Billionaire Banker and The Chirpy Beauty (NeSam-DT2) Chapter 10

Chapter-10 ( Everything )

“Ah, excuse me, but you need to sign the contract to work for us.” The mouse like looking woman, called her back.

Sam was happy and smiling. She was amazed. Flabbergasted and surprised to the core that her paintings got sold. Ah, and the contract. Whatever, her work was finally getting recognition, why the hell would not she sign it.

“Oh, alright.” She agreed readily and signed the papers as directed the woman, without much actually looking at the lines.

Sam bid her good day cheerfully and she was about to open the door when the woman called her back again.

“Ah, but you have an oppointment with Ms. Rayla Davis this afternoon. You’ll find her at the beach house restaurant. It’s just across the street here and…”

Oh, the same restaurant that Sam had worked there for a day. Yeah, and she gave up on it by the evening. She couldn’t deal with the crazy customers. Waitressing wasn’t really her job. She had almost tripped on everything.

Sam frowned wondering at the name. Rayla Davis. Hmm, where had she heard the name. It sounded really familiar.

“Yeah, I worked there and…”

“Oh, well, then it wouldn’t be a problem for you to find the place.” The woman smiled coolly back at her, and bent her head to the register.

Sam stared at the woman bemused. Alright. She was dismissed.


Sam was incredibly late for the appointment. The woman who bought her paintings had left already by the time she reached the restaurant. Sam could go back to the gallery but then again she decided against meeting the condescending woman. Sam thought of going back once she starts on another set of the paintings that she was in a contract with the gallery.

Sam dragged the luggage around the narrow aisle. She huffed and puffed making way into the small one bed room flat. It was on the first floor and amazingly in the budget. If pappa would know that she was making ends meet here, he would surely make her come back. Money wasn’t actually a problem since her childhood. They didn’t have some. They had big money. But the thing was, Sam had enough being treated as a delicate china doll. She wanted to live on her own and feel satisfaction of earning her own accomadation. Now she knew how much effort it took to get it on her own two feet and she never want to let go of the feeling. It was beautiful. The hard work she put on the new paiting it was well worth it.

The result of it was, she earned a living and her own place to stay. Sam sagged back on the small bed and sighed heavily. The first day on the beach and she was already tired and haggard. Ah, whatever, there is still tomorrow for sightseeing.

She closed her eyes and because she was so done for the day sleep came immediate and delicious.

New place. New work and now she waited for the new morning with a smile on her face in her sleep.


Sam woke up with a jerk. She felt anxiety rise all over her skin. It heated up her body and she sweated profusely again.

What was that? She breathed hard.


Neil came around the glass wall and whirled around explaining the new budget plan for a pub that he planned to open around the Delware Beaches. The concept was new and refreshing and he had enough extended firms but this was something he had made on a whim.

So immersed was everybody that they failed to observe a large something flying across in the air and onto the glass hard.

Suddenly the glass broke behind him with such voilence and sound that it created mayhem around the frightened employees. He drew down and shielded his face. Some of the broken pieces stuck to his wrist. He breathed hard as the shock of it shook him entirely. All the employees came rushing towards his bent form. Neil moved away from the concerned and questioning employees.

His wild eyes caught something on the floor. It was crumpled up paper wrapped around a fist size stone. Neil moved fast and looked down the second floor. The street was empty except a few company people.

Neil frowned and bent down to lift up the stone. He removed the paper and unfolded it.

His eyes narrowed looking at the words written on it.

“You Did Wrong And You’ll Pay For It.” Neil read out the capitalized words.

He drew up and peered down around the first floor.

Who would cross the company wall and do something dangerous like this? He looked down at his bleeding wrist and frowned.

His forehead cleared after a second.

Somebody who wanted to hurt him bad, the answer came immediate around his mind grimly.


Sam walked down the lanes and started wondering about the money that was running out of her hands fast. It wouldn’t be long before she would become competely broke. God, she needed to find some part time work. She heard footsteps sounds behind her. Something prickled her neck and she whirled around.

Her eyes darted across the street in searching but her forehead crinckled finding none a person around. Sam gulped hard. Since she came here she hadn’t had the feeling of safety at all. She felt like someone was there. Always. Watching her.

Suddenly an orange blur darted across her vision and Sam panicked.

“Oi, you seem new around here, eh?” A voice gruff travelled closer into her ear and she jumped around in a scream and pushed her fist into the face of the person.

“Oh, f**k, that hurt.” The man grunted and moaned putting his hand on his nose.

Sam’s frightened eyes moved all over the bent figure of a very good looking young man. She frowned looking at the buzz cut hair style and down to his body. He was wearing an orange half sleeved t-shirt and black ripped jeans. His left bicep was covered in a dragon tattoo. He had on a ear stud and looked sort of kind of harmless. He was around 5’9 and very very toned and tanned.

“What the hell, girl, you almost killed me.” He grunted in pain glaring across at her with a scowl etched across his clean shaven jaw.

He looked like a surfer. Maybe he was judging by the deep tan of his skin.

Sam felt immediate guilt hit her. She bent down getting out a tissue from the denim short pocket.

“I’m really sorry, you surprised me. I wouldn’t have hit you otherwise.” She smiled and offered the tissue.

His eyes deep brown glanced across at her hand then at her eyes. He grinned suddenly and took the tissue and stuffed it into the bleeding nostril. Sam winced at that. Damn, she really hit him hard, didn’t she.

“I bet being that hot and carrying around that rocking body, you need to be careful, yeah.” He grinned teasingly again.

Sam blinked at his words. Oh, he was forward. She flustered up and he chuckled and got up.

“No worries. I like your pluck. I forgive you for being gorgeous.” He muttered and flung large arm around her neck and made her walk with him as if they were long time buddies.

Sam’s left eyebrow raised at his over friendliness.

“Are you this forward with every girl you meet?”

He looked down at her and winked smiling.

“No. Only with beautiful ones.”

Sam laughed shaking her head.

“God, aren’t you lot of charming with all the compliments.” She muttered sarcastically, and removed his arm from across her shoulders.

“But, it wouldn’t work on me, Player. Better luck for with the next girl, yeah.” She smiled and patted his hand.

He shrugged.

“I could try.” He muttered back smilingly.

Sam shook her head and moved forward to change lanes but she stopped when he called her again.

“Oi, Are you looking for work?” He shouted from behind her.

Sam’s eyes widened. Of course, she needed work. Badly.

She turned around frowning.

“Yeah.” She muttered shortly.

He came around her run walking.

“Well, are you any good around the kitchen?” He asked.

Sam looked down at the basket of groceries he had in his hands. She was surprised to find lot of fresh produce of fruits and veggies in it. He wasn’t a surfer then. Perhaps a cook?

Sam looked up.

“Sort of.” She replied.

His eyes narrowed and he seemed serious suddenly. He hefted the basket in one hand and extended the other towards her.

“Roshan.” He muttered.

Sam blinked and looked down at his hand and up into his eyes.

She shook his hand after a second.

“Sam.” She introduced herself.

He smiled and his face all tanned and handsome lined into complete warmth.

“Sam, you just got a job as my assistant.” He smiled wide and shook her hand vigorously.

Sam blinked rapidly.

“What?” She asked surprised when he pulled her along with his long strides.

“Whoa! What are you doing?” She asked still a little bewildered by his energetic bunny attitude.

“We’ll be cooking for a large dinner tonight. I need help around the cutting and chopping.” He said fast and rapid.

He leaned down into her face and grinned.

“Don’t worry the pay will be good.”

Both of her eyebrows raised at that. Good pay? She stared into his face and concluded that he wasn’t a bad sort of a guy. She could trust him and the good thing was she was getting paid for cutting and chopping. Well, it wouldn’t be a hard task, right?

“Alright.” Sam grinned back…”But, know that, If this is some sort of your ploy then mind you I know all sorts of punches and fists to use.” She warned him wagging her fist into his face.

He grinned taking her fist into his hand.

“Oh, of course I wouldn’t use any tricks on you. This is a million dollar face, baby. I don’t want to have it ruined more by your delicate fists, yeah.” He muttered saccharine sweetly.

He slung his hand over her shoulders again and Sam sighed heavily.

“By the way, where did you learn to punch like that? It really hurt like a mother.” He muttered taking out the blood covered tissue from his nostrils.

Sam’s face scrunched up disgusted.

“From a good friend and Ew, get that away from me.” She walked forward moving out of his arms.

He laughed and got behind her swinging the blood covered tissues to and fro around.


After much walking and huffing and puffing they reached a large looking white Villa. It was like some kind of a castle. Sam stood gaping at it. Whoever owned it must be someone filthy rich. Eh, Sam thought uncaring.

Roshan lead her around the back wing of the Villa. It was the enterence to a equally big kitchen. It completely like a Victorian structure from the outside but inside of it was most modern. The kitchen was large and possibly the biggest she had ever seen. Was it possible that she was in a queen’s palace. It really resembled like one with the plush white marble floor and the glass chandeliers hanging around from the ceiling in every nook and corner of the Villa. It may probaby have five floors and all surely must have private elevators. Yep, it surely was a castle.

“I have other staff too. There is sous chef and four of us. I wonder where they are right now. There are lot of guests coming in tonight and we are running out of extra hands to help around here. Damn, look at the counter…what a mess.” Roshan kept on muttering his breath.

He seem to have forgotten her presence already. Sam concluded that he was the head chef in the kitchen. He must have bomb like wages judging by the expensive place.

Just as was about to open her mouth she heard loud quarreling voices coming closer to the kitchen.

“I wasn’t arguing with them. I was just pointing out the obvious. They cannot charge extra for the produce. If you weren’t there I would have made my point clear.” A woman’s sharp miffed voice travelled into the kitchen.

“And how were you going to make you’re point clear, huh? by ripping out the woman’s hair. The people are tightly connected. Mess with any of them and the kitchen would never get anymore fresh supplies from the market. You have least knowledge in managing stuff. I don’t know why Roshan had got you around the kitchen.” A deep angry raised voice shot back.

Oopsy daisy, they really were fighting. Sam exchanged a bemused look with a smiling Roshan.

He only shook his head and moved towards the pantry. It was a room in the far corner of the kitchen. The room was filled with new stock and varieties of things.

The voices came closer and there was loud muttering sounds and shuffling of feet.

“What a jerk.” A woman, short and thin wearing a chef’s apron came in muttering a curse under her breath.

She seemed flushed and annoyed. She had an oval face, thin lips, sharp dark eyebrows and a pixie cut hair style.

“What did you just say?” A man about the same age as Roshan came in after her holding a basket of what looked like salmon fish.

His voice was low and threatening. He had a gentle face and surprisingly less tanned skin. He was very lean and tall. He was maybe an inch or two taller than Roshan. He had the same uniform. He had a white bandana across his forehead.

Both of them stopped dead reaching the counter.

The girl frowning blinked at Sam and slid her eyes as a once over.

“Who are you?” She asked sharply with a raised eyebrow.

The guy who came in after the girl gave her a wide eyed stare. Sam leaned back on the counter awkwardly.

“Hot damn.” He muttered, and the girl scoffed at his reaction immediately.

The guy ignored the pixie girl and came around her smiling.

“Hey, gorgeous.”

Roshan came out of the pantry just then.

He caught hold of the goofy looking guy’s extended hand.

“Settle down, she came around to help in the kitchen. Sam here is the new line chef I just appointed alright, so behave.” He muttered in an order.

The guy and the girl blinked at him and at her in surprised.

“Is this your new girl?” She asked frowning disdainfully at Sam.

Alright, she wasn’t friendly.

The guy groaned heavily putting the basket on the counter.

“Dammit, Roshan, how do you find all the hot girls on the earth but not me.” He muttered sulkily.

Roshan chuckled and slapped his back cheerfully.

“Nevermind. I’ll introduce. Sam, this is Yuvan, the sous chef here and this is Ridhi,” Roshan scratched his head in confusion.

The girl, Ridhi gave him a are you kidding me look. She rolled her eyes and smiled frostily at Sam.

“I’m the sous chef too.” She said glaring daggers at Roshan and Yuva.

Two sous chef’s? hmm, so that’s the reason they were fighting. They seem to be competitors around the kitchen. Interesting.

Yuvan snorted.

“She wishes.” He muttered.

Sam smiled wide.

“Hi…I..” She started to introduce herself but Ridhi put a basket full of cabbages in her hands.

Oh, it was heavy.

“Come on, start chopping. We need to make the soup and if we start now it’s going to be done by seven. We already have wasted lot of time in the market because of someone stupid..”She muttered billegerently across at Yuva and moved towards the pantry still mumbling under her breath.

Sam opened and closed her mouth like a fish. She stared down at the cabbages with wide eyes. She lifted up her to Roshan’s but he just shrugged apolgetically. He already was moving ahead towards the other side of the kitchen before she could her mouth and ask his help.

Yuvan came around and slapped her back good naturedly. Sam almost fell foward.

“Nevermind her. She is always on period.” He muttered smilingly and slapped the large salmon on the counter hard.

He then proceeded on to dismantle the fish carefully and with expertise hands. He was speaking to her about how tasty he can make a salmon dish and various other things that made her mouth water. Sam stared fascinated by the way his hands worked with the knife. He cut open the fish, chopped off its head and slid the knife across into the smooth red flesh of inside and seperated it into two with such ease. It was like watching a work of art on display. Within minutes he removed all of the fish bones and was already putting it in a tray sprinkling and rubbing god’s knows fast different kinds of ingredients.

