Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 2 Contd.


Chapter-2 (Nightmare)

Sam had been quite deep in a sleep. Her conciousness going in and out. A rustle and a thud. A grunt and a moan of a deep throated pain, flew her eyes open in complete panic.

She scrambled up unfocussed and a little disorientated. The hair of hers falling over her eyes. She slid the locks behind her ear urgently.

A loud gasp escaped her lips, when she saw Neil.

He was…..God…he sweating so profusely. A thin film of it spread all over his skin. His body was jerking, vibrating and tensing on the bed. Both of his hands grabbed the sheets in a tight fist. All the blue veins rippled out from everywhere, his arms, his hands, his wrists, his neck and his face.

His face….Oh god…his face…so red. All of the blood in his body reached into it. His eyes shut closed tight. He was squirming. His face now becoming blue leaving the crimson to fade away. What was happenning to him?

He was having a fit? No, it didn’t look like one. It was something else. Something more horrifying than that.

He wasn’t breathing. Pained moans and grunts escaped his lips. Sam stared on paralysed. She couldn’t move for the love of it……

“Neil!” She cried out, but he didn’t wake from whatever it was.

Oh god, he was going to die, if he didn’t breath. Sam, you dufus, do something, her mind vibrated with it.

She looked around helpless, and slid out of the bed. Her frantic stare caught on a glass of water on the table beside the bed. Sam grabbed it, turned around and threw all the contents over his face.

God in heavens. He wasn’t waking even with that. In fact, it even made it all worse now.

His body was dying out at the movements. Oh lord….

Sam moved on the bed and got on top of him. With her legs on either side of his waist she sat on top him.

She put her forehead and on his. Her eyes watered looking at him. She gasped surprised at the coldness of his skin on her warm ones. Oh, no.

“Breath.” She whispered.

Her face in his. Her breath falling on his pale lips.

“Please, Neil. Don’t die on me.” She cried a little, a tear fell down from her left eye and onto to his cool skin.

Her hands rubbing all over his arms. To bring a little warmth to his body.

Her hair spreading all over their faces, shielding him from the penetrating cold. Her front totally attached on his chest.

Just as immediately, when her tears fell on his face, his eyes flew open and stared. The next moment after that, her breath got knocked out so hard that felt her teeth chatter because of it, as Neil rolled her down, and got on top of her body instead.

Sam stared shocked up into his face. He was awake. He was awake! Her mind chanted on in a joy. Oh, god, he didn’t die as a new film of a sheen covered her eyes. Her nose and cheeks stung hard and she bit hard inside of her cheek to not bawl all over him in a mess.

“f**k! Are you alright?” He half asked and half growled. His eyes a new charcoal, a different shade, that she didn’t recognise, slid across all over face, as his hands searched her body, touching her every where to make sure…….


Next up Part : Nightmare a Secret….

Alright, so had a little time, haha, in the night, was dying to write NeSam Part…so came up for a bit to write…


Forget what I said about love in fantasies or whatever got cranky a bit thinkin of a memory. Haha, sorry…:)


Song Dedicatn to all lvely girls : Love me as you do….
A fantasticcccccc song and also Ishq WaLa LOVe..dedicatn also to my lovely Ardhika and NeSam….yaaar 10:30 ka slot missing…so long hogaya show bohot yaaad araha hai dears..

Credit to: kfar

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