Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 4 Contd.


Chapter-4( Sizzling Breeze)

Sam’s mind and body was so tired that, she couldn’t possibly persue her muscles to get out of the sleepy haze even when the alarm went off. She drew her hands tight on the amazing support of the pillow. Whole of her body was warmed up because of the deliciousness of it. Sam wondered how had she bought a pillow this long. She had her left thigh and half of her legs tangled with it.

Wondering turned into confusion. Her enquiring right hand moved down. Muscles? How did the pillow have muscles. Slowly her fingers moved and froze altogether. Hip bone?

Sam’s eyes flew open and she scrambled off. Her bleery eyes blinked several times. She drew her hair off her eyes with her left hand.

A gasp escaped her lips and she put both of her hands over her mouth to stiffle the surprised cry.

Neil lay sprawled on her bed. A very very almost naked Neil. Both of his hands were on the pillow and under his head. His forearms stretched showing off the strength his toned muscles. Sam’s eyes arrested on the black ink surronding his left hand forearm. Like a band. It wasn’t any design, but something written in a language. What might be it the writing? Sam thought leaning towards his arm more.

He was asleep, his head turned to her side. All of his hair all dishevelled fell on his forehead and covered his eyes completely. Sam’s eyes moved down, To his very toned, tanned naked hairless chest, and her widened eyes moved even lower. To his belly botton and down to his hip bones. He was only in his jockey’s boxer short. Sam’s eyes glazed up.

A second more later of perving over his very hot body, Sam shook her head almost two times and got out of the bed.

She stood there to the left side of the bed, with her hands on her hips, glaring at him. What the hell was he doing here? Correction. What the hell was he doing in her bed? Again.

Neil flopped down on his front and Sam jumped back frightened that he would wake up. He didn’t, instead he settled more in the bed.

Crap. She needed to run. Real fast before he wakes up.

She tip toed on her feet, being as silent as a cat, she reached over her wardrobe and opened it slowly. Her left eye closed and her lips pursed trying hard to open the door without a creak.

With a sigh of relief she took out her usual work day clothes. She glanced across the bed. He was still sleeping. Her eyes glued to the wide expanse of his back, she tip toed to the bathroom. Sighing even more stutteringly, Sam sagged down heavily on the closed door.

When did he get into the bed? And how did she fail to observe that?

Well, next time locking the door, Sam decided firmly.

Half way into the shower, Sam kept shampooing her hair and kept thinking. Where was Lyra? Why wasn’t Neil with her?

In the past while he whirled around hot girls on his arm each month, Sam would feel so dejected and hurt. He did always showed off them as a taunt. Like proving something. Like saying that…’this is my type…not you’ in a jeer. He never cared if they behaved badly with her, instead he revelled in it. Well, he wouldn’t care to say that to even her face then. She was just nothing to him. Nothing at all. She kept thinking how he wouldn’t move away from Lyra when she kept pushing herself at his body.

Ugh! Stop obessessing over them, her irate mind vibrated out.

Sam head peaked out of the bathroom ten minutes later. Her eyes moved towards the bed. She stared. It was empty. She looked around the room. He wasn’t there. Her eyes closed. Good.

She got out of the bathroom, just when she did, the door burst open and Sam was startled around. Neil sauntered in. He leaned by the door and titled his dark head to the side looking up and down at her liesurely.

Sam gulped hard. Her throat hurt convulsing, but thank god. He was bare chest, but, thank god, at least he wore his usual black track pants. One of his hand leaned on the door and the other one into the track pant pocket. The tattoo over his left bicep added the extra hotness to his already chiselled body.

His brows dark and defined lined straight. His lips flatened. The light scruff over his square smooth jaw shadowed his expression. The long beak like nose and the furtive hawk like gaze of his looked back at her cautiously. His eyes all black glittered back at her in an assessment.

The track pants hung low over his abdomen. The hip bones showed eloberating the almost eight pack toned abs of his body. Sam could hardly blink. Something fluttered and flopped in her chest. A slam of a new feeling emerged low in the pit of her stomach. It was the awareness of him. His eyes seem to understand the gleam in her eyes. A pleased Understanding that she was checking him out. An appreciative light entered into his now moving gaze. Sam uncomfortably put her weight on the left leg. She was wearing a black half sleeved top and grey faded denim shorts. She closed her arms over her chest, trying to shield herself from his piercing stare. His eyes stayed heated on her bare thighs.

His eyes more narrowed now caught her eyes and flamed. Sam’s body straightened feeling the heat in those eyes travel into her very core.

“Come here.” He murmured thickly.

Sam’s breathing turned hacked.

Words failed to settle over her tongue, instead she turned her head side to side.

His eyes turned warm.

“Come here, babe.” He said even more soflty.

Sam flustered when he drawled languidly the word ‘babe’.

She moved back in response to his order. His eyes went to her feet and got up back to her eyes. He walked forward now slowly towards her.

Sam stepped back more and her back hit the cool surface of the wall.

He sauntered towards and got closer and closer with each step. He cornered her now. His strong hands caught her waist and pulled her closer to his body. Sam with a gasp could feel now his every hard ab muscle over her skin under her top.

His head leaned down as he moved off her wet hair off her left shoulder from behind. He curled the locks over his hand and tugged. He burrowed his face in her neck and sighed deeply.

“Good morning.” His lips murmured gruffly over her skin.

He seem to have showered too as droplets of water fell down on her neck and rubbed along. Sam shivered. Her body all taut and high strung.

She couldn’t respond as his other surronded her waist and squeazed hard.

His breathing fell on her skin and his body weight leaned more over her front almost smashing her chest onto his.

“I…I…where is Lyra?” She questioned, and Sam cursed herself for sounding so wheezy and out of breath.

