Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 6

Chapter-6 ( His sweet hell )

The rain splashed down on their bodies drenching them in cold shiver. It did not just just rain but pelted down shards of hail stones over their heads. Sam clutched to his back more tightly as he zoomed the bike more faster on the road.

“You said that it wouldn’t rain!”She shouted through the roaring of the wind.

“Sorry, I didn’t check the weather report before coming here!”He retorted back at her in a shout.

Sam could feel his every hard muscle flex at her touch. She grabbed onto his waist. Her fingers dug into his skin over the wet damp T-shirt. Her face burrowed into his neck. She put her thighs over his. He didn’t mind as he drew her more closer to his body by pulling her hands more firm around his waist.

“W..why..a..are you getting angry at me? I..I pointed ..out the obvious when it thundered down on us..”Her teeth chattered a lot while talking, as the rain water entered into her eyes,nose and mouth. Her hair splattered all over her face and head.

“Stop talking. You’ll get sick with all the shivering.”He growled low angrilyin a gravelly voice.

Sam burrowed her face more into neck. He was still warm, like a thermal blanket draped around her body. She could feel the him inside her. He circled her mind like a pull of his haze, but she didn’t stop talking as she inhaled deeply his spicy scent.

“You know whatthe best part of this storm is, Neil?”She asked with a smile in her voice.

He froze. His body and his back muscles bunched up instantly, but as he seemed to sense a dreaminess in her voice and that’s when he became soft and less angry. His body sagged against her. The lantern inside hisjacket that she wore moved to and fro.

“What?”He asked in a low rumble of voice.

“I grabbed a small lantern in my hurry.”She whispered softly in his left ear.

His chuckle came immediate and husky. It rumbled deep from his stomach and chest. Sam felt go into her body as it sizzled on her finger tips over his pecs. He lifted her wrist from over his waist and opened his lips on her skin, his tongue came out slow and swiped over her pulse. Sam gasped feeling a low curl of heat entering and flowing into her blood warmly now, heating her fold bones. He let go and drove faster.

Sam felt her whole face burn at his intimacy and the close familiarity of his touch.

“I can feel your cheeks heatingup, babe. How low and deep down does it spread your blush?”He asked her slowly in a very lazy drawl, but his voice coloured with so muchhidden desire that made her burning up in flames. She just planted deep in his back.

“Shut up.”She mumbled low in an embarrassed voice.

He laughed more and roared up the bike fast and hard, while competing with the chasing storm from around. His thigh, shoulder, hand muscles flexed with the effort of driving the bike on the rough, hard, brittle surface of the road.

Sam snuggled into his body and closed her eyes. They drove into the storming rage of the rain deep into the night and hours travelling on the road until they reached his apartment.

She couldn’t get off the bike, her form was frozen and numb. Neil cursed heavily and caught her hold of her waist. He got her off the bike and rubbed his hands over her arms to get some heat into her body. Sam was so unfocussed and shivering that she didn’t know when he flung open the door and pushed her fast to her room. He locked the door and turned her around. She came into her senses in a propel when his hands went to the zipper of her dress. His arm held her back.

“What the hell are you doing?”She screeched and flung out of his arms.

He just stared at her flatly. His eyes were all black and swirling.

“You’re wet. You’ll get cold. Come here.”He ordered in a plain voice.

Sam drew back more into the wall. Water trickled her hair and fell on her shoulders in little cold drops on her skin. Sam shivered.

“I can undress myself. Please, leave my room.”She said in a stutter.

His eyes narrowed at that and his head tilted to the side. He slowly slid down on the floor and freedout his shoes all the while keeping his eyes heatedly trained on hers. He threw the shoes away and got up. He walked towards her, but her eyes widened when his hands caught the edge of his T-shirt. His lips quirked up a little looking at her wide eyed expression. He drew the shirt up his toned abs, it went up his even more hard tanned chest and up out of his head. He threw the wet T-shirt far away across the room. Sam’s breathing stopped looking at his chiselledphysique. He drew his fingers into his hair and combed back the dark shiny locks of hair. The water drizzleddown his rippling large arm and created a rivulets on his chest. It slid down his waist and settled low over his narrow hips and jeans. The tattoo around his upper arm definedmore. It gave a little edge to his boyishpersonality. The water created a puddle while he walked towards her. Then he smiled a lot one completely different from all the smiles he gave her, it was truly for her as he observed what he was doing to her with hisbufeatures warmly. It wasn’t a closed up smile. It wasn’t just a quirk of his lips.It wasn’t patronising or mocking either. It lighted up his eyes and creased his featuresand, her heartjumped,flipped, dipped, dived, somersaulted, swirled, and rose up highin her chest

He reached her and caught hold of her hands.

“Your hands are numb. You will not be reach the zipper. Let me help you.”He said soflty.

Her cheeks burned up along with her body, and her answer came immediate and hasty.

“No! I can help myself.”She said and tried to pull away her hands from his warming ones.

His eyebrowsfurrowed and a light of annoyance came into his warm eyes.

“I promise not to look down, in case you’re wondering that I will.”He said lazily, looking down at her lips.

“Y..your eyes will look down anyway…even if you don’t look…they look.”She murmured breathing heavily.

His head dipped down and his eyes snapped back to hers in silent narrow of his observing gaze. Abruptly his right hand caught hold of her waist hard and his fingers bit into her flesh through the thin material of her waist.

His lips hovered over hers, and Sam could taste his minty breath on her tongue. He kept his gaze trained on her lips and he slid down his mouthhotly over her neck and ear. He breathed heavily there.

“Are you smart mouthing me, babe?”He whispered in a deep timber of voice.

He duggedmore his fingers on her waist, Sam winced, and she was sure it leave bruises on her skin the next day.

Sam nodded her vigorously in negative. She knew what will happen if she challenged him.

He ignored her and still hurried his face in her neck.

“You know what happens to a smart mouth?”He deliberated in a punishing tone.

Sam squirmed and tried to herself but he caught her other hand and drew it back on her spine and held her there attached to his naked chest.

He moved a little and hovered again over her lips. He let go off her waist and put his fingers under her lower lip.

His eyes heated and primal moved along the movement of his finger over her lip.

“It gets f**kedhard.”He murmured low in a hitched up breath.

Sam’s legs turned rubbery at his meaning, but he caught her around the waist before she could fall down flat on the floor in a melted puddle. His went up to the zipper.

Her wide eyes caught his and she took a sharp intake of breath.

“I promise not to look.”He murmured over her lips.

Their cool breaths mingled and became one.

The zipper went down slowly over her back, and Sam shivered as she felt his warm fingers trailed down too. Sam’s fingers dug into his arm as he held her gaze and never looked down.

She clung onto his chest while he drew the white dress down completely off her body. It puffed over her feet in a spread of a thin material satin and silk.

Sam couldn’t bare any longer, as she propelled out of his arms and moved fast over to her bed and caught hold of the covers. She put the whitesheet around her shoulders in a flash of a movement.

He chuckled and sauntered towards her. Sam glared at the laughing devil. He drew his arms around her in a lightembrace.

His head dipped down looking deep into her eyes. His gaze held an amused look.

“Why are you afraid of me?I’m not gonna eat you alive.”He murmured… but his eyes fell over her lips and he lost the smile altogether….”There is time for that….let’s just….”His head leaned more over her lips, but she just pushed out of his arms.

She felt faint athis words, he was making her gocrazy with heatedhis murmuring and sizzlingtouch.

“Out of my room, please.”She glowered and gritted her teeth.

Sam clutched the sheet over around her shoulders, it covered her head to toe completely, but it seemed like his lascivious gaze could penetrateeven that. Sam squrimed in places where he touched her with his eyes.

“Alright.”He sighed, as his eyes became flat.

His head tilted to the right side and his expression became sombre now.

“Shower, inten minutes. Living room in fifteen. I don’t find you there. I will come looking…”He warned her in a hard voice, and moved towards the door.

Sam’s lips pursed and curled. Her face drew up tight in haughty scowl at his back, but she rearranged her face when helooked back at her freezingnear the threshold of her door.

“It doesn’t do anything, you covering up your body from my eyes. I have already seen it,I already want everything and I will take everythinguntil you lose your breath giving your everything to me…”He flung those words cuttingly, smiled mercilessly and turned around and kept walking.

Sam’s mouth hung and she gasped as the full meaning of his words registered in her dizzy mind. She staggered on her feet.

Nobody had talked to her like that. Nobody had gone all the way deep. He was taking liberties with her in such a way that made her heart go roaringinto overdrive. His words keptringing into her ears. He was a shameless devil, she gritted her teeth.

Sam’s eyes swiveled around the wall clock, and her eyes widened. She had already five minutes thinking about him. If she delayed going into the living room, he would surely get in the shower with her. She hurried to the bathroom, and as the hot sprinkles fell on her head she felt the way go away instantly with the heat accumulating in her tired bones.

She changed into sky blue tank top and pajam shorts. Sam tried as much to dry her hair as possible with a towel and ventured out of her room. She padded her bare feet in the hallway and ventured hesitantly into the living room. Why did he call her here? What for? She thought, but all the questions flew out of her mind when her eyes blinded by the bright yellow light surrounded in the room. Her mouth open when she saw Neil slid a few small thick woods in the fireplacewith an iron poker stick. A gust of warm air surrounded the frigid cold around.

He seem to have showered as he changed into a pair of black tank T-shirt and grey shorts. He drew up straight and his eyes snapped back to hers. The fire splitters rose up here high and formed shadows on his face. He looked like complete and dark fallen angel with the mysterious covered around his upper arm.

His black slid all over her body and up and down.

“You showered.”He stated in a deep husky voice, as she came around to his side.

He moved back and went to the right side of the hearth. He slid down and rested his back over the granite surface of the fireplace wall.

His eyes caught her and nodded his head a little. The black around his pupils looked charcoal.

“Come here.”He ordered.

Sam just stood thereblinking down at his placid face. She put her weight over her other leg uncomfortably.

His jaw locked hard when she didn’t move an inch. His eyes narrowed on her avoiding gaze.

“Come here.”He ordered her sharply, and Sam hurried down in fear, but he caughther waist and swiveled her around.

He moved her back on his front and put her body locked between his legs. His hands locked around her waist. She felt his hand move off her hair on from her right shoulder. His head disappeared into her neck and he inahled deeply smelling her. His breathfell warmon her skin heatedly. Sam closed her eyes and settled back on his front.

She took his hand from around her waist and closed her fingers with his. His hand was tanned raw and hard and a big paw over her slender hand and wrist.

His whole body was wrapped around her like a warm and safe blanket.

“Can I ask you something?”She enquired in a soft voice.

His other arm held her waist in a tight grip. He sighed into her skin.

“You wouldn’t be silent even for aminute,would you?”He questioned in return even more a whisper of a voice.