“Are you chopping the veggies or what. Heavens, what kind of people does Roshan pick up these days.” Ridhi came around and muttered under her breath.

Sam hastily moved towards the counter wearing the black apron aroud her waist. What had her life come to. She needed to paint three or four cavases fast before life becomes her holding forever a chopping board and knife.

The kitchen in only matter of minutes buzzed with lot of other staff too. It seemed like there was going to be large dinner arrangement. The Villa was buzzing alive with people being busy and worried over things. They were as much excited as if the very duke was arriving which wouldn’t be surprising based on the wealth display around. The furniture and wall paitings were all antique and screamed large money loud and clear.

Sam sweated through the work and was by the night was almost dead on the feet.

Ridhi and Yuvan bickered about through out the prep and cooking time but damn if they weren’t compatible. she checks on the taste of his dishes and he corrects the ingredients and mixes things in her cooking. They do this unknowningly scowling at each other. They seem to complete each other’s cooking. The smell of the kitchen was perfumed with such amazing flavours. It was mouth watering the things she sampled from the plate ladden foods they put infront of her. The two put such anticipatory looks. Sam moaned over the fried chicken bits wrapped in bacon strips and cooked in this amazing mix red sauce.

It compensated her empty stomach well. She ate heartily. Roshan tried to flirt with her through out the time she spent there but putting that quality aside he seemed to be an amazing team leader. He was the king of precise and perfect. He moved around the kitchen with such ease and knowledge and he knew well both Ridhi and Yuvan. He knew how to stir their talents and how to turn their argument into new ideas and recipes. He laughed, joked, and was serious at the same time with other line cooks who moved around Sam genuinely happy to see another person helping around.

Sam was suddenly content by the warm environment of the kitchen. It was amazing and as well a learning experience working in new space and people.

Sam had cut the cabbages and wiped the sweat off her forehead but suddenly Yuvan cursed loudly.

“The damn witch had done it again. She took my things….god how many time do I have make it clear to her. I’m the sous chef here and…” He shook his head ranting on.

“This damn attitude maybe the reason she was removed from the previous kitchen and frankly I think she is just a waste around here too. I can’t stand her, and hope that she gets fired soon and…” He started mumbling frustatedly but a bang of something stopped dead the conversation.

Ridhi stood there putting the things around the counter. Sam closed her eyes and Yuva’s face turned ashened.

Crap, since how long was she there and how much has she heard?

“These are the new samples of the rice that the van just dropped off. Please, check these Roshan before..” She muttered in a low voice but her words trailed off in a whisper.

“Heck with it.” She muttered and walked out of the kitchen fast.

Oh damn, she was hurt.

Roshan cringed and cursed throwing the towel far onto the counter. He slid his left hand over his head frustatedly.

“Shit, of all the days when I don’t rant, she had to come in now when I do.” He muttered scowlingly.

Roshan shook his head sighing while he checked on the taste of the cabbage soup that Sam had put on the burner. He remained silent.

Roshan made a move to go after Ridhi but she cut in.

“I thinks she needs an alone time.” Sam muttered and moved towards the door.

She hurried outside and found Ridhi in the kitchen garden. She was sat on the grassy ground near the green tomato small field.

Ridhi was furiously plucking the ripe ones and was putting the tomotoes in a small basket. She froze as she looked over her shoulder.

Sam stood there silently for a while but the silence broke when Ridhi started to talk through the sniffles.

“It had always been my dream to have my own kitchen, you know.” She murmured while still taking out her anger on the poor plants.

Sam stayed silent and moved on her hunches too. She started plucking too.

“But, it wasn’t my fault when I got fired before.” She muttered rubbing away the tears with the back of her hand.

Sam took out a tissue from her apron and offered it to her. Riddhi stared at Sam for a second but she took the tissue thanking her.

“I know it wasn’t your fault.” Sam replied.

Ridhi snorted.

“How would you know.” She said sadly and sat down on the grass, while giving up hacking the tomatoes.

Sam smiled at her sideways.

“I can see the dedication you have towards the kitchen and the work. You are really happy and at ease around cooking, aren’t you?” Sam asked softly.

Riddhi finally smiled back warmly.

“Yes, I love cooking. My mom was great at it but she never persued her dream and later it sort of became my dream too seeing her so happy always cooking for us. I really want to gift her a restaurant but it’s just is such a distant dream now.” She smiled sadly looking down at the basket in her hands.

Sam patted her left hand encouragingly.

“Someday you will and if you keep on cooking so beautifully, who knows the dream must be very nearer than you think. And, you’re mom is very lucky to have such a hard working and dedicated daughter like you.” Sam replied warmly.

Ridhi gave her a surprised looked but she reddened looking guilty.

“I’m sorry, I was rude to you before. I really didn’t mean to snap at you like that. I was just…oh whatever..I didn’t make a good impression on you too. You don’t want to be friend just like all of them, yeah because of it?” She asked looking regretful and sounding low.

Sam laughed and slung her arm around her shoulder.

“What are you saying? We already are friends. I wouldn’t have come looking for you if I’m not already.”

Ridhi laughed along with her.

“Of course.” She replied warmly, but suddenly she went on all panicked…”Oh, my god, look at the time, it’s already six thirty. We need to hurry.” She got up hastily.

Sam smiled shaking her head.

“Come on, chop chop, we don’t have time chatting now.” Ridhi looked around at her annoyed already coming to herself.

“Yeah, I’m right behind you.” Sam straightened to work gruellingly for the next hour and two.

Ugh, and she thought cutting and chopping things wasn’t a hard task. Talk about it really. She had almost cut all her fingers through the process. Four bandages were wrapped her left hand. Oh, my art hands had become mince meat, she moaned in her head. What had become of me god.

They entered the kitchen silently. Roshan was busy sautéing something in the frying pan. Yuvan stood there cleaning the counter with the towel furiously. It went dead silent when Ridhi went about to taste the sauce made by him. He stood frozen to the spot rubbing the back of his head. There fell a strained silence in the kitchen again halting mostly the clangs and hitting of the utensils.


Yuvan moved towards Ridhi.

“I…I…” He started to move to and fro nervously when suddenly Ridhi threw a glass full of water into his face.

Everybody who was working around stopped and gasped looking at the two. Sam had her hand over her mouth before a snort escaped her lips looking at the expression that Yuvan had. She was sure the water went up his nose and burned his eyes with the force of it coming on his face.

Roshan grinned and laughed.

“Whoahoho, Man, you just got burned.” He slapped Yuvan’s back and started chuckling deeply.

Ridhi ignored that all. She put down the empty glass on the counter.

“It’s bland, put some salt in it.” She muttered in a robotic tone and with a poker face.

She moved around and walked into the pantry. Yuvan gasped rubbing his face with his left palm.

“The sassy little devil! What the f**k was that for!” He shouted, cursing heavily wiping his face with the apron.

Ridhi’s head popped out of the pantry room. She smiled.

“Oh, that, I will do that every time if you behave like a jerk.” She shouted back and closed the door of it with a bang.

Sam laughed hard.

Yuvan gave her and Dev a nasty glare.

“And I felt sorry for her the little sass.” He kept on muttering and went out of the kitchen scowling heavily.

He came back a second later, and without really tasting the broth he sprinkled a little salt in the pan and mixed it well and left after that without a word.

Well, he did trust Ridhi blindly, didn’t he and she did trust him too. Well, what was going on between these two really?

Her thoughts were interrupted when few of the steel plates fell on the floor loudly. Reeka, the silent line chef went down grabbing the plates hastily. She had on the same white apron and her hair was tightly held in a bun. She looked very prim and proper.

“I’m so sorry,” She kept muttering in a low tone.

Sam moved to help her but Roshan went around down first and lifted up the plates and put them on the counter.

“You should be more careful.” He muttered in an equally soft and low tone.

Reeka slid up hurriedly and fidgeting nervously.

“Please don’t fire me.” She muttered in almost in a sobbing tone and ran out of the kitchen.

She was about Sam’s height and an extremely pretty girl with long black silkly locks and round face. She really had wide deer like eyes and hazel brown specks around in them. She was sweet, nervous and always on her toes and anxious. Sam was bewildered by her silence. She never responed to anything much but seemed like an intelligent girl.

Ridhi moved about and caught the bewildered look on Sam’s face.

“Well, what can I say she is one anxious sort but very precise in measuring things around here.” Ridhi muttered coming around carrying a basket full of carrots.

Sam remained silent watching Roshan’s face. He had on a thoughtful look as he kept looking at the way Reeka ran off to.

Sigh, and she thought her life was complicated.

Just as she was lost in thoughts her hands were filled again with the heavy basket. She grunted heavily.

“Come on, chop chop. We have lots of work to do and we don’t have time.” Rhidhi muttered all in her sharp sous chef mode and Sam groaned helplessly.

She really was a drill master.

Sam glanced down at the carrots. They were like about a thousand and she had to peel and chop these. Ugh, not again.


It had been four days since she joined the Villa kitchen and each day was like a breath of fresh air though she toiled and work hard around cutting, peeling, chopping, boiling and carrying around heavy stuff but she wouldn’t trade the job in the world with anything. She had a painting half finished but that’s all. The tiredness of working all day took a toll in the night and she fell alseep before even she could hold the brush on the canvas.

But she had met another more interesting person. Miha, a sweet, a lot talkitive and a very pretty girl, but she was a little geeky and goofy sort also. She was another prep chef around the kitchen. The fun thing about her was she talked nonstop about the owner of the Villa.

Infact, Miha was fascinated by the man. Oh, he was so handsome and tall and tonned and hot. The praises won’t stop until Roshan got serious in the kitchen. But every thing was chaos always. Yuvan and Ridhi bickered more and more these days fighting over whose dish should be put on the menu until Roshan intervened and decided final call on it. The surprising thing was they never questioned Roshan’s judgement. Almost everyone in the kitchen had the utmost belief, trust and respect towards the head chef. It was amazing how the bond between everyone in the kitchen was a close knitted friendship. Though, Roshan was almost the owner of the kitchen, he never boasted or was arrogant or was a tyrant instead he was warm and friendly and as well as firm in the decisions he made. On the other hand, Sam worried about Reeka, as she seemed more and more into herself nowadays.

Sam happily treaded into the back wing of the villa. It was sunny and was a beautiful weather on the beach. Her step had a spring to it but just as she was about to open the kitchen door somebody grabbed her arm, twisted it around and pushed her face into the wall hard. Sam’s breath caught and held.

A voice very dangerously deep and hard.

“Who are you?” He asked in hard voice, and twisted her arm painfully.

“Hey! What are you, crazy? get off my back, you creep!” Sam screeched, feeling her face hurt alot as he pushed her jaw into the wall.

The door burst open and everyone came out.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, relax man. She is the kitchen staff.” Roshan’s voice travelled into her ear.

“Kitchen staff?” The creep muttered in the same hard voice again, but his hand didn’t the painful hold on her hand.

“Yeah, Rudra, She is works in the kitchen. Let go off her. You’re hurting her.” Ridhi came around towards her.

The guy let go off her finally and Sam breathed in relieved. The left side of her face was sore and hurt. She cluthed her hand and rubbed it to get moving some blood flow into her arm.

“Are you alright?” Ridhi and Yuvan came by her side.

Sam nodded her head. The guy frigteningly reminded her of someone.

She glared daggers at the tall, lean, angry looking all black suited guy. He had on a blue tooth in his left ear and judging by his clothes she got to know that he was the security head of the Villa. He had cropped black hair and square hard jaw. His eyes were deep brown but they almost looked black as they flashed down on her appearence.

“Roshan, I didn’t know you pick beggers from the street to let into kitchen. Did you have her background checked?” He asked in a cool tone, sliding his narrowed glance to the head chef.

Roshan sighed and Sam gaped at his rudeness. Who does he think he was calling her a begger.

“Actually…” Roshan started to explain but the guy cut in raising his left hand in the air.

“I don’t have time for this. Get a few papers signed by her and get moving.” He muttered looking around furtively around the area.

He seem to dismiss them all with his arrogance.

Just as she was about to open her mouth a loud squeal made everyone deaf suddenly.

Ridhi sighed exasperated.

“Not this again.”

Miha came around jumping and screaming over Yuvan’s shoulder. He moved away flinching and muttered something under his breath.

“Dear god, I just lost my sense of hearing.” He groaned.

Miha ignored it all.

“Mr. Security, Oh, my god, you came. Finally. Oh, my god, it means the big boss is here, right? Oh, I’m so excited to meet him.” She moved fluttering around and clung to Rudra’s shoulder.

Big boss? Huh?

He pushed her away as if she were a fly by putting his hand over her head.

“Get off my face.” He muttered in a drawly voice.

Miha seemed undettered by attitude as she clung onto his shoulder and kept on following his trail even when he cursed at her.

Sam blinked and gave a bewildered look at Ridhi who in turn rolled her eyes and got into the kitchen with Yuvan following her.

Roshan chuckled and put his hand on her wrist and slid his gaze all over the left side of her face.

“Come on, let’s get that checked.” He said softly.

Roshan rubbed an oitnment over the reddened side of her cheek.

“You really are very beautiful. Go on a date with me.” He said smiling handsomely at her.

Ridhi slapped his back hard with a flour covered left hand.

