Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 4

Chapter-4 (Breezy Romance)

Sleep. Along With him. Again. No. Never.

Sam jerked forwards and turned around in his arms.

“Yes, sleep…but all alone.” She huffed, and tried to move past him.

He caught hold of her bicep, frowning down at her.

“Do you think after the stunt you pulled tonight, I should leave you alone?” His left eyebrow raised.

“Yeah.” She replied casually, folding her hands over her chest.

What’s the big deal in it. She didn’t really pull a stunt. He really was ranting since the evening and it was rankling her nerves to keep on listening to it.

His face cleared of the frown, and his hands went into his track pant pockets.

“I promised your brother that I would take care of you, Sam. Leaving you alone tonight is not going to work.” He said somberly, explaining in a manner speaking to her as if to a child.

Sam’s body went all taut. So, that’s it. She was his best friend’s kid sister and he had promised him to take care of her. An annoying responsibilty is all she was to him and nothing else. He had made plenty clear of that since she came here to stay in his apartment. Her face went tight, and her mood nose dived into a sullen temper.

She moved past him and got into the room.

“God, I’m fed up of being a responsiblity always. When are you guys going to leave me alone. I could deal with Rohan’s big brother attitude but I don’t want it anymore coming from you.” She went on sourly, swinging her hands in the air frustratedly.

He remained ever impassive during all her pertubed outburst, A second later of stolid staring at her, his face etched in an amused expression which made his lips to twitch a little.

“Are you done?” He lazily asked, moving forward towards the bed.

“No, I’m not done. I can take care of myself very well and I don’t need you hovering over me like a protective shield just because you promised my brother.” She blithed, hissed and simpered.

He ignored her and the ranting altogether in a swift move of his body over the bed.

Sam’s eyes twitched at his high handedness and patronising air of attitude.

“What the hell are you doing?” She asked, acting even more billious than before.

He sighed and looked back at her.

“Getting into the bed.” He replied, still talking to her in that impossibly affect less and cool tone.

Sam scowled at him.

“Well, then, I’ll take the couch in the living room.” She decided firmly.

That’s when his form got straight and his eyes flashed, but it wiped off and a new gleam entered into his eyes making him look more confident and smug.

He smirked and Sam gulped hard. What was he going to do? She thought suspiciously.

He took out his phone from his pant pocket and rolled it in a circle casually, pulling her eyes and attention towards it.

“What are you doing now?” She asked in bewilderment.

Still smirking, he unlocked the phone and started dialling in a number.

“Well, as you are really uncomfortable here and want to be an impossible brat…I think your father must know about this. He would really…” He drawled slowly, and deliberately.

Sam’s eyes widened. Papa. He would call Papa? Oh no no no. If the ever strict and fierce Colonel Samrat Khanna would get to know about her being uncomfortable here, he would make her leave New York and get her married to some drousy boring Engineer. Then her life would be all four kids and a pot bellied husband. Sam shuddered horrified thinking of herself as such in the future.

Sam had with god knows how many efforts and hard work did she convince him about her persuing the dream here, that he finally relented and allowed it, but this sly demon was bent on ruining her plans every time she tried to be with herself.

Dad was really a sweet heart, warm and soft inside, and among the three sisters, she was the Papa’s girl. He loved her very much. He was even more protective of her than Rohan.

Neil knew very well about this. She couldn’t believe at his black mailing tactic. She fumed up looking at the smirk that kept spreading all over his face. Oh how she would like to wipe it off from his lips. His eyes turned mischiveous seeming to read her very well.

“You wouldn’t dare.” She breathed out in a gasp.

His lazy stare went narrowed, as his left eye brow raised up at the level of incredulity in her tone.

“Oh, trust me. I will.” He stated, and put the phone over his ear.

“…please, Neil.” She shouted and ran towards him.

She tried to grab the phone but he put it up and over his head. Sam jumped but he kept smiling down at her in an amused enjoyment. Sam glowered into his face and pushed hard at his shoulders to reach the phone.

He seem to not expect such force of strenght from her, as he fell down on the bed in an omph.

Sam fell along with him and smashed on top of his body. Her legs surronded on either side of his waist.

