Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 3 Contd.


Chapter-3 (Breezy)

Sam was sat in the middle of her bed, her right hand resting under her chin, legs folded together, she stared front in complete bemusement.

Neil was putting back the thrown clothes one by one, off from her bed and into the wardrobe. The star pendant gleamed and so did the gold chain from around his neck while he bent down. The corners of her lips lifted a little while looking at that, but she bit her lip and tamed the smile.

He looked back at her, and she pointed at a few of her tops that remained left on the bed with her eyes. His left eyebrow raised at that. His hair was all wet, maybe with the shower he took. He had changed into fresh clothes. Red t-shirt and grey track pants. He had barged into her room just as immediately when she got of the bathroom. He closed his eyes in relief and glanced around the mess still on the bed and grunted in displeasure.

“Use the oppurtunity well, because it wouldn’t come again.” He said, his tone all dry.

Sam didn’t reply but just smiled inside.

“It looks nice on you.” She mumbled.

His head jerked, and his eyes snapped back to hers sharply.

“What?” He asked, with narrowed eyes, like as if daring her to say that again.

“Nothing.” She stared now, a little scared.

Geez, it was like walking on egg shells talking to him. She didn’t know when and at she says that he loses his temper.

“Good.” He succinted, and went back to his business.

Of course he knew what she was talking about. He was behaving as if she didn’t give it to him or he didn’t take it. He hadn’t wore it immediately but when he hurried into her room, she saw it hanging around his neck so beautifully. The pendant added to his ever dark charm. His left eyebrow lifted when she glanced down at it, he looked down and slid the chain under the t-shirt.

Sam rolled her eyes at him. Yeah yeah, whatever, Mr hot head.

His hand froze on a small box that he had thrown on the bed earlier mindlessly in his anger. His bent posture became stiff, and Sam frowned and moved her gaze to at what he was staring at.

Her eyes widened immediately, and her back snapped straight.

The box was filled with her Victoria Secret’s inner wear.

Sam flung forward and caught hold of the box and put it behind her.

It burned her face and heated up her body, but abrupt tingles ran all across her skin when he blinked, stared into her eyes. His gaze, in a slow drawl moved down to her chest and stayed there for a heated second. Sam instantly put her hands across her front shielding herself from his eyes. His gaze now moved down, and Sam felt like she would combust. She had changed into pink pajama shorts and shirt.

“Stop it! Stop looking at me like that.” She hissed annoyed, stirring on the bed uncomfortably.

His eyes snapped back to hers.

“Like what?” He asked in slow deliberation, as his hand caught some more clothes, and he went back to sorting out her wardrobe.

Like she was his last meal, as he kept staring at her with such force of hunger.

“Like…like…that.” She stammered, her arms still banded protectively around her waist.

Neil closed the wardrobe door and leaned back on it, he tilted his head to the side and slid down his black orbs all over at her body. He ignored her stuttering.

“Are you….wearing any of those now?” He asked, his voice turned low and rumbly.

Sam stared, her eyebrows snapped together in confusion then the folds cleared from her forehead as understanding dawned on her. Her cheeks fumed hot and bloomed pink.

Was he flirting with her again?

“I..that’s a very inappropriate question and I’m generously letting it slid by..only this time though.” She flustered up, as a shot of thrill run down her spine looking at his leisure play of eyes.

“Really?” He mocked, sliding forward a little.

“What happened to your girlfriend?” Sam turned the direction of the conversation into something else very affectively in a haughty move.

Yes, Where the hell was she? That lady long legs? Why wasn’t she moving around the apartment wearing teeny tiny clothes and being the vacous herself hanging by his arm like a love sick puppy, Sam glowered in her thoughts.

His brows furrowed and he looked a little thrown at the question, and at the change of the conversation.

” Girl friend, who?”

Sam stared at him stupified. Goodness, how many women had he trailed after his back.

“The model?” She asked in complete averseness.

His face cleared instantly and the corners of his lips lifted up, but just a little.

He moved forward and slid down on the bed, laying his back on it. Both of his hands rested under his head now.

“Why do you ask?” He asked, his eyes smiling a warmth, the lines and features of his face looked drawn and weary.

Sam felt a deep guilt claw at her, thinking how frantic, down and done he looked staring at her while she was at the vile place all alone and scared out of her mind. Her eyes had welled up immediately when she saw his hunched down figure on the ground.

“I wasn’t asking.” She replied evasively, avoiding to show any speck of interest in his love life.

He raised his body on his elbow, putting his head on the open palm, he moved closer to her. His other hand almost touching her leg.

“Then, what are you insisting at?” He asked again, his eyes settling on her bandaged left hand.

