Bigg Boss 9 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 59
Jab bhi koi Ladki dekhun plays, inmates wake up and dance together.

In garden, Kishwar ask Rishab if he was checking out new wild card entries? Rochelle says i feel like Nora is into to Prince, Kishwar taunts to Rishab that someone is burning, i can smell it, Kishwar jokes that i am so insecure that i will have to put fake eyelashes.

Nora ask Prince who is your friend in house? Prince says Kishwar, Keith and Suyyash are genuine people they will say it on your face what they want, Nora ask if there is no group in house? Prince says no there is no grouping, we all are friends, we have understood that we can win by becoming friends too instead of planning plotting against each other, Suyyash comes there, Nora ask Prince what about Mandana?

she said that there is no friend in house, suyyash says we all tried to become her friend but have given up now, Prince says she became friends with Rishab but Rishab is not trustworthy, even Salman said he goes behind every next girl, like first he was behind Mandan then behind Priya and now he will change too, Nora says right.

Prince, Rishab, Keith, Suyyash sits in bedroom, Nora starts belly dancing sensuously, all clap for her. Mandana washing dishes in kitchen ask what is Rishab doing? Priya says he is watching belly dance, Rishab comes there, Priya ask him to finish his workout, you are watching belly dance but you have to finish your work, Rishab says i was there for two minutes, i am just hoping for things.

Suyyash reads task that inmates saw ghosts in house. some of you got affected by it that they have become ghost too, all laugh, suyyash reads that luxury budget task is “Ghost house”. there will be two teams in it one of ghosts and other of humans.
Ghosts- Priya, Kishwar, Kanwal, Giselle, Suyyash.
Humans- Prince, Rishab, Mandana, Nora, Rochelle.
Keith will be moderator of task. Ghosts work is to divert attention of humans towards them while human’s work will be to ignore them, this task will affect nominations and captaincy alongwith luxury budget.

Inmates come in store room to get props.
Rishab says to Nora that you are easy target for ghosts, beware of Kishwar, Suyyash and Kishwar, Nora says i will behave like they dont exist.

ghost team are busy in make over, Giselle ask to tell their targets, Priya says i will target Rishab as i know him better, Giselle says i will target Rochelle, suyyash says Kishwar will attack Prince and i will target Nora.
Rishab says to his team that we will stick together, i and Prince will have to protect Mandana, Nora and Rochelle, but Rochelle would not react much, Nora and Mandana will react, they are intelligent, Mandana says what are you saying? Rishab says your boyfriend.. Mandana says why are you talking about my bf? Rishab says i will talk if i feel like, Mandana leaves from there being angry, Rishab says i knew she wil give up.

Buzzer plays, task starts, inmates come in garden to see house changed in ghost house interior, Kishwar says to her team that if we scare someone in washroom area and Keith is not there then it will be of no use, they call Keith, Keith says if by chance i dont see reaction then move on while i wil try to be present. Human team come in garden, ghosts start screaming and making them afraid.

Rochelle tells Giselle that you dont know what i and Keith did, Keith is there too, Giselle goes behind her and says what did he say? Rochelle is finding band to tie her hairs, Giselle gives it to her, Rochelle smiles at Keith, Giselle says she is giving reaction by smiling, Keith says she was smiling to me and she can, Rochelle says to Keith that you are my bf, i can smile or hug you, she hugs him, Keith says if she smiles or react to you then i will note. Kishwar messes up Mandana’s hairs, Mandana ask Keith if he can hep her to set her mike? he says i cant.
Mandana comes in kitchen, Kishwar, comes behind her, Giselle is behind Rochelle and ask if she should cook her? she ask Rochelle what she needs? Giselle nags Rochelle asking if she needs spoon etc, Kishwar is messing Mandana’s hairs, Mandana pushes her, Kishwar says you pushed me, she leaves.
Kishwar comes to Keith that Mandana pushed me badly, Rochelle have seen it too, you didnt see it that doesnt mean she hasnt done that, if you dont agree to it then Mandana will feel like she can do anything if you are not around, Keith says i will talk to her, Kishwar says she knows to not react infront of him, Keith says to Mandana that you cant get physical.
Rochelle says to Prince that Mandana just jerked Kishwar.
Priya says to Giselle and Suyyash that we will not get normal reactions from them as they have mindset to not react to us, do natural things and bring natural reactions.
Kishwar comes to Mandana and says if she can do it why cant i, she pushes Mandana bad.

ghosts are behind Rishab. rishab protects Rochelle, Giselle says they must be going to their master that is Mandana, Giselle says manager Rochelle is back. Kanwal farts, Rochelle smiles at it, giselle says she smiled, Rochelle says i was talking to my bf, Kishwar says you reacted.