With flushed face, she tried to move off from him, but he caught hold of her thighs with his large hands in a firm warm grip. The heat of his touch made her gasp out. The weather had been too cold since morning. Her breath came out in white puffs of air in the frigid coolness around.

He smiled up at her in a slow languid grin.

“I like this position. Didn’t know that you were so eager.” He whispered teasingly in a gruff tone, as he pulled her upper front down on his chest.

A sudden abrupt shock of electricity zapped into her body when she felt her chest rub on his warm hard front.

Sam stared down at him, the thick volume of her hair surronded around their faces in a shield. His eyes turned heated on hers and travelled down to her lips. His right hand, let go of her thigh and travelled slowly up her body, heating her skin, his hand travelled up to the sides of her chest and up her shoulders. He caught hold the back of her neck and grabbed her hair pulling her head more down towards his face. Sam’s left hand glided up to his hand and above their heads. She found the phone, and squealing in truimp she sprang away from on top of him, but damn his reflexes, he caught hold of her waist from behind and pulled her down on the bed and got on top of her next.

“Fiesty little minx.” He breathed hot and heavily down at her.

His face shadowed in a look so heated, as his lips almost touched hers.

He grabbed both of her hands and slid them over her head in a lock with his left hand.

His eyes stayed locked with hers, and Sam felt the danger signals bursting in on all over her skin. She gulped hard, her eyes glazing up, and breath stuttering hard she felt his lips closing in on hers. Panicked that she was in a lot of danger of falling into his charm again, Sam pushed hard trying to free her hand and groaned in an over dramatic pain.

Immediately his hold slackened on her hands as he frowned down at her. Worry lines creased his forehead, and his eyes lost the heated glimmer. His body weight on top of her lightened.

“Oh, my skin hurts.”‘ She cried out dolefully.

“Where does it hurt?” He enquired, sliding his gaze down to her arm.

Uh…She didn’t think of that.

“E…Everywhere.” She replied in a small voice, trying to sound as much in pain as possible.

Her eyes closed tight as she moved to the side of the bed and away trying to escape out of the room.

He grabbed hold of her waist and pulled her body towards his again.

“Not so fast, babe.” He whispered thickly into her ears.

Sam eyes rolled at his too touchy feely manner. Why was he always doing that? Her mind irate hissed out in a whisper.

She turned around to the side to glare at him, but he only smiled more and leaned back on the bed putting her head on his chest.

“That was one horrible performance.” He muttered, as his eyes stayed glued to the ceiling.

Sam’s body burned in embarrassment. Heck, how can he see through her lies so thorougly. Her head and half of her body lay to the side and almost on top of him. She could here his heartbeat. Steady and calm. His body heat warmed her cold one. Unconciously, Sam burrowed more closer to him. Her body supported by his right hand and surronded her shoulders, his left hand stayed attached over her waist.

Sam looked up and saw that his eyes were closed now. His features softened, as every strain, crease and tightness wiped away from over his face. He looked like a sweet little innocent boy falling asleep.

She sighed, except that he wasn’t that innocent or sweet for that matter.

Sam eyes went wistful. Of how many times when in the past she had yearned to see his face. Of wanting to know what played into his mind. Of wanting him to at least acknowledge her presence. When he used to stay over at her parents place, Sam had always felt delighted, she would hover about where ever he went only just to stare at him. To observe him in placid silence. Except that he never cared to look at her at that time. He had been always this silent and closed off person. He never showed any elobarate emotion. He never talked about his parents. What and how has been his childhood, no one knows. Rohan and her mom and dad never enquired much sensing his discomfort over that topic. Sam eyes stayed arrested over his heavy black eyelashes. Her fingers itched to caress his cheek. Sam could feel and understand his loneliness. Even though he didn’t wear his heart over the sleeve, she knew his feelings ran deeper than they appeared. He would rather suffer inside than put it out in a show.

She sighed getting herself out of the past. The day had been too painful, exhausting and emotionally tiring and she didn’t have any strenght or will remaining to protest against this sleeping arrangement. What’s the use. He would always get his way, the brute. Either he was drunk or sober, he was just as impossible.

Sam didn’t know where to put her hands. She hesitated, her right up in the air. God, this was all awkward. After several seconds of strainful pondering, Sam gave up and put her hand over his waist. She felt his muscles flex in return of her touch.



