Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 5


Chapter-5 (Square Back To One and Into His Hell)

Sam saw him prowl towards her. His face was etched in something else. His eyes were more shinier and blacker than usual.

“L..L..Look, I don’t know why you’re doing this, but you need to stop right here..” Sam stuttered out.

He didn’t stop in his slow walking towards her. His lips quirked up.

“I…I said you need to stop here…”She screeched a little when caught hold of her waist abruptly and pulled her hard.

Sam squirmed and escaped something from the band of his hands. All the while he was looking down at her flatly.

Her chest heaved and down and her eyes flashed looking at his now frowning face.

“I really don’t know, Neil, what you’re playing at, but I’m telling you this, I will not be your plaything or any of your one night stands.” Her voice quivered, when he heard the last six words, his eyes suddenly lost the shine, Sam really didn’t care and went on….”I’m not liking this, whatever this is.”

It wasn’t fine anymore. He wouldn’t acknowledge when being with others, and when they were alone, he becomes this teasing, slightly smiling guy. All these parts of him were making her go crazy. She couldn’t try to figure him out anymore than she could try to anymore longer. She didn’t know when in the next moment what he will be. Will he sneer at her? Will he ignore her? Will he even look at her?

It was enough only when in the past but now he was giving her the heavy doses of his changing moods, in the past though at least then she was safe from him because of the distance, but now it was too much of intensity of to handle the whole of him every day, every minute and second of living with him.

He looked down at her. His body still cornered her to the white sink, but his eyes turned brittle and his jaw locked hard. His eyes turned liesure on her face.

Something else passed over his face which she couldn’t decipher. But, that did not fail to make go full alert. It was as is the lifting of a veil. He sneered at her. Like in pure distaste while he looked at her up and down slowly.

Sam’s breath hitched as she saw a look of pure mocking come onto his face.

“You should drop your act now.” He said, a little coldly.

Act? What act? Sam frowned, and looked completely thrown in a loop with the abrupt strange change in conversation.

“Oh, yeah, that look.” He leaned down and stared into her eyes, that is when she saw the disdain written all over the smooth lines of his face….”Don’t act all coy and innocent, as I said before it doesn’t suit this face, princess.” He let out the last word in a snarl, He flicked his forefinger over her chin.

He circled her then.

“Acting demure when you actually were wanting desperate attention, huh?” He whispered into her ear from behind.

Sam’s body went cold at that.

“Wearing this dress proves it. You get what you wished for then, most of the men were thinking the same thing as I had thought looking at this..”He said tugging the dress from behind.

Sam’s body burned and bright red.

“I thought maybe you will change after all these years, but you’re the same girl. Always needing to be the centre of attraction.” He jeered more.

Sam closed her eyes tight. Her face and eyes burned too much. After all this, he still thinks the same of her. Heavens no, her whispered out.

Sam tried to move away, he clasped her waist.

His lips stayed close to her ear whispering out hurting words.

But, what he said next completely saddened her more.

“Did you think that I would fall for your pendant trick. That I would melt and fall down on my knees when you said, you wanted to see me one last time before you die, huh? Funny it was I acted along to humour you.” He laughed at the last line as it was very mirthful, Sam felt her face burn too much.

“That did not work and you bring in that loser to make me jealous. You know the fun thing is, he would leave you for a good woman when he gets what he wants from you…like all others did when in the past. That’s the reason not one remained with you right, after all these years?” He asked in a very hostile whispering, his breath coming out in a roused impatient angry stutter.

He turned her around voilently and pulled her arms and rose her body a little off the floor.

His face was written in black anger.

“Those cheap f**king tricks wouldn’t work on me, Sam.” He grinded out through gritted teeth.

His face got closer as his stare drilled into her eyes, his breath in angry hacks over her lips.

“It makes you look even more desperate and a piece of sl*t, and I don’t go for those.” He laughed a little in black temper but nothing of mirth remained in his voice as his eyes again swiped down her body.

“I don’t think you would be good for even a minute….let alone be a one night stand.” His voice turned

The lashing of words froze her completely and she stared at him in disbelief.

She reeled back from the resentment and malice coming clear off his body. A look of please entered into his eyes looking at her sudden pallour of face.

He turned and Sam caught his wrist hurriedly. Tears almost swam big into her eyes.

“If…If…” Sam broke in a silent sob, but she locked her jaw tight to not cry and managed somehow to sound in a normal tone.

“If I disgust and abhor you that much.” Sam’s voice broke and shook..”Then why did you touch me…kiss me?” She asked, catching her blurred eyes with his flat ones.

“I’m only a man. I took what you were offering freely.” He broke her apart with that in finality, and Sam let go off his hand as if her skin burnt and a hiss of breath left her lips letting his words course through her mind.

Her eyes became glassy for a minute. All the blood leeched off her body, as her lips escaped a sigh and her head twirled in circles, the lack of food since morning was having its toll on her body.

He frowned and moved forward when she staggered a little, but she ran out past him hurriedly unable to look at him anymore. She bolted the bathroom door and locked it.


There was several beats on the lavatory door, Sam tried to breath in hard.

“Sam, you in there or what?” Dev’s voice came in as a shout from outside.

Sam quickly washed her face. Touched up her make up and got out of the bathroom hurriedly.

She steadied her voice somehow.

“Yes, Dev, I’m coming.” She called him out loud, spread her lips in a smile and but struggled more hard to maintain a serene composure.

She flung open the lavatory door and got out, but avoided Dev’s eyes.

He stood by the door, his back lazily leaning on it, he looked across at her and frowned.

“What took you so long?” He asked her annoyed.

Sam could hardly stay in the place, her wits were tarnished to bits.

“I was just freshening up.” She said distractedly.

He caught hold of her chin, and pulled her face to the right side for his observation. His eyes strayed all over her face and caught her swimming eyes.

He took a sharp breath in.

“Shit! What happened?” He asked, with a deep crease over his forehead. His voice strained.

Sam looked into his eyes, and her lower almost quivered seeing genuine worry in them, but Sam pulled away and moved back.

“Nothing.” She whispered, and smiled a watery one…”Let’s go.” She turned around altogether and walked on.

She heard a deep expel of sigh behind her as he walked behind her closely.

Sam reached the dinning area and saw the place clear off of dinner. Most of the couples were on the dance floor now. Old couples. Young ones. Twenty somethings like them. Suited guys and dressed up beautiful girls laugh and smile in the arms of their partners. A slow music was playing and most of them were just moving to and fro holding close to each other.

