Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 7


Chapter-7 ( Close )

Neil pushed her in the apartment putting his palm on the small of her back. Sam just gritted her teeth. She shook her head at his behaviour. Hot and cold. Hold and cold. Hold and cold. She was fed up with it. His playing good guy bad guy is like too much to handle. He was so right when he said that he would make her go away at any cost. He was really taking up the challenge very well. She had no shield against him at all.

Sam wasn’t upto any talking now. She was done, tired, and wiped. She moved fast and reached her room, she heard his footsteps behind her in a trail. What was he doing?

Why was he following her? Wasn’t he done making her life hell already.

Sam closed the door behind her and locked it.

She heard the rattle of the doorknob.

“Babe?” He quizzed…”Why did you lock the door? His voice travelled in a gravelly whisper.

Sam frazzled and haggard scowled a little pursing her lips.

“You really are asking me that.” She shot back in irritation.

How can he just be so forgetful of all the accusations he flung at her till now. Impossible really.

The rattling of the doorknob stopped suddenly and silence seem to surround on the other end. Sam wondered if he went away. She closed her eyes and sighed in relief. Thank goodness finally he left her alone, but that relief was only short lived.

“Open the door.” Came his voice low, husky and dangerous.

Sam’s pulse quickened suddenly. She pushed away and walked upto the bed and sagged down on it.

She brushed off his threat. Let him do whatever he want. Really. She wasn’t going to open the door.

“Open the door, babe.” His tone bit out sounding really angry.

Sam’s eyes widened but she didn’t twitch and move at the threat that circulated in his voice. She pursed her lips. He was always threatening her. It’s becoming old. She bent her back a little rested a little on the pillow.

“Open. The. f**king. Door.” Came his thuderous voice, enunciating each word quite in a roar.

Sam straightened, she froze when the door rattled, and in the next instant her body stiffened in a dead lock. Her muscles went taut looking horrified as the door lay off its hinges and battered down.

She scrambled up from the bed when she saw him stand with eyes and face so fierce and angry that he had teared down the door. He gave a such ferocious growl that Sam moved back on her feet.

He lunged for her and caught her arms and drew up body in a tight biting painful lock.

His eyes almost coal black midnight now desperate slid all over face. His breath haggard and uneven fell on her lips in hard puffs in barely there control.

“Don’t you ever dare to close me off!” He thundered and roared down in her face.

Sam couldn’t reply as her mind was still pulled around the door that lay in ruin. He broke it again, was the only thing moving in a reeling circle in her head. Extreme anger hit her hard. Her cheeks blazed with containing it.

“You broke the door!” She could only splutter out in aghast sounding voice.

His head jerked back and he narrowed his eyes in return with grinding of his jaw.

“Be thankful that I did not tear down the whole of this room that is so dear to you.” He grumbled and pushed her aside in rude, harsh, obnoxious gesture.

Sam staggared back but she steadied herself. Her whole face and body burned in embarrassment and humiliation.

“It’s not dear to me.” She retorted sizzling in anger at his harsh words and manner.

He only glared across at her.

“You broke the door.” She whispered continually…..”Why are you doing this? Why aren’t you leaving me alone…”She let out her exasperation and helplessness.

He closed the distance between there bodies and bent his head to her eye level in complete cold brewing up in his face.

“You should have thought about this all when you walked into my apartment, knowing well that I looked at you the way I did years back and knowing well that you reciprocated with yours…you crossed the line that shouldn’t have been crossed..” He grinded out through gritted teeth.

Sam stared back into his eyes.

“You looked back at me?” She whispered with widening of eyes.

He stared at her. Stared at her for a very long time. His features became less fierce. The dark shadow clouding over his face cleared completely. His eyes softened immediately.

“I did.” He agreed softly.

Sam’s heart raced at his tone.

“I thought you didn’t.” She countered forlonly thinking about the days she spent feeling bad with dwindling self esteem and pain.

His eyes narrowed and glittered.

“Why did you think I didn’t?” He questioned her softly, gravelly and huskily again.

Sam’s throat convulsed with hurt.

“But you never spoke to me…do you know how humliated I felt each time you snubbed me like that?”