Sam licked her now dry lips. Would he throw her out of the house if she questioned into his privacy.

“I…I..why doesn’t it hurt?” She finally stuttered out.

He breathed deep and his chest moved up.

Sam waited a second with baited breath, but he stayed mute and didn’t reply, and she felt disappointed that he didn’t.

“Because, I don’t feel anything.” He replied softly, his voice sounding a little sleepy.

The words remained mysterious. Don’t feel anything? What does it mean? Her mind rankled on and on over his words.

Ugh! He always talked in loops. Sam could least understand what was the meaning behind such dubious sentence.

Well, at least he answered. That’s a step forward, isn’t it.

Sam went bold over that and let out another question. God knows if she could ever find him in such talkitive mood later.

“Um…” She strained and gulped hard..God save her after this, she thought and finished her question with much reluctance….”Wh…what was the nightmare about? Of the previous night?”

She closed her eyes tight and braced for him to push her body aside and off the floor in extreme anger. Her hand fisted over his waist.

A minute passed in that fear. Except the tightening of his hands on her body nothing of such a thing happened. Sam sighed in relief and waited even more anxiously for him to reply to her.

But he didn’t. He remained obstinately as evasive as ever. Heavens, he was a closed shell. She couldn’t talk to him without feeling the need to throttle him for being so secretive.

“One at a time, babe.” He drawled in a gruff voice, and patted his right hand on her hair and head. His eyes still closed shut.

“Sleep now.” He whispered, and closed her body more into his hard one comfortably.

He affectively cut off all discussion or conversation by actually falling asleep. Sam stared up at his face. His breath evened out falling on her forehead in comforting warmth.

Sam’s eyes blinked down too and she burrowed her face into his chest and turned into his arms more deeply. Her right hand down on his waist went tight. The smell of his aftershave, his minty breath, his warm expanding and contracting chest, and his heart beating steadily under it lulled her sweetly into a delicious lovely sleep.


With a quick jerk in the muscles, Sam blinked out of the sleep. Her body already waking up, made her raw sleepy mind zoom in around the room in a slow swirl. The sun rays peaked out of the curtains of the large window. Sam stayed staring and unmovable on the bed. Her eyes slow blinked several times, her eyelashes swept up and down too trying to clear out her vision. She was surprised she hadn’t woken up in the middle of the night several times as she usually had the habit of waking up at odd hours most of the time, but slept all through the night without a twitch and restlessness.

She yawned a little and stretched her arms wide over the bed. With her eyes closed, her hands searched on the sides. Her hands touched only empty space. Sam frowned and opened her eyes. She leaned up over her right elbow and saw that the bed was empty. Her eyes still searching locked on the digital clock. It was 7AM. Surprised she got out of the bed in a hurry. How did she wake up late. Today was the work day. She had to complete a half finished painting of a scenery. It would take a lot of time. Her thoughts yesterday had been to reach the work shop early and start with the work ASAP, but she had needed to buy that pendant and chain real bad, later after that certain worse things happened to her, that she wanted to forget the vile incident and everything from since here now.

Dammit, why hadn’t she woken up early. The burning cuts all over her body made her hiss out in pain when she bent down to take out fresh clothes from the wardrobe. God know how she was going to take a shower. It would hurt like hell.

An hour later of her morning ablutions, Sam felt refreshed, and ready to take on for the day.

She passed by the large hall and into the kitchen. She frowned finding it empty. Sam hovered about for few more minutes, waiting and waiting. She made herself some toast and coffee.

She was slow to chew on the bread and sip very liesurely on the coffee.

She dusted off the last bread crumbs out of her hand. She wore a faded out blue jeans and a deep lavender tank top and over it a blue chekkered shirt. Her hands pulled at her shirt sleeves, Sam got irritated.

So, this is how it is, huh? He went back to usual aloof self. Not being visible and staying away and out of her way for god knows how many weeks. It was like a pattern now.

Sam was reeling too much from his hot and cold behaviour. She thought, she had taken a step forward towards him with such elation yesterday night, but he doubled her disappoinment when he took several steps back away from her with this haughty disappearing act of now.

