Bihaan vs Druv -The debate that never dies!


Hey guys. this is the ultimate debate topic as far as tpk is concerned and it just never settles or dies. so im just moving “that” particular discussion to a different section , wr people can comment whenevr they like. Every day the same discussion over thahaan and tharuv’s “history” goes on which drowns the discssions on the quality of the current episodes. Hopefully this is a friendly matured discussion.
1) decent language
2) no comments on the actors or any1 commenting here. its purely abt the fictional characters… so dont take it to ur heart
3) hopefully u guys wil use points so that if someone differs from ur opinion then they can oppose that particular point rather than beating arnd the bush.
4) kindly refrain from getin over sentimental abt the characters to avoid getting offended by someone elses comment.
5) thahaan or tharuv… remember its a tv show and not a war zone. hence use logical facts than feelings for this friendly discussion

hmmm… thats all i can think of right now. be friendly . ultimately… thahaan or tharuv.. ur al watching same show. and theres alwys tharilla if it dosnt work out with druv or bihaan ;-p

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  1. Tharuv…..because first love can never be forgotten….dhruv loved thapki very much….they got seperated because of someone else…..everyone knows good people and true love will always win…since they are seperated it will be like….the negative force winning….so its my opinion…

    1. nice keep going

    2. Lightsabre

      Hmm.. actually the tharuv romance intially was sweet. But the writers didnt let it many ppl in real life marry their first love? Even though first love is spl… dont u think we all change in life and a life partner who remains with us during tough times is more wiser choice??

  2. well, I don’t watch the show but I have always liked the pair of dhruv and thapki. I never liked her pair with bihaan and that twist in marriage which they bring is the worst track the writers can introduce. firstly, portraying one pair as the lead and then seperating the couple by getting in a third wheel and portraying some other couple as the lead.

    1. Mona146

      same here. Also thapki’s mahhaness in forgiving vasu very easily and forgetting dhruv is just painful. Also I did not like that vasu forgave thapki because she was about get killed by shraddha? Really that means you will never ralise someone is good except they save you? CV’s ignored dhruv after thahaan marriage and were hell bent on making them close. I stoppped watching after marriage also. Sometimes I read or watch it accidentally but still dont buy it.

    2. Lightsabre

      The writers could hav made tharuv work- by keeping druv single and by letting thapki discuss her feelings with druv. In a real life situation its unlikely that the girl will say “u did not protect me” when u know well that ur groom got hit on the head. But i like thahaan coz eventually they never brought in druv much to the pic. Even if the weddin was succesful… im sure vasu wud hav tortured thapki. Durinf the subsequent episodes..they writers showed tht druv knew vasu was bein unfair to thapki… but he didnt react. But bihaan did. So i feel like bihaan and thapkis relationshio went thru a course of – hatred then friendship and eventually love.

      1. Lightsabre

        Hmmm… i dont knw y the writers did tht. But i thnk its the current trend… and thse ppl seem to like “swaraginj”??.lol.

  3. Hi roshni ya I think same.

    1. Lightsabre

      Hey garima. Yeh… endless thahaan vs tharuv arguments… but in my opinion.. i dontlike the current druv. They cud hav started a different love story for druv rathr than turnin him into a revenge seeking mad man. He ws so gud at the beginin ( i admit that even though i like bihaan bettr)

    2. NoSugarCoating

      Tharuv was too smooth. Druv was totally in control and he sacrificed nothing for thapki. Bihaan even lived in a thabela for her. He did one wrong but he has done 100 rights.thats real man is perfect druv alwys wants his own happiness. He liked thapki. Wanted to marry her. Later he married shradda instead of waiting.but she was bad so he wasnt happpy. So he wants to kick her out and snatch thapki again. All this would not have happened if druv knew his mother better and did not trust her blindly. Bihaan was stuck between maa and druv and their mad love for eachother. He and thapki were real victims. Druv suffered bcos he did not listen when thapki told him shradda is bad. Seriously, he should have waited just 3 months

  4. thapki never loved dhruv she repect him
    and we all know one sided love…..
    and thahaan love each other both
    god has stopped tharuv marriage as
    jodiyan uppar se bankar aati aa
    i love thahaan

    1. Lightsabre

      I felt so too coZ she calls him “sir” and bihaan neva called her “bhabi”. So i think the writers had this planned all along.unfair to tharuv fans

  5. Dont know why people says that thapki’s first love was dhruv …she never loved ,she never said that .she had a crush on him as he was her role model and inspiration to become an anchor.she only respected him as he was going to marry her .if people claim this to be love then they will also claim that thapki also loved diwaker .as she first respected him and cared for him.