Sam followed his gaze. A large glass piece had pierced her skin below down her wrist, she winced feeling the pain now.

She saw his hand catch hers, he moved her forward as he observed the cut in a critical angry silence. His large brawny hand and fingers made look her hand so small and thin. He could snap the bone into two by just holding on to it tight. His jaw set now, and the green veins on his wrist came out into her vision more clear now.

“Does it hurt?” He asked gently.

Sam tried to retrive her hand feeling something stir in her ribs looking at his dark bent head over her arm. His breath falling on her skin of her wrist warmly.

He looked up finally waiting for the answer.

“…I…It doesn’t hurt that much.” She lied, sliding a long lock behind her left ear.

He smiled now, just a left corner lift of his lips. A light scruff appeared around his jaw in just about a day.

“Liar.” He stated, his tone caught her lie very easily.

“I don’t lie.” She slid away her gaze from his stare, annoyed at his observation.

“You do. Pretty often.” He moved forward, his hand removed the lock from behind her ear….”And when you lie…you do this.” His hand now bent down her body, his face now very close to hers, as his forefinger circled the lock around it.

Sam stared surprised a little. Yes, she did it, a nervous habit that wouldn’t go, but how was he aware of such a little moment she didn’t know.

But, he wasn’t looking at her, he was rubbing his thumb and forfinger together, as if feeling her hair and the silky strands was very interesting than talking to her.

His eyes stopped caressing her hair as they moved up, but his stare still didn’t catch hers. They settled in a displeased frown over her neck. Sam’s other hand unconciously went to the feel the little cut, but she froze when he caught hold of her hand. His fingers touched her skin and she winced. Sam tried to stiffle the sudden burn and sizzle over the cut she felt.

“Doesn’t look deep.” He whispered looking a little relieved.

“Yeah.” She whispered back, her gaze stuck at his hand, his fingers gliding down her neck.

His eyes caught hers finally, his hand travelled up her cheek. His fingers reaching her forehead.

“Does it hurt here?” He asked, but didn’t press his fingers, instead they glided to remove the hair that stuck there.

“No.” She replied, and stared at his now burning eyes, but she couldn’t hold his gaze any longer and moved back like a spring.

As soon as she did, a deep clawing burn attacked her whole back and she cried out in pain unable to withstand it anymore.

Sam cursed herself and bit her lower lip, but the instant she jumped, Neil slid up on his hunches sharply.

“What? Where does it hurt?” He asked, his eyes moving and gliding in an inspect all over her body.

Sam moved back and sat straighter, her legs knocked on the left side, her fingers bit into her other arm.

“It’s nothing. It doesn’t hurt any where.” She replied hastily, trying to cover up the pain with a watery smile.

He stared at her, and then he scowled irritated.

“Don’t be a fool. It’s hurting you somewhere…”He said bluntly, his eyes tried to penetrate through the layers of the clothes she had on to see where it hurt her, his gaze arrested on her tilted snap straight figure.

“Is it your back?” He asked, finally getting the answer with her remained silence.

God, he could figure out everything about her in just a second, couldn’t he.

“No!” She cried out defensively equally irritated as he was.

His eyes narrowed at her tone. He moved closer and Sam moved back on the bed. He caught hold of her shoulders and arrested her movement, but his hold on her was ever so gentle, fragile and soft, like as if she would break into pieces if he handled her rough.

He moved behind her and Sam tried to move out of the bed.

“Don’t move.” He warned her, and his fingers caught hold of the edge of her T-shirt, that’s when Sam’s eyes widened, and she tried to push out of his hold.

“Lift up your shirt.” He ordered, his breath falling on her neck heatedly.

Sam’s mouth hung open a little.

“What?” She asked incredulously, not believing what he just ordered her to do.

She gasped out.

“How dare…” She tried to turn around, but he kept both his hands on her shoulders firmly.

His back almost touch hers, as he moved his lips to her ear.

“Get your mind out of the gutter. I just want to check.” He whispered, and Sam felt her ears turn red at that.

Oh, right. What was I thinking again?

Her shoulders sagged down.

“I wasn’t thinking anything.” She replied glumly, like a sulky child.

“Right.” He whispered, his tone full of amusement.

Sam made a face at that, but she froze and her eyes stayed open, when his fingers lifted up her shirt slowly. Her heart slammed front in her ribs.

Cool air hit her bare skin making it hurt more.

An immediate string of heavy curses followed suit as soon as he seem to see the cuts. Sam felt the need to laugh at his very harrassed and aggravated tone.

“You think this is funny?” He asked her angrily, and Sam lost her smile immediately.

“It doesn’t hurt that much.” She offered to pacify him.

His body turned stiff at that. Uh oh.