“Newsflash buddy, she ain’t interested in you and I think you should move along finding new pray. Though I think your skills are already rusted but maybe some girl would fall for it. Someday perhaps.” She muttered flatly while rolling a pizza dough on the counter.

Roshan scowled turning around and Sam grinned.

“You know at times like these, I really am starting to wonder why I hired you.” He grunted in displeasure.

Ridhi smiled back equally warm.

“But you need me. Without my talented hands this kitchen is dead anyway.” She taunted him.

Yuvan snorted while carrying a basket of supplies into the kitchen.

Ridhi glared across at him.

“What are you laughing at?” She asked sharply.

He just shook his head still smiling.

Another set of things fell on the floor and all of their eyes went down on the floor. A series of sorries flew across the room in a frenzy. Sam sighed knowning well who it was. Reeka again.

She exchanged a look with Ridhi before going after her.

“Hey, Reeka, wait.” Sam shouted after the running girl.

Reeka stopped dead when Sam reached her panting.

“God, you ran fast, don’t you.” She muttered gasping.

She gave Sam a very worried look.

“I’m so sorry. I know I’m in trouble. Are they firing me? I promise to be careful next time. I didn’t mean to break the cups or the plates….I..” She started to mutter out words in such panic.

Sam hastily grabbed her shivering hands.

“Whoa! stop right there.” Sam laughed…”You’re not getting fired, alright.” She tried to pacify the frightened girl.

Her shoulders sagged relieved and her face bloomed smiling for the first time. Sam blinked looking at her shining face.

“Oh, thank god, I’m not getting. I don’t have any place of work to go if I got fired.” She said hastily again.

Sam squeezed her fingers lightly and warm.

“Why are you always so anxious. Everything will be fine once you get used to the kitchen. You don’t have to nervous around us, alright.”

Reeka smiled a little.

“I’m just afraid that I will be fired.” She said in a small voice.

“You don’t have to be afraid. Your work is good otherwise you wouldn’t be here right. Look at me, I only cut and chop but I’m still here aren’t I. Roshan isn’t a bad boss actually.” Sam said laughing.

Reeka sighed and smiled fully now. She moved fast and hugged Sam sighed.

“Oh, thank you. You’re so nice.” She muttered sniffling and Sam was surprised by her affection.

She laughed.

“It’s alright now.” She said patting her back.

Sam later found that with only little wamth Reeka came around just good and talked a lot. She was this whole new person than the nervous girl. Oh, and she talked. Like a lot. Lot more than lot.


After the first day around the Villa, Sam had moved into the staff quaters located in the back wing of the house. Everything turned out good until she saw a magazine lay strewn on the kitchen counter and her whole world stopped. The front page had a picture of Neil and Suha. Damn, if it did not brought tears and an extreme hurt. She had reeled back and tried not to shake all over. How was she going to get all past and get a move on in life. She had to let go off him and of everything of the memories or she couldn’t live a day more in pain, guilt and suffering. Guilt because she hurt him. Hurt because she left him. Pain because she couldn’t live without him.

But she had thanfully found new friends and it almost made her life a little lively. Ah, who was she kidding, They made her laugh and smile almost always.

Now, Ridhi, Sam and Reeka shared a room. It was actually really very big one. A suite which had three seperate rooms inside it. It was similar to them sharing an apartment. All the girls had mostly a blast in the night but they were tired to the bone after work and they retired into their rooms dropping down dead on the bed most of the nights.

Yuvan and Roshan too lived across the left side of the aisle and closer to the girl’s room. The accomadation was free for the kitchen staff and it was just amazing that Sam had met such warm people in only a short while of stay here.

A week after that, news spread like wild fire that ‘The Big Boss’ was arriving soon with few more of the guest into the Villa. Everything went helter skelter after that. The security became extra tight which means Rudra prowled around more with a unwanted and fluttering Miha by his side always. But, sometimes, well, most of the times she felt his eyes his hawk like on her often. Sam felt uncomfortable while finding his gaze always on her. It seemed like he didn’t trust her at all.

What would she do, fling out a gun at people? She thought rolling her eyes.


Sam and Reeka were in Ridhi’s room lying around dead almost on the couch. She came only a second later bursting with excitement.

“Whoho, We’re going to party tonight.” She shouted and twirled around happy.

Sam and Reeka exhanged a wide eyed look. It was only rare they saw Ridhi letting her hair down and this was the time for them to be surprised as hell.

Sam blinked bleery eyes and stayed silent. Ridhi glanced down at both of them and shouted in their faces loud.

“Come on, now you dead people we’re invited to the party upstairs tonight wohoo!”

Sam flinched.

“God, stop shouting and I’m tired and I don’t want to party. So, get that brightness off our faces.” Sam groaned.

Reeka agreed and sagged back on the couch.

“Yeah, you usually drill us like dogs around the kitchen. Why would we want to party with you.” She muttered under her breath.

Ridhi gave a sweet smile and folded her hands.

“Sweety, since you got around talking, you’re awfully smart mouthing me these days. Do you want to get fired?” She asked threateningly.

Sam sighed heavily. Reeka gave her a panicked look. Ridhi grinned dancing up her eyebrows amusingly.

“Jeez, we need to party tonight, Sam. Get up.” Reeka squeaked moved hurriedly towards the bathroom.

Sam shook her head.

“Do you have to terrorize her like that?” She asked sighing.

“It’s free booze tonight, darling and I’m not going to miss the oppurtunity to party as it comes only once a year.”

Ridhi only smiled and twirled around. She surely was bright tonight. Five minutes later Sam was persuaded off the couch and was moved to the wardrobe to decide on the clothes to wear for the party. The party was thrown to celeberate as the master of the villa had had finally arrived at last. There were lot of rich guest who moved in the morning and since in the kitchen it was really hectic work. They just retired in the room after filling the trays with dinner for the guests.

Reeka got out of the bathroom looking sad. Ridhi had put several short dresses on the bed and was looked very confused and exasperated.

She looked up and glanced at her.

“What’s wrong now?” Sam asked her.

Reeka sighed and sagged down on the couch.

“I don’t have a dress to wear for the party.” She said in a small voice.

Ridhi sighed and moved around. He took hold of her hand and pulled her up.

“No worries, sweety. I have lot of those for you so cheer up.” She said dragging Reeka to the pilr of clothes.

Ridhi took a short black sleeveless dress and flung it on Reeka’s head who gasped in return looking wide eyed at the it.

“It’s too short.” She muttered looking horrified and anxious suddenly.

Sam sighed and got off from the chair near the dressing table.

“Dear, you have an amazing figure. You need to show it off and seriously need to dress up more like a girl rather than looking like a fifty year old in these baggy clothes, yeah.” She moved Reeka towards the mirror.

Ridhi opened up the make up box and took out a brush.

“Time for some self pampering.” She sing sang and the girls laughed finally moving along to dressing up cheerfully.


Reeka looked at herself in the mirror and surprised to see a beautiful girl staring back wide eyed at her.

Ridhi who was wearing a purple sequin dress short dress wolf whistled. Sam smiled at her sighing satisfied with her work.

“All the guys are going to die tonight, looking at you, Sweety. Sam, really good work.” Ridhi gave both of them a thumbs up.

Reeka finally felt a little confident after too long lonely days. She suddenly found great friends around here in the unknown place.

All the three girls moved out of the room and passed the a group of men around the aisle.

“Whoa, who is that chick? She is hot.” A guy who worked in the security stared at the legs of the three girls moving outside of the hall.

Roshan turned around too.

“What girl?” He asked looking at the disappearing girls.

“Hey, isn’t she the one working in your kitchen?” One of them asked again.

Roshan grinned.

“All of the girls are hot working in my kitchen.” He replied smiling, though he didn’t about who they were talking about.

But he had an idea they were talking about Sam. He moved walking out following the girls. He caught up with one of them and held her arm.

“Hey, Sam, slow down.” He panted heavily.

God, the girl walked fast on pencil heels too.

She turned around and Roshan drew back surprised to the core.

“Hi, Roshan.” She greeted him shyly through demure eyes and heated cheeks.

Roshan fumbled with words looking at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

“R..Reeka?” He questioned looking down at the thin waist and the slender legs on display in that tight figure hugging dress.

He kept staring at her like a creep until she seemed to get uncomfortable and fidgety again in his presence. Her large deep brown eyes drew down to the floor frightened.

“I’m sorry, I will just go.” She mumbled an apology again for no reason and walked away hastily.

Roshan sighed, beating himself up inside his head. Well, you scared her off again. Damn him, what could he do but stare at her when she turned into a bombshell overnight.

He worried anew. Shit, she was going to be taken advantage that girl tonight. He knew that for certain. Now, where did she run off to. Great, he was going to be a baby sitter tonight. He muttered a few curses under his breath and moved along the way of the floor where she disappeared.

He reached upstairs hurriedly and looked around for the short brunette. Damn, where did she go. The lights were dim around and numerous young crowd moved about holding punch glasses. He went towards the container which had a blue mix of fruity sqaush. He sniffed and flinched. It was spiked with lot of vodka. His eyes narrowed on a couple. They were standing in the dark corner and the guy was offering the plastic glass to the girl wearing the black sleeveless dress and he recognised Reeka instantly. Shit, she was already getting in trouble.

He moved towards her and caught hold of the cup that the lascivious looking guy was offering her. He was practically peeping down her top and she wasn’t even aware that the perverted bastard was about to molest her.

“I’ll take the cup.” He muttered and got infront shielding her.

The guy’s eyes widened and backed away instantly. His blood roared up angry into his veins. He turned around and caught hold of her upper arm.

His eyes narrowed cold looking down into her frightened mascara filled eyes.

“Are you stupid? The drink was spiked. Do you want to get raped wearing this thing?” He almost shouted snarled down into her face.

She teared up immediate and her face reddened humliated looking around the now silent hall. He was least guilty. She had almost been out for fourty eight hours if it wasn’t for him running after her.

She freed her arm from his hand and ran out of the hall.

“I’m so sorry.” She mumbled sobbing.

Roshan closed his eyes and sighed exasperated. Now what was she apologizing for.

A few of the girls in the corner gave him nasty stares for making a girl cry. Great there it went down the drain the good evening and his reputation along with it also.

He rubbed the back of his neck and walked after the girl again. Not one woman had made him run into circles like she making him do tonight. She was what twenty and so young and naive. She was under training in the kitchen and on an obvious note a very working girl. He could see himself in her almost ten years back when looking at her work. Damn, for anything else he needed to take care of his staff.

He found her outside in the garden. The ocean air wasn’t that chilly tonight. It was gentle and cool. She was sat on a stone bench under the lilac tree.

Roshan sighed and walked towards her. He sat down on the bench.

“Here, It’s a soft drink.” He muttered offering her a Cola glass bottle.

She glanced sideways at him surprised but she took the bottle anyway. The mascara was running down her cheeks and she still was sniffling. Roshan felt guilty now. He shouldn’t have been too harsh. She looked so sad and it made his anger vanish staring at her face. She had the longest and shiny black hair he had ever seen. Her skin was smooth, pearly white and looked luscious. Roshan shook his head. Oh, she is just a kid.

“I didn’t want to wear this dress but Ridhi persisted.” She said in a low soft tone after a while of complete silence.

He cleared his throat as her voice hit his ears as smooth lilth music. What’s happening to his senses suddenly. They seem to come and attune to the girl’s every movement. The rustle of her clothes. The light sweet perfume. Her hair sliding in waves as the breeze hit them. He could feel her body warm and soft beside his just an inch of reach.

He cleared his throat awkwardly again not knowning how to deal with a crying woman.

“It’s alright. You just have to be careful to trust people. Don’t think that every smiling guy is a nice one.” He replied to her equally soft, trying to calm her strained feathers.

She glanced up into his eyes listening to his every earnestly. He suddenly felt the need to chuckle at her innocence. He smiled and sipped on the soft drink.

Reeka glanced at his tonned arm and up at his shoulders and broad chest. He looked handsome in the blue t-shirt and ripped jeans. Though she had disliked him from the start but now he didn’t look that bad. She was fascinated looking at the tattoo around his arm. The Head chef was really very charming trying to encourage her awkwardly. She was secretly delighted to have seated beside him.

Reeka was pathetic when it went down to dating. She was twenty four and she still hadn’t had a boyfriend yet. Mother was bent on getting her married off to some engineer guy if she didn’t find soon someone. She was done going on the blind dates that Ridhi arranged. The men either were smug idiots or were perverted like the guy she just encountered. She didn’t know that he had spiked the drink. Dear god, what would have happened if the chef did not come to her rescue.

Observing his profile something came up in her mind. She obviously was fed up with the dating games and she very much an embarrassment when talking to guys. Why shouldn’t she ask the chef to educate her in such matters. He obviously had around many girls hanging to his arm each week. He must know everything about it. It wouldn’t matter to him having one more fling with possibly….her. He would also make her mom gasp in anger. That would be fun to rile her up. Reeka coloured and smiled up into his face.

Roshan straightened and was kind of weirded out by looking at her smile at him like that.

He glanced away feeling uncomfortable suddenly. He took a huge gulp of the soft drink from the bottle.

“Will you be my lover? Can you come meet my mother too after that.” She asked him innocently.

Whatever the drink he took into his mouth spewed out instantly at her words. He coughed and his eyes burned as some of the sweet liquid went into the wind pipe instead.

