Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 5 Contd.


Chapter-5–( Ruffle of Something—-(Playing The Player’sGame)

Sam’s eyes fluttered open and she sighed, yawned and stretched her tired arms on the bed, bowning her back more deeply in the softest of the sheets. Her hand automatically as a reflex went searching to the side, like an obvious habit, but all she got was handful of the bed cover. She blinked, yawned more and got up on her elbows and looked around.

The place beside to her was empty.Samleaned up and rubbed her eyes and face a little in a downwards swipe with her right hand. Her hand wentup to her head, and she groaned. Oh, my hair, the strands of broomstick, she wailed a little sleepily. Sam was sure she must have looked like a Frankenstein’s bride, as Dev had said.

She pulled the locks and combed the tangles of the strands with her fingers. Her sleepy and glazed eyes caught the time of the digital clock beside the bed. Her eyes widened. 10AM!

Sam flung out of thebedand ran towards the bathroom in a panic, but she staggered back thinking, and glanced across the small carboard calendar over the table again.

Her shoulders sagged down relieved. It was a Sunday, the workshop won’t be available for her today. She would only get five days out of a week to work on her paintings.

Well, she could move around leisurely now. Sam went to his wardrobe and opened it. Her eyes lighted up mischievously, as she caught a white long shirt. Still bleary eyed she got into Neil’s bathroom. Her eyes caught her image in the mirror and she was horrified looking at how pale she looked.

She closed her eyes and opened the mirror cabinet and froze. She blinked at the rows of freshtoothbrushes lined in such neatness. Her face heated up and flushed hot.

She drew back. She knew that he had girls around for the night, but really these many. That’s what these extratoothbrushes say. Sam folded her arms over her chest and she shook her head. She didn’t want to look around and find some more of the girlyshampoo bottlesstrewn everywhere, but thankfully nothing was there for her to flinch back. She showered using his shampoo and felt a little better than last night. More stronger. Sam smiling still,got into the crip white shirt.

She buttoned it up.The shirt hung down loosely upto her knees. Sam walked out ofthe room, and wondered if he went to work even on a Sunday. Possibly he did. Well, the apartment was to herself today. How amazing, she thought gleefully and walked downthe stairs in a new spirit of a sprightliness.

She wandered her way intothe kitchen, and froze near the door, when she heard a hitting hard on the wall sound. What?

She turned around and lead her wayinto the living room, the noise was coming near her room. Sam frowned and padded her bare feet across to the hall, and stuttered to a surprised halt.

Neil almost naked and only in a blackknee length track pants, was sat on his hunches, over the door, and was beating a hammer and a nail over the chipped wood repeatedly. His backmuscles bunchedin a strain and stretched rippling in a workingmovement. Sam blinked.

He wasrepairing the broken door? She stared surprised more, but her eyes strayed to his toned body all over. She shook her head coming out of the trance and turned around. When we reached the living room, she hollered.

“Since when did you become a carpenter?”She asked in a shout, so that he could hear her from this far.

Sam walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge door, not really expecting an answer.

She heard a loud grunt in response as the hammering stopped abruptly at her shout.

Well, at least she got that, but after a complete silence she heard him holler back too.

“Eat your breakfast. It’s on the counter.”He grunted back loudly, in a heavy, deep displeased tone.

Her eyes went wide at his too rude an attitude. Well, somebody is a morning person, she thought and turned around.

Her mouth hungopen instantly looking at the amount of food spread on the black marble counter. What in the god’s name…

There was a huge pile of scrambled eggs in one plate. In another, seven or maybe ten stack of pancakes lined upon each otherwith heavy maple syrup tricking down,and was dolloped in a garnish of vanilla ice ice cream on top of the stacks,and lastly a full bowl of chocolate milk cereal. And beside to all this was her green mug filled with the swirling hot vapours of aromatic coffee.

Sam gulped hard, as her eyes strayed from one plate to another.Who did he make breakfastfor? A giant?

“I’m not going to eat this much.”She shouted out annoyed.

The hammering stopped again.

“What?”He shouted back, even more in an annoyed voice than her.

Sam’s lips pursed in a scowl and her nostrils flared and twitched at the impossible tone again. What the hell is hisproblem?

“I said, I’m not gonna eat this much of food.”She said in the same level of voice as he used at her.

“You daring me to force feed you, babe?And what did I warn youabout doing that with your lips and nose?”He said holleringagain, in a more drawly, deeper, husky patronisingvoice.

Sam’s face burned up in a fireand her lipsuncurled immediately remembering his message at the clothes store. Sam looked up and peered across the hallway from the kitchen. He wasn’t there. How did he knew she was making a face.

Of course, she knew what he said. That he would kiss her if she did like that with her face, but how could he see herwithout actually being infornt of her. Did he have anysuper powers or sorts?

God, he was good when he was mute. And suddenly how was he talking to her? Didn’t he decide toignoreher altogether last night? What new game is this now?

“Fine!”She shouted back, folding back in fear that he would force feed her of course,like last night,when he pushed the tablet into her tight closed mouth.

He was capable of doing anything.

A second later of more hammering, he shouted back a single word in aplease tone.


Sam glowered inside her head,grabbed a fork, and she jabbed at the scrambled eggs and pushed the bits into her mouth, but all the accumulatinganger left her body in a dissolve,when she closed her mouth and chewed the delicatesoftness of the eggs. She faded the hammering sounds and started sampling everything at once from the plates. This was heaven’s food, she moanedinside her head and finished half of the delicious treatsand the cereal bowl in matter of minutes. She finishedoff the mouth wateringcoffee next.Not having anything since two days worked up a healthy appetite, she must say.

Sam got off the counter chair and grabbed the sides of her stomach. Oh good lord, how much had she eaten.

She walked slowly, lethargically out of the kitchen andreached her room in a lazy movement of feet. She felt even more sleepy now with her stomach filled warmly of all the delicious breakfast, she voraciously ate.

Sam walked up to the door and put her hands on the hips, sheglared at his ego filled arroganthead. His back to her face, he was now standing and, she saw with surprised widened eyes that the door was almost repaired. Well, he was super swift.

She ignored how the sweat glistened over his rippling back and how the track pant half shorts hung low over his lips. Heavens, why was he always shirtless, but her inner shameless self did not mind at all.

She shook her head several times and moved into her room, staying silent as ever. Now, she would give him the silent treatment. Let him stew. Sam twisted her lipsin a smile and opened her wardrobe checking to see a few things to set right.
Her back straightened while she heard a sharp in take of breath, but she went on cleaning up her wardrobe.

“What the hell are you wearing?”She heard his gravelly voice from behind her.

Sam’s eyes widened,then she looked down at herself. Oh, crap, she forgot.

Think fast, you idiot, she told herself and turned around dreading, pulling the shirt down her legs, feelinguncomfortable too much suddenly.

