Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 5 Contd.


Chapter-5 (Beautifully Silent- Why Wasn’t ItYou)

Sam held on tight to his body and her eyes swam too much having endured seeing him get hurt. She rested her chin on his shoulder forquite a while. He held her too and breathed deep into her skin of her neck.

Abruptly he let go of her, and Sam frowned. A cold blast of wind attacked her body and she shivered. Neil got up and looked down at her a second, Sam got up too. While it all happened, most of the crowd lost interest and people started melting away from the parking lot. There were only Neil, Dev and her and few other lingering men who were looking at her as if trying to grab her.

Neil sheilded her fearful gaze by his broad shoulders, his back was to her front. Sam stared at his arm. Her eyes locked on in to the tattoo. She badly wanted to know what was written on his golden skin. It made him lookso hot and also mysteriously dark.He moved forward and grabbed her fallen coat from the ground and turned. Sam felt his stare at her body slowly passing all over at her as he kept walking towards her leisurely. His jaw locked when his gaze caught hers, he came up to her and put around the coat over her shoulders covering her body with it,still staring deep into her eyes. His face suddenly wasimpassive and without an expression. His eyes were wary and stuttered, and Sam felt him distancing with her mentally. It whipped her mind how he changed dramatically in just minutes.He moved back and moved past her and grabbed a bag from around the now empty cell.

He wore the black hoodie T-shirt and zipped it up, he walked again slowly not grabbing her eyes, Sam thought that he would walk past her and he did, but he stopped a second and turned his head towards her and looked down into her face.

“You coming?”He whispered gravelly, as his head leaned down at her.

Sam stared unblinkingly at him, he leaned away sighing and walked on. He pushed past Dev, his left shoulderhit Dev’s right one. They both stared sideways at each other in an eye lock. Neil stared some more and walked on to his parked Camaro.

Dev shook his head and walked towards her.

“Come on, let’s go, it’s more than enough of strain to your body in night.”He said gently, and put his rightarmaround her shoulders and moved her forward.

His face was tired, haggardand sleepy.

Sam looked across atNeil’s back and shefelt abruptly forlorn. She nodded her head and moved along with him.

Dev moved along and closed the car door, just immediately when Neil tried to get into the driver’s seat.

“I’ll drive.”He said curtly and cold, giving a flat stare across at Sam.

Neil’s back bunched up, and he stood there silently for a second, but he nodded his head and moved towards the back of the car and opened the car door.

Sam toosighing walked around and got into the right side door, and she saw Neil lead in by the left one. She looked away and out of thewindow. Dev started the car and moved it into the highway.

Sam feeling a strange calmness settle into her mind, she looked across the window, and saw the night winding out. She zoned out everything thinking. Sam knew Neil was unpredictable but she wasn’t aware of how much to the lengths of unpredictability he would go.

She was miffed. Hurt. Annoyed. Irritated. Flushed. Flustered. Worked upand high strung, but moreover she was shaken to her core of what he did tonight.

Sam knew he was a ruin, but sh didn’t know how much of ruin crept in inside all around him and through and through.

She suddenly felt his warm hand grab hers on her thigh. Sam startled looked around at him. He smiled at her a boyish one. It made the dimple in his cheek to deepen and twisted his swollen in a pleased glimmer, but his eyes said otherwise. There was great wariness written in it. She couldn’t connect to it, as it looked like he stuttered out a whole lot of him. It was so strange how he managed to show two very different emotions. One connected to her alittle, the other one in his eyes stayed furtive and detached.

Sam gulped hard, the look of his was greatly compelling, looking atthe shadow passing over hisfeaturesand a whole lot of uncomfortable disturbance pass into her mind.

But, again when she looked down at his lips, she just stared. He scared her to death today. Almost paralysed her. God knows if she could sleep tonight and this fool had the nerve tosmile at her. Sam felt an angry flush rise up her neck and burned her face.

She pushed away his hand, scowled and averted her face, but not before she saw his form harden beside her and his jaw lock in a grit.