“What did you just say?” He asked gruffly, in a disbelief filled voice, as he glanced down at her still coughing heavily.

She grinned wide and caught his arm and pushed herself closer.

“You seem to have lot of experience when it comes to women. Why don’t we have a fling. I want so badly to get rid of this virgin status. And don’t worry we will stop at it after a week or so. Isn’t that how you get rid of the girls, right? And I really need to show my mother that I got a boyfriend. Of course, don’t worry, you’ll be a fake one You just have to pretend for a week to make my family let go off me once and for all. Though they will be horrified and mom probably would have a heart attack that I’m with a tattoed guy and that he had a ear stud.” She concluded critically analysing his body with a frown on her forehead, and moving her face closer to his.

Roshan stared at her with widening of eyes. He took hold of her face and checked her eyes by pulling apart full her eyelids.

“Did you drink the spiked punch? Are you high? Stoned?” He asked worried and searched her eyes to check for any dilation and he took a sniff at her breath.

She pushed away protesting.

“Hey, you are ruining my hair. Sam worked hard on it and anyway I’m not drunk.” She said sulkily.

He stared at her still in disbelief and Reeka moved closer again. He tried to turn away.

“Come on, what harm would it cause to you. I promise to keep it a secret if you’re wondering about your reputation. Though, you already are a player, they say. So, it wouldn’t be any trouble if you hook up with me, right?” She went on talking nonstop happily.

And here he was feeling sad that she started speaking at all. She looked good when not talking.

“A woman generally should feel insulted calling herself a fling. You seem to have no pride at all.” He muttered sarcastically flat trying to free from her clutch.

She smiled not being humliated in dissolve in tears at his words.

“Pride has nothing to do with it. You don’t know how much it’s frustrating to be a virgin and not having a boyfriend. Every guy friend I have thinks that I’m frigid.” She ranted exasperated.

Roshan closed his eyes still getting shocked at her words. Everytime she called herself a virgin his heart skipped a beat and his blood heated up and went south making him very much aware of her warm curves attached to his left side.

“I won’t be your boyfriend.” He grunted in a displeased voice.

Her eyes widened and danced happily and her cheek turned red.

“So, you’re considering my proposition?” She asked in a eager voice.

Roshan retorted instantly.

“I never said that.” He moved far off towards the end of the bench.

Reeka moved closer and look up into his face with puppy dog eyes. Roshan was suddenly weirded out by the look on her face. She was going to say something shocking again.

Her eyes went towards his lips and she licked hers in anticipation and Roshan wondered horrified if she didn’t hit her head earlier and had lost her mind in the process.

“Won’t I at least get a kiss.” She murmured grabbing onto his bicep.

He got up fast and try to walk away breathing hard. God, she was going to make him go crazy too.

“Get off me, kid.” He muttered irritated finally.

She walked along with him.

“Kid?” She laughed thorougly amused.

He stopped dead and grunted down at her.

“I’m ten years older than you.” He muttered and moved away and kept on walking.

Reeka grinned wide.

“Six. You’re just six years older than me. I’m twenty four and what’s wrong with that. My dad is ten years older than my mom.” She replied still smiling and sliding her arm slyly around his bicep.

His left eyebrow raised at that as his gaze heated and heavy went down her slender soft body.

He bet, she was even more mouth watering without the clothes. Holy shit, now he was turned on by a virgin.

He cleared his throat trying to circulate his mind to something else.

“You don’t look a year older than twenty, kid.” He retorted…”And stop following me around, it’s embarrassing.” He glowered looking around at the attention they were grabbing.


Sam bit on her nails and looked around the bar/party hall nervously.

“We should have left her alone. I’m worried, Ridhi. I think Reeka might have got herself in trouble.” She glanced across the loud buzz of the music and the dance floor.

Ridhi sighed and flung back a scnapps shot. She really was going at it.

“Yeah, and she is a five year kid that we forgot to take care and baby sit.” She muttered cynically.

Sam rolled her eyes at her but then again both of their eyes widened and the lower hung open looking at a couple moving closer to the dance floor.

Both of their turned to side as the pair disappeared off the hall.

“wa…was…was that Reeka hanging onto Roshan’s arm?” Sam spluttered in surprise, and she blinked her eyed rapidly not believing her eyes.

Ridhi laughed hard grabbing onto the counter. Sam gave her confused look.

“That girl gathered some pluck at last. But, whoa, bagging the player Roshan. That’s a long haul she did. Really surprising, I didn’t realize she had that much courage in her.” She chuckled appreciatively.

Sam sighed exasperated.

“Shut up, Ridhi. She might be drunk and god knows what she will do next and dammit tone down with the drinks.” Sam muttered irritately.

Ridhi rolled her eyes at her and raised the shot glass up in the air in cheers and drank it down hissing under her breath.

“I don’t get drunk easily and stop mother henning everyone around. It’s annoying.” She snapped putting down the glass on the counter with a bang.

Sam bristled.

“I don’t mother hen anyone.” She defended herself.

Ridhi smiled at her warmly.

“Aw, don’t feel bad. It’s nice to have around a mother figure in the group. Saves us calling our own for once. We get scolded for free.” She teased sliding her arm around Sam’s shoulder.

Sam snorted and laughed along with her.

But, finally worrying too much Sam moved out of the hall in search of Reeka.


Yuvan grinned and got pretty much drunk on various vodka shots. He tottered to the bar counter and ordered another set of drinks. His hands drummed on the counter in sync with the loud blaring music.

“Hey, stop it with the irritating sound.” A voice very familiar got into his ringing ears.

He glanced around smiling to flirt with the woman but his eyes narrowed recognising the pixie.

“Oh, it’s you.” He scowled looking down at his arch enemy perched beautifully on the bar stool.

She looked hot with the white short number clung around her thin body seductively. She was perfect in everything and was quite smug about it. Yuvan was thorougly annoyed now.

Her eyebrows defined and smooth raised up at his tone. She folded the milkly white slender on the counter.

“What, you don’t like me anymore now.” She smiled demurely at him.

Yuvan stared back at her surprised. She always had an argument ready whenever he was around and here she was not only smiling but also giving him a friendly vibe.

He didn’t have come back to that sweet voice. He kept blinking but he was even more surprised when she pulled at his arm hard and made him sit beside to her on the bar stool.

“Come on, for once we can forget work and get drunk together.” She muttered, pushing a shot glass to his mouth.

Yuvan had less time before the feiry liquid went down his throat and burned up his digestive tract. He coughed with the effect of it and stared at her smiling face bemused.

Wow, she can be fun too that he didn’t know. Yuvan grinned sliding his gaze all over her warm face.


Just as Roshan got around the dance floor, the girls hounded and cornered him dancing around his body crazily. He had none the choice but to sway along. blo*dy hell, he needed to check on the dinning hall and now he was stuck because of her.

And where was she he though wondering and looking around. She was dancing too all alone and a group of guys were watching her sway and glanced down at her hips interested. The dress was a prickle to his eyes. It was really very very short. He would have liked it immensly when she wore it only for his eyes but here she was on a display for every man’s gaze. Damn her, she was making his blood boil tonight.

He pushed away from the clinging girls and moved towards her grinding his jaw in exasperation.

He caught hold of her arm harshly.

“What the hell are you doing?” He gritted through the teeth.

She gasped but looking up into his face she smiled sagging towards his body.

“Oh, it’s you.” She wrapped her arms around his waist tight.

Roshan tried not to look down her top. He glanced away and tried to free from her tight clutch.

“Come on, let’s dance.” She shouted into his ear and grinned.

Roshan sighed and stopped pushing her away. His eyes mesmerised stared down into her warm smiling face and he grinned finally giving up and shaking his head. She was impossibly adorable to be denied. God, she has this amical energy that he couldn’t let go of even if he wanted to. It felt good having her in his arms.

“Oh, wow, you’re really handsome when you smile.” She said staring at him wide eyed.

He slid his thumb finger over round pretty dented cheek. She had two most beautiful dimples.

“Cute.” He muttered smiling still.

The smile vanished from her lips and she scowled.

Roshan chuckled.

“What? you don’t like being called cute, eh?”

She lifted her chin up in the air like a cute little princess.

“I rather prefer being called beautiful.” She replied saucily.

Roshan had to grin at that as his arms unconsciously swayed their bodies to the slow music.

She burrowed her face into his chest more.

“Her hands searched and ran hesitantly down his hips. His eyes flew open.

“You smell so good.” She said taking in a deep breath over his chest and Roshan was done finally.

His heart beated wild and the blood in his veins warmed and heated. He needed to do something fast before he took her over the wall.

He took hold of her shoulders hard and pushed her away. His eyes became cold looking at her surprised expression.

“Look, I humoured you till now but not anymore. You’re not my type and so not in my league. Look at yourself trying too hard. It’s disgusting.” He glared down at her.

She finally drew away hurt at his harsh words and brusque manner. Damn, he didn’t want to her to cry but he needed to do that as she really was becoming a danger to his senses. A few more minutes with her and he surely would go crazy.

His jaw hardened when he saw her lower jaw quiver and her hands fidgeted again nervously. He turned around walking away from her at last. The feeling of truimph for putting her in a place did not come instead he felt really like an jackass for hurting her.


Yuvan and Ridhi walked into the kitchen laughing really hard. For the first time in two years they really got along well, but he knew sadly that tomorrow would surely bring out the rivalry they had around as sous chefs.

He saw her freeze and she stopped laughing abruptly. He frowned looking at the place where her gaze stuck and was glued horrified.

His eyes moved across at the messy counter and he cringed back. Damn, he forgot to clean after working and he also knew that Ridhi had OCD about such things.

Sometimes, he did purposely didn’t clean to rile her up and argue with her but tonight he didn’t want them fighting over random things again.

“You idiot, ugh, look at the counter. How messy it is. Don’t you have the sense to clean after working. God knows how you became a chef when you have least respect towards the work and…” She went on sharply.

But, Yuvan droned her voice and closed his eyes sighing.

That’s it. He had enough denying himself.

He pushed off the counter and walked towards her with purpose. His arm shot out and caught hold of her face. Her eyes midnight black widened at that.

His head leaned down and he kissed her hard on the lips and silenced the words coming out of her mouth. She gasped and he took entry forcing open her lips with his.

God, she all soft and warm in his arms. He suddenly burned for her too much.

Just as he was about to deepen the kiss, she tore herself back and at him wide eyed and shocked.

He tried to move towards her again but she beat his chest with a celery stick.

“How dare you do that, you stupid fool…

Yuvan’s eyes narrowed and he leaned down and kissed her again, but this time he held her arms tight to his body. She relented and softened after a second. Triumph coursed into his blood in a rush.

“Let’s work together, yeah?” He murmured on her lips gruffly.

Her breath was all tarty and sweet at the same time. She smelled and tasted of pure lush raspberries. She was breathing hard and he could feel her heart beat faster and matched with his.
She stared into his eyes deeply for a second.

“Yeah.” She agreed softly.

He smiled feeling finally relieved.

“Baby, I’m so tired fighting with you. I don’t want that anymore.” He groaned and pushed his face into her neck.

Her hands hesitantly went around his waist.

“Me too.” She sighed and sagged into his arms.

Yuvan felt his heart skip a beat when she agreed.

“Let’s start dating.” He muttered breathless and moving back staring into her eyes.

She smiled and blushed furiously and he was surprised again. She was always so confident and now her face turned beet root red.

“I don’t trust you. What if you’re just playing with me.” She said in a strained voice.

Yuvan smiled knowing her well but he didn’t like it that she didn’t trust him still. He can be a jerk to to her sometimes but he can never hurt her intentionally.

“Would you let me do that to you? He asked her huskily.

She smiled saccharine sweetly suddenly.

“No, I will chop you into pieces before you even try.” She warned him in an equally sweet voice.

He chuckled satisfied at her reply.

“God, it turns me on, You being all blood thristy and fiery.” He murmured and tried to kiss her again.

She surprised him by slapping his cheek lightly but it stung still.

“Only two kisses in a day.” She scolded him and moved out of his arms.

He didn’t like that.

“Hey, Look around it’s dark and not a day. And, seriously? We haven’t even had our first date planned before you went and made rules, already?” He protested following her out of the kitchen.

“Rules are rules.” She sing sang without turning around.

Yuvan cursed at her too practical a nature.

“Two kisses wouldn’t be enough. Shouldn’t I have a say in this decision?” He glowered at her disappearing figure.

“No, you don’t.” She shot back.


Miha walked fast and followed the robotic security head. God, she really was annoyed looking at his poker face but she badly wanted to know about the owner of the Villa. The first she saw him six months ago, Miha fell in love. Oh, how handsome he was but to get the information about his arrival she had to get through the security guy. She didn’t want to stalk him. He seriously had some attitude problem but what the hell.

“Hey, wait, Mr. Security!” She shouted across the empty doorway of the fifth floor.

He stopped walking instantly when he heard her shout.

She reached him panting. God, his legs were really long and agile.

“Hey, I was looking around all over for you.” She greeted him amiably.

He maitained that blank look she hated. His eyes black or brown or in between never spoke at all. He was stiff and always professional.

“What are doing here?” He asked her in a deep gruff sharp tone.

Miha gritted her teeth and swallowed a tarty retort.

“The security is really tight tonight, eh? I wonder if Mr. Malhotra had arrived finally?” She tried softly, to get the information out of his mouth.

