Bigg Boss 9 9th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 9th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman Khan comes on stage, he plays drum and dances on song jalwa. After dance, Salman welcomes everyone in Bigg boss, Salman says it was dangerous week, this week only 5 were nominated and voting lines were closed, so much happened, there was road to finale task, first Rishab, Kishwar and Priya made plan to conspire against Mandana, then Mandana and Prince became one and everything changed then Rishab lost everything, then 2nd task was to ticket to finale week, it was not ticket to finale but ticket to finale WEEK means one had to leave before finale week and it was Kishwar, this task changed relation dynamics of house, now game has turned into journey and all are playing individual, its proved now that no one is loyal to other in this house, this game is about individuality

but i dont know why they make groups, why they make relations, its victory that matters most thats why Kishwar who was most probably going to in top 2 left house at this stage, she got stuck in relations but she got 15lacs too.

Call is connected to house, Salman sings Ek hazaron meri behna hai, Prince says she actually is, Salman ask where is she? Prince says i will meet her outside, Salman says you have sent her out, he sings i cant see you cry, Prince smiles, Salman keep singing songs, they laugh, Salman congratulate Prince for getting ticket to finale week, you wanna give speech? Prince says me and Kishwar got stuck in task, we both wanted to stay in house, in end she took decision to go, we both decided, more than winning, i wanted to my parents to stand on stage with me on finale, Salman says you have already won two shows, Prince says its not same like this show, Salman asks if game is above relation? Prince says we were always clear that we will keep relation separate from game, Salman says relations were used to go ahead in game, Prince says that kind of relation is of Rishab and Priya, they use relation not me, Priya says i would have never left task for Rishab, Salman says to Prince that you have fan following, you could have gone easily to finale, Prince says we made plan that Kishwar will press button and then i will compete with Madnana, Salman says but why didnt you yourself press the button first? why you asked Kishwar to do it? Priya says it was important for Kishwar to play against Mandana, Prince should have left task in first place as he has fan following and could go easily to end, relationship makes people blind, Prince says i asked Kishwar to press button first so that i could compete against Mandana and it would be easy for me as i had laready done car task, Salman says you said that you wanna see girl winning show, Prince says i didnt say it, Salman says you did say, would it not be good that your sister Kishwar would have won this game? Prince yes but i always givge 100% to task, Salman says you were playing game and Kishwar was thinking about relation, i wanted to save her by pressing button first, Priya says he is saying wrong, she was nominated so even if she pressed button first, she would have been in danger on weekend, the only way to save her was to give ticket to finale to her but Prince didnt give her chance, Salman asks Prince why you said task was unfair? Prince says because relations got entangled in it, Salman says you made your sister stuck in this task, you could have easily left task first and let Kishwar win the task but you didnt, Prince says i got letter from my sister who said that dad watches repeat too, he wanna see me win, Salman says so relations made in house doesnt matter to you? Prince says it matters, i am not that kind of person to use relationa. Salman says other inmates didnt know what Prince said to Kishwar that she decided to leave, i will show you now.

Clip plays, (it is of that time when Prince and Kishwar were given one hour to decide who will leave house and inmates left them in garden) Prince says to Kishwaar that i wanna stand with my parents on finale stage, i wanna win for them, Kishwar says even i want Suyyash to stand beside me when i win, there is less competition in girl, Keith is strong competition for you, Prince says i dont think so, Kishwar says Priya, Mandana and Rochelle are not competition, Prince says i feel i have fan following more than Keith, Kishwar says everyone has fan following at this stage, Keith also said that you, he and Rochelle are contender for winning, i dont think Rochelle is going to win, Prince says i have played well in game, i have made relations in house too, Kishwar says but its not about relation only, everything is seen like how you behaved in house, i am not saying you are not competition, i feel there is competition between you and me only, Keith is not competition as he was not in show for 3weeks, Prince says they can hire me in Khatron ke khiladi too, there is agreement, if i go in finale, fans from Punjab are going to vote for me alot, Kishwar says i will say my name when Bigg boss asks but i wont press the button, clip ends.
Salman asks Prince to decode this conversation, Priya says Prince emotionally blackmailed her and also he said that Kishwar cant win, he will win for sure, Salman asks Prince how he thought that he will go to khatron ke khiladi after Bigg boss? which agreement you were talking about? Prince says i wanted to say that they can use me in Khatron ke khiladi, Priya says there is not only one show after BB, Prince says khatron is my dream, Mandana says i wanna ask Prince that if he make friends in house then he can win? Prince says i wanted to say that i dont fight for footage and i dont make any strategy, Salman asks how many of you think Prince doesnt make strategy? Priya, Rochelle, Keith agrees, Rochelle says i have no problem with they thinking that i am not competition, i am friends with everyone, Salman says Prince fools around in house? Priya says Prince does that, i understood him in first week, Keith told me that in first week of show, he said that they will play in group, his strategy was to make group and it helped him to not get nominated, i dont get along with him because i dont play in groups, Salman says the person who used to get along in real with everyone was Suyyash, he used to melt down to everyone but that is not winner quality, Prince says i dont fight unnecessarily, Salman taunts that i can see that, Salman says fans who are voting for you are not your fans but fans of Bigg boss, Prince says i play in group but i help everyone in task, thats my nature, Salman says thats why you helped Kishwar to go out of house? you kept saying your sister matters to you most, if you had left show for Kishwar then you would have won hearts, Punjab would have been proud of you, you would have been appreciated for bravery, they would have said that he left house, game for his sister, you would have become pride for bigg boss, you would have set example but you chose to be in game and let sister down, Salman says Keith would have left show for Rochelle, Rochelle agrees, Salman asks Rishab, Rishab says i would have left show for Priya, Salman says Mandana wouldnt have left show for anyone, right, she says yes, for whom i should leave? Priya says i dont wanna sound great, i wouldnt have left show for anyone. Salman asks Prince if he is asked now then what will he do? Prince says i would leave house right now if you bring back Kishwar, trust me, Salman says you say word ‘trust me’ most, why you need it? all laugh.

Salman says to Prince that you said that you have no respect for Priy and Mandana winning show, Priya says i have lost all respect now for him, Mandana says this is not right statement, Salman says Prince you also said that three people do nothing, that is Rishab, Priya and Mandana, Rishab says i didnt do two tasks nicely and they keep taunting me about being wild card, Salman says let me clear that wild card can win too, Rishab thanks him. Salman says to Prince that you call yourself lion but you play in groups, its not about words but actions that speak, you always played in group, now you are alone, Priya says he is trying to make alliance with Mandana now, Salman says to Prince that Priya was playing alone in sand task but you took Mandana and Kishwar’s help to win, you thought that take Madnana’s help then it will be easy to win over her, Priya says i understood it, Salman says but he is playing very well, he is manipulating and its his game, its working for him from start of show, nothing is wrong in playing group but it will not work with fans. Mandana says i did alliance with Prince as they were attacking me, Priya says i didnt even made alliance with Rishab, Prince was attacking Mandana and 5minutes later he was with her, Prince says everyone changes in task, it was group task, Rishab agreed to it too, i even helped Rochelle, Priya says Prince played sly game, he used Rochelle, Mandana and Kishwar to attack Rishab and even managed to keep up his image by helping everyone, Prince says Priya started attack so i made alliance with Mandana and Kishwar. Salman asks Rishab, Rishab says Prince promised me at night before second day of task that we are going to win and i am not going to attack you, i said if he is making alliance then why should i say no so i told him that i will not attack him too, then in task Priya was attacking everyone but i asked her to not do it then Prince got afraid that i will win so he used everyone against me to attack me, Prince says i never attacked Rishab, i got frustrated as Priya was attacking Rochelle, Priya says Prince didnt attack Rishab directly but when Kishwar and Madnana was attacking Rishab, Prince stopped me to help Rishab, Rishab says he backstabbed me, Rochelle says if Prince didnt attack openly Rishab then even Rishab did same, he kept sitting while Priya attacked everyone3 on his behalf, Priya says he never asked me to attack you, he only asked me once to attack Mandana, Madnana stands up and ask them to say one by one, Rishab says i am not saying Prince didnt play well but he used everyone for his advantage, Salman asks Mandana if she think Prince genuinely wanna help you? Mandana says no, it was his strategy, he knew Rochelle wont attack anyone so he made alliance with me to attack Priya then things got changed when he started helping Rochelle, Prince says i was clear to not help Mandana, Mandana says when Rochelle was crying, i didnt take her sand but Prince asked me to take her sand as she has to win over Rishab, Prince says everyone was playing for themselves, Rochelle says in end you came to me and asked me to leave your container and let Mandana win, i thought whom to support then i attacked Rishab and made Mandana win.

Snapdeal caller calls, she asks Rochelle why it feels like that you want Keith to support you in everything, like if you are wrong even than he should support, it feels like he is your caretaker not boyfriend, Keith’s personality is very nice but they way he supports Rochelle, it feels like Keith is playing for her, Rochelle says Keith gives me honest opinion, i may have wrong attitude but you can understand that when you are emotional and your boyfriend comes and says you were wrong then how much bad you feel, Salman says but one should be straight to tell anyone that he or she is wrong, you both are not looking good infront of all, Keith has to agree to you in everything, he is looking like your caretaker, when you hit Priya with bucket and Rishab with spade Keith didnt say anything to you, Keith says i didnt see Rochelle hurting Rishab so i didnt take any action, Salman says have you ever seen an umpire hugging losing team’s member and crying? we should have asked Suyyash but he had nice equation with everyone so he went out of house, all laugh, Mandana tries to say something, Salman says you are not liking that episode is about Prince today? all laugh, Salman says to Priya that you played sand task really well, you were one women army, Priya thanks him, Salman asks how many of you think that if Prince had left and Kishwar was in his place then we would have asked same questions to her? Priya says i dont feel so, if Prince had left game for his sister then Kishwar would have been proud of Prince today.
Salman says to Prince that your competitive spirit is goo but your problem is you gave so much importance and hype to relations but when time came again and again to stand with your relation, you fell shirt, you kept game above it then why did you give hype to relations so much? like Madnana never gave importance to relations so she is not answerable for any act, the difference between you and Mandana is that you keep chanting family family family but when it comes to game, your family is left behind very back, i will comeback soon, he ends call.

Salman says there was a girl who did film with me, she is again going to be in film, Salman welcomes Soonam Kapoor on stage, Salman says for how many times you have been here? Soonam says i am here for third time, i am thankful to you to give me chance, Bigg boss is seen by many people, i am here to promote Neerja, Salman says you are airhostess in it? did you sing song aaj mein upar? she says no. she says i wanna ask some questions to you, what are you afraid off? Salman says i am afraid of fingers pointing at me, Soonam asks how you get courage to do films? Salman says i have done many flop films so it take courage, i dont runaway from problems as runaway is not solution, you just need to run through, Soonam says everyone can be neerja, Salman asks what Anil is doing? she says he is shooting for 24serial, Salman says both father and daughter have competition, soonam says he proud of my movie. she tells 19feb is release date of movie, Salman says everyone should go to watch it, they dance on Prem ratan dhan payo, Soonam greets Salman and leaves.