“I warned you to not pull away from me, didn’t I.”He drawled a growly one, through closed teeth.

Sam rolled her eyes at the car window and moved deeper to side and away from him.

She heard Dev mutter something under his breath but what he said she didn’t understand.

She gasped loudly after a second when he grabbed her upper thigh tight and pulled her body towards his. Sam looked at him, but he only stared front. Looking at the mirror in a flat stare. Dev was too looking at Neil. They seem to both stare in a competition.

Sam pushed his hand away glowering at his face, but he turned his impassive gaze at her, and put both of his hands around her waist, Sam squealed a little, as hepulled her body on top of his thighs.

Sam’s mouth hung a little, looking at his leisure lazy eyes. His lips quirked up a little looking at her open mouth, she could feel the heat radiating in a warmth from his body into hers. He leaned back on the seat more, his face still remained closed up and she was unable to pertain what was going through his mind. Sam tried to move away but his hands clasped tight over her thighs more. He didn’t smile at her but only slid his eyes warily over her wrist.

Sam frowned and looked down, and saw that his gaze got stuck on the now dried out blood over her puncturedvein. The area was swollen and red.

He kept his gaze there for a second and moved back in the seat shielding his face from her eyes completely. He didn’t speak to her at all, and she visibly felt him drawing her out from his thoughts, but yet stayed her put around his body. Samstopped struggling as she felt drained out already. She sagged in his lap, her legs clamped on either side of his thighs. She sat there in a fume and folded her hands over her chest.


Half an hour later they reached Neil’s apartment. Sam zapped out fast scrabbling out of the car in a dash. Dev got out of the car next, he turned around towards her.

Sam was really thankful for everything he did to help her. He smiled down at her and ruffled her hair, and she drew back annoyed, swatting at his hand. He grinned more devilishly and gave her abear hug.

“You need to stay out of trouble, stubborn woman.”He mumbled softlyand let go.

Sam held his hand, she smiled a wide one at him.

“Thank you, Dev. For everything, and for helping mea lot.”She said a little huskily.

Dev tilted his head to the right side and stared at her amusingly, and leaned down to her face.

“Why do youthink I helped you at all. Maybe I had other better motive in all this.”He whispered salaciously.

Sam gave him a flat stare at his too cocky an attitude. Always shying away from compliments and smiles, completely straying away the conversations with such ease, that she wondered at times, if he ever talked about his personal life, but no, he didn’t. He was always an evasive one like Neil. Well, the later froze her out with by ignoring her, and the former would let his chivalrously charm,that one will not know anything of what exactly personal they asked.

Sam sighed.

“You willnever change, will you.”She replied with narrowed eyes.

Dev only shrugged and moved back. His gaze sliding all over her face.

“You look like a Frankenstein’s bride, with all the pallor.”He muttered flatly, and Sam’s mouth hung open at that.

Her left hand came up and punched at his shoulderinstantlyand Dev chuckled getting away from her.

“Did you just compare me to a zombie?”She glowered.

“Yes,I didand I only said that because you need to sleep and .”He smirked and Sam waited for him say some thingeven more cocky…and he did by leaning down more to her face whispering…..”And also you need to stop flirting with me or your Frankenstein will wake from being dead.”He concluded in a laconic voice, as his eyes strayed to the side.

Sam’s face burned and she scowled at his constant teasing, except that she couldn’t bring upthe energy to punch his shoulder again. Frankenstein’s bride? Seriously, he wassuch goof.

“Well, see you tomorrow then.”She sighed tiredly, hugged him one more time and turned around.

“Yeah, tomorrow.”Dev muttered, already seeingthe look of exhaustion enter into her reply.

She saw Neil get out of the car very leisurely, she hesitated,shook her head and moved up the stairs towards thethird floor.

(Simultaneously POV)

Dev leaned back on Neil’s car. He kept staring at the stairs until Sam disappeared off to the first floor.

Dev stared at the guy sideways.

“If you hurt her one more time…”Dev started slowly, casually, in a drawl, and when he said the words, he saw the guy’s back straighten, and he turned around completely.