He only stared back unblinking. Great, the guy was so tight lipped. It wasn’t like she would harm anyone or the boss.

He turned around without a reply and kept walking. The black suit he wore added to the starchiness of his attitude.

“Get back to the kitchen, Ms. Kamra.” He dismissed her harshly and walked away.

Miha barely controlled her anger but laughed and followed him anyway.

She came around beside him. He glanced to the side at her.

“The weather is beautiful, right?” She asked and tried with a small talk.

He stiffened more and increased his strides.

“Let’s take a walk around the aisle. Oh, it must be fun doing your job. Always on alert and serious…

He stopped abruptly and the word got stuck in her throat. He turned fully towards her and his eyes narrowed on her face.

Miha blinked at the sudden attention he gave her. Usually he wouldn’t glance at her. Self conscious she touched her face.

“What? Something is on my face.” She asked suddenly uncomfortable as his eyes moved all over her form.

His silence and the way he looked completely unnerved senses. His gaze stuck on her legs. Miha put the weight on the left leg and stood there really feeling weird.

His eyes completely black came back to her face. Looking closely he looked really frightening. His face was a hard mask with really rough lines and angles. His jaw was set in stone and it ticked. Damn, his jaw bones were suddenly…s*xy. Miha blinked away the thoughts. What the hell were her thoughts going….

“You don’t bad.” He muttered in a lazy drawl.

Miha blinked and looked down at herself. She was wearing a blue short long sleeved dress. It clung to her body and was really comfortable to wear. It wasn’t anything sparkly but when his eyes ran all over her appreciatively she really felt a blush appearing on her cheeks.

“Thanks?” She said or asked smiling.

This was turning out weirder than weird.

He stood there with his hands in the pant pocks, his eyes turned thoughtful as if assessing her.

“Why are you stalking the boss?” He asked in a rough voice and manner.

Miha snorted, as if she would talk to this guy about why she does what she does.

“Because he is fascinating and he is not like someone…” Her eyes cold ran all over him…”who is really rude and is a complete jerk…” She concluded and moved forward.

“And frankly why don’t you tell what I want to know and save us both the time to argue over and..”

She had to stop right there because she wasn’t walking but was pushed to the wall hard and both her hands were locked over her back. Her breath knocked out of her lungs when his body hit hers.

“What the hell are you doing?” She breathed, straining to free herself.

He was all hard and firm and rough. His chest broad and really warm on hers. He held her up and mostly her feet were dangling in the air.

With widening of eyes she saw his face change into a lazy cynical smile before his lips fell on hers hard. He kissed her holding her body still and attached to the wall. His breath all vanilla entered into her mouth and she gasped when he pressed another kiss over her lower lip.

“Now, decide who fascinates you more.” He murmured huskily over her lips, pulled away and disppeared into the dark corridors in just matter of seconds.

Miha kept breathing hard and she blinked trying to bring around her mind to what just happened.

What just happened? Only a minute ago he noticed her presence like seriously for the first time and suddenly out of nowhere he kissed her.

Her heart start beating faster and a sudden sweat dampened the back of her neck and back. The thudding in her chest continued as she remembered the taste of the kiss and the murmur of his words.

Miha clutched her forehead.

What the hell? The jerk. How dare he get intimate with her. She closed her ears with her hands to stop listening to her heartbeat. She cannot feel such things for the robotic guy. Oh, how horrifying. She remembered the light cool smile he gave and again her heart fluttered crazily in her chest.

Oh, damn, he cannot the image she had in her mind. No. No. No. He was all sorts and in the catogery of Mr. Wrong in her eyes how can suddenly he appeared…….fascinating.

Miha walked downstairs with dazed sad eyes.


Sam ventured upstairs and on the fifth floor in search of Reeka but she nowhere to be found. God, she hoped the girl didn’t get into any trouble again.

She entered into a large dark hall. The silence was really deafening here. The windows were open and the breeze entered in roaringly with it flew up the thin white curtains to and fro. Seems like the storm was approaching.

Something like fell off the wall and Sam jumped around.

“Who’s there?” She asked, trying to peer into the dark.

The thunder roared suddenly and the hall lit up with it’s bright light for a second. Sam’s eyes fell on a wall paiting which was really close to her face staring at her with wide bloodshot eyes. It had a witch’s face and the stare so creepy. It frightened Sam and she screeched closing her eyes.

After a second she opened her eyes to the darkness again. Oh, it was a painting. A very ghastly looking one.

Her heart raced. She needed to get out of here. Reeka wouldn’t be here. Footstep sounds echoed in the silence and Sam was relieved that at least someone was approaching.

But the footsteps stopped right across and into the room.

“Hello, is someone there?” She asked into the darkness.

She waited for the person to talk but only her voice echoed back. Sam frowned wondering. The door creaked open on the left side of the room and she jumped feeling a presence behind her. Short pants travelled closer to her ears and a slow dread trickled down her back.

Her eyes wide moved to the left side and she could feel someone standing behind her. She knew right then that it wasn’t any of her friends.

The sound of breathing fell over her left shoulder and Sam screamed at the top of her lungs. She tried to run but her feet tripped over and her head hit on the sharp edge of the table lamp hard. She fell to the floor unconcious as darkness clouded her vision immediate.


Miha was walking down the stairs but she almost fell and tripped over when she heard a blood curdling scream vibrating across the walls and the empty hallway of the fifth.

Goosebumps rose up her flesh and she ran upstairs fast again and on the way she found Rudra running towards source of the scream. Miha gave him a worried look. His face was grave and pale too.

“What the hell was that?” She mumbled frightened to the core.

It sounded like Sam’s voice. Dear god, what had happened? Both of them reached the hall.

Miha’s eyes widened when she saw Sam lying on the floor unconscious.

“Sam!” Miha panicked and ran towards her.

But, Rudra reached down on the floor first. He lifted her head up and cursed heavily.

“Oh, no she is hurt.” Miha muttered anxiously and bent down too.

“Go get some water.” Rudra barked at her sharply.

Miha jumped at his harsh tone but she ran out of the hall immediately. Now was not the time to argue with the jerk.

But just as she was about tread to the water cooler stand, she saw Yuvan and Ridhi ran towards the hall. She hurriedly poured some water in the glass and ran back to the room.

Sam came around into consciouness when she heard frantic anxious voices around her. She opened her eyes wincing at the sudden pain she felt on the left side of her forehead.

Her vision was doubled and smudgy for a second but she can make out the worried faces closer to her eyes.

Her head in Ridhi’s lap and she saw Yuvan and Miha bent down towards her face.

“Get away from her. She needs air and you guys are blocking it.” Ridhi’s annoyed voice travel into her ears.

She heard low murmuring and protests coming from both Yuvan and Miha. Sam blinked several times to clear the smudginess in her eyes.

“I’m alright. I’m fine.” She croaked through a lump in her throat.

She tried getting up but her head felt heavy and it ached too much.

Ridhi helped her up to sit.

“Why did you scream like that? As if you just saw a ghost. God, that scared me.” Miha bent down staring at her with wide eyes.

She saw Rudra standing at a distance. He was staring at her observing thoughtfully.

“It seemed like something scared you?” He asked in a low cool voice.

“What happened? How did you hit your head?” Yuvan asked her curiously.

Ridhi slapped his arm and he cursed and glared at her.

“Can’t you see she is hurt? Stop interrogating her, guys.” She snapped at all of them.

Sam felt a little after gulping down the cold water from the plastic glass that Miha gave her.

She could feel something like a piece of water in her right fist. What was it? She didn’t remember having it earlier in her hand.

She avoided eye contact with them all.

Ridhi was rubbing her back comforting her.

“I…I..I slipped and my head hit on the table lamp.” She hedged and lied instead.

Yuvan and Ridhi nodded their heads and help her up to stand. Miha gave her a confused look but Sam avoided looking at anyone. She was scared to death. Someone had been there in the hall. The person didn’t talk at all when standing behind her. God, it would forever remain in her head the feeling of extreme terror that hit her mind then.

“Come on, let’s stick a plaster to that scratch.” Yuvan muttered and caught hold of her shoulders.

Sam felt sudden giddiness. Her feet were unsteady on the floor.

“Whoa, careful there. I think we need to call a doctor. I wonder if you had a concussion.” Ridhi fussed over instantly.

Sam remained silent and she looked around furtively but her eyes caught with those of Rudra’s narrowed stare. He followed her gaze of earlier and looked around the hall too.

Damn, he was very observing and sharp.

“It’s okay, I’m fine.” She assured them and moved away.

Ridhi gave an exasperated look Yuvan understood that she needed to stay alone for a while. He slid his arm over Ridhi’s shoulders and made her walk forward.

“What’s this? What are you doing? I didn’t give leave for you to touch me whenever you want. Don’t think of such things just because we’re dating now.” She whisper hissed and elbowed into hard into his ribs.

Yuvan grinned down at her holding her more closer to his body. Ridhi stared at him in disblief.

“Oh, look at you gloat.” She muttered disdainfully in a bemused voice.

Sam escaped from the pair and she got into an empty corridor. She opened her palm and uncreased the crumpled paper.

Her breathing escalated and her widened looking at the crimson stained words.

“You’ll Pay For What You Did.”

The words froze her to the floor and her hands started to shake. Profuse sweat trickled her forehead and her back.

What the hell.


Inside the hall.

Miha shared a suspicious look with Rudra.

“She really did see something here, right?” She asked in a low fearful voice.

He again maintained that poker expression and gave away nothing. Miha curbed the need to roll her eyes at that.

He ignored her and bent over the table lamp. Her left eyebrow lifted up when he picked something from off the floor.

“Maybe.” He murmured to himself thoughtfully.

She looked around and gulped hard. Damn, it was very cold and dark here. No wonder Sam screamed like that.

Miha tried to see what he had in his hand. He got up and she almost collided with his body.

“What did you find?” She asked looking into his inky black eyes.

He stared down at her and put the thing into the coat he had on.

“Nothing.” He replied to her in a monosyllable.

Miha blinked at his evasive answer.

“But, you just…”

He put his forefinger over her lips. His head leaned down and he drew closer to her face.

“Sometimes, you need to shut your mouth.” He murmured softly, smiled a little and moved past her walking out of the hall.

Miha gritted her teeth. Oh, the arrogance of the guy. Telling her to shut up. Does he have to touch her and get into her space always? Heck, he was scrambling her head with his words.


Sam felt much better after a while of being in the bickering company of Yuvan and Ridhi. But something changed between the two. A kind of warmth circulated around in their fights this time. Sam wondered if she was the only one who could point out the change. Well, she could only wonder because Roshan had become suddenly silent and strained in the kitchen. And Reeka too became jittery and anxious again. What happened between these two now? Just an hour before they were smiling into each other’s eyes but now they avoiding everyone as if their pet dogs died together. Which indeed was something sad. Well, now her thoughts were turning weird.

Oh, the complicated lives of them all. It was stressful thinking and thinking round and round in circles. Ridhi was right, she was a mother hen worrying about everyone. They can take care of themselves obviously.

She simply had unreasonbly panicked before. Maybe it was just a stupid prank somebody played on her. Maybe, if she wasn’t so afraid of the dark she would have seen the person whoever it was that scared her to death.

They reached upstairs holding the trays of food to the fourth floor. Tonight they had to serve the VIP guests who had finally reached the Villa after making the staff wait for more two hours. Really these extremely filthy rich people were complete snobs.

She can feel cool glances she felt on the kitchen staff when they moved to the upstairs kitchen. The party was much sober here than the down one. It was suit an tie one with girls wearing beautiful gowns. Waiters were moving around serving champain and drinks. Inside was all white interior with white carpets. It was all three large halls together with hundred of guests moving about gracefully conversing. The kitchen was in the back. Sam and Reeka peeped into the hall gaping like idiots.

“Did you look at the dress the woman was wearing?” Reeka asked her in a dreamy voice.

“Yep, the new winter collection. It might have cost a million. Did you see the diamonds around her neck?” Ridhi asked peeking through Sam’s shoulder.

“Girls, if you’re done window shopping, shall we get back to work?” Roshan barked from behind and the three of them jumped.

Reeka jerked back scowling.

“Jeez, what’s his problem.” She muttered under her breath.

Roshan narrowed his eyes at her.

“Did you say something?” He asked her in a low threatening tone.

Her eyes widened and she hurried away and tripped on her way.

“Careful there, kid. Don’t go on and break things around now!” Roshan shouted after her.

Sam sighed wondering at his sudden bull headed behaviour. He wasn’t the one to lose cool in the kitchen. What happened now that he was acting irritated suddenly.

Ridhi nudged her shoulder.

“Look, the boss came in just now and who is the beautiful woman on his arm. I have seen her with him before too?” She murmured to herself.

Sam too wondered at the sudden murmurs and disturbance around the hall that the pair managed to create by their presence.

She could only see the man’s back. He was wearing a blue suit and the woman attached to his side was indeed beautiful. She was wearing blue long dress with a deep back. Her skin really glistened in the bright hall lights. Sam suddenly felt like she was looking at royalty. The duke and the dutchess, her mind murmured amused.

Oh, whatever she needed to get back to work as Roshan kept glaring at the two. Ridhi obviously ignored his black look and went about humming into working.

The night was good though. First party then work. Oh, but the work really broke her back. Ah, when was she going to earn big bucks. The dream seemed very distant suddenly.