But all thoughtsof modesty evaporated in a second, when her eyes collided with his ever lazystare on her body and on her thighs. He was leaning on the door, his arm over his head and attached on the wall, he stood there like a sweltering hotGreek god in all his glory. His face was clear of theempty shadow from yesterday, as he seemed to be back to his usual arrogant nonchalant self.

Sam licked her dry lips and moved back a little into the wardrobe.

“Is that my shirt?”He asked, with voice so lazy as a honey drizzle, and his eyes travelled up slowly, and locked in on her chest for a second longer than intended.

Sam stayed mute and couldn’t say a word. Was he angry that she wore his shirt?

“I…I..yes..”She replied in a stuttering of voice.

His eyes drilled into hers in a magnetic pull and Sam felt the danger of her body going up in fumes of a fire. With more of widening of eyes and hitching of breath, she saw him walk in a slow saunter towards her.

Sam moved to theside and started to angle towards the door. She got his complete attention now,as his body started to straighten of muscles and her body started to throng in a pain of awareness. Sam’s eyes widened and in a blur of amovement, as sheleaped to a hurl to reach out of the door, but she squealed when he caught her waist from behind and twirled her up in the air.

She flailed her arms and legs in the air screaming.

“What the hell are you doing?”She gasped out in a sharp intake of breath.

He chuckled in a hot breath ontheskin of herneck, and they fell in a spiral downon the bed with Neil plastering on top of her body. She gasped morewhen his hard strong body lay flat on almost taking her breath away an oomph.

His face was only aninch away from hers, and her chest was heaving up and down in a strain to take a breath, but when he touched the left upper thigh of her legand clamped itaround his hips, Sam’s eyes bugged out.

His face took a look so warm that, she couldn’t do anything but stare backat the black depths of his eyes.
His lips touched injust a feather.

“Tease.”He murmured, in a low breath.

Sam could feel again everything of him, of his eyes, of his smooth scruffy jaw, of his deep flushed cheeks, of his easy deep cool breaths falling on her lips, of his hands on her waist,and more.

“I…I wasn’t teasing.”She said in a hacked breath, and tried to move away but he put both of his hands beside to her head and locked her more in an heated embrace.

His lips twisted upwards a little. He caught the shirt’s collar and pulled it down exposing her one left shoulder. Sam tried to move up her hand to cover herself, but his eyes flashedand his jaw locked in a grit. His eyes strayed to lips and stayed, as he tilted his head the right side, abruptly he caught both of her hands above and beside her head, and joined their ten fingers in a twenty.

“Never. Hide. Your.Body.From.Me.”He growled low in fierce whisperthrough closed teeth, and with an intensity so deep that it travelled in a burring vibration of pull into her skin.

The words so husky were told in anintended enunciation, that he seemed completely displeased by her move.

Then the look of pure raw possession wiped awayand hiseyes danced in amusement, as his lips quirked completely in a lopsided smile.

“And if this isn’t you teasing me, then what is it?”He asked still whispering softly, his eyes travelled down tothe rows of the round buttons over her heaving chest.

“I thought…th..that you were at work.”Sam mumbled on, gulping hard the tremor rising in her throat.

His one dark eyebrow raised in an even more a patronising stare.

“Really?”He asked, in a tone filled heavily with distrust,and Sam nodded her head vigorously up and down in agreement.

He stared down at her head without a blink.

“You thought, I would work on a Sunday?”He asked, a full smile now opened up his lips.

Sam’s eyes whipped looking at the smile that creased his features into a boyish one. He hasn’t been laughing or smiling since a day and it looked really good on his face. The laughter linesaround his mouth and eyes.

“Yes.”She answered, still a little dazed looking at the straight even white teeth.

“I..I.,was taking a shower and I didn’t find any clothes so………”She started to explain again, but her mouth snapped when the smile left his face and he looked down at the shirt incessantly.

His hands and fingers tightened on hers, and he sagged down on her body more. Sam could feel his every muscle flex in top of her, but her eyes again strayed to the tattoo over his arm.

“So, I opened your wardrobe and….”

His eyes snapped to hers in a flashand he looked too much in pain.

“Babe,”He saidhaggardly and too much in a hoarse…..”If you don’t want to get myshirt ripped into pieces from yourdelectable body…then, you should stop talking about you taking a bath in my shower, yeah?”

Sam’s eyes widened, and her mouth opened and closed like a fish at that, and she squirmed uncomfortably under his body.

Delectable body?

Only weeks ago, He said that, she was aprissy fat ass, didn’t he?

“I can vividly imagine the water fallingdown on your head and down your….”

Sam’s face burned and her body turned red too much.

“Neil…”She started to really struggle now. Perverted devil, her mind gasped out at his crude and brazenmanner.

He only chuckled.

“That’s what you get if you don’t check what you talk tome about.”He murmured in a husky tone.

But he didn’t wait for a reply from her,as his head dipped and went into the exposed shoulder and neck of her skin, and he took a deep sighing breath. Sam could feel his breath on her and every where.

“You smell like me.”He murmured, rubbing his lips all over her neck.

“Get off me, Neil.”She mumbled in a very affected voice.

“I like my scent onyou. Makes me more hungry.”He said the last four words in a growly gravel, and much more fiercely and with a deep want colouring his tone.

Sam couldn’t stay mum anymore.

“What are you? An animal, God, Stop sniffing me.”She tried more to push him off, from top of her.

He tightened more his arms around her, almost closing every inch of her with his, and Sam started to feel the danger of him entering more deeper into her feeling than him actually feeling hers. It was him only playing with her emotions.
Stray of a topic fast.

“I thought, I was a fat ass prissy.”She glowered and pushed at his shoulder, trying tokick him in the shin, but hisreflexes were fast, he caught hold of her other thigh, in a firm grip.

But, when she said that, his body got taut on top of her, and his face came out of her neck and then shoulder, he looked on downat her in a cautious swirlof eyes all over her face, but he didn’t let gooff her.

His eyes went to her lips again.

“Do you want me to backtrack on my words?”He asked a stealthy question, refusing to realize that those words hurt her too much.

Sam really felt a rush of rising anger. She wanted to throw something at his impossible head.

He wouldn’t apologize for all the hurting words he flungat her,but had the nerve to ask her if she wanted for him to say otherwise. If he could play a game, thencould she.

Sam as much as she could muster a strength,bucked and pushed at him hard, he had loosened his hold on her just a second, and she took the opportunity well and got on top of him fast.

She looked down breathing hard, and a triumph rose up high when she saw a look of complete surprise appear on his face.

Sam held his bodynow ina lock, but the look of pure disbelief changed into a more sagacious smile, as his hands caught hold of her waist tight.

“You should have told me earlier, that you didn’t want to talk,……”He told her murmuring, as her hair fell around theirfaces in waves, and Sam waited for him to continue with his scandalous words, he smiled more in mischievously at her glaring look……”I would have stopped with the foreplay and get on with…..”