In the middle of it, she saw Neil and Lyra. The latter was looking up into his face smiling dreamily. The former was looking at the side. His face devoid of any emotion. He didn’t seem that into the dance. One hand on his shoulder and the other held together in a hold, Sam saw Lyra place her head on his chest. His other hand was on waist. They two were swaying to the music. Light hue of orange light of all the table lamps around the tables came as the only source streaming bright.

Dev’s hand went to the small of her back, as he pushed her to the dance floor.

“Let’s go dance.” He whispered down at her.

“I don’t feel like it, Dev.” Sam said warily.

“That’s not true. You love dancing and all that girly crap. I’m going through this double date torture only for you, so give me at least a credit for up lifting your sinking ship, Sweety.” He replied smiling and pulling at her hand.

Sam only stared, but he pulled in such an adorable puppy dog look that, she couldn’t help but had to smile at how sweet he looked. Except that, he didn’t know about how this date thing had backfired so heavily on her that she still was reeling because of it.

Sam moved her feet reluctantly and Dev smiled wide at her agreement.

She saw from the corner of her eye, both of Neil’s and Lyra’s attention revert to Sam and Dev, but she didn’t care anymore. It was enough for one night.

Dev took her left hand and put it over his right shoulder. Their other free hands clasped together.

Sam kept staring at the floor without a blink.

“I feel like I’m dancing with a robot.” Dev muttered down at her dryly.

Sam looked up blinking up at him again. His face was etched in a bored out look, and then he stared down at her awfully creeped out.

“God, don’t look so dead. People would think that I’m the sadistic husband who beats up his baby wife.” He looked around irately and in uncomforable consciousness.

Sam couldn’t help it again. She snorted out a laugh, but she remained silent still. Dev sighed heavily.

The song changed and another slow piano music started playing a soft tune. There was sudden switch in partners.

“Thank god, at least I would get a cheery partner. You’re making me look unattractive with your disinterest. That old lady is ready to beat the pulp out of me.” He gulped hard, and signalled with his eyes for her to look around, and Sam indeed saw an old worn out short lady sitting in a dinning chair, looking sadly at her and glaring daggers at Dev.

It was comical how Dev looked so frightened of her, but Sam couldn’t accumulate any will in her to laugh.

He looked down at her.

“At least smile once, woman.” He said through closed lips.

Sam tried to rearrange her face. Her face muscles hurt and twisted into something else.

Dev’s green eyes froze looking at all over her features. He looked really weirded by her now.

“I need to get away from you.” Dev mumbled down at her more annoyed, and swung her around.

Sam’s head buzzed and she flew across the floor into another person. Her head hit a large shoulder.

She looked up and her brown eyes caught a pair of piercing black eyes. Sam jerked back and saw that people had paired up already and she couldn’t move away now. Her eyes drew down to his shoulder. He did not seem to look down too, instead his left hand caught hers as they pulled their clasped hands to the side, his right hand slid around her back and down. He swayed her in a movement of feet. His arm around her flexed holding her close. Sam could hear his heart beat over her chest. She could feel the familiarity of warmth. His minty breath and woodsy scent. His hold on her wasn’t tight, instead it was soft. His face all poker one was averted to the side, away from her. Her eyes slid down to his throat, a gleam around his neck locked her eyes to the chain. She was almost dangling in his arms. The piano music reached a lulling one. She wasn’t dancing at all. It was him who was moving her body side to side. The star pendant peaked out from the open neck collar of the black shirt over his neck. All the words he said just now came back to her in a punch.

Her eyes started to swam more and more with each sway. Was everything that may have been soft them, had been all him humouring her. All the care, teasing and smiles was an act? Her eyes watered and flowed down her cheeks. All those hugs and cuddling was also him acting? A sob rose up in her throat and racked her body. Was she really that in his eyes of what he accused of?

Sam’s hand slid down and caught the handful of shirt tight over his chest. His body went stone for a second, but he swayed her in his arms still. Her feet now rested on his shoe clad ones.

He was the only guy in her life that she ever felt a deep connection with. Sam’s breath convulsed and she burrowed her face in his neck. His body this close to her held tight felt . Even when he wasn’t talking or looking at her, she knew at some point he did look at her. She did feel his eyes on her, incessantly so many a times. She didn’t know when and how it happened. She had liked with such intensity then, but she had failed to notice that he would have such opinion of her.

All those hateful and ugly words defied his soft actions. An image of him on the ground looking at her so dead and vulnerable came into her mind. That was him. The one he was pretending to be was not her Neil. Another sob attacked her throat, his hand convulsed around her back but he stayed liked that only swaying. Sam couldn’t bear him thinking of her like that. She pulled at his shirt, but he didn’t look down at her. He didn’t really mean all those words, Sam knew that now. He seem to be struggling with her. Wanting to get close to her, hating her for getting close to her, deliberately hurting her in the process. She never had approached him in the past for fear of this, but now she wasn’t going away anymore. She took his words in and did not let them hurt her, instead she took them as her weopen now, to burrow out the wall around his person.

She pulled again at his shirt on his chest, but he still stubbornly looked away. Sam hiccuped and as the hot lava tears flowed on and on. He was pushing her away. He was punishing her for making him react. All the said poisonous words made Sam’s will to determine more and break through into him. He wanted her to feel vulnerable and shatter her confidence so that she would be far away from him. She burrowed her face again into his neck and her cool tears rubbed against his skin as he held her up in his arms.

Sam put her hand on his cheek and slid up more on his body. Her chest completely plastered on his hard wall of muscular body. His head finally came down to hers. Her eyes flowed and sobs rose high in her throat as she looked up at him, into his black burning eyes. His face whitened looking at her flushed pained features. His swaying stopped abruptly. Sam put her burning forehead on his cool one and she convulsed into a heartening cry. Sobbing and hiccuping, but she did not stop looking into his eyes. She wanted him to see her. Like really see her deep into her eyes and soul and willed him to say those words again to her. Both of her cold hands held his cheeks as she cried, her chest heaving and down.

Don’t pull away from me, please, she told him with his eyes. His arms around her tightened more. The lines on his face stayed granite. His eyes wide stayed locked with hers. Her breath hot stuttered on his lips. Her mouth tasted of her tears rubbed on his lips. He was shaking and so was she. She held him like that for a long while crying tears on his face as her face twisted. She didn’t want to move away. His heart beat went wild under his chest. Though she was sobbing hard outside, her heart was serene. Instead she could hear the break of his heart looking at her.