Suyyash ask packet(cigarettes) from Keith, Keith ask Mandana if she can give packet to him? she says no.
In kitchen, Giselle says to Kishwar that Mandana pushed you timely seeing Keith was not there, now i know how she plays, Kishwar says let this task end then i will blast at her, even Rochelle cant deny her push as she was there too, we should stop talking to her, Giselle says you people entertain her much which she doesnt deserve, Kanwal says she doesnt care, if we boycott her then she will get frustrated.
Mandana says we are in task, we cant give it to Suyyash, we will give it later, Suyyash says i dont have it now, i will not ask anyone when i will have mine, you dont have any mind, Prince says to Mandana that you didnt need to fight.
Suyyash comes in kitchen, Kanwal says to him that you are now at stage where you have to make Kishwar win, so stop entertaining Mandana, Suyyash says i scolded her few minutes back, Kishwar says no you are nice to her, you dont have to entertain her. Prince comes there and says to suyyash that take cigarettes and go to smoke, Suyyash says i dont wanna smoke now, leave from here, Prince says you dont have abuse ***
Mandana says to Priya that what was need to be so hyper? cant he wait for sometime? Kishwar comes and says you can push someone and then say person dont need to be hyper, suyyash says i will slap you next time, and if you have guts then pick fights with me, next time if you try to touch Kishwar then i will break your hand, Mandana says i am silent, suyyash shouts and says you have no guts, you have two rupee standard, dare you touch my gf, Prince and Nora takes Mandana from there, Suyyash shouts i will spit on her face,.
Prince says to Mandana that be calm, if we have to do task then we have to be calm, Mandana say they are goons, is this way to talk? i dont wanna talk.

Keith tells Priya that Suyyash didnt have cigarettes so he asked me, Mandana had hidden my packets somewhere, so i asked her to give it to him but Mandana said she didnt have, Suyyash left from there then i got to know where packets were but Suyyash didnt listen.
Suyyash says to Prince that you cant save Mandana. he says to Mandana that i know where you have come from, dare you touch my gf, tomorrow Prince wont be able to save you too, remember this, he is in your team thats why saving you but after task no one will save you, i will straighten you up.

Mandana says to Prince that when tomorrow we will be ghosts, i will bring out their reactions, they are animals, goons and filthy people, Nora ask what are you going to do? Mandana says wait a minute, Nora says i am with you only, Prince ask Mandana to be nice in talking, Mandana says when someone will say so much shit about you then i will see your reaction, Prince says she is with you only, what is wrong with you? she was making me understand too to be on your side, Mandana says even Rishab is talking against me and if this keep going on then i will not play with team, Prince says whatever Rishab says, its his problem, you play your game, Mandana says i dont wanna play for team, suyyash is your friend, Prince says but he is not in my team, Nora ask Prince to not shout.
Kishwar says let this task end then i will show Mandana what i am.
Mandana says to Prince when Suyyash was asking for cigarette you started shouting at me, Prince says i did it to avoid fight with Suyyash, you hided cigarettes, Mandana what is happening with me is wrong, Nora says i agree, its wrong, Mandana even my team members are against me, Nora says we have to ignore them. Mandana starts washing dishes, Kishwar comes there and says if you have guts then talk at my face, dont talk behind my back, you dont have guts thets why you pushed me when Keith was not around.
Rochelle says to Suyyash that i was in kitchen, my face was not towards Mandana and Kishwar, when Kishwar shouted that Mandana pushed her only then my attention went towards them, i didnt see Mandana Pushing her, Suyyash says Mandana cant get away everytime, Rochelle says my benefit of doubt with Kishwar.

Kishwar messes with Mandana’s hairs, Priya says to Mandana that you cant assault physically anyone, Kishwar says i have reached no.1 from 10th but Mandana is stil at 6th position because she cant fake for much time as she is not good actress.

Priya says to her team that till when we are in these clothes, they will be alert and will not react but if come in normal clothes then we can bring out their natural reactions, she says to Giselle that we can act like we are leaving task, she says to Kishwar that we should go off-card, Kishwar says i dont wanna do this task, i am giving up, Priya says dont say this, Kishwar says i am just acting, Priya says great acting, Kishwar says i will pretend that i am fed up of task, Suyyash says let Kishwar go, she will wash her make up then we will go behind her, Priya takes Keith with her. Kishwar acts like angry, she says i dont wanna do this task anymore, she goes to washroom. Nora and Prince sees this, Nora says this is her acting, Prince says its their strategy, lets see whats happening.
Ghosts team starts acting like they are giving up task, Priya comes to human team and says we can pacify our team mate to do task again but cant you ask your team member to apologize to Kishwar? this physical strategy of yours is not good, this wont work.
Giselle says to Kishwar that come outside washroom in crying as they are thinking that you are acting, you have to do good acting.