Her hands hung down to the sides helplessly.

“Gone.” He replied, sounding uninterested to talk to her except holding her body tight to his.

Gone? Gone where? when did she leave? In the night?

“Where?” She asked.

“Away.” He replied even more curtly.

His rubbed his nose all her heated skin and up her neck. Sam startled tried to push him away and averted her face.

His fingers bit into skin over her waist painfully. His other hand freed her hair and caught hold of her jaw and moved it towards his face. His head leaned back and Sam saw his eyes flash.

“Don’t.” He warned, and Sam froze looking at the black anger written all over his face. His eyes now travelled to her lips.

“Don’t you dare pull away from me.” He grunted through gritted teeth.

She swallowed hard the fear apprehension accumilating in her veins.

He softened his clutch on her jaw and only his forefinger help her chin a little upwards towards his lips.

Sam moved back afraid now. His body leaned on her more along with her but he circled both of his hands over her waist and held her body up into his arms. Her legs almost dangled in the air.

“Neil…” She struggled…”Please don’t…” Her breath stuttered and heaved.

He chuckled darkly.

“Please what? You were intent on touching and exploring my body in the bed. What happened now?” He whispered on her lips.

Sam froze. He was awake then? The devil. He deliberated a fake sleep, didn’t he. Ugh, pervert.

What was he doing? Yesterday he wasn’t even looking at her and now he was all grabby. What’s his deal?

Is it because he doesn’t want to associate with her in public? but why? was she that embarrassing to him? That he didn’t even find himself interested in conversing with her. God, how humliated Sam felt when he ignored her in front of that Lyra the ‘Wily Witch’. He didn’t even correct the woman while she went on and on about Sam being his sister. No, he didn’t. Instead he stayed as mum as a voiceless radio. Calm and uncaring.

Sam glowered up more and felt her blood rushing to her cheeks along with a raising anger colouring more in a heated boil.

She pushed at his hard hands.

“Stop this. All of this.” She said tautly, and he leaned back looking down at her and looked some what surprised by her tone.

“Why?” He asked sounding genuinely confused.

Sam felt a little thrown by his question.

Why? She gaped. What why? was he crazy. Has he forgotten all about what he did last night. Her face flushed more and she bit her tongue for letting out some blasé curse words.

He smiled slowly.

“Why shouldn’t I touch you. Is it making you feel..” He leaned more….”Hot…”He whispered more gruffly hovering over her lips.

Sam tried even more hard to get herself free from his arms at that.

His arms held and caught her flailing hands with his right hand behind her in a lock and over the back, which made her br*asts push and rub against his chest more.

“Calm your feathers.” He stared into her eyes and mumbled.

Calm? Her eyes turned red at that. She would rather scream like hell than being calm.

Sam’s wild eyes strayed down to his arm again. She stuttered to a stop abruptly. She stared at the tattoo once more of his left arm a little fascinated. Something deep rustled in her looking at it. His face leaned into her neck again. Sam squirmed trying to free herself.

“You look s*xy with all this wet hair.” He whispered into her ear hoarsely, sniffing and smelling into her skin again.

His other hand moved up her waist deliberately.

Sam’s breath stuttered at the words told so breathily in her ear and she felt a little confused too at his words.

s*xy? He called her fat, didn’t he? When did she become s*xy to him?

She looked down at his arm again.

She had to stop him.

“Neil…w..when did you get the tattoo on your arm?” She asked, trying to channel the heated touch of his to cool down.

Just as she thought, his whole body turned to stone. His hand stopped its movement of travel over up her waist. His lips seem to thin out over her skin of her neck and under her ear. His naked upper front turned brittle.
He leaned back, but only a little. His lips hovered over hers. His eyes turned more stealthy and cautious. His arms strained together.

His gaze moved all over her face in a slow swipe. Their cool white puffy breaths mingled and became one. He seem to acknowlege something into her eyes as he stuttered his eyes and shut down every emotion.

“A year back.” He replied shortly and quite, his tone very uninviting and curt.

A year back? That’s when it happened, didn’t it? Her eyes turned soft and warm. She felt immediate rush of something tug at her looking back at his shadowed face.

Shw could feel his withdrawal now. Any kind of warmth left his body as he stared back at her, his gaze taking in her expression.

“Wh…what does it say?” She dared to ask next, her eyes slid down to the mysterious words.

It was like some kind of calligraphy.

He let go off her completely and moved back a step. Sam staggered a little.

Both of his hands went into his track pockets. His form got straight. Sam wondered if he was cold at all. His body was all heat and warmth.

His black eyes stared back at her warily and aloof.

“One at a time I said, didn’t I.” He replied softly. His eyes going all black coal again.

His jaw set.

His tone frozing her out yet again.

Before she could say anthing, he turned around to go, but Sam caught hold of his wrist.

His back straightened and he waited a second. The naked back of his glistened golden in the sun rays that kept streaming in from the wide window of the room. His hair half wet settled down in an array.

He turned around slowly, his eyes slid to her hand over his wrist.

Sam turned in closer to him.

“I’m sorry about what happened….a…a year back.” Sam completed the sentence in a hoarse whisper.

Though she wasn’t Manali then, Sam knew a little of what happened. She wasn’t aware of exactly what happened, but she knew some. It was unbelievable. Still she was unsure if it really was the matter. Frustrated at one point she had asked Rohan, but her brother stayed as tight lipped as ever, but the deep dark shadow passing through his eyes whenever she asked about Neil comfirmed her suspicion that something more happened, but what she didn’t know.

Neil’s lips curled up in a sneer. It was kind of a half smile. An unseeing one. Crap. His eyes didn’t catch it, instead a hard glint entered into his now stony black eyes.