Salman connects call to house, Salman says PRIYA, ROCHELLE, KEITH, RISHAB are nominated. Rishab says its Priya’s birthday today, Salman sings Oh Priya Priya, he sings happy birthday to her, Priya thanks him, Salman says i knew it was her birthday, dont take credit, there is something in store room for her, bring it, he goes. Rishab brings cake, Salman says cut cake, we will tomorrow who is going to be eliminated, cake is so small, you all will 100gms, all laugh, call ends.

Salman says they dont know that there will be no elimination tomorrow as voting lines were closed, there is not going to weekend episode tomorrow, i will come on Monday at 10:30pm and Kishwar will be with us.

PRECAP- Salman will conduct episode on Monday. Kishwar will come on stage, she will pour her heart out to Salman. Imam siddqui(ex-contestant of BB6) will be coming in BB9 house, his introduction clip plays, Imam says time out, time out, he says i will be inmates’ biggest challenge in house for this week, the one who will be able to bear my attacks will go to finale only, chalo bolo bigg boss(say bigg boss)(his statement line).

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. ravin

    i think kish deserved the point when suyyash was eliminated she came close to prince..when suyyash was in the show she always favoured suyyash as sanchalak whether right or wrong..if she was tht fair ..she must have shown this fairness we cant say tht prince did smthing wrong..infct uski individuality has come fore..

  2. Kushagra(PHFFAN)

    The worst day in bigg boss salman khan cornered prince for watever he said he was speaking rubbish the whole episode and gave good advice to prince in end. It seemed he was playing for risabh mandana and priya. @anu r if brother leaves for sister then no problem if sister leaves for brother then u will ask question to brother y did u do that. P.S ALL KISHWER FANS ITS A REQUEST VOTE FOR PRINCE AND VOTE ANYONE U WANT Do wat ever u want to do man do double and trouble looser big boss

    • Hey when did i said tht prince should hav left for kish.mai to ye sochti hu ki har kisi ko apna indivisual game khelna chahiye no1 should sacrifice for any1& i said it was a practical & correct decision.mera point to bas ye tha ki prince ye bat accept karle ki uske liye game jyada imp he aur fake bate na kare kyun ki har ek ke liye apni game imp hoti hai so no1 should say ki mere liye gamese jyada imp rishte he or i wil sacrifice for my sis( specially when u wont) or i want girls to win etc etc.kyun ki badme jake aap apne aap ko contradict karne lagte ho.& its nt for prince only ,jab aaj rishabhne kha ki vo priya ke liye game chod deta to mujhe vo bhi jhut laga.no1 should say these diplomatic things kyun ki jab prove karne ki bari ati he to definately people r going to question u.

      • tedd(PHFFAN)

        Egjactly anu…he did contradict himself…nahin to yahan pe sab jitne aye hain…if he didnt leave for kish, it was not an issue, issue was his statements……

    • tedd(PHFFAN)

      Hey kushagra YOU ALSO IN PHFFAN??….???…itz not dat we are questioning y did he not not leave for his sister to make him in bad light….
      In many cases he had made statements like, after 30 hours he will quit for kishwer, he would be happy if a gal wins..and many more statements which I dont remember much….
      We are questioning that, kishwer did what she said, but if u can’t do anything but still u say such statements, then itz contradicting u only….all the tym he was like behen behen, but at the ryt tym, he gave excuses like i have more fan following, i will win, i want my parents to see me on finale stage and what not…(AM NOT SAYING HE DOESN’T HAVE A HUGE FAN FOLLOWING, HE DFNTLY HAS IT….AND EVERYONE ARE HERE TO WIN, EVEN PRINCE) …..

  3. Chinnu

    Wow great biggboss.. Shit of u now.. Salman I was ur big fan.. But now ur nothing to me than attacking the cool group mostly in every weakened.. Priya u are very annoying.. Sab prince k piche kun pade hue yaar..he and kishwer are the two who gave 100% in their tasks.. Bb wanted some other to b winner of bb than prince.. Isliye ye San bb ka strategy ha taking prince ko koi vote na de sakhe.. Biased show bb

    • Sam here how could someone do this… Not expecting from Salman Khan…. He n bb only want mandana to be good,,, player,…. Whatever she do she is right…. If she take help from prince she is right n if prince do groping that not fare…… They just want mandana to win so they made prince image wrong…… Ridiculous….show chal nhi rha h that doesn’t mean kisi ko bhi nikl do…. Kisi ka bhi image kharab kar do…..worst ever episode……

  4. Kala

    Prince played a dirty on Kishwar. He is a selfish person using people to his advantage. Keith is very cool but is wrong in behaving like a godfather to Rochele who is a cry cry baby. Mandana is very nasty to Priya n Rishab using foul language all the time. It is not a ladylike n she should b warned by big boss as this programme is watched by all including young ones. It’s time she gets evicted.

  5. John

    I am missing Kish so much. It’s was very hard to watch without her in the show. Very very unfair with her. I just wish she comes back…

  6. Bluephoenix

    Haven’t seen the episode yet. But, I liked Salman so so so much today.
    After Gizele, I was slightly inclined to kish. Lots of respect to her.
    For now, priya is bit genuine, if only she knew how not to drag, nag or shout,
    Oh God, to whom I will vote now….This weekend all my votes go to salman khan…lol..
    @freak – Bb voice is Atul kumar (he used to have a wiki one week before, today I couldnt find it today or may be I havent searched it well)
    @harshal – Yup, for a game, Mandana is a very nice player and agree to every point of yours (comment of jan 6th, might have forgotten, chill pill bro)
    And happie weeked ppl πŸ™‚

  7. Chanti

    Ohhhh come on Salman i dont think this much of grilled is needed. You just want to show that prince is wrong. Firstly the task was unfair and after that you are unfair. They came to bigg boss to paly the game. If prince leaves also you will tell the same to Kishwar?

  8. & max 1 more question for u,since u watched tht episode again & again & told me tht rishabh plotted with roch for attacking jab aaj rochne ye kha i am sry rishabh but tumne bhi priya ke sath strategy bnayi prince ko attack karne ki aur agar princene tumhe cheat kiya to tumne bhi prince ko cheat kiya(she didnt used cheat word but i am using it just to complete sentence but she meant the same thing tht both rishabh & prince cheated each other).to agar roch bich convo me ghus ke salman ke samne rishabh ko ye bol sakti hai ki tumne priya ke sath strategy bnayi to vo ye kyu nhi bol sakti ki rishabh tumne mere sath strategy bnayi kish ko attack karne ki?

  9. Jonwick

    This show has lost it’s respect,it’s not worth even being commented about but still I comment because this is gonna be my final comment here.
    I knew salman and bb management is partial but never expected that they will stoop so low.
    Today’s show has changed my perception about the world and the people.I am sure and I know that I never going to watch bb in my life.
    The person who is already too despondent after kish has left and is emotionally broken & you torment that person by introducing the matters from nowhere.It’s OK that someone is struck in what to choose between show or relation.But portraying a person already tensed in a way you did today was like a murder.
    Salman today could have even bashed him for killing an ant if he did and will even admire Mandana for killing prime minister.Were these the matters to bash the people? You ignore mandana’s such erroneous deeds but go after prince like savage.
    The hunt of complete trio is accomplished with this episode as was their aim.They even presented prince’s comments in wrong way before audience.
    Didn’t you feel shame when a person who is emotionally hurt and is weeping you keep on bashing him dragging useless matters into the discussion.
    I know they will make Mandana win even if they have to murder prince for that.Salman is just ‘ being human’ but actually he is a savage.I will avoid even watching any channel where he is being telecasted ,I hate him that much.

    • Maxx

      Agree with you jonwick but it seems you got carried away by emotions.I also won’t watch it from here on…fake show! Fake host ! ….loved your comments brother…Good bye! Have a great life πŸ™‚

      • Hey max,its hard feelings.all i can say is dnt quit & comment on it for prince atleast.less days to finale.our regular commentetors r leavIng one by 1.its so sad.

    • bebo

      @jonwick salman iz alwayz Biazed .Being human z build up 2 get hiz career n fame back after hit n run case.alzo he went to jail 4 killing peacock during shoot of hum zaat zaat hai movie.zo b happy u gt to knw the reality of theze ztarz dude.thy all are hypocrites.but v the audience get merzmerized wid their ztartdom.Bajrangi bhaijan become bad junglee bhaijaan wd hiz biazed behaviour.reel n real life zameen azmaan k farak hai.

    • Pri

      Think about it. If Prince were to leave, everyone would have pointed fingers at Kishwar that she was playing a game!
      Would not have been fair either way!
      What got me angry was when Salman pointed out Prince saying to Priya that “you may win the show, but wont win respecxt” and right there Mandana said “that was not right”….yet it was ok for Mandana to say all these cheap things to Priya? Lol this show has become a joke.

  10. vinita

    Good lesson for prime. But the snapdeal caller seemed stupid. Her question at this stage did not make sense
    Keith has always been fair n deserves winning. Even rochelle has done well in tasks specially the car task. But her good work never gets highlighted

    • maya

      i totally agree with u for keith but not roch
      please fans whose favourites are out,please please vote for keith please

  11. oni

    chahe kuch prince ko aaj jada bol diya gaya ho lekin yeh baat sahi he ki family ,family and family karta rehta he lekin jab time aaye toh baba g ka thullu

  12. Maxx

    Now I realize why Katrina dumped our dear host,he deserves it.After killing people driving his car over them he is teaching lessons of humanity to prince who is 100 times better human than atleast him.What I saw today was injustice at it’s peak.They first snared prince into the that eviction pit with Kishwar & now he is being defamed badly as the part of their strategy.I felt so bad when prince looked dismayed and cried but salman didn’t stop his heavy blows on him,it looked brutal.
    I am not going to waste any more time over this show and I rue for what I’ve already wasted.Good bye!

  13. ManuelFerrara


    “Evicting Kishwar according to mandana’s suggestion of giving one hour to decide and then rebuking her brother for her eviction”



  14. Frankly speaking, i m not even that much excited to comment about today’s episode but still πŸ˜›
    Lol Prince will wait for u to be in action in Khatron ki Khiladi and was watching yesterday’s episode while having dinner and my mom said Yeh Mandana itna Badtameez ladki hain πŸ˜› I told her tumhe ap pata Chala πŸ˜›
    Sorry Mandy fans πŸ˜› Aur snap deal caller ne to Rochelle ka wat laga diya πŸ˜› already missing Kishwer

    • bebo

      @fatarajo kish z having gr8 tym wd hiz suyash n family celebrating her 5th aniverzary let uz njoying watching the zleeping pill effect (REALITY ) show N C THE FUNNY REZULT.oopz reality definition should b re written in dictionary according to BB n salman’z definition.

      • bebo

        @ fatarajo her suyash oopz…m zo xcited toc imam.mandy inzult imam frend kanwaljeet for having fud n bedroom if imam entered totorture thn he z gona zit n mandyz bedn eat fud n the drama ztartz.hope itz gona b great fun inzide.priya n rosh may go n khamossh mode .Joker Devil Rish will c real entertainer Devil n BB houze n keith bechara he can handle imam i feel.2dayz epizode gonna b damn funny

    • hey @joyee really am i that funny..I thought @manual and @freakk are the funny persons on this portal but freakk doesnt shares jokes these days and @manual what jokes u have..Hats off guys!!

