Bigg Boss 9 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 28 (continued)
Bigg boss says to inmates that its time for nominations and Salman will supervise it, Salman will be in garden area, inmates will go one by one there and nominate two inmates, Prince is already nominated, Mandana and Rishab have immunity this week so no one will nominate them. Salman says to inmates that they have nominate two inmates. Pictures of all inmates are placed on wheel(dartboard) in garden area, inmates will put dart on inmate’s picture whom they want to nominate. dartboard is placed in garden, Salman will be there while inmates will come there one by one and nominate two inmates whom they want (not an open nomination).
AMAN: he says Kishwar has anger and doesnt listen to anyone, he nominates KISHWAR. he says Suyyash is man but doesnt

take stand and have no brains, all decisions are taken by Kishwar in their relationship, Suyyash is women and Kishwar in man in their relation, he nominates SUYYASH.
SUYYASH: he says Puneet is still in past that he is star and all, Salman says he has talent but didnt get work so he has frustration, he nominates PUNEET, he says Rochelle is changing priorities, he nominates ROCHELLE.
RIMI: she says nominates ROCHELLE as she over reacts, she nominates AMAN as she doesnt understand him.
ROCHELLE: she nominates PUNEET as he doesnt listen anyone. she nominates RIMI and says its high time she should go, i felt bad for Yuvika today.
RISHAB: he nominates ROCHELLE and says she is two faced, he nominates RIMI and says i didnt expect that she would be involved in spitting too.
PRINCE: he says i get negative vibes from Puneet, he nominates PUNEET and says Aman doesnt talk to anyone himself, he nominates AMAN.
DIGANGANA: she says i know what my parents are thinking but Puneet was trying to manipulate me, she nominates PUNEET. she nominates AMAN and says i dont understand him, Salman hugs her, she says i didnt spat in food, he says spit*, she says yes.
PUNEET: he nominates KISHWAR and says she is main culprit behind everything. he nominates DIGANGANA and says she didnt listen to me what her mother said to me.
KISHWAR: she nomintes PUNEET for his weird behavior. she nominates ROCHELLE and says she fluctuate alot.
MANDANA: she nominates RIMI and says she is boring and not interesting, all she want to do is to sit all the time. she nominates KISHWAR and says its very bad quality to spit in food.

bigg boss says nominations are done. people nominated are PRINCE, RIMI, ROCHELLE, AMAN, KISHWAR and PUNEET. Bigg boss says its time for Salman to leave, all get sad, they all greet Salman, Salman thanks everyone and leaves.
Day 29
Awain Awain song starts playing, Prince doesnt dance, Rochelle brings him, he dances then.

Kishwar says we are low on ration so i was thinking that we should avoid tea, Prince says guests come on saturdays so we should avoid it other days, Mandana says we should calculate how much milk is consumed per day.

Rochelle says to Mandana that i explained to Kishwar that if i talk to you then that doesnt mean i am against Kishwar and co, Mandana says week by week people will go, groups will shrink, you dont have to explain to anyone. Aman says Kishwar made fool of herself ion dog task, Mandana says if she had wrist problem then she would have stopped but she didnt, she is so stuboorn that she is showing me ego still, Rochelle says she want captaincy to remain in her group, i told her that Rishab made her dog but she took his side whan it comes to captaincy, Mandana says they knew that they cant control me if i become captain but they can control Rishab easily.

Kishwar says to Mandana and Prince that Aman put so much oil in food, Rishab says then tell him to not do it, Prince says i will tell him that Mandana and i will handle Kitchen, Aman comes there, Prince says from now on, i and Mandana will cook, you should do soem other work, Mandana says we need to save oil.