His hand curled around her hand and caught hold of it tight. Very tight. Sam gasped a little because the pain. Surprised, her wide eye gazed deep into his bottomless pits.

He pulled hard and Sam’s body collided with his. His other hand again caught hold of her hair from behind her head and tugged and curled around his hand painfully.

Sam flinched and winced. As her head turned up. He leaned down.
He tugged at her hair even more hard and her hand went to his trying to pull away his hold. Her left eye twitched because of the pain and a lone tear escaped.

“Dont go all compassionate over me….” He said softly and all quite, but his eyes changed to freezing cold and unfeeling one, his gaze now travelled along with the tear that rolled down her cheeks…..”You might regret heavily later if you do.” He completed the sentence in a strained voice, letting his eyes settle on hers next, his breath fell on her lips, as he was only an inch away from her.

He pushed her away abruptly and with such force that she stumbled on her feet and fell down on the ground on her butt in a hurt cry. Sam stared up at him dumbfounded.

He stood there looming over her. His face gone all granite, he looked down at her without a glimmer of apprehension over his face about how he pushed her away harsh and rude.

He stepped back, turned around and walked away. The door banged hard and Sam winced at the loud sound. She kept sitting on the floor feeling all flustered and disturbed by his change of behavior.


Sam had locked up the work shop door, the work on a new painting was a failure. Nothing can she do with the paints. She just stood there in front of the canvas staring at the white thick sheet with complete emptiness of eyes. She hadn’t had breakfast nor had lunch.

Every time she thought of him, anxiety rolled and clawed at her belly. She had almost bitten off all her nails in extreme worry.

He pulled her closer. He pushed her away. He took her up. He threw her down. He wound her up and around. God knows what he wants from her. She almost felt like crying as she walked along the lane. She pulled the warm coat tighter around her. She had even wore a monkey cap covering her ears.

The evening was getting dark and more colder. She lane was almost empty. It was already 6:30PM today, Sam was hungry, tired and tensed. A headache was on its way. She sighed and look towards the left side and froze. A man leaned over the wall staring at her. She couldn’t see who it was.

Crap. She walked faster and felt footsteps following her. The faster she walked the faster sounded the footsteps. Danger signals covered her mind in a thick black fog.

She felt the hair raise over her back when a hand seem reach out from behind. Sam broke into a run now. Stumbling over small rocks and pebbles.

Just as the lane ended and the main road came with its bright light and movement of people, Sam almost reached it, but a hand covered her mouth squelching her scream and a hard band of arms covered her waist and pulled her more into darkness and pushed her into the wall.

The hand moved away and Sam screamed with all her might.

“Oh, my god! Somebody please help!” She shouted, and flailed her hands more, struggling in a panic.

She did the screaming for quite a while when a deep burring familiar chuckle froze her. She blinked and looked down at herself and saw that she was free.

She kept blinking and breathing hard and looked across at a bent figure.

The creep was laughing? what? who?

The figure straightened up guffawing loud and Sam eyes widened when through the yellow glimmer of the dim light streaming in the lane from the main road fell on the face of the creep.

Dev? Dev. The god damn idiot.

Sam felt a rushing anger buzz her head looking at his laughing figure. She took her bag and charged at him.

“Dev! you stupid freak! you almost killed me.” She screeched and beat her paint bag over his hard beefed up arm.

“Ow, Woman calm down…Ah shit…” Dev tried to escape from her beating.

“You rascal, Dev. I’m going to kill you today. You scared the crap out of me.” She growled and beat more at his arm.

“Shit, Sam. That’s hurting. What is in that, rocks?” She scowled and glowered at her.

He ripped the bag off her hand.

Sam kept panting and glaring at him for quite a minute.

He smiled wide devilishly at her. His face etched in complete laughter. His green eyes sparkled with humour. He had a dark stubble going across his jaw. His straight long face looked different than last time. More handsome. He was wearing a black leather jacket over a blue shirt and black denim jeans, a black muffler covered his ears and neck. His hands were covered in black gloves. His hair was different, Yes. He cut short the long locks. His left ear gleamed with a silver stone.

His chuckles stopped and he smiled down at her, Sam felt her eyes swam looking at him.

“Come here you big goof. I missed you.” He said softly, and spread his arms.

Sam with her face controted in pain ran into his arms. He held her tight.

“You didn’t call me or even sent a message. I was worried.” He mumbled, resting his head on her head.

Sam immediately felt like beating herself up. How did she forget to call him. Of course he would be worried about her after the incident.

“I’m sorry. It just escaped my mind.” Sam mumbled, in a small voice.

He let go off her and stared down holding her arms in his hands.

“That doesn’t do well with my ego. You forgetting me that easily. I have an impression of staying long in a woman’s mind and….” He went smirking and cocking his lips in an arrogant curl.

Sam covered her hand over his lips for him to stop with the double meaning sentence there and then.

“Ugh! you’re shameless.” Sam let out rolling her eyes.

He grinned handsomely and moved away pulling her arm towards the main road.

Sam frowned.

“Where are we going?” She asked.

He glanced across at her and sighed.

“I need to buy four suits and tie’s to go along with that. I think it was better to tag you along, as you have good choice in clothes.” He murmured in distaste.

Sam stuttered in her walk and pulled at her hand.

“So you weren’t really worried about me, were you? You came to my work shop only because you need help?” She hissed, putting her hands on her hips.

Dev abruptly smiled a laconic one. He moved closer and leaned down.

“I don’t know. Maybe you were as forgettable to me as I was to you.” He whispered mockingly.

Sam stared back at him flatly. A second later she kicked on his shoe covered feet with her heeled one very hard.

Dev moved away muttering curses at her.

“f**k. That freaking hurt, you crazy woman.” He said groaning and bending down.

