Bigg Boss Season 7 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss Season 7 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Bigg Boss Season 7 23rd October 2013 Written Update


Morning Song – Meri Marzi

Gauhar asking Kushal to not sleep.He says he isn’t well.

Appu wanting to broom coz Asif , Armaan, Elli & Sangram said they are unwell. Andy tells Asif that if he isn’t well then he shouldn’t do the gym in the evening.Asif says he is well and will do the work.

Tanisha opts to do Armaan’s side of work.

Tanisha telling Kushal that he didn’t clean the cans well and Kushal tells Tanisha that she doesn’t do her work properly.

Big Box task : Team outside of the box yesterday goes into the box today.Only need to get 3 contestants to win.

Kushal blocking Tanisha.

Sangrahm putting detergent in the box and Gauhar asking them not to.Apurva doesn’t allow detergent.


gets angry with Gauhar for constantly stopping them from doing the task their way.Gauhar insists that just because she had to go through a lot doesn’t mean her team should become “haiwans”

Ellie volunteers to come out of the box.Tells Sangrahm that he should have asked her before putting the powder on her, she would have chosen to come out before.

Kushal puts water and ash into the boxes.

Tanisha comes out of the box, pushes Kushal and says something that was muted.

Kushal says Tanisha touched her and considers it violence. Gauhar supports him.

Tanisha again pushes him which both Apoorva and Gauhar see and confirm.Tanisha says she tripped and didn’t push Kushal.

Kushal calls Tanisha a flop actor, fatso and 5’2″. Compares her to her sister.

Asif’s box topples.Third one out and the team wins.

Ellie points out that only Kamya’s box was nothing thrown in.Why was everyone after Tanisha when Tanisha didn’t do anything to them.

Armaan tells Tanisha that she should have got up soon coz he knew she would have been targeted.

Armaan tells Tanisha that “ab dekha kaise gussa aata hai”. “Tum ne tou dhakka hi de diya”. “Ab dekho iska kya nateeja nikalta hai”

.Armaan says he saw that Tanisha purposely push Kushal.He says tanisha has more gussa than me.

Armaan and Tanisha shown hugging in the smoking room.

Kushal on strike and Pratyusha doesn’t want to pick up Heaven’s poop.Gauhar volunteers to do it.

Kushal and Gauhar talking how will Tanisha’s action be perceived when she goes on banging into men.Kushal wonders why Andy sucks upto Tanisha?

Appu called by BB in the confession room and said that how reasonable is it to not wear the mike at every disagreement.

Kushal tells Armaan that he touched Tanisha’s chest when she deliberately banged into him.Calls her cheap in front of both Armaan and Tanisha.

Kushal says either Tanisha or he will stay in the show or he will leave the show.Armaan wonders aloud what happened to Kushal in the last 5 hours to take such a stand to which Tanisha says “Woh apne dimaag se nahi soch raha hai. Koi aur uski chaabi ghooma raha hai. ”

Appu gives BB’s message to Kushal and Gauhar and Gauhar agrees to weat her mike coz she trusts BB’s decisions and hopes he will act fair.

Pratyusha, Kamya and Gauhar still b*t*hing about Tanisha.Tanisha apparently reasoned that she wanted to spoil Kushal’s clothes which is why she tried to bump into him.

Kushal wears mike for Apurva’s sake.Gives BB a last chance to give his verdict, its either him or Tanisha.

Kushal seen fixing stools to climb up the BB wall to leave.Tanisha tells Kushal that I get it that it’s on your ego now but kushal doesn’t pay much heed.Andy shown telling Tanisha to not say anything to him.Reminds him that Salman said It’s not worth it.

Kushal hugging everyone while saying goodbye.

Apurva requesting BB to call him to the confession room.Kushal climbs up.Gauhar crying and asking Kushal to stop.

BB makes an announcement asking all HM’s to get together in the living room.Meanwhile Kushal climbs up the bb wall, goes over the barbwire and is technically out of the house.

Update Credit to: Inquisitivesoul

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