Aman says to Puneet that you shouldnt have said things to Digi, Puneet says but her mother asked me to take care of her. Rishab says i like Dig alot, she is really sweet but her parents are not good, they put her in problem, i hate them, when we were working together, they shouted and abused so much. Mandana says to Puneet that i would give her family’s message to her but i would not tell her that your parents must feeling disgusted because of her decisions, she can take her decisions, Puneet says i dont care, people are waiting for me, Mandana says you should start understanding people, you are new here and you should start mingling with people instead of keep thing that they are your enemy here, Puneet agrees.

Puneet is Sitting alone in the garden area, Puneet attempts a cappella music to ‘Raat Suhani Aayi’ by clapping his hands and stomping his feet. Singing and dancing, he slides down the railing of the stairs to the sky lounge and jumps over the park chair.

Aman says to Digi that this food is not cooked nicely, its half cooked, dont eat it, Digi leaves food without finishing it.
Kishwar says Digi takes so much time in eating.
Digi brings food in kitchen and throws it in dustbin. Suyyash calls her and says i saw throwing food, Digi says it was not cooked well and it had smell, Suyyash tastes and says you didnt heat it and saying that its not cooked well, you threw all the food, Kishwar says you could have used microwave but you dont use your brain, Suyyash says you could have asked someone, Digi looks at Aman who ask her to not say anything.

Bigg boss has given chance to nominated inmates, all the nominated inmates will have to tell their biography and give reasons why they deserve to stay in the house over other inmates, out of all the nominated contestants, one of them, will get a chance to get safe, The non-nominated members will then vote for their preferred contestants by tying red ribbon on their preferred nominated inmate, while captain Rishab will use his blue ribbon in last and whosoever attains most votes will get SAFE.
Puneet: he says i have done alot of work, i have worked with stars, i am composer too, i have talent. Suyyash says you said that you are arrogant and let it be, dont you think you should that point of view. Puneet says to inmates that when i talk about my experience then it taken as my arrogance, if my knowledge and experience is arrogance then i am arrogant.
Rimi: she says i came here to experience things but after coming here, i got to know that this place is not for me, Madnana says this is disappointing for a fan to listen that, Rimi says if i am not happy in certain thing then i cannot deliver.
Aman: he says Kishwar didnt do captaincy task with me as she said she had wrist problem but she continued dog task without complaining about wrist problem, i felt bad for her so i threw bone for her, Prince says i disagree with you, Prince says you would have not done that if i have not given you that idea, Aman says then why did you not throw it yourself? Aman says if it was your real sister then wouldnt you have thrown it? Prince says we dont use our mind to your level. Aman says i do all tasks with my sincerity, Rishab says i was doing my task only but you interfered in it, Aman says if i feel that you are crossing limits in task then i will stop you, Rishab says tasks go for 24hours too so will you stop that too? Aman says one could retire from task too. Prince says you pay fairly but you dont make moves to solve problems, Prince says Aman have problem with Kishwar from start but he never take step to finish things, Aman says suyyash told me that he get negative vibes from me, i am invisible for him, Suyyash says you can talk to Kishwar atleast, Aman extend his hand and says lets finish it, Kishwar shakes hand with him, Rimi and Puneet sit down, Mandana says you cant sit down, nominations are going on, you should take it seriously, Rimi and Puneet stand up again. Mandana says to Aman that you are boring, Prince is right that you dont mingle much, Aman says he has group so he gets to talk more than me, i am putting effort to mingle with everyone, Prince says i will put effort too.
Rochelle: i won Miss India 2012, i have strength, i wanted to become more strong so i came here, i want to learn more from here.
Kishwar: she says i am working in industry for 17years, i have mental strength, i was using my knuckles in doggy task thats i was able to do it. Rochelle says you storm in every argument, why? Kishwar says when i feel something is wrong then i voice my opinion.
Prince: he says i dont use my mind much as i want to connect to people, i do my tasks, i am mad and i give 100% my tasks. Mandana says but you have to use your mind in tasks, Prince says if i was not using my mind then i wouldnt have been winning all tasks.
Nominated inmates have voting ribbons too, they can vote for themselves by putting their ribbon on themselves or can give it to some other nominated inmate too. All nominated inmates put their ribbon on themselves, Rochelle ask Rimi to give her ribbon as she doesnt want to get saved, Rimi gives her ribbon as vote to Prince, Prince thanks her, Puneet says i find spark in Prince, he gives vote to Prince too instead of himself. Suyyash, Puneet votes for Prince. Digi votes for Rochelle. Mandana and Rishab votes for Aman.