“That’s what you get for frightening me.” She smiled sweetly, blinking her eye lashes coyly at him and moved past him.

He stared back at her slightly surprised and leaned up.

His eyes narrowed and he prowled at her, Sam’s eyes widened and she squealed running away from him.

“That’s what I get, huh? You just poked in on a sleeping lion. Now you’ll see the wrath of Dev.” He roared dangerously, his face all humorous he chased her around.

Sam laughed hard at that.

“You a lion?” She jeered incredulously….”You don’t even resemble a domesticated cat…”Sam laughed, a belly clenching laughter and ran faster to escape his tickle attack.


Sam tagging along with Dev reached high end lane. They stood at a lane of the Central Park of Manhattan. They entered into posh looking store. It was the Docle and Gabbana store.

They walked along the men’s aisle.

“Dev, are you sure you have…” Sam asked uncertainly looking around the smoothest of a floor and brightest of a large chandelier hanging down from the ceiling in caressing wonder.

Dev looked down at her and smiled.

“That if do I have the money to afford such a place.” He completed the sentence softly.

Sam smiled back but only a little, worrying that he did indeed couldn’t afford this. It was going to cost him a bomb.

Dev pulled her towards the suit aisle.

“Yes, I have. Don’t worry, Got heavy bucks selling a few paintings. I need to look good for a tie and suit party this week….So…yeah..” He muttered and frowned tilting his head looking at a purple coloured shirt covering a mannequin.

Sam too leaned in to staring critally at the bright colour

“So, what happened to Sia?” She asked….”You went out with her for quite few weeks than you normally do.”

“Eh, she was a frigid b*t*h.” He replied very dryly and Sam froze.

She felt anger burn again at his lazy too chauvinistic reply.

She took her bag again and hit his shoulder, he wasn’t prepared for her attack so he stumbled back.

“Just because a woman isn’t giving it to you, doesn’t mean that she is frigid and god stop with the curses.” She glowered at him feeling her face heat up.

“Swear to god, Sam. One more time you push me with that f**king bag…I’m gonna bury that ugly bohomie thing three feet under the earth.”He glared back, rubbing his arm wincing in pain.

Sam snorted rolling her eyes at his irritated face.

“As if…you can only try.” She shot back and Dev grinned down at her abruptly…”And have some respect for women at least.” She muttered shaking her head and moving along an aisle of only shirts and ties.

Dev followed her.

“Hey…I do respect women…but one week into the numerous dates she still wouldn’t kiss me..whatever the hell should I make of that..”He replied, and put a light pink coloured shirt over his chest and looked down at her expectingly.

Sam tilted her head to side and observed it. She nodded her head in a negative.

Dev sagged back and put the shirt back into the hanger and took out another.

“Well, maybe she liked you and was looking for a serious relationship.” Sam reasoned, picking up a navy blue shirt and putting at his chest.

“I wasn’t looking for a relationship, Sam. Just a hook up.” He smirked.

Sam scowled at his attitude but looked down and smiled. Dev too glanced down at the shirt and raised his eyebrow in appreciation. He put the shirt over his arm and moved to a tie aisle.

“And what girl could resist my charismatic charm, huh? I tell you, Sam, she was a lesbian.” He concluded arrogantly.

Sam groaned heavily.

“You men are impossible.” She gave up trying reason with him.

Dev looked down at her smiled.

“What do you know about these things. You’re a Ms. Goody two shoes…never getting out from under your papa’s protective wing. I bet you didn’t even get a chance to kiss…” Dev taunted, but Sam slapped his chest with a matching deep ruby coloured tie, equally matching pants and another white crisp shirt.

“Shut up, and go try these on, and you owe me a dinner for this.” She ordered him curtly.

Dev took the clothes and looked back at her in a smile.

Sam smiled too thinking of having a large dinner. Her mouth watered and her stomach growled in hunger, since she skipped all meals today.

“Sure.”…..”But we are splitting the bill.” He concluded smugly.

Sam lost her smile and scowled at him. He only chuckled and walked away to the trial room.

Sam again started looking around for more of few shirts to match his physique, but a message vibration of her phone pulled her attention to her bag. She took it out.

Her eyes froze over looking at the name.

A message from Neil.

Her heart started beating and skipping fast. Her pulse beat rapidly and her breathing turned heavy. She flipped the phone.

—“You weren’t wearing a bra yesterday night.”— The message said.

Sam’s eyes bugged out. She stared at the words. A slow curl of heat travel to her cheeks. The skin under her shoulder blades burned thinking of how he touched her. It burned hot the imprint of his touch on her neck.

What the hell…

She jumped again when her phone vibrated again.

—-“I don’t see you wearing one now too.”—-

Sam gasped out reading the message. Her hand went to her down to cover her chest and she instantly look around frantically.

Crap. Was he here?

She typed hurriedly reply.

—where are u?—

A second later of anxious wait. Her phone vibrated a reply.

—you’re with the douche bag again—

Sam’s lips curled and her face heated up. Avoiding her question again. She flamed up more thinking of his black eyes and angry face.

—-He is not…that..”Sam hesitated in typing but concluded with the same question again and sent it…..”—and where are you?—-

Had he been observing her all the time, but Sam couldn’t spot him anywhere around the many clothes aisle.

Only a second later the reply came.

“You still can’t curse and bad mouth, huh, babe?”

Sam could imagine a slow smile coming to his lips while typing it.

Sam’s nostrils flared and twitched. Her lips pursed and later curled up.

A message came again.

“Do that again with your nose and lips and I’ll kiss you.”

Sam stared feeling a blush cover her face and neck. A hot flush rose all over her skin.

Another message arrived.

“I bet the pink flush would go all the way down, huh? What if I kiss you on each and every part of that porcelain creamy skin where it spread…”

Sam felt a rush down all over her stomach. She covered her face with her hair as she leaned her head down.