Her nerves were shaken though. A feeling of dread still lingered in her mind about that letter and the incident in the dark hall. Her body shook in her sleep and she missed the safe presence beside to her on the bed. Neil’s face flashed in her mind and her eyes teared up instantly.


Sam had been glum the whole morning. She talked less and worked more. Today she had to chop the onions. Ugh, the painful of the lots. Damn, her eyes burned and she sniffled constantly. Tears ran down her eyes. Oh, her nose stung too much.

Ridhi bought around a cup filled with hot water near her elbow.

Sam frowned through the tears and she sniffled again while dicing an onion.

“What’s that for?” She asked hoarsely.

“That is to stop the tears. It’s one of the kitchen tip. Always have a bowl of steaming water closer when chopping onions. The vapours do help.” She muttered, while rolling dough and spreading it on the counter.

“Though, it wouldn’t help. You should have frozen the onions for ten to fifteen max before chopping. That would have limited the enzyme to release when you cut into the basil layer of those.” Yuvan came around eating an apple.

Sam blinked confused and sniffling.

“Yeah, the enzyme released from the onions while cutting.When mixed with water it becomes acid. You have water in the eyes. Hence the tears.” Roshan explained flatly, while stirring vegetable sauce in a large deep bottomed pan.

Sam set her jaw hard.

“You couldn’t have told me earlier about that all, huh? How awesome you people are. Making me cry buckets for nothing.” Sam muttered irritately while slicing an onion into two scowlingly.

She wiped the tears on her forearm. Ugh, now the mascara got smeared on the white apron coat sleeve she was wearing.

“You can wear shades.” Reeka offered her another tip, smiling sadly at her from across the counter.

Miha snorted stiffling a laugh. Sam gave her a glare. Both of them were chopping celery. Such easy task they got.

She was going to kill Roshan for making her work like this. Damn him, but he already walked out of the kitchen before she could even sulk about it.

Reeka was laughing silently. Sam gave her glare too.

“Haha, my situation is very funny to you guys, right. Guess what, once some more of my paintings sell off I’m quitting this stuff immediately.” She said through the running nose.

Yuvan came around patting her shoulder.

“Of course, darling. You will soon.” He pacified her smilingly.

Sam gritted her teeth and glanced at Ridhi who in turn nodded her head.

They didn’t believe. Of course, they got around to know that she good at it but she hadn’t touched the brush in about a week and the dream of having them put in sale was really impossible now.

“I hate you guys.” She said forlornly, sniffling still.

After that Sam stayed silent and never uttered a word when they tried to talk to her.

She heard Reeka sigh after a while trying to talk to her and through the side glance Sam saw her searching through the mobile.

What was she doing? Sam frowned but acted completely disinterested.

After a second Reeka put the closer to Sam’s hand. Sam smiled an unseeing when the girl’s favourite song started playing. It was the song ‘Cross My Mind’ Of the Twin Forks band. All these nights the girls had a blast crooning along with it. The song was peppy and the lyrics fast and uplifting.

And, she was even more surprised when Reeka started lip synicing it and whistling the tune first.

Ridhi whistled along with Yuvan playing a celery stick as guitar.

He started whistling too.

Reeka came around and started lipsynching the song.

“Girl, it’s really good to see you come around. I know you’ve been lost, I’m glad you got found, cause I’ve been a little lost myself.” She started to sing along the music and dance around by clapping her hands side to side.

She slid her hands to Yuvan who started playing the imaginary guitar, but he was just dancing with the celery stick. He looked really funny with it and singing.

Sam tried to move away but Reeka pulled her back.

Ridhi picked up the lyrics. She took out her phone and showed it Sam.

“Found an old picture of you on my phone.” She slid the pics to her and touched her heart singing along..”Had a new feeling, now I won’t let go until I can, I can tell you for myself..”

Sam fumed and moved towards the door but she turned around smiling when they almost gave up. She ran towards Reeka and put her hands on her shoulders and started moving side to side with the drum beats and guitar strings. Yuvan and Ridhi smiled and got behind her making a human train while dancing.

“Why don’t you stay for a while. It’s been too long since I’ve smiled.” They moved side to side and sang along the music and lip synching the singer….”There’s too few people I trust. I won’t ask you for too much, good coversation and such.
And if I’m being honest from time to time you cross my mind good company is hard to find…

Yuvan raised and yoddled like crazily on the top of his lungs while hugging Ridhi from behind. Sam and Reeka stared at him shocked and almost laughed at his off beat tone.

“From time to time
You cross my mind
So stay with me
Just for a night… cross my mind!” He sang and twirled a protesting Ridhi around.

But all of a sudden he stopped the song and abruptly halted twirling her around. Ridhi didn’t expect that so she went flying to the other side of the kitchen where very sadly Roshan stood looking all angry and red.

The song continued playing on the phone and Sam blinked suddenly afraid looking at Roshan’s scary expression. He looked really angry.

There was a strained silence when he looked at them all each with narrowed eyes. He smiled suddenly abrupt and strangely he also started laughing.

Relieved Yuvan and Ridhi laughed along with him. Reeka smiled and tried to laugh too.

“It’s really fun, right?” He asked chuckling.

Yuvan laughed heartily in mirth.

“Yeah, the song was really fun and..” He continued with deep laughter rich voice.

Roshan stopped laughing abruptly and gave him such a glare that Yuvan moved back petrified.

“Shut the hell up and get back to work!” He barked in a loud voice and everyone jumped back really afraid of his temper.

“I didn’t hear you guys agreeing with me!” He bit out again after a second of silence.

“Yes, chef!” They shouted in sync now.

He seem to calm down a little after that.

“Good.” He said coldly.

He walked towards the phone and stopped the song. Roshan glowered and plucked at the back of it and Reeka hurried towards him.

“That’s my ph…” She started to explain but her hands drew back when he glared down at her.

He took out the battery and sim and put that in his pant pocket staring all the while daggers at her with his narrowed brown eyes.

“No phones allowed in the kitchen from on. You get this thing straight, alright?” He said in a hard voice.

She nodded her head pulling her hurt eyes away from the coldness of his stare.

Just as he was about to scold her more the security guy got into the kitchen and saved Reeka from more retorts.

Sam stared at him and at Miha who entered into the kitchen holding a basket of potatoes.

“There’s an order for tea and biscuits upstairs so…” He didn’t even finish the sentence when Miha jumped in excited.

“I’ll get the tea upstairs.” She intervened eagerly by putting away the potatoes on the counter.

Ah, finally she was getting a chance to meet the boss. Oh, she would die with such happiness.

Though, Mr. Security stared at her coldly. He remained cool and silent all the while as she made the arrangement. Whatever was his deal she though while pouring the already made tea into the china crockery pitcher.

She took out a silver tray from the upper cabinets and also took out the biscuits and placed everything in order.

She took hold of the tray smiling happily. When she tried to move past him, he stopped her by grabbing her left hand forearm. He glanced down into her eyes.

“Not you.” He muttered shortly and his eyes moved around the kitchen for a second in search of something or someone else.

Sam felt his eyes narrow at her. What? She thought, blinking at him confusedly. Why was he looking at her like that.

“You take the tea upstairs.” He ordered nodding his head towards her.

Sam’s eyes widened.

“Me?” She squeaked, pointing at herself.

He didn’t respond but let go of Miha’s arm.

“Yes, you.” He said gruffly.

Sam blinked hard looking around for help but everyone seemed busy over the oven or were in the pantry and she and Miha were the only people left alone. Traitors. They abandoned her when she needed them most.

Miha glared up at him. The jerk. He took away the only chance she had found in months of god knows how much of waiting.

“I said I’ll go, right?” She gritted out the words through clenched teeth.

He glanced down at her.

“Sam, take the tray from her and get moving.” He ordered in a sharp tone and turned around walking already.

Sam felt herself move at the order. God, she was becoming too meek nowadays. She took the tray smiling a little at an angry looking Miha.

Two of the other security gaurds walked behind Sam at each side and she bewildered at that. Whoever was he the owner that needed this much of heavy protection? It wasn’t like she was going to kill the man for godsakes that they were accompanying her in this way. She felt like a criminal who was about to go in a prison. The hefty men looked scary and everything about it was too daunting.

She treaded upstairs through the private elavator with the gaurds moving front closer to the lift doors.

Sam carried the tray to the study. The gaurds didn’t enter the room but stayed outside on each side of the door.

She took a deep breath in and entered the large plush study. There was this large hall with red carpets and sofa furniture and a chairs. At the far end there was a large library wall and deep inside towards the large french windows a wide rectangular mohagany table was designed closer to the library wall. Various documents, files and papers were neatly arranged on it.

Sam put the tray on the table. She lifted her eyes towards the turned chair. She could see a suited hand over the arm rest of it except that she got none the glance of the mystery owner of this castle like Villa. He must be a very old man, balding and pot bellied to own such a huge property. Only an old billionaire will only have such a lavish house. It was ten times larger a place of what her pappa had if compared. They were well off but not this filthy rich.

She didn’t know what to say so instead she fumbled with the words.

“ tea…Sir?”

Sam closed her eyes and beated herself for sounding so nervous.

She waited for him to turn around and scold her for being late. Sam was ready with an explanation.

“Finally.” A very familiar husky drawly voice travelled into her ears.

Sam’s could recognise the tone and the deep richness of the voice anywhere in the world. But she wasn’t sure really because her ears these days weren’t attune to anything or voices. Whatever that is.

The chair moved slowly in a twirl and the arm stretched and finally took form to the person seated on it in lazily in a lean back posture.

Sam’s breath knocked out of her lungs as her eyes locked with a pair of very familiar and glinting coal black eyes. Her widened gaze took in the form him. The person who had been the reason for her being miserable all these weeks and the very person who had been also the reason of the soul hurting and the painful heart break she went through, was staring back at her grimly. A sudden fear heated up her body looking at the several notches up the cold and indifference written all over his face and eyes. The look in his eyes scared her more than the nightmare she has been having these days.

Her eyes stung and burned while looking at his face. He didn’t change at all except looking rather dashing with a light scruff over his sqaure hard jaw. His hair was longer and lay unruly over his head. The black locks fell over forehead. They looked untamed just as he was. He had on a grey suit and looked rather sharp and unemotional. She gasped and reeled back looking at him stare at her coolly. He seemed like the calm ocean but she knew he had a force of a mighty strength under the depths of his character. She was afraid to venture into his life for fear that the fierce nature of his would engulf her into the extreme pain that she had been when she had been with him. She found it hard to draw in air into her lungs suddenly.

“You…” She whispered in a low breath and disbelief.

Black dots appeared in her vision and clouded her eyes in a thick white fog. Because she had little less to eat in the morning or was still coming to terms hitting her head on the table lamp yesterday and all that she didn’t know buzzed her head and her ears started to ring. The world turned round in circles and her legs turned jelly and…

“Neil..” She breathed again.

And, For the second time in fifteen hours, Sam fell to the floor as the dark shroud took her into unconsciousness.

Neil got up from the chair slowly and moved around looking down at the unmoving figure. His eyebrow raised up a little.

Well, that was interesting to watch. He leaned back on the table and sighed. He leaned down. His hand slid the long black locks off her face. His eyes narrowed and his fingers froze looking at the white small plaster attached to the left side of her forehead. His forefinger almost touched her cheek but his eyed turned cold he drew back. He got up fisting his right hand to the side.

He grabbed a glass and poured some water in it from the pitcher. Neil drank half of it still looking down at her body with lazy eyes.

His jaw locked hard and flung the rest of the content of the glass on her face harshly.

Sam gasped and her eyes flew open when a cold splash hit her face brusquely and the water almost went up her open. She blinked hard and her mind tried to take in the surronding. What happened?

Her eyes came into focus of the study and she gasped remembering everything.

Her eyes wild moved towards the person who was sat on the chair. Neil, her mind panicked. Neil was here in the study? This is his place? His Villa? All this while of the weeks she had been working in his kitchen?

He was here. Neil was here. Sam blinked hard to feel that it wasn’t a some harsh dream. But it wasn’t. Judging by the cold water that made her bones shiver, she really wasn’t dreaming.

He stared back at her leaning on the chair. His eyes lazy that made her heart skip everytime they caught hers assessed her now indifferently.

“Get up.” He ordered her in an imperious tone.

Sam felt the need to scream in frustration. It took a lot from her to forget him. To forget his hauting presence in her life. The deep yawn of emptiness she felt when she left him. It hurt her to fill it with a little cheer that found here but there he was ready to break her into pieces all over again.

That haunting half smile. The hauting arrogance of his. The haunting lazy drawl of his voice and everything of that of him, she tried hard to forget. Why was he here trying to rip the peace in her life, her mind cried out in a scream.

But, Sam bit her lower lip and got off the floor. She was better now. She wasn’t a weakling anymore. She had cried all the tears for him and it was over. She over him. To keep the anger and the rising panick down she fisted her hands fisted over by the side.

“What are you doing here?” She asked in a cold voice.

His hands drew together and his fingers joined as he looked at her silently. His lips thinned out grimly but they lifted up a little in an unseeing smile. For anyone it would look like he actually smiled but then Sam knew it was the one he did before destroying someone. It chilled her to the bones.

“You would do anything for the family, right?” He asked in a strange calm voice.

She frowned gulping hard. Goosebumps rose up her flesh when he narrowed his eyes at her.

“What?” She quizzed, it really was hard to understant his mind.

