her ears.

Sam’s eyes widened. Oh crap.

“You have this habit of snapping my anger, Sam. Going out in the night all alone and putting yourself in danger. I wonder if you do it deliberately to make me go crazy mad, but god, if something had happened to you tonight…” He growled low in her ear.

Sam immediately locked her hand over his arms around her waist.

“I’m right here. Nothing happened to me, Neil.” She tried to soothe him.

He was shaking with it. The anger to break something around.

He took a deep breath again and his muscles loosened their stiffness immediately.

“I need to put some sense in you when we get home..” He muttered in a low husky whisper.

Sam’s eyes widened again. She remained mute as she didn’t want to rile him up again protesting about it.

He seem to get her silence as he didn’t say a thing but just held her like that for a very long while.

“What if something happens to her?” She asked him anxiously.

“Nothing will.” He said in a calm voice and in a immediate reply.

Sam leaned away and looked up into face. He stared back into her eyes warmly.

“How can you say that so surely?” She asked again frowning now.

He smiled lightly down at her and Sam stared.

“Because she has a stubborn little sister like you to save her.” He whispered softly and gravelly.

Sam felt her eyes fill up and laughed lightly beating his chest with the palm of her right hand.

“You’re being awfully sweet today.” She said through the blurring tears.

He just rubbed away the tears from under her eyes and embraced again.

“Everything is going to be fine. Trust me.” He kissed her forehead and pulled her tighter into his arms

And Sam did just that. Trust him.

She looked across at the ICU room forlonly for a very long time and finally her eyes drooped and she fell into a deep darkness. A disturbed sleep take over her tired body.


Sam jerked out of the sleepy haze and sat up straighter. Her bleary tired eyes looked around. Neil was asleep. His head lay to her side. His hand lay over the cemented bench. She had been asleep on his arm.

Dev was too asleep in a chair at the far corner to the wall of the ICU room.

Sam looked around and saw that it was morning already.

She hurriedly got up and ran towards the room where her sister was.

Just then the doctor came out. He saw her looking at him expectantly.

He smiled at her warmly.

“Your sister is out of danger and doing a little well. You can go see her now.” He told her and went about his way.

Sam felt immense relief take over her body and happy tears swam in her eyes. She looked across at the sleeping forms of Dev and Neil. They looked tired as hell, and she didn’t have the heart to disturb them.

Sam plastered a smile on her face and got in the room.

Her eyes fell over Suha’s body lying over the hospital bed.

Sam moved closer to the bed and looked down into her face. Her face was deadly pale but she looked better than yesterday night. Less dead. There was a little colour of life around the bloodless gaunts cheeks. Her lips were colourless and dry. She looked beautiful even when she was vulnerable. Sam felt her face set grimly looking at the scars around her wrists and inside of both of her slender elbows.

She sat on the chair to the left side of the bed. The small movement seem to wake her up.
Suha opened her eyes just as immediately, her gaze fell on Sam’s face.

She kept her eyes trained at Sam’s face for more than a minute.

She squirmed when Suha’s eyes turned completely cold looking at her.

“How are you feeling now?” Sam asked softly and quite hesitanty.

She didn’t know what else to talk. There was stuff of four years that lay between them and suddenly it was all awkward and shameful to ask her how she was doing now.

Suha’s face pinched tighter and she started to get up on her elbows. Sam instantly moved closer to her but Suha’s grey eyes flashed a little at the offer of help. Sam moved back immediately in a flinch and her hands curled.

The thick wavy hair of hers fell all over the slender shoulders when she pulled up the pillow and rested her back on it. She arranged the covers over her waist. She was the blue hospital gown and her left wrist had a needle to the saline bottle.

All her movements were elegant and clean. Sam smiled inside wryly. She was still the same old Suha. She needed everything clean and nice around a her. There shouldn’t be any creases or mess.

“Why did you search for me?” She asked Sam sharply in a low hoarse voice.

There. The question that everyone needed. Even her sister. Sam bit her low lip.