Neilswung his gaze straight in a sharp snap.

Dev caught the loon head’seyes in a challenge. He walked up to the guy and stopped right in his face.

“If you hurt her one more time. And if she cries one more time… wouldn’t take much time for meto make her mine….and if she comes running to mefor help again, I will never let her see you, ever again.”He whispered those words in a tauntlooking straightin the eye.

Dev really wanted to get a rise out of this guy. It was fun to rankle up some expression over his face.

He saw a flash of annoyance get into the loon head’s face, and it wiped a second later as he kept staring more in a poker faced observation.

“She is all yours then.”He mumbled in a drawl, and turned to go, but he stopped and glanced at Dev sideways.

Neil leaned back and slid his gaze all over the loser’s hardening features.

“By the way, have you seen how she got in the back seat but not in the front, thatis notbeside you?”He asked deliberately causally too.

Dev straightened more to his fullheight a little….a slow coldsmile appearedon Neil’s face looking at the disarrayed expression that glared back at him.

“And, you can make someone yours, when that someone is willing to be yours.”He flung thewords finally and turned to go.


Sam came back down as she seem to have lost the apartment keys. Crap, always was she losing things and stuff.

She walked down all the way, and stopped dead abruptly when she saw both Neil and Dev stand very close and whispering.

Huh? Since when these became friends?

Sam walked on a little closer, but her body froze to a halt, when she heard Neil say….”She is all yours then?”

She blinked and her eyebrows furrowed.

Who was he talking about?

She couldn’t hear more as Neil seem to whisper out the next words, but as her glance strayed to Dev’s face, she was startled to see his face twisted in black anger. Both of hereye browsdrew down in confusion.

She saw Neil turn around, and he took a step forward but halted seeing her there. Sam stared at his face. His face took his sharp quality and avoided her eyes completely and walked forward. Sam could just stare at his attitude. He kept sauntering and stopped just a inch away from her.

He leaned down staring into her eyes. Complete cold was written all over his face and Sam wondered. What did I do now?

“You two look good together. You should date him. Rohan would like him.”He clipped, moved back and walked away.

Sam stared unblinking at the empty space for a quite a while. She gasped and turned around feeling an anger which roseabove the level of hundred and which even crossed a limit ofthousand.

How dare he….who does he think he is?

Sam’s lips pursed in a curl and her nose twitched.

She turned around to see Dev already leaving, she raised her hand and moved forward to call him back, but decided otherwise and walked up the stairs.

Better talk to him tomorrow.

Sam reached the apartment and saw that the front door was fkung wide open. She closed it behind her and saw that Neil wasn’t anywhere around.

She sighed feeling exhausted and done for the night. She entered her room and kept bewildering over why he said that? What made him say that? After all of what happened he had the dare to suggest no patronise herto date another man? Serious as hell, Sam had enough of him to think about rather than date anyone else.

She wouldeither stare at the table cloth lost in thought or ruin the evening with only possibly obsessively ranting abouthim to the other guy.

But, how dare he talk to her like thatagain,behavingas if she washis best friend’skid sister but nothing else to him.She kept cursing all the way while showering and getting into the fresh clothes.

It was a little healing the shower on her tired body. The warm water falling over her head made her less anxious and drained out every strain, leaving only lethargy now.

Sam sagged down on the bed thinking. Really if Rohan gets to know about all this, she didn’t know what kind of up roarin the family will make up side down her life here. He would kill Neil. Yes he will. Rohan beat the pulp of a boy who came any closer to her as about just hugging hersuddenly out of now where. The next moment the boy was on the floor all battered.

“I will kill you if you ever touch my sister again!”He growled down.

Sam shook her head coming out of the past. Ugh! Just great, but in fact Neil seem too Aloof now and he was avoiding her again, what chances are there for anything to happenbetween them, right?