Prince is safe and he would nominate other non-nominated member now, he cant nominate Mandana and Rishab. Prince says Suyyash helps me alot in tasks to he nominates Digangana.

Bigg boss says the nominated inmates are now DIGANGANA, RIMI, ROCHELLE, AMAN, KISHWAR and PUNEET.

Kishwar says to Digi that you had to save person who is not direct competition to you, you did right by voting for Rochelle as strong people should be nominated.

Rishab says to Puneet that you dont understand game, why did you vote for Prince? you should have voted for yourself only.
Rochelle says to Rimi that i am weak compared to Kishwar and Prince, Rimi gives shocked expression and says you are an entertainment, you are strong, people was thinking that Keith is your support system but see you are doing so well without Keith too.

Mandana says to Puneet, Aman that we are not doing tasks nicely, Puneet says dont be bossy, Aman says you keep crying that you wanna go home and all and now you are asking us to give 100% to tasks. Puneet says it wasnt a big thing that we cant sit in task, Mandana says nominations were going on so you should respect that, Puneet says we didnt go to bedroom, dont act bossy, you are sweet, Mandana says i will say what i feel is wrong.

Kishwar says to Suyyash and Prince that Digi got trapped in nominations again, if i was in her place i would not save Prince as he is strong and is direct competition to others so i would want him to nominated, i would save someone who is weak, Rimi gave her vote to Prince as she has no concern with all this, what Puneet did was crazy, Prince says Puneet was acting like he didnt come here to win. Kishwar says Digi voted for Rochelle and it was vise decision.

Kishwar ask Rishab to take plate from bedroom, Suyyash says you are throwing food here, i would not do any work now, Rishab takes plate and bowl from there.

Inmates have fun time as Digangana gives mind-blowing performance on a scene from ‘Deewar’, she performs emotionally while all other watches her intently, lights go off as her performance ends, all clap for her.

PRECAP- bigg boss give them luxury task. Task name is “highway”, one team will sit on Rickshaw while other team will try to make them leave that rickshaw. Prince, Suyyash, Kishwar, Rimi are one team and sit on Rickshaw while Aman, Puneet, Mandana, Rishab are one team and are trying to make other team leave Rickshaw, they throw different things on them, suyyash ask Rishab to not touch Prince else he will hit, Rishab say you will axed from show only. Prince shout on Aman who was trying to stop Prince from moving Rickshaw’s peddle, Prince says i am angry now. Rishab throws Haldi powder on Prince, Puneet says to Mandana that it is not used in food, we all Indians will strike now, Mandana tries to bring Kishwar down from Rickshaw, Kishwar says she is touching me, tell her its against rules. Later both teams have to pass dead fishes from one bucket to another bucket which are placed at distance from each other. Team-members will stand in line and will pass fishes by holding them in mouth, one inmate will take fish from other inmate’s mouth and will pass to other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. The precap is not good for Digi.

  2. Prince is a fool,kishwer is a b*t*h.Digi is a child.Please eleminate Rimi and Suyash.

  3. Prince is a fool,kishwer is a whore.Digi is a child.Please eleminate Rimi and Suyash.

  4. Aman is the most sane person in the house. Kishwer, suyyash and Prince are just snobs who believe in groupism and think they are the best and always right. Kishwer is the most obnoxious being and wants only to fight and prove she is the smartest in the house. She deserved to be a dog and thats what she is a b*#*h . I used to like Prince but he seems to be getting overconfident and is gonna be put in his place soon.