Sam knew him well. He would avoid her. Stay away from her. But she feared anew. How much of time would it stretch this time. She hoped he wouldn’t ignore her presence all the time she stayed here. Oh, no. Don’t let it happen God, she prayed.

Well, they are living together now, aren’t they. She flung her hair off her shoulder. Sam wouldn’t back down. Run away, Mr. Aloof. We will see how much is your length of run, of till what end to enternity would it lead, His game.


Sam exhausted for the day, cold from the evening, and with lot of paint god knows where all over her tired body was convered with, she walked upstairs to the apartment. She took out her key, and almost put it into the door knob, but with frightful surprise she saw the door open by itself from inside.

Crap. He was home early. Sam set right her crow nest hair, and righted her top, but sadly she couldn’t do anything about her messy jeans and hands.

She put on a forced smile and looked up, but what she saw front wiped it out the brightness from her face and lips. Sam stared and stared and stared and stared.

That’s the only thing she could do, because her mind and eyes might dazed out looking at the person standing infront of her.

There, with cocked up hips to the side stood Lyra, the woman who had earlier insulted her and called her a thief and lot many names that she Sam didn’t want to remember. Her eyes swivelled down, teeny tiny denim rip off blue jean shorts and an equally tiny red half tank top that hardly covered her chest. Shiny gold alphabets blinked back at her from on her top ‘Yours’ it was written, and Sam felt trepedition trickle down her back looking at it. The clothes were too tight. Her hair was long smooth and free flowing down her shoulders. Her face was caked with make up. She had an oval face, large almond eyes, full lips, elegant nose and dimpled cheeks. Her skin was tanned. She looked like a s*xy latino model, and Sam instantly felt completely lacking in everything campared to her.

Right now the lady long legs was gracing with such beautiful smile, it spread her lips and the straight even white teeth showed, denting her cheeks gorgeously.

Sam moved back a little by the affect of that. Any man would die to have her as his girl friend. The thought bought such uncertain discomfort into her very being. It annoyed her.

What the hell was she doing here?

“Oh, lovely, here you are again.” She cried out so gleefully, that Sam started.

She pulled Sam by the hand so hard that she staggared on her feet and almost fell to the ground. But still the woman, Lyra didn’t care and pulled her into the hall and tagged her right hand with hers behaving as if they were best of friends.

“I’m sorry that I yelled at you.” She whispered into her ears.

God, even her voice was heavily seductive and smoky.

Her hair all burgandy fell around her in waves as she shrugged apologetically at Sam.

Sam stared sideways at her, she felt a heavy course of sadness ripple through when she saw Lyra’s eyes were spectacularly green, which made her look even more etherial.

“You’re are Neil’s sister, right?” She asked, the silver hoops in her ears tangled.

Sam stared at her as if she was crazed.

“I’m not his sister.” She said wapishly, feeling a flush rise from the back of her neck.

Lyra blinked and the fake catterpillar eyelashes swiped down. She frowned at Sam’s too fierce a reply.


Sam cut her off and removed her smooth thin hand from hers.

“He is my brother’s friend.” She explained in a flat voice.

Lyra stared at her. A vacant expression came over her face. It went on for a while. Sam’s brows furrowed. Where did she go?

Then she jumped and startled Sam.

“Oh…his sister..friend’s sister….one and the same.” She declared happy to decipher of what Sam said.

Sam’s mouth slackened. What kind of weirdness is this? She looked up and down at the woman incredulously.

How was her being his best friend’s sister be one and the same?

Heaven forbid, did the woman even understand relations? Was she that vacous and dumb?

But her incredulous wide eyes strayed from Lyra’s face to the left side and froze.

Neil was coming down the stairs, but her eyes did not froze at his face but at his attire. He was dressed to impress. The Pink coloured sweater t-shirt and ripped blue jeans made him so hot. His broad upper chest and narrow hips jaunted forward in an attractive walk. His hair was gelled back. The muscles of his forearms rippled through the half sleeves. Her swiveling, observing, moving gaze squinted at something of black ink over the back of his forearm. A tattoo? Neil had a tattoo? Since when?

And really he was dressed for her, Sam’s gaze went to the woman, she had turned around and was staring dreamily at him. Sam felt a twinge in her heart.