Her big brother had so much trusted Neil and let her stay here, if he getsto know how she had a crush on his best friend since really long then,God, all hell will break loose. He never had an idea why I used to hang out more than usually with him, it was mostly because she could stare at Neil. Either it be around the house or when they worked in the garden or garage, Sam used to alwaystag along Rohan. It was just so embarrassing to think about it now. She had at times felt hiseyes, but whenshe looked around he seemed very intelligent to avoid looking at herwhen in Manali.The disappointment was Sam felt thatit’s just the same now. She was afraid that he would bringLyra back or any other girl just to pain her more. Oh, no, not any more not other girl but only me, Sam thought fiercely

As she kept staring at the floor in complete strain of brows, she saw two bare feet come into her vision. She looked up and saw Neil looking down at her. He changed into grey track pants with the black hoodie still on. His hair was all wet and lay in a mid night black splat over his forehead. His face was all clean but the cuts and lunch marks became more profound. He looked like a bruised cage fighter but still darkly handsomebad boy. She blinked and looked across at the door.

When had he come in?

But a grip on her right bicep made her gasp, Neil pulled her up and walked keeping a firm grip on her.

Sam scowled at him side ways.

“What are you doing?”She asked irritated, trying tofree her arm, but he remained ever silent.

Heaven help her, with this Mr. Aloof.

Goodness how many of his mood swings she had to bear more. He seem to have too many façades to his character.

Sam tugged at his hand, but he kept walking her towards the living room and into the kitchen.

He pushed her to the kitchen counter and made her stand right in front of a warm cheese filled, tomatospaghetti dish.Bits of red chilli flakes were sprinkled on the red sauce and the noodles. Her favourite. Sam kept staring at it.

“Eat.”He clipped succinctly in a gravel.

Sam stared across at him. He was behind the counter with his arms folded and she was outside of it.

She meekly took the fork from across the counter all the while staring at his flat bored out eyes. She look down at the plate and forked and rolled the noodles on its tongs. She raised it up to her mouth and stopped,looking across at him. Her eyes narrowed and she put the fork down in a fuming clank.

Sam took the plate and walked across at the small bin. She threw the plate into it in a clash and dusted her hands. She smiled coyly and put her arms under her chest, very satisfied looking at his hardening posture, glaring eyesand locking of jaw.

Take that, her smile said.

She lost the smile as she gave him a flat stare now and turned around to leave.

She heard him and move off the counter, Sam didn’t care and walked forward but he came around and stood before her.

What now? She looked up annoyed, he took somethingout of his track pocket.
“Your tablets.”He stared at her more impassively, punched out one red round tablet, and offered it to her.

Sam looked down at his outstretched palm.

“I don’t want to it.”She said freezing him with a glare, and pushed his hand away.

The tablet fell down to the floor.

His eyes narrowed at her more, the black gleaming eyes swirled, and he tookout another tablet patientlyand stretched his hand again.

Sam blinked at that, and pushed his hand away again.

He blinked down at her, his jaw locked and he moved more to closer to her cornering her body to the counter.

He took out another one and did the same thing again.

Sam glowered more feeling a hot flush rise all over her skin.

“I said I don’t want it.”She raised her voice angrily, and pushed at his hand again more hard.

He looked down at the floor, and at the fallen tablets for a second, but when he glanced up at her, Sam gulped hard and folded in fear looking at the ample steel entering into his eyes and body. His jawbones set in a stone cut. His face lost the impassivity as he locked her in a frozen stare.

Uh oh.

He moved so fast, his one toned hard hand caught her hair from behind and the other held her jaw firm.

Sam shocked moved back and mumbled in her throat.

“Mhhhmmh.”She lockedher teeth hard.

But,he went relentless and opened her mouth forcefully and pushed the tablet into her closed mouth, freeing her hair he took the water glass from the counter, still holdingher jaw with the other hand he pushed the water down her throat. He moved her head up for a second to make sure she gulpeddown the tablet and let go off her a second later in a flash.

Sam coughed a little as her eyes watered with the affect. He leaned away and for the firsttime in the evening, since theycame into the apartment, she saw a quirk twisted up the corner of his lips.