Her face might have conveyed the hurt that she felt spreading all over her body and heart.

He sighed heavily with an exasperated air and sauntered towards the bed, sprawled on it and leaned back.

“Did you wanted me to throw you over my shoulder and declare to the world that I wanted to f**k you so bad and hard each time I looked at you..” He replied in a brazen arrogant grit, sliding a black insipid glance at her.

Sam’s skin sizzled and blistered. Her breath knocked out of her lungs as she took his words as immediately as he muttered so carelessly and abruptly as they fell on her ears. Her heart thudded hard in her chest and almost burst out. She blinked several times to get around in reality.

“Yeah, I don’t think your parents would have agreed to it.” He muttered in a lazy drawl again.

How casual he was making their relationship. Is it only that? Nothing else mattered? What about feelings? Sam strained and gulped hard. What about love? Her eyes questioned his, but he shuttered her out again. Damn him, why? Why would he do that still? Why wasn’t he allowing her in? His eyes seem to take the meaning in her stare and immediately his jaw grinded as he looked away a second.

Sam reverted back to his words which seem to still ring in her mind. She blushed quite heavily now. It crimsoned her cheeks and reddened her whole body.

“You…you….you…you’re so..such a brute..shameless…” She started to splutter in a disbelief and gesturing of hands in a flail.

Incorrigable. Unruly. Arrogant idiot.

He just flicked a look so bored at her that it hung her mouth still.

That’s it, stop talking to the guy. He had such a mouth that, one day his words would give her a heart attack. That’s going to be a real soon a matter.

“You know what…I just don’t want to talk to you anymore…I’m going to take a shower and go back to sleep…and hope I will be left alone in peace…” She scowled and pursed her lips.

His eyes narrowed again, but Sam didn’t care. Cool gaze slid all over her body in lazy assessment.

She glanced at the broken door, shook her head and wrinkled her nose in extreme anger.

She walked fast breathless into the bathroom and gritted her teeth in irritation. Who does he think he was, the arrogant jerk. It was like he was still playing with her heart and mind. Over and over again. Pushing and pulling her patience to a limit, but she couldn’t deny the attraction between them. It had always been there ever since he first set his hawk like sharp eyes on her. It seems like she was always being watched. Like he was there every where with her. How did he enter so much into every fibre of her being that even breathing was impossible without a thought of his in that second. Oh dear lord, how can I ever let it go, the strings so tight he had around her heart that he keeps on tugging and manipulating it.

She shoved the blue pajama shorts and shirt on the hanger. Her face and skin still smarted with his too nonchalant attitude towards her.

She switched on the shower and felt its temperature with her fingers. She shivered and winced. It was cold. She switched on heater and waited for the water to turn a little warm. Only a minute later the mirror fogged up due to the steam coming from the shower.

Sam sighed heavily as she caught the edges of the night t-shirt with her hands and almost lifted it up but the swinging of the bathroom door startled her around. Her heart raced fast as her widened eyes spotted his figure closing shut the door. He bolted it up. Oh holy hell she didn’t lock the door.

He leaned back on it, his eyes travelled up and down her body then behind to the shower. His gaze became as warm honey dewed and hot like the water rushing down from the shower head. Sam’s skin prickled with extreme uwareness.

He kept his hands in the track pant pockets and stared with that intense pair of hynotic eyes. Her heart really now went into an overdrive.

“wh…wh..what are you doing here?” She gasped breathing hard.

His lips quirked up a little then he lost that half smile. His face spread into an intense mix of an swirling depths of emotion.

His eyes strayed to her chest then to her eyes. It was the dark hot and blazing steamy look he ever gave her till now.

“Remove your shirt.” He ordered her in a gravelly hoarse voice.

Her eyes widened. Her breath caught hold in his throat. His eyes became fierce black.

“Wh..wh..what?” Sam stuttered.

His jaw ticked. He suddenly seemed annoyed as hell.

“Don’t act dumb. Remove your shirt.” He glowered again.

Sam stood grounded into the floor. Her lower jaw hung. Was he crazy?

“Are you crazy?” She spoke her mind in disbelief.