Nora says to Rishab that they are giving up, Rishab says its good everyone give up, we should too(indirectly something), Prince ask him to not say weird words, Nora is stunned and says you *****, Rishab says one slang is okay for you, you can say it, Rochell laughs listening this and says we have new Mandana in house, Nora says no i love Rishab, there is love, we will have pillow fights too. Giselle comes to Rochelle and says you dont have to taunt me that i am new Mandana, you wanted to be Mandana then you wanted to be Prince, you have no personality, you dont stand anywhere, just keep blabbering in broken english, if you keep taunting like this then i will show your place, you keep hiding behind your boyfriend, i am not Priya to cry on your taunts, i will give it back to you, she leaves, Rochelle laughs.
Giselle says to Keith that tel your girfriend to not taunt me personally, i am not new Mandana, if she taunt me then i will give it back to you. she comes to Rochelle and says i am not your boyfriend who will listen to you slangs, you cant even respect your bf, you are not of him then you cant be of anyone, i am not Keith, Priya ask Giselle if she is sure, Rochelle was taunting her? Giselle says i know she was taunting me, she thinks all wildfcards want to become Mandana, what Mandana does? she cries all the time, play victim card, Priya says she never completes her ktask, Giselle says i am here to play not to cry, Kanwal says i am silent because of Keith, Giselle says people are silent because of Keith only, Keith’s fans gives her attentions otherwise she has nothing, Kanwal says she has no humanity, Keith listens all this silently.

Kishwar says to her team that we should make noise, they will react to it, Giselle says first call Keith as if he doesnt see it then he will not agree to reaction, there is problem with Keith too, he is little bit dyslexic, Priya says dont say like this, its not dyslexia, i know you are speaking in favor of us but dont call someone with disability, this is wrong, Giselle says he didnt count the reactions we brought so i will say it, i didnt say any slang for him you people say slangs, Priya says this learning disability, Giselle says dont make it social issue, dont act like great, Priya says kids much watching show who are dyslexic, Giselle says dont become teacher, he is not counting reactions so i said it, Priya says he is seeing everything and counting too, Giselle says why dont you go and become moderator? like seriously.

ghosts team take utensils. Kishwar human team is sitting on first floor, let suyyash go and throw utensils infront of them first, they wil react then we will go too, Giselle says but Keith should see it too, Kanwal ask what did you call Keith? Giselle says i called him dyslexic but Priya wants to get footage in everything. Priya comes to Keith and says i talked to Giselle, she called you dyslexic, now after task you clear things to her, this is not right to call anyone this, Giselle comes and throws utensils, human team reacts, Keith says i saw Mandana and Prince’s reaction.

Giselle says to Priya that you are making issue of nothing, you want to act like great person infront of audience, Priya says and you want to show yourself bad thats why saying these kind of words? Giselle says i was joking, why did you bring kids in all this? Priya says because there are dyslexic kidsm, Giselle says you are bringing social causes, i love kids too, i called Keith whats your problem? Priya says i have problem, you cant attack people like this, Giselle says when i came in house, everyone use to hate you and now i know reason, you have come as wild card entry and you want to take footage in everything, even i know social deeds and i love kids too but you want to play social card, he couldnt read reactions so i called him dyslexic, show this side on BB australia, indian audience will not like this, Priya says as if i dont know about india, Giselle says you have no sense, go and tell these things to your husband, i am not here to listen to you, Priya leaves.
Priya says to Keith that dont feel bad, i know all think moderator are unfair, Keith wipes his tear,Priya says dont feel bad, she is nasty since morning, she hugs Keith and consoles him.
Kanwal says to Giselle that now she is hugging Keith, Giselle says let her,Kishwar says she is like this only, Giselle says she is saying i am nasty and all but i am not nasty, i was not sitting with her so she got miffed, she thought that one more wild card have and her group will become strong but i will be with people whom i like, i will talk to them only.
Priya says to Suyyash that she is very nasty, Suyyash says to Priya that you shouldnt have told it to Keith, Priya says i will tell it, what she thinks she will call anyone with any disability and i will remain silent? Suyyash says you really think she called Keith dyslexic? Priya says she said it in bad manner, suyyash says the way you took stand was wrong, your stand was not wrong.
Giselle says i said one word and she made issue of it.