  15. Abt epi
    Salman u asked those questions to prince which we wanted to ask.shayad thoda jyada hua aur prince ke fans ko ye fair na lage but questions were to the point & answers were not.all time prince was saying maine ye nhi kha(when the whole world watched u saying tht),mai ye vo aise keh rha tha etc etc.aaj vo sofe bade khali khali lag rhe was quite strange to see so less people remaining in the house.
    Priya-u r a one woman army.u deserved tht comment.i think since kish is gone u wil become my 2nd fav.yes u r irritating but the way u pointed out prince’s stratrgy.bang on.u hav both brains & guts.the epi was like
    just between salman & priya,&others
    watching.u rock girl.
    Mandy-like salman said u were so upset tht focus is nt on u.tht was quiet evident by the way u jumped in the
    convo but u r a smart player.
    Keith& roch-i hope tht snapdeal caller has opened ur eyes to some extent atleast.but salman’s comment tht keith being sanchalak shouldnt hug roch after the task was wrong.task khatm hone ke bad kaisa sanchalak?
    “Rishabh”-ur smiling face was just making me smile through out the epi.kisi bhi episodeme kuch bhi chal rha ho i just watch u only & u r worth it.aur sachme salman ke muh me ghee shakkar. But learn something from priya & interact more.
    Prince-i can write 1000 lines right nw for u abt wht u did in each incident.but i dnt need to ,epi says it all.itni planning,plotting,manipulating,backb*t*hing & most imp backstabbing karoge
    to ek na ek din to jawab dena hi padega.

  16. bebo

    Wow What a Drowzy epizode.precap z cool imam z back gona b really wild haha.kya ulta pulta zcripted show znapdeal caller ka zawal tha prince k liye zalman have already azked it andznap deal call ?n z zo boring lik BB brain.Prince got carried away with his previouz show sucess and aaj tak jo bhi mtv conteztantz poore bb zeazon mei aaya hai aize baand baja entry marte hai ki zabki baand bajauga fir aakhir mei khud k baand baja k nikal jate hai.sidharth the youth icon,rene ,now prince and rish …thy think real lyf z to adapt zplitzvilla rulez or roadiez agrezzive behaviour.
    lol prince wana b n khatronk khiladi itz fun to watch u lazt tym entertainer ijaz khan entred khatron k khiladi and got evicted in a tazk where he need to ztay inzide coffin or zumthing wd lot of inzectz inzide.prince shd b given zimilar tazk to not to b agrezzive wid insects and ztay patience how much u can but 4 twizt inztead f inzectz shouldzend priya the ear drum breaker to torture prince with non ztop waoying waoying waoing .resultwill b gr8.

  17. inaoton

    salman jee we all know ur favourite contestant is Mandana bcz of ur film industry..
    but 2day u did wrong again asking kishower +prince brother sister relation!
    even kishower knew prince winning chance is more then her so C quick 4 bro..
    We have 2 respect bro & Sis decision in task
    coz they r 13 week together in da BB house!
    every contestants came bb 2 win..
    There is no law in family every time brother should sacrifice 4 sister!
    forget about prince FF
    Prince deserve bb9 trophy more then any other housemate..

  18. Prince welcome

    Prince is d real winner. Hats off for him. All d best prince.Vote for prince.The real game player and very genuein person too. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  19. Pankaj

    I feel salman is right and why would he do injustice to prince . Prince is really andar se kuch or bahar se kuch.Look at the way he carries himself .Full of ego .He uses people in name of relation like suyaash nora and now kish.My point is if he really hav valued kishwar then he could have told kishwar that no one of them is going to quit and they could have told bb that we can not decide so u take decision by either extending the time or some other task.

  20. jagtar

    Yar prince jb kishwar Ka,saath deta tha to salmaan ko problem thi aur jb usne khud ko choose kiya tb bhi prob..yar it’s a game aur prince bhot ache se khel raha hai..

  21. I just loved today’s episode….salman was absolutely right in bashing out at prince he deserves it. FAKE prince i hope and pray that you dont ever prosper in life and win big boss

  22. kapil.ksa

    I think all hypocrites are commenting here.they always takes side of cool group.Rishabh is d more deserving of them all.

  23. Pankaj

    Then it would hv been same like rishabh rocheele thing.No one would hv got ticket to finale but koi evict bhi nhi hota.Ye task hi apne ap mai unfair tha.Jab sab log yahan zitne k liye hi aye hain to koi kyu kisi k liye zaye fir.Task mai koi sense nai tha.In dono ko bb k against za ke task mai kisi ko bhi quit nhi karna tha

  24. Rowdy

    Fake show! Biased Host!
    From the first day Salman is against the trio. Today it was looking like salman is having some personal problem with Prince and just want to portray Prince as a bay guy.

  25. piku

    prince =host Ka bakra
    Mandana= host ki pyari jaan
    priya = host ki teacher
    rishabh= host ka joker
    rochelle = host ki devi
    keith= host ka gentleman
    bigg boss = host ka malik
    host = bigg boss ka chehra

  26. aum namo shivay

    DNA NEWS : Prince’s overconfidence might not let him win the show, says Kishwer Merchant

    But Prince had told he will leave the task for you but eventually he didn’t..??

    everyone I spoke to after coming out- my mom, my relatives, friends, the other reporters- told me the same thing. So everyone cannot be wrong. I don’t blame him. It’s after all a game. Everyone has gone inside to win the show. Having said that, when Bigg Boss gave us one hour and we started discussing the pros and cons, he kept telling me that he has a higher chance of winning the show. I tried to reason my stand but I didn’t push it further. Actually, every wild card who went inside was like, ‘Oh Prince is so good and all that’ so we also thought he must have built a huge fan following. Plus he has come to Bigg Boss after winning two shows. I gave him the benefit of doubt back then. But I did tell him that you might be a strong contender but mentally, I am way stronger than him or anyone on the show. Everyone has lost the patience whereas I can still stay inside for two more months.

    Also, don’t you feel Prince’s overconfidence will finally bring him down?
    That’s true. I didn’t realise it when I was inside the house because we didn’t know what was going on outside. But now that I have spoken to so many people, I also feel the same. Prince is definitely a strong contestant but he’s talking about it too often. He is coming across as arrogant and overconfident.

    And a male chauvinist too…
    Maybe, at times. Yes, the way he says things, it does give audiences a feeling of the same. That’s what I am saying. After coming out, I feel Prince is not as positive outside as he’s made to be inside.

    Do you regret leaving the show for Prince then?
    No. I called up Suyyash right after I came out and he explained that after he came out, it’s been a week and situations are such that I would have never won the show, even if I went to the finale. So in a way, I am walking out as a winner. I won Rs 15 lakhs at least!

    But are you disappointed with the way Prince made you leave the show and didn’t offer to do that himself?
    As I said, main Prince ko bhai maanti hoon. And aaj bhi main bol rahi hoon that people might feel reality show mein rishtey nahi bante. Main nahi maanti. He is still my brother and I feel happy that at least, I proved it to him. But yes, obviously, I am a little disappointed and let down. Because when we were discussing, not even once, he said that okay, I’ll do it for you. I said it and did it for him.
    Like Β· Reply Β· 4 mins

  27. Pri

    i think even if prince considers kish as a sister he is hvng full right to think abt himself as dis is d game.. nd even if princy has sacrificed den also all hv askd same qstns to kish.. so overall dere is neither mistake of kish nor prince.. it ws d situation wich ws wrong.. so salman had no right to humiliate prince such a way.. cz he ws almost broken.. i really missed kish today.. nd salman always wants to promote mandy he did dis today also.. hate her.. jst wants to say prince be strong.. nd happy 5th love anniversary to sukish.. gbu..

  28. Amin max

    I think bigboss gone mad….people really love Prince…don’t listen bigboss even Salman because they need trp..
    prince: dont become mandana….be prince as u are…

  29. MAHI

    Truly amazing episode….picked up and blasted prince with all the points even I had stated last time….GREAT JOB SALMAN….even after all his chastening..prince still saying trust me I’ll go if you want me too….first tym his tears seem to be that he is exposed..either be a player or be a saint…can’t play dirty and then cry foul…when all were asked would anyone leave finale for anybody..only Keith, mandana(she has no friends) and PRIYA(luv her daring no pretense attitude)answers are genuine…whatever case salman may be facing,not this place to discuss..but his grilling was justified and necessary… Don’t worry prince..tomorrow your sister will surely defend might be fake and selfish..she is not..we know now..if salman agrees tomorrow.. These salman bashers will praise him again….HAPPY B’day PRIYA…YOU’RE the best teacherjee..bas mellow down a ke ghar me sab chhote bacche jaise hai..sach bhi meetha bol kar Hi hazam hota hai inhe..

  30. I just hav one thing in mind we all know dat they are playing game where they are supposed to manipulate and priortize things as per their convenience. So wats the harm? If kishwar would hav in prince place today nobody would have grilled her dat way.. Everybody out there do a lot of erroneous acts, nobody is saint out there. Am really feeling sorry for prince. Salman u r a sweetheart but plz go easy on contestants like prince who made this show entertaining and worth watching. Prince needs to work for his ‘image’ now in front of his fans.

  31. Amin max

    I think bigboss gone mad….people really love Prince…don’t listen bigboss even Salman because they need trp..
    prince: dont become mandana….be prince as u are…most of mandana’s fans are fake(proved)

  32. santu

    Wow salman.. Wat a game.. u suppressed prince in his and audience eyes to prove mandana is correct and more deserving than prince… it’s better U marry her and keep in ur house..
    Ans I am sure this ll be the discussion if prince had pressed first..
    Salman ll ask prince..
    1.wat happened to ur fighting spirit
    2.why u give importance to relations, u r in game show
    3.why u don’t want to win
    4.why r u behind money.. is money more important than winning?
    5. Why u pressed first and left kishwar to compete and suffer with no food and water..
    6.why dint u ask kishwar to press first and take the risk of participating in task..
    Even if I don’t want prince to win.. but Watever he did was correct..
    7.salman asked others if kish was there.. these questions ll be asked.? Obviously they ll say no.. to show prince in bad image..
    I just watch it for Rishab and priya.. I hope one of them wins

  33. Dear prince fans,i knw salmanne kuch jyada hi bol diya & he should hav stopped it at the moment prince was like he wil cry nw.salman streched it too much.but salman ke questions bilkul bhi galat nhi the.they were to the point.this whole week i am saying its k if prince plays the game & makes strategies but he should accept it & not say like mai game khelta hi nhi hu dilse khelta hu etc both salman & priya said the same thing.
    1.prince made a deal with rishabh tht he wont attack him & then goes inside &says to girls tht he dnt want wc to win & we 4 wil play against rishabh.& at the actual game he dnt attack rishabh to shw rish tht he kept his promise & goes to girls & asks them to attack rishabh.matlab ye rishabh ke sath backstabbing hui aur ladkiyo ke sath manipulating hui.& if u say ki usne priya ki vajah se rishabh ke sath aisa kiya to why did he say before the start of game tht he dnt want wc to win when he himself makes a deal with ye to double game hua. morning he says to keith even if mandy or priya wins they wont gain respect & then in afternoon in mandy & priya fight mandy says aap wc ho to level same nhi he etc etc,then he says priya mai aapko equally deserving manta hu.& then in night he says tht
    mandy,priya,rishabh doesnt deserve to be in top 5.this is caled backbiting isnt it?
    3.he literally emotionally blackmailed kish by taking parents name etc.if u dnt want to give up just say it.why giving emotional excuses & escaping out of situation.
    4.he lied to kish abt agreement & all & made her believe tht he is going to win the show.why lying to ur sister?nobody expects u to give up but just bcoz she is believing u,u wil lie?
    5.much of plotting to keep rishabh away from ttf & keeping mandy in the game so it gets easy to defeat her.
    6.he said 2 things “i want girls to win this ttf” & “i wil give up for kish if task goes beyond 30 hrs” & his actions failed both the statements.
    6.whole week he kept saying ye deserving nhi he vo deserving nhi he,wildcards deserving nhi hai etc.
    I think regarding these facts it was k to ask him questions.though salman should hav been slightly soft.