Sam ignored that and slid her fingers up his arm. She hesitated but put her fingers on his tattoo. His entire body froze and tensed upwhen she did that. He immediately pushed her away and turned her around. His eyebrows drew in a strain as his gaze assessed all over her face in acute observation.

Oh crap, what did she ask? She should just put a tape over her mouth before opening it.

His eyes caught hers accusingly for changing the atmosphere. He sighed looking at her wide eyes. His jaw grinded a little.

He sagged back on the wall and gazed back at her insilence. Sam felt her breath caught up. This is it. If he answered her then Sam had successfully crossed a threshold of his mind. She waited in patiencebut her anxiety crippled her and a deep disappointed coursed through when he kept silent like that and kept on thinking. Sam’s imploring eyes dimmed when he slid his gaze to the fire. After all of what they hadgonethrough, he still didn’t trust her with his pain and thoughts. Why the wall? Why put a barrier between them?

Her eyes fell on the floor in a hurt.

“Alright.”He said softly, and Sam’s gaze flew back to his as her spirits rose up.

He looked back at her in a lazy drawl.

“You want answers and you’ll get answers.”

Sam smiled fully now. She had so many questions, but to start with what her mind stayed undecided. His shook his head in amusement at her eagerness.

“Not so fast…”He grinned slowly at her and Sam stared back at his twinkling eyes in confusion.

“I have a proposition.”He said in slow deliberation.
Proposition? What did he think that this was some kind business deal going on here?

“What kind of preposition?”She asked with an eyebrow raise.

He lost the smile and his expression became hungry and primal again. Sam gulped looking deep into his eyes as he stared back at her in raw desire.

“With each question…..I get a kiss….on the lips…”He murmured in a rumble of a voice.

Sam stared for a whole lot of minute at his lazy eyes. His lips spread into a light unseeing smile.

Her lips pursed and curled. His eyes narrowed at the move, Sam hurried to rearrange her face. She opened her mouth to say something but he cut her off.

“In Spain is where I got itdone.”He said shortly in a hard voiceand completely without much enthusiasm.

Sam opened her mouth and closed itlike afish. Her mind didn’t even go around the things he was saying so fast. A second laterit lighted up. What? What? What? Spain? When did he go to Spain? Oh fish, he did go to Spain, after the incident. She gulped hard.

What the hell? She had so many questionsbefore that and she got an answer to a paltry one. She needed to know what that tattoo says, butgod, he was a smart smart guy. Sam scowled now.

He looked back at her in complete arrogance of eyes.

“That’s not fair. You cannot ask questions on behalf of me. I strictly call abluffof play.”Sam said firmly.

He grinned back jeeringly.

“It’s not a game to call it a bluff and anyway you got the answer, but if you don’t want to continue then I don’t really mind…”He said slowly and deliberately.

Her nostrils flared in anger.

“That’s black mail.”She pointed out irritatedly.

“I already lost the interest…I get my kiss as payment now..”He said witha playful smile and caught her ankles, he pulled her hard and she went flying into arms.

“Hey! I didn’t ask the question!”Sam cried out, flailing her arms.

He caught her arms with one hand, and with the other he grabbed her hair and pulled her face up to his. His breath hit her lips in a warm whisper. His eyes caught hers in a slow lazy tease.

“Specks of gold.”He whispered in a light smile.

Sam’s breath held in a hitch. Her eyes wide on his.

“What?”She asked breathing heavily in short pants.

His breath minty and tingling mixed with hers.

“You have specks of gold in your eyes.”He murmured.

He didn’t wait for her to respond, as his lips grazed hers. Sam closed her eyes in a tight shut, but other the feathery touches, he didn’t move an inch.

Sam opened her eyes and saw him smiling down at her.

“You were expecting it….”He said in a laughing voice, and Sam’s face burnt in embarrassment.

“I wasn’t.”She retorted and try to move.

“You so were.”He teased and moved back to the wall.

Sam just pursed her lips lightly.

“And you’re just full of it.”Sam shot back narrowing her eyes.

“And you owe me a kiss.I take it whenever.”He challenged her, and caught her wrist and turns her around to his chest.

His head again burrowed in her neck.

God, he was such a guy. Everything goes back to only one thing. She was surprised how smoothly he distracted her off the serious topic so cleanly.

“Enough talking now.”He mumbled in a serene voice on her skin.

Sam gave up prodding into his life. What’s the point now? He wouldavoid her questions again with such bossy prepositions.

But she didn’t keep silentas she kept her gaze on the fire.

“Let’s watch a movie.”

He sighed in complete annoyance. His arms still were folded on her waist.

“And I thought you just looked almost beautiful. Silence becomes you, babe.”He mumbled in a low rumbly voice.

Sam gasped. How mean. She turned and glaredinto his eyes.

“You’re implying that I’m not beautiful in general?”She glowered in question.
His one darkleft brow cocked up in mocking.

His arms went around his chest in a fold and Sam observed the muscle of his arms ripple. Her gaze turned

His eyes became a false contemplativeover her face and body.

“Well, I wouldn’t imply beautiful.”He stated critically stopping his observation at her eyes and down on her chest….”I would say cute when you do this..”His voice became husky as his fingers feathered a touch over her scowling lips.

“Except until you open your mouth.”He concluded apatheticallyand smiled a bigone.

Sam gritted her teeth. She felt humiliated. So, she wasn’t beautiful. She wasn’t pretty and she wasn’t even cute now. How mean and rude he was.

“You’re so mean.”She whispered back in reply.

He only stared back at her somberly. The light scruff over his square jaw and the shadows of the fire played over his face, itdefined more of how hard cut like a stone statue he was. Sam felt so much of nothing beside compared to his beauty. Some long legged barbie would suite his darkly handsome personality not her.

“Are you going to cry?”He asked her cynically.

Sam just looked away. She heard a deep sigh but her waist was caught tightly and she was perched on his legs the next second. His forehead touchedhers.

“No heart and flowers, right.”He said in a gravelly tone.

She just felt his warm skin over hers, and her fingers curled the pendent hanging by the chain around his neck.

“Yeah.”She agreed in a sigh.

What else could she get from his side.

His large hands cupped her cheeks and he caught her sulky gaze with his. His face was coloured withsolemn.

“Now, wipe out that gloomylook, and let’s go watch that movie.”He said in a low consoling whisper.

He laced his fingers with hers and caught her up. Sam brightened a littleand smiled a coy one when he slid his hand around her waist.

“What are we watching?”She asked amiably now.

He stopped walking abruptly and Sam frowned looking up at his averted face. He turned his head towards her and his eyes seem to dance with mischievous mirth. Sam’s head jerked back bewildered.

“That’s a surprise.”He said a little mysteriously, and Sam wondered what kind of genrewould it be his choice of a movie.

Sam’s face went taut. She pursed her lips.

“I’m not going to watch some senseless rapid action movie.”She said in an insipid hiss.

He just gazed back at her wryly.

“Just go grab the black discDVD from over the counter.”He justsuccinates in an order and admonishing.

Sam felt scolded like a recalcitrant child. He always high handed her. Who does he think he is? Sam thought morosely.

She dragged her feet to the wide television set. She looked around the large wooden table, but she found nothing.

“Hurry up.”He shouted at her testily.

Sam jumped at his imperious tone.Her gaze turned frantic over the table but there was nothing there except that it wasslick yellow and cleaned all over.

She heard his foot steps thundering in a walk at her. Her eyes widened. Damn, he would again scold her.

“f**king blind as a bat.”He muttered under his breath, and pushed open a drawer from under the table. He took out the said DVD and Sam just stared at the magical opening in the wooden table.

Eh? Where did the drawer come from? Sam gulped and looked around at his eyes

His glance at her turned choleric angry. He muttered some morecurses under his breath and took out the remote. He walked away and Sam felt her temper rise up.

“Hey! I’m not blind as a bat… I…I didn’t know that there was a drawer here.”She said indignantly.

He turned around at her cry. His faced was all bored out.

“Then you’re dumb.”He concluded caustically, and inclined his head to the drawer. His gaze said that, it could be found out easily from under under the table.

Sam drew back her words. He wasn’t mean. He was brutal.

She bit the inside of her cheek.

“Blind as bat one was better.”She saidpassively, and walked forward.
He smiled at her patronisingly.

“I thought so too.”He agreed, and Sam glowered feeling very much solemn.

She just ignored his highness and walked towards the couch. He moved towards the television and switched it on.

The lights dimmed out from around as the home theatre worked it’s play.

Neil too settled back beside her on the couch. Sam turned towards his side.

“Is it some kind of romantic movie?”She asked him exuberantly and smiling.

He gazed back at her passively.

“Yeah, very.”He replied her shortly.

Sam just jumpedup in excitement.

“I will go grab the popcorn.”She mumbled ecstatically.

She came back from the kitchen with a bowl of popcorn and settled back on the couch.

He glanced across at her amusingly.

The movie started and Sam drew her legs together and popped in her mouth.

When the sounds of the movie travelled around, Sam felt the corn getstuck in her throat and she coughed quite heavily, her eyes reddened and watered with theeffortto gulp it down, but when she saw the title of the movie. Her blood ran cold. It was ‘The Conjuring’. Sam knew from around her friends that it was scariest of all the scariest of movies. Radhika had went alone to the theatres and watched the film with much gumption. Radhika lovedsuch movies, whereas Sam did not even have the guts. Sam looked sideways at his averted face. The god damn devil, so this what he’ll give her. Thornsinstead of flowers. Scorn instead of praise. Horror instead of romantic. The case head, she cursed scowling and got up to leave.

“This is nonsense.”She scowled,but caught hold of her hand.

Sam turned and looked down at his hand and then down at his eyes.

“Sit down.”He said irritatedly.

Sam gritted her teeth. If he was bent on demeaning her on every turn and step, then she was done with him.

“No.”She muttered in reply and try free her hand, but his grip tightened more.

The furrow over his forehead cleared and his face turned grim.
“Sit down.”He grated.

Sam narrowed her eyes in challenge.

“And I said no. Please, let go.”She looked down at his fingers biting into her skin.

His jaw set in a stone and his eyes turned cold.

“I don’t date a wuss.”He said coolly and contemplatively.

Her heart skipped a beat. Date? They were dating? He was dating her? Since when? Oh dear lord, so thisis his idea of dating? Making her run away from him. Ugh, he was impossible but she really felt a throng of pleasure while he said it. Any kind of dating it might be, but they were together.

Sam searched his face for a second but he just froze her out, and confound him, he knew very well when to shutter out her observation. He just straight put a poker face. Was he just playing with her again? He was so contradicting against his own words.

Sam just settled back on the couch.

“You know that I don’t like horror movies.”She muttered under her breath.

He just chuckled darkly and put his hand on her thigh and pushed her legs on his.

“I do.”He murmured.

Sam jumped a little as she felt warm fingers touch her skin of her thigh.

She glared at his averted gaze.

