Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 2


Chapter-2 ( Drunk Neil )

Sam was floating in the white pillow of cloudy sleep, her eyes closed shut, completely out of consciousness. The sweet dreamless slumber was healing her tired mind.
A distinct dull thud was vibrating the pillow of her deep sleep. It stop and started again. It disturbed her. The dull thud changed into a loud banging. It knocked quite heavily on her ears and mind. Sam winced by the sound of it.

Her eyes blinked several times, her head on a pillow and her hand resting on the bed to the side. There was someone banging on the door. Quite incessantly that too. Bleary eyed Sam looked at the digi clock. The time 1AM, in the morning.

Aww, heck, who the hell was it? Sam thought annoyed.

Sam leaned up on the bed and drew back the covers. Her legs slid down on the smooth red tiled floor, she removed the hair from her face and yawned quite heavily.

The banging continued on, making her wince again.

“Alright, alright, I’m coming…knock it off, geez.” Sam said out loud, annoyed.

She got up and walked towards the door, swinging it open.

Sam’s annoyed gaze froze, her body went alert and sleep left her altogether from her eyes, as and when looking at the person.

His hands on both sides of the door.

Her mouth opened just a little, looking at….

A very drunk Neil. A very drunk dishevelled Neil.

And the shocker was.

A very drunk smiling Neil. Sam’s sleepy eyes momentarily blinded by seeing straight shiny teeth peaking out of curved lips.


What happened to ‘I’m always pissed off with you’ look. What’s with the smile. Her head jerked back, when the smiled turned into a grin.

Alrighty now, he was creeping her out.

He was wearing same grey suit as the evening, his hair shooting out in different directions, it looked like he had been pulling at them in frustration. His tie came out loose. The white shirt, one part it was out of the pants.

God, he was a mess.

“What are you doing here, Neil?” Sam asked tiredly.

He had insulted her too much in the night, and now he was here again. Drunk that too.

He didn’t reply but just kept smiling. His eyes unfocussed, quite heavily affected by god knows how much alcohol he had consumed.

Sam sighed.

“Look, I don’t want you to…” She started to say, but he moved forward unsteadily and pushed her aside, and walked into her room. Or tottered for that matter.

Sam gasped. The nerve. How rude.

Sam followed him.

“Hey!” She cried out. ” You can’t barge in like that in anyone’s room or personal space.”

He looked back at her, his face smiling, his hair all mushy, his manner all…weird.

“It’s my house. It’s my room. Can do anything I like.” He replied, his voice a little slurry, gruff but strong nonetheless.

Sam fumed folding her hands on her chest.

“It maybe your room, but I’m staying in it….so, please leave.” Annoyance coloring her tone too much.

Her brows furrowed when he fell back on her bed, on his back.

“What are you doing?” She sighed, irritated by his antics.

“Sleeping.” He replied.

“What happened to your room?” She asked, her hands still folded over her chest.

“Stairs. Too many.” He sighed and closed his eyes getting comfortable on her bed.

Then, his eyes flew open and he frowned at her.

“What are you doing there standing? Come back to bed.” He announced huskily, his eyes sleepy. His face looked too tired.

What did he just say? Her inner voice asked.

“What?” She asked again, trying to understand if she heard him right.

Both of his hands moved up and he rested his head under the palms. The shirt moved up and his hip bones showed, strecthing out his toned golden abs.

Sam felt something flutter inside of her.

“Come back to bed.” He said huskily again, smiling so handsomely, that Sam had gulped hard by the way he looked on her bed.

Hot, hot, hot devil.

Sam shook her head and gave an ‘are you freaking me’ look to him.

“I don’t think so.” She replied, still standing in the middle of the room, with her hands folded in front, her hips cocked to the right side.

Sam saw the smile vanish out from his lips. His stare on her got intense.

“Come back to bed or I’ll make you.” He said gruffly, his voice a no nonsense and completely serious.

Her anger knew no bounds now.

Who does he think he was? The abonoxious idiot.

Her eyes narrowed and her chin tilted up. Her lips thinned out.

“I would like to see you try.” She taunted him crisply.