He walked back like that, and his face etched in triumph. Sam surprised to her coreat his brutishbehaviour and could only glare more blackly at him than before.

But after minute later of more staring at each other, Sam with straightening of her body saw Neil’s face wipe out of everything. He looked into her eyes. Like really deep into her eyeand the shutters were off. Sam’s glare dimmed and her breath hitched at the look of pure intensity creep into his whole self. Her hands grabbed the counter of behind as her body leaned more into it.

“W…wh….what are you thinking of?”She asked stuttering unable to contain any longer staring at the heat curling heavy in his eyes on hers.

He stared just the sameand was silent for a second. His arms were folded over his chest. The muscles of arms ripped over the hoodie. He kept looking at her like that and was making extremely interested uncomfortable. Sam thought he without answering.

But the words that came out of his mouth next made goosebumps run all over her body and a deep hot flush covered her skin and a string of heavy tingles pour into stomach.

“Of how I want to take you on that counter fast and hard.”He said huskily, hoarsely, warmly, intimately, gravelly, deeply.

Sam’s eyes widened, her face turn deep crimson hue, and her heart stuttered, skipped, over drived intoa leap up and almost came out of her throat.

She gasped very sharp, with a heavy intake of breath. He moved back the steps, and again his face turned ever calm, cool and collected.

He trailed away slowly in a back step, he turned around and walked up the stairs. Sam’s mouth still was open a little and she stared feeling flushed, flustered and hot and bothered.


Sam sat in the bed. She couldn’t sleep now,could she. She looked across at the wide bed and scowled. It was so empty. She was habituated every night having his body in a sprawl all over her pinksheets. She took the side pillow and smelled deep. The scent of his still lingeredtoo much. She wondered flushing at his words. Why would he say such things so hot to her and again pull away altogether coldly from her?

Sam still can’t sit in one place. She never liked this much of loneliness. She always was chatting with Radhika when in India or with hersisters and mom and dad.

Sam moved around, caught hold a bag from the study tableand settled on the bed. She opened thelaptop and went online.

She logged into her Skype account and connected with a username.

A minute later, a face so familiar and dear came into view. She felt instant tears come intoher eyes but she tamed down the rising emotions down her throat.

“Hi, Sam. How are you?”Radhika’s, sweet voice andface into the video brightening up already.

And just like that her bestfriend’s warm face and voice made up to all the day’s strain and Sam’s anxious heart settled into a calm greatly.

It looked like her bedroom too. Her face was bright and lovely as always. She was wearing something like a ruby coloured full sleeveddress. She was smiling wide and her bug eyes sparkled with endearment.

“What is that plain ‘hi’….I want to hug you so bad.”Sam said smiling through big tears.

Radhika’s face too instantly twisted into a pained one. Her eyes too blurred a little.

“I want to hug you too. So tight.”She said hoarsely.

Sam laughed a little wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.

“Look at us two losers crying.”She tried to lighten upthe heavy sadness that surrounded them now.

Radhika snorted too still smiling with swimming redeyes.

Sam sighed heavily, she hesitated but she had to ask this.

“So, how is married life?”She asked looking all at Radhika’s face, trying to understand something.

A deep dark shadow passed over her features and she lost her smile completely at Sam’s enquiry, and she felt like an idiot for going straight to the point.

Radhika like always, as Sam knew her, rearranged her face and smiled again, but this was a strained one.

“It’s…going good actually.”She replied to her very blandly, as if she as not an newly married girl.

Sam could observe, there was no smile, no spark, no pleased feel, no dreaminess or even a little smile in her eyes as newly weds have or a bride does blushing when asked such a question. Radhika looked very apprehensive and flustered up.

Sam’s body turned cold. What has happened and she started on worrying. Her brows furrowed and her nose twist sensinga great unsettled feeling about Radhika as her friend avoided her eyes in the video. God, she was all alonethere and god knows what she was going through and Sam wasn’t even there to talk to her.

“How is your life going?”She heard Radhika enquire her in return…..then she saw a mischievous smile crease her lips into a wide one.