“And you’re purposely trying to scare me.”She groaned looking at the screen in a rising terror.

“Relax, stop being a frightened mouse.”He shot back, and grabbed a handful of popcorn from the bowl in her hands.

Sam just drew backinto the couch in fear. The scene moved from the scary doll to a house. It was marooned in a place very out in thecountry scene. There were married couple and their five kids had just moved into the house. The music of the movie was frightening. The scene came where two of girls were sleeping a room. One of the girl’s leg gets pulled and Sam shielded her eyes with the bowl. She felt a shiver rake deep into her spine. Then she relaxed as it moved to some light scenes. Her back straightened when the woman and three year old child played hide and clap. The kid covered her mother’s eyes with a cloth.The seeker seeks the clapper. Her mother counted and moved to find out her giggling girl. The girl started clapping and her mother started searching her everywhere in the house.

Samsquinted her eyes as her breathing laboured, as the woman entered into a room where there was a large cupboard, as she heard the sounds of clapping coming from the room. The woman started calling her daughter’s name sweetly, but Sam’s heart came into a mouth when the wardrobe holdingsopened and apair of distortedhands came out and clapped three time. Her eyes widened completely and her breath caught up when the moved towards the clap sound, thinking that it was her daughter.

“Oh my god.”Sam squeaked in a muffled whisper.

Please don’t go there, Sam mumbled under her breath as saw the woman go towards the opened wardrobe.

“Where are you?”The woman spoke out, as she searched the clothes in the hanger with her hands. Her eyes were covered. She couldn’t see a thing.

Profound silence fell and suddenly deep harsh breathing could be heard from the opened wardrobe.

“I can hear you breathing.”The woman said again.

But her kid came running into the room right at the moment. The woman slid out the cloth from over her eyes glanced down at her kid, she froze looked back into the wardrobe.

Sam just screamed out closing her eyes and flung into his arms. She locked her hands around his neck.

“Please! Please! Switch it off. I agree that I’m a wuss. You can tell me to go away. I will go away!”She cried a little.

She didn’t know that he hated to be with her so much. Sam tried to get out of his arms but he held her tight.

He switched off the television and lifted her up. Sam tried to wriggled away, but he caught hold of her thighs and locked them around his waist.

“Let go.”She sniffed and struggled out of his arms.

“If you try that again, I’m going to chain you to my bed forever.”He warned her in a cutting voice, into her neck.

Sam froze hearing a deep anger in his voice. Now what did she do? She wondered.

He kept walking and holding her still like that, he treaded up the stairs with so much ease, that Sam wondered if she had lost weightor he had strong muscles. Sam scowled, obviously it was his flexing and rippling biceps. There was no chance of her losing weight, as he kept thrusting things in her mouth time and again, and those vile vitamin tablets too.

He was moving her to and fro like a ragdoll, and Sam just rolled her eyes. It was pointless her struggling and tiring herself against his well built body.

She just stayed silent all the while as he flung open his door and moved into his room. His knee hit the bed and hepushed her down on the bed and got on top of her. His face came out of her neck and he looked down her grimly. His expression was thunderous and Sam gulped hard feeling the wrath shooting from his black eyes.

“Do you think that this is all a game?”He questioned her in seething anger.

His jaw bones grinded as he glared down at her and Sam’s breath hitched.

She opened her mouth to talk but he beat it to her.

“You didn’t just daresay that you would go away? Just like that, huh?”His voice too uncontrolled now. His hands around her waist went in a bruising hold.

“I….I..”Sam tried, but words completely failed looking at the fierceness of his manner.

“Take it or leave it, Sam.”He insisted on brutally.

His eyes became fluttering all over her face. Though he seethed beyond furious and mad as hell, he softened his touch when he felt her flinch and wince as his fingers dug into her skin under her shirt.

“I have no hold over you. You want to leave. Feel free then.”He murmured in a grit and sneer, moved away from her and settled far away to the side of the bed.

Sam leaned up in a sitting position and just could at his back. Why was he mad her? He was the one who told her that he would make her leave at any cost and now he was mad at her that she wanted to leave him alone. He was really giving her a whiplash.

His phone started to ring from beside the table lamp and he took the call.

She thought, she was the only one who could sulk, but Neil was like the biggest of all of them. She was afraid he would go all silent and into himself all again.He got off the bed, gave her a glare, took the car keys from besideand walked out of the room. Sam’s eyes widened. Where was he going leaving her all alone in the house.

She treaded out of the room fast.

“Neil! Listen…where are you going?”Sam panicked.

He just walked down the stairs without looking back. Who might call him this late? Was it Lyra?

He reached the front door, and Sam caught his wrist.

“Wait, where are you going this late?”She asked catching her breath.

He turned around and glanced down at her hand. His eyes slowly raised to hers, and Sam let go of his wrist instantly.

Geez, he was like a touch me not plant. His face etched now in passivity.

“I have some work outside.”He muttered evasively and moved back.

What work? Her stomach unsettled and droppedsuddenly. Was he going to meet her? Was it the call from Lyra?

“This late?”Sam asked in confusion.

His eyes narrowed at her suspicious tone.

“Are you my wife now?”He asked flippantly.

Sam’s face burned at the mocking written all over his face and tone.

“I was just asking.”She mumbled, sliding her hands around her waist.

“Well, you shouldn’t. As you want to just leave.”He mocked her and dragged the last word in a sneer.

“I didn’t mean it like that.”She whispered avoiding his eyes.

She didn’t want to have a conversation when he was like this angry and irritated at her.

“Whatever you mean then?”He taunted, and Sam raised her eyesto his in narrowed stare.

“You tell me. You were the one who want meto leave.”She challenged back.

His gaze turned freezing cold at that. He just stood there like a stone statue and seem to wonder as she had the dare to back talk.

“Pack your bags. Get going. Never come back.”He said coldly.

Sam’s head jerked back in sharp sting of painand her eyes teared up.

His jaw locked and his features turned granite as a tear rolled down her eye at his hurtful words. He kept staring at her and back walked. He turned around and banged out of the front door.

Sam jumped at the screeching sound of the car. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. He was always angry at her. She didn’t know how to talk to him anymore. Sam padded her bare feet to her room, and sagged back on the bed. How had she thought that everything would settle between them but he was just impossible to stay with.

Sam froze suddenly. They just had their first fight. Good lord, they haven’t even started yet and already an argument crept in. He was so rude and mean. She kept rubbed her face and walked to and fro in her room. Where would he go this late? Who called? Crap, was it Lyra booty calling him? Or some other girl? How dare he go to some other. Why wouldn’t he? He wasn’t exclusive with her. Whatever they had between is not going to stop him to look other way. Sam felt more tears circling her eyes. He was just playing with her, like all the other girls he played with. He was a god damn messed upplay boy.

Sam shook her head and settled down on the bed to sleep. Enough about him anymore. He was bent on messing with her head and she was done hanging onto him like a loon.


The alarm clock went off and Sam jerked out of sleep in a frantic move. She blinked and sagged back on the bed feeling uneasy and unsettled. She got out of the bed and walked slowly into the hall yawning ad rubbing her eyes. She froze suddenly and ran up the stairs fast. Her heart jumped while she found his room empty.

She came downstairs and went into the kitchen. She sagged down on the counter chair. He didn’t come home last night. How can he do this to her? Everything went back to the way it was before she came here. He wasn’t going to change for her, that’s never going to happen.Sam hardened her will. To hell with him, she thought and got ready to work.

Half of the afternoon and evening she stewed in anger. She last out her temper on the painting more and more.

Just as she worked on the strokes, her phone vibrateda message.

-Be ready at 8-

Sam stared at his curt message. She typed out a reply.


She waited a second.The nerve of him to order her. The phone vibratedagain.

-Dinner at Sanguine-

Sam gritted her teeth.

-where were you last night?-

There was a minute gap and she thought he was done messaging her, but the vibration of the phone pulled her attention to it.

-why do you care?-

Sam immediately shot back.

-I don’t-

-Good- Came the reply and that’s that.

Fine. She was going to show him that, she could live without him too. She is gonna get ready very good and ignore his presence. It was time to let her hair downand have a me time. God knows the last time she ever was serene since she came to New York.


Sam got ready by eight. She wore a pink and white knee length dress with half sleeves. It was cinched at the waist with a light cream colouredribboned bow. She let her hair down in straightened locks. She wore white pumps and carried a silver clutch.

The door bell rang and Sam frowned. Since when did he need to ring the bell. Maybe it wasn’t him.

She went to the door and opened it. Neil’s driver stood there. Sam stared.

“Sir said to pick you up.”He informed her.

Her face burned up inembarrassment. He didn’t even have the decency to pick her up. What was the need to arrange a dinner then if he didn’teven want tobareher company.

She nodded her head and locked the door behind.


Sam entered into the pub slashdinner place called Sanguine. It was a new one. Something very different than the other pubs. It became too popular in only two months time. She had no time to check it out since she was always at the apartment or worrying about things. It had a large bar and the many of the guys and girls her age kept a beeline to it. There was a dance floor. A dinning area. A pool place and god knows how many of gaming rooms. Most of the people of the city would kill to spend the night here to hangout.

She looked around and walked up to the bar and settled on the counter chair. Just as she did, a guy from across the bar smiled meaningfully at her. Sam just gave him a nod. He looked like some newbie businessman with all the greysuit thing going on. He was like 5’9, short spikes of hair and an amiable face. Dark bushy eyebrows and a square cut jaw told her that he had no effort to pull girls his way. In short, he looked money and a thorough casanova. Great, just what she needed tonight. She wouldn’t be left alone even for a night. She knew of course the guy would flaunt his many accomplishments and flamboyance in a show off so much that it would make her gag on the drink listening to the self obsessed crap of such guys.

Sam waited there for a while, but only seconds later,a drink was placed on the counter before her.

Sam looked up.

“From the gentleman across the counter.”The bartender tilted his head to the side.

The guy lifted up his drink and gave a cheer to her with a smile. Sam squirmed uncomfortably. She looked the other way and ignored the drink.

A minute later she saw from the corner of her eyes, the guy move towards her. Oh no, god please make the guy go away she thought, but a hard chest hit her back, a pair of arms around her waist circled and pulled her back. The hair from her right shoulder was moved away and a pair of cool lips slid on her ear shell.

“Hey, babe.”A deep burring lazy murmur of a voice in her earraised tingles and goosebumps all over her skin.

Sam instantly was surrounded by his very familiar and craving heat and his spicy minty scent. His aftershave filled her nostrils and his voice still made her heart flutter even though she was mad at him.

The guy from across the bar froze, and raised his eyebrow quizzically. His eyes seem to stuck to her back.

“Taken?”He asked with narrowed eyes.

His voice wascut and challenging.

Sam opened her mouth hastily but it stayed hung open and a propel of surprise and shock hit her nerves of what Neil said next.