He was barefoot and so was she. It was already well past 11PM now, were they going out? Or just came in? Sam thought suspiciously.

It had taken more than the evening for the painting to finish, and Sam had continously checked her phone in between the breaks to see whether if he called her, but he didn’t. No calls. No messages. She already had a salad dinner outside as she wasn’t in the mood to go in the process of cooking and eating.

Lyra fluttered towards him like a butterfly. Sam waited on for him to acknowledge her presence. He sauntered forwards, his face a poker mask. His eyes still didn’t catch hers. Sam kept looking at him as he neared, her back straightened and a slow smile coursed on her lips. It vanished as soon as it came when he moved past her without a care.

Her shoulders sagged, when Lyra tagged now onto his forearm.

“Neil, let’s watch a movie. I want to unwind with you…I’m so tired after all the dancing that we did in the pub.” She said ever so sacharrine sweetly, putting her head on his shoulder.

Dancing? They went dancing? Neil danced? Like dancing dancing?

A quick lucid image got into her mind. Lyra’s hot back rubbing and dancing all over Neil’s front in the pub and his hands going down her hips and pushing her more into his body and………

Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap. Sam’s body burned too much and turned into a flushing of deep red thinking and thinking.

She felt her every cell cleave when Neil put his one beefed up hand on her waist. They walked on to the living room with their hands all over each other.

She stood there staring and staring. Lyra’s flare of volumptious hips were swinging to and fro, her narrowed waist had his hand around it as a possessive brand. They suited well.

Lyra was like every man’s dream.Of course her chest was ample generous. They jiggled each time she laughed or walked.
Sam forlonly looked down at her own meagre one. She had neither such a killing rack nor she had long slim legs. She was all short and awkward. There was next to nothing in her personality that Neil would get awfully attracted to. Of course he would go for women like Lyra. She was independent, a model, and looked as s*xy as hell. Sam could wear such clothes but she heavily lacked the confidence to carry around herself with such ease. She wasn’t flirty, quirky and eye catching. She was just plain old Sam, and Neil would never ever see her like that in such way.

She felt a teenager all over again. They were again back to the past. She bit the inside of her cheek to not wail. He became the Neil she didn’t knew.

Sam walked upto her room, opened the door and moved slowly towards her bed. She slid down on the pink covers in a sag. She threw away her paint bag across the room in a temper. It went flying and hit the wall and slid down the floor in a dull thud.

With humliation burning up her body Sam took hold of the baby pink puffy pillow and beat her fist into it repeatedly.

“Stupid. Idiot. Fool. Arrogant. Rude. Frozen. cold Neil. How dare you ignore me!” She cried out loud, and punched her fist into it with each word, assuming it to be his annoying impassive face.

Her temper doubled at that.

The poor pillow unable to withstand her hard punches, ripped apart and the bits of white fluff circled the air and settled on her hair, face and mouth. Sam sneezed. She kept on sneezing and muttered loud curses for quite a while.


Half hour later of taking a stress relieving lilac scented bubble bath, Sam felt like a human again. She had on a purple nightshirt and pajama shorts. It felt free and airy. Sam sighed heavily as the freezing room heated up when she switched on the room warmer.

She went to the dresser, and combed her wet hair with her fingers. Water droplets fell on the dresser while she hummed in the silence. She licked her lips and and gulped but her throat felt so parched.

Oh, no, she wouldn’t dare going out near the kitchen. If she needed to go there, first she had to cross the living room. And, Sam, not in the chance of hell would go there. Never ever.

She groaned and clutched her hair. Fifteen minutes of more anxious pondering and biting off her nails….

Should I go? Should I stay?

Sam felt ever more thristy now with all the to and fro movements she did all this while. With determined will, she made a decision. To hell with them. Why should she remain cooped up in this corner room because she couldn’t dare to face them? Enough was enough.

Sam turned the door knob and travelled out, and walked into the hall. Her bare feet padded on the all lacquered beige floor. The red painted toes nails of her legs looked too zazzy compared to the dull light coloured smooth floor. All the walls, the furniture was lathered with such tasteless colour. The apartment needed badly of the more brightness.