Another message came spiking her heart rate more and more. Sam felt she would die of heart failure now.

“That wouldn’t help. I can feel you get hot and bothered…”

Sam could hear his deep gruff, low, husky voice vibrating into her body. She could feel his heat, his hard body and his heated breath over her cool skin. She could feel his hands and fingers digging into her flushed flesh. She could feel him spread all over het body. She reeled with the heady affect it.

She looked around again more desperately.

Where was he?

“Looking for me?” A new message read.

Sam stopped looking around and stared at the message abruptly.

“No.” She typed out a retort.

The reply came instant.


Sam scowled imagining his one dark left eyebrow raise down at her patronisingly as his lips would twitch and quirk up a little at the corners.

She almost typed out a reply when a couple turned into the aisle where she stood, Sam didn’t look up but tried to move away, but a pair of thin elegant hands caught hers and pulled.

Sam finally annoyed looked up and froze.

A pair of green shining and dark black mascara filled eyes smiled back at her. Lyra was standing there, with her curvy body wrapped in all red dress sleeveless dress, which only reached to her thighs, leaving her long toned tanned legs bare. Her feet were covered in a sparkly equally red Jimmy Choe pencil heeled shoes.

Hair was more fiery falling over her bare shoulders in easy waves she moved back and chuckled.

“Oh, dear me. I’m finding you everywhere, amn’t I?…hah, I wonder if you’re stalking us.” She said ever so sweetly.

Always smiling bright with the dimples deepening lovely into her cheeks.

Sam moved back but her eyes now settled on a pair of lazy drawly black eyes staring back at her flatly. Lyra had her hand locked around his blue jacket covered bicep. He had on a white sweater t-shirt under it. Grey faded jeans and expensive matching shoes.

They came for shopping then? For what? Sam’s eyes froze looking over at their shoulders. They just came out of an inner wear area, the red and black see through lingerie decorated on the mannequin near the glass window made Sam’s heart splinter a little. Her eyes dimmed out. He went there? With her? To shop for her?

An image of Lyra trying on those itsy bitsy bits and showing it off to Neil came flashed into her eyes.

Crap and hell. An immediate hot burning pierced her eyes.

Sam drew her eyes away and stared back at the smug woman’s face.

She folded her arms under her chest.

“I wasn’t stalking you.” Sam replied in a small voice.

She desperately needed to run from here and find a dark corner and cry painfully.

“Hey, Sam…I don’t think this white shirt is my size…” Sam heard Dev deep voice travel into her ears.

He came around from behind her and froze abruptly.

His body turned hard and he straghtened a little looking at Neil. His eyes travel to the side to Lyra.

Neil looked away as if bored out of his mind.

Lyra in turn stood firm and looked him up and down with smoky liesure interested eyes. A smirk played at her lips still looking at Dev.

Seriously? My god. Sam wanted to gag looking at her wandering eyes.

“Well, well, you weren’t stalking then…” She said, her tone turned a shade warmer, as her eyes still held Dev’s flat stare.

“Shopping with your boyfriend?” She questioned curiously.

Sam did not expect that. She sighed wanting to hit the woman…always trying to slap relationships at Sam’s face. What’s with that?

Dev turned to Sam with a raised eyebrow. He frowned and slid his green gaze all over pale face. He looked down at her thoughtfully and moved his eyes to Neil’s averted face and stayed for a second. He tilted his head to Lyra’s enquiring eyes and he smiled a lazy wide s*xy one. The woman blinked back at that. Sam rolled her eyes inside her head. Expect Dev to let out his charm again, but she squeaked when he spread his arm over her waist and pulled her to his side.

“Yeah, she is.” He agreed to Lyra, and Sam stared up at his face shocked.

What the hell?

From the corner of her eyes she felt Neil’s head jerk to their side.

Sam tugged at Dev’s jacket. He looked down at her, leaned and smiled.

“Play along.” He whispered.

Lyra stared at the two of them curiously and a little wide eyed.

“Oh, goody, you two should come to dinner with us. Let’s chat up about how you two met.” She jumped happily, looking at Dev expectantly.

Sam felt that this was all going out of her hand. She half smiled at Lyra and looked across at Neil hesitantly.

His jaw was locked hard and twitching. His body seemed frozen and his equally black hair gleamed in different direction. Sam could feel angry vibes coming off him in waves. His stare though wasn’t at her but at her waist. On Dev’s hand. His eyes blistering caught her frightened ones and stayed locked. Sam gulped hard at that sizzling heat written clear in his eyes.

Lyra tugged at Neil’s hand.

“What do you say, Neil? Wouldn’t it be nice if we go for a double date. It’s so exciting only thinking of it.” Lyra went on smiling happily and fluttering her made up eyes, her red berry full lips spread wide.

“Sure, why not.” Neil muttered low, his eyes still held Sam’s stare.

She felt Dev hand turned her face towards his.

“Don’t be afraid. Everything will go great.” He whispered, looking into her eyes reassuringly.

His eyes moved to the side and narrowed. Sam turned around saw Neil and Dev staring at each other in silence.

Crap. What was happenning here?

Lyra twirled around and pelted out details to a uninterested Dev.
Sam unable to believe what just happened just stayed glued to the floor unmoving.

After the pair disappeared off the aisle, Sam punched hard at Dev’s shoulder.

“What the hell is wrong with you? Why the hell did you do that?” She blistered at him angrily.

“Whoa! Stop it.” Dev annoyed caught her hand and glared down at her.

“What should I do, when you were staring at them like a forlone kicked puppy. God, even a godzilla would have felt pity looking at those sad doleful eyes.” He cried out even more irritated.