“I see that you feel a little well.” Sam asked huskily carefully sliding away from the topic.

Suha narrowed her eyes at her evasive reply. Sam stared back at her calmly.

A slow mock of a cold smile spread her dry lips.

“Little protective Sam is still the same, huh?”

Sam stared into her grey eyes finally.

“Do you have any idea what I went through? You scared me to death Suha, so save it your attitude for just a second, will you.” Sam said equally cold.

Suha’s face turned a shade red and angry, but still she didn’t look not a bit contrite.

Sam beat up herself in her mind for sounding so harsh but she had to this. Enter into her thoughts and know what really wanted. How to stop her from destroying herself like this.

“I don’t care what you went through. I just want you to leave me alone.” Suha replied to her retort coolly.

Sam’s face burned.

“And leave for you to destroy yourself like that?” She asked in a cry.

Sam tightened her hands in fists when she looked away and shrugged her off.

“Don’t you care for any of us, Suha? Don’t you care for mamma and papa?” Sam asked through convulse of her throat.

Suha snapped her eyes to Sam’s earnest hurt face. A thread of vulnerability entered into her cool grey eyes and warmed them a little, Sam hung onto it immediately but then her jaw hardened and face etched in complete anger.

“I don’t.” She said hoarsely again and looked away.

Sam felt the flare of hope dim in her heart when she brushed off relations that easily. Even mamma, but that flicker of longing that Sam saw in Suha’s eyes that gave something to her.

Sam spread her palm over her face.

“What will make you stop all this? What should I do to make you go home, Suha?” Sam muttered frustrately looking away.

Sam’s heart pained too much for her sister and her scars clawed at her even if Suha’s grey eyes filled with hatred for her. She felt helpless, hurt and sad.

Minutes of silence continued as Sam wallowed in her thoughts.

“You’ll do anything for me?” Suha’s abrupt soft curious question snapped Sam’s eyes to hers.

Suha had put her hands under the covers. She can hide but she can’t run away from the fact of it. Sam eyes fell away from Suha’s eyes to her hands and then back again.

If she had to do anything to make her stop it, god, at any cost, Sam will.

“Yes.” She replied firmly.

Suha’s delicately shaped eyebrows which had furrowed while she asked her the question cleared immediately. Her porcelain skin glistened. She stared into Sam’s eyes searching for something.

Sam didn’t waver her gaze and kept looking serenely back. Her eyes narrowed suddenly. Sam felt a sudden dread feeling Suha’s eyes penetrate deep into hers.

Everything went as they stared at each other, one sister at another.

“Leave Neil. Forever. Will you do that for me?” She asked suddenly and quite expectantly.

A desperate look coloured her features.

Sam kept staring at Suha’s pained vulnerable face for more than a minute. A sharp hiss of breath left her lips and she bit the inside of her cheek so hard that the metallic taste of blood filled her mouth immediately. She clenched her hands in tight fists on her lap but she didn’t show the blinding pain that hit her whole body all at once.

“Why?” Sam whispered in a hard voice.

Suha glared at her when she asked it. The vulnerable look went away and pure hatred came back in a rush of red over her cheeks.

“Because he was mine before he was yours or anyone else’s.” She said fiercely in a raised voice.

Sam jerked back with the violence that Suha said the words.

“You can’t be with him. You don’t match. He deserves much more better than you.” Suha sneered suddenly.

Sam set her jaw hard.

“And you think that you will be better for him?” Sam asked her in a calm voice.

Suha leaned back and settled her back on the pillow. Her eyes cool and assessing dueled with Sam’s.

“Of course.” She replied nonchalantly in a smug smile.

Sam gulped hard.

“You really are saying that I should leave Neil?” She asked again in a hoarse voice.

Suha sighed as if bored with her already.

“You should and it’s enough of attention you already got little sister, and it’s time for you to move on with your pathetic life… sans Neil obviously.” She replied in a irritated voice.

Sam smiled wryly at her attitude. She sounded more like a teenager which she still was. Years passed but still Suha’s ‘I want this and I want that’ didn’t change.