She hesitated near the living room, but kept walking straight without much looking around. She could see from the corner of the eye, that they were cuddled together on the couch. A movie kept running on the large thirty inch TV.

Sam stuttered in her walk. The Notebook was playing on the screen. Her lips curled and pursed. He was watching a romantic movie with her? Really? Him the great cynical banker Neil was watching romance. Oh my god, this was epic. Sam had to give it to the woman in a praising clap. She had him completely looped around her little finger. He had always fought with her sisters for the remote and instantly changed channels digustedly in a loud grunt if such movies were playing, but this version of Neil she was seeing… was all bizzare and completely odd.

She slowly tip toed on her feet, feeling relieved that she almost reached the kitchen, but that did not happen as she was startled around by too a girlish squeal.

Lyra stood before her again. Her red fiery hair gleamed on her head in waves, she kept smiling at Sam.

“Come on, you took really long, to come out of your room. I was waiting for you. Let’s watch the movie. It’s really romantic.” Lyra husked out, and grabbed Sam’s hand and pulled again.

Sam felt nonplussed at her too friendly an attitude. Seems like Sam had impressed her too much, but how? she didn’t know. Was it because Lyra thought she was Neil’s sister and she thought more of the need to make friends with his family. You know, like gain brownie points. That was stupid. How many times Sam had to make it clear to the idiotic woman that She wasn’t his sister.

“No, it’s fine…I just came here for…” Sam started to explain, but Lyra zoned her out and kept pulling her towards the couch.

Oh Someone, just kill me now, Sam groaned inside. Why was she forced to be a third wheel here. The night couldn’t get more horrible than this, than her seeing the bodilicious woman cuddle onto him. She would rather pluck her eyes out than go through such suffering. Lyra pushed her down on the couch and sat beside to her. She was in the middle. Sam sat at her right side and Neil was sat on the left side of her. He had leaned back in a lazy drawl over the couch.

His head and eyes still did not move towards her. His face was shadowed. The light scruff over his square jaw and the smooth angles and planes of his face was etched in an impassive stolid expression. Lyra had leaned forward and Neil sat sprawled on his back.

Sam willed with her eyes for him to look at her. She stared at him to the side. He didn’t. It was as if she again invisible to him.

The living room was a little cold and she burrowed into the couch more rubbing her arms to get a little warmth into her body.

She looked back at the screen. It was the scene when Noah stays outside of the study of Allie’s parents mansion. He listen’s to Allie’s parents arguing with her, about her being gone all evening outside and spending time with him the nobody. Allie’s mother says that he is a trash..almost three times. Noah looks so broken after listening to the insult. Sam’s eyes started to tear up when Noah breaks up with Allie outside of the house. It was such an intense scene. No matter how many times she saw the movie. It never gets old.

She was startled out of the movie magic when Lyra leaned and whispered into her ear.

“Can you please, make a bowl of popcorn?”

Sam turned towards her and stared but Lyra pleaded with her eyes.

“Please, it’s the least you could do for your brother…” She started to say.

Oh my god, I’m going to throttle her to death today.

“I’m not his sister.” Sam seethed.

Lyra rolled her eyes.

“Yeah..yeah friend’s sister and whatever. He is letting you stay in his apartment, isn’t he?…now scoot.” She snorted out a taunt and ordered her to move along.

Sam scowled at her. Stupid fool of a woman, she growled in her mind and huffed getting up and walking towards the kitchen.

Still glowering, her chest heaving up and down, Sam took out a popcorn packet out of the top shelf over the kitchen counter. She put the packet, containing the buttered seeds into the oven. Adjusting it for a minute, she waited for the flat packet to steam up into a puffy one.

The popping sounds of seeds started to resound the kitchen. She folded her hands under her chest and put her weight on her left leg, bending the knee of the other one to the counter, she waited sighing heavily.

Sam felt someone coming. Ugh! Now what? She didn’t want to see Lyra’s smug face again.

But when she looked around to the side of the door, it wasn’t Lyra as she had expected approaching her but Neil. Surprised too much, she saw him slow walk towards the fridge.