He sighed and from the left side of his hand he opened a file. He looked over the papers for a second and looking into her eyes he slid those towards her.

“Do you recongise the signatures?” He asked her again in a low burring voice.

Sam stared at his face. The lines and angles around his jaw and cheek bones became more grave and severe. He suddenly looked business sharp and forbidding. A slow brewing apprehension curled around her mind.

Sam moved closer to the table to look down at the papers.

“Have a closer look.” He suggested.

Sam bit back a retort in reply to his formal tone but she silently took hold of the three page document in both of her hands.

Her forehead crinkled looking at her own signatures down on the left side of the paper. What? When did she sign these?

She hurriedly read out the lines each one carefully. Well, these were the papers she signed at the gallery two weeks ago. The contract she got into for the paintings she sold then? How did Neil get hold these papers?

She looked at the signature of the person who bought her work.

Rayla Davis. Something about the name….

Sam froze suddenly as realization dawned on her. Rayla Davis.

Rayla Davis was Neil’s secretary. She had heard her name many a times when Neil had been on the phone always when she stayed in his apartment. Oh, blo*dy hell. She closed her eyes tight cursing herself. Sam you stupid. Fool. Idiot. How could you not know.

You walked straight and smiling like a fool and fell right into his trap. How could she do this. She understood he was capable of everything bad crossing all limits but to expect this from her own damn mind. Really, she didn’t expect herself to be such a dummy.

“You signed the papers.” He drawled.

Sam winced at the mocking she got from his tone. He taunted at her her intelligence.

She clutch the papers tight in her hands. A rising flush covered her body.

“How can you do this?” She asked in a strained voice, lifting her eyes to his.

He didn’t a look contrite instead he only stared back unaffected into her almost tear filled eyes.

“You should have really gone through the documents before signing.” He shrugged unapologetically…”I never thought you will do that.” He sighed again sliding his cold eyes all over her face…”But I forgot the utter foolishness in your nature. You believe everything of what people say.” He concluded nonchalantly and coolly taunting her again.

“Why did you buy my paintings?” She asked the question that gnawed at her continually since a while now.

But he wasn’t done there. Apparently he had more insults ready to fling on her face.

He smiled at her now fully and her heart thudded hard looking at the laughter lines around his eyes and mouth. She really missed looking at his face. Years back she used to stare at his profile from afar. And now, they were facing each other and ironically she had all his sharp attention and focus or to say more clearly she was the person he must hate most at present. She knew that the smile covered a hard glint of steel that penetrated into his eyes whenever he did that the black in his eyes seemed more profound coal. Sam understood the look. Anger. Lots of it. He comoflouged it well. It was kind of scary when he did that. It almost made people believe he was actually happy with them but that wouldn’t be the case or now.

“I frankly didn’t believe that the paintings were even worth to be bought.” He said in a steely voice.

Sam flinched at his reply. It struck like a verbal slap to her face. He cut her hard work and dreams into nothing with those words. He didn’t know how much of her heart she put in each glide of the brush and in the colours.

“Then you just invested your money in a futile contract. If I was foolish enough to sign the papers then you were even more stupid to have known that they weren’t worth it but even then you went all the way and made an effort to buy those. Quite an intelligence, don’t you have? I feel so sorry for you suddenly.” She taunted back.

His left eyebrow raised at her tone.

“Those weren’t exactly futile. Can be used as scrap to stoke up a fire when it’s cold around here.” He shot back equally in an icy tone, deliberately trying to rile her up.

He said that again, didn’t he. He constantly taunted her hard work and mocked at her career choice. Who does he think he? God, he had such a prince complex. To think of it, no not prince. He think himself as the very king around here.

He tilted his head to the right side and observed her thoughtfully. Sam wondered about what he was thinking. She was afraid whatever he has to say next, it wouldn’t do much good to her.

“Now that you signed the papers, you indebted to be. Like almost forever.” He smiled an unseeing one again.

Sam bristled.

“You must be crazy to think I would follow this ridiculous charade.” She snickered.

He laughed a deep rich humlourless one.

“It would be an amusing charade.” He agreed amiably but then his face tranformed into a hard iciness. He leaned on the table towards her.

“From now one you will be at my every beck and call. You clean, cook, run errands, walk, smile, laugh and all that whenever I order you to. One protest coming out of your mouth, Ms. Samaira Khanna, will make you pay heavily.” He threatened her in a low dangerous voice.

Sam flinched when he flung the formality of her name.

His eyes flashed and he looked every bit livid and dark. Sam gulped hard feeling the depths of his anger and hate. He looked unforgiving. Completely unrelenting and ruthless. This version of Neil she never want to see again because he was a complete stranger.

She drew her shoulders in a square and brought out the courage she had gathered all these weeks.

“I will never bend to your will and you can drag me to court for the breech of the contract. Goodbye.” Sam replied back equally hateful.

She turned around feeling shaken all over her mind.

“Fine. Break the contract. Pay me fifteen million dollars and leave” He muttered flatly.

Sam froze in her walk. What the hell?

She whirled around instantly and stared at him as if he was crazy. Fifteen million what? She spluttered in disbelief.

He sat there staring at her smugly satisfied. Completely at ease and cool for having made her brain scrambled.

He chuckled lightly looking at her disblief filled eyes.

“Like I said, you should have read the documents.”

Sam bit the inside of her cheek to not fling curses at his nonchalant face.

“And like I said. Drag me to court.” She fired back.

He sighed and shrugged at her.

“Alright, but with heavy heart, I have to get involved your dear darling sister in this.” He mocked her in a contrite filled voice.

If Sam knew him better, he wasn’t really but very much happy about pulling her into a mess.

Sam’s heart failed at that.

“You wouldn’t dare to involve her in this.”

His eyes turned icy cold and his face really clouded with black despise. His voice turned hard and brittle.

“I would dare. In fact, I already did.”

Sam couldn’t believe this. But what about the things she read in the magazines. What was those about the two getting clicked in the media. Was that all a play?

Oh no, this can’t be happening to her right now.

“How can you do this? You were with her in all…”Sam started in a strained hurt tone but he grinned suddenly.

She winced looking how brutal he looked laughing at her like that. It shamed and humliated her. Angry tears burned her eyes.

“Brought out the claws, didn’t it. Everything you might have seen was all a play. I can read your soul like a book. Your face now…..”He muttered smiling and leaned back with incredible truimph in his eyes…”Ah, it brings such satisfaction to see you in pain.” He completed the words in a snarl.

Sam fisted her hands to control the rising anger that burst and inflamed her body. A deep crimson covered her eyes and she literally saw red.

“How dare you use her like that…you are bastard!…” Sam spluttered angrily.

The smiled wiped away from his face and got up instantly, moved around the table and loomed over threateningly.

“I used her the same way you used me to save her stoned ass, you two faced selfish b*t*h!” He gritted in a brutal tone.

She remembered the way she accused him last time. The way she hurt him. So what she had chosen her sister. He would do the same wouldn’t he if he had a sibling. Of course, he would do the same. But if he knew how much of hurt she had gone through to separate maybe then he wouldn’t be brutal towards her. But she realized that it was only his pride that hurt him. Not because he felt anything for her. The pride that he was so smug about. It hurt her that he still treated her as one of his flings, who had the dared to leave him. She would be equal in his eyes.

Sam stared into angry face. He changed so much. His anger seemed like he knew no bounds now. He was shaking to contain the fury that clouded his eyes. They were inky black and glinting like cold shards of ice. She could feel the familiar warmth of his body and minty smell of his breath. Her lower jaw quivered not to push herself over his chest and cry, but his manner neither offered comfort nor he looked anytime soon to forgive her. And it was good that he didn’t like. They seem to bring out the worse in each other every time coming closer.

Sam swallowed the tears.

“I don’t like your tone and I hope you don’t talk to me like that again.” Sam warned him coldly.

The anger vanished instantly as soon as it coloured his face dark.

“You call me names. I do the same. Fair thing, isn’t it.” He said softly.

He moved back slowly. He didn’t touch her this time. Seems like he was repelled by her presence suddenly.

He went and sat back on the chair. Sam didn’t stray her eyes away from his. She sighed and stared deep into his eyes to understand him.

“Please, don’t do this.” She whispered.

Please, let me go.

He glared at her now fully.

“I asked you continully, didn’t I? What was the matter then but you pushed her in my face and left happily….” He said in a raised voice but he closed his eyes and sighed. His eyes opened after a second and Sam folded at the strange calm that came over his face suddenly…” And, now I don’t give a f**k about her or you anymore.” He concluded in a gravelly gruff tone.

Sam tamed the need to slap his face hard.

“So, this is some kind of revenge plan, huh?” She asked blisteringly.

He smiled and put the papers back on the file.

“This isn’t any revenge. This is your punishment and you’re going to take it until you drop down to your knees and beg for my forgiveness in exhaustion.” He muttered darkly and forbidding.

Sam felt heat circle around her body.

“That is never going to happen.” She promised him fiercely drawing up the pride in her eyes.

His eyes took that as a challenge as he nodded his head.

“I shall see.” He replied coolly.

Sam had seen worse days than this and she can endure even more. So, bring it on Mr. Banker.

She lifted her chin in determination.

“I shall see too.” She taunted and turned around to leave.

“This has become cold. Bring another cup.” He muttered flatly to her back.

Sam froze and she really wanted to fling the contents of it on his face instead.

She turned around though smiling meekly. Her feet moved towards the table and grabbed the tray without a word. He seem to have dismissed her presence completely. His eyes and hands busy concentrating on the work in his hands.

“And, use the stairs instead of the lift.” He ordered her again.

Sam’s eyes widened. Five floors walking down and five floors walking up again. Heck, it would break her back moving like that.

But she refrained her hands to throw things at his bent head.

“Of course.” She agreed shortly.

His head lifted up and his eyes narrowed at her.

“Of course what?” He asked her sardonically.

Sam gulped down the pride. It was like opening her mouth to recieve the bitter pill of words. She didn’t want to open her mouth at all.

He continued to stare at her until she backed away and gave up. Calm down. Calm down. Calm down. Her mind chanted to pacify the boiling angry curses trying to get out of her mouth.

“Of course…” She breathed serenly and said the word through thinned out lips…”Sir.” She mumbled.

He put down the pen and leaned back.

“I didn’t hear you clearly.” He drawled.

Her lips pursed and her face scrunched up in utter hate. His eyes flared in response to that.

Alright, so be it. The jerk.

“Of course, Sir.” She enunciated the last word firmly.

The corner of his lips lifted up amused.

“Good.” He said shortly and again all the amusement left his face just as immediately as it appeared on his face.

Geez, bipolar much.

“And take this.” He flung something like black ipod looking or something on the table.

Sam grabbed it and lifted her left eyebrow looking at it. A pager?

She gave him a questioning glance. He stared back flatly at her.

“Whenever I send a message, you must come running. Five minutes is all that you get to reach me. If I don’t see you before in five minutes…” He trailed off with the threat, leaving the rest for her to understand.

Sam glowered back in mute response.

“Now, get lost.” He lifted his left hand and moved it in a dismiss over her form.

Her lower jaw almost hung at his high handed behaviour and movement of hand. Sam grinded her teeth but she only smiled and turned around walking.

She got out of the study and muttered a string of curses.

But she surprised to find a very tall and beautiful looking woman cat walk on a pair of jimmy choo heels in the corridor.

Sam frowned recognising her. She was the same woman at the VIP party last night. What was she doing here.

Sam stared at her clothes. The woman very fair had on an tasteful looking blue sundress. She had long black straight hair and a model like body. Her eyes were wide and large. She had a thin delicate face and sharp cheekbones.

Right now, she stared down at Sam as if she was a fly.

“Move.” She ordered her looking all over at her face disgustedly.

Sam jerked away from the door surprised at the woman’s attitude. God, she was nasty.

The door clicked close and Sam’s eyebrows drew together. What the hell was the woman doing here in Neil’s study?

Her forehead cleared as the answer came to her with the rushing anger in her veins.

Great, he seem to be back to his player ways. How many women was he going to string along now? It rankled her nerves thinking about him again.

Thought she was over him already but her mind was still at the same place that had been weeks ago.

Sam treaded upstairs carrying the tea tray for the tenth time. The breath left her lungs and her legs were dead. She reached the fifth floor gasping like a fish. There were numerous winding steps to each damn floor.

Sam muttered heavy audible curses all along the way up and down. The confounded man found the tea cold each time. Of course, it would turn cold. It took almost thirty walking up. Ridhi and Reeka both gave bewildering glances when she reached the kitchen huffing and puffing each time. She couldn’t answer to their questioning glances.

She flung open the study door panting breathlessly.

“You’re doing this to spite me, aren’t you?” She asked him gasping and almost fell to the floor but she grabbed onto the table for dear life.

He lifted his eyes from the file in his hands. Not a hair strand looked ruffled over his head and here she was dishevelled and almost dead.

“Bring it here.” He ordered ignoring her question completely.

Sam glared at him but she complied moving the tray closer to his hand.

He looked down at the tray and then to her face.

“Get the cup.” He said in a steely voice.

Gosh, what was his deal. Should she pour the tea into his mouth.

Sam’s breath finally came back to normal a little. Oh, thank god, she could see clearly now.

She took hold of the cup and walked around the table.

He took the cup from her hand which stayed closer to his left arm for about ten minutes. He was busy reading some sort documents. Possibly, he was on a design to blackmail someone else, she thought dryly.