    • Ritika

      EXCELLENT points! I Genuinely have no favorite now but Prince should not win- fake, manipulative and mks relations to use people! No1 knew himWhen he entered, many young people also dnt watch splitsvillla and roadies! “I hv a huge fan following!” Yeah rite! OVER-CONFIDENT LOSER!

  34. Lila

    Wah wah. Just attack prince why dony u salman? Always after the cool group. This whole ep was about u cornering prince. Like seriously. Like prince isnt feeling bad enough already. U go back to ur idiot good for nothing madana

  35. santu

    In previous episodes wen kishwar left competing for captaincy saying she had become captain twice.. that weekend salman bashed kish saying if u r offered a serial.. will u leave it saying u ve already done one serial…
    Abd today he is asking prince.. u ve already won two reality shows.. Y dint u give up this…
    Wat double standards.. salman.. chhaa gaye tum.. wah wah..

  36. ManuelFerrara

    I joke most of the time but today i’m being serious.
    Mandana can never be wrong and prince can never be right- salman’s opinion.
    When prince was crying today,priya,Rishabh and Mandana were laughing and enjoying atleast for the sake of humanity they could have stood by him.While prince was still not out of emotional trauma,he received second emotional set back at hands of salman who wasn’t ready to hear what prince wanted to clarify.
    It was true that he helped the girls in sand task leaving his own funnel prone to attack many times,he sacrificed his captaincy once for priya but was never mentioned.Infact sand task was given a political angle and story was twisted.
    It’s difficult when a person is caught between relations and dream,what’s the great deal.Accusations were forced upon him delibrately,which is clear allusion that big boss people are irked by prince’s popularity and they won’t let him him.Salman hold so much grudge that he even didn’t forget to mention that even if he wins,still he earns no respect cuz he didn’t give up for his sister but if he had given up he would say he has got no respect for game and same thing for Kishwar would be happening if reverse would have occurred.

    Still prince and Keith are the real human beings and least stained left in house,rest are all devils with black hearts and good people are never taken by world in healthy spirits.

    Prince buck up! and don’t worry untill fans like us are there haters can not win.Slap those makers hard on face by winning the title.just a bad day forget it.


    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      Exactly jhund m mt khelo. Frnzz mt mt bnao…task k bad k liye kuch niya kiya..bhai this is a game ….whether he backstabs or he plays in a group or he plays indivvvidually and contradicts his statement..y d f**k do u care salman…eventually winner comes our a winner..he has a habbit of favouring mandana and priya..:-x and was always aftr d them..priya n rishabh are frnzz bt thats nt a prince kish suyyash they had a group…
      Everyone was laughing coz they were enjoying it..they all wanted him to leave d show coz that wud exponentially increase their chances of winning the show..

      • prince in house having relationship with every one..With kishwar-sister,with suyash-jija,with keith-brother from other mother,with rochelle-best friend,with mandy-kabhi pyar kabhi dushman,with priya-enemy,with rishab-friend..Ye bb hai ya kahani ghar ghar ki serial cmon yr rishtey to mat banao.

      • ManuelFerrara

        @freakk if prince made a family which is going to remain life long (I know it)..what is salman’s problem then? …Is sharing the love inapt?
        And what was the meaning of showing clips..big boss behaves like woman sometimes.
        Prince wouldn’t be laughing 4 sure if salman bashes someone and the person cries…this shows the humanity side of contestants.

    • MAHI

      Really?? PRIYA ke liye car task chhoda toh MAHAAN?? Tab hota jab JATAATA nahi…why say Maine ISILIYE chhoda ki LADKI THI…mujhe waise KOI HARAA NAHI SAKTA….PRIYA me toh kuch maanga bhi nahi tha..khud Hi hi saamne Se pucha kab tak karogi task? He knew this woman is a toughie…khud thak gaya tha ISILIYE chhoda usne task…agar daan Hi karna tha to baad me uska bakhhaan nahi karte…no brownie points for him not a bb king…But A SLY FOX..most people have this original players hangover’ and so bash wildcards…sach to yeh hai originals weren’t so entertaining so wildcards ko laana padta hai…then his good looks external charm all works for others…PRIYA ke against ISILIYE kyunki she is unconventional…bedhadak..kisise’BANAA ke rakhne’ wali strategy nahi uski..Jo dil me wo zubaan pe…play your game prince..OPENLY..just don’t do this COOL GRoUP drama..P3g alag tha…usme smaller bhaai behen group within the larger group nahi tha…Jeeta to bhi kya Jeeta..I don’t think KOI naye fans banaae stand exposed FULLY

      • [email protected](PHFFAN)

        @mahi…i lil flashback if u remember..priya reqsting prince ki i m new here..meri fan following ni h..i need the immunity so that i cn b safe…tum toh kahi jaoge ni..:P it happens..u tend to miss facts wen u love smone..m nt a prince supporter..i like rishabh i hate priya…coz she speaks a lot and that gives me seizures..:P
        but the things i resent are that by salman…he finds a way to ridicule him everytime…see the task diamond vala..wen everyone said he was the best salman said ki he gave away 7 so he was nt the best..priya was the best..ok priya applied oil..still the thieves managed to put away the seven cn he now say priya was the best..:P no one s afraid of anyone…esp priya is no threat..
        vaise just for fun…what are u wiling to loose if priya does nt make it too top 4..or prince wins the show…
        i wud luv to see rishabh win..but just for the sake of asking
        will that proove u wrong or max ppl that are nt her fan wrong?????/

      • ManuelFerrara

        @Mahi first thing is that when prince quitted the car task,he openly affirmed that because there is an uncomfortable lady in the car,he can give up the task as a ‘chivalary’.
        He took opinion from everyone and also asked priya who didn’t say ‘please compete’ instead she said ‘I’ll be grateful and owe a gratitude’,also he clarified that he hasn’t lost the task nor giving up to which everyone gave their assent.
        Priya never created relations except one (devar) because from the begining she strategized that she will fight with everyone with this team of two & not to forget it was priya who forgot this ‘chivalary’ and shamelessly asserted that priya won the task because of herself and not by prince’s benevolence.

    • santu

      Salman said audience are not fans of anyone.. they are fans of big boss..
      Wtf on capital and bold letters..
      No fans of the show. . No fans of salman..
      Each contestant has their fans who vote for them..
      Salman statement was insult to audience.. like no consideration fir our votes who vote for their favourite contestant

  37. Prince fan

    Salman is fake.. Usne prince ko bola ki kishwar aaj uski jagah hoti toh kish se itne ques na puchta..but he always attack cool grp wo kish se bhi itne ques krta

  38. I am i really miss kishwar..i ws a bi*** ..i have a relatn wid bigg no mattr anyone try..
    I will b mrs. Bigg boss this tym
    Kishwar u r winnr fr me..prince u helpd me instd helping ur sis..thank uu..i have used u so well..noa my work is finished..thank u mattr wht u say..
    I will b winnr

  39. Megha Bisht

    Salmaan was absolutely right. Prince is not going to win for sure because of his overconfidence. Keith or priya could win. Prince before entering the show you should know this is not roadies or spilitsvilla. And if someone wants to learns backstabbing should go to prince, for sure. And what is this khatron k khiladi thing? Are you insane? Matlb kuch bhi. Future planning. And kishwer prince made a big fool of you and you got trapped in his plan. Feeling so sorry for you.
    Keith or priya, anyone of these should win this show.

    • MAHI

      Totally agree…they are the ones..Keith – really calm and composed…no strategy…Priya- srategy.. But playing OPENLY…TRUE SHERNI…REAL PERSON..

  40. Pooja

    this fu***ng priya was commenting against prince after every line of salman.

    As birthday gift ‘throw her out of house’
    bring her dog in place of her in the house

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      I agrree priya πŸ™‚ no need of a dog..she s already a b*t*h

      • MAHI

        Yeah a b*t*h..of whom our PAPER TIGER PRINCE is afraid….cause our teacherjee literally dissects all of his plans and bares him in front of all…I think even priya’s dog will be able to sniff out prince’s fakeness….either he’s FAKE or BADBOLA…but will admit neither due to his’re just 25..learn humility..!

      • [email protected](PHFFAN)

        πŸ™‚ nothing cn make me say she s nt a b*t*h…:-D

      • [email protected](PHFFAN)

        @manuel we dont need a dog coz ee dont need more priyas..:-)

  41. Mandan was right from the beginning, she did ot come to build the the relatiosn in this house. She came to play the game. Prince is very celver. He is playing the emotions of girls in the name of brother-siste relations, in the name of personal liking with yuvika and Nora. This is the way to get the attention. Mandana has created her own fans following due to her tactics. Last episode she played very well. She proved herself she is smart. She put the ball in the court of broter and sister. It is for cool group: As you sow, sow shall you reap. Now where is cool group Rishab, Rochelle, Keith Priya and Mandana you guys are the real winner.

  42. BB9 is a huge flop becz of Salman and what they did u Kishwar and Prince was unfair and horrible i hate BB9 and never going to watch it again is Prince does not WIN salman is a f**king old pervert to support Mandana who is a b*t*h


    D clip shown to d rest f d members f d house….. Nothing is wrong in dat yes if he wants to win d show wants to bring his parents up on d bb9 stage along wid him den whats d problem i dnt understand salman is so biased now a days last year he was so fair in all d decisions may b he dsnt want to continue das a host in d show dats why giving such lame reasons to d viewers so dat we dnt watch it n talk shit abt him n den he will get a big fat reason 4 himself bt filthy one for us…. Salman alwayz says dat janta sb dekh rhi h salman pls taste ur own words n 1 more thing dis is bigg boss house when 6,33,333 wer deducted den every1 in d house was awestruck as if dey had never seen such an amount in der lyftym n when kish got 15 lacs den it was less for her who guarantees dat kish cud hav won will d moment she was in d house salman didnt support her ever n nw when she is out den he is showing his care for her…. Show ur real care for mandana sir we hav seen in d initial episodes itself…. N hamare pyaare bigg boss ye jitna just hona ka vaada krte h shayad hi iss season jitna unjust kavi bigg boss rahe honge kishwar got a kich dat a sudden reaction priya ka band tuta mandana was irritated so nothing was wrong mandana pressed d button when d buzzer was still going on n kishwer aftr d buzzer according to rules buzzer khatam hone k bd hi aaj tk games start hui h jitne v tasks m dekh lo aaplog rickshaw wale task m ya fir koi v task m lekin iss baar mandana ko rakhna tha issliye buzzer jaise hi baza bs game start yaar ye kaha ka justification h agar nikalna hi tha prince ko pehle hi hafte m nikal dete lekin votes v to lene h na TRP v to badhani h aajkal to bigg boss v selfish ho gye wow bigg boss claps 4 u

    • Salman is too big & large hearted & has better things in life than planning about this tiny MICE..Prince.
      If u are so engrossed & have so much time to think about all this crap. It shows that u are a useless FALTU person..