He opened it and took out a water bottle. He unscrewed the cap and gulped down the liquid. His adam’s apple bobbed. Sam gulped too looking on mesmerised. He again did not speak to her as he moved towards where she stood. His furtive eyes slid to hers, and Sam felt a tug of rush to feel his gaze, but he overlooked at her and moved his stare to the oven.

He stood beside of her. Sam could feel him now. His every flex of muscle. His body heat. His familiar spicy cologne. Sam waited for him to speak. On and on she did, but except the popping sounds nothing resonated the walls. Complete silence fell around next when the oven dinged. The popcorns were done. Sam moved forward to remove the packet but he beat it to her as he stretched his hand towards it. His forearm stretched too flexing. The mysterious tattoo on his tanned golden skin almost peaked out from under the t-shirt. Sam breathed out fascinated.

He moved towards the counter, caught hold of a glass bowl. He ripped the paper packet and poured out the sizzling kernels over it. Immediately the air permeated with the heavenly smell of buttered smokiness of the corns.

Sam was really very very bewildered by his silence. It was as if he was mute. What happened in one night that he completely froze her out. The broad expanse of his back muscles bunched and stretched tight the t-shirt.

Neil took the bowl in his right hand and walked slowly towards the door. Did something happen? Did she do anything wrong? Did the last night questioning about his life bothered and irritated him? She felt so incredibily small right now. So deflated and woeful.

He stopped abruptly in his walk, and Sam straightened. He turned around fast, put down the bowl on the counter with a loud bang and walked even more faster towards. He grabbed her hair from behind her head. Sam’s eyes widened at the aggressive move. She saw his eyes go all coal black. The dark stare of his was so heating, warming, clawing, needing, wanting, ripping, and so mind bogglingly intense that it travelled in the air and pierced the layers of her eyes and ripped into her insides… feeling all that, goosebumps rose all over her skin…. and that’s all she could see and feel before his mouth fell on top of hers in a brusing burning kiss. He seem to wanting to brand her, as if wanting to possess her mind, body and soul with it. His frantic rough hands pulled at her waist forcefully deep into his strong hard body. His lips warm and soft went less brutal and more drugging on hers. His hands tightened on her hair, almost tugging back painfully. His stuttering breath mixed with hers as his face rubbed on hers. The light scruff of his light beard itched on her skin, doubling the heated pleasure more running havoc all over her body. He kissed on her lower lip soflty then hard. His lips were wet. Sam’s mind reeled with the affect of it. A disturbing yearn of a pain travelled deep into her skin and even lower the stomach and just as she put her arms around his neck, he pushed away from her, stepped back, turned around and caught hold of the bowl. He popped a corn in his mouth and walked out of the room in a slow easy saunter.

Sam sagged back on the kitchen counter still in a daze. Her eyes unfocussed and mind frazzled she stared at the door. What just happened? Her mind gasped out. Did..he…just kiss her? Her fingers went to her bruised lips. He did, didn’t he?

The goosebumps still did not go. With her composure ripped into pieces Sam staggered back into the living room after too many minutes of bewildering over what just happened.

Lyra looked annoyed and coldly at her. Possibly sensing that something went amiss. But she smiled at Sam sumgly and put her head over Neil’s shoulder in a possessive move, as if showing Sam that he was hers and hers only.

Sam wasn’t in the state to roll her eyes at the woman’s childish behaviour. Her very glazed eyes only stayed locked on Neil’s face. He leaned back, but again didn’t look at her. His eyes unscrutable stayed attached to the telivision screen. He seem to feel her eyes on his face.

His right hand fingers went to his lips and moved slowly to and fro there in a caress, Sam felt her body go instantly into fire and flames looking as his forefinger moved over his lower lip in a slow deliberate glide. She felt it as he was touching her lips hotly with those long fingers.

She jerked and jumped when She heard a very annoyed smoky voice call her out.

“Move out the view. Your blocking the screen.” She heard, Lyra hiss out at her.

With burning humliated face she moved away and walked towards the couch. Sam leaned back glanced up at the screen but nothing appeared before her eyes.

Few minutes later in the daze, she felt Lyra lean front competely. A gap filled in between them. She slipped out of the couch and now sat down on the floor getting closer to the screen. Neil leaned to Sam’s side almost lying in the space created by Lyra.