His form straightened from the lazy posture. His eyes flashed and his shoulders flexed hard.

“Babe, I’m in your shower. Your body looks all steamed up, damp and s*xy. Can see the outlines of your br*asts and I barely have a little self control. You either remove the shirt on your own or see it ripped into thousand pieces. Your choice.” He grated looking down and sliding his gaze all over to her thighs, chest and up into her eyes.

Sam’s heart rate spiked up high. She shivered and something like warmth spread down into her lower stomach. He saw it. He took it in. He lost the tauntness. His black eyes coloured of please and a smirk but it wiped out again as his eyes fell on the rise and fall of her chest.

Sam couldn’t breath anymore. Her body shivered. The nightshirt stuck to her body and he was right, it was damp, because the shower fell the stream over her.

He pushed away from the door and Sam’s heart jumped up. Her legs turned rubbery and stepped back and a sharp hiss left her lips when she centered under the direct gush of the shower. He froze in his walk as his eyes registered her form drenching. He walked again slowly while clenching his hands on the hem of his t-shirt. He removed it off his head and Sam gasped while the warm water streamed down on her. His body flexed and strained as he flung his the t-shirt far across the shower wall. He was tanned, rough, hard, tonned, all alpha male as he sauntered slowly towards her. The steam already dampening his black track pants which hung low over his hip bones. The tattoo over his left arm made him look hot as hell. His eyebrows sharpened and the black orb flashing pearls caught her sliding gaze. His lips quirked up a little at her checking out his body. Sam flushed and moved back into the wall. What should she do? There wasn’t any escape here. She wished the wall could disappear and she could run like hell, but that wasn’t going to be possible.

He seem to understand her gaze and her pleading eyes, but as usual he ignored it. His body heat hit her first then his arm hard and rough caught her waist harshly and he pulled her into his arms. He was drenched now completely as his warm strong chest plastered to hers. Though they were under the shower she could feel his fresh minty breath hit her lips.

His hand which held her hip slid down to the nightshirt she wore. Sam’s eyes widened and her breath stuck in her throat.

She pushed at his chest with her hands but he didn’t let go. His hand became tight as the water sputtered down at them. His heart thudded just like hers. Both of their breaths turned stuttered and strained in the silence.

“Told you, babe.” He breathed hard and gravelly looking deep into her eyes as the shower turned warm all over his face. It slid down his face and fell on hers. It travelled over his lips and down on hers as he slid his head closer to hers so that the water could drench her form sliding over his body onto hers.

“Blue faded short demins. White tank top. You tagged along with me and Rohan in the garage once remember.” His tone went low and deep and his breath stuttered and strained, his eyes were trained intensely on her lips still, and Sam did remember and blushed profusely was the day at the fair and Neil had visited their family house after a long time. Sam had been very happy with the news that he had come. She forgot and jumped on the chance when her big brother asked her if she would come to the fair then. They both stopped by the garage where Neil had been repairing their father’s centuries old car. The moment Sam saw his toned, tanned figure in nothing but low hung denim jeans, her heart fluttered, flipped and jumped under her chest. He half smiled at Rohan but had not even glanced at Sam, that did diminish her smile and disheartened her much, but what he just said now reeled her back, his eyes flared taking in her surprised reaction….”f**k, babe, when you bent over that useless junk of a car of your father’s….think of the thousand things I could have done to you right then…” He whispered, all the while slowly pulling up her shirt.

His eyes flashed down at her.

“The other day at the dinner, the blo*dy tease that you were had to wear a bit of a black dress that barely covered this delicious ass of yours…” His hand slid down while he breathed out such heart stopping words….”Do you know how much of control I had gathered to tame the rising urge. To not throw you on that table and take what I wanted…” Sam remembered how he excused himself immediately only minutes after her arrival at the restaurant dinner table as had their family booked in a get together party that year….she thought he couldn’t bare her company and it hurt her then of how he gritted his teeth and pushed past with a furious expression glancing down into her face when she clumsily walked into his body. He looked surprised, but as he looked down all over at her, his features locked and became so angry that Sam had feared he would throttle her then and their. She blushed remembering the low cut short black dress she wore then. It was Lyra’s. Sam had to wear it, because she had none the dinner out dresses. She wore it because Sam thought it was the only sisters hangout dinner then…she didn’t know Neil would be joining until she walked right into his body. How hyper aware she was of his presence when he took the seat beside to hers, but then again, he just left within a minute of being seated next to her. She haf felt immensely humiliated at his walk away. Sam thought he had hated her presence then…..but now thinking of what he was saying…everything was disappearing like the mist that lifts off while the sun shines bright in the cold and dark…she didn’t know he had wanted all those things to happen with her, it skipped her heart more hearing him confess….