“I don’t trust you.” She countered feeling a sudden cold penetrate her every nerve.

Suha’s annoyed eyes caught hers in a lock.

“Of what?”

Sam gritted her teeth and tears stung her eyes. She determindly put them at bay.

“That if I….” Her voice shook but she reigned control somehow…”That even if I leave Neil, you still will be the same..”Sam said in a mock glancing in disgust at Suha’s wrists.

Suha followed her gaze and put her hands under the sheets. Her face flamed and she glared back at Sam.

“I’m sure, he’ll pull me back.” Suha looked away and muttered the words in a small voice…”Neil surely will…” She started on desperately again….”He…he is my only source now.”

Sam blinked and gulped hard looking at Suha’s lonely form. She gasped and willed the tears to let it stay back in her eyes.

And right at the movement when her eyes fell on the tremors that shook Suha’s thin hands Sam took a decision.

She got up taking in a shaken breath and moved closer towards bed side table. She grabbed a form and pen from beside it that the doctor had put there. Form to get in a good rehab place.

Sam turned around and faced Suha and she extended the form to her.

“Sign this.”

Suha who was looking at her hands glanced across at the form warily.

“What is it?” She asked, swinging her narrowed eyes at Sam’s face.

“Six months stay in rehab.” Sam stared down at her firmly.

Suha frowned and pushed her upper body towards the left side of the bed.

“It means you’re leaving Neil.” She asked in a eager tone.

Her body had become super thin in a day. All bones and nothing. She looked ghastly. Terrible. God knows when she last ate. When she had a proper meal.

Sam stared down into her big round eyes.

“If you promise to go home to mamma.” Sam countered emotionlessly.

Suha took the form and pen immediately and signed the papers.

“Of course.” She replied carelessly.

“Not so fast.” Sam narrowed her eyes on Suha’s happy face.

Sam moved back and got out her mobile phone from her jeans pocket.

“You need to speak to mom. I know she is the only one in the family that you’ll listen to.” Sam warned Suha with a glare.

She took a deep breath in and dialled the number.

It rang three times and Sam’s heart thudded looking at the sudden pain and uncertain shade that circled her face.

The call connected.

“Hello, Sam.” The sweet husky voice of her mother travelled into her ears and Sam suddenly felt immense urge to cry and sob.

She gulped hard the tears.

“Mom..” She breathed….”I want you to…talk to someone.” She finally could say the words through convulsing of her throat and filling of tears.

Sam drew back the phone from her ear and she extended her hand to Suha.

Her sister looked up into her eyes panicked and with shaking hands she took the phone from Sam’s right hand.

The mask that Suha wore till now broke apart and fell away when her controted in immense pain.

Four years. Fours years she had been away from mom and four years mom had become this emotionless person. Tears came into her eyes.

“Mamma…mamma.” Suha broke down into sobs.

Sam couldn’t hold it any longer. She gasped and treaded fast out of the room. She pushed open the door and saw Neil’s form. His back was towards her.

She breathed hard and moved away from the door fast and walked into another aisle of the floor.

Her chest heaved up and down as her feet treaded into a fast run. She ran down the stairs and kept pumping her feet. Even though it hurt her lungs she ran more faster.

Finally the way ended into a closed up balcony. Her feet hit the wall and she gasped breathing hard. Hot tears filled her eyes.

What did she do? What did she do? Her mind ran the same words over and over again in pain. Her face scrunched up and a whimper escaped her lips as the rush of angry tears on herself ran down her cheeks.

She curled her right hand into a fist and beat it down over the balcony wall repeatedly three times to let the blinding pain out of her heart.

Blood started to trickle from over her wrist on the rough surface.

Hacked up sobs attacked her throat as she did it. She slid down in the corner and remained silent like that for a long time.

Tears ran down forever but they dried in salty specks on her skin.

“Sam?” A voice made her jump in the dark corner.

She hastily rubbed away the tears with the back of her hand.