The muscles of her started to loosen up, and her arms felt heavy. A sharp throng of electricity passed her mind, her sobs decreased and she felt her eyes and brain cloud. Black dots appeared in her vision. She could she through the shadows and blurriness, Neil’s face ash up, his lips paled out, creases lined his forehead. Her hands from his cheeks fell down in a limp. Her head lolled back and her body free fell on her back, but Neil caught her.

“Babe…” His soft whisper of heavy concerned and hurt filled voice finally travelled in her ears.

Even when loosing consciousness, Sam’s heart flipped flopped while he said that word. It was sweet. It was nice. It was caring. It was from deep within him. It was a caress. It was a balm. It was him altogether. It was her Neil. She got him back. Finally.

Her limbs and eyes dimmed out the light and fell down on the floor, while Neil slid down along with her, his hand holding the back of her head.

Before loosing her hearing too, she heard a voice. Oh, god, she felt so immobile. The voices surronded her as if coming from far away. She willed her body and limbs to get up, but seems they were paralysed too much.

“Shit, Sam….”She heard Dev’s voice.

“I will help her, Neil. You don’t have to hold her like that.” Lyra’s very annoyed and cold voice too came from far.

She felt someone touch her arm.

“Get your f**king hands off her.” Neil’s too loud a wild growl made Sam wince.

It vibrated into her.

Her hand clasped now within his. She was in his arms. She felt her face burrow in a familiar chest as a pair of warm band of strong hands surronded her shoulders in a hug.

Sam tried to blink open her eyes but nothing helped as she fell slowly in a deep chasm of dark.


Sam eyes blinked open a little, and she could see nothing but darkness. She tried again. Motioned her hands to flutter, but not a life return into her body. Her head was lolling around.

Neil. She was in Neil’s arms. Her eyes though shadowed looked around the place. They were at his apartment.

He was walking into the hallway. Was it?

His steps were fast, as his thighs moved hard in walking, but he stopped abruptly and pushed against a door. Sam felt her body jolt in his arms, as he pulled her more into his chest.

He pushed again firmly, the door wouldn’t budge, she had locked it when she went out of the door that evening, Sam tried to move but god what happened to her, she couldn’t move. Weakness seemed to swarm her body into disablity.

“The f**k! it’s not opening.” He growled, gritted and stewed on his teeth.

Sam eyes were half open, and she saw from the hanging of her head, as she was lying on his left shoulders, Neil move back several steps. He put the other right shoulder of his to the side, and charged up fast. He grunted hard as his body hit the door hard. Sam’s half conscious mind jerked up and her mouth formed a round shocked ‘O’. The door vibrated very violently with a loud sound and came off its hinges.

The door came off its hinges! He broke it. Oh dear lord, Sam’s chest heaved up and down.

He walked fast and put her on the bed.

Immediately her back bowed and she settled on it more closing her eyes. More of voices came into the room.

“Just called the doctor.” Sam heard Dev’s very calm voice.

“Good.” She heard Neil’s voice clip.

She felt a familiar scramble of feet and a different polished foot falls enter into the room.

“I will stay here with her.” Lyra’s clean cut throaty voice said.

Like hell she will, Sam’s inner voice hissed out.

Sam stirred uneasily on the bed. Her whole body went into a shiver and heat altogether in one.

“You need to leave.” Sam heard Neil’s low husky tone.

Sam half smiled in her bleery disturbing sleep.

A surprised silence fell. She could feel Lyra’s blistering anger come off her body in waves.

“But, Neil….I can…” She started again sachharine in sweetness of voice.

“You should leave, Lyra.” Neil’s voice travelled firm and curt in the air.

After several seconds later, Sam heard Lyra’s angry beat of footsteps travel out of the room.

Sam stirred trying to get up again, but she sagged back all over hurting. A deep lethargy absorbed in her muscles and made her unmovable on the bed.

“I ain’t gonna leave Sam all alone with you, loon head, that pu**y glare will only work on a weakling, so tame your racing paws, Man.” Dev’s very dry tone travelled into her ears.

A very displeased grunt vibrated in the room.

Sam hardly could hear after it. Nothing passed but a ringing volume vibrated and heated up her ears and she started sweating profusely because of it.



(General POV)

Neil was sat on the black bean bag opposite to the bed. His hands closed tight and fingers clasped even more firm, he kept staring at Sam’s unconscious figure as the doctor checked her. Saline was being inserted into her right hand wrist vein through a tube.

From the bottle supported by the stand, flowed out the liquid, it rushed down in the loop of the transparent tube.

Neil kept staring at the needle attached and pierced inside her skin.

“What happened to her?” Dev asked looking across at Sam worriedly.

The doctor, a friend of his, Hiran, quite a practical, lanky looking and, goofy kind of a young man, checked her pulse again.

Hiran, seem to perch his square spectacles up his nose more properly and glanced across at Dev irritated.

Dev had woken him up from the depths of his slumbers. Seriously the geeky guy looked more of an engineer rather than a doctor. He wearing an unsual dark red pajama with the design of Ben10 pants and blue sweater t-shirt.

When he heard the doctor’s assistant take the call, Dev went into a stream of threatening curses and glowered up more in the line, warning him of heavy repercussions if he didn’t come here immediately.

“Lack of food. Weakness of muscles due to low blood pressure. Fast pumping of blood, less carrying of oxygen. Heart beat going over hundred. Techicardia, due to slight anaemia.” Hiran went on critically.

He glanced at Dev, who was sat on the right side of Sam’s bed.

“Is she having her meals properly?” He asked.

Dev’s temper roared, he glared across at the man who was responsible for this.

Hiran took out a booklet from his black brief case, and started writing a prescription.

“A-Z tablets for vitamins. Iron tablets for the anemia. A month of these to be consumed before sleeping, regularly per day is a must, then she will be as fit and fine. Except, no skipping of meals or it wouldn’t be much effective the course of the prescribed medicines.” Hiran started scribbling over the paper.

He got up and started for the door, Dev accompanied him out.

He looked back at him.

“Next time, no threatening calls.” He warned him dryly.

Dev nodded, a quirk appeared on his lips looking at the strangest of pajama pants he had ever seen.

Hiran scowled at him.

“Crazy shitheads.” He muttered under his breath, and walked away.

Dev sagged back on the door now closed front door. For the first in his life, his heart jumped out his chest when he saw how Sam went down on the floor like that. The chirpiness of the girl seem to leech off slowly from out of her.

This is done right here. He was taking Sam tomorrow out of this mess.

His body straightened when he saw the f**kturd walk across the kitchen. His eyes turned red looking at the calm expression on his face.


Neil got into the kitchen and opened the top cabinet. He took out an instant chicken soup packet. He opened the dish washer cabinet and took out a deep bottomed container.