Kishwar comes first floor, she sprays on Mandana’s and Rishab’s face who are lying on net, Prince comes and wipes Rishab’s face, Mandana says to Prince that you are heavy, dont get excited else the net will tear, get down, she ask lie down, Prince leaves, Giselle says Mandana is afraid that she falls down then she wont be able to sign new movie, Priya brings tissue and ask Mandana to wipe her face, Mandana says i dont need it, Priya says to Keith that Mandana reacted to me, see it, Keith agrees, ghost team gets happy with Priya, Giselle says you do good sometimes, Kishwar says Priya it was mindblowing.

Bigg boss says to inmates that today’s time of task has ended. Prince lifts Kishwwar and says i will not leave you, Giselle says it was just task, forget and forgive for everything. Kishwar says dont say sorry after task. Rochelle hugs Keith, Keith says weldone, Kishwar says to Rochelle that i just touched you and you made issue, they both fight in friendly manner, rochelle say i wll not leave you.

Kishwar says to Prince that you said Mandana has changed for good but said lets see till when she will behave nicely, see she showed her colors today only, Rishab says but she didnt give up today, Kishwar asys but she did what she does best, Mandana is there too, Mandana is cooking and ask Nora if she wants more? NMora says no, Kishwar taunts that Nora dont eat it, she will make you eat nicely for two days then will kick then third day if you are in other team. Giselle says food will be given by us only, not your team will give you.

PRECAP- suyyash says to Rochelle that i saw Prince saying to Nora that you are very beautiful and it feels like a moon has come down in Bigg boss house, they are trying to show love angle, Prince did same with Yuvika and it proves that he is doing romance for game only. Later Keith reads task that now humans will have to destroy skeletons hanging in garden, Rochelle tries to damage skeleton but Giselle stops he, they both fight with each other, Prince and Suyyash ask them to not get physical, Giselle tells Rochelle that you can keep barking, Rochelle says you are annoying, Giselle says you are a cartoon. Ghosts are protecting skeletong, rishab gets one skeleton and throws it in pool, Nora says two people are attacking, Prince shouts on other team and says you cant cheat.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Annamma James

    I think suyash has some insecurity about prince growth in the game as a strong player….
    He is a dumbo and always being a shadow of kish and now he is trying to find some mistakes in Prince game strategy…
    Whatever suyash…atleast prince is playing not like u ..

    • The only problem of Suyyash is a very big problem of him. The problem is that he is too influenced by Kishwer.
      Kishwer has never forced him to do its just he is scared of Kishwer(maybe)

    • Pri

      I agree.suyyash pehla neendh mein tah? Lol aur reaction bhi toh kaisa…gusse mein aakar leken usne bohat galath bola. Spit in your face etc. that is not how a man should behave with a woman. Agar aisi baath kisi neh kishwar ko kaha hota pher? This season is just not good. Bigg Boss 9 is a failed season. Next season pick good contestants.

  2. Aadi

    Correct anna.. And even it seems like Suyash also mesmeCorrect anna.. And even it seems like Suyash also mesmerised by the beauty of Nora but can’t hang in there bcoz of Kish…rised by the beauty of Nora but can’t hang in there bcoz of Kish…thats why he is more jealous of Prince so b*t*hing about him with Rochelle

    • payal

      ya its true..prince kbhi b*t*hing nhi karta kish aur suyaash but yeh log jab mauka mile tab karte hai aare woh single h..uski marzi woh kisi se bhi flirt karre ..aur usne yuvika ko kaha tk woh like karta h …uske saat relatnshp thodi tha

  3. harshal

    I say, this “ignoring others” tasks brings out gold out of mandana,she performs them very well.
    ‘Dyslexia’ issue got very far-fetched. I mean, yeah, gizele was wrong on her part for calling keith dyslexic, but even after admitting to her mistake of using 1 wrong word, Priya, as usual made a mountain out of it, a big social issue that it was like racism. It even seemed that priya was more affected than keith on that matter ๐Ÿ˜€
    roch, really!!! you are confusing me now, i wanted to believe that you are still the righteous girl, but some of your recent stints are suggesting otherwise. You first claimed that it was mere jerk off by mandy and then completed a U-turn in front of suyyash claiming that you didn’t see anything of that incident.
    Suyyash, not cool bro, I know you want to prove yourself as strong player, but back***ching prince doesn’t seem correct, seeing he never did anything like that to u.
    Side note, that reaction to utensil’s noise shouldn’t be counted as human reaction i felt, as it was reaction to the noise, which seems natural even in real life. Task is to ignore the existence of ghost …

    • Neeru

      @harshal,, yea. .how does the reaction to utensils be counted as a reaction to ghosts. ? Team A seems at a loss of tricks to make the others notice… ๐Ÿ˜€

      • harshal

        the worst that they did was kanwal farting and roch smiling, and then bhoots claiming a reaction from roch ๐Ÿ˜€ … I actually didn’t understand that in the episode, but read here that he actually farted, too much gross, but hey, atleast kamli ji did SOMETHING ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Neeru