“Sam, what are doing there in the corner?” Dev’s soft concerned voice drew her up on her feet.

She moved forward from the shadow and looked anywhere else but at his face.

Finally she lifted her eyes to his face and his face paled looking all over her features.

“God, what happened to you?” He asked in a low gravelly voice.

“N…nothing…I just came here for fresh air.” Sam replied in a hoarse voice.

Dev narrowed his eyes looking at her eyes.

“Suha woke up.” He said cautiously.

Sam gulped hard.

“Yeah, I know.” She replied in a calm voice.

Dev kept staring at her strangely.

“You met her?” He asked suddenly in a hard voice.

Sam look away unable to hold penetrating gaze. He seem to know something was amiss here.

“I did.” She tried in a cheery voice and a light smile.

Dev lost all of his face.

“What’s wrong, Sam? You look..” He moved forward and caught hold of her hand.

Sam flinched away in pain immediately.

Dev hissed out a breath when he looked down at her hand.

“What the hell? What happened to your hand? God, it’s bleeding.” He cursed heavily.

Sam moved back and stared into his eyes. Dev frowned and looked deep into her eyes. His face hardened and a cold look entered into his eyes.

“Is it Suha? Did she…” He started in a hard voice.

“Dev!” She said loudly and pushed away from his body.

His head jerked back when she raised her voice. A look of panic entered into his features.

“f**k! Woman…what is it? Why do you so pale? What did you do to your hand?” He asked in sudden anxiousness.

“Will you please look for a place for me to stay?” Sam asked in a tremulous voice.

Dev looked completely thrown with the change of topic. His brows furrowed.

“What?” He asked confused.

Sam pulled at her hair.

“A place to stay. You don’t h…have to worry about the rent…I..”She started in a half sob…”I will pay you. I have these painting that I finished a week back….I’ll..I’ll get the money from it. I just want a place….far…very far…very very far away…” She said frantically through tears and shake of her hands and head.

“Sam…” Dev started to pacify.

“No…don’t tell anyone about the place…you don’t worry about….” She went on and on in a shaky tone.

“Sam!” Dev drew closer to her and put both of his hands firmly on her shoulders and rattled her body hard.

“The hell, Sam, look at me!” He shouted in her face and Sam froze and she stared up into his calm forest green eyes…”Good. Now, you won’t have to pay me anything. I have a place…so calm down, alright. I won’t ask about what has happened between you and Suha, but I do know whatever it is, it’s really bad. I don’t want to force it out of you. You come to me when you feel like talking, yes?” He said slowly in a serene soothing tone.

Sam nodded her head through the tears. He slid his gaze all over at her and his face controted in pain too. He pushed her face into his chest and embraced her tightly.

Sam hugged him back but she tamed the tears and sobs. A thick cold spread into her limbs and settled in her bones and blood.


Sam remained closer to Dev. She avoided eyes with Neil and hurried into the Suha’s room when he approached her. Discharge papers were signed. Suha got off the bed weakly with the support of Sam. After that Suha pushed away from her and caught hold of Neil’s arm.

He stiffened, his jaw grinded but he remained silent and helped her out of the hospital.

Neil got in the driver’s seat. Dev got behind. Sam pulled open the car door of the front.

Neil smiled lightly at her but Sam pulled back to make way for Suha. His smiled wiped off as a frown marred his features when Suha smilingly got in beside to him.

Sam could feel his eyes digging holes at the side of her head all the while when she got in the behind.

The car ride was silent except Suha trying to make conversation with Neil, who in turn replied in monosyllables and grunts. He kept staring at the rectangular mirror. At her reflection in it. Sam moved away from the focus of his intense stare.


Suha, Dev, Neil and Sam entered into Neil’s apartment one hour later. Suha was placed in the far corner guest bed room. Dev stayed with Suha.

Sam didn’t know where Neil disappeared, but she had to hurry fast. She couldn’t face him anymore. Not a minute. Not a second more.