He opened the tap in the sink and filled it water. He moved to the burner and put the container over it.

It started boiling, and Neil emptied the contents of the packet over it. He took out a spoon from next to his wrist. He kept stirring and mixing the soup to boil.

“That’s not to going to help with anything.” A deep cynical voice pulled his eyes to the side.

He ignored it and kept stirring.

“The chicken soup is not going to make everything good.”

Neil’s jaw hardened.

He saw from the corner of his eye, the man lean back on the kitchen counter beside to him.

“She is going to stay with me from tomorrow.”

Neil’s hand froze and stopped stirring abruptly.

But, he went on taking out a bowl out of the sliding cabinet carved into the kitchen counter.

He poured the soup in the bowl and put it on a heating tray. He pushed past the man and kept walking. He stopped by the fridge and grabbed a cool water bottle.

Neil entered the room and closed it somehow the broken door, still it creaked too much and lay battered off his hinges. He walked up to the bed and placed the soup bowl and the water bottle on the bedside table and sat beside to her.

He kept staring at the tube filling her vein with the saline.

He hesitated but went to the wardrobe and took out the night clothes. His eyes strayed to her body.

Neil went by the bed and he slid closer to her. His hand raised looking at her face. His jaw hardened more. He gently turned her body on her front, minding the tube carefully. His fingers hesitated looking at her porcelain bare back. He shook his head turned his chin to the other side. His eyes strayed to the bed side table lamp.

He slid down the dress off her chest and down her body. He threw it aside the tight itchy material. Neil slid the loose tank top over her head, and pulled it down her chest.

He took the pajama bottoms in his hands and hesitated. His fingers tremored too much. His jaw set firm, but he slid down on the bed. He took both of her slender ankles and looped them in the holes of the shorts. He expelled out a deep breath, but he pulled the shorts up her legs. His fingers only touched the ends. He moved up on top of her and closed the clasp of it over her hips.

He pulled in a deep breath moved up a little. Both of his large hands removed the ample dark volume of hair off her face and cupped her cheeks.

He took a sharp intake of breath when he looked down at her very pale colour of her face. Dark circles under her eyes became too profound. Her cheeks flattened out, lost of colour. Her lips were still berry red, though but she lost all the heavy make up. The eyebrows still furrowed in a strain. Her dark long eye lashes remained unmoved. Neil slid his fingers rubbing her cool cheeks to remove the pallor off her skin. He slid his fingers in circles on her eyebrows. Gentling out the furrow. Her face was so small in his hands. He slid his forehead on top of hers gently.

He breathed heavily. Her lips were a little open, showing off small even pearly teeth. Her breath now warm and gentle mixed with his. His hands still held her cheeks. His fingers caressing her skin to bring in a little heat.

His breathing hacked, when a deep sting pained his eyes. His lower lip trembled as a drop of wetness escaped his left eye and fell on her gaunt cheek.

“Shit, babe.” He whispered hoarsely, laying gently his body on top of hers.

He stayed for a while on top of her. He leaned down, touched her cool, soft, supple lips with his in a whisper. He lips held onto her full bottom lip for a second.

He leaned back, and got off the from the bed. Neil’s body hardened looking at her face. He leaned in and slid the covers upto to her chest. He moved towards the bed side table, sliding out the desk, he took out a pen and a book. He wrote a note, ripped it out, and put the piece of paper on the tray.

He stood there looking down at her and the saline bottle. His walked out of the room. His feet jerked to a stop looking at the sprawled sleeping figure on the couch.

His eyes stuttered shut, Neil walked up the stairs and into his room.


Neil got out of the shower. He wore a black t-shirt, ripped out jeans. His hands tied the laces of his shoes. He wrapped both of his wrists in thick white cloth of cotton bandage and flexed his palms. Taking his car keys he charged down the stairs. He gave one glance at the closed door across the hall, and gulped hard. His face drew up tight as his eyes went to the figure sleeping on his couch.

His jaw bone grinded, as a look pure cold entered into his eyes. His hands fisted to his sides in voilence. His body shook with the force of adrenaline coursing through his veins.

Neil walked out of the apartment in a tight decision.


Sam’s eyes flew open. She blinked rapidly several times. The pale creamy ceiling blurred and cleared and blurred and cleared. She stirred a little in bed, and tried to move her arms and legs. Miraculously somehow, she could pull her body on her elbows. Something sting sharp on her right wrist as she moved. Sam winced and looked around. Her eyes widened and froze at a tube attached to her hand, she saw trail of it end in a bottle.

Saline? Sam frowned and sat upright on the bed. She looked around the darkened room. There was no one around. The covers fell away down her waist and she looked down at herself.

Her eyes widened even more. She caught hold of the tank top over stomach. Who changed her into it?

Sam raked her mind, if she ever changed the dress, but of such came back as a memory. She sighed and her eyes moved towards the bed side table. A silver tray was placed over it with a white bowl on top of it.

Sam slid her legs down, and she took a sharp in take of breath feeling the cool tiles. She stood up on her feet in a little unsteady but felt better than before. She took hold of the white stand of the saline bottle and moved towards the table.

A white paper was folded neat beside the bowl containing the soup.

She unfolded the paper.

Sam blinked twice and her nose twitched and her lips pursed in a curl reading out the curt rude order.

‘Finish it’—-

was written, and nothing else. She knew who wrote it. Sam’s face burned anew now looking at the soup bowl. Her left twitched

If only he was here. The contents of it would have been over his head. Sam glowered, but abruptly her stomach growled smelling the aroma coming out of it.

Sam took the bowl in her hands and sat back down on the bed. She greedily sipped on the chicken soup with the spoon. After two more sips. She threw the spoon aside and gulped the tasty sweet and sour soup down her throat hastily. She moaned when the flavour of the corns and the bits of dried chicken burst into her mouth. Her belly warmed up. Sam cleaned the bowl in a spick and span. She grabbed the plastic bottle next and drank thirstly the cool water.

After few minutes of just sitting on the bed. Sam got up and caught the saline stand. She walked slowly towards the broken door. Sam got of the room and looked around.

Except complete silence, nothing reverbated the hall. The lights were off. Strange, where was Neil?

Her feet took her to the living room. A deep snoar of a sound made her to jump. What? She peered in the dark. Who?

Sam looked around squinting. Her froze in on a figure of…..


He was sprawled on his back. He was in the same clothes as the evening sans the tie and the coat.

What was he?…..

Oh, CRAP. Everything came back to her in a rush. Of the events of the evening, and Sam moved back a little.