“Oh, I know, loving New York, Happily painting away the town in red,travelling around having a blastwithout me, I guess? She asked with dancing eyes,

Sam laughed a little and snorted. Yeah, blast! She was indeed having blast, she thought sarcastically.

Oh, you’ve no idea how I’m having a blast in my head, Radhika, she sighed heavily.

Radhika’s smile dimmed and she frowned.

“What happened to your wrist?”She asked narrowing her eyes to see clearly in the video.

Sam hurriedly put down her wrist and out of focus of the video.

“It’s nothing, just a little paint.”She said hastily in a reply.

Radhika kept looking at her cautiously and suspiciously, whereas Sam wiped away every emotion from her eyes and face.

“You don’t look good.”She said after observing her face a second more.

“Thanks.”Sam replied sarcastically.

Radhika sighed.

“Are you well?You look so pale,”Radhika whispered worriedly.

Sam gulped hard and opened her mouth and Radhika waited expectantly, but Sam closed her mouth tightly.

“I’m fine. Just tired from work over the paintings.”She explained nonchalantly with a light smile.

Radhika stared at her still trying to see throughher smile.

“Uh, huh.”She replied in a suspicious tone.

“Well, I need to go now…wi….will talk to you later, Rads.”Sam hurried.

“Hey..”Radhika cried outindignantly at the abrupt end of their conversation….but Sam just moved her hand in a bye and closed up the Skype chat.

She flapped the laptop in close and sagged back on the bed and cursed herself heavily.

Sam you foolish girl,Radhika seem to have enough of god knows what kind of problems and you made worry over you for no reason. You really are an attention seeker like Neil had pointed out sneeringly.


Sam stirred around and walked to and fro in her room feeling restless. When she saw how he walked up the stairs so slowly and all alone that her heart cut feeling her way into his world. He was really all alone. Their wasn’t anyone of his family. He never talked about them or conversed openly about anything else.

She sighed and walked up to her dresser, and slid out the desk. Her hand circled a first air box. She hesitated but she tread her out of her room and into the living room. Her feet stuttered to stop near the stairs, as she looked up the spiral but we shook her head and moved up.

She walked slowly to his room and hesitated now too much and kept standing there blinking. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath in and pushed open the door slightly.

Sam peered around biting into her lower lip. Neil was lying on the bed, on his back. His right arm covered his eyes. He seem to be resting, but when she tread in, his arm moved a little and he looked across her sharply.

She froze feeling his eyes on her but she walked slowly to the bed.

His arm moved back on the pillow and he stared up at her when she stood closer to his side. He remained silent and just kept looking at her. Sam gulped, her throatconvulsed a little and breath shortened, but she sat beside to him.

He moved back a little and slid his gaze to the ceiling, Sam pouted inside sullenly at his ignoring her attitude again. She moved close putting up her legs on the bed. He didn’t move but put both of his arms under his head and kept staring up at the ceiling. Sam’s eyes all over his face. He was just an impassive, completely closed off, her eyes turned caressing and soft over his features and averted face. She kept staring getting lost in him and his nearnessand his aloofness.It was like they were waking in the dark all alone, him walking on and on without looking anywhere and not even at her, and her walking beside to him looking only at histurned face. If she slowed down, and moved behind him,he would stop,takea step besideto where she stood, and stare at her sideways and if she walked along beside to him he would ignore her presence again. It’s like he wanted her there and then again, he wanted her there not.Sam thought what if she stopped walking with him altogetherand turn around move in another direction. And the only thing that pained her deeply was that , the uncertainity she felt that, if he ever would feel her absence besideto him and if he ever would come after her or if he would walk on uncaring.

The feeling raked a deep uncomfortable ruffle in her heart. She shook her head and moved closer to his body, and opened the first aid box to put some salve on hus face wounds. They punch mark on his eye and jaw hurt her looking at the bluish grey colouring of skin.

He turned his head sharply to her and his eyes caught the first aid box in her hand and a look of oure displeasure entered into his eyes. He moved his away in the centre of the bed.