She hurried to the wardrobe and pulled it open. She took out her luggage suitcase and unlocked it on the bed.

She removed all her clothes one by one from off the hangers and threw those in the suitcase haplessly.

“What are you doing?” A deep husky voice travelled into her ears and Sam froze.

Her heart went into sudden anxious overdrive. She felt worry and fear course through her body as she felt Neil walk into room.

She drew in a breath and closed her eyes tight. Opening her eyes again, Sam wiped off every emotion from her face.

She turned around and started to arrange the clothes in the suitcase.

“Leaving.” She replied, without lifting her eyes up.

She heard his step falter a second but he kept walking towards her.

Her heart thudded in her chest. She drew closer to the wardrobe and removed another set of clothes.

When she turned around, Sam came face to face with Neil.

Her eyes caught his immediately. Something that happened frequently these days. Ironically it wasn’t the matter of before and now when the shutters were closing up finally….

His black eyes stayed locked with hers.

“What happened?” He asked her in a hard voice.

Sam drew back inside looking deep into his eyes, but outside she stayed strong to the ground.

She pushed away and and threw one of her scarf’s inside the suitcase.

“Nothing. I just am done with this place….and you.” She replied in a digusted voice.

She felt Neil’s body freeze at her tone. She bit her lower lip hard.

Her upper arm was caught in a tight grip and she was pulled up to the side. Neil pulled her up. His face pushed down and it was set in stone.

“Now…” He ran his intense eyes over all her features…”Say that to my face.” He bit out.

Sam stared up into his eyes and she felt ball stuck in her throat. His chest was moving up and down and his face was set in a grim.

Why couldn’t he understand. She can’t stay here longer. She can’t and she never will.

She forlonely remembered his care. His hate. His possessiveness. His sensitive nature. His warmth. His scent. His arms. His embrace. His offer of safety. His smugness. His smirk. His arrogance. His dear rare boyish smile. His scowl. His sneer. His mocking. His eyes. His everything. His love…….she had to be finally done with it.

Sam hardened her will. She stared deep into both of his eyes firmly.

“I’m done with you.” She whisper hissed.

The frown over his forhead cleared and he drew back from her a little but not completely to lose hold on her arm.

The speck of vulnerability only stayed a second in his eyes before they swirled into a brewing storm. His deep hacked up breaths fell on her face harshly.

He pushed her away from her, ripped off the clothes from her hand, charged upto the suitcase and threw both of those right across at the wall. It happened so fast and so violently that Sam gasped putting both of her hands over her mouth slowly in a jump and flinch.

He glared across at her and drew up straight.

“If you’re f**king done with the drama, then I’ll listen to the shit you’re not telling me. Till then wallow in self pity.” He scowled at her and turned around.

Sam’s blood boiled at his behaviour. Her face burned and turned a bright red angry.

Who the heck does he think he was, the arrogant swine.

Sam marched across at the suitcase which lay on the floor near the wall.

“I’m not creating a drama here. I’m leaving and you can’t stop me to walk out of the door.” She shouted at back.

She saw his freeze in his walk but she didn’t anymore. She drew the clothes off the floor, put them back in the suitcase and heaved it up on the bed again.

Sam moved fast and grabbed the rest of the clothes off the hanger.

He saw him walk around towards her but, She didn’t flinch away. He pulled her away from the wardrobe and grabbed a fist full of her hair with his hand. He pulled at it hard and drew down his face glaring daggers at her.

Sam winced with the pain and it drew tears in her eyes. Her hand went towards the back of her head and she pulled at his tight grip.

“You’re hurting me.” She winced again and glared back into his now almost black eyes.

He drew down his head and lips almost touched hers. Their strained breaths mingled.

“You don’t decide as you wish. You don’t come and go as you wish. You don’t decide to leave and stay as you wish. I won’t allow it. You crossed a threshold and you’ve no choice but to stay put here…..with me.” Neil growled each word in a hiss into her face.

Sam looked away and struggled with both hands to let him go off her hair.