“I…I..I didn’t know.” Sam gasped out.

His hand tightened roughly on her waist as the water continued to shower upon their bodies in a drench.

“The f**k you didn’t know.” He growled…it vibrated all around and against the shower wall his thundering low voice, which cut the hissing sounds of the water and strained breaths she took while he spoke to her in such intimate drawl of a breathless tone.

“Never shy away from your body, babe. It’s beautiful. You’re beautiful. Inside out. Everything about you, head to toe is gorgeous. Any man should be insane not to look at you. Not to desire you. Not to want you. Not to mark your sweetness of your smile and the warmth of your soft nature as his own forever…” He continued on in a soft gravelly tone….”But, that’s the end of it…” His tone became sharp and fierce…” Because, it’s all your boyfriend’s now….and f**k it..if not am the luckiest bastard in the world…”He growled the last line in immense smugness and a tone rough with such possessiveness and with eyes so dilated with desire, and midnight black that Sam could only gasp.

That was in a very twisted kind of way heatingly romantic and immensely sweet. And it was pure Neil. He was brazen ever in his softness too. He smiled now a very boyishly rakish one and it vanished the words which had almost were stuttering out of her mouth. Sam stared at the even white sharp teeth and the sauve square jaw of his mouth spread now in an arrogant smile at the dreamy look on her face. Damn, he really could see through and respond to her every twitch of movement and each breath now. When did that happen? And the answer came immediate and fast in her mind…since forever.

The tightening of his strong hard band of arms splayed around her loosened. His hold became soft. His hands fell away from her waist.

He jerked away from her so suddenly and so abruptly that Sam staggered on her feet and again she was very much annoyed of how much her traitorous body leaned on his chest. So thoroughly trusting that too. He stood now a good safe distance from her in all his half naked golden smooth and extremely handsome glory, looking across at her with such intensity of eyes that suddenly she felt the apple of her cheeks turn to bloom pink readily.

He smirked and a teasing glint coloured his face sliding his smiling eyes all over burning features.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything right away. You’re not ready for me yet, and when you’re, there won’t be much talking….” He paused but after a second though he concluded in a very low murmur of a tone ad he bent his head closely to her eye level…”Unless, you’re too vocal about it…” He chuckled at her gasp and walked backward facing her still….

He left her there shocked, surprised, shaken, reeling, affected, trembling, panting, gasping and with her heart almost in her mouth. He slid open the shower glass and treaded out. The sudden frigid air entered in and shook her body in cold shiver.

Sam glanced down at her fingers which had now turned all pruny. How long had they been in the shower? With the water still gushing down on her head, Sam shook her head utterly disturbed and largely hot and bothered with all the information grabbling in her head around in a swirling heat…..


Sorry this was a short one. I’m gonna update real soon again. I hurried here and somehow managed to write out this small part. Just Sorry wouldn’t suffice to my long absence. I couldn’t come online or even cmnt. It hurt me too much as I couldn’t manage stuff and much more things. I know in the process of all this frantic clawing pull and push of my life…I sort of became a shell mostly. I really couldnt respond. Im really sorry. Missed u lots. Immensely, very much. I apologise for the delay and also for not cmng on the site. Hope I didn’t hurt you much guys. I have to hurry away now. I never was this late in responding. I hope to update dt too but a long one when im free from this stuff that im really very very very much held up with. Till den will miss u lots. I hope u guys are not really that miffed with your friend 🙁

Very sincerely yours,

Kfar…Farha…whatever you wish me to call, but I hope to always remain dear to you.

Louv u soooooo much n lots….

Credit to: kfar

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