Sam sighed angrily, he would force feed her and take care of her in the bizzarest of ways but not take any care from her. How equal he made her feel. She fumed looking at his averted face and her lipspursed in a line. Fine.

She rose on her knees and moved closer to his body and Sam put both her thighsaround his waist and sat downon his waist looking down at him irritated.

Both of his handsunconsciously came up and caught her waist in a tight grip, staying her put thereas he now gazed into her eyes. His eyes turned heated and his body came up as he settled in a sitting position.

Sam ignored the fluttering in her heart and hitch in her breath. She grabbed the first aid box and took out a antiseptic solution bottle.

She took out a cotton ball and poured the solution and wet it. Sam did not look into his eyes for fear that her hand would tremortoo much, but she felt his warm state on her face. She dabbed a little of it over his left eye.

Sam flinced back feeling the pain, but he didn’t move an inch, and sh felt greatly disturbed that he didn’t flinch back or even winced.

“It doesn’t hurt?”She asked in a whisper.

She felt both of his hands escape into her night shirt in responseand settle tight on her bare skin of thewaist. Sam gasped feeling his warmth of the hard hands travel into her whole. His head moved towards her and one of his hand came out of the night shirt andremoved the long thick locks of hers off her right shoulder. His moved his face deep into her neck as his cool soft lips slid up her now burning skin. Her legs held aroundhis back in a lock of ankles as his toned front plastered into her chest deep.

“No.”He replied shortly, in a sigh and murmur over her neck.

Sam felt a deep unfurling of warmth spread into her veins flowing in a heated simmer, but when his body jerked a little at her movement over his waist, she came out of the fog and moved back frowning. His head came out and he stared at her annoyed as he seem tofelt her pull back fromhim.

Sam ignored that and thought how the other fighter punched into his ribs hard. She winced remembering and wanted to see how bad it looked. Sam’s wide hazel gazecaught theannoyed glimmer ofhis eyes and her hands went to the zipper of the back hoodie.

His left eyebrow quirked up quizzically in question about her motives. Sam rolled her eyes in her mind as her like smiled. The zipper went down and showed more and more of his fascinating toned golden hued skin and body, but a sharp intake of breath she took in while she looked at the large fist sized punch mark under his ribs. Her right hand hesitated but she touched the bruisedskin there.He didn’t again wince at all and Sam hated now at hisunfeeling demeanor. He should feel hurt. Like a lot when his body was all bruised up. What had made him like this?. She shivered feeling that he punishedhimself for something else deep too, but of what she didn’t know? And now she was determined to know it. All of it,and more about him.

“Why doesn’t it hurt?”She asked in a persistent strain of voice.

He just gave her a blank stare, and grabbed her waist more firmly and caught her body up, moved her off him and perched her on covers and slid out of the bed.

“It just doesn’t.”He muttered softly, shutting her off completely again.

Sam folded her arms under her chest and shook her head in disappointment. What does it take for the man to talk? She sighed in irritation.

He went to the recliner and laid his back on it and stared up again folding his hands on his stomach in a sett!e to go to sleep.

Oh, no no, he wasn’t going to froze her out again. She not going to leave him alone today to his empty thoughts.

Sam slid out of the bed and went towards him and pushed hisbody with her hipsand settled on the narrow recliner smiling a light one at him. His jaw locked, as he stared at her in an irritated furrow of eyebrows. He pushed away from her, and walked away. Sam fell to the side when he leaned away. She stared at hisback and made a face.

He turned around just then and Sam rearranged her face and stared his narrowed eyes. He gave her a patronising stare, a quirk of lips as if laughing at her childish behaviour and Sam glowered now at his arrogant air of high handedness. He just flat out ignored her glare with a wry expression and settled down on the bed ignoring her.

Oh, ho, So much of attitude he wasgiving her only because she was persistently going after him, she could easily leave him alone but she couldn’t. She was so used to his presence that it was hard not keep looking at him. She cursed herself for that. Why can’t you let him go already? He is not going to look at you likethat anytime soon and youwill be to waiting till eternityforhim to turn toyou, her mind kept on hissing poisonously.