“Girlfriend.”He muttered in a sharp tone from behind her, and tightenedhis fingers on her waist as if marking her ashis territory loud and clear.

Sam gasped in a sharp intake of breath. The guy smiled and looked back at her. He moved back. She heard an annoyed scoff from behind her.

“The drink is still on me.”He gave her ananother eye blinding smile, a winkand walked off.

She just blinked in response. The only thing swirled in her mind. Girlfriend? As in his girlfriend?

Sam turned around in his arms. Her bewildered eyes caught his, but not before she checked him out. He was wearing a black T-shirt sweater over a white shirt and blue ripped faded denims.

Well, well, he looked more hotter and handsomerthan usual and Sam scowled.

“I’mYour girlfriend? Since when?”She asked with an eyebrow raise.

His eyes were trained on the dress now, he swiped his gaze all around up to her chest.

Neil grabbed her chin with his left hand and swiped his tumb over lower lip.

“Since the first time I tasted these.”He muttered low in gravelly voice.
He looked at ease and back to himself. Sam burned in anger. How can he forget about the hurtful things he says to her and become normal the next second. Didn’t he know that he hurt her last night? Only he had the right to be angry at her. What about her feeling? What about how he treated her like she was nothing to him, and now he was declaring that she was his girlfriend to the world. Did he feel thatshe should be happy now? Sam wasn’t sure with him anymore. He had no idea what she felt for him for so long.

She drew back from his arms.

“But I don’t want to be your girlfriend.”She retorted.

His eyes sparkled and his hair gleamed. His face was shadowed with serene amusement.

His gaze became lazy on hers as he smiled a light corner lift up of his lips. He again circled his arms around her in an embrace. He was being charming again. The way of teasingboyishness in his question derailed her pent up anger. She didn’t how to react except stare up dreamily into his eyes. How had she craved to be his for so many years. He didn’t even have the inclination about it, did he. She couldn’t think of anything else when he was with her. She fell fast and she didn’t knew it coming. He was a storm in her life. He would destroy her and she knew it too.

“Really?”He asked herin a drawl.

Sam just stared into his eyes. There was something new in the black eyes. Something like endearment. She seem to melt into his arms unknowingly.

She just kept silent and he moved her forward to the dance floor. It was a quite dark corner and nobody could see them or much around.

He held her close and moved his feet in a slow dance as the music blasted a very lazy song.

“You like the place?”He asked her suddenly.

Sam looked around and nodded her head.

“It’s nice.”She replied evasively.

She was still very angry and she didn’t know to let it out except tobe silent.

He frowned down at her.

“Just nice?”He questioned, his gaze searching all over her face.

Sam looked around again. Why was he insisting about the place? It seemed like a usual hang out place….the thought just froze in her mind when hereyes registered on an…NG initials over the roof top restero. Her body suddenly snapped straight.

She looked back into his knowing gaze.

“Neil, is this your pub?”She asked in a gasp.

He smiled down at her and stopped his gaze on her lips.

“Where do you think I was last night.”He murmured down at her.

Sam just stared and her heart fluttered more. A sudden thought confirmed her observation. He wasn’t with Lyra last night.In fact, all the nights since she thought he was with random girl, but he was busy setting up this colossal place. She felt so much relieved now.

“It’s huge.”She murmured in fascination.

He had a vineyard. He had a pub. What else does he own. Only yachts and helicoptersremained.

He chuckled a little at her open mouth reaction.

“Yeah, it is.”He replied and fell silent.

Sam felt guilty that she jumped into hasty conclusions and tortured herself with suspicions all night that he was with Lyra.

“I…I thought you were with…”She started to say, but he only cut her off softly.

His eyes became heated on her huge stare. He leaned down his head to hers.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous.”He mumbled over her lips.

His hands slid over her back and up her spine in a search. His eyes widened in surprise and then became half mast.

He froze suddenly. Her eyes widened as he turned her around and pushed her back on his front.

Sam gasped and her body thronged in response as one of his hand circled over her chest and cupped her left br*ast.

“You’re not wearing a bra again.”He groaned in her neck in a pained whisper.

Sam tried to free herself.

“Neil, what are you doing?”She whispered in a hitched breath.

He just tightened his fingers more.

“Is this for me you dressed uplike this, without wearing one.”He mumbled and kissed a wet trail over her skin. He still was swaying her to the music.

Her face burned up all over and her heart raced, when he blew cool air on the skin where he licked.

“It…it…it doesn’t need one.”She whispered back.

He chuckled a little darkly.

“Liar. You know what it does to me. What else did you not wear underneath this s*xy short dress.”He mumbled gravelling in her ear, his breathing hacked while talking.

Sam felt vibration pass through her as his hand went low over her hips. His intimate words were making her skin go crazy with goosebumps.

She tried to push away his hand.

“Somebody would see, Neil. Stop it.”She pleaded him in reason.

His left tightened over chest.

“Let them see me marking you mine.”He growled low in a rumble over her ear.

His hand went under her dress. Sam tried to wiggle out of his tight hold.

“Let your boyfriend touch you there, babe.”He muttered hotly.

Sam moaned and caught his hand.

“Please, stop it.”She mumbled in more of a gasp and pleading. He laughed a little.

“You tease me constantly wearing all these short dresses and you don’texpect consequences…. Not fair…”He breathed, his chest moved up and down.

His voice turned several notches down. He was very affected as her. His hands turned franticand shaking over her body.

“Who is your boyfriend?”He whispered hissed into her ears suddenly.

Sam remained silent but his hand moved up under her dress. Her legs turned rubbery but he held her tight.

“Babe..”He warned in a possessive growl.

His left han came up as pulled the sleeve down her arm. She gasped.

“You.”She gave up and muffled out in answer.

“Say it again.Say my name.”He groaned heavily again.

If this goes on. He was going to undress her right there on the dance floor.

“You are my boyfriend, Neil.”Sam moaned out between gasps.

“Oh, yes.”He gritted out in triumph.

“Your little gasps and moans are making me hard. Are you wet for me?”He started talking more intimate words into her ear.

Sam felt her face burn at his shameless words. She struggled more and more in his arms. He clutched her tight to his chest.

“If you wiggle like that, babe, I warn you, our first time would be against a wall with all the people staring at us doing it.”He warned in a hissed whisper.

Sam froze. Her body went stone at his words. He turned her chin towards his and kissed softlyon the lips. His lips were wet cool and his breath mixed with hers in a heated whisper on her upper lip.

“Kiss me back. Open your mouth. I want to taste you.”He mumbled out again with each hard kiss.

Sam drew back and he narrowed his eyes at that.

“I’m notgoing to… know…until we get married.”Sam murmured outstutteringly.

He froze mid kiss over her lips. His body turned granite. Sam snapped up straight in surprise too. Did she just say that? Oh hell no. Crap. Crap. Crapity hell.

His hands drew back as if it burned now to touch her. His expression became thunderous.

“That was a f**king ice bucket to the head.”He disgruntled out harshly.

His fingers pulled at his hair. He looked agitated and condescending.

Sam felt a deep disappointment and dejection course through her at his objective and obsequious reaction. He stood there glaring at her, as if getting married to her would beaudacious and horrific experience in his life.

“I won’t be your plaything.”She glared back too.

His eyes turned cold and he put a great distance between their bodies now. He stared down into her pained eyes in a callous gaze.

“And you think that, if I want to be with you, I should get married to you?”He asked her in a judgemental tone.

Sam just stared incredulously too.

“I…I didn’t mean like that and what’s wrong in that..”She cried outoutraged.

He gave her a belligerent stare. He grabbed her arms.

“You f**king lost your head if you think that I would get married to you and frankly I could get it anywhere.. much better than you….just look around of how much of it ona silver plate I get it…”He whispered into her face brutally and pushed her away.

Sam felt her eyes water. If he could get any girl then why hang onto her then.

She grinded her jaw not to cry in humiliation right there.

“Then I leave. You’re free to look around.”She hissed out hoarsely.

His lips curled in a sneer and his face etched in a cold apathetic mask.

“I’m not done with you yet.Till then you’re not going anywhere.”He shot back in a brash and facetious whisper.

Sam shook her head in disgust.

“You must be crazy if I ever let you closer like that.”She mumbled out in apained whisper.

He stood more firmer and broad on the floor. His eyes narrowed at her tone.

“And you just made it a sweet chase challengingme. And frankly it’s going to be damn easy as you just burn in a fire only at my touch.”He smiled a light cool one sliding his gaze all over her face.

That’s what she was to him, a challenge to conquer. Just another feather to his many conquests.

Sam felt absolutely winded out. He was brutal. Hellish. Evil. Brute. Demon. He is sobad things all in one.

His heating stare travelled over her shoulder and his eyes narrowed more in anger. His scowl turned even more fierce.

Sam turned around to see what else had made him angry except her presence.

She was surprised and her eyes widened. Dev? What was he doing here? Her eyes squinted looking at the far end corner dinning table. He was dressed in black tshirt, jeans and jacket. He seem to unsafe of their presence. He walking towards the drinks counter. His face was very grave and his eyes were furtive and cautious. What was up with him? Since yesterday night he ignored her calls and she thought he was busy or sorts but looking at him now, he seemed to be free and laid back.

But, thank god he was here. Sam ignored Neil’s irritated curses from behind her. She hurried when Dev walked back to the dinning area with drink glasses in hand. He had a very familiar drink glass in his left hand. White wine? Dev hated it. Her confusion cleared. Was he here with a date? Well, only way to find out.

Sam hurried and cut his walk. Dev’s lazy annoyed green eyes travelled to the side to hers. She smiled wide, at his blinking gaze. His face paled several shades in a white. His lips thinned out and he gulped hard. He looked around in a stealth and he caught her hand in a firm grip. Sam’s smile dimmed out at his reaction. He pulled her to a corner.

She looked down at his biting fingers on her wrist.

“What are you doing here?”He asked her downin a very annoyed tone.

Her eyes shot back to his.Oh, cranky much.

She smiled knowingly up at him and he stared down at her as if she she was crazed.

“Let it be about me. What about you? Are you hiding your girlfriend there..”She said expectantly and peaked at the table in acute curiosity.

A very toned tannedleg from the slit of a deep crimson long dress is all that Sam could see.

She looked back into his worried eyes and grinned.

“So, she was the one who is calling you all the time. Really, Dev, she is hot. Why would you hide her from me…”Sam said in secret whisper still.

Dev just closed his eyes and shook his head. He opened his eyes and his expression went fearful.

“You should leave, Sam.”He muttered nervously.

She frowned suddenly.

“Hey, I will not leave until I see her. You’re making me curious now. You’re never like this about a girl before.”She said and firmly, and moved out of the corner.

Dev caught her arm before she could take another stepforward.

“Don’t be an idiot. Just leave me alone for once in your life.”He muttered harshly and Sam froze at his tone.

Her eyes narrowed.