  44. ManuelFerrara


    “Rishabh saying I would have quitted for priya”

    My intestines are out laughing ROFLMAO πŸ˜€

  45. ManuelFerrara


    Prince breathing..

    SALMAN: you’re copying this from Mandana,can’t you do anything individually….


  46. Komal

    @Maxx LOL I can totally understand your frustration right now.
    @Jonwick Thank you so much for that comment. It makes me happy to see people feel the same as I do. You spoke every thought that was in my mind
    And all others who hate the show right now, I’m with you.
    This show has lost my respect and so has Salman.
    It seems as if this entire thing was planned to put Prince and Kishwar in this state and then slash on one of them. As it is, it has become Salman’s hobby to pick on these few people for idk what reasons. I can’t believe how stupidly everyone has analyzed Prince right now. Not even one single member of the house stood up for Prince, what a shame. Lol, there was a point when I thought Salman was an unbiased host..but no freaking way. And I don’t get why they bring their relationship to every damn situation on the show. Bigg boss themselves aren’t letting Prince and Kishwar move forward individually because of constant emotional torture on how they aren’t keeping their “behen bhai” relationship. I understand Prince has given a lot of importance to this and there is NO PROBLEM in that. That doesn’t give the right for the show to diss him so badly when he had to choose. No one can imagine being in such a messed up situation and how much Prince’s mind would’ve fluctuated. He did say he would do his best to help Kishwar in the show but he never said anything bizarre like he would leave the show for her. Why would anyone leave the show for anyone? They all have come here to shine and win individually. They both were put in such a tough place that one person or the other HAD to choose. Firstly, it was unfair by bigg boss to even keep such a task. And showing Prince and Kishwar’s personal conversation was just plain cruelty. Prince is already in an emotional wreck and Salman thought of all the wonderful ways to wreck him down. Wow. Really? Seriously Salman? Seriously? Lol. Comparing Keith and Rochelle with Prince and Kishwar is stupidity. First of all Prince isn’t Kishwar’s servant like how Keith is Rochelle’s. I personally love Keith but unfortunately his role in the relationship is ‘ramukaka’, as it was rightly said. And it’s obvious Keith would leave the game for Rochelle because Rochelle has already got Keith dancing on her fingers and she clearly controls him. He’d do anything for her because of how much of a whiny cry baby she is and he knows that she is desperate to win. And Rishabh saying he would leave the task for someone too, what utter crap. And why does Salman keep asking Priya to analyze every situation like she’s some psychologist and whatever she says is right? It’s so evident how Bigg Boss is trying to put Prince down by misleading the audience on what Prince’s intentions were/are. He picked on all the things Prince has ever said and changed the meaning to his own convenience. I just hope that majority of the audience don’t buy this crap from Salman or from Bigg Boss. BB’s TRP has definitely gone down, hence they want to add all this spice and tension and play with the viewers’ emotions.
    I could go on ranting about today’s ridiculous episode but it would actually never end because there are soo many more things I could point out on which was so terribly wrong. I’m sorry for making this so lengthy but I just had to put this out there.
    I’m looking forward to what Kishwar has to say about this entire incident. I’m so done with this show and the only reason I’ll continue watching this is to watch Prince succeed. That is if Bigg Boss lets him.

    • Pri

      This show is so messed up.
      Everyone ganged up on Prince.
      Salman pointed out Prince saying to Priya “You will win the show, but no respect” and Mandana says “thats wrong” but salman NEVER pointed out ALL the cheap things mandana said to Priya!! What the hell is this show?! SO BIASED!
      Yes, keith would leave for rochelle. But rochelle would NEVER leave for keith! This show is stupid now.
      And yaar i was thinking the same!! I feel this was all done on purpose! Too make either or look bad! Kishwar left, prince looks bad. Prince wouldve left, kishwar would look bad not letting her “brother” win! Salman has only pointed fingers at Prince since day 1!!
      And priya, she is only going to say what she believes happened…not what ACTUALLY was going on!
      To the bigg boss 9 team, you guys SUCK. Im glad the trps have been low. You guys deserve it.

      • Komal

        I know right! Extremely biased. This show is just plain s*xist. They expect men to do anything and everything for women. They diss the man for not leaving the show for a woman but if the man does leave the show then it’s like something obvious and right. If the woman leaves then the man is being selfish. But if the man leaves then the woman isn’t being selfish? Crap. That’s why they didn’t question whether Rochelle would leave the show for Keith or not. This is something they expect from a man like some act of chivalry which is just stupidity when we’re at the final stage of the show.

    • Komal Behenji .. Don’t u have better things in life rather than criticising Salman & Bigg Boss..
      They have much important things to do rather than wasting time on planning about Prince & Kushwar…
      If things go according to u then BB is FAIR else BIASED..
      Wake up to reality …

      • Komal

        Mr. Ashish
        Yes I do have better things to do in life but when I found 5-10 free minutes of my precious time, I decided to write this comment which has no harm. So thank you so much for your advice but I know how to use my time wisely.
        They have much more important things to do? I’m sorry to say but you’re too blinded by all this. If you read all the comments on this post, you’ll realize you’re the one who needs to ‘wake up to reality’.
        Hahah well I don’t even feel like arguing on whatever you said because you’re clearly part of the poor close minded lot.

      • Komal

        And it’s not just if things go according to ME. As you’ve seen, majority of the viewers think the same so yeah you need to recheck on who actually needs to wake up.

    • ManuelFerrara

      Well written essay!! πŸ˜€
      No,but seriously you wrote well.Please keep commenting …loved your comment!!!

  47. Ritika

    WELL DONE SALMAN KHAN! He spoke word-by-word what i had in mind about Prince. And for a change, loved Priya today. She reminded me of kishwar πŸ™ πŸ™‚

  48. Ritika

    I always used to think Prince is a womanizer but otherwise gullible like i always said b4 but yesterday i realized hez v.shrewd and uses people in the disguise of being v.good! But hez v.fake and manipulative. I don’t care whoever wins but i wish Prince does not win come what may!

  49. jumana moiz

    i dnt realy understand what salman is trying to say… he was so not fair in todays episode.. no one surpoted prince specally keith and her so called girl friend they used to tell prince as their friend but even they didnt surpot him
    … i wished suyyash or kishwar was there to surpot him.. todays episode was jus dirty frm all the other ones… jus haete salman for being so unfair in the episode… im waiting to no wats kishwar is gonna say on monday…

    • Salman has better things in life & will not waste precious time on this IDIOT PRINCE…
      Salman said the Face..
      Take it or Leave it…
      It does not matter if u agree or not..
      The show will go on..

      • Chanti

        The show will go on with the same less TRP my friend. Every one can see how he is biased, he didnt mentioned any thing about the whole week except grilling Prince. Salman hom self says this is the game you need to think about the game but now he says you should not think about the game. If Prince left he could have told that Prince did a stupid thing by leaving the show. What ever i dont want to watch the show only i can do is vote for Prince becuase he is the one who have the capability.

  50. I was not going to comment but after reading a lot of the comments I have to comment. I still miss Kishwer.

    Prince was given the whole episode today. He was shown to be sly, manipulative and very calculating. For Prince’s fans please there is nothing wrong if Prince possesses these qualities in the game because
    1. It shows his ability to understand the game clearly.
    2. Most of us were always questioning Prince’s individuality. This shows that although he was part of a group he was not being controlled by anyone.
    3. In fact it also shows that he has the power to use his brains very well

    So in conclusion his fans should be very happy and not disheartened. You all (meaning his fans) should continue voting for him that’s all.

    As a Mandy fan i have always said that the fact that someone is able to play the game doesn’t mean the person is a bad person. After all its a game and people will make mistakes or be caught in their own traps or sometimes their plans may not work but it still A GAME.

  51. Shale

    Incase nobbody noticed full episodes of bb9 are now uploaded in colors website. But I prefer reading here, saves me time. πŸ™‚
    Thank you Atiba

  52. Komal

    I don’t like salman in today’s episode. If prince left the house then I stopped watching bigg boss.

  53. FCPC

    Prince we’ll keep voting tension mat le .Agar ye hi karna tha to sukish aur prince ko bulaya kyu?har weekend unki izzat utarneko?I am not gonna watch on season kapil sharma ko rakho host.srsly I am tired ,every weekend salman comes praises mamdana disrespects the trio(sukish prince).

    • Ap n bhut achi bat khi AGR kpil host ho is kaa to mzaa a jaye ga
      Aur salman n to aj prince ko bht beizzat kia
      BT WO hi jeetega ..

    • Grow up man…
      Salman’s respect will not be lowered by what idiots like u think…
      He says the facts …
      He does not have time for tiny flies like the BB contestants ..
      Don’t watch BB..
      It won’t make any difference to the show .

      • Neha

        U need to grow up….in all weekends someone is pointing at 3 peoples who were playing genuinely… N u R thinking salman is great….I was a very great fan of salman .but he doesn’t worth it..I know there will b mo prblm if 1 fan will be less of salman…but yes there will b a big prblm if I n other people will support salman after this wrong is wrong …n he is wrong from day 1 of bb9…I just hope he will regret for his words…n he should feel little bit shame in his heart of his words at least…

  54. Salman needed to clarify Prince’s statement about Khatron else it would have seemed as though there was some agreement between colours and Prince.

  55. Gaurav

    Wahh haters …..
    Some days ago all were like prince does not uses his brains and is loyal to his master kishwer and all…
    Now if he did all that using that brain,,, now its like oh.. Prince did this and that… It was meant for them to manipulate and place your stand…
    Now coming to overconfidence.. He is bound to have that because there are die hard fans of him who will support him in any situation..

    P.S after yesterday’s episode prince banega bb9 king is trending on twitter with 107K tweets [even more than of gautam gulati’s 104K record]

  56. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    @Anjana PHFFAN is a friend group consisting of 6 members Pari, Harshal, Freak, Fatarajo(me), Akku(Tedd), Neeru
    @ Bebo I agree with u
    @ Piku lol nice analysis πŸ˜›
    @ Manuelferrara don’t fear Imam siddiqui disturb him as much as u can πŸ˜›

  57. Brooklyn

    Saturday’s episode was an eye-opener not only for Prince but also to all the viewers of Big Boss. I genuinely liked Prince before for some of his action in the past regarding the way he used to say , i cant see intolerence against a female contestant likewise he took a stand for yuvika and Nora in past. But since its time for the Finale ,the stakes are high so its obvious the contestants would definately play their game. On the contrary if we observed Prince right from the beginning, this “self-proclaimed” lion in the house has nothing individuality in him. During the finale week task when kishwer and Prince were the last two contenders, one could easily predict that Prince would walk away thus securing Kishwer whom he considers as his sister since he was free from nomination.But yesterday episode with Salman,in the visual shown,it is clearly seen Prince have manipulated and made her feel insecure that she cant be a winner. ‘PRINCE’ let me remind you if you talk about fan following then i am sorry to say a year ago no one knows you. You are just a roadie and i heardly seen people talking about you except the youths. Moreover when you entered the show on the premiere,it is seen that other contestant agreed that no one knows you. So why this gutty feeling that you will win???? If we speak about kishwer’s fan ,she has been in the limelight since 1998..acted variety roles in TV, a wellknown household face she is. So you have no right to say that you could be a potential winner. In the task we would have applauded you , if you had support your “Muh-boli Behen” kishwer. Its time for your “Ghammand” of being a roadie winner to crash out . The other contestants are far more well behave n softspoken if it comes to “ownself” speaking.
    India is watching and we all want a good Bigboss winner who has a stand and own individuality. And let us not forget Prince have survived to this stage because of his group with Su-kish…(who unfortunately are out now )
    Thanks Salman for letting us realise and showed us the true colors of Prince.
    CARDS are on for #Mandana #Keith #Priya.