Neil took that look in, his eyes recieved the challenge. He leaned up leisurely, got out of the bed, all the while not letting his gaze saunter away from hers.

He stood by the bed, and very slowly shrugged of his coat.
At that Sam’s body straightened. He loosened his tie completely, took it off and threw it down.

She blinked at him. He then removed the golden cufflinks, throwing them on the table. His slid the sleeves of the shirt up his hands.

Mesmerised Sam looked on the movements. What the hell was he doing?

When his hand went to pant, she cried out.

“Whoa! What are you doing?” A gasp escaped her lips.

He paused, his eyes still held hers, then again he went back to his business. He removed the belt.

She averted her eyes. He was thorougly on the motive of getting her out of the door with this. God, he was literally strip teasing. Right infront of her.

“Look, please..I don’t know what..” She started to say, but when he walked towards her, Sam stopped dead on the sentence.

“What are you…” She asked frowning, when he moved real closer.

He bent down and caught her waist and swept her off the floor, carrying her like a sack of potato over his left shoulder.

A shocked sqeaul left her lips when he did it. Her mind completely melted at his move.

Then she came back from the haze and beat her hands on his back. Her face bent down over his shoulder and back.

“Neil, you, Neanderthal! Get me down!” Sam shouted, and beat at his hard back more.

God, was he made of stone. Nothing hurt him except her fist.

Neil ignored her frantic body movement.

She shouted and shouted, but he didnt care and walked forward.

But her shouts turned into a loud gasp when he swatted her body with the palm of his hand. Hard. Ow! It stung.

“Shut up or I’ll make you shut up. With my mouth.” He warned her, his voice sharp.

Sam face heat up red to a deep beatroot shade. Totally shocked and flustered hot by the burning she felt where his palm landed harsly on her behind, also deeply mortified by his words. Both of his liberal moves on her body shocked her.

She didn’t know what to say.

He walked to the bed and threw her on it unceremoniously, Sam tried to escape but he fell on top of her before that.

“Get off me.” She hissed annoyed.

His body weight was heavy on her soft ones. He locked her up putting his hands around her in a circle.

Sam struggled. Ugh, this was the second time in twenty four hours that he was doing this. Getting on top of her

Neil grinned wide down at her.

“Not so fast, baby.” He said slurrily.

Sam pushed at his chest with her hands.

“What are you? A caveman? Oh, no, he would behave at least some sort of gentlemenly than you.” She snapped up at him.

Neil seem to not hear it, his gaze was down at her hips.

“These shorts are too short.” He declared annoyed, looking down at her body.

She opened her mouth to say something when he cut her out. He wasn’t going to listen.

“This tank top is too short.” His voice now rumbled out a growly tone.

His fingers bit into the flesh of her waist.

His gaze sliding all over her chest and down to the her hips again.

Sam squirmed under him uncomfortably.

His shadowy face lined now in a fierce scowl.

“f**king, tease on a candy stick.” He grumbled more.

His eyes settled on her hair spread on the pillow.

He caught the hair strands and smelled it.

“I like the volume of this black shiny hair. Want it spread all over my skin.” He murmured hotly.

His voice vibrated into her body. Her chest attached to his. The words so heated were making feel crazy things.

His eyes slid up and caught hers heatedly. A little annoyed, a little not his self, a little unsettled, a little less controlled, now his stare fixed on her lips.

“Do you often dress like this for other men. In the bed?” He asked, looking up into her eyes., his voice deep gravelly.

Sam sighed, shaking her head a little.

And he was back to square one. Since when and how did he conclude that she struts around random men to her room and bed? Couldn’t he see that she had zero social life…let alone her going out often with anyone. His opinion about her would never change. No matter how hard she tries. It was going to be the same thing with him. Repeating and repeating and frankly Sam was fed up thinking about the ways to explain him that she wasn’t as that sort. But, what the hell, he wants to think like that about her for eternity? Hate her all his life? Fine by her.

“It’s night. It’s my room. Nobody comed and goes. And I could wear anything I like, to go to sleep….Alone..” Sam dragged the last word, trying hard to get him the indication and make him leave.