Sam put a forefinger on his lips to stop him, and she smiled slowly. His eyes strayed to her lips, and stayed there. She bend down and breathed on his lips, and moved her finger down on his chest.

Hiseyes caught hersand swirled into a coal colour, and he started to breath now heavilylike her.

“I don’t want you to backtrack your words.”She whispered, slowly and huskily and in a deep lowsmoky tone.

Her lips went to his ears, as her finger moved more lower in circles over his abs. He gasped.

“Then, what do you want me to say?”He asked groaning.

Damn him, he wasn’t easy to break. He couldn’t apologize, could he?

Fine. She could ask another question, and her eyes strayed to the tattoo over his arm.

“What is the tattoo about, Neil?”She asked in a whisper again,

He caught her finger abruptly and Sam’s eyes widejust then,and herolled her around and got on top of her.

“Feisty little minx.”He growled low over her lips….”So, this was your motive, huh?”His eyes flashed.

Sam’s caught in her throat.

“,”She mumbled and tried to move off, but he caught hold of her jaw in a grip.

“A punishment is in order then,”He said fiercely, and dipped his head to her lips.

He stopped just an inch away. Her breaths mixed with his and a warmth spread into her whole body.

“Your breath smells ofstrawberries,babe.”He groaned low, and touched his lips with hers in just a whisper.

Sam’s hands circled his neck, and he rested his body more on her.

And in a flash, Sam kicked him hard with her knee on his shin, moved away from under him, and she jumped on the floor in a smooth move. He turnedon his back on the bed, in a groan of too much pain.

“You, witch! Why did you do that?”He growled in anger and a grunt.

Sam smiled now more widely. She bent down and kissed his cheek and patted on his chest to sooth him.

“You know, I’m only a woman. I took what you were offering so freely.”She murmured into his ear, the same hurting words he said to break her only an evening ago.

His body froze when she said that, and she moved away to see as his eyes flashed with anger and something of a appreciative gleam,ashis jaw locked in a grind.

She walked leisurely and stopped by the door and leaned back on it.

“And don’t make an effort to make dinner. I have plans for the night.”She declared. nonchalantly.

He sat upright and gave hera suspicious angry look.

“What plans?”He asked ina low cautious voice, with his darkhair all shooting out in all directions.

He looked all ruffled and hot and bothered.

“Well, I’m going out with Dev…you know like dinner and all…and then we’re going dancing at Serenity… Ah so romantic.”She clasped her hands excitedly.

Sam looked across and smiled and blinked innocently, at his hardening form on the bed.

“What? You were theone who suggested me to go out with him, didn’t you?”She said ever so softly in a taunt.

He wasstaring at herall inblack anger andin complete silence. His face lost all the arrogance now. He got out of the bed, and Sam’s widesmile lost abruptly and completely.

Sam gulped hard and moved back into the doorwhile he prowled at her slowly.

He stood before her sliding his eyes all over her face with that intense expression, which made goosebumps raise all over skin, heleaned down and Sam moved her head back in fear.

“Don’t play a dangerous game to poke at a sleeping tiger. You know very wellwhat will happen, if you do.”He whispered those words dangerously at her, and moved past her.

Sam immediately closed the door in a squeak and lock. She sagged down onit immensely relieved.


All day long Sam did not open the door of her room, at all, except to get her lunch and ran in back to her room in a fright. Other than that, she stayed cooped up in her bed and sleep mostly.

When evening came, Sam got out of the shower, and hurried to get ready. She chose a sleeveless bare shouldered,white dress, which reached up her thighs, and was cinched at the waist by a red and white pearl sash. Sam straightenedher hair and arranged the tresses in a waterfall braid.

She put on only a minimalmake up. Sam wrapped her shoulderswhite cover over her shoulders and walked put of the door.

She saw Dev come in just then, and he froze there near the door, looking at her up and down in a street surprise. He was wearing a black T-shirt, grey ripped jeans and a leatherjacket,accompanied by a pair Nike black shoes. Hishair was pulled back in a gel up.

His hands went into his jeanpockets and he gave her his signature lopsided smile.

At the same moment she saw, Neil cone down the stairs still in wearing the track pants and a blue t-shirt. Sam straightened when his eyes went into a downward swipe at her, body,but he moved away and went into the living room.

Sam’s shoulders sagged down disappointed.

Dev walked towards to her and he gave her a side hug.

“Who do you want to kill today?”He asked in a lazy drawl.

Sam looked over his shoulder and acted fast. She caught his hand and locked their arms together.

“You.”She said smiling coyly, at him.

Dev lost his smile andlooked a little thrown at her fluttering of eyes.

Sam looked across at Neil who was walking towards them. She glanced back up at Dev’s confused face.

“Act along, you fool.”She said through the wide smile, and in a sing song one of voice.

Understanding dawned on his face,as his green eyes looked across at Neil who walked passed by them without a care or a backward glanced.

He suddenly grabbed at her waist and pulled her towards the door and Sam’s eyes widened at that.

“Come along, my beautiful woman, let’s get lost in the music of song, dance and food.”He sing sang suddenly like a Walt Disney prince.

And, Sam felt the need to beat her palm on her forehead. He was worse than her.

She pulled at his jacket hard, and he looked down at her in a act of a prince still.

“What the hell! Tone it down,”She hissed up at him.

He only smiled down at her, acting as if she was just a commoner to his highness.

“Lovely is my princess, dear….let’sgo in the foggy here..”He started to sing again in a booming voice, and twirledher around with his lefthand outside of the door.

Sam’s head turned into circles with that.

“Ugh! Stop it, Dev.”She cried out, breathing hard.

He gave hera flat stare next, and smiled cockily down at her.

“That’s enough of acting I guess.”He said in a normal drawly tone.

Sam elbowed at his hand annoyed too much.

“Goof.”She said, irritated, and set right her hair.

But, she froze in a lock, when he walked up to what looked like a death trap of a vehicle.

What the hell?

“I’m not getting on top of that.”She said glowering,

Dev gave her a left eyebrow raise at her tone and looked across at his back gleamingHarley Davidson bike.

“Careful there, its not a ‘that, its a she….and my first and onlylove.”Dev said, caressing the leather seat smiling down at itlovingly.

Sam rolled her eyes. Seriously, Boysand their toys.

“Whatever, I’mnot getting onthe death threat, as in never.”She said in a frightened voice, andmoved away.

Dev scowled at her now very fiercely.

“Oh, come on, Sam, don’t be a brat now.”He said in a veryannoyed tone.

“I’m not being a brat, how I can sit on it….I’m wearing a dress.”She cried out even more in an irritated tone.

He didn’t look impressed with her outburst and leaned back onhis bike in a bored out manner.

“Fine.”Sam pulled a long face…”I will go to the club all alone.”She said sniffing and tried to move past him.

Dev caught her hand and Sam smiled inside.