She walked up to the couch pushing the stand with the help of the little black round rollers under it. Sam kept staring at Dev’s face. All of his hair fell over his forehead. A slow snoar escaped his lips then it went pitch high and low and high. Sam bit her lower lip not to laugh down at him.

She shook her head and moved around, Sam hesitated near the stairs. Neil. She wanted to see him. She had so much to talk to him about. So much to question him about. She couldn’t wait for the night to get over. There were lot of things he said she didn’t understand. Something else had crept into his eyes while he looked down at her and accused her of things. It was like, he wasn’t actually talking to her……but with somebody else. That she just figured it out. How did she not understant it. The feeling of realization made her more frightened.

Sam couldn’t take this saline stand up the stairs. So, she removed the needle slowly out of her wrist. Oh, crap crap crap. It hurt. Sam closed her eyes not willing to see the blood. She caught her paining wrist up in a hold with the other hand and walked up on the steps slowly. Her head was still fogged up but she didn’t care.

She walked fast now the few steps, and walked in a circle of an aisle.

Sam burst open his bedroom. She looked around and frowned. The bed was empty. It was made. No crease over it. She hesitated but walked up to the bathroom. She peaked in and frowned. Sam pushed aside the large glass window and ventured out into the balcony. A cold blast of frigid air hit her face and body. She shievered and looked around. He wasn’t there anywhere. Sam got down. Maybe he went for a walk. Sam waited for more than half an hour sagging down on the bean bag of the living room, it was right across where Dev slept. She saw the time pass. 12:40PM, to 1:30PM.

Sam dreadingly got up the stairs and all around. She checked every nook and corner of the apartment. He wasn’t anywhere again. She hurried into her room, caught hold of her phone from the clutch and dialled his number.

It came several times as out of reach. Sam felt now very weird. Something didn’t set here.

Sam got to the ever peacefully sleeping figure of Dev. She scowled at him fiercely. Her chest heaved up and down already with the minimal exertion. Her breath shortened.

She took a couch pillow and hit it hard at his face.

Dev’s startled and flew up the couch.

“Where is the fire?” He asked frantically, his voice too gruff with sleep, he came out of the snoaring peaceful serenity with a propel of his body.

He shook his head several times, and his bleery squinting eyes focussed on her figure in narrowed stare.

He kept looking at her, trying to figure out what was happening.

“What the hell are you doing out of the bed?” He shouted suddenly.

He looked across her wrist.

“Where is the saline needle?” He asked even more bewildered.

Sam kept glaring at him.

“Where is Neil?” She asked.

He slid his hair out of the view of his eyes. His eyes and body became stiff at her question. He stared up at her warily. Dev got off the couch and yawned pretty heavily.

Sam just kept staring at him.

“Where else would he be, but in his room, Sam.” Dev said wryly.

“He is not in his room. His car keys are missing. I just looked all around the apartment. He isn’t here.” Sam explained,feeling anxiety roll in her stomach.

Dev sighed and got up. He didn’t answer to her but walked towards the kitchen rubbing the back of his head.

Sam followed frowning too much at his silence.

“You didn’t see him go out?” Sam asked worriedly.

Dev’s face from the dim light of the kitchen night bulb shadowed. His face was tired out. A few creases still lined his sleepy face. He took out a water bottle and took a deep swig.

Sam felt frustration creep into her body. She paced.

“He isn’t in his room. He does not have office work this late. He never takes a walk this late…..unless….” Words failed on her tongue.

Unless he was thoroughly disturbed, but why would he take his car? No. Something else is the matter.

Sam glanced around at Dev. He put both of his hands behind the counter. His lips twitched in a smile and he stared down at the floor thinking something. The white shirt he had on was open at the collar as his body stretched it tight.

“Dev? Say something.” Sam asked again, putting her hands over her hips.

He looked up into her eyes finally and he shook his head still smiling.

“I must say. If f**king crazy and dumb could be combined. It could be you two.” He muttered in a grit sarcastically.

His face hardened in a look. Sam frowned wondering at his bizzare statement. She stared at the sudden tautness coming into his face and voice.

“What the hell does that mean?” She asked cocking her hips to the left side.

Sam shook her head when he chuckled looking at her face. His face lightened up more as his hair lay in a mess over his head.

“You know what, I have enough of one talking in loops, and trust me I don’t want you too talking to me in such a tone.” Sam said sharply, she turned around.

“Well, thanks for your no help. I will find him myself…” Sam muttered on irritated.

Dev caught hold of her arm from behind.

“Woah, easy there, Woman. You’re not yet recovered. You need plenty of rest and eating to do.” Dev said firmly, his face all serious and concerned.

Sam moved his hand off her arm.

“I need to find him. If you’re not willing to help. Then I will go out myself.” Sam shook her head….”I don’t know what work he has at 2AM….in the middle of the night…”She mumbled on worriedly.

Dev sighed heavily.

“He is not a lost little boy, for heavens sake. He can take of himself. Jeez, you weirding me out, Sam.” He gritted out irritated, looking at her face.

Sam stared back at him in a scowl.

This was pointless her worrying. The man would come back. He wasn’t gone to Mars for her to look so pained again, but looking at her, he could feel that Sam had gone to a deep end with the guy. She would very well walk into the night and fall dead in a ditch but still get up trying to find him. Such was her devotion. He didn’t understant it. Nor her. Nor that guy.

“Fine. I will help you,” He relented, and Sam smiled a little… “but only this time.” Dev warned and stared flatly at her.

Sam nodded her head vigorously.

“Does he carry a phone?” Dev asked, walking into the living room again.

He cannot believe, as he too felt a little worried now.

The loon head wasn’t a bad sort only a little manic and more grunting kind than a talking one.

The way he carried Sam in his arms all the way over from the restuarant and to the house, with such care and intensity of face and manner that it baffled Dev earlier to silence.

He took out his phone.

“His number is coming out of reach.” Sam said again, her face, hair and petite body looked too vulnerable in the night clothes.

“Punch in his number.” He sighed more, and gave the phone to her.

Sam more confused than before took the phone and did as he asked.

Dev took the phone back and he dialled in a number. A friend of his was very smart when it comes to such things. He was a genius around his apartment. He could hack into any account or get crack any password in matter of seconds. The great thing was. He could track anything or anyone. Except he wouldn’t do anything but for heavy bucks. Dev had still some money remained after selling the painting. He could use some.

“Steve, Hey, I need your help…”He mumbled on the phone.

Sam saw Dev move away a little and out of the hall and talk for a while.

She stood still bewildering on and on. Was she being unreasonable?