“Doesn’t hurt, all shit. You’re cut every where. Why haven’t you asked the medic to look at your back.” He raised his voice, as he vibrated with a pitching temper.

Sam sighed tired.

“Neil, please, don’t shout at me now. I’m tired.” She said forlonly, trying on a new tactic to bring his anger to a calmer level.

There was a second of silence, and he seemed to bring her play a second more later of bristling.

“Fine.” He sighed, his tone still sharp, but Sam celebrated the little victory in a happy cheer.

But it was short lived.

“Where is the first aid box?” He asked next, still glowering a little.

“I….I can do it myself…you don’t have to…”She started to say, but he cut her off brusquely.

“One try is enough, babe. You shouldn’t take the chance again.” He warned, his tone implying that he got her there too.

Sam fumed silently. Hell, was she an open book to his eyes? Or was he that experienced with women and their behavior? Whatever it was between the two, One for sure is, he was damn good in observation.

“It’s in the bathroom. Top right shelf.” She replied demurely.

He heard it and got out of the bed and walked into her bathroom, he came back a minute later with a red plastic box in hand.

“Lift up your shirt and lie down on your front.” He instructed, his face an unscrutable mask.

Sam stared at him and gave him a look that said ‘as if I will’.

“I can do it myself.” She replied firmly, folding her hands under her chest.

He stared back just as placidly.

“Your hands are small. They can’t reach your back.” He drawled, his tone all dry.

Sam’s nostril flared and her eyes flashed, glaring at him.

“Excuse me, Are you implying that I’m short?” She hissed.

His head tilted to the left side, and his gaze went all over her form in a lazy swipe.

“I don’t have to imply. You’re short.”

Sam’s mouth opened and closed like a fish, her face turning a shade dark of a crimson. She flustered up, unable to believe at the level of his cool arrogance.

“I’m not short.” She cried out more defensively.

He smiled now. A full one. The dimple on his right cheek came along deepening into his skin, making him look much less tired now. Sam stared in wonder, but it snapped when he muttered next such tasteful sarcastic flat toned words.

“Keep telling that yourself.” He said, the smile faded away from his lips just as immediately as it came.

“Now, lift up your shirt and lie down on your front.” He repeated a little low, in a very serious voice and his eyes narrowed too at her stubborn air of nonchalance.

“How many times do I have to tell you. I can do it myself.” She replied even more haughtily than before.

He glowered at her now, his body going more straight on the ground, his jaw kept ticking, he prowled forward and Sam gulped hard. Uh oh, she managed to poke at his anger more.

“Swear to god, Sam. My patience is really thin right now and I’m only seconds away from shredding that shirt into thousand pieces, if you don’t do just as I said….”At his tone now turning dangerous, Sam plonked face down on the bed.

Her face turning bright pink.

“Good.” He sighed, pleased immensely with that, and Sam felt like throwing a vase at his mental head.

He seem to move his feet towards the bed, it weigh down when he slid into beside to where she lay.

With each anticipated passing second, Sam felt a heat curl around her skin. His fingers again lifted up her shirt and moved up. A cool breeze passed, and she felt his fingers hover over the wounds.

She heard a rustle as he removed the lid of the box and he seem to take out a bottle next from it next.

“This might sting a little.” He said, his voice turned in a low murmur.

“Yeah.” She breathed out.

A quick dab of a cotton and a cool solution on the lower back of her skin, made her hiss out in pain.

“Easy.” He whispered, and blew on it, and instantly Sam’s eyes flew open, when his cool breath hit her skin. Tingles ran all across her body, making her toes to curl.

Sam breathed heavy, closing shut her eyes tight when he dabbed a spread of the cold solution up her spine. He blew on her heated skin again. Sam could feel it going over her body like a warm drizzle of honey. The smell of the solution and the feel of his breath blowing through lips on her skin, mixed and made a delicious mix of warmth and touch travel through her every nerve and cell. Sam gasped when his other hand fingers touched her waist and moved up.

He dabbed the cotton again to the left side of her upper back. He blew on it more than a second now. Sam stiffled a moan with the acute pain of the snappy sting on her skin and gasp out in other feel when he blew again in a hot whisper over her burning skin.

“Alright now?” He asked, his voice turned almost very gruff and husky.

“Yes.” She whispered, her voice coming out breathy and affected very much.

A whisper of deep silence continued on, but it remained like that only a minute.



“Does it hurt now?” He asked.

His forefinger creeped up her skin, moving in circles over the sides of her waist. The movement raised goosebumps all over, as she breath out now in loud pull of sighs.

“..No…”She replied, her eyes almost glazed up.

She felt him move his body over her skin, but he was careful not to touch her. His lips soft and warm slid on her earlobe. His breath falling over her neck.