“Now I will see for sure who this girl is that you’re you’re turning thisrude…”She insisted in an glare and walked fast.

Dev cursed and followed hot at her heels.

“Sam…stop..dammit.”He growled back at her.
Sam ignored him and moved towards the table. The woman’s back was turned to her face. She had a long black waist length hair. She was very thin. Incredibly thin.

“Hello, I’m Sam, Dev’s friend.”She introduced her to the woman in a wide smile.

Her head was still averted, but she slowly turned around. Sam’s smile froze. She gasped aloud. Her feet drew back and staggared. Her eyes rounded and herleft hand went to her mouth. Her heart jumped in her throat when she saw a familiar coquettish smile and wide almond cold silver grey eyes hit hers in a mocking as the red luscious full lips turned in a sneer up.

“Hello, baby sister.”The woman greeted her in a throaty voice and smile.

“Su… Su…Suha.”Sam gasped out in a stutter.

It was four years nowsince Sam last saw her. Four years, she had eloped from their family home with some random guy. Four years since pappa disgraced and banned her from the house for shaming his name. Four years since their mother became a stone statue and withdrawn since her elopement. Four years since Rohan and Sam turned heaven and earth to find her secretly, but it seemed like she disappeared intothin air. Their house wasn’t a home anymore after she left like that. Mamma became enclosed in a shell. And they left it like that thinking that at least she might be happy somewhere, but now looking really at her, seeing her Sam felt a deep stab of pain in her heart. All these years, she didn’t find the need to call them even mamma. How can she be heartless and cruel. But all these thoughts flew looking at her after so long. However she was, with poisonous tongue and throw in your face attitude, Suha was her sister. She had been very protective of Sam when they were kids but as the time grew she became more colder and hateful towards everyone in the family. It was because of the girls she hung out with in high school. The arrogant b*t*hy girls ruined her , turned her attitude to getting rather than giving. Suha became the queen bee in no time after that. She turned rebellious and stayed out nights. Mamma used to always save her from dad’s wrath, but nobody knew that she would leave the house altogether and never look back. Dad wasn’t furious, hurt and pained that she ran away with someone but he was betrayed that she didn’t even felt the need to sit and about it. He wasn’t against his kids happiness.

Suha just kept smiling at her coldly, and Sam drew her pained and watering eyes to Dev’s worried gaze trained at her. She had so many questions. How can he hide her own sister from her? What is going on? She asked him with her eyes.

He opened his mouth but Suha’s unemotional voice drew back her eyes to her sister’s pitying gaze.

“Oh, do stop looking at himwith sosuch pain. Oh, I forgot how it is vexing looking at your sad face.”Suha said in a ridiculing voice.

She flung the long black locks from off her one slimshoulder in a huff.

Her sultry grey eyes slid to Dev’s black glare and his folded hands on his chest.

“Seriously, I’m so sorry that you befriended her for my sake.”She drew her eyes to Sam’s in disgust.

Dev’s body straightened and his eyes turned loathing.

“That’s enough, Suha.”He gritted.

Sam frowned in confusion. What was she talking about? Suha’s face turned mock sad at her bewildered eyes.

“Oh, you didn’t know. Well, let me tell you then. Dev here wanted my number from you when he visited Manali one time. Remember now? What was it you said Dev about her? Oh yeah. ‘Ugh! She is such a bore’…..wasn’t it thesame line, Dev?”She asked in a honey sweetened voice, fluttering her eyes coyly.

Sam’s blood turned cold. She remembered yes. He had come to their university for student art invention programme and hung out for a week with her when she travelled home in holidays.

“It wasn’t like that, Sam and you know it.”Dev declared in agrave and aggravated voice.

She ignored it and set aside the hurt and embarrassment. It wasn’t about her. Her skin splintered now and her mind vented outin years of anger and pain.

“Why did youleave us, Suha? Why did youhurt us so much?”She asked her in a break of a tone.

Her throat convulsed.

Suha lost the mock smile and her face ashened. A shadow of something she didn’t understand passed in her eyes. Something really painful and a hidden fear, then it was gone just as it appeared and she went back to her cold self, as her eyes looked back at Samin an assessing observation.

“Wow, I see you’re still the family’spet, huh? Though,Sad that you still look like anothing.”Suha gave her a once over in a critical ridicule of an eye.

She blew on her rednailpolish in nonchalance while talking.

“You don’t even regret,do you? You should be ashamed and guilty of what you did…”Sam raised her voice, feeling a clawing hurt thinking of the state of her mother.

Suha’s face distorted in an extreme anger and she slid up to her fullheight.

“How dare you talk to me in that tone, you little…”She raised her hand in the air to slap Sam.

The movement was very fast and voilent.

She saw from the corner of her eye Dev move forward.Sam closed her eyes and expectedthe slap to stingright across her face, but it never came.

Sam opened her eyes and saw a wall of a broad back shielding her.

“Don’t you dare.”Neil threatened in warning.

He held Suha’s hand in the air in a tight grip. Suha’s eyes were widened and surprised. Sambreathed hard. Where did he come from? But why was he shielding her from her own sister. Sam turned to the side and tried to move forward but Neil caught her hand and locked their fingers together. He glanced down into her face. His face was grave yet soft looking at her teary eyes.

Suha glanced down at their locked hands and her jaw gritted in envy. She slid her gaze to Neil’s black eyes.

“Well, well, well, look who has come to the rescue, the dark broken prince himself.”Her tone dripped heavily of sarcasm, her gaze lazy and lascivious slid over his body and face….”And you still look handsome as hell and sinful..”She said in a husky drawl.

Neil just stared back completely bored.

“And you’re still the vicious b*t*h that I knew.”He replied back in an equal nonchalance.

Sam gasped.

“Neil…”She whispered, tugging at his hand.

Suha glowered at the familiarity and intimacybetween the two. She turned her fuming jealous eyes to Neil’s.

“You dare reject me and go for the little girl in the family…. Oh what if daddy dearest gets to know about this..isn’t sneaking out behind the family fun…forbidden romance, huh? Does big brother know about this?”She hissed and smiled cynically still.

Sam’s face burned and her whole body turned red at her tone. Goodness, Sam forgot how much of bitter and humiliating Suha’s words were always.

Neil’s fingers tightened more on hers. His body stretched and flexed.

“I never went out with you, Suha. You just misunderstood my friendship…”Neil stated out uninterestedly and he ignored her blackmail altogether in a shrug, and his hand around Sam waist in a tight grip.

Suha looked nonplussed and hurt for a second at his uncaring reply. She covered it well.

She glanced across at Sam in utter hate.

“Oh wow, she had you around her little finger, didn’t she?”Suha smiled and slid her gaze back to Neil’s face and her stare became malevolent….”So, tell me, Neil….did you forget ‘HER’ already?”She asked in a cool tone.

Her smile became coquettish again when Neil drew up in a strain. Sam felt her heart thud at that. She took a sharp intake of breath, but he didn’t let go off her hand as she thought in panic.

Suha grinned suddenly and brought her body closed to Neil’s. She put her left hand over his bicep. Sam straightened in alert. Suha leaned up closer to his face.

“You know how Sam is…just like that. She would tease you. Play you. Tease you more. Make you agree to things and then getswhat she wants….a complete gold digger at heart…we sisters are so alike….”She went on in a provocativewhisper.

Sam’s heart raced. She felt herbreathing help hitch. What the hell was she talking about? Anxiety rippled suddenly all over her body when Neil’s hand loosened over hers.

With every word of hers,Neil’s body went taut and rippling.He moved back a little and glanced down at Sam. His eyes were coal black and accusing. His jaw was locked and his face lines grew fierce. She couldn’t believe her eyes, he seem to take in her every word as serious. His eyes brows drew in a strain. His eyes questioned hers. His hand drew away from her. Their earlier fight came into her mind about the thing and she closed her thinking about it. Crap, now he would really think she was a gold digger.

He sided away and Sam felt her heart give out as his features masked into a cold shutter.

His face took a sudden forlornness. His eyes stayed locked to hers for a second and turned around and kept walking.


“Neil! Listen….”She walked hurriedly after his back.

She caught his wrist and turned around instantly. He had a thunderous expression. Sam drew back in surprise and pain.

“Not now.”He bit out, shook her off and walked away.

She just put her hand over her forehead in exhaustion. God, what should she do now? Her mind groaned out in frustration.

Suha came around and stood before her in a grin.

“Nailed it didn’t I? You know, baby sis, what wouldn’t be mine, will not be your too…”She said in complete satisfaction.

“I think you enough, Suha. It’s time for you to leave…”Dev came around and pulled away Sam.

Suha scowled at Dev.

“Gosh, what is with you guys and her?”She asked in disgust.

She didn’t wait for a reply as she seemed bored out of her mindnow.

“Keep your pretty doll princess to your possessive selves. I had enough for today.”She glared and moved away.

Sam tried to go after her, but caught her hand. He drew her closer and looked down into her eyes. His gaze was very anxious on hers.

“You have to trust me, Sam. It wasn’t like how she told you.”He said earnestly.

Oh, damn now. She didn’t know what went on with him and Suha, but she knew one thing that their friendship was very real. He didn’t need explanation but to keep a secret of knowing that her sister was here, it wasn’t understandable. She somehow managed to smile and sooth his worry.

“I know. Youdon’thave to explain, you big goof.”She mumbled, and he chuckled relieved.

“That’s my girl.”He mumbled down smiling.

But Her smile washed away.

“Why did you hide my own sister from me, Dev?”She asked solemnly.

His smile fell away and Sam’s spirits dived down. He looked away and remained silent. His silence hurt her.

“Since, when were you meeting her like this?”She asked again.

His eyebrows strained and his jaw set in a stone.

“This is not the place to talk about it, Sam.”

She laughed mirthlessly.

“So, now you tell me this. After I just knew. For how long did you plan to keep this a secret? it’s expected from you, isn’t it. How will you know about real friendship. It’s just a means for something you wanted, isn’t it.”She taunted him about what Suha said.

Dev’s face coloured in a guilt. He gave her a pained look, seeing it Sam just felt really bad for pointing him in accusation. She cursed herself for sounding like Suha. Crap, this was not happening.

“I’m sorry.”She said miserably….”let’s just talk tomorrow, I know that there is something behind it, Dev and we will talk about it.”She murmured in exhaustion and moved back.

Dev nodded his head but he said something really grave and it made her nervous all over again.

“She is not really what you think she is, Sam. You’ve got to be careful now.”He warned her and turned away.

Sam took that warning with it’s face value and hurried out of the pub.

With hacked gasps of breaths, Sam spotted Suha walking in a darkened alley.

“Suha, wait.”She shouted and Samsaw her back straightened.

She peered around and stopped dead.

Sam caught her hand and her eyes swam.

“You need to call mom.”She whispered hoarsely….”She is dying without you.”She concluded in a deep breath.