No. Her mind vibrated an answer. Neil had gone missing in the past too. For two days after he stayed in her parents home, Neil disappeared into thin air. He was found unconcious and half dead in the back yard barn of a far end abondoned house, with heavy dose of alcohol in his body. In the next hour of finding him, Neil was taken to the hospital by Rohan and mom and dad. It was fours years back thing. Sam did go to Manali for a weeks stay at home. She didn’t get see or meet him, but she got to know about it through whispers going around then. It happened right after that fateful month. Not one can hardly recognise Neil then. She got few bits and pieces of information from Rohan, that he was taken into Therapy after he was hospitalized.

She gulped hard and worried anew now. He didn’t look at her as Sam tonight, but someone else. Crap. Crap. Crap. Did it trigger something again?

He had beeb dead drunk the past week……..what if something?

Sam felt cold all over. She paced about the hall to and fro.

Dev came into the hall slowly. His head was bent and his face was grave.

Sam went up to him in a worry.

“What happened? Did you find out anything?” She asked searching his face for anything.

His face was etched in a very serious look. All strained eyebrows and tight jaw. Sam felt her heart thud aloud.

She caught his hands in hers and shook him.

“Dev? What happened?” She asked breathlessly.

Dev shook his head.

“I found that……” He started to say, but he stopped abruptly, and closed his mouth.

Sam drew back a little.

“Dev, you’re scaring me.” Sam whispered now panting.

Dev’s stare caught her wild frightened eyes.

“Relax, nothing happened to him….” He started to say, in a calm voice, and Sam’s shoulders sagged down in relief.

“…….I’m sure, but I can’t gurantee if anything won’t happen.” He said in a low tone, turning away from her.

Those words again made her frantic and she tensed up more.

“What do you mean? Where is he now?” She asked his back.

But, he remained silent.

Sam pulled in front of him and she pushed up and hissed into his face.

“Fine, be like that. I going straight out of the apartment then to find him. Great friend you’re…”

Sam turned around in flash and roaring temper.

“He is at some parking lot, at a midnight cagefight. Few miles from here. I don’t know if he went to watch it….or participate in it…..and if he is participating then?” Dev’s very soft tone made her turn around again in shocked surprise.

Cage fight? Like MMA?

Something like pure extreme fright covered her whole body and raise dreadful goosebumps over body.

“And…and…and if he is participating then?” She asked hesitantly.

Dev stared at little unsurely.

“Few people had come out alive with as much severe injuries..but.”He hesitated, and continued on. “I’m sure, Sam, he is just watching it.” Dev assured her nodding his head a little.

Sam zoned him out already. She hurried into her room and slid into a warm coat, and ran fast to the door. Her legs beating heavily on the floor.

Dev came sauntering towards her, as she ran to the hallway, he caught her bicep.

“What the hell are you doing?” He asked, frowning down at her.

Sam gave him a flat stare.

“I’m going to him.” She declared, and tried to unclasp his fingers.

Dev laughed incredulously.

“You must be insane. Do you think that I would let you go to such a dangerous place? Do you have any idea what kind of people go there? Mean men. Leery men. Adrenaline beefed up junkies. They will swallow you whole and spit you out in seconds looking at your petite form and this face.”

Sam didn’t care.

“I’m going.” She said in stubborn voice and ripped off her arm from his tight hold of hand.

Dev stared at her, as if she was stark staring mad. His mouth hung opened a little.

“You are as f**ked up as he is.” He murmured, sounding disturbed and surprised to his core.

Sam just shrugged and moved towards the door.

“Damn you, woman.” Dev muttered frustratedly and moved towards her.

He caught hold of her and moved towards the front hall.

“What are you doing?” Sam mumbled irritated.

“Just shut up.” He bit out, and he took a thick black muffler, and also a hat from off the wall hanger.

He removed the coat she had on and threw it aside. He took a big large one and slid it around her shoulders. It hid her body from top to bottom. Dev tied the muffler around her neck and put the hat over her head. It covered her hair altogether.

He looked down at her satisfied that it concealed her identity of a woman.

“Remember, to never look up or stare at a person for long or stay at one place for a even second. always put your head down. I will be right beside you, alright?” Dev murmured down at her in a firm voice.

Sam nodded her head.

“Alright.” She agreed.

That was easy. She could easily blend in.

Dev looked down at her in complete distrust. Heaven help him tonight.

f**k! Why was he doing this again? He muttered heavy and lot of curses.


Sam with Dev’s arm around her from behind in protection entered into a very dim lit area of a parking lot. It was the most creepiest place she had ever encountered or walked it. Loud hooting sounds surronded the place.

Men, very large and fierce looking, of bikers and hooligans wearing mostly leather jackets and jeans, pushed past Sam and Dev, the men were so heavy, fair and hard kind, tossed them around, and moved them in circles.

It was dim and dark, in the middle of the small parking lot. There was ring and it a closed cage. Many people were surrounding it, as if a cricket field. Heavy metal music was blasting out of the speakers.

The small round cage was in the middle of the ring, it was slightly higher to the ground around. From far off the left side Sam saw two lean guys move around in circles, in only knee length long grey boxer shorts. A bright yellow light from the metal mesh of the cage fell in on the two. Radhika could only see their toned bare backs. Both were tall and lean. Neither was buff. Oh crap, Sam saw a little board outside ‘Fight till death’. She gulped hard. A man was moving placing bets in the crowd on who would win. All of the people drinking beers enjoying the death game. Empty cans were strewn all around the concrete ground. It was kind a small street fighting place.

The night air was chilling. It was cutting the thick coat and entered into bones making her shiver too much.

Sam moved forward into the little crowd of beefy men to get a clear view of the fighters. These men were shouting, jeering, sneering and snarling in enjoyment.

“Yeah, kill him!” One shouted.

“Rip him apart bone to bone!” Another one shouted from behind her.

The place was seedy and definitely was an illegal space for such brutal sadistic game to go on.

Sam saw the much leaner and slightly taller guy hit a powerful crunch on the face of only an inch shorter than the leaner guy.

Sam gasped and winced with the effect of the punch as the sounds of the cracking of bones surronded in the thick air. Dev hand tightened on her waist from behind. Why would Neil come to this place? Where was he? He was now where in the crowd. Her eyes searched from the large hat every where.

“Shhh.” He warned in a whisper in her ears.

All the men shouted for the taller lean guy to kill the shorter and buff one.

Surprisingly both were Indians. But the most curious thing about it was, the shorter buff guy wasn’t much fighting. He just stood there taking in the punches by the lean guy, as if the furious hits were his breathing. He seemed like he wanted the punches.