But, he ignored her yet again. His body still laying on her. Warm and cozy.

“One should be enough for you. For this…” He said looking deep into her eyes, and then sliding his eyes to her body, travelling it slowly down and up..

Sam felt the need to eyeroll at his drunk talk. But the intimate way he was touching her and talking so freely with her in that soft murmuring voice was affecting her too much. Her skin heated up too.

” I would be enough for you. I would make it enough for you.” He growled now on her lips.

Sam froze as his words registered into her mind. She stared up frozen at his black eyes. They were dilated. His breath, she took into her, through the lips. Her heart stuttering at the way he said the words.

Her squirming hands clucthed onto his biceps now. A minute passed like that. Only the sounds of their breaths broke the silence time and again.

Then, the moment broke, as he moved off her completely, Sam stared into the empty space. He slid on the bed beside to her mumbling on slurringly.

Sam slid up and looked down at him. What did he just say? She blinked at his drunk figure. His eyes closed. Circles appeared under his eyes. His hair fell over his forehead. A dark five O shadow of beard over his jaw. A light beard.

Though, he looked wiped, he somehow managed to look still very very handsome.

She sighed and got up, looking at his feet still covered in shoes. Sam slid out of the bed.

She went towards the foot of the bed and bend down, removing his shoes.

His eyes jerked open at that, and looked down at her second. He grinned abruptly.

“Going down on me already. We haven’t even got done on the foreplay.” He said smirking, his tone hinting at the double meaning.

Sam’s nose scrunched up.

“You’re disgusting.” She whispered.

He smiled more and Sam removed the socks too, and got to go out of the room. Sigh, sleeping on the couch today.

But she was stopped dead when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Not again, she closed her eyes and turned around.

“Where are you going?” Neil asked thorougly annoyed.

“Outside.” Sam muttered, looking on flatly at him.

“Get in the bed.” He ordered brusquely now, all the humour leaving his body.

“No I’m not.” She hissed, finally losing it.

Neil’s stance got dangerous as he got real closer to her almost dwarfing her with his body.

“You know I can make you do whatever I want. Now, don’t piss me off. Get. In. The. Bed.” He enunciated the last four words in a slow snap of a tone..

His face got real closer to hers. All irritated and annoyed, then it cleared and a smile spread on his lips, as his hands settled on her waist pulling her closer to his body harsly.

“Unless, you want to do something else other than sleep.” He whispered, lowering his tone to a more gravelly and husky.

Sam breath stuck in her throat and her eyes dazed a minute. Then she closed her eyes and she huffed lots.

“Ugh!” She mumbled out.

Drunk, teasing, joking, smiling, grinning and a flirting Neil, was what she didnot sign up for tonight.

He chuckled as she turned cursing heavily. She got into the bed and under the covers huffing and fuming.

What’s the use of arguing, when he would pull her off the couch too or where ever she went to sought sleep. He would again throw her over his shoulders and Sam didnt want that. She was tired too much as she needed the sleep.

Sam took the four fluffy pillows and put a row of them on the bed, seperating them.

Neil got into the bed, looking on amused at her and the pillows. A light smile still attached to his attractive lips.

“Don’t cross it.” She warned him, with a stare.

His head already on the pillow, his body turned to hers to the left side of bed.

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it.” He replied, with a light in his eyes.

Sam stared at him untrustingly for a second, he looked at her, his face all innocent as an angel. Oh, how wrong it was. He was the very devil. A hot looking devil.

Sam turned around the other side in a huff. She didn’t want to face him. She drew the covers up and closed her eyes.

Almost immediately, her droopy, opening and closing eyes finally settled down. A sigh left her lips as she was falling into a deep slumber

Around somewhere at that time, she felt a hand slid around her waist pulling her to a hard body in a spoon. The arm circled her from behind. Lips fell on her shoulder and neck. A face burrowed itself warm into her skin.

Sam stirred restless, but stopped instantly when she heard a very sleepy gruff voice mumble something in her ear.

“Sleep, baby.”

With that Sam slid deep into a slumber, surrounded by a safe cocoon of warmth filled arms………


Next up part : Neil’s Desperation……..


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