Sam rearranged her face. Humiliation burned her body. Was she that apparent in her feeling?

“I wasn’t sad.” She mumbled in a small voice.

Dev snorted. His eyes sparkled untrustfully at her words.

“Yeah…be grateful that I just saved your embarrassed ass.” He said dryly.

Sam glared back and hit at his arm again.

“You’re an idiot…I don’t even have a dress now. You should have at least asked me.” Sam ranted feeling anxious too much.

Dev’s eyebrow raised in surprised.

“Asked you out for a date?” He enquired confused.

Sam felt like throwing something at his thick head.

“Agreeing to go on a double date without even a blink of an eye, you fool.” She hissed out getting seriously pissed off now.

He grinned and moved her along a different aisle.

“Come on, don’t sulk now.” He tried pacifying her in a soft voice.

Sam sagged back.

“Where are we going now?” She frowned looking at the women’s clothes aisle come into view.

“Buying you a dress.” He explained and tugged at her hand.

“’s fine…you don’t have buy me a dress just because…”

He stared at her flatly.

“What are you talking about?” He asked frowning down at her, and he grinned abruptly….”You’re paying for it obviously…how did you think otherwise..” He muttered with a smirk.

Sam gave him a droll stare. Malicious idiot.

He ignored the look and took out a black hot short number from a hanger and put it on shoulder.

His head tilted to side observing critically.

“Yes…this will make you look s*xy rather than you looking like a teenage kid. The usual hiding your body with baggy clothes won’t work on this time…… if you are wanting to gain that loon head’s attention Make him stew in jealousy.” He stated.

Sam stared at him incredulously.
How did he?

Dev looked up into her eyes and smiled a little.

“What? How did I know, right? It’s god damn obvious you staring at him like a creepy stalker.” He shook his head frustratedly at her….”And please, try to stay cool and uncaring next time. Don’t give a shit. Don’t look around mooing over like an innocent kitten.”

Sam’s lips pursed and her face went taut.

“I’m not a creepy stalker.”

Dev chuckled low huskily.

“A super cute creepy stalker then.” He murmured and pushed her into the trial room throwing the dress on her face.


Sam got ready hurriedly. It was already 9:48PM. When she came into the house tip toeing her way into the apartment, it had been already 8PM, and to her reilef not a soul was in the hall.

She straightened her wet frizzy hair repeateldy many times. Her fingers burned.

“Ow..ow…ow..” She danced on her feet blowing at her bruised tips.

She curled her hair over her head in a roll.

Ugh! Why did he even agree to this facade. Sam was going to kill Dev after tonight. She glowered up more putting on lot of mascara in her eyes, blushing her cheeks and putting on foundation cream more under her eyes and all over her face. A deep red lipstick coat over her lips spread her smile more. Next she put on a pair of silver stud earrings, a silver stoned bracelet around her hand. A watch in another, she carried a clutch.

She got into the backless dress somehow tugging at it. She moved over to dresser and gasped. Her shoulders were bare and her thighs were totally on display. The black shimmer dress held tight over her chest and waist. Sam turned and gasped even more. The deep of the beck dived down too low.

Shit. Sam bewildered feeling anxiety creep into her. She needed to change.

To hell with this all, she looked like a classy act. Nothing of her glimmered back. With a shake of her head Sam tried to remove the dress down her chest, but just then the door burst open and her hands dropped down.

Lyra sauntered in wearing all red again. But this time it was a long sleeveless gown.

Sam turned around trying to spread her thinned out lips into a smile.

“Oh,” Lyra looked up and down at her….”Nice.” She smiled coldly at her.

Sam ignored the look and complimented back.

“You look…” She looked all over at het hair and down to her feet…”Nice too.” She clipped and moved towards the door, in her silver cinderella shoes.

She almost collided with the door when it moved and she fell forwards almost but got saved by as two band of hands steadied her by holding her waist tight. Sam froze looking at a black shirt covered chest. She hesistated as her hands clutched his shirt.

Sam very hesistantly looked up but her body locked up, when Neil’s gaze settled in a frozen stare at her thighs and chest and all over the dress. He kept staring and staring as his hand tightened on her waist more hard.

Sam moved back feeling uncomfortable. Was she looking bad? She tugged the dress down her thighs.

His eyes strayed to her hand, but his gaze turned truly impassive now.

Neil’s head leaned down his brows strained together though.

Lyra moved forward.

“Oh, Neil. Doesn’t she look nice? I know not much lovely, but it’s enough I guess. She needs to dress up a little and look at least attractive. As, At least to match upto to her hot boyfriend, you know.” Lyra’s voice came tauting from behind her.

Neil’s eyes turned more cold and glittered hard.

“I suppose.” He murmured, his lips curling looking down at her once again.

Sam eyes stinged in humliation hearing the tightness in his tone and at Lyra’s b*t*hy attitude.

The woman smiled more widely and tugged at Neil’s hand. He stared at her swimming eyes some more and moved out of the door.

Sam settled her nerves and determined her will. Fine. Let him think what ever he wants. Sam wouldn’t care tonight.

She passed the door more confidently and reached down tp the car.

Dev stood there waiting leaning back onto Neil’s Limo. He straightened when he saw her. He froze looking from to her toes to up her body slowly. His face wiped off any expression for a second. He shook his head and smiled, but it dimmed out when he saw her face.

He came up to her. He wore the suit she chose for him. Blue short, cream coloured suit and pants. She smiled a little. He cleaned up really nice.

“Well, you look ghastly.”He cleared his throat and whispered, hugging her a little.

Sam rolled her eyes and let go.

“Thank you for making me feel even more good.” She bristled sarcastically.

Dev smiled a strained one.

“What got you sour?” He asked.

Sam sighed.