“Then, baby, slid down your shirt.”He whispered, a hot glide of tone into her ears.

Sam’s eyes flew open again, but not in pleasured awareness of his warm skin on her now cool back, but in penetrating flush she felt on hearing the amused words.

She sprang up and away, her left uninjured hand slid down her shirt in the process, in a zoom of fast flash. Her face burned up more as her nostrils flared in anger at his now grinning face. The white even teeth showed a row of perfection. A smile that could melt any girl into a puddle. She scowled at him in irate annoyance. He was only a mere inch away from her body. His face real close looked really care free and unshadowed. The lines softened as a real laughter got into and around his eyes.

He chuckled when she flung back the dishevelled tresses off her shoulders.

Just plain amazing. Sam was glad that she could make him laugh at her clumsy predicament, she thought in sarcastic bite at herself. He was making a fool out of her, as by making her feel things.

But when he glaring fell on his right brusied fingers and knuckles, Sam gasped out.

“You’re hurt too.” She said out loud.

The chuckle and the slow smile died away, he frowned and glanced down at his hand.

“It’s nothing.” He said, and curled his hand in a fist, his tone putting aside her concern in a total uncare brush off.

What’s with that? Why does he always snap back from a little show of worry towards his well being by others?

Sam grabbed his hand and uncurled the fingers slowly, carressing the abbrazed skin and wincing a little seeing and feeling the dried blood.

“It’s not nothing.” She whispered, and pulled at his hand.

She looked up and saw him frowning at her.

“Come.” She said, looking deep into his black shining eyes.

His face cleared off the frown as he stared at her lips and then at her eyes. They both got on their knees on the bed. Sam moved back catching both of his hands into hers. He moved forward, just an inch. His breath fell on her lips, he was looking down too, as his face almost touched hers. His breath. A minty pull of refreshness into her just open mouth.

Sam got out of the bed, still her hand in his, she lead him to the bathroom. She pulled him to the pearly white wash stand. His front hit her back, as she pulled his wrist from around her waist and to the tap.

The water gushed out.

“This would sting a little.” She whispered, his earlier words, but he didn’t reply, instead he moved his body more into her back. His face leaning on her right shoulder.

The water fell on his fingers and knuckles, Sam flinched, but he didn’t. He stood like a marble stone, unmoving and feeling less.

Sam washed his bruised hand carefully, sliding the cool water through her open palm on his skin, but still he didn’t jump, wince or hiss out in pain.

Sam took the small rectangular cotton cloth from the hanger and dabbed a little on his hand. She slid up on her toes, his other hand rested firmly on her waist, under her night shirt, on her skin, while she did. Sam took out an antiseptic gel from the top cabinet.

She removed the cap of the tube and applied slowly the gel over his rough knuckles. It didn’t seem to affect him at all. Not a twinge or sting or anything.

Sam frowned and titled her head to the right side. His face right there, as his chin rested on her neck. His eyes catching hers and locking into an intense connecting stare. Her eyes stared surprised at the wonderful softness that creased his features. It unnerved her. He almost looked sweet. Nothing remained as a memory but his this face. It locked into a distinct memory now in her mind. The look. His loving look.

“It doesn’t hurt?” She asked.

He sighed and burrowed his face into her hair, he pulled in a deep breath.

“Nothing does.” He whispered, his lips moving on her skin. His arm now folded in a tight hold over her waist and around her middle.

“Why?” She asked again, curling her other hand over his and joining into an embrace over her middle.

He kept taking deep breath. Hot and warm ran his sighs over her skin, letting again to start the delicious tingles spreading all across her body.

“Why what?” He whisper asked.

“Why doesn’t it hurt?” Sam manged somehow to ask through her own deep breaths.

“It just doesn’t.” He replied more evasively than before, and Sam felt a deep frustration rise up in her veins at his mysterious answers.

“Neil.” She insisted again, pursuing more to know why it doesn’t hurt him. Hurt anything of him.

“Let’s just sleep.” He mumbled wearily into her skin, his face still burrowed, his lips still attached on her skin of her neck warm and hot. His hand tightened more around her waist pulling her back more into his warm hard body……


To Be Continued( Breezy)


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To clear the confusion about Before Dawn….There are three Mishra sisters in my DT series. Gayathri(eldest), Shaina (the middle one) and Radhika, the youngest. BD is about Shaina and in da future parts there is a kind of loop between them. Wil be writing Gayathri’s story too, haha and also Rohan’s (he is Sam’s big bro in my story) with other titles but DT series only….but wil start der stories kinda later. Dont want to confuse u guys with my random pelting of stories, haha. Im almost like boring u all wit my sleepy talk, amn’t I???? Hahaha.


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