“Alright, then.”He sighed, giving up and glaring down at her…”How are you planning to leave from here?”He glowered.

Sam now smiling a mischievous one, took outNeil’s car keys from her purseand signaled Dev withher eyes at the shiny parked Camaro.

Dev’s eyes widened at that, then a slow smile spread his lips.

“You little thief,”He grinned, then his face turned into a sort of light up…”You know I could use of this talent of yours, we could not work and make a set together.”He went on dreamily, and he leaned down at her in excitement…”The Rob Team’ steal stuff and I get the royalties….how is it, huh?”He said now mockingly with a twist of his lips.

Sam stared up at him in a flat gaze, understanding very well that he was making fun of her.

“Haha, very funny,Dev.”She said flatly and dryly in a whisper.

She shook her head and caught his hand.

“Let’s just go.”She mumbled annoyed at his behaviour.


Sam and Dev both of them reached the Serenity club. The place thronging with people. Music was blaring all the way inside and outside the dim lit area.

A few well dressed girl were giving a inviting smiles and grins.

Sam looked around.

“Well, you’re Mr. Ever Popular. I feel like a star’s girlfriend.”She said in a whisper, still looking around.

Dev chuckled deeply at that, from beside her.

“Well, I’m a star, Sweety. Get used to it,”He said in a deep voice, and pulled at her hand.

“Come on.”He pulled at her hand.

“Where are we going?”She asked, frowning, but he abruptly stopped walking.

His phone started to ring, and Sam observed the smile get leech off his face as he got outthe phone of hisleft jean pocketand stared at it frowning.

“What’s wrong?”She asked worriedly.

“Nothing? He shook his head, but stared at still distracted.

Sam sighed.

“Enough nothing, that made your smile to vanish altogether?”She asked cautiously, and with a raised eyebrow.

He glanced around at her sharply. Sam stared surprisedat the complete black anger written all over his face.

The phone kept ringing incessantly.

“You go play pool.I’lljust come in a minute.”He said a serious tone and moved back.

Sam’s mouth hung open.

“But…but…..but we just arrived..”She said in a bewildered tone, confused at his sudden change of behaviour.

He just moved back more and grabbed the phone to his ear and turned around walking.

“Hey!”She cried indignantly….”You can’t just leave me like this, Dev.”She shouted at his disappearing back.

Her hands raised upin the air in afrustrated anger.

“Ugh!”She shook her head annoyedand turned around.

Men and their secrets, she glowered inside her head.


Sam walked her way in a leisure part of the club. Most of the guys and girls of her age were unwinding and spending the time,playing pool and drinking cold beer. There was a longrow of many pool tables. Sam looked around very much interested to play the game. It had always been her favourite game. Rohan had introduced it to her and taught her the basics, and since then it had been a tradition to hang out with her brother everysaturday for this. Sam missed those days too much. They had such lot of fun.

Sam chose a small table excitedly and grabbed an appropriate wooden made cue stick by judging the size of the table.

A girl with a pixie cut hair style and wearing all black jeans and T-shirt, arranged the fifteen balls in a diamond triangle on the green table. The girlwith eyes too dark with khol over her lower eyelid, she stared across Sam in a downward assessing swipe.

“I’m, Samaira.”Sam introduced herself with a smile.

The girl just stared at her. Both of them were of the same height and age.

“Neera.”She flung a curt gravelly introduction at Sam.

Sam only nodded. Talkitive much, she snickered inside cynically.

Neera seem to accept her as an opponent, and tiltedher head down to the table and signaledwith the cat eyesfor Sam to make a move.

Sam took the cue stick in her left hand and bent down to the right side diamond area of the triangle arranged balls. There weresix pocketholes in the table. The table was rectangle cut with three holes on two ofthe parallel longlines of the table. There were odd and even balls, stripes and solids, the most important was the eight ball and the cue ball.

Cue ball is the heavy one, and it is theonly ball which shouldbe hit directly by the cue stick. If she hit the other balls and that if those goes andfalls in the pocket in the start of the game itself, then its a scratch, a blunder, and Sam would loose the game altogether.

And if the black eight ball falls into the pocket hole before she puts all the other balls in the pocket,then shewould loose too. It’s more like a carom board game. The white cue ball is the sticker in thecaromgame. If she hits the all the other balls with the help of the cue ball, and if oneball falls in the pocket, then Sam would have the option to chose the next ball all through out the game, and the opponent would get the ball of not his or her choice. That is called a break.

The eight ballshould always have to be in the middle of the triangle and should always be the last ball to fall in the pocket holes. Sam curved her left hand forefinger aroundthe stick, and rested it over her thumb finger. Sam kept her eye over the white cue ball, and alsoon the balls in an eclipse.

Sam pulled the cuestick back drawand hit hard at the white cue ball, it went rolling and blasted on all the fifteen balls in aloud hit, making them to disperse all around the table.

Sam got the perfect break. She leaned up and smiled a little at the girl.

Neera only raised her eyebrow in appreciation and mumbled out a word.

“Choose.”She said shortly.

Sam’s forehead furrowed looking at the balls. She observed the yellow and blue stripedballs that were closer to the pocket holes.

“Stripes.”She declared.

Neera nodded her head.

Sam again lined up the cue stick, but the girl interrupted her with a sharp tone.More of guys and some of the girl moved towards their table with interest. One guy, a leery looking with piercing in his lower lip and two more rings pierced onthe eyebrows staredup and down at Sam’s body in a lusty half smile. He came up from behind the girl and caught her waist. Neera looked up and smiled. Boyfriend, huh?, Sam thought.

“A rule here, whoever loses should strip and danceholding that pole.”He announced loudly.

The little crowd gathered around the pool started hooting in a loud cheer.

“Hell, yeah!”Some of the guys shouted.

Sam gulped and looked across at the pole where already few of the girls with tears streaming down their facesand stripped to their inner wearas a punishment were made to dance against there will.

Holy crap, how humiliating. She felt her face burn hot and asuddenanxiety seem tocrippleher body.

She closed her eyes. Calm down, she told her racy heart. They were only trying to break your will, and nothing else, so rise up to the challenge.

She set her jaw and turned around, and glared across at the now smiling girl and at upher stupid leery boyfriend.

Baiting lonely girls, huh. Making them feel as cheap and crap. Fine, now you will see what will happen messing with a determined girl. Sam narrowed her eyes and squared her shoulders.

“Alright.”She agreed, and a gleam of triumph entered into the leery guy’s blue eyes. He smiled a lasciviously looking down at her thighs.

“But, I have a rule too.”Sam said sharply, and the guy looked across at with narrowed eyes, Sam didn’t care and went on….”I want all the girls to get their clothes back, and you and theones who made the rule of stripping……to shed allthe clothes and dance there holding the pole.”She completed with a cold smile, that could almost freeze an ocean.