“Nothing let’s go.” She smiled more freely looping her hand into his.

Dev leaned back and stared at her with a little pride in his eyes.

“That’s the spirit.” He whispered back.


Four of them moved towards the dinning area of a cozy corner of a restuarant. It wasn’t much thronging with people.

Lyra cat walked towards a dim lit dinning table. It was almost invisible and thorougly out of the little crowd area. It was lacquered with red walls and red tiled floor. Decorated antique lamps were swamped on every nook and corner of it.

Sam got inside to the couch type leather sitting. A large table seperated the small cushioned couches.

She was surprised when Neil got in beside to her. Even more surprised when Lyra and Dev settled opposite to her. Sam felt bewildered.

Maybe it was kind of a candle lit dinner with dinning partners sitting opposite to each other, but still why Him beside her? Sam glowered.

Dev smiled across at her. Lyra leaned front and caught Neil’s left hand. Sam’s right eye twitched at that.

Ugh! how much of this does she had to bear now.

Dev and Lyra took the order. Neil ignored everyone and leaned back lazily. He seem to zone out completely zoning out everyone.

Sam frowned looking at him sideway.

Soon. Their ordered hot pipping soup arrived.

Sam’s mouth watered looking at the red bowl, and she leaned front taking the spoon in her hand.

“So…” Lyra broke the silence, she glanced around and moved closer to Dev….”When did you two meet?” She asked, sipping on her soup.

Dev smiled a little looking across at Sam.

“Well, we met two years back when….” He started, and Sam tried to concentrated on his drawly voice when just then she felt a warm rough hand settle on her bare thigh.

Sam’s eyes widened and she spewed and caughed hard on the soup.

Dev frowned and leaned towards her offering immediately a glass of water.

“Are you alright?” He asked with heavy concern, and she saw Lyra narrow her eyes at her.

“I’m good.” Sam croaked out hoarsely.

She felt Neil’s fingers move up her thigh slowly. Sliding. Grazing. Whispering. Moving in circles with his thumb and forefinger. Deliberating a reaction out of her. His rough finger nails scratching her skin creating heat curl and circle all over her body.

Sam looked across at him. He leaned down swirling the spoon in the clear corn soup with his left hand thoroughly uncaring and unaffected.

Sam clamped her thighs together tightly. Something low rushed into her body attacking her skin again in goosebumps.

Lyra again pulled Dev’s attention to her.

Nobody seem to know what was happening under the table. Neil’s hand clamped her thigh trying to seperated her leg. Sam couldn’t move the spoon. Her appetite left flying altogether. Breathing stuttered out more, she tried to moved away to the side but Neil moved closer too. His face averted, he looked too keen and interested listening to the animated coversation of Dev and Lyra. The two seem to struck a cord.

Sam slid her left hand down and tried to removed his hold on her upper thigh, but he grabbed her fingers and clamped both of their hands together on her skin.

The waiter removed the soup bowl and replaced them with starters. Everything seem to free flow. Dev time and again glanced at her but she only smiled and mumbled a few monosyllables to his enquiries. Lyra coldly ignored her and smiled both at Neil and Dev, She glowed more happy to be the centre attention.

Neil pulled her dress up more with his hand and moved dangerously close to her inner thigh and up to her panties. He scratched her skin with his fingernails lightly, creating a heavy fog and buzz to settle in her mind and eyes.

His right leg clamped with her left one.

Sam couldn’t move an inch. She was froze, while he went happily eating away the fried sea food starter. Her food left untouched.

Dev glanced down at her plate.

“You not hungry?” He enquired with an eyebrow raise.

Sam tried somehow to smile.

“Not really.” She mumbled.

Dev shrugged uncaring and emptied her plate into his with a smirk.

blo*dy idiot.

Sam scowled even turning her head to Neil.

She pulled at her hand more firmly, but he wouldn’t budge. She pushed her leg hard on his but seem like they were made of iron.

His hand abruptly let go off her thigh. Sam sagged back on the cushioned couch a little, but she pushed front with a gasp when his hand settled on her bare back.

Dev’s head jerked to hers. He glanced at her face annoyed.

“What’s wrong with you?” He asked her irritated.

Sam breathed out looking down at her plate. She shook her head and glared back at Neil. He had a small smile playing at his lips. His hand settled on her back, but it looked like he lay his hand at the back of the couch kind of chair. It wouldn’t look odd to others. God, he was sleek.

His fingers moved hot to the side of her arms moving up and down to the dent of her lower back, Sam clamped her hand tight in a fist on the table. She could feel his touch move aside her dress and trying to touch the side of her br*ast.

He pushed close to her, their seats darkened in the corner when the lights dimmed to candle light orange hue. The thick bone shivering cool of the night cut and hot needles blast on her skin. Lyra was talking in her throaty voice about how modeling was very difficult these days and Dev kept nodding his head agreeing with her.

Dessert arrived soon. Dev’s and Lyra’s was plain vanilla ice cream fruit cake. Both of their dessert was served in a plate. Neil’s was mint flavoured ice cream served in a round glass and Sam’s was red fruity cremé brule ice cream with fresh strawberries strewn and decorated over it.

Sam anxiously popped the berries into her mouth one by one. Not really chewing but keeping in her mouth just like that to relish the bursting flavour.

Lyra suddenly stood ready to leave for obviously the lavatory as she caught her purse along and Neil leaned front abruptly.

“Sam, you will be coming?” She asked coldly and turned around without waiting for her reply.

Oh thank god. She nodded her head fast and tried to get up but Neil’s hand dugged into her waist from behind. He pulled her body closer to his in a tight grip to his moving front a little and shielding his hand. Just then Dev’s phone ring.

He looked down at it frowning. Dev sighed and got up.