“Stop it! I won’t cower down. You can’t make me, Neil. Don’t you understant a simple no.” She bit out equally harsh.

She started breathing harder but the look in his eyes hardened. He wasn’t going to let her go, her mind cried out in panic.

He smiled sneeringly down at her.

“I don’t believe you. Your eyes says otherwise.” He murmured sardonically at her.

Damn him.

Sam gritted her teeth and pulled at his fingers. He hand tightened more.

“You’re hurting me, Neil. Let go.” Sam pleaded.

He only stared down into her face. His gaze an ever unflinching bottomless depths.

Sam stopped struggling. He wasn’t going to let go. He was making it harder for her to leave him with his persistence. Her heart started beating faster.

Hit his vulnerability. Hurt him bad. Break him, her mind hissed out in an ugly whisper.

Bile rose up her throat for doing this. Her eyes misted over. You gave me choice, Neil. I need to do this. She took a deep shaken breath in and drew up the big guns.

She shook with the force of it.

Sam stared deep into his black eyes and saw his gaze warm up for her. His walls drawing down. His warmth travelling through. His care for her colouring his face and she went for it.

“Four years back you did the same, didn’t you?” She whisper hissed hatefully into his face.

Neil’s body immediately went taut, his breathing seem to stop and his face ashened immediately but his hold at her hair didn’t loosen one bit.

Sam pulled at his hand and tried again with tears swimming in her eyes.

She looked at him disgusted.

“You did the same to your fiancé, Raina, didn’t you, Neil? You killed her that night in Manali.” Sam bit out in a poison.

She saw Neil’s eyes go all black. She laughed in a tremulous taunt while all the way tears ran down her face.

He remained unmoved and still held her hair in a tight grip and Sam was on her tip toes.

“You’re a ruin Neil. You ruin everyone around you….” She glowered and continued on.

Sam stared frozen and dead seeing his eyes water suddenly. Two tears brimmed and flowed down his eyes. His face was a stone mask though. He neither flinched nor his face scrunched up in pain but he didn’t let go off her. She finally was succeeding.

That gave her power.

“That night, she said the same thing as I did, didn’t she? and what did you do? you did the same thing as you’re doing now. What you did then Neil will never stop following you. You’re just the same then and are just the same now. The same clingy Neil who went into crazy drunk zone for hours and pulled his fiancé forcefully into his car and drove it to her death…..will you do the same to me…kill me as you killed her…” Sam shouted with rising bout of hate and voice into his face and he finally pushed her far away with such force that Sam almost collided with the wall but a pair of arms steadied her to the floor.

She was shaken to the core.

Sam stared up into a pair of wounded green eyes. She gasped and looked around to see Neil walk out of the room. Her ears started to ring. Her blood ran cold. Her heart tore apart. She gasped again in pain and disbelief.

She caught Dev’s hand in a tight grip and she cried hard. Hard and painful.

“Oh, my god, Dev….Oh my god…” She drew down to the floor grabbing his leg.

Her face scruched up in immense pain and hurt.

“I shouldn’t have said that….” She cried and beat her hand on the floor.

“Sam…” Dev’s voice came tremulous in her ears.

She got up on her legs and pulled at her hair.

“I shouldn’t have said that…I shouldn’t have said that…” Sam walked unsteadily on her feet.

She breathed hard and walked fast out of the room.

“Neil!” She shouted.

She ran walked to the hall and saw his form walking to the front door.

“Neil!” She shouted and ran towards the door.

He didn’t turn around but Sam flew faster on her feet and collided hard to his back. She tightened her hands around his waist.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that…” She sobbed on his hard back.

He remained unmoved and silent and right then when she heard his silent crying. His chest was vibrating with it. But he did that too silently.

“Please don’t pull away. I’m sorry.” She said repeatedly the same words….but his hands grabbed hers, after much struggling with strained painful breaths, Neil pushed her hands away from his waist.

“I didn’t realize you hate and loath me that much.” He said in a low rough voice.

He took a deep breath in but he didn’t turn around.