“Kill that f**king pu**y!” One buzz cut haired, large snarly biker man growled from behind Dev.

Sam shivered. She felt an adrenaline course through her suddenly feeling the game’s blood thirsty jive of it.

Another bone breaking punch, crunch and hit in the stomach, it made Sam almost gag as the bile rose into her mouth from the stomach. She saw the shorter buff guy just convulse down to the floor groaning in pain.

But a flash of something sparkled from around his neck, froze Sam to the floor. She staggered a little. The shorter buff guy moved to the right where Sam stood and……..that’s when her whole world whirled around and stopped altogether as her eyes narrowed and zeroed in on familiar tattoo over the forearm of one hand.

Sam felt like vomiting there and then. Dev’s body straightened and turned into a stone from behind her.

“f**k.” She heard his shocked whisper in her ear.

That’s when all hell broke loose and Sam screamed so high pitch, that several heads pulled their way. Her scream was more higher than the growls and shouts.

“Neil!” She shouted, and motioned her body to a run.

But her shouts drowned and melted away in the hoots and slogans rising from around the crowd.

Every cell in her body cleaved and ripped seeing the red river of blood flowing down his back.

She ran fast and hard followed closely by a protesting and cursing Dev. Sam didn’t care. Her body broke into a sticky sweat under the thick coat. The hat pulled away from her head and all the heavy hair flowed in waves over her shoulders. Her heart leaping in her throat, Sam jumped around and pushed past some mean looking men.

Anxiety crippled her body and slowed her movements but when she saw another punch being laid over his Jaw, that’s when she jumped up on the few stairs of the cage, and rattled the net of the ring.

“Neil!” She screamed.

His battered body staggered in the middle of the ring, though his back went straight as a bow, as her scream penetrated into the cell.

He turned around in a zap. Sam drew back in a shock, her hands went to her mouth, she looked wide eyed at his face. His lip was cut and swollen, blood was streaming down, his left eye already bluish black and shut. His whole face was swollen with the punch marks. Sam’s eyes watered and flowed down. Sobs rose in her throat looking at him.

But another punch to his ribs made him fall to his knees in a groan which made her in turn screech and clutch her hair.

Dev came up behind her and tried to pull her down by grabbing her waist.

“Who’s the chick!” Someone with deep voice asked loudly.

“Nice piece of ass!” She heard a round of jeer, shouts and hoots travel into her ears.

“Hey! You want a piece of me, baby doll!” Another disgusting sneer surronded along with a few more shouts.

Sam pushed away Dev’s hand and clutched to the mesh with her hands going into it.

“Neil!” She shouted and sobbed again.

Neil’s body was heaving up and down. He looked across at her and that’s when Sam stood frozen like a stone statue. He was looking at her with such blistering scowling

He stood up and stuttering and roared.

“Get her the f**k out of here!” He growled and grunted out loud.

Dev came up fom behind her and drew his arms shielding her body from the crowd.

“She wouldn’t budge, You Shithead!” Dev shouted back.

He wasn’t looking at her but over her shoulder. His whole body was rippling and covered in sweat.

He turned his head deliberately not hearing her scream at all. Sam saw the lean guy take a blo*dy punch again in his ribs.

Why wasn’t he fighting back. In the past he had gotten in brawls, and in pubs and had beaten the crap out of guys. He never got injured but made the injury.

Here, he wasn’t even raising his hand to protect himself at least.

“The guy is a god damn chick. Just kill him and get it over with!” Someone growled high in the air.

Sam’s body burned as anger coursed through her. Her blurring eyes glared across at Neil.

“Why the hell are you doing this?” She shouted even more loudly, her throat was going sour even more badly than before with all the crying she was doing.

Neil’s head whipped around as he kept his hands on his knees. His one uninjured eye looked across at her. The other eye shut tight in a large swollen bluish ghastly bruise.

“Go home.” He heaved gravelly, and turned around and came up to her closer to the net.

Sam caught his sweaty hands from the net.

“No, just tell me why you’re doing this….Oh god, please don’t do this.” Sam convulsed in a sob.

Neil drew away his hands and glared across at her.

“Go away! Take her away.” He shouted over her shoulder disgustedly.

Oh, no, the thick head isn’t using such tone with her again.

“I will cross this net and come into the ring.” She warned him with a hiss.

That’s when he straightened and crossed the distance between them.

He caught hold of her face from the metal net with his large bruised, wet, and cold hands.

He leaned in and whisper hissed at her growling more.

“Go. Away.” He said softly.

Sam caught his bruised face too and cried with warm tears rolling down her cheeks.

“No, why are you doing this? You’re killing me, Neil.” She whispered brokenly.

He stood there for a second. Something really soft passed over his dark face. His lower lip trembled a little. The bruised defined more over his handsome features. His hand went to her over laying over his cheek. Sam could feel his minty breath hit her lips. His warmth radiated to her body. A tug rush she felt as she Sam always does when he was near to her.

What he said next, froze her. Clawed at her. Broke her soul to million pieces. Changed the course of her blood. Pierced her skin. Controted her lungs. Stripped her heart. Raked a deep heated shine sweat on her body.

His hot lips grazed her cool lips once very softly and vulnerable.

“I hurt you, babe.” He said huskily low, and even more brokenly.

Everything else faded out when he said that, and she gasped out loud and almost dissovled to the ground, if not for the supporting arm of Dev around her waist from behind.

He wanted to hurt himself too for what happened. That’s the reason he wasn’t fighting back or even defending himself. The knowledge of it created a heavy buzz in her head and reeled her mind in a swirl. This was so the silent suffering Neil. What was he playing at? Getting himself killed for what he said? Sam gasped out loud. Did he want her to see his dead body the next day. Did he think that it would make all better? She would have died along with him. Will the stupid fool would ever know that? That this was hurting her physically more than he could ever hurt her mentally. She couldn’t see this extreme bone breaking torture anymore. This was so going to be a nightmare for all the coming nights in her life.

New sobs raked her body and new deep pained tears burned more in her eyes.

Dev’s body turned marble behind her, as he heard what Neil said.

“Crazy f**king loon.” Dev cursed in a more shocked and very hoarse whisper.

Neil moved away and his expression hardened more.

“Take her away.” He gritted through his teeth and flung the words at his shoulders.

He went into the centre of the cell again. The tall lean guy looked around at Sam, then at Neil. He smiled a very cold leery one at her.

He flexed his muscles and licked his lips in a suggestive meaning at her. He was dark, mean looking fellow, with lot of hair all around his chest, but not on his head. He looked like the same age around Neil’s. Sam’s lips curled in disgust looking at him.