        Ohh yaa.. I forgot that ” fart trick..” Hahaha.. .:D
        It was just kanwalji showing tooo much dedication into the task.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Neeru

    Kish is definitely the strongest contender to be a finalists and i like her more than mandy but what she did today was just not done….
    Mandy din push you.. She just swayed your hand away coz you were getting really nasty nd her hair was coming on to her face.. True it was against the task rules nd it was a foul but it wasn’t physical pushing… But The drama you created nd the way you came back later nd pushed her was totally unacceptable … Disgusting.. And then comes suyyash – ” mere samne choo ke batha kish ko,, haath thod dunga”..
    Really. ? Do you evn hv the guts to talk to her vn she is not in the task nd can reply back..? Su-kish that was really not cool…

    Mandy did very well.. Much appreciated… I liked how prince, rochs nd nora were continuously protecting mandy coz they knew mandy will be targeted…
    Kanwalji, why are you even here ?
    Kieth is so calm.. Everyone, specially gizele nd kanwal were b*t*hing abt rochs in frnt of him but he din give a damn.. Hatts off man..
    Gizele is unbelievable… Too much loud nd irritating…
    I loved Priya nd gizele fyting..LOL.. Evn though it was a bad thing to say,, i dont think Gizele said it to hurt the feelings of such ppl… but priya being priya had to make it a big issue… Gosh.. But i enjoyed the fyt bcoz it was abt kieth… When priya told Kieth abt this, he had tears.. My heart went for him..

    • harshal

      hey neeru, agree with all your points. This is something that i have noticed since last week, Kish-suyyash are trying to target mandy way too much, its good that she is not reacting to them at that high level(else people will say that she acts like getting targeted). Even if some people might say it was task and thats why kish did that, i didn’t see her doing that to roch/nora, why is only mandy the girl suffering that(that was really a jerk off reaction as i even felt that due to kish remaining still and mandy moving, mandy’s hair got stretched, and she reacted to that)… I just hope that kish is not really that inhuman in real life and is just doing this in this game, as that can make girls look really uncool…
      Prince ki toh nikal padi :P… looked closely today, nora looks really hot & s*xy

      • Neeru

        Yeah.. And i appreciate mandy for not loosing her cool.. I mean what was kish doing with her hair.. ??
        Also that was a natural reaction. .. Its ok if they were claiming a reaction to ghost doings… But later it became a physical push.. And the funny part was suyyash shouting at mandy for nothing… I just wish salman shows everyone both the clips.. Mandy pushing kish nd kish pushing mandy.. Nd ask everyone vch do you think shud be called as a push.. LOL
        Noraa.. Yea she is hot.. Those belly moves were awesome…

      • Neeru

        @rishabh,,, dude she was in a task wer she shudnt react to others… don’t worry, ,She will be bck with a bang… Or wait till salmanji comes nd you’ll hear her loud nd clear.. .:D

      • harshal

        Rishabh, all in good time brother, all in good time. If she would have reacted then, it would only have made her look bad and subject to more targetting claims that she left the task for her own selfishness, so her ignorance, was pitch perfect.
        Rishab(from the house) should really come into picture soon, as if this week has 2 elimination from house, kamli ji and rishab may go out(Keith does have his following). If only 1 goes out, its definitely kamli ji, but still, he is appearing less and less as weeks go by…..

    • tedd

      I couldn’t understand reading the updates…i have to watch the repeat telecast….but one thing i understood…priya stretched the dyslexia too far…and Kish also stretched that pushing too far…..but if they had done that to get mandana’s reaction, then itz ok (but am not ok with Kish pushing her) otherwise it was completely wrong….mandana is already aware how not to react to their actions…… And in this case (atleast not to get bashed by Salman) sukish shouldn’t do wat they are doing….. This only will get mandy more sympathy votes…..and all will bash sukish for this…
      But this season is boring out of all seasons…not a single interesting task and many wild cards, that too not deserving ones…(TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE BROTH)…..

      • Neeru

        Yeah… I agree.. Sympathy votes nd salman can bashing can be expected. .. Coz mandy din react at all… She ignored.. No shouting.. No abusing… But su-kish were like extreme yesterdy…

      • fatarajo

        U r absolutely correct, too many cooks spoil the broth. Bb should have brought Aman and Yuvika/Digi as wild card entries instead of Gizelle and Nora. Nora is sweet but I don’t like Gizelle at all.