“You can leave now.” He whispered the words shakenly and walked away faster out of the apartment.

Sam stood there in the middle of the floor for a very long while. Hiccups attacked her throat but she didn’t sob anymore.

Her eyes finally looked around and she saw Suha’s smug smile from across the hall.

Sam stared at her warily for a second. Suha grinned at her happily. Sam looked away and treaded her way to the bedroom.

Dev stood there with his left hand rubbing the back of his neck.

Sam walked towards the strewn luggage around the bed. She gathered the mess and arranged the clothes in it.

She saw Dev draw closer to her and sit across at her on the bed.

“I guess no one will come looking for me anymore.” She said in a tremulous tone.

She avoided his eyes.

Dev caught her hand and Sam let go off the clothes. He remained silent and moved towards the bathroom. He came out with a first aid box.

Sam sat there warily done with everything. She didn’t flinch when he cleaned her palm with a solution. Dev kept his gaze trained on her hand while he bandaged it too with a white cotton band.

He silently pushed away, set right her clothes in the suitcase and carried it down.

His hand came down towards her and she raised her eyes to his face finally.

“Let’s go.” He said softly, and Sam’s chin tremored again looking into his red watery eyes.

Sam gathered herself together and nodded her head catching hold of his hand.

Sam caught of his arm when she suddenly giddy and her vision turned into continous circles.

“You’ll stick me, Dev?” She asked suddenly needing his assurance.

“Always.” He murmured softly and hoarsely again drawing her closer to his body.

Sam snorted out a humourless and rueful laugh.

“I guess, I’m lucky to have a friend like you who stuck to me when I’m such a b*t*h.”

Dev shook his head and chuckled lightly but there wasn’t a speck of laughter in it.

“You’re f**ked up in the head you know that, right.” He muttered in a deep sad voice.

And Sam knew that she was now indeed completely messed in the head and she had just lost everything in the process of being one.

She had no one.

She had nothing.

A huge space just got emptied from her heart.

Because she had no Neil in it anymore.

He left from there too when she hurt him.

And that was the stark glaring revelation of her life.


Next up part— Wealth of seperation….Secrets brew up……a past revealed more…..


Swagath nahi karoge hamara o_O

Eh? Yunke Ye kon bola???

Rishtemetoh hum tumhare baap lagte hai… NAAM hai ShAhenshan

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Aaayenge mere Karan Arjun Aaayenge

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My name is Bond….James Bond

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Guarse dekhyi is khooonkhar ladki ko ye sindoor wala dialogue maar maar maarke pata nahi kitne patiyonko khagayi hai

hey bhagwan ramesh babu tumhe ye kya hogaya

Kya chindi horahile bawa.

Eh? yukin ye kaun bola?!?!?

Apun ramesh chindi…pyaarse mujhko halkat ramu kaka bolte hai kya? samjhina?

Eh? yukin ye tumne bolahi kyun?!?


Chai garam chai garam chai garam

Khamos…. chalo chodo……ek chai dena…gala sukh gaya hai



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Hmmm, so this is the part. How do you like it? Haha just came straight to the matter. Well, so yep im melodramatic. Yep I agree to it. You know if u meet me too im just open heart, heart on sleeve and big lOUV for u guys 😀 call me a drama, filmish…serialish, too whateverish….i just am what am 😀

using a lot of ish..

Yeah i know whatever is in my head ain’t that lovely in writing 🙁 i ain’t clear on constructive writing or whatever dat is. Well…hv lotttttttttts of stuff to improve on still:(


I just can hope u like this part guys 🙂

and im sorry i thought of updating AIWFCIY on Christmas day and more but couldn’t. Holidays are tooooo everyone all at home and frantic. Cant grab my phone.

Yep next one on DT…..Wil be out of the mansion…hehehe…i hv stuck them there, haven’t I. Well gonna change that sooooon.

til den guys keep smiling. Loving. And be everything that is AWESOME…:D love u…lots….immense….

Credit to: kfar

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