He took a sip and Sam waited with baited breath for him to let go off her.

“It’s cold. Make another one.” He muttered distractedly after a second.

Sam groaned helplessly. What the hell. This would be eleventh time he had rejected the tea.

“We ran out of milk.” She replied dryly looking away.

His head lifted and he stared up at her sideways.

“What did you just say?” He asked her with narrowed eyes.

Sam slid her gaze back to his glinting eyes. Oh, whatever.

“We ran out of milk.” She repeated again flatly.

He stared at her for a second.

“Make me a cup of coffee then.” He flung another order at her in a icy voice.


“Uh..the coffee powder ran out too.” She lied avoiding his eyes.

He turned around the chair towards her.

“Are you trying to annoy me?” He asked in a deep voice.

Sam smiled fluttering her eyelashes.

“Of course not….” She replied instantly but when he raised his eyebrow at that Sam had to push herself to let the word out in a mumble….”Sir.”

He stared for more than a minute without a word and she felt uncomfortable suddenly. Her eyes drew down and she frowned looking at the white bandage around the wrist of his left hand.

She bit the inside of her cheek to not ask what has happened or how it happened. He might take the concern as otherwise. She really did not know him at all. He was very unpredictable. Sometimes he was soft and in the next instant he would give her such hate. Oh, it was impossible a feet for her to try to peek into the inside workings of his head.

“Go get the tea.” He said again and moved the chair to his work again.

Sam scowled fiercely now.

“My legs are hurting. I can’t even stand properly.” She complained sulkily.

“Good.” He muttered shortly.

Sam made a face at his averted profile.

“I can’t walk up the stairs. There are too many.” She mumbled again.

“That’s because you have become tardy and also might have gained weight. Taking the stairs will help you lose the extra kilos.” He muttered disinterestedly, busy thorougly scribbling something on the papers.

Sam gasped at his words. She had gained weight? Extra kilos? Sam glanced down at her body. But Dev said that she had become gaunt, she thought forlornly. Her face burned with embarrassment. Was it possible that he lied to her? Why would he do that? To cheer up her sad pathetic life that’s why maybe the answer came immediate in her mind. Had she been binging on food too much these days?

Whatever it was, how could he say that to her? Ugh, he wasn’t ruthless. He was utterly despicable. Ah, she was running out of vacabulary to think of a word to describe him. Oh, but yes, that’s what he was. Undescribable.

“I won’t go down to the kitchen again. I can’t walk….” She muttered miserably.

He finally sighed, put down the paper and turned the chair around to face her again.

“Fine. Ask for my forgiveness.” He said softly, pointing his eyes to the floor.

Sam glanced to where he pointed and she gritted her teeth. He wants to humliate her by bringing down to her knees before him.

“Never.” She retorted fiercely.

His eyes narrowed at her tone.

“Get lost and stop wasting my time then. I’m working.” He said angrily and seemed finally annoyed with her.

Sam’s face srunched up in pain.

“And, I didn’t give leave for you to talk so informally to me.” He glanced at her sideways.

Sam snorted. Didn’t give her leave, her foot.

She almost grew up with him and she needed to talk to formally now. Just because of the contract. Hello, absolutely not going to happen.

And did he forget he slept in her bed like she didn’t know how many times.

“I lived with you. In your apartment.” She stated in an incredible tone.

He smiled that unseeing one again and Sam dreaded to hear the words coming out of his mouth. Ah, damn, she shouldn’t taunted him. He was an angry lion on loose. She didn’t know from where and when he would pounce, strike and hurt her.

“I allowed you to stay in my apartment. As charity. Except that I wouldn’t have allowed a scheeming, lying and good for nothing woman at my place. If it wasn’t for your brother, you would have lived off the streets by now.” He grated harshly.

Sam felt each of his word stab at her heart. So thats what she was to him. Tears filled up her eyes as he stared at her coldly and unaffected.

“So, you don’t have care for me at all?” She asked him again in a strained voice.

Sam saw something flicker in his eyes as he stared at her silently and a tear rolled down her left cheek. His eyes followed its trail. She wiped it away fast feeling stupid to cry in front of him.

He leaned back on the chair.

“No, I don’t care about you. I didn’t before. I don’t now.” He whispered in a gruff low tone.

Sam gulped hard feeling more hot tears swim in her eyes.

“Then why don’t you let me go?” She asked helplessly.

Why can’t he just let her go? Why was he hurting her like this? Making her listen to his harsh words.

He looked at her cry silently for a second. His face morphed into something else. It was really fascinating yet a little scary to see the change. It slipped the mask of indifference he had on since she saw him. His left hand went into his hair and he pulled at the locks. The other hand grabbed the arm of the chair in a tight grip. He stopped with the movements when he saw her observing it all.

He sighed suddenly looking at her accusingly now.

“Alright, here is another proposition.” He muttered in a hoarse voice.

Sam frowned at the intensity of his gaze and the shake that glided in his tone. Hot flush rose all of her skin when his eyes moved all over her body lazily. His gaze all heated came back to hers and locked her in a stare. Sam froze as he looked at her as if she were a meal.

“What proposition?” She asked finally.

He leaned closer to the table.

“Let me f**k you.” He whispered huskily….”Let me inside you. All the way in. Let me wash you off my mind once and for all.” His voice turned gravelly and uncontrolled.

“Allow me to have you. Once. Twice. Thrice. As many times as I want it… until you realize that you can’t run from me anymore than I could…” He went on fiercely brazen.

Sam’s eyes widened looking into wild gaze. All the breath left from her lungs in a second. Goosebumps rose all over body suddenly.

“Are you crazy?” She whispered back breathlessly.

He chuckled a mirthless one at her reply. His chuckled turned into a humourless laughter and sagged back on the chair. Sam wondered if he really did lose his mind.

“But then again, I have lost interest in you suddenly.” He said in a still strange tone as his eyes glanced down to her legs wildly.

Sam was bewildered competely now. Words failed to come out of her mouth at his changing and fluctuating mood swings. He stared at her thoughtfully and chuckled more patronisingly at her silence.

He sobered up with the laughter after a while. His face which had turned red now looked completely ashened. All the seriousness came back to his face the grave lines intensified austerely. He looked really severe. He gave her a strange look. A look which patronised him. Told her that he would never allow her to understand him. And what knocked her breath again was he seemed very hurt because of it.

“But I’m not done with you yet. Until…” He pointed his right hand forefinger to the side of his head..”This.” He tapped and his hand travelled to his chest..”And this.” He tapped his heart and Sam gasped again..”tires of you…until then I can’t be done with you.” He muttered those words in a low contrite tone.

His voice was helpless. Frustrated. Angry. inflamed. Pained. Hurt. Sad. Lonely. Tired. All these untamed emotions just shook her to the core. His smile told all those to her. And he was punishing her for making him feel all this.

Sam’s eyes and nose stung and tears filled and flowed at his words. Her face scrunched into a hurt.

She turned around hastily and ran out of the room before she dissolved into a sobbing mess on the floor.


Miha followed the starchy guy but she did it without him seeing her. She needed to find where the boss stayed. If she followed this man, she would know for sure about his whereabouts.

Mr. Security stopped walking suddenly.

“Alright now. That’s enough. Come on out.” He said sharply without turning around and Miha jumped at his tone.

She closed her eyes. Crap, her plan failed. Heck, did the guy had eyes in the back of his head too? How did he know that she was lurking in the corners.

Her shoulders drew down. She came around to his side looking glum. He was wearing the same different suit today. A deep blue one. He looked very handsome in it she thought smiling.

Miha slapped herself in her mind. Ugh, what are you thinking? Focus. Focus. It was not him you were fascinated about. He was Mr. Wrong and so not her type. She could even make a crocodile laugh but not this guy. He had least humour.

He stared at her in exasperated anger.

“Seriously, what the hell are you?” He asked sounding weirded out by her completely.

Miha stared up at him sullenly.

“Why are angry today? You don’t usually scold me this much. Geez, it was better when you ignored me..” She started to mumble and his face cleared off the annoyed look and it turned into stone…

He turned around walking fast and Miha’s lower jaw hung. Ah, the arrogance of this guy. When she was talking here he had the dare to avert his face and walk away.

“Hey! wait up!” She called after him and caught him up striding fast but she drew back and frowned when suddenly the door of the third floor burst open and out walked Sam slowly. Her face was pale and sad.

She crossed them walking without looking anywhere around. Miha opened her mouth to stop but felt that Sam wasn’t really in the zone of talking mood. It felt like she wasn’t even aware where she was going.

“Wha…what happened to her? Why is she walking like a dead person?” Miha wondered out aloud.

Mr. Starchy security just grunted disinterested and walked forward. Miha kept glancing back at the way Sam went down the stairs.

Miha stopped when she peered down to the second floor. A black shadow and eyes gleamed in the dark hallway where just Sam passed. It seemed ghostly and frightening. The shadow was a masked figure. It followed Sam. Miha gasped and caught hold of his hand tight.

“What? What happened?” He glanced down at her with narrowed eyes.

His body straightened in alert suddenly.

“M…m…Mr. Security, I think there is someone following Sam.” She pointed her index finger to the second floor.

He turned his head to the direction of her hand and he froze abruptly identifying something too. Miha panicked. She didn’t wait for him to reply.

Sam. She was in danger. Heavens. Miha did the only thing she does while she panicked like this. No amount counting will bring down the rush adrenaline that suddenly coursed her veins. She ran fast after the hoodied figure.

“Hey! You!” She shouted trying to bring down the fear.

“What are you doing? Miha wait!” She heard a curse and string of more curses behind her.

The last time too it was someone who scared Sam and dear god hurt her. Whoever it was really meant harm by the shadow moved about the corridors. Wasn’t the security tight? How did the person cross the third floor?

She ran down the stairs following the jumping figure still more down out of the villa.

She was gasping by the time her feet took her out in the open and near the outside.

Huh? Miha looked around the empty garden. Where did the shadow disappear?

She bent down to breath hard, but her body was suddenly pulled back and she was pushed over the out house wall.

Her widening caught an angry pair of black eyes. What the hell was with this guy and pushing her against the walls?

“You stay put here and…Oh why am I even talking.” He muttered sarcastically.

Miha gasped and spluttered into protest when he pushed her body into the out house. He closed the door and locked. It all happened in matter of only seconds. God, he was fast. If not her reflexes were slow she would have been prepared to face him bulldozing her like that.

“Hey! How dare you lock me up! I was doing better job than you following the creep!” She shouted at the top of her lungs, but she already knew he wasn’t there.

Miha gasped in disbelief. That guy really locked her up. She muttered curses under her breath moving to and fro angrily. Her stomach growled in response. Oh, now she was hungry. Being annoyed at the guy always works up appetite well.

People were working around to arrange a party here and also renovating the large hall. The loud buzzing sounds here rankled at her nerves. How to get out of here?

She was about to find out a way when the door burst open suddenly. Miha had less time to react when walked in long strides upto her and caught hold of her hand and pulled outside.

Miha opened her mouth to speak but he glanced down at silence with his eyes.

He grabbed her shoulders hard once they got out and he pulled her into a corner.

“What the hell were thinking?” He glared down at her in extreme anger.

Miha blinked and tried to free herself from his painful bit of the hands.

“Let go of me. You’re hurting my arms.”

His nostrils flared and glowered down at her and tightened his hold more. Miha gasped feeling the strength of his body. He could snap her bones into two.

“Do you have any idea how dangerous that was to ran after possibly a crime suspect? What if he had a gun or a knife?” He gritted through clenched teeth.

Miha looked thrown. Well, she didn’t think about that. She had been only afraid for Sam. Now that she thought of it. It really fascinated her.

She smiled suddenly and he stared down at her as if she was a crazy person.

“Crime suspect? Wow. That’ so cool and fascinating. I didn’t know I had followed a person carrying a gun.” Miha frowned suddenly…”And how did you know it’s a ‘he’ but not ‘she’? And…” She went on excitely about this whole adventurous and thrilling thing she just did just now.

He sighed suddenly and let go off her turning away.

“Fascinating. I’m really hating this word now.” He muttered to himself exasperated.

“Hey, do you think I could get into your team of security. I would be fun us working together, right?

Miha caught hold of his hand and stopped and brought down his face to her eye level.

“You, shut the hell up and stop following me around. From this hour if you so much set your foot out of the kitchen….then swear to god, I’ll grab you by the hair throw you out of the Villa myself.” He warned, tapping at her forehead with his forefinger enunciating each word dangerously.

Miha felt the need to laugh at his livid face. She smiled.

“Wow, so much of anger. It’s fascinating.” She whispered barely containing the laughter bulbling in her throat.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes shaking his head……..


So, this was the update, yeah. I will update the next one by tomorrow night. That is maybe sat midnight. possibly i dont know. But I promise to update( Note: The analysis of my name says that I do tend to make promises but I cudnt keep them. lol. There was lotssa stuff that really did resembled me completely when i looked it up on the internet. yeah, narcissist much right. watever. hehe but it was like whoa thats creepy how every point like kinda a little described me). I thought of writing more but this became much longer. kinda excited for you guys to read this. Yeah Neil n Sam just started yeah but there is lotsssssssa more to come. Its kinda hacked up my writing. plssssssss do commt whoever reads the story everyone. like i really need to know wat u think. haha kinda demanding arent I suddenly. well i dunno. i just want to know. dats all.

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