    • Neha

      Prince did many mistakes in this game…but not like mandana…she went to d extreme..n salman claps for her…yeeeeee u R superb Mandy…u R very great..after all his film is coming with her…but how salman supported Mandy that doesn’t seem she is his film’s seemed she is his real life heroin his wife….disgusting

    • aario

      So truly said Brooklyn. The best part was whatever Salman reminded prince abt him saying his statement, that he want a girl to win and all abt his behan and all that bullshit he keeps chanting in the house, he suddenly had soooo much memory loss that he didn’t remember anything ,even things he said a day before. He looked like a total bafoon , a stupid idiot whose real self was exposed and he had no where to hide his boring face. Too good episode.loved it. Excellent work Salman spoke straight and showed prince his real place.

  58. elina

    Salman WS nt biased.he said exactly wht I wanted.I hate prince.he seems fool.I hope he may nt salman n bigg boss

    • Neha

      Ya elina prince is fool…he can sacrifice for kish…but kish can’t right…bb9 is d worst reality show….n u know what in a rapid fire round when mahesh bhatt was asked what did he think about reality shows..he very proudly said there is no reality… N today I am understanding why did he say lyk DAT…no reality in bb9…all are scripted n fake…specially salman…as I don’t think salman will b ever biased to anyone…but what can he do…which scripts he got frm writers..he had to say lyk DAT script

  59. Rajveer

    AGR bhai sister ke liye sacrifice kar sakta hai toh, sister kyu nahi. my vote 4 prince.

    salman ko sirf mandana ko jitana hai islyi wo prince ki bin baat k class le rhe thee.



    • Diya when u know it’s FIXED then why are u wasting your time…
      We don’t need biased viewers like you.
      When things go as per U , it’s fine else it’s rigged… GROW UP….

      • Neha

        Ohh hello..plz yar don’t say like this…I don’t know it is fixed or not but there is no reality in it…n what did u say u don’t need biased viewers…u should watch bb9 all episodes again then u should say who is more biased the host,the makers of bb9 or we viewers

      • [email protected](PHFFAN)

        Yeaaahh exactly he s too busy fighting where he killed people and some where he killed for drunk n for molestation. Etc etc etc. Very busy seriously….very hard to host bigboss after u hav so much on ur plate..stupid man..stupid host..biased…n hiding behind d being human crap..

      • DIYA SHAH


  61. Really Salman, the task was really could have been interesting if the first one pressed the bazaar got eliminated..BB knew that if that was the case then mandana would be out as she is not strong compared to Prince and kish..and the 2nd will get the amount and the last will get ticket to finale …hate bigboss..miss u kish there will be only 1 queen and that will be kish..someone told today priya was like kish,,really priya very irritating she also told that she would not have quit for anyone…risabh really for priya I would have pressed the bazaar..nice comedy…hate this crap show

  62. paridhi

    Like really? Hah! Yesterday’s episode was unfair all the housemates are attacking prince for no reason. Salman is so biased he’s always against prince. Its his strategy to win even though he uses anyone in this show it shouldn’t bother him. Second thing priya is so annoying I really dont think she deserves this platform. She is so ugly, she always fight with everyone and then starts crying like seriously. Shit she just provokes everyone because she wants viewers attention. Rishab and priya should be thrown out of the show they are useless they dont entertain us. Khishwer was strong candidate but bigg boss is so unfair he took khishwer out. It was forced elmination. I dont want to see salman hosting the next season. I wanted to see khishwer prince and keith in top three but now as this shitty crap is made in bigg boss I want prince keith and rochelle or mandana to be in top 3 not those to losers (priya and rishab)

    • MAHI

      Ugly..?? Really we have still not learnt what external beauty Mandana is capable of…sorry but that’s never a criteria to judge a person…just see how your dear prince bashed roch ” cool group member” when she said prince fights too…she had too apologise ( dunno why)…and that tym when he said to his “friends” MUJHE KOI NAHI BATAYEGA KYA KaRNA HAI…MuJHE KoI NAHI HArA SaKtA…I will tolerate annoying irritating( in your words) but true and real person anyday than one who is a BULLY AND FAKE… BiG ‘L’ for prince( I don’t know of which kingdom:) )

    • Paridhi… Please understand that Salman us a BIG MEGASTAR & flies like Prince & Kishwer don’t matter to hum..
      He speaks his Heart out
      If u like things then Salman is Fair else he’s Biased.. Have u lost it.
      Grow Up…
      Prince is manipulative & a creep who has no value for his own words.
      Don’t waste ur vote on this creep

      Grow up…

      • Neha

        No dear..I am salmans fan bcoz he always speak heart out…but in bb9 I have never seen him speak heart out…this task was unfair not only for prince or kish…but also for every all played very well n they 3 of them promoted for 2 nd round of ticket to finale..but there should not b any option that one will leave the show at this stage…no this is wrong ..n dis a debate topic..but bad luck salman is paid by be can’t say against him dats y he had to make an ordinary topic to the debate topic

  63. paridhi

    Let me correct priya and rishab’s statment ; they were just pretending to be nice yesterday. when rishabh and priya were in house rishabh told he just wants to win the title money doesn’t matter to him so he wouldn’t not leave the show for priya. And priya told both money and title matters to her then she wouldn’t have left the ticket to finale. Guys who are reading my comment remember that car task priya didn’t left car she was desperate to win that task to get saved for 2 weeks and be captain of the house she didn’t sacrifised that task for prince do you guys really think if she would be there instead of prince she would have left ticket to finale take 15 lakhs and just walk of the show.. they are fake.

    • MAHI

      Paridhi when salman asked her she said woh nahi chhodti rishabbke liye….dhyaan Se dekha karo epi.. .it will really open your eyes….I saw only 3 people being truthful…Mandy cause she has no friendss..Keith he really loves roch that shows…AnD PRIYA… She agreed money
      and finale both matter and WILLNOT leave task even for rishab…Thats REAL NOt FAKE….ONe ANd ONLy bindaas no pretense candidate!!!! …SHe is only one who showed who she is…fought alone.. Stood alone…RESPECT.Eliminated or not……for me she is Winner..

    • II

      Paridhi! One word for u dont get me wrong. Ok. When asked by salman as would u leave the task then she daringly said “i dont want to look mahan so i wll notloose the task for someone. It shows that she was not acting nice. It is just that ur love to prince is forcing i to think that priya is fake. Even i know keith is a very respectable and adorable prsn. But when it comes to guts, potientiality, brains.and the boldness to have eye to eye fight with prince not caring about her image at all she would defintly out beat keith and rochl and even rshb who is most fonded persn by the viewers. Yes! Priya is100prcnt irritating but it should not be the only criteria to judge her and deciding to kick her out of the game. Anyways dont take my words seriously just skip it off and move on to the next cmmnt. See u. Bye.

      • jai

        Totally agree with you…..priya can analyze people very well even……but she is very irritating…..also priya and rishabh keep boasting about individuality and keep criticizing others for forming groups, be it tasks or nominations. On other hand they keep helping each other….isn’t that a group. I don’t like priya because of these two reasons.

  64. jai

    I agree that prince was grilled too much….but prince had become so overconfident that he needed to be told about it. In his overconfidence, he has said a few things that has damaged his own image. However, when salman was criticizing Prince, baki sab ne behti gange me hath dho liye. I did not like that part.
    Since the sand task the most used word by rishabh is “backstabbing”……..wasn’t priya helping him (indirectly), by removing others sand while he was just defending his own sand….rishabh and priya can do anything as a group, but they have problem if others work as a group. Rishabh kept saying that ” I asked priya to help me and not remove others sand”….how convenient…..he thinks that if rochell hadn’t spoiled his game he would have won…..even if he had won it would have been because priya emptied a lot of sand from rochell’s container. I am sure that after winning the task, he would have definitely said this to rochelle “agar tu keshwar ka sand nikalti to I would have helped you win….but you choose the wrong side”. Again while kishwar left he was speaking about karma…..what karma man… shouldn’t have said such a thing. I doubt he could have said it on kishwar’s face. Earlier I felt that he was a genuine guy….but now I don’t think so. I think he was afraid of kishwar and now that she is gone he is feeling safe. We might be able to see a different side of rishabh now.

    Finally I would like to say that, I support prince…..but also because, nobody else is left in the house, to whom I would like to support.

    • ManuelFerrara

      Ya, I agree bashing was needed for improvement in prince as gautam gulati also had this..but don’t worry brother this is gonna increase the vote bank for him…we know that salman did go overboard while bashing and also went unfair..but who cares let salman do his level best and we voters can do our own level best while voting prince. . πŸ™‚

  65. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

    @pari ya my mom laughed when she read that bhawishiwani and Priya aunty thingy πŸ˜› and Manuel jokes are sometimes too funny to tell my mom πŸ˜›
    @ kushagara u r most welcome to be part of PHFFAN or PHFFANK πŸ˜›

  66. Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

    @DIYA SHAH Sonam Kapoor said one very correct thing to salman khan and that is Jalte Diye πŸ˜›
    Are itna maat jalo diya πŸ˜›

  67. Heny

    Suyyash tweeted that He n Kishwar still believes in prince after Yesterdays episode n want him to win. So to all the Sukish fans please vote for Prince.

    • Ghufran Ali

      Sukish are so perfect for each other so sweet and nice couple , even suyyash had so sweet personality, really miss them , specially the Real Queen Kishwer.

  68. hey khushagra..Welcome to our [email protected] and @joyee guys it would have more fun if dolly was also invited with imam or that ajaz would have also been a good choice..Gautam gulati was my fav.I love him..

  69. Rahul

    I hate you Salman ,what you did today,that b*t*h mandana do so many wrong things and you always support her,that ugly cow and prince don’t worry ,we will vote for you!!if mandana wins so many people going to leave you ROCHELLE, prince and Keith ,one of them should win

  70. Avani

    Thanx Atiba for fast and precise updates. As i am not interested in watching this stupid show any more your updates will be more helpful to me.

  71. No thank u Pari πŸ˜› that dolly bindra loudspeaker Baapre can’t even think about it, acha huwa Voh loudspeaker nahi aayi, varna meh toh irritated hoke tv Ko bhi tor dalti, bokhamp jaise hain Yeh loudspeaker dolly πŸ˜›
    Aur Ajaz toh season 6 mein bara hi ek no. Kar raha ta aur Ho Gaya teen no. πŸ˜› Ali ke saath jagra hoke last no. Hogaya tha , pata nahi agar Rishabh ke saath jagra hoga toh kya hoga iss Ajaz ka
    Aur Yeh Gulati, toh Saab ka chocolate aur dud kha jayega aur phir Mandana ke saath hoga jagra aur phir salman kisko support karega apne damat ke dost Gautam koh ya apne aashiq Mandana koh? πŸ˜›
    Just for fun πŸ˜›

  72. plz bigboss

    salman is a idiot and unfair person in this bigboss.In nevery time he support to Mandana and Rishob with no reason and discourage to prince in every weekend…. hate you salman.. you are such a looser..