  6. Vinlora

    Hi roshniiiiiiiiii. .tune tho yudh ka maidaan ready karke diya hai???ab shuru hogi jung Thahaan V/S THARUV ?
    Waise socha tha quit karun lekin muje dekhna tha wo sapola kis hadh tak girega. …?sach kahun tho aaj ka episode dekh ke mazaa aaya. ..?Roz ullu ko dekhne se achcha ek baar share ko dekun ???kyunki ab tak bihaan ko uske aage peeche itna kuch saazishe ho rahi thi phir bhi bewakoof tha lekin ab chalo misunderstanding yi sahi kuch tho akal lagaya. .Angry man ka look tho bahuth interesting hai muje ???
    Ab misunderstanding ho gayi hai tho clear bhi ho jayengi ?
    Lagta hai aaj jo diwakar ne selfie liye hai maybe wo Dhruv ke kilaf clue banega..kyunki selfie lethe waqt Dhruv thapki ka photo dekh raha tha. ..?
    Waise Thapki ne lense pehene hai kya? ??jjo bihaan hamesha thapki ke aankhe dekh ke sach jaanta tha ab kyun dekh nahi pa raha hai. ..? cvs kya kar rahe hain. ..?????
    Muje tho Thahaan se jyada MANYASA ki masthi dekhne mein mazaa aata hai ???

    1. Lightsabre

      I hope its nt a war zone. Im yet to read comments. Evryday we all argue out with the same points. So i thot we wil shift all that here so tht we dont keel repeating ourselves in the daily comment section

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    great article rosh i hope all will stop fighting after reading this already fed up with the show and also fed up with fights between tharuv and thahaan fans

    1. Lightsabre

      Yeh true. Hopefully we wil all see the story from a “shared” perspective. In my opinion… tharuv was gud . But the writers did let that story mature. Thahaans relationship was given a chanz to blossom and i like it coz its different. Heres a story of a girl who stammers who has met a guy who loves her honestly… a guy whom she would hav never chosen to marry. Bihaan isnt wats typically called as an eligible bachlor. Hes the ordinary …unimpressive …over emotional guy who makes mistakes and then puts his heart into correcting it . He was no philosopher and didn’t act like a mahaan n used to playfully tease thapki. But fate got them 2gethr and their perspectives a about eachothr changed.
      Though tharuv was gud… that was a normal couple. From a show biz point of view… i like the idea of 2 troubled less-than-perfect souls coming togthr under unusual circumstances n fallin in love. And thts also y i dont like this revenge angle from druv… caught up b/w thahaan n tharuv… ppl r missin the potential of the story.the writers r addin nonsense upon nonsense

      1. Lightsabre

        Writers did NOT let tht***(abt tharuv). Forgv typin errors

      2. RANdomfANCreationz

        This is exactly what I m trying to say 2 troubled less-than-perfect souls coming together under unusual circumstances. It’s true that tharuv shared good chemistry and none could have replaced it, I was also disappointed initially when thahaan got married but later on this idea of 2 troubled noy perfect individuals and both quite opposite and their nok jhoks made me love this pair a lot n no offense if tharuv got married it would have been a typical love story currently they would have shown vasu bent on torturing Thapki more or tharuv seperated or Bihaan negative or some other nonsense. But what they r showing currently is alps nonsense. If they kept dhruv’s chatacter positive till the end would have been something appreciable in this show as in other shows also the first hero turns negative same here -_-

  8. I think thahan is the best Jodi. Becoz they may not perfect but they are cute. They love each other. Thapki never loved dhruv. I want to say one thing, I hate this marriage changing plot but last I’ve to say that I really think thahan as best. Both love each other A lot.. bihaan u r awesome. Fight won’t end dhruv should understand it.. however he has to give up. But his love is true but unluckily it doesn’t make any heart crashing sense in thapki. Thapki can live without dhruv but she can can’t live without bihaan.

    1. Lightsabre

      Yeh.. that groom swap was ridiculous. Wudnt the family honour b in the gutter wen ppl cums to know of it.didnt vasu think tht. I forgav tht nonsnse idea of writers only coz they showed sum substanz in subsequent thahaan ordeals

  9. sonia chauhan

    Very nice. Keep it up ?.
    I strongly believe that dhruv is first love ❤ of thapki and at that time the so called hero bihaan was completely a goon who used to vacate the house from helpless ppl. Dhruv loved her soooo much that’s why he couldn’t forget her even after his marriage with sshradha.
    So he is the real hero of the series although he is turning into negative.