Lyra kept staring at the screen, totally immersed in the movie, but Sam lost all interest and enthusiasm to watch the movie. Lyra kept munching on the popcorn, zoning out everyone around. It was the climax. Allie had to decide if she should go for her first love or move on with her fiancé. The sounds of the film drowned Sam’s breathing and everything else.

“Oh, it’s so cold.” Lyra murmured.

Cold? What cold? Sam was like a hot furnace, it burned slow and steady from deep of her being and up her body, which in turn made her sweat lots.

From the corner of her left eye she saw Neil’s hand lay in a sprawl over the back of the couch. With widening of eyes she felt him move closer to her side. His hand travelled dangerously closer to her shoulder. His fingers now slid on her neck. Sam gasped out. His fingers slowly pulled at her night shirt. The loose sleeve slid down exposing her skin. His fingers moved all over,rubbing and gliding. Sam was breathing hard now, her chest moving up and down in a heavy strain. Unable to bear any longer, she tried to move away from his laconic, heating and lascivious touch, but his fingers latched onto her shoulder and bit into the skin of her shoulder blade painfully hard. Sam gasped more and looked across at his averted face. His jaw hardened in a lock and ticked and his face got more shadowy. His brows furrowed looking at the screen in an angry strain. The sounds of the dialogues and music coming from the telivision kept surronding the strained silence.

Sam couldn’t move, she reluctantly leaned back. His brows cleared and his jaw loosened it grinding hold and his face softened at her unmovable posture. His fingers went into a whisper of glide again, but she breathed out an affected one when his forefinger moved down her shoulder blade in a languid circular swirl. She bit her lower lip to stop herself from moaning. Down and down his finger went now on top of her br*asts and he stopped there for a beat of a second. All his fingers pulled down and started rubbing a little more firmly on her bare exposed skin. The coldness of the room and the heat of his touch raked a shiver all over. Whole of his hand was now moving even lower almost cupping her br*ast, just then Sam had enough. She sprang up fast and pulled the shirt up and onto her shoulder.

“I’m going to bed.” She squeaked, and turned.

Her feet now rubbery she stumbled on the table lamp, and clumsily hit her leg on another one, and ran out of the living fast. She reached her room in a fast zap.

She moved into the bathroom and closed it and opened the shower over her head. The piercing cold water falling on top of her made her wince heavy, gasp out and shiver, but she needed it. She needed to cool the burning furnace boiling her blood in a simmer. Sam sagged back on the wall.

What the hell was he playing at? Oh, my god! What was that? What was he doing to her?

Half an later, she sagged back on the bed feeling still her body burn anew at the rememberance of his touch. She twisted and turned under the covers. Nothing remained but his burning black eyes and his hot intimacy. Her eye lashes after thousands of blinks later finally drooped down. Several hours into the night she felt the bed dip and a weight get settled behind her. A hard warmth surronded and pulled her back into a tight embrace. She felt familiar touch of fingers creep under her shirt and stayed lock onto her bare waist

Sam unconciously moved back more into the weight as a soft pair of cool lips graze the skin of her neck……


Had improvised the part a little.


Next UP PART—Double Date—-Neil-Lyra….Sam-DeV….MORE OF BREEZY RoMaNCe..


Im havin the hangover of writing too much Nd too long of DT series deze days. Im even talking in sleep about it. Sooooooo idiotic hahahahha.


Sooooooooooooooo, this is the part. I had just a little time and had caught a signal here in my phone so typed out this part in the morning. But did not get the oppurtunity to send it becoz of no network here. But I shouldn’t take my chance loitering n post it soon. All day today was travelling and tomrw too. Sunday is even worse:( cant come on the page. It aint uploading soooooooo sory guys. Only after monday i’ll be freeeeeeeeee. Hope ur liking the update parts?????????

Plssssssssss do tel how do u like this one. R u finding it too long? I cud cut short it but i dont want to:(


So just tired today yaar. Hope ur day was good and evening even more awesome my dear dear dearest lovelies 😀


Song dedication—-Nazdeekiyan from the movie Shaandar.

Til den keeeeeep on smiling and staying happy and ever rockinnnnnnnnnnnnn becoz u guys r just plain fantasticccccccccccc 😀 LUV U 🙂

Credit to: kfar

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