Suha stared at her for a second. A deep pain of convulse coloured her features suddenly when Sam mentioned Mamma’s name. Sam clutched onto it seeinga first speck of real feelingin her face.

“You know, it’s not late now….so please…”She started again, but Suha’s face abruptly hardened.

“I have already fallen deep, Sam. You can’t do anything now.”She whispered back.

Her eyes shuttered her out. Sam’s heart broke as she sensed deep loneliness in her voice.

“But…”Sam started to say.

She looked down at her hand and Sam’s eyes froze and enlarged in horror. Through the dim street light, she could see deep red and brownpuncture marks over Suha’s wrist and over the veins of her upper elbow. Her mouth drew open.

They looked like… injection marks. They were like the same ones when they were in school. They were new and fresh. Oh hell, Suha was using drugs again. Her mind cried out horrified.

Suha ignored the look and her face turned cruel twisted.

“Hope that you’re happy with what is mine….but know this…he is a ruin. One push from you and he will spiral into crazy once again and the only person responsible for itwill be you.”She sneered.

Sam’s mind turned in a swirl and reel. He would, wouldn’t he….her mind clouded in fear. She snapped back and looked down at Suha’s hand wounds.

Her wide eyes caught Suha, but she only freed her hand from Sam’s clutch. Her face now looked gaunt and she seemed to have lost lot of weight. Her eyes looked unfocused at times when talking to Sam.

Sam was shocked still. She didn’t see her sister getting into a cheap black van that came around from the other road. That’s when Sam came out of the shock and shebroke into a wildrun.

“Suha! Wait!”Sam shouted and pounded her feet faster on the concrete road.

The van just flew dust in her face. Sam slid down on her knees and strained to breath. She didn’t know that she was crying in pain all the time. She needed to get her sister out of the dark mess she was in. For her sake and mom’s. She cried that Suha was so much in pain and she was all alone out there somewhere. Oh god! What if something happens to her. Her heart thudded fast. What if she overdoses? Oh, no, no, no, no, no.


Sam walked into her room and sagged back on thebed. She clutched her head in her hands. Everything just became messed up. She felt like clawing her hair out. Sam worried anew now about Neil. Where was he? Damn, what should she do now? He turned stone right in front of her eyes. Their fight of earlier doubled everything worse.

She changed into a blue pajama bottoms and sweater shirt.

She waited for more than an hour. 12AM. 1AM. 2AM. Time passed like that and her eyes became droopy, but just then she heard a loud banging of a door.

She jumped up and hurried out of the room. She saw Neil trot in a stagger. He walked in a complete drunkstate over the stairs.

Sam felt a deep disappointment surfacing her mind. She walked up the stairs behind at his heels. She feared that he would fall down with the stagger he was walking.

He flung open the door and got in. Sam walked in too. His back went straight sensing her, but he ignored her and removed his jacket.

“Get out.”He said sharply after waiting to see if she left.

“We need to talk, Neil.”She muttered to his back.

“And you need to f**king get out.”He growled low, and held onto to the large wooden counter.

Sam remained stubborn to the floor. She could hear his breathing turn hacked. His back muscles bunched.

“I said f**king get out.”He roared and drew the counter off the floor in a rip.

It fell off the floor and lay broken in pieces. Sam’s ears vibrated and she jumped back. Both of her hands went to her mouth looking at the disaster of the furniture. Her eyes rounded and teared up.

He turned around just then and Sam moved back in fear. His face was etched in a fury and twisted in condemnatory ire. His left hand started bleeding profusely and Sam gasped in pain. He moved forward fast and caught hold of her arms. He raised her up a little on her tiptoes.

“Is it true? That is the reason you don’t go all the way with me? You don’t let me touch you f**king tease?”He whispered into face dangerously low.

Sam just squirmed in his arms.

“Neil, you’re drunk. Let me go.”She averted her face, smelling the deep breath ofalcohol on his lips.

He laughed like a maniac. He forced her chin to his face. His hold was brutal.

“What did I tell you about pulling away. You wanna play your game. Go find another dumb ass like you who would fall for it.”He whispered coarse accusatory tone, and pushed her away in disgust.

Sam eyes swam, watered and flowed.

“You still don’t trust me, do you?”She said in a desperate hurt and gloom.

He swayed again and his eyes were half mast but he sneered at her anyway.

“How can I believe you, when you’re own sister said that about you, and youtwo are just alike…”He condemned her in a careless slid of his left hand.

He fell on the bed. Sam grabbed his hand looking at the amount of blood trickling down his wrist.

He froze when she sat on her knees and caught his hand. He sat there on the bed blinking back at her. Sam cried looking at his cracked hand.

“You’re bleeding.”She whispered in a hackedbreath and pain.

Her eyes slid to his and his face twisted in an extreme hurt looking deepinto her eyes. His other hand came up to hold her cheek. He slid her thumb finger under her eye, he looked bewildered a second but his eyes slid down completely and he fell back on the bed in aninaudible slur.

Sam removed his shoes and slid up the coversover his chest.She got out a first aid box from beside the drawer and came back and settled on the bed.

His wrist had a glass piece in it. Sam winced and flinched catching it with her forefinger and thumb. The blodd just crimsoned the white. Her face scrunched up, and her eyes stung with fresh tears looking at he cut. He groaned in pain and deep sobs raked her body and convulsed her mind. She cried hard looking at his injured hand. She threw away the cut glass. She had carried a bowl of water previously. She washed away the blood with many cotton balls. She bandaged his wrist still sobbing. Sam leaned her head on his chest.

“Why are you hurting me like this, Neil? Why do you hurt yourself and hurt me?”She cried silent hot tears on his chest.

She clutched and fisted his T-shirt.

“You’ll never know how much I had lovedyou. How much I love you now. How much I will always love you.”She cried hard and broke into hacked words….”I love you so much it hurts….it hurts too much that I fell for you… I knew you would break me like this…”She cried in a deep hurt, pain, sadness, sorrow, despair,abandonmentand whimper.

Her body shook with several propelling feelings.

She gripped his body more.

“I don’t want to leave you….but I must…I’m bringing you down and I don’t want you to go in a deep end again.”Sam drew up in a sitting position.

She remembered Suha’s words. Yes, everything of what she said was coming true. She looked around the ruined furniture, at his broken hand and finally at his dear face.

He wasn’t like this when she came here first. He was arrogant and nonchalant, but now he was a mess. A complete mess. Only because of her. Sam’s face scrunched up again. She leaned over his face. With eyes still flowing, she kissed his cheek. Held onto to his chest for more than a minute and cried her heart out.

She drew away and out of the bed and hurried down the stairs. Sam flung open the door room and hurried to the wardrobe. She frantically removed her clothes from the hanger and pushed her things in the suitcase.

She captured everything else remained in another bag and walked out of the room. With numbed out mind and heart, she walked out to the front door. Sam wiped away the tears with the back of her hand and walked out of his apartment in a firm decision.


Sam stole Neil’s car. She firmed herself that she would strictly pay him back when one of her painting sells someday. Till then let him think she was a thief.He at least deserved some loss for treating her like that. Ugh! She was still thinking about him. Just get out of my head, her mind growled in a cry. She wiped her eyes and nose with a paper napkinand drove around aimlessly on the road.

Sam’s eyes squinted suddenly when she saw a black dot appeared riding a bicycle in the middle of the road from the far opposite end of the road.What kind dufus would drive bicycle on a dark marooned road. Must be some lunatic she thought and ignored it,but when thedim street light rays fell on the bike, Sam jerked the car to a screeching halt.

The pinkstreak of the tires made her eyes widened. Her bike! Her baby! Who had the dare to steel it,but when she looked up suddenly, Sam’s mouth hung open wide.

With too much of melodramaticcrying,her eyes maybe acting upor was it really Neil paddling her bike. He looked like a furious giant on her puny bicycle but hestill looked like an avenging angel. His face was etched in a fierce and he looked weirdly comical. Sam snorted, she would have blasted in full blown laughter if not her heart was too much bruised.

He halted paddling,got off the seat and put down the stand of it. Sam snorted out a laugh but she tamed it when he glanced across at her wildly. Sam got out of the car hurriedly.

Sam didn’t even run few blocks from his apartment and he already found her? Damn, she should have drivenfaster and how did he get up. Sam thought he was drunk unconscious.

He came breathing heavilyto her side.

“You seriously know how to make a guy pant after you.”He bit out irritated.

He seem to lose the sheen of slur and his voice sounded a little sober. Sam gazed back warily up into his glaring eyes.

“What are you doing here, Neil?”She asked sighing heavily.

His eyes narrowed suddenly at her tone. His drew closer and corneredher to the car.

“You took my car.”He observed downcoolly in explanation.

Sam felt hercheeks burn hot. She felt the need to bite off his arrogant egoistical head. After all the chaos he did at the apartment, he had the nerve to have a cheek.

“You took my bike!”She shot back annoyed.

“I did.”He whispered back, sliding his gaze all over her face.

Sam had enough now.

“I was leaving.”She declared haughtily.

His lips quirked up in the corner in too muchmocking now.

“You stay till I’m done with you. After that, you leave. You stay. Don’t care.”He muttered outcoarsely arrogant.

Sam’s jaw locked in anger.

“We’re not going to work. Never. I’m leaving. Watch me walk.”She bit out in challenge, tilted her chin up in strong determination and turned around in seething anger.

He caught her wrist from behind. A heavy breeze ran in a gush of frigid air around and Sam shivered in cold.

“I love you.”He mumbled sosoftly that she could barely hear.

But the heavy lead gun powder words hit her ears in a feathery touch. She heard those words. Absorbedthe words fast. Mingled the words in her blood streamed. Felt the words creep under herskin. Floated the words in her mind. Registered those words in her nerve cellsand finally the hit of the words was like the pounding puncture in her heart forever.

Sam’s breathing stippd altogether. Her heart burst out from her chest. A slow curl of heat ran all over her eyes. It stung and her eyes watered suddenly very heavy. She turned around slowly.

Her eyes caught his. His face wasall earnest and full of brimming emotions, but after a second of that, it all wiped out and his lips quirked up in the corners and his eyes turned colder than freezing north pole cruel.

“But, I love you not.”He said brutally.

And with that he pushed and broughther down from the high and she fell painfully flat on the cold hard surface of his reality.

“What?”She gasped.

His expression passive and dry.

“You wanted me to say that…and I said that.”He played in insipiddeliberation with her feeling.

Sam loathed the way he mocked the purity of the ‘love’ word.

“What the hell does that mean?”She asked in incredulous bewilderment.

He leaned on the car door, looking all over at herpale face. He still held that cool nonchalance of a mask.

“It means we don’t have anything of such between us as you think.”

Sam’s grinded in a hard painful set. Her temper rose and high. It crossed many levels of danger signs.

She held her hands around her waist in a protective shield.

“Then, What do we have between us?”She asked slowly in a dread.

He gazed back at her lazily now.