The guy lost the leery smile and scowled at her fiercely and almost looked violently at her. The crowd around the table booed loudly at the guy and Sam smiled.

“You just got burned, dude!”They hooted laughing among themselves.

“Fair play.”The girl Neera muttered out in a snarl.

Sam nodded and took a deep breath. A little silence fell around when, she bent down and got ready ready to hit the cue ball.

The leery boyfriend of her opponent, moved away and walked across and stood closer to Sam.

“Want a hand at that, doll?”He whispered down at her in such sick lusty voice, that Sam wanted to hit the cue stickover his head.

The girl Neera glared across at Samand at her own disgusting boyfriend in jealous fuming.

Samfelt a trickle of apprehensive over her back, and prayed that Dev would be back soon. God in heaven, where was he?

Sam hit the cue ball hard. It went and collided with the stripe ball, and it went rolling more and fell on in the corner pocket.

Thank god, she leaned up and sharpened the cue end with the white chalk cube. The guy still tried to wander her attention with his dirty words and almost touching. Sam whippedthe stick at hishand which lay closer to her arm in stinging swat.

He moved back immediately rubbing at hishand and still smiling at her and licking at his lower lip.

“Feisty, I like it.”He whispered grinning in a suggestive leer at her.

Sam looked away disgusted.

She saw the girl gear up and lean down onthe table. Neera single handedly hit the cue ball hard and pocket out five balls at once.

The little crowd created more of a crowd around the table. The guys started rooting for Neera now.

Sam felt her heart race at that. Damn, she was good. Now there is only the eight ball. Only one ball. If she pockets that, the girl would win and Sam would lose.

Her breath shortened, when Neera leaned down at the table with laughing eyes and a mocking smile. With baited breath and roundedeyes, Sam saw the girl hit the cue ball hard. It rolled and rolled and went towards the eight ball. The eight ball being hit hard rolled in a direct lash to the left side cornerhole of the rectangular table. The ballreached to the pocket and Sam’s heart failednto beat altogether. But, the ball because of the hard hit by the cue ball went crashing to the other side and stopped in a haltabruptly in the middle of the table.

The guys went hooting for Sam. And some girlsglared at her, obviously friends of the girl. Neera in turn beat her right hand in a fist onthe table angry.

“Shit!”She cried out.

Sam looked across at the pained features of the girls who were reluctantly in shame clinging desperately to the pole with bent heads, she again looked down at the black eight ball. Too much respect of the girls was at stake here. She gulped hard and her throat convulsed.

The ball was now where but in the centre. Sam found it always difficult to cue the ball in the pocket when it gets in the middle.

Sam leaned down, but her hand shook and wavered.

The leery guy seeing that, bent down to the table and grinned at her.

“What happened? Did your will break already?”He said out loud, and laughed maniacally.

Some of the same beefy guys too laughed jeeringly at her. Oh, god, why did she ever get out if the apartment.

But, a sudden abrupt silence fell around, and Sam looked up. Most of the girls were staring unblinking at something. She swung her gaze around and squinted in the dimlit area of the crowd. The guys moved away and in created a way. Sam frowned. Who? She started to think, but her mouth hung open at what she saw.

Her eyes started with the purple shoes, ripped blue jeans, purple T-shirt sweater, and the faded blue jacket. With hair all dishevelled, there stood Neil, with his hands in his jean pockets.

Sam’s heart started racing fast now.

Her mouth openeven more wide at what he said next. Neil walked forward towards her.

“My girl is bound towin.”He pointed his eyes towards her in a soft caress….”The girls will get their clothes back.”He looked back at the pole, and then turned his black gleamingeyes andstared straight in an even look at the guy”And, You will get the said punishment.”He said in a lazy unfurling of a gravel.

His voice carried out the decision so hard and cut of a granite that the leery guy straightened in a challenge. He looked across at Neil sharply.

“Is that so?”The guy asked in an equallyhard gritty voice.

Sam could only feel the ring of his deep burring voiceinsideher head continuously, only those words rang in her ears.

My girl? My girl. Did he just say, my girl? Her mind gasped out. Oh dear lord, she kept staring at his face unblinkingly.

Neil ignored the guy and walkedacross at the side of the table. Sam felt him come up behind her.

He bent down to the side of her body.

“Close your mouth and relax your body.”He ordered softlyin her ear.

His hand fluttered over her back, and Sam closed her mouth in a snap. She suddenly felt the heat and safetyof his arm envelope around her body, and the anxiety she feltstarted to melt away.

“Eyes on the cue ball.”He whispered huskily into her ear.

Sam’s eyes strayed away from the soft lines of his face and moved to the cue ball. She could see clearly now, but was confused how to pull the shot with the cue stick.

“Straight shot. No other waywould it fall in the pocket hole,”He said in a stealthy whisper of voice.

Sam’s confusion cleared and she nodded her head.

“And babe, stop worrying about failing the game. Think only of putting the ball in the pocket, alright?”He whispered more softly than before and leaned away.

Sam’s fear melted away completely at that, and she suddenly glowered, why can’t he talk to her like that always? She thought feelingcompletely miffed.

Neera snickered down at her in irritation.

“Are you going to move or stay frozen.”She bit out at Sam.

Sam in turn narrowed her eyes, and lined up the cue stick. She took a deep breath in,fadedout everyone from around her and pulled the stick back and hit hard at the cue ball.

Her heart almost came out to her throat when she saw the ball move. It did not roll but hit hard the eightball. The eightball too flashed fast and went racing into the left side corner pocket and fellin it, ina victorious flourish.Sam’s eyes gleamed and shined, and shejumped along happilywith the clapping enthusiasm of the crowd. Neera beat the stick on the floor incomplete anger. The leery guy moved away in a smoke of afume.

“Oh, my god, I won,”Samjumped excitedly and turned around.

But her smile and excitement died down when she saw there no Neil around, immense disappointment and hurt course through her, when she pushed into the crowd and found him nowhere.

Sam sighed heavily, but she was happy to see the girls get their clothes back. They gave herone widening of grateful smile at her from across the hall. Sam smiled back feeling a pride enter into her blood and her eyes watered a little.

But, she shielded her eyes when the guys who started all this stripping drama grabbedtheir own clothes, and went on removing the jackets, as the other people now started to shout at them.

Eeek! She didn’t want to see that. Sam hurriedly went out of the hallway in a run. She ran fast to the drinks and ordered a chilled coke. The bartender gave her a weird look, but put the drink glass right away near her hand. All the hoopla made her very thirsty and parched. She still had to find Neil in the now very crowded club. Sam took out her mobile and typed out a message to Dev.

“—where da hell ru?—-she typed and sent it.

She then sighing grabbed the drink,took a sip,and swiveled in her chair looking around the dance floor. All the girls were whipping around their heads and enjoying a care free dance on a fast racy number. She took another sip, but it didn’t go down her throatbut spewed out of HF mouth looking a couple.