    1. Lightsabre

      Hi sonia.thnx fr comentin .Yeh.. writers did turn druvs life into a miserable one.
      Hmmm. Wat im abt 2 say isnt against druv- but i hav a feeling tht if writers see druv fans r enjoyin druv being negative, then they will push this track and drag it too far… to a point were druvs character wil be totally destroyed by cheap tricks. ( writers dont seem creatin enof to cum up with sensibl plots) .Show runs by trps and writers wil modify stories acordin to public interest. So common sense wise… wat wil hapen if they push this negativity too far?? Wil they make druv like diwakar n kill him or sumthn?? I alwys wondered y ppl hu like druv dosnt opine against such a track and make the writers give some happiness to
      the poor guy. Its obvious tht tharuv wont get bak 2gthr coz they made thapki confess her luv 4 bihaan. So i dont see a happy endin fr drv if this continues. The higher u fall from… the more severe the injuries.

  10. Lightsabre

    I didnt upload any pic fr this article..but this pic luks awesome.

    1. Lightsabre

      Thnx moderators fr the pic

  11. Lightsabre

    Thnks for commentin guys. I see no1 was rude . And thats gr8! The idea is only to express hw each of ur points of view differs from the other. I hav commented too.. and sinz i like thahaan better.. its pro thahaan comments (sorry druv fans)…but i acknowledge tht druv had a gr8 character profile in beginin. Hmmm tmrw may b il post a few loop holes in the tharuv track.but only if any tharuv fan wants to hear it n discus over it coz i dont wana unnecessarily offend ny1. Have a nice day

  12. Pls stop this nonsense debate group, the creater of this group is only thaurv fan. It doesnt make any sense of this debate. The ultimate jodi is thahaan only. So it is useless to hav a debate over both.

    This show is being appreciated only because of thahaan chemistry, without them this show doesn’t give any meaning. So pls stop this debate….

    And so called tha…urv never got any existense in this show. So it will be useless to hav a debate or discussion….

    1. Lightsabre

      Syed… evrybdy knows ur a thahaan fan. Even i like thahaan but im not gona put ppl at gun point to accept my point of view. I prefer evidence based analysis. The point of a rational debate ( yes… a debate… its not an article on y i like thahaan) is to express different opposing points of views so tht each person gets to “understand ” y the other prefers a choice. . I made the grp coz “some” ppl go on rantin abt hw one character is bettr than the other based on ” feelings” and not facts. If ur not open to a “discussion ” then y do u bother commenting here. This isnt a compulsory duscsn!
      N yes…. i support thahaan…. bt tht dosnt mean i shud disagree to each n evry word a tharuv fan says. If they make sense il support… if they wont…il oppose politely. Its as simple as tht!


    problem kya hai ki….

    jab phele episode serial dekhe huve log tharuv ko padand karthe hai……

    thahaan ke shaadi badh bhauth log serial dekhna shru kiya hai wo sirf aur sirf thahaan ko pasand karthe hai……

    aakir mai thapki bi boll chuki hai ki DS ko “mai aap se pyaar nahi karthi thi sirf izzath karthi thi usi izzath ke kathir mai aap se shaadhi karneke liye bi thayyar thi”. ….
    unn dono ke beech love hi nahi thi tho tharuv love track kaha se aaya tha…..❗❗❗❓❓❓

    sab CVS ki dimaak hai….???
    actually wo dimaak nahi gobar ka pahaad(hill) hai……

    1. Lightsabre

      Yeh. Totally agree. I think writers hv writen the story now with thahaan in mindn they r steering it in tht direction. So even though druv seemed like a lead in beginin…. hes only a fictional character n is immune to pain. So y dont y al go with current track n object the senseless draggin

      1. SANTHOSH

        mein ne a baath phele bi kheha chuka hoo phir bi…….

        cvs ko audience aur fans ki chintha nahi trp ki chintha hai, issliye kabi bi kisi ko villain r hero bana detha hai….
        badli huvhi track se trp milgaya tho wahi track aur kahi dino thak chaalu rehatha hai ….

        dhruv ka character thahaan ke shaadi thak bahuth achcha tha uske badh unko side mai rakke uska asli character ko badal ke negative banadiya hai…..

        abb bihaan ko male protagonist banadiya hai oppositely kisi na kisi ko antagonist banna hi padega na, tho mila dhruv banadiya usko villain…

        na actors ,na character,na hum log ki galthi nahi,iss hullu log cvs ki galathi hai, in cvs ki vajaise hum log yaha ladthe hai, agar ladna hai tho sab cvs se lado……

        hum logo ko practically soch na padega……

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