      • tedd

        Yup…i havent watched the epi, i have to watch it to come to conclusion…. But yeah everything went to extreme…

      • tedd

        @fatarajo..haha…at 6 pm…i wud prefer to firs take out some of the useless that others can take a breath…then introduce interesting tasks…not tassks like thes..kiddo wala…

      • tedd

        @fatarajo…yep…i am like so bored with this season…kya kar rahe hain ye bb9…and giselle..gosh shez like betal of Bikram-Betaal tales…..and priya to masallah vutni hai…..

    • Due to my stressful study life I could only see few episodes of BB8. I enjoyed it. So as my exams ended early this time so I could follow the entire season of Bb9, till date I like season 8 more, because of better contestants and tasks especially ,this season , there is only a handful of good contestants, and there is nothing innovative in the tasks this season

    • Neeru

      @tedd… Yeah nd i thought rochs said – “we hv new mandana ” for nora.. Coz she used slang.. Nd out of nowhere gizele turns up nd starts shouting – ” how dare you call me that”…LOL…. ROCHS cudnt evn reply bck coz they wer in the task.. .
      Gizele iss sooo dumb.. . ๐Ÿ˜€ she shouted for nothing….

      • tedd

        Giselle and roch have a past neeru …am eager to know the detaile of this “sweet past”……giselle made a fool out of herself actlly…she shouted..went in..came out..shouted…crazy woman……she actly looks like a ghost….we have a ryt to look btfl, but what is the use of enhancing ur features if they dont suit u??….actly bb got the idea of BHOOT BANGLA from giselle’s lips..he was so in love with her bhootiya lips that he named a task after her…???

    • harshal

      no need to go that personal bro, even i, being a mandana supporter hate them somewhat, but just hope that they are like this for this game only and not in real life

      • sonal

        They show us 1 hour out of 24 hours they made kish a devil which she is not… Infact rimi even said, kish, suyash and prince are nice human beings

    • I remember in the naughty kids task when the other team was disturbing Suyyash’s team, Suyyash said “irritating bacche” I felt that part was funny ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. I can’t believe it that i almost started liking Suyash because I though he was good during his captaincy in taking decisions on his own. I’m disappointed that he allowed Kishwer to manipulate him again AFTER ALL KISHWER WENT BACK TO PUSH MANDANA TO SETTLE THE SCORE. His reaction is making him look really bad. I’m sad

    I understand Priya is playing her game too but she didn’t need to report to Keith. It was not necessary as viewers had all heard Giselle and we have all known Keith all this while. It’s funny though that Keith is playing the victim by crying.

    Mandana has indeed changed. Impressive she finished her task (although she is still Mandana, our drama queen). Great!

  6. Neeru

    Prince and nora… Finally some romance… :p
    i hv seen comments saying that prince is characterless … why ,,i hv no idea..

    In bb8, karishma tanna was already in a relationship whn she fell in love with upen… Gautm had his own share of love.. sonali nd diandra… many others in every season… rahul-payal-monica,,, sara-asmit-arman,,, sana-vishal-rajiv nd many more.. wudnt end if i start naming.. so chill guys… itss just for the show.. entertainment.. and some among them actually fall for each other..

    As for prince here is what i feel…
    i never felt anuki( his splittsvilla partnr) was really in love with him.. krishma had a genuine soft cornr but not anuki.. she was with him to win the show.. thats what i felt…

    yuvika.. it was the second episode of bb i guess vr prince was seen telling yuvika that i’ll create a love strategy with you for the show… that was his game plan.. Evn vn prince said i hv started liking you she nevr reciprocated it.. she was close to him but wasn’t seen flirting..

    Where as Nora had made it very clear with salman that her strategy is to gv love…. Its quite evident from the episode that she is really into prince(or pretending so, to use him for her benefit :p )… So now wen she is showing sooo much intrest, i dnt think its wrong if prince take it up..
    When she is ok with it,, let them enjoy… ๐Ÿ˜€ healthy flirting it is …
    I just wish prince don’t forget to play now ..LOL…

  7. asap

    i just love mandana…no matter what…shes dey girl after my heart…..kishwer looks like a bully..what are you??,..i wanna really know who de heck you are…acting like a man very characterless idiot..leave mandy alone 4mi let her play her game in peace….go mandy!!!…yu de best

  8. Shona

    Just when i thougbt Kish has mellowed down, she is back!! And trust Mandy to get the reaction out of Kish. I really think Kish’s behaviour was uncalled for. And suyyash took advantage of the task and blasted Mandy in thr most uncool manner. Kudos to Mandy for not reacting.
    Roch you just proved today that you are not the holier than thou image that you try to portray. She told Prince Mandy only jerked Kish’s hand away whereas lied to Suyyash that she had not seen anything. Two faced liar. I felt sorry for Kieth today. And Priya for god’s sake there was no need to stretch the dyslexic topic that far. Stop trying to lecture, preach and portray yourself to be righteous.