  5. Prince is still playing splitsvilla, making connections. Prince wake up this is BiggBoss. You give 100% in tasks then why do you get angry and personal in tasks Man. You should take it sportingly. Suyyash where is your sports man spirit. You are being a joru ka gulam won’t be able stay in house for long. Pack your bags soon it will be your turn. I want kishwer to be out this week.

  6. i think suyyash ana kishwer are playing as they are one contestent . one of them shlould surely go home because they are irritating a lot. …

  7. i love you so much salman khan. I watch bigg boss only for you. This season all the contestents are not making people entertain. They are only thinking of getting safe. They are only blaming each other and shouting in ever task….. guys plz entertain us instead of making the show boring . this is bigg boss if you cant entertain here then there is no future of in the entertaining field… love u salman khan

  8. suyash…. K ho gya hai is ladke ko yaar… aya tha toh hero n gentleman jaisa n yaar kya ro rha hai yeh kya… uffff isko nikalo… Kishwer… same as serial.. always negative….. mandana..drama queen……. prince fluctuating…..aman trying to portray a non naughty boy…… rimi.. superb potential but zero input…. digs.njoy the vacation….. punit..Don’t think u r tht puneet sir… can’t be though u have had done soooooo many tv n films n experience but u r always a sidekick… rishabh..bomb k tarah aye but fuss mat ho jana…Good luck… rochelle…confused character…… overall winner shud be rishabh or prince or kishwer.. play the game guys… keep it up

  9. I love bigg boss.every season one way or other i watched every episode of it.This season is also amazing right from the concept to the host.But the time slot is not enough accurate.This time slot is itself creating a huge loss to trp’s .so plz change the time slot if possible.Plz

  10. rishabh is nice.prince is simply shouting and getting irritated easily.stop doing overacting prince.

  11. Kya diggy luxury task me nhi hai kya???.

  12. Making a grp is nothng new in bb.. Last yr there was “p3g”.. .this yr its “psk”.. So thats ok.. . What is wrng if thy want to play togthr.. .its imprtnt to make connections to remain safe in nomination. .. Look hw it helped prince to bcm safe.. Suysh, rimi gv votes to him.. thats a good strategy… So good going prince… Making connections is also nt new… Krishma-upen, gautm – diandra,, gauhr – kaushal etc… Nw ths tym it was prince nd yuvika… Splitssvilla has nthng to do wid it.. So prince good going… You myt actually win the show dis way.. .
    Kish shud get eliminated so that we can see suyyash playing..
    Aman was going good bt yestrdy wen everyone was shouting at digi, he asked hr to nt say his name.. .that was selfish. ..
    Rishab came with a lot of promises bt kish ke samne wo bhi dull ho gaya..
    Mandana plays well,, that too al alone.. bt i hate her attitude wen she leaves without listening to others ..
    . And Keithhh miss you… !!

  13. rishab is the absolute star in bigboss. his intensions towards game is same and fair as gautam gulati..i would not have watched big boss if rishab was not there ,as he twisted game and gave slap to all sleeping and bored contestants.prince try to be sweet hero but wake up man you are a lost prince and rishab is the hero.

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    1. Really!!?? Whoevr thinks diggy is cute is a fool!?? Go get a lyf gal.. If u actually don’t lyk hr, dat’s ur damn problm.. U hv no right 2 comment on oders opinion.. So mind ur words

  17. Kuhu why r u commenting on me???I was not here to comment till now.Prince is ok or gud bt not best.NEVER

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    N monica can u plz tell what did diggy done with gunjan…..

  21. Bb9 is very entertain show, that’s why we see intrestingly and guess what will happen next, again the show got doubled by salman sir. The all participants do well, they do what in house are their strategy, may they liked or unliked by viewers. So we expect from bb9 more n more. So be happy n donot comment bad words on participants. I like all fan of bb9, so all r here to post comment. Tks.

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    1. OK
      πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

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