  73. waqar

    meh larkion ko jeet ta dekhna chahta hun par apni behn ko nai…lol
    few hours meh prince badal agya
    agr ap kishwer ko ticket to finale de dete to jo kishwer ko mila he wo apko mil jata..respect

  74. saifu

    @kish,suyash,Nora ..mubarak ho aap sab chutya ban gaye ho…… thank god uvika bach gayi……. jo banda task k starting me boll raha tha… ma8 tere liye task chor dunga… usi ne bato bato me kish ko chu bana diya

  75. iyenene

    To those so obsessed with mandana and blame for everything even prince and kishwer’s folly, you all need to seek medical help urgently! Mandanamiasis is ur diagnosis! Ur hate for mandana is ruining ur intelligence and brain activity!! Pls seek help! It seems only foreigners have d requisite intelligence to disect dz game show! U all are so emotionally invested ur sense of reasoning is messed up

  76. Ghufran Ali

    I wish @KishwerM nd I were there to hug u mere veer *hugs* @princenarula88
    We still love u utna hee..Mera veer jitega BB9 #GundaTrio rocks

    tweeted this after the epi with sallu. both kish n suyyash were there…

  77. santu

    Salman is behaving like mandana in real life.. after he was given clean chit.. pike he can say or do anything but noone can harm him..

  78. santu

    When sonam asked salman how do face fear.. he said he won’t run away.. he runs through that fear..we know exactly Wat u mean.. how u run through either running or driving..

  79. Salman said true…if he would leave the task for his sister he would be a real winner….nd i dont understand people here now also supporting prince ….he is fake…Prince said i want a girl to b in finale….but wen Salman asked about it…He said he dint said wat a big liar…guyss wen Salman used to scold Mandana that time also he was wrong and wen he is not scolding Mandana that tym also he is wrong…..if Prince would leave the task he would b have more fan following.. I hate prince and wen the task was given i thought prince would leave the show for his sister…and i really felt bad wen the bro n sis was in task…i thought i ill a biggest fan of Prince if he ill leave show..but no…he is truly fake…i knw he loves kish as his sister….but he did not prove it…

  80. asap

    i wonder why some people ar sayind salman is bad..i love wateva he sed to prince…kishwer is jes a fool 4 quiting 4 prince…This Is Game..everybody can go to the extent to win…prince used her very well..he wantd mandy to be der..but mandy outsmartd him…i dont why dis human beings here ar calling mandy a b*t*h…shiz playing her game…nigeriaans love her to the last…prince has no sense….mandy will win..acept it or doesnt mata to us her fans..phewwww

  81. shikha

    well every one is playing game here to win bb9. Kishwar was the strongest contenstant in bb9. she leaves the house n kicks her dream of winning for her brother. we can say if prince will win then for kishwar only.

  82. ams

    BB9 is all about mandy. She kicked, she hit, she laughed, she cried, she screamed, she faked, she won tasks and she left tasks, she was annoying, she was cool, she was calm, she was crazy and she was hot and she even screamed at salman khan. Nobody has ever done that. She gave a life to this seasons dead bigg boss. So she doesnt only deserve but has to win it. People must realise tht bigg boss is not about cool group and happy family. We watch it for entertainment and mandy gave it all. VOTE MANDY!!!!!!

  83. sikha

    Price shows his selfishness. when Naura was in bb9 house, he was protecting her n saying that he could leave the house for her. while kishwar was with him from the begining , for his sister he never thought to help kishwas to win in this case as it was her first reality show. Hats off KIshwar.

  84. Salman sir ap ne prince ki class li wat abt mandana..?prince tume bade jhoote ho…agar jitna hai to individual khelo rishab se sikho thoda….imam aa raha hai prince ab kya karoge

  85. pav

    love u salman u have raised a nice point ha ha ha prince fans stop crying yarrrr for prince mistake u r pointing salmannn its nt fair he asked wt many people were thinkingg

  86. Kushagra(PHFFAN)

    Thnksss for such a warm welcome. Prince is trending on twitter withmore than 185k tweets. Tedd i felt phffan meant prince fans

  87. neha

    Great episode by Salman Khan…really appreciated….BB9…Prince ko to Dho Dala….he was speechless.. one has to see his face.Prince is really a big fattu…..when Salman Khan relives the truth…its an eye opener to all the viewers…..I just love when Prince was back fire…he deserve to be…Prince is genuie fake person….always in fake relation….there is no place for such person in Big Boss…
    Good Salman Khan told him that all viewers are BB fans and not his…..good to see Prince over confident dying….
    Each and Every Point was highlighted of Prince….Even was told that wild card entry can win….and Yes only wild card entry should win….

  88. neha

    Now the contestant in the house….should show their ugly faces to Prince…back fire him and make his life miserable….I hope Imaam would do alot of things????????????? Just awasome Big Boss…..the show is good and interesting…and whoever does not want to watch the show ….its up to them….but still BB9 will rock…..and love salman too

  89. Prince did the right thing, we all know that after kishvar did the spitting act there are no possibility for her to win the show as she looses many fans, and if we see the real side actually prince secured kishvar as if she had gone for finale and looses then she cant get 15 lace rs which is many ….prince was pointing out today from Salman sir that he chant family family but did wrong keeping show above than sister ..let me remind u Salman sir once u was only the person who was forcing everyone to place game beyond relations as this is individual game then hoe can you stand against for prince today he learned from you only to keep show beyond sister (relations)…and what if he dont pressed button first …we know that mandana ccan also do task but kishvar cant do long tasks she quitted on many tymes ..mandana and kish are same he wanted to cut all possibility of mandana to win the task but kishvar dont pressed first as she dont understood the game … Salman today u dint stranded on your own statement that give game priority …huh…about mandana wana say one thing …she is playing very well but only increasing hatrers ..and prince playing very well but incredibly increasing fans …

  90. litan

    Best episode of BB9..luv u salman..Poor Prince..Bhai ho k Behn ko bacha nhi pay n help him 2 win else he can’t forgive himself

  91. Roman

    its the way to get more TRP…..what if salman showed every other contestent clips also……but not beacause the measure and highlighting issue is prince….i am not supportung him but something like this will also happen if kishwar was there….in that case the questions may be different but for sure she will be bashed……afterall this whole show is about mandana…prince…and kishwar

  92. prin

    BB totally unfair..prince nd kishwer were put into such disgusting situation nd prince is blamed for whole.. i hate this episode…nd i hate priya malik. She must be out of this show..irritating woman.

    • Gaurav

      Nice gesture bro…
      One thing i would like to say…
      Yesterday everyone was saying he musy have quit but when they were given an hour everyone wad saying kish should go… Strategically…so its not only prince who was not on his words[ok in game he may have said it..accepted].
      Their footsge should also be shown na…
      I am not saying that it must not have been shown[never ever happened before] it could have been shown to tv audience and could have been brought up in conversation only ,with housemates… As if it was his game they spoilt it…
      My point is more valid as previously on all seasons contestants were shown footage as a prize…

      • ManuelFerrara

        @gaurav bro,they showed the part where prince says Keith was not there for three weeks so he will be him but didn’t show the part where he says Keith is the only completion for me.
        They didn’t let prince clear that KKK agreement issue.
        They said that prince played in heard but the fact is that prince helped three girls even taking the risks.
        He never said Rochelle to empty rishabh’s tank,she emptied bcoz priya emptied her tank.
        But what salman portrayed was something else.
        Leaving the bb is big thing,how can salman take it for granted?

  93. Salman said all necessary things today. It was actually prince’s fault. He said my sis to kish but he didn’t sacrifice for his sis. He only see his success not others. He makes relation by in high time he hv no value for that relation. U will not win. U blackmailed my kish and made her choose that decisions. I hate u. Love u kish. Although u lose but u win the hearts of ppl. U won haters heart too.

  94. ManuelFerrara

    No big boss telecast today,so I enjoyed watching animal planet.Both shows match so much.
    Didn’t like one ‘rhyno’ who was vivacious like prince so I changed the channel as my dad was also watching with raised eyebrows.


    • Fatarajo(PHFFANK)

      Lol in sg they showed the same episode again and showed Naagin instead of repeat telecast πŸ˜› as they will show stardust on sat,

  95. alamdar

    prince played well and salman did too much bisti which is not fair.situation was like between devil and deep sea .fan of kishwer but still prince was alrite

  96. Ritika

    EXCELLENT points and v.nicely explained Anu R!

    I Genuinely have no favorite now but Prince should not win- Fake, manipulative and mks relations to use people! No1 knew him when he entered, many young people also don’t watch splitsvillla and roadies nowadays, others anyway don’t! “I hv a huge fan following!” Yeah rite! OVER-CONFIDENT LOSER!

  97. Fatarajo

    @pari I don’t watch any πŸ˜› used to love both these shows but don’t watch it but watch Swaragini sometimes
    I watch Ishq Ka Rang Safed, Thapki Pyaar Ki, Tashan-e-Ishq, Ek tha Raja Ek Thi Rani, Yeh Vaada Raha, Zindagi Abhi Baki Hain Mera Ghost and Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do

  98. MAHI

    People…those who complain of unfairness on part of bb..the buzzer task was definitely unfair and forceful…(though happy that prince finally Got exposed)…the most unfair thing is using physical task of same difficulty level to judge both s*xes…especially the sand task…they should’ve grouped girls and boys separately and got two winners..and then have them perform some other task..or have smaller boxes for the boys..beef muscled men like rishabh and prince have an obvious advantage over girls in such tasks…That’s gender bias for me..more than salman bashing prince for his not fulfilling his bhai duty…( though I fully support the bash..what else to do after a person gives rishton ki duhaai and a commitment to sacrifice at beginning of task and pretend to not even have said it when grilled by salman??)