A blonde girl with barely there clothes was rubbing her back all over at Neil’s front in a an intimatedance. Sam’s eyes reddened at that. Sheput the glass on the counter with force that it the coke brimmed and fell on the bar counter.

Sam got off the chair and walked towards the dance floor. She pushed around the bodies and stood right before the couple. She started to move a little with the feet, but when Neil caught her eyes, she glared daggers at him. The arms of his which were dangling to the sides, suddenly grabbed the waist of the slithering woman. He gave Sam a wide smile and moved into a dance. Sam stood there with a barely there control of an anger, but she tamed it. The woman was really rubbing all over at Neil’s front, and he was looking at Sam in a taunt.

Sam felt her anger go up to the limit of thousand. She turned around in disgust and started dancing and swaying slowly, fuming too much. Where was Dev when she needed him most? Leaving her all alone to her fate. She was going to kill him, when she sees him next.

Sam really the groove of the song and she started to sway even more freely. She raised her left han in the air and moved it around,closing her eyes she felt the fast beat of the song. Soon she started to laugh and dance along with few of the girls, truly feeling the strain leave out of her body.

She froze when she a pair of hands settle on her waist,but she sagged back with a smile, and started to slow dance more.

“Uh, girl, that’s a nice move.”A voice groaned.

Sam’s body went high alert. Crap, crap, crap. It wasn’t Neil?

She turned around and was shocked to see the leery guy from earlier grab at her hands and pull her around. Sam felt a deep disgusting anger rise above, and her lips pursed in scowling. She raised her leg and kneed hard atthe guy’s upper shin. The guy groaned and fell down on the floor.Sam instantlykicked himin the stomach with suchforce and with one heeled foot.

Rohan had taught her well to protect herself. One in the shin, and right across there and the guywould fall to hisknees.

“You creep! How dare you touch me.”She shouted, and abruptly the music stopped, and the girls from around came fast to her side andsurrounded her.

The guy now too drunk just groaned more when another girl joined in her kicking. Sam smiled across at her.

“Take this.”She kicked him on his leg…”Think twice before grabbing a girl like that.”She sweated and heaved.

But the guy suddenly roared up, and moved in a growl at Sam.

“You b*t*h!”He glared, and fisted his hand and raised it up.

Sam’s eyes widened, but before he could move towards her, the leery guy was on the ground again, when a straight out punch to his nose came out of nowhere as a hard strike. He fell right on the floor with a great thud, all bloodied and crying. Sam felt the need to laugh, but when she looked up, all laughter left her body, as Neil stood there glaring at her.

“I leave for a minute and come back to find you in trouble already….”He started to patronise her in very angry gravelly voice.

Sam feared that he would start ranting again. Quick, think something. With a light bulb of an idea, she slid down on the floor on her knees holding her right leg.

“Oh, my leg. I think, it’s broken.”She moaned, and also got her eyes swimming with fake tears.

Neil frowned down at her and shook his head. Sam was abruptly grabbed her arms, Neil pulled her up and heaved her up on his back and grabbed her thigh around his stomach.

“Come on, let’s get out of here.”He mumbled, as Sam kept her head on his shoulder.

He carried her like a back pack with such ease, like as if he didn’t feel her weight.

Neil walked to the exit door and out in the open. Sam felt the sudden blast of immense cold hit her body and shivered and burrowed her face in his neck.

“Who is the girl you were dancing with?”She asked in a small voice.

He sighed and Sam could feel the heat permeating into her from his back.

“Some random girl who wouldn’t take a no for an answer.”He replied in a drawl.

Sam smiled at that, but faded away of what he said next.

“You’re weighing heavier day by day.”He said a gravel, and heaved her up more while walking.

Sam beat her hand at his shoulder.

“Hey, you are the one cookingso much of food, and force feeding me,…”She cried out.

He just chuckled and walked on to the outside of the club. Neil pulled her down and turned around still holding her hand.

“How is your foot?”He asked, looking down at her ankle.

Sam frowned. What foot? Her forehead cleared. Oh, the injury. She raised her left leg a little and twisted her ankle around.

“I guess it’s good now.”She mumbled.

Neil raised an eyebrow at that. A slight played at his lips.

“I thought, it was the right one, wasn’t it?”He asked coming closer to her.

Sam’s eyes widened a little.

“Uh…yeah..I mean the pain went to the left one.”She breathed out when leaned down.

His left hand forefinger slid across her right cheek in a hot trail.

“You are such a melodrama.”He whispered, looking down into her eyes.

Neil removed his jacket and pulled it around her shoulders.

“Your teeth would rattle off with all the shivering.”He whispered down at her cynical.

Sam’s nostrils immediately took in his spicy cologne of the warmjacket.

“But, what about you?”She asked looking at his thin blue T-shirt.

Wouldn’t he get cold? His eyes all dark and his face half shadowed, he looked down at her flatly.

“I’m good.”He murmured in a burring voice.

Both of their breathswere coming out from their lipsin white puffs in the frigid cool air.

He moved back and caught hold of her hand, clamping their fingers together.

His forearm rippled and Sam felt his body heat and scent surrounding her senses already.

“Let’s go.”He said.

“Where?”Sam frowned, and walked fast along with his long strides.

“You’ll see.”He said evasively.

They both walked on a little at off the road, and Sam halted a dead, when she saw Dev bike parked on the far side of the road.

“That…that’s Dev bike. How did you get it here?”She asked abruptly.

“It was unlocked.”He said deep flat drawl.


He dragged her to it, and stood beside it. Neil took out a black helmet.

Sam gulpedhard.

“I…I can’t sit on it.”Sam stuttered, looking apprehensively at the large monster.

Neil raised his eyebrow, but he didn’t care her words, and set the helmet on her head, and clipped the bands under her chin.

“Good.”He said, looking at the helmet critically.

Sam backed away.

“No…no you don’t understand… I’m afraid of..”She started to say, but Neil grabbed her up in his arms, moved fast and plonked her body on top of the motorcycle.

Sam gasped with mouth hung open, her legs were on either side of it, she stared surprised at how smoothly he handled her like a ragdoll.

Thankfully,she was wearing long up to the thigh covered stocking. It did not affect her much the shivering, but when the cold of the of the vehicle touched her leg, she gasped a little.

Neil smiled a lopsided one at her gloweringface.

He got on the vehicle infront of her and started it. The motorcycle came alive in a grind.

Sam closed her tight and sat straight in a tense of muscles.

“Get closer to my back, or every bone in your body would break into pieces if you fell offit.”Neilwarned her with a little laughter in his voice.

Sam’s eyes opened and widened. She propelled her body to his in a tight grip.

“Put your thighs on mine.”He ordered her softly.

Sam moved a little.

“More closer.”He said again.

She scowled at the back of his head. How much closer could she get than this?