  9. Annamma James

    Its funny aadi…I didnt think about that angle..may b suyash is mesmerized..
    What a prediction yaar..
    I think Nora is also good player…she has some her own strategies…any way more masala is awaiting…..

    • Aadi

      Yup… Nora beauty with brain.. And m eager to see some romance in house.. Some new couple… Someone has told Correct that old couples bhai behen jyada lagte.

  10. moon

    todays episode was really very interesting. i used to like priya during her captaincy task. but today what she did was clearly overboard…gizelle used the word for once and priya started her lecture firing, for whom was she taking stand. she definitely didn’t care for keith, if she would then she shouldn’t have said it to him. she was the one who made keith feel sad by saying this and making a big issue on nothing. really not done priya. u dont have to be a teacher.

  11. Ritika

    Prince: Any person who has been flirting to this extent Never WON the show…if he had maintained his dignity, played smart and showed himself as strong instead of a ‘confused’ stand in everything, Prince would have been a sureshot winner. He can entertain like Upen in last season or Rahul Mahajan or Ashmit Patel but now it will be very difficult for him to win the show- he did NOT come across as a STRONG contestant!

  12. Ritika

    Priya and Kish are hillarious…Kish : “i am giving up” ….Priya: “Don’t say this” ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Kish: Arey I was acting ๐Ÿ˜€ Hahha Then, the part when Priya comes and gives Mandana something to wipe her face….cunning she is….but entertaining ๐Ÿ˜€ However, she went overboard with what Gizele said…lol …Gizele did not mean it! :p Mandy, Priya, Kish and Prince might reach the finals! I hope either Kish or Priya win….Prince might become strong if emerges as a dominant player with his “own mind” in the next 15 days but that’s a ‘dream’! Didn’t happen till now!

      • Ritika

        Ya and kish is also very strong mentally…koi usko nominate nahi karta, every1 wants to follow her and she hasn’t changed AT ALL since day 1….she was a b*t*h, shez still a b*t*h :p But not that bad in a good way…very entertaining! And Rishabh, let mandana and kish fight it out ya…kuch toh dekhne ko milta hai….masala as people call it, ๐Ÿ˜€ otherwise the season is very boring! Romance bhi pheeka hai inka! Rahul mahajan-Payal rohagi, Ashmit Patel- Meera (or whatever her name was); Upen- Tanna ne aag laga diya tha bb house mein ….ye kya nonsense flirting hai…not entertaining! ๐Ÿ™ However, Nora dances well and Gizele is ‘Spicy’ with her opinions and reactions…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Aghh, but she should do something about those lips ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  13. Ritika

    Mandana might replae either Prince or Priya due to the ‘outside’ influence ๐Ÿ˜‰ ….kishwar is a sure-shot finalist

    • Rishabh

      Her friend what r u saying??? not just a friend he is only a good supporter of mandy if mandy will go from the house of bb9 then there will be no entertainment factors

      • Ritika

        Ya ya even I want mandana to stay- love Kish and Mandy ke fights….aur kuch masala hai bhi nhi in bb9……. but I hated Kish b4-now i find her a very strong personality!…And ya Mandana knows Salman I read somewhere!

  14. ashi

    hey…gizelle whoever u r… u told rochelle dt who u r… u r nthing jus keith ki gf hona hi positiv positiv hai uske fo ur kind info ..she is miss india… ok … n wo kitni strong hai ye wo prove kr chuki hai whn keith was nt in d house. and she respcts his bf.. agr keith rochelle ka love deserve krta hai to gussa bhi… keith totly undstnds rochelle whn she feels upset. ok ….

    • sanzanaa

      Yeah ur ryt…….gizzelle is really irritating and moreover roch is not double faced
      When at first, she was asked …she said…maybe mandana jerked kish…..but later in detail …she explained the whole thing…

    • I have read somewhere that there may be double elimination this week and chances are that Kanwal and Rishabh may be evicted. May be its a rumour. I m not sure.

    • fatarajo

      Ya. There are too many wildcards this season. Rishabh was good in the first week only, and Priya is ok, but too strict and loud.

  15. tin tin tumo

    maday doosro ko goon bolti h khud kya h goondi…..
    and suyyash ka reaction ek dam natural h…… all time impudents ki tarah hasti rehti apne aapko entertaining samajhti h but she is not enertaining jo wo kar rahi h its all a big BAKWAAS
    mr prince oh TATTAL BIKHARI PRINCE(TBP)ko to new partner mil gayi SUGALI MATA (SM) i mean kitni irritating h aisa lagta yaha dance karne aayi h aur kuch karne nahi
    mandy doosro ko kick karti god bb mandy ko bb house se hi kick kar de i mean a big dumbass

  16. cha

    kishwer is definitely a strong player, but I don’t like her and i don’t want her to win the show. doesn’t matter if it is priya or anyone else, but i don’t want kishwer to win the show.