“I have to take this call.” He said a little distractedly and turned.

Crap, Dev, don’t abandon me! Sam tried to catch his eyes with her pleading ones but he turned around already walked away leaving her alone to her fate.

Neil pushed her deep in the couch, his face burrowed in her neck.

“f**k, was waiting when the two would leave.” He hissed in her skin, as his hand went back holding her upper thigh tight.

Sam gasped as his light scruff scrubbed on her skin when he placed a wet kiss on her bare shoulder.

“Want to rip this dress off your body into pieces.” He murmured huskily..”Did you want to tease me and shred my control wearing it, you little devil?” He murmured gutturally, and Sam closed her eyes backing away from him.

She tried to pull his hand away from her thigh, he let go and moved his hands in a slow swipe over her arm and clamped their fingers together tight in a lock.

Sam moaned out. He kept kissing all over her neck and moved up to her ears and breathed in hotly.

“Does he make you feel like I do.” He panted gruffly burrowing his face more into her neck.

Sam’s tongue turned into lead. Her breathing went laboured.

He turned her head to his face with his other hand, his black eyes blazed into hers.

“I will ruin you for other men.” He grunted loud and his mouth fell on hers.

He kissed her not brutally like yesterday but much more softly. Kissing her in the corners first. His lips softly touched hers. Sam clutched on his shoulders and tried to move but he pulled at her hair and kissed her hard now. His breathing hacked and stuttered hot on hers, mixing with hers, entering into hers, havoking wild her heart beat.

“Open your mouth.” He whispered in a gruff pant on her lips.

Sam closed her lips tight.

“Open your mouth, babe.” He panted more, his voice hard as brittle.

Neil pulled at her hair hard and she gasped. His tongue took advantage and intensified the kiss. The straw berry rolled in between as he took into his the fruit.

He pulled back.

“I bet you don’t pant for him like you do for me.” He whispered more harsh and kissed her more fiercely than before and bit into her full lower lip a little hard with his teeth, sucking and licking the wound in repair. She could taste her blood and his minty wetness, all around inside her mouth.

He pulled back from her abruptly moving far off to the other end of the couch. Sam reeled to the side. He leaned front averting his face from hers completely. His face was etched in an impassive mask as he chewed a little. He wasn’t panting anymore but looked as cool as a cucumber.

She saw from her dazed out eyes, Lyra come closer to the table hurriedly. Sam pulled down her dress from up her thighs and set right her hair.

Lyra sat down on the seat smiling across at Neil. She seem to have touched up her make up.

She immediately caught hold of Neil’s hand.

“My poor baby, I left you all alone, didn’t I. I promise I will make it up to you.” She leaned on the table and whispered huskily.

Neil pulled back his hand and leaned back not replying at all. Lyra frowned at him looking to the side at Sam suspiciously.

Dev came sauntering back slowly. His eyes caught Sam’s disturbed gaze. He froze narrowing his eyes, she blinked hard trying to wipe out the daze off her mind. She couldn’t for the love of it smile back at him.

Dev’s face ashened as he walked back and sat down in his chair. His gaze left and settled on Neil’s face cautiously. His features wiped off the cheery look.

“So, Neil?” Dev tilted his head and leaned back.

Neil’s head raised at that. His attention arresting on Dev’s casual expression.

“How was the strawberry icecream?” He asked breezily with a smile.

Neil leaned back uncaring.

“It was good.” He replied curtly still chewing slightly distracted.

Dev’s eyes flashed as he looked down at Neil’s melted minty ice cream and then at Sam’s empty glass.

Shit. Don’t do this, Dev. She pleaded him with his eyes. He ignored her, rather enjoying himself immensly at her predicament.

“I thought yours was mint.” He asked hardening his jaw, looking assessingly at him.

Her face burned up and Neil’s lips twitched understanding her complete humiliation.

Sam hurriedly broke in before Dev could go on more.

“Uh…he…he took my glass…as…as I couldn’t eat it..and…” Sam flustered up.

“And I took it from her.” Neil completed her lie nonchalantly in a low drawl….”No big deal in it to make a hue and cry about.” His tone hardened, his lips ever so small a smiling, a sneering twist of lips at Dev’s challenging eyes.

Lyra’s bewildered gaze cleared as she looked down at Sam half empty glass and lack of strawberries. She froze Sam with her glacial look and glanced back at Neil a little annoyed. Her red lips thinned out and her cheeks paled.

“You have still a bit of strawberry stuck on your lip, Neil.” Lyra cut in annoyed, and she pulled out a handkerchief and tried to wipe it off from his lower lip.

Neil caught her hand and pushed it away. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Lyra kept staring at him in heavy confusion.

Sam felt like an idiot in all this. She got up to leave for the lavatory. Dev leaned back staring back at her in question. A sly smile played at his lips. What’s with him? She thought.


She got out of the bathroom and went towards a smooth marble white corner sink of the numerous similar lined ones. The large mirror and the bright light reflected her red face. She looked hot and flushed up, like caught a heavy fever. Her lower lips cut and she gasped looking at it. Her tresses were falling back in her face in a mess from top of her bun. It had loosened when he grabbed her hair tight. Crap. What must have she looked?

Crap. Crap. Crap.

That’s the reason Dev was smiling maliciously at her. Sam groaned out loud and closed her eyes. Damn, What had he turned her into.

The door of the lavatory opened and Sam’s eyes tired moved moved the person who entered in.

Sam turned around in a gasp.

“What the hell are you doing in women’s lavatory?” She breathed out surprised.

Neil bolted the door and Sam’s eyes widened at that. He walked towards her in all his black suited glory, looking all like a hot model as if posing and sauntering for the camera……


To Be CoNtINueD…..

Next up part—- The Accusation and IMmense hurt….


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