He grabbed bothher thighsfrom the front, locked them around his legs on either side of the peddles,and pulled her front completely in a plaster on his back, as he pulled her hands around his waist in a lock. Sam grabbed on to his T-shirt and felt the heat of his chest. God, He was like the self warmer.

The Harley Davidson roared up on the road, and Sam immediately closed her eyes tightand burrowed her face on his shoulder.

Neil chuckled more deeply now as the bike zoomedfast and smoothon the road. Sam could feel the ripple of the cold air cut into her skin.

“You’re shivering like a drowned cat, babe.Open your eyes, you might actually enjoy the breeze.”He shouted through the blasting wind.

Sam grabbed onto to his waist more.

“No.”She shouted back from his shoulder.

“Suit yourself…..”He shouted in a graveland ended the sentence in a taunt of a word…”Wuss.”

Sam’s eyes flew open at that and her cold face burned suddenly.

Wuss? Wuss! Who was he calling a wuss? Sam glowered inside her head.

“I’m not a wuss.”Sam declared annoyed too much.

But, she froze as she looked down and saw how fast the road was disappearing under them, and tightened her trip on his T-shirt, but as the secondsgrew into minutes, Sam felt the breeze flew up HSR hair and it caressed her every nerve feeling it. She looked about around peaking up from his broad shoulder.

“It’s nice.”She mumbled.

And Sam felt his muscles flex under her hand in response. She was sure he was smiling.

“Good.”He mumbled in his usual patronising tone, and Sam rolled her eyes at that in a smile.

The ride went on and on, more than an hour way outside of the city,but Sam didn’t feel any fear as she really enjoyed the night’s breeze and his body warmth immensely.

But it was short lived, as sadly the motorcycle suddenly halted to stop. Sam very reluctantly moved her face backfrom the burrow of his shoulder and peered around. They were an entrance of a large dark shrubbery or sorts. It looked like a farm.

Neil tapped at her handsstill held tight around his waist. She hurriedly let go, and rose up, her hands held his shoulders as she jumped off his bike. Neil moved the vehicle and got off it, and putit firm on it’s stand.

He waked towards her, and he took her hand again. Sam looked down their joined hands as they walked forward.

“What is this place?”She asked looking around.
“It’s a vineyard.”Neil said in a hard voice, suddenly going again into his shell.

A vineyard? Wow. Of course he would have a vineyard. He was super rich, wasn’t he.

“Is it yours?”She asked still hesitatingly.

His grip on her hand tightened.

“My father’s.”He said in an evasive curt reply.

Oh, Sam thought as they entered into the aisle of long rows of vinerytrees on the moist soil. A glowinglantern was wired on each of the tree, for deciphering the way in the dark night.

Why did he bring her here?

But he just walked like that in the loose red soil with her smallhand in his large one. Sam kept smiling looking at their joined hands as she walked beside to his broad shouldered tall body.

Something blinked brightesthitting the corner of her left eye and Sam raised her hand to coved her eyes, but as she squinted her eyes and looked across what it was, all breath left her body and she gasped and moved forward. Her hand was left free and both those went to her mouth looking up.

It was the most beautiful of views she had ever encountered in her life. There in the middle of the vinery, very odd from the other grape trees, stood in the middle of the grass clearing a largelilac tree waved highin the night’s breeze, and the most spectacular thing was, on every branch of it, there were as many as ten lanterns hanging down inlight up. There were like hundred of them, with amazing hue of radium light coming off, each of the lantern. Sam just stood in a lock of frozen muscles, completelygaping at the tree.

“It’s beautiful.”She gasped out.

She jumped when two band of arms locked around her waist and she was pulled back into his body. Neil burrowed his face in her hair from behind and sniffeddeep.

“Do you like it?”He whispered huskily, breathing warm into her ear.

Sam couldn’t say anything. She did not like it. She loved it.

“Yeah?”She breathed out distracted, still looking upunblinkingly at the mesmerizing twirl of the lanterns in the air.

“There is more of it.”He whispered, rubbing cool his lips over her ear.

He moved away from behind her and moved front holding her hand, and pulling her forward. Sam laughed a giggle looking at his straightface. He grinned a little listeningtoher giggle.
He was acting a crazy today. She still was smiling wide at his grinning face, as he pulled her towards the mystical magical tree.

He caught both of her hands in his and smiled down at her endearingly. Sam all tingly looking up at his soft warm eyes and face. He was totally a different person tonight. Oh, how heart wrenchingly adorable he looked with the soft smile playing wide at his lips.

But, he uncurled his fingers from hers and moved away, and Sam frowned at that, but when she looked down, Sam was punched in mind with such shock that, she gasped back and jumped up laughing.

A white large blanket was spread on the grass under the tree. It had two white gleaming plates, beside it were the clean cut forks and spoons in a line. Two glasses of orange juice. A chilled wine bottle and two wine glasses. Sam suddenly looked unblinkingly.

“Sit.”He ordered softly, and slid down leaning his back on the tree trunk. Sam slid down too feeling too much out of depth. The lanterns from down here under the tress looked like twinkling of stars. It wasn’t cold anymore but deeply warm because of the all the heat coming from the lights hanging down from the trees.

Neil removed the covers from the plates, and a warm cheese, pasta, and meat smell lingered around in a flow.

Sam’s mouth watered, looking down at the pasta Linguini dish. It was covered in deliciousmeat sauce.

“I’m really liking this dat….”She tried to say, but the words stuck in her throat, when Neil looked across at her sharply, as if daring her to complete the sentence, Sam folded completely in fear looking at his black eyes…..”Uh…um..dinner. I really am liking the dinner.”She completed the sentence in a stutter.

Neil softened his eyes, nodded his head and handed her the plate.

Geez, what’swrong in saying it’sa date? She really was finding his mood swings difficult to handle. How sweet did he arrange this all, but what harms if he accepts it,Sam glowered.

Neil grabbed the wine glass and leaned back on the tree trunk, looking across at her unblinkingly. She felt his stare go inside of her body. Goosebumps rose all over her skin looking how he gazing at her.

She pushed the locks behind her ear and looked away uncomfortable.

“What?”She asked suddenly, unable to have his eyes on her.

“You know what’s happening here, don’t you?”He asked in a deep intense voice.

Her heart stuttered a little and beat into a skip when he said that. She stayed mum and forked the piping hot pasta.
“I’m your brother’s best friend, you know that right?”He asked again in a very deep husky voice.

He looked away and sipping the wine.

Sam rolled her eyes at that. He doesn’t have to remind her.

“I know.”She said in a small voice,and looked across at his shadowed face.

What was he playing at? Why was he pointing out semantics here?

“And,do you know will happen if your fatheror Rohan gets to know about this?”He asked rolling the wine in the glass.

His voice was ever calm and composed but something was brimming in his tone, and he seem to contain it. Control it barely.

Sam abruptly stopped chewing. Why was spoiling the mood, she groaned.

“They will kill you.”She said honestly and a little dryly.