“Attraction,”He mumbled out simply and wryly.

Her stare turned incredulous.

“Attraction! Attraction?….”She cried out in extreme fury.

That’s it. Find a large stone. Hit his thick head with it and bleed him to death. She looked down on the ground to find any. Ugh! Where are the blo*dy stones when she tried to find some. Oh heck with it she thought and went with verbal hitting instead.

“Oh,I hate you so much, I hate you!I hate you!hate you!”Sam shouted out with closed eyesand clenched fists. She shouted until her face went blue with it.

She opened her eyes feeling relieved with the vent. He only grinned back devilishly.

“Adorably Cute, but that’s not what you confessed while crying buckets on my chest just minutes ago, did you?”He asked her innocently.

Sam’s widened, her body locked straightand her face burned in complete and full shame and humiliation. Her lips pursed and curled. The god damn jerk was awake. He was the verydevil’s incarnate.

It’s decided.

“I’m gonna kill you in your sleep,”Sam whispered fiercely.

Her body vibrated and shook with pent up violence now.

He just stared back at her unaffectedly.

“I like Feisty.. I will wait for you in bed then.”He mumbled dryly in a heated whisper.

Sam scowled.

“You only have one thing in mind, don’t you. It goes back to only that with you.”She said disgustedly.

He just snickered down at her.

“I’m a guy. If I don’t think about it looking at you…then something might be really wrong with you..”He declared down meaningfully looking down at her body.

Sam gasped, did he just imply that she was a lesbian? How dare he?

“You’re sick.”She said disgustedly again.

He just shrugged.

“Enough with the theatrics now. Get in the car.”He said sharply, annoyed too much.

Sam gritted her teethand looked around. It was freezing cold. If she stayed here she would die in a freeze out. Their breaths were coming out in white puffs now. She was dead tired and wiped utterly.

“Get my bike in the car,”She glowered sullenly.

She hoped he didn’t break it. Rohan gifted it too her for easy travel when coming here.

Neil narrowed his eyes, cursed under his breath and moved towards her bicycle. He lifted it up and walked it to the back of the car. He opened the back door of it and pushed the bike in.

Only then she moved her feet and got inside the car. She melted back when the heaterin the car warmed up her too cold bones.

Neil got in next and started up the car.

“She is just as slow and daisy like you.”He mutteredin observation observation about her bike.

Sam brows furrowed.

“It’s not a she. It’s a he.”She answered forthrightly.

Neil froze. His eyes narrowed on hers.

“What?”He asked, seemingly unable to believe what she said.

What? Was he deaf now? she thought irritated.

“I said it’s a he not a she.”Sam raised her voice to let him hear clearly this time.

Neil just stared at her for a second and then glanced back at the bike in the back.

“It’s f**king pink with all the colourful ribbons on its handles and back stand.”He informed a little incredulously and with despise at the same time.

Sam’s body burned.

“So?”She asked indignantly.

Neil gave her blank stare.

“It surely a she.”
Sam glowered at his too sure an assumption.

“You’re a s*xiest. And I already named him as ‘Black’.”Sam shot back angrily.

Neil sighed and turned the car into a drive on the road.

“Great. Now she names a pink bike as black.”He muttered sarcastically.

Sam fumed.

“Oh shut up, he was all black at first, so I painted him pink, but I didn’t change the name.”She fired up.

Neil snickered a laugh.

“In short,with all the ribbonsaccompanied. You made the bike a pu**y.”He whispered back sarcastically again in conclusion.

“Black is very reliable. He isn’t like growling bear when I sit on the seat.”She said airily.

Neil’s jaw ticked and set in a lock.

“The only heyou’ll ever sit on from now, is your boyfriend. From tomorrow you won’t use the bike.”He muttered out darkly, in a deep gravelly voice.

Sam stared at his averted face. He still was going on about of them being girlfriend boyfriend thing so possessively. Her heart fluttered tooa little but then again she gasped at his ordering her aroundlike she was some kind of servant girl at his disposal.

“Are you crazy, Black is my only sourceof travel to work.”She cried out.

Neil’s hand tightened more on the steering wheel.

“I’ll drop you to work then….and f**king stop calling it that..”Neil growled out.

Sam shook her head in disbelief. He didn’t love her, but he marked her. He didn’t care for her feeling, but he tried to possess her. He wanted her, but he whiplashedher with hurting words. He wants her to want him, but he dared her not to expect more. He was soft, but he was equally brutal. He soothedher pain, but he hurther ten times. He makes her hang onto a thread of hope, but he cuts itoff harshly. He played her round and round like a lunatic that she was. He was making her life miserable and hellish.

“Youare making my life hell with your mood swings, Neil.”She whispered in a hoarse, and looked away out of the window.

She felt himgo solid beside her hearing the pain in her voice.

“I warned you, but you still walked into my hell with closed eyes.”He whispered back softly……..


Next update——Something asked…Something taken…Separation….


Credit to: kfar


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    • Roma

      Hi chinmayi, welcome our new friend… I loved your comment…tumhari matra bhasha hindi nahi hai phir bhi itna pyaara comment likha hai…love you for this…sach kaha tumne, Farha is like a full moon night…hum sab ko inka besabri se intezaar hai (anxiously waiting for her)…Farha jaan kab aaogi aur apni story se hamari duniya roshan karogi? ab intezaar khatam kar do, plzzzz…

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      Hehe sorry yaar chinmayi finally this page could get uploaded in my mobile phone. Sorry yaar that I couldnt cm here n talk my phone is really not working properly.

      N Chinmayi tumhari hindi Mashallah awesome hai dear πŸ˜€ And ur cmnt wooooooow thank you for that loooov u. Warm tight hug πŸ˜€

      Nats dearrrrrr oh u are my friend always nver think like that. I loveeeee u and u write veryyyyyy beautifully n i wil cm to ur page n cmnt dear tonught loveee u loads.

      Roma- Ohhhh first a very warm tight hug loveeee u. U are awesome amazing fantabulous and Neil style babe. I louv ur cmnts dey r amazing and uplifting. u rock darling Roma πŸ˜€ n im good yaar hehe im sor for making u worried dear πŸ˜€

      Manha- I love ur name. I sugsted ur name to my cousin. She is expecting. N yaar r cmnts r like my everything n neeku telugu vacha..nenu kuda mirchi movie chusa its fantastic. Sreemantudu inka suprrrrr. All songs are supr. love the film. nenu mba chesanu recently. wat u studying? haha just asking. I louv yaar and ur lovely views:D
      Hopefully dis long cmnt gets posted.

      sory yaaaaar Rj. Louv ur cmnts dear and u more haha no no not like that dear. actually na wen i started writing stories in cmnt section i spent most of mbl data der so wat hapnd it caught a virus so wenever im on net it swithes off so i cant cm on net most but can email stories n all. Slow to load it says always. til get uploaded its like forever…like a yoitube bufferng hehe dats why writing dis fast n gonna update in the night for sure watever hapns hehe. And han…Neil style sorry…

      “I’m sorr, babe.” He said deeply with narrowed warm eyes…

      Omg sorrry its just a try:D hope u didn’t mind it dear πŸ˜€

      Haya Heyyyy how r u, dear? I feel amazing with ur cmnts. I louv ur name. its one of my relatives name and she is sooooooo amazing just like u dear. Im blessed to have u as a frnd n that u started reading my story even though i make loads of mistakes. I loveeee u yaar n sorry i worried u. Last week had gone to my vilg and this week was hectic n yesss somehow managed to come here.And god bless u with all ur dreams to come true. louvvv πŸ˜€ always luv ur views πŸ˜€

      Kanishka–Loveeee u tooo babe. And thanks a lot yaar u liking the stories. Always love ur cmnt and feel very happy about it that u always cmnt on my stories:D im good yaar sorry for worrying u. I know last two weeks my updates have been irregular but i wil try to post soon buddy:D

      Sne7- OMG!!!!! thank u so much yaar. I luv u for reading my story and posting solovely comnts dear πŸ˜€ and thats a nice sugstn ya, I cud do that. I wil surely try that n sory for not updating reg dese two weeks πŸ˜€

      Shree- Thank u dear and surely wil update Tonight and hey smal request plsssss do look into my Serene Shadows story. Gonna update it aftr Writing DT. Pls do look into it. means a lot if u do πŸ˜€ louv u:D actually na i like write louv dan lov coz its stretches the louv part hehe:D im talking weird again. ignore me πŸ˜€

      Moon- Mooooooon thank you dear louv uuuuuu:D ur great yaar dear:D

      Kanthi- Hey dear thanku for reading my stories πŸ˜€ i dont have enough emoticons in my dabba phone but louv u yaar πŸ˜€

      Krutiiiiiiiiiiiii—-I louv ur views. I wait to read ur cmnts eagerly and im sooooooooooooo happy that ur liking the stories. U are just rocking yaar in ur views. Really means a lot dear. U always are very generous to me and i feel like ur my bestst frind dear. Sory um not updating since dese days. Hope one day we cud meet in a cafe and chat over a capucino. how awesome that wud be na. Its great ya n wil gather dt series and see if I cud formone story. Thanku for tge suggestion dear love u πŸ˜€

      Shub– We go so long back na πŸ˜€ ah i luv ur views. I always wait for ur cmnt if u liked or not and find ur cmnt and feel elated always:D Makes my day reading ur cmnts. Luv u sooooooooo much dear. ur awesome amazing and fantastical dear and can you look at my Serene Shadows and give ur views wen i post it? means a lot if u do so πŸ˜€ and hehe me too wanted to hit Neil for saying like that. He is so mean hehe. Thanks for reading the stories n loving them. Means a lot really.:D

      Aruuuuuuuu- Hey dear. Thankuuuuu sooooo much for readng my stories πŸ˜€ louv ur cmnts. its fantastical and amazing n m stuck on only two vocabularies hehe. but yaar louv u really. from the bottom of my heart a big wala thanku dear πŸ˜€

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      Hayathi- Dear thankuuuuso much and for ur cmnts wil update dt tonight for sure Krithi, Kirthi thank u love u all ur cmnts are like woooooooooooow. Im overwhelmed wit al ur loveeeeee.