  17. fatarajo

    Gizelle was a little mean today . She should not have directly called Keith dyslexic . I feel really bad for Keith . Nothing went his way after he came back to Bb house.
    I m voting for Keith this week, they should have support Keith as his has underwent an emotional turmoil . Others are like that , it’s acceptable but Rochelle this is totally shocking.

  18. this time i m also feeling that mandana is right… everybody says that mandanas fault mandanas fault… r a come on. open your eyes!!
    ๐Ÿ™ :/

  19. II

    Two days back prince was aggresive with priya so she gave dand. It seemed ok it is 50-50 tie. But yesterday it was 80-20 for priya and giselle. Priya went overboard. Gisel said well to priya now i understand why ur are most hated. Even suysh said its wrong stand. At the start of every fight priya looks damn good the way she explains to the other person very polishedly we feel just like clapping our hands saying vow afterthat the same hands would straightly go on our heads saying bapre bap. Starts good. Ends very badly. Priya i likeu. But all ur potentiality going wastly into the trash can i cant bear this. Its high time salman should grill her directly. For sure she will change. If kish can why cant priya o priya. Honestly i dreamt of all the three girls kish mandy priye in the top 3. Three strong women standing side by side would a cherishable moment for the entire women in the world. But priya is not allowing us to cherish that. Bad luck. The smart one becoming a stupid that too for a silly reason .very bad yaar.hope salman doesnt miss the golden chance to grill her next time. I want priya to transform just as kish did.


    • Correct I agree, I m liking Keith from the beginning, and nowadays I also like Prince, even though I used to hate him. Most of my friends r also supporting Prince .

  20. Maxx

    Suyyash is such a filthy man he is back b****ing Prince although Prince is saying good things about him .
    Suyash doesn’t know how to behave with woman he says about mandana I will slap her and Spit on her face..
    Mandana pushed Kishwer because she was getting irritated too much… but they made it such a big issue and insulted her ,I felt bad for her. Suyash and Kesh are animals

  21. Maxx

    I like keith and prince and they deserve to win.prince must not overindulge with girls as suyash is talking things behind his back..such a sneak! Backstabber!….giselle is horrible too

    • Sachin

      are mandy ne just uska hath push kia tha uska bawal bana diya sukish ne..really cheap and kish pushed her too and see what suyyash says about women ..really really cheap
      Mandana ke liye abb sab ke man me softcorner hoga.

    • tedd

      Pehele aaj ka epi dekh to lo…just seeing a clip don’t assume @maxx…agar aj ka pura epi main su will be b*t*hing, to comments post kar dena ki b*t*h kar raha…u know ki just 2 secs clip can be misleading

  22. tin tin tumo

    @maxx kish was doing her task…which she done very well….dats y mandana reacted like dat….bt she became physical……she done dis type earlier to kish…..nd it was natural reaxn by sukish….mandana is worth 4 dat….nd btw prince bhi koi dudh ka dhula toh hai nhi jo usne apne so called bhai behan k liye kuch nhi bola…..or suyyash backbite nhi kr rha…jst bata rha tha us THARKI ki strategy…….

  23. Mahi

    Ohh bahut bura lag raha h mandy k liye.. kish strongest player hai finale k liye but mai chahti hu ki vo finale na tak b na jaye.. Kish aur suyyash har baar mandy ko target karte he. Mandy ne kish ko push ni kiya ye kish achi tarah janti h.. Badme kish ne mandy ko jaake dhaka diya fir suyyash ne b usko kitna ganda bola.. Chhee iss baat se pta chal gaya wo kitna cheap he.. Mandy ne koi respond ni di acha laga…..
    1 baar kish ko sanjana chahiye tha suyyash ko usne wo b ni kii stupid.. Is baar Salman sir pass in donom ka class le aur sabko vo footage dikhayenge tabiyat realise hoga..
    N gizele(b*t*h) usko tho nikaalna chahiye.. Kitna bura bolti h roch k liye.. Roch b ek strong player h wo sirf keith ki gf ni wo famous h aur miss India b hai aur tum gizele kuch b ni.. Stupid.. Keith ke bahut bura laga jab soya tha.. Mandy,keith roch,rocks

  24. Heny

    I think Suyyash’s reaction was normal as it was second time that Mandy got physical with Kish and as a bf he can’t take it.
    Bt I want either Kish or Mandy to win.
    Firstly I liked Prince bt now ge seems unfit for the show. N even if he wins it would be bcoz of his blind followers.
    My opinion