He chuckled and laughed a little wryly.

“I know that.”He said looking away from her and staying silent.

Sam put the plate down and grabbed the orange juice.

“Are you afraid?”She asked hesitantly.

He looked across at her sharply.

“Do yo think that if I was afraid of anyone, then,I would havetouchedyou, the way I have touchedyou.”He asked more huskily, and with so much arrogance, and a whole of meaning behind it that, Sam felt her face burning up remembering about the move night on the couch.

He smiled a little in a jeer, understanding that she got it very well about the way of his touching.

“Good.”He said succinctly sliding his gaze all over her face, and leaned back.

Sam’s lips pursed in a curland her nose twitched at his too nonchalant an attitude.

He shook his head and pulled at his locks frustrated.

“You don’t understand.”He said fiercely.

She stared at looking at his ticking jaw and angry eyes.

“What don’t I understand?”She asked in a breathy whisper, feeling her heart beat fast.
He drew up his knees and locked his hands together over it.

“Of how I think incessantly about it all day and night.”He said in a hard voice, while glaring at the ground.

With the lantern lightsslowly twirling on his face, he looked like a toodark anavenging angel. A fallen angel.Too tormented and vitiated.

He looked across at her suddenly, and was on top of her body in a flash. He caught her hair from behind and pulled her face towards his. The soft angles and planes cut in a stone. His eyes became more black.

She gasped with the pain of his hold on her hair.

“”You don’t understand, of with what intensity I want to devour you. All over my apartment. In the bed. On the floor. On the couch. On the kitchen counter. Against a wall. Against the door. In my shower. Against the shower wall, so many times in the day and night, that it would leave you unable to walk properly for weeks to come.”His eyes flashed….”I could wrap your thighs around my hips, andtake you right here on the cold hard ground, all night long.”He murmured breathinghot his mintysmell of his mouthon her lips.

Sam could hardly breath. She felt his brazen and crude words go deep low in stomach and a spread tingles ranall across her skin in anunfurling of his heat looking into his bottomless pits of eyes.

He let go off her hair suddenly and sat beside to her and sighed a deep suffering one.

“And on top of that, you’re the only one girl I want to cuddle and spoon in bed all day long.”He said a little disgustedly, he said that with so much displeasure as if cuddling is an abhorrent word in hisdictionary.

Sam just stared at his averted face. A deep kind of yearning flowed in her veins when he said that she was the only girl he had both a deep physical and emotional bondwith. Her eyes watered looking at his adorable face. He was not afraid of anyone. He was afraid of himself of much he wanted her in both ways. He was not talking about only using her for physical pleasure, he was talking about being in a relationship with her.

Sam felther breath get caught in her throat,as a new feeling creep into her very soul. Her chest heaved up and down, as everything else around her washed away except him.

Sam in a flashsuddenly was not on the blanket anymore but propelled her bodyintohis arms and surrounded her thighsaround his waist. She saw his eyes go all coal again, as her lips captured his in a deep sobbing of a kiss. He held her and captured immediately her locks and deepened more his lips on hers. Sam’s breath mingled with his and she could taste the tartness of the red wine throughhis lips. He kisses becamebecame soft on hers and just hovered now in a whisper.

He grabbed her waist and moved her away and off his body. He wiped his mouth and glared at her.

“You’re a piece of work, aren’t you. Instead of running far away from me in fear of what I just said, you decide to kiss me instead.”He said in a low growl, and moved away from her and again leaned his back on the tree.

Sam felt the need to smile when he maintained a safe distance from her, but she bit lower lip as he looked at his black scowl.

She just fluttered her eyes innocently.

“I’m not afraid of you.”She said honestly in a soft tone.

His eyes snapped to hers sharply in anger.

“You should be very much afraid of me.”He said low and dangerous.

Sam just shook her head.

“I’m not afraid. At all.”She repeated in a flat voice.

He scowled and stewed and muttered out few morecurses at her impossible answers.

Then his eyes settled on hers in again an intense expression.

“You don’t understand, babe.”He said in a suffering and haggard voice….”I will not offer you roses and flower bed here like in all the romance books you read……mind you its never going to like that here.”He warned curtly.

Sam stared at him flatly. Of course, what else could she expect from him. He would die of heart failure if he ever was a soft romantic.

“I know.”She whispered,sighing and pulling his coataround her more warmly.

His eyes narrowed at her answer and his jaw locked and ticked as he glared at her more.

“You have to deal with everything of what I’ am. You can’t ask more…..I’m warning you….you will be crying painfullyall the time when you’re with me.”He said coldly, trying to freeze her out again.

Sam stared at the coo mask already covering up his face. He wants to hurt her with his words, but she was determined too. She was ever persistent.

“I can deal with it.”She said lightly, happy to see his body go all in a lock at her words.

His eyes became lazy, and his demeanor became more brutal. Sam could feel the hardness of steel enter into his eyes turning them into stone.

“You won’t last long.”He said more coolly than before.

Sam rose up to the challenge. Her shoulders squared and her chin tilted up.

“I will be staying all along and through.”She said in an equal of the cool voice.

His eyes became into cut stones and his jaw hardened and ticked, as the flop of hair fell over his forehead. He looked like a marble statue. All stone and cold through and through.

“I will make you not last long.”He said harshly, challenging her that more of brickbats are coming her way from his unpredictability.

So, that is what it is. He doesn’t her to stay with him. He doesn’t want a relationship with her and he will try hard with more brutal waysto push her away if she gets any closer.

Sam just nodded her head.

“We will see.”She said curtly.

He stared at her, a sudden softness entered into his face as he slid his eyes all over face in warm assessment. An appreciative gleam coloured his features.

“We will see.”He whispered, a shadow of a smile quirked up he corner of his lips.

He leaned back his head on the tree trunk and just stared at her. Sam too put her hands under her chin and smiled warmly and wide at him.

He tilted his head to the side, and pointed his eyes to blanket.

“Your tablet.”He said shortly.

Sam lost her smile and her eyes strayed to the blanket where a plastic red strip lay there near the water glass. Sam stared at it, and scowled fiercely at him.

“You brought my tablets here too?”She asked incredulous.

He just stared at her in a lazy drawl of eyes.

“Take it.”He just ordered her.

Sam’s lips pursed, and she whipped her hair off her shoulders.

“I’m not gonna.”She said insipidly, glaring at his too arrogant a face.

He drew forward and leaned into her.

“Don’t make me push it down your throat, babe.”He said in a low husky voice.

The lilac tree looked down at the bickering couple, and drowned their voices by flowing it’s lantern lit up branches in the night’s breeze. The wind howled around too much indicating an on coming storm, but two of the people stayed uncaring under the tree completely wrapped up in each other, failing to understand the blast of freezing coldtrying to penetrate into their lives…….


Next up part—-It Was Not What It Was….And A blast From The Past To Rip The Present…


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