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      Ha ha…:-) or may be it was fair..
      Prince got exposed+ he also got d ticket to finally
      Kish walks away wid 15 lacs
      Mandy 6.5 lacs
      Bigboss gave the potential winners to walk away wid smthing….if dat was nt d case n they went straight to d finale…no one except d winner wud hav had a blast..:-D i found that win win situation for d cool grp

      Bt i wud like to state that it was nt d frst time bt on multiple ocassions that he wanted to come out best in a task and show that he s d last one to give away in task…i rember that task were they had achance to win back the money in the x2 task..he made kish leave the task frst so that he was d last one to quit…:-X

  99. MAHI

    So priyas performance was exemplary….and the appreciation was well deserved….For people who question why I am so against prince and supporting priya…. @ ManuelF and @ Freak..My point is just regarding his attitude…what PRIYA stated was part of that conversation..they both were trying to convince…dude you said you would leave the said you felt bad for the got her gratitude…you got everybody else agreeing you’re doing right…THATS CHiVALRY alright..WHATS THE POINt IN DRAGgInG AND BRAGgINg ABOuT ThAt LATER??? What is that irrepressible urge to always explain yourself in case of tasks??? You say you have fans you say you know they will support you come what may…still you always need to explain yourself…FOR me THat IS AN EXTREMELY INSECUrE PERsOn….one day he says to roch people will see your performance in sand task and vote…you will be in day agreed roch was no competition… He dID say he will leave task for Kish after 36 hrs…didn’t do that..on the contrary acted all confused.. MAIne AIsa BoLa Tha??.. At least accept you said that….where did your punjab da sher courage go then??these can you guys like him…??. For blames you put on PRIYA…if she was so much into DRAGgInG a point or a fight…just know she never raked up an issue after she accepted an apology…be it mandanas racist attack or kanwaljit…they irked her with new attacks and she stuck to those.. Gade murde ukhaad kar she could have got more footage….regarding groupism ( if you can call it so)with rishab….that’s a unique group.. Both were free to do what they pleased it was not aggressive group pair that are both targetting some one…when early on everyone OPENLY planned to attack mandana…PRIYA didn’t rishab did…when everyone attacked PRIYA..PRIYA even attacked rishab …after that he helped her…never was there in place a combined strategy in place…that rishabh is holding some girl for hours together…while PRIYA is attacking someone.. Why did the soo confident sher had to stop and hold PRIYA every time…itni phurti hai to just match her speed…and protect the sandbox..or let your behen or other girl in your group handle her…both men( especially rishabh…but he at least did not attack nor help PRIYA in attacking) in the task have played very passive regressive..what with the deal making….sitting for hours confining PRIYA holding her hands..SoRrY No MaCHISmo in that….as for @FREAK…I hv said in my previous posts…I KNOW SHE HAS Negligible chance to win..but she is Winner in my eyes….what I meant was prince takes tasks so seriously…I think he was bowled over by priya’s grit and was afraid of her winning the task…which she did…I know she doesn’t have a fan following…its difficult for people to idolise aunties and aliens ( as some of you like to call her)..seldom people accept eccentricity and unconventionality…..for me in men…ONLy Keith…and in women…ONLy PRIYA ( Kish was a close second… But spitting in someone’s food…can’t digest that ever!!!)

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      Ohk u cn digest priya throwing her piss on kish..:-D what was racist in telling her to go back to australia…we say it all d time..did salman raised this issue…m nt a prince fan either…what was her strongest play..she was out the earliest in d task..n she keeps blabbering all d time..n if u dont plot in a game whats d use of it..did priya wanted prince to win..?? Or rishabh yo win..or rochelle or kish or manadana…everyone even keith has a prblm widd her…utter nonsense talks n fake accent ..i hate that lady…she blows things out of proportion…i m happy if anyone goes out as a winner bt not her…she s certainly unconventional and d most fake person that has ever walked upon the face of earth… u remember any of her issues she stood eith being dealt in a saturday episode..
      Besides u didnt explain how was she best in that diamond stealing task..where norah ran away with all d diamonds..
      She was praised for dis task by salman coz of his arrogance towards d cool grp…nt coz she s a fighter..she never stood a chance at all…mandana was an easy target…though she managed to pull over…she s neither strong nor sharp n no one likes her too…thays y no one helped her..even rishabh…our poster boy
      N its certainly priya rule of thumb of being a nagging constant reminder of she was ganged..she was d one to introduce the term cool group….n despite everything supported prince for captaincy task to save her own arse…:-D kindly show sm light on it

      • MAHI

        oh God….1-KISH FIRST THREW THAT URINE ON THE SEAT…PLAY DIRTY YOU DO GET DIRT ON YOU..with tanisha she did confess ..kish forgot about the spitting conveniently..2-salman did bash mandana that you cant tell anyone to go anywhere..
        3-the diamond task…keeping large diamonds far didnt help much..they anyway threw all in..oil was caused them to slip and many diamonds were saved…theif group too said so when they found out…never said nora didnt do good….4-she openly said that she does not want roch to get immune from elimination so she has one of the weak ones with her in nominations…openly told rishabh that she wants to give back prince what he did during her captaincy….NOT A SINGLE VALID POINT EXCEPT PURE HATRED…HELLO SHE LIVES ABROAD WHAT ACCENT DO YOU EXPECT HER TO HAVE…at least not like prince pronouncing ‘TICKET’ AS ‘TIKAT’….KEITH wanted priya to stop but no word on rochelle hitting i rest it turns blind sometimes..

        now this i will say all for the nth time in caps so finally you get it :
        SO…………KEEP BATOREING VOTES FOR YOUR FAVS..i cant convince you nor do you
        have me….i will just give a sigh of pity when you enjoy that menu of yours and watch your PAPER TIGER WIN as he managed to fool so many like you to follow him like some BB9 messiah inspite of the expose…(i would never support priya anymore if something like this comes up)…i also pity salman…what a waste of his breath it has been…:-(..

      • [email protected](PHFFAN)

        Mahi..i cn counter all your points too..u never understood any of these
        .1) okie if kish did sprinkle her..she said while entering she wont stoop that low..she did…besides everyone confess at the end they were wrong just like prince does everytime
        2) okay..who s salman to say what one can say or not…ok mandy asked her to go back..then she said sorry..acding to you she confessed too..end of d matter…
        3) u are so full of hatred from prince u didnt even get my point..i said even if she applied the oil seven of the eight diamonds were still stolen..all d inmates voted him the was wen salman khan as usual ridiculed him ppl said priya..
        4) and for brushing up ur memory there were only 8 diamonds..n still u said many diamonds were saved..rofl..quite a fan i see
        5) what did priya do to take revenge on prince..?? Wen he was d captain..??
        NOT ASINGLE VALID POINT EXCEPT fOR PURE HATRED FOR PRINCE ..i pity u wen u say ppl living abroad hav such a accent…either u have nt seen other indian tv actors in tvshows or never met them..besides living abroad for a few yrs does nt change ur accent…
        Prince is nt my hero..:-D i dont give a f**k abt what he calls a ticket or tikat..i even remember his roadies audition where he cud nt answer 13×7
        That was a physical task..everyone was physical at some point of time.. Haha n i will tell u for the nth time i am NOT A PRINCE FAN..i too want keith to again for the nth time i hate priya and will continue too do so…yeaah i dont need to convince yoy
        Besides i take it the other way…i wud be happy to see anyone win …he wud be the fav despite whatever i feel for him…bt the fact it majority of the people connect to him
        Either u are hallucinating that ppl think themselves to be foool or u r so so blind to avoid the fact that the guy wid the least chance is d least liked..
        I loved rimi…she was eliminated early..
        BT I HATE PRIYA .N I LL CONTINUe TO DO SO…yeaaahhh n i dont need to reason to u…
        And for ur nth time that u noe priya will not win..what does that convey…dat ppl are being fooled. Or ppl are not falling for her…
        However hard she may try….i just pity u too..:-D
        N THE PAPER TIGER is nt my hero…I DONT WANT HIM tO WIN either..he cn go back wid priya to wherever she came from n let other deserving candidates win…:-D
        I hate priya i hate priya i hate priya…

      • MAHI

        OHH GOOD…thief group said the same AFTER THEY FOUND OUT…(exact sentence that i posted…it means before keith wiped away all oil and then they got max diamonds inside)..u seem to have met a lot of NRIs..tell them to f**k off and go where they came from….get back to me with the reply….also apologise and then next day abuse them again..tell them you dislike their touch….you have to be on the receiving end to understand bullying and racism…. even your COOL GROUP AGREED MANDY WAS..WHY DONT YOU TAKE YOUR OWN MEDICINE AND GO WITH POPULAR OPINION AND SUPPORT PRIYA IN THIS ONE CASE?

        i can imagine you have only beautiful,slim, photographically perfect friends….and guess you are one yourself…if you want to say you dont like people as you think they have a bad heart..i will leave that decision to you…but say you hate people because they are ugly or fat (that vengeful sing song way that mandana said it) i would advice you to go out and get some real life experience about how far beauty is a judge of character…!!!

        you are not a fan of prince still ask others to vote for him…no one ever said he was sher..he said all that himself and all that family puraan…I AM AGAINST PRINCE BEING ALL ARROGANT SELF PRAISING AND BADBOLA….NOT EVEN TRYING TO CHANGE AND BE HUMBLE…WILL SUPPORT HIM IF HE STOPS MAKING TALL CLAIMS AND ACT ON WHAT HE SAYS

        a person is responsible for his actions…REACTIONS are often based on the ACTIONS OF THE PERSON YOU DEAL WITH…PRIYA NEVER CROSSED HER LIMITS WITH ANYONE FIRST….she gives just BEFITTING REPLIES….if you would rather have priya follow Gandhiji…let us both do the same and ignore each others comments..

      • [email protected](PHFFAN)

        Mahi …i was talkin bout the accent..i am not against her look…i saw no one here comment about her looks…except u..ofcourse …bringing out that thing…n i tuk notice…no one decides on the basis of luks ..its just the nagging behaviour…i see y that u cnnct a lot to her..u have d same nagging personality…may be u r also short n stout n ugly…n wid a fake accent…n yeaahh i agree lets ignore each other comments..coz there s a lot of diff in ur way n my way of commenting..besides ur only pov is priya s luks ..nt her behaviour…i wont dignify myself answering u now..coz u r nt here for fun ..u r lonesome scared lil girl spreading sadness around the world..where i try to lighten things up..ppl like u r d reason y most ppl hav such povs abt girls like priya…i doubt if ur neurotic or schizoprenic..u certainly need sm frnzz out there…;-) that r fun…
        Besides dont try answering…u cn i wud like u said ignore ur comments…n i noe u r so full of hatred u ll be back to see if i answered

  100. MAHI

    And about prince’s emotional torture….I think its more torture to live in house where people OPENLY hate you and say that to your face…talk about your age …call you short and squat…..BANAA ke rakhne’ me KOI itni badi baat nahi…neither the show is about that….true grit is surviving among people who disagree with u still not changing to suck up to them and sticking up for what you think is right…just like Kish said!!

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      Mahi just like u everyone here has a hero…they feel like he or she is the winner whatever the result is…:-D i
      I ll keep instigating ppl against her..:-D u try to make them vote
      If she does nt make it to d finale u ll owe me a pizza πŸ˜€ mexican green wave cheese burst wid a coke..

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      Yr mahi ye to galat h…if u are short and stout ppl will say u r short n stout…whats wong in saying right things hurts smtimes…yeaaahh..
      u have to accept the fact…:-) i noe its tough wen u r ugly n short and loud and arrogant for ppl to not hate okay ..u shud keep trying to be in their good books..;-)
      And yess abt her age..that i agree was wrong…she has d right to say whatever age she is..however old she may luk..or by luking bhushan ..almost a 30 yr diff…:-D though i doubt if she s d same age…as i agree ..we must not state facts on d face..i m wondering how do u cnnct to her so much
      N for the Nth time…PRINCE IS NT MY FAV CONTESTANT

  101. ManuelFerrara

    Imam Siddiqui will try his level best to make Rishabh get that 2nd ticket to finale,as he is imam’s favorite (what I’ve guessed from his asserations).All this I’m saying because Imam has got power to sent one more directly to grand finale and the fact is that he hates prince and has been babbling flagrantly against him.He will be keen to send his enemy next as 2nd FINALIST.

  102. Prince ko itna sunane ki zarurat nh thi salman ko..salman its u jo logo ko zyaada priority dete ho..afterall its a game And EVERY THING IS FAIR IN LOVE AND chill bhai..You like every foreigner girl who comes in bigg boss trending from elli to mandy..My pridection is salman will 100%marry a foreigner or live a life of brahmachari..

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