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      Abbz- Heyyyyyy love u loads for the cmnts dear. Keep on cmng πŸ˜€

      Daisy dear i louv uuuuuu for urlovely cmnts dear:D missed u lots wen i coudnt here sory yaar n ur amazin for liking my story. love u loads πŸ˜€

      Isha- Hehe he is, isn’t he and yep uaar wil update in the night coz wil get free time den only and thanks for cmnts dear means a lot:D

      Mansi dear i thought u forfot me hehe just kidding abba chudale picture nuv chusava? how is it? Inka i coudnt cm here but wil read ur stories once free yaar πŸ˜€

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      Fan of kfar- Oh woooooow. I overjoyed that ur my fan. wow wow just wow n sorry yaar for not cmntg or updating but wil surely do so from now. louvvvvvv u for ur lovvvvvvvv:D

      Arrjay- thanku dearyyyyyyyyy lou u loads πŸ˜€

      Liya- Haha, I know right Neil in this story is like cray cray louv u yaar for the lovely cmnt and means a lot liya. I like ur name. Its awesome πŸ˜€

      Anu- Hehe sooooooo sorry yaar ke i didnt update these days n yes yarr about befor Dawn and FAa. hmm wil surely update those but time nahi mirahahai. wil shorter updates do? Plsssss do tel Yaaa? love uuuuuuu:D like lots πŸ˜€

      aastha- Thanku dear for the lovely cmnt πŸ˜€ had missed ya wen i went away for a week and wil surely update πŸ˜€

      Vivi- Dear thanks πŸ˜€ ur cmnt means a lot:D like i go cray cray for it πŸ˜€

      Nisha- Dear thanku yaaaar. ur stories awesome. Wil go check out once free πŸ˜€

      Anusha- Hehe sorry yaar ke couldnt cm here and i dont mind at all haha and pls do cme often darling i louvvvvvv u dear. And yep wil update and your name is one of my friends name from MBA. Thanks again dear and haha wil cm here often and i luv it ur cmnt n u:D

      Sasha- hey dear thanku loads and hey wil update dt next just that last time wen i thought to write i was cald by mum so ledt it der and den again roaming here and there left really less tine. wen im about to sleeo den only i have like some time yaar. and i dont mind if ur cmnt cms twice i want it like 100 times hehe:D louv u:D

      Joyi- Welcome dear. Thanks for such a nice cmnt dear:Dmeans a lot:D plsssssss do often dear:D louvvvv u:D

      Priya- Hey dear yes yar wil update:D hope u wil like it DT’s next chappy Revelation:D im always nervous if u all like it or not and u know sometimes i delete thinking its toooooooooo like that haha.

      Nikkki- I louvvvvvvvvv ur cmnts dear thanks for liking BBNTCP coz i didnt know this wil he liked soooooo much. Louv yaaar ur cmnts and views and all:D

      Luckyyyyyyyyuyyy— Heyy dear louv u haha sorry for dragging ur name hehe πŸ˜€ but always lov how u like my stories dear means a lot πŸ˜€ Alwys and forever πŸ˜€

      Aisha- u liking na Story πŸ˜€ louv ur cmnts dear always:D missing u dear πŸ˜€

      Valllllllllli- Deary i miss u . i loveeee ur cmnt in DT not anymore chappy. It made soooooooo happy and emo. Hope i disn’t disappoint u in next chappies dear? hav u read the other chappies? sory im askin more hehe lov u:D
      Chinni- Miss u yaar chala. Sory I dont cm here often n now my mobile chargin haha almost finsihed n i wonder how we al wrote in the cmnt box den. Hats off yaar Thena, Nats, Anaya, Renu, Deepa, Anu wen writing in the box den wen MMz was clsing really great and Aazming are all the stories of Mansi, Mandy, Anna, Nisha, Yukhta, u all are aamazing for starting new stories. U are great talents guys hope to meet u all some day πŸ˜€ i hope to be ur life long friend yaar all. Hopeu guys too want to be my frinds forever.

      Thankuuuuu u Abi- I read ur cmnt in BBCP previous page and i just fell in luv wit ur cmnt and such heartening words. and yes wil keep o writing this story. Louv u miss u:D

      Nandu all tye best more and more for ur exams deary:D Louv u like cray cray hehe πŸ˜€

      Dedicatin u al the song from Tamasha— Agar tum saath ho….Dil ye sabhal jaye agar tum saath ho.. music by ARRahman sung by Arjit singhand Alka yagnik, lyrics by Irshad Kamil……..such a beautiful and eye misting song πŸ˜€

      n thabku all Kavitha, Jade, Misty and soooooo many more yaar im sory if im forgetng anyone. I louv u very much and forgive me yaar if I said anything wrong yaar soooo many typos here too so wrote hastily n many errors πŸ˜€

      • Hayathi

        Hey kfar my dr girl thanks for ur reply dr….. its ok dr i think u r busy with ur studies ma no plm when ever it is posible u can upload it ra….. keepsmile ma

      • anaya

        yaar jaldi se next episode update karo naa…. Pata he tumhari padhai chal rhi he. Padhai ko compromise mat karna. Thik he.. Par jitni jaldi ho sake update karna. Tum ekdm chaku ki nok pe rakhke episode end karti ho… Waiting for the next update eagerly..

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    Where do you stay (city and state)?
    What r u studying?
    Plz answer i mean if u dont feel it unsafe.

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    Farha u commented atlast And that too such long one.. I am really very happy dear…. Will be waiting for ur update today…
    When u get time post dt2 (NESAM). Its my favorite…
    Love you loads…????

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    You are a rear pearl
    @roma,thanq for welcome.loads of love for.
    Mey aaj bahuth khush kyu ki meri saara assignments complete hogaya..aur muje achche marks mile.
    Farah aaj rath update karegi,ye bath muje aur khush kar diya,thanku

    • Hey chinmayi dear jus saw ur cmnt !
      So dear guess ur gonna b my frd !!

      So welcome to d page dear !! Hope u will have a gud tym here !!

      Hey if u dont mind wud u like to read my own fanfic YTPH !!
      Hey so whr r u 4m ?? N wat do u do ??

  53. Hey farha atlast nuvu ochevu !! Very(10Γ—) Happier than ever !!
    So inthaki emayiandi after so many days ??
    Hey now man gayi tum sach me bohath hi jaldi lik thi ho n dat too so much !!
    Hey chusenu chala(8Γ—) funny ga undi u shud watch it yaar !!

    Missing u !! Pls rite d NESAM N DTs !!
    Will b waiting !! Lβ™₯U forever !!!

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    Cant take it anymore.
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  58. manisha

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    One lovee?

  60. anu

    Hi farha how are u ? Hope ur studies are going well actually I am sorry for that day . I know I was being rude which I didn’t want to be but I realized it later on.. Am really sorry for complaining so much …actually couldnt come here since 15thcos my phone was not working and was in the repair shop but when I came here and saw ur long and cute comment I was really happy.. As for before dawn and forever and always , u post it in the way u like cos ur choice is just perfect as in pink’s perfect ..

  61. anu

    And i just forgot to ask u to update nesam too. ..
    I know i am irritating but u have made me addicted to ur stories and that’s the i can’t stop myself from asking more

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  63. nisha

    Hey farha dear.

    Loved u dear.

    Its ok If u read the story or not. As I know the value of time. You really need time to update story . coz the quality is absolutely fantastic.

    i visit here to read the story as you writing is enough to attract me to visit and read.

    And more than that I find a friend in you so yahan aake read kar ke jau aur bina comment kiye naaaaaaaaaa

    If I visit here. then surely I comment dear. Friend ke ghar aaye hai kuch na kuch gift to denge hi.

    Luv u dear. I don’t know u personally at all.

    But some little little things that u share are similar to me . That feel I connected with u as a friend.

    Don’t know we are friends or not.

    But still feel connected .Loved u dear. And waiting for Dtpart 1 and dt part 2 tooooooooooo much.

  64. Sasha

    Hey farha i would like to knw more abt u !what r studying nd stuff….i frgt to tell that v hv lot of similarities in our playlist…i lv taylor…hoping to gt some ardhika scenes and hey plz updt before dawn too…luv ya …good day

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    Liking? I am loving it! I miss you n your updates more . Love you n your stories??❀ especially this story!! It has become my jaan ? please don’t make us wait so long for a new update. I always keep requesting you to update it regularly n will keep doing as you don’t seem to bother much about it ???
    N please keep the updates as long as they already have( I won’t mind reading even more longer ?)
    Long updates are what I love to read! Short updates won’t do the magic the long ones make! The satisfaction we get after long updates,can’t explain in words.
    Love you n stay happy n live long! Write long!??(if that makes sense?)

  66. aaisha

    Thank you for noticing me n my comments!
    Liking? I am loving it! I miss you n your updates more . Love you n your stories??❀ especially this story!! It has become my jaan ? please don’t make us wait so long for a new update. I always keep requesting you to update it regularly n will keep doing as you don’t seem to bother much about it ???
    N please keep the updates as long as they already have( I won’t mind reading even more longer ?)
    Long updates are what I love to read! Short updates won’t do the magic the long ones make! The satisfaction we get after long updates,can’t explain in words.
    Love you n stay happy n live long! Write long!??(if that makes sense?) ❀

  67. Priya

    Hey farha, luv u dear ?? to tel d truth after reading ur stories ly i watched dis serial..i watched d entire series in hotstar n its lyk am often watching it again n again..waiting for DT☺☺

  68. jade

    Hey kfar.. you haven’t updated for two weeks and i’m dying to read your stories, but you not updating for two weeks has done some good to me!! πŸ˜› Actually, my mid term exams started 2 weeks ago and i have been studying like crazy. First math, then physics, english, chemistry and on Sunday, computer. Just 3 more and i’m done. But i’m stubborn as hell, i visit this page to see if anyone has updated or not, especially you. No matter what. I read DT (Gush Of Freshness) just after you updated it (cuz i visit this page at night to see if you have updated) and i swear that i was loved it to the core. I even dreamt of it. It took me 2 and a half hours to read it because i took break and started imagining everything again cuz everyone was asleep. Yeah.., it’s a different thing that i slept at 5:45am because i was reading and my eyes startrd watering because of the effect of my stupid dabba phone which doesn’t work well and hangs as hell. Inshallah will buy after the exams. Till then.. i’m just studying and waiting for your update. And dear, you don’t have to apologize for not replying. Knowing that you’ve read it is enough. πŸ™‚ You’re like my best friend. Even though you may not know me and i don’t know you well but what comes from the heart is true!!!
    Loads of love from your long lost sister/friend πŸ˜›

  69. lucky

    Plzzz Farah can u post next epi of dt2 today plzzx its a request ….I can’t wait for next one sooo plzzzzzzzzzzzz post next one so that we can enjoy our Sunday ….. m really begging u for this ??sorry for being so selfish

  70. Prachi

    Hey guys I m new here and Farah ur stories r awesome I m eagerly waiting for ur update so plz try to do it soon

  71. Prachi

    Hey guys I m new here and Farah ur stories r awesome I m eagerly waiting for ur update so plz try to do it soon ur fan

  72. Manha

    Farha just nw came n saw ur msg. What a coincidence i too love the name yaar. It has a beautiful meaning. Thank u for seeing cmnt n replying. Ya i miss u a lot, u were active but nw u hav become really busy. Give some time for ur fans too dear. I really love all ur stories. Lots n lots of love.

  73. anaya

    The story names are Hoton oe dabi dil ki batein and dil he ki manta nahi.
    Farha, padhke suggestion zaroor batana. Tum to usme mahir ho πŸ˜‰

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