His eyes all dirty fell on Neil’s neck. A lusty gleam entered into gaze.

“Is that your girlfriend…looks like a nice f**k…did she give….” He spoke in a drawly disgusted leery voice.

Neil back straightened and his eyes went cold black as he stared across at him placate silence. Sam saw Neil’s jaw tick and his hand flexed and turn in a fist.

Sam waited with baited breath. Her chest heaved up and down looking at his now hardened body. His muscles flexed. The shorts hung low on his hips. The veins rippled of from his forearms. A new sort of determination entered into his body. The crowd still jeered, rooted and shouted for the tall lean guy to kill Neil. To rip him apart into pieces.

He touched the gold chain and pendant that hung low on Neil’s chest.

“Nice piece of gold.” He said gravelly in lust ridden and dirty voice.

Neil caught the tall lean guy’s hand in a tight grip.

A pained cry escaped the guy’s mouth, and that is when the loud screaming went dead silent in a shock.

Neil swung his fisted hand up in the air, locked back his muscles on the ground more firmer and punched the guy hard in the jaw. The crowd ‘ooohed’ then ‘aaahed’ as it landed the guy right on the floor in a thudding crunch.

Everything happened in both slow motion and in zooming fast movement that the crowd broke into a even more of very loud shout.

Sam jumped up and down as the rush of fast spreading blood flowed all over in her veins in a pumping roar.

Whar followed next was, the guy got up in a flash and shock, he snarled wiping out his mouth, as a trickle of blood flowed out of the corner of his lips.

Neil drew back more, swung, locked and packed three consecutive punches over his ribs, jaw and stomach. The guy finally went on the floor, dead, unconscious and unmoving.

The crowd started roaring for the now woken up guy. Bets were being placed on him as the large crowd gathered more in the parking lot and around the cage.

After long anxious waiting, and the crowd going silent again, Sam, Dev, Neil and all others waited more with baited breath for the man to get up.

But he didn’t, even three minutes of intended time. Neil was declared the winner.

The metal bars clanged in a loud sound, Sam drew back for the net to move out of the space and up the ceiling.

Sam saw Neil stand there with face all a blo*dy pulp, looking at her. An intense breaking of a dark shadow passed over his features when he glanced across at her. Her breath caught in her throat looking at his all bruised and battered body. Her shoulders sagged down looking at his face, caressing him with her flowing eyes.

He was going to be the death of her. The bars passed up and Sam broke into a run, the coat which covered her body fell away from her shoulders as she did. She ran through the loud cheering of the crowd and flew across at him.


Neil’s one good eye widened looking at her curvy running figure. His eye slid to the short tank top over chest and then down in a slow swiped over the tiny pajama shorts that rid up her thighs. The clothes that he put it on her with thinly there control just an two hours ago. Instantly his blood heated and roar in a fire as he saw her hurt yet smiling face.

He moved back a little as she swung up into his chest hard. He grunted and his arms surronded her. Her legs clamped around his waist tight. He took her in his arms in warmest of embraces.

Neil slid down on the floor. He groaned more in pain when she held him tight.

“I’m all battered, babe. Softly.” He groaned in a murmur gravelly in a low tired tone on her cool skin, as his face burrowed into her neck more deeper.

But he held her tight too. His arms around her back.

“Shut up, You fool!” Sam whispered into his ears crying hard tears….”You just killed me. Do you have any idea what I went through.” Sam clutched onto his body more, never wanting to let go.

He just chuckled a little warily to her reply. It travelled as a familiar vibration into her body. Melting away all her fears, as she smelled and felt his warmth and calming woodsy sweaty scent. His body was sticky with lot of sweat as he circled his arms rubbing all over her body, but Sam didn’t mind at all.


Dev sighed relieved looking at both of them. His eyes froze over the guy who was bringing in the fight money which Loon head very shockingly won in the end of the death game. His eyes bugged looking at the green crisp bundle.

“Woah, wait there.” He grabbed the short guy’s hand.

The guy all tatooed and pierced all over. A teenage kid with eyes filled with black khol, wearing all leather, and his hair arranged in a mohawk, looked bewildered at him.

Dev smiled.

“He is my brother. You can give the money to me.” He said still smiling.

The teenage kid bored already nodded his head and gave the bundle to Dev and left.

He counted it hurriedly and smiled a grinning one.

“This would suffice as a compensation,” He told out loud looking loconically at the crazy shit head.


Sam was sat in the back seat. Dev was driving the car. She was looking out of the car window, all over sliding her gaze into the night as it winded away slowly out of focus.

Neil was sat beside her but Sam sat far away in the corner. Away from his nearness. She was miffed. Hurt. Annoyed. Irritated. Flushed. Flustered. Worked up. High strung. And more ever too shaken to her core of what he did.

Sam knew that he was unpredicatable, but she could never ever imagine to what lengths of unpredicatability he would go. This had crossed all limits. He was a ruin, and now Sam was afraid of how much ruin he was inside and how deep it ran through and through it travelled all around him.

His hand suddenly captured hers on her thigh, Sam’s head jerked around.

He smiled at her a boyish one. Deepening of dimples of his rough scruffy cheeks. It creased his swollen and bruised face in a pleased twist.

He scared her to death today, almost made her paralysed and god knows if she could sleep at all in the coming nights because of it…and this fool had the dare to smile at her. Her face burned red as an angry flush rose up her neck.

Sam could only stare at him. She drew her hand away in a scowl and jerked her face in aversion.

But, she saw from the corner of her eye his jaw tick and harden as he lost his smile. His body turned stone beside to her.

“I told you to not pull away from me, didn’t I.” He glowered, growled and gritted his teeth at her averted face.

Sam rolled her eyes.

Dev looked across at them from the car mirror.

He shook his head in frustation, as a smile crept over his lips.

“Crazy loser love birds.” He muttered under his breath.


Next Up Part—-Picture Abhi Bohot Baaki Hai Doston…..Kyunke Abhi Toh Kahani Shuru Huwi Hai…tan…tantan..tantan…haha 😀


Soooooo long an update, lamba hai sukoon se padna yaaron 😀

Its actually four year back incident yaar…u might get confused bcoz in last prt i wrote one year back. Its not that. Its four years back….

Neil is such a beautifullllllllllllll character in the story yaaaaaaar. And Sam rocked it 😀


Toh, really really really hope that u liked the part. EXCITED toooooooooooo much, yaaaaaar. Pls do tel if you liked it?!?!?!? Meanssssssssssssssss a lot if you do deariesssss 😀


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Credit to: kfar

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