Sam in turn told her mind to shut it already and moved towards the bed.

She slid down on the bed, sliding to the side looking at him, laying her head on her left palm over the pillow and the right handof hers lay loosely on her stomach. He opened his eyes, looked sidewaysto her and sighed. His face tired as hell and drawn up. His jaw smoothed put as the shadow of the beard made him look scruffy and sleepy. He turned to face her as his hand folded on hischest. Something told her that he didn’t want to talk tonight as she kept staring at his poker, and hekept on gazing at her in intimate silence. Sam’s hand moved away from over her stomach and she raised her hand to touch his cheek, but his eyes turned cold and heturned around on the bed giving his back to her. Sam’s hand raised still frozen in the air, and she glared at his head fuming in silence a second later.

She moved closer to him, and hesitated for quite a while, her heart raced and her hand trembled but she pushed into closed upper arm and slid her hand over his waist, pulling her body closer to his back, Sam slid down and rested her head overhis shoulder warmly. His head moved to her face and his hand closed around her arm. He moved on his back and he pulled her more into him surrounding his arm around her. His face turned soft and lazyas he stared up at her in honeyed warmness of eyes. His other hand slid her hair away from her face and behind her ear. His head moved up towards her face from the pillow, his lips closed in on her, his minty coolbreathimmediately surrounded her lungs, but her eyes widened when he rolled her around and got on top of her in a flash. His black eyes stared flatly at her as he pulled a pillow under head.

“Sleep.”He ordered down ather curtly in a deep gravely voice, and moved off from top of her and turned far to the rightside of the bed, switched off the bedside lamp, and gaveinstantly hisback to her face.

Sam fumed up more and more in rising anger and flushing red of her face. She gave an annoyed ‘Humph’ of voice in her throat and sagged back on the be. She arranged the pillow puffing it up more in sullen temper and turned around to the left side of the bed and closed her eyessagging her head deeper into the pillow.

Sleep seem to come to her fast and instant and she fell into a spiral ofrestless slumber.

Sometime into the night she felt her body moved a little back and she felt a warm hard body spoon her from behind. Her eyes fluttered up sleepily a little, when she felt her hair moving off from her shoulder, and her eyes opened a little when she felt hisface burrowedinto her neck warm and deep, as a band of arm held her tight over her waist.

His lips travelled up her neck, over her ear slowly up to the side of her cheek. He placed a warm deepkiss on the centre of cheek and put his cool lips there on her warm skin for quite a while.

“Why wasn’t it you, babe.”He whispered very hoarsely, with a hurt so much in his voice that Sam felt a warm hot tear roll down fromthe corner of her eye, fell down from her face in a wet trickle, andabsorbedon the pillow under her head.

She felt him move away after saying that and Sam’s eyes opened and brimmed with silent wetness,while shecatched somehow the bruisedvitiation of his soul through the deep felt words whispered in his huskyvoice………


To Be Continued….

Next up part—– Ruffle Of Something.


Drawing into unreality, deeper is the walk but standing on the edge undecided if I should take a plunge in the dark uncaringor hold on to thestill light breeze….


So, Sunday was as usual family day. Well, I tried to write but I wasn’t allowed to one way or the other.
From the bottom of my heart, a soulfulthank you to all of you dears very very much, for reading my story commenting on it and praising so much that I feeeeeeeeel so deeply inside into my heart your every word 😀

Till den,

I feel you. I love you. I heart you, my dearest friends 😀


Wen a friend of yours forget der own shadows and go onfull concern all over ur shadows….DATs like a true soulfriend talking–(rads n sam)—- n aise dost life time rehjate hai.


Try it——–Yesterday and today mostly, I poured coca cola over a scoop of crème brulé kqawlity walls ice cream in a glass and had it all day over and over….swear its the best ice cream soda you will ever find any where….or u may think me as strange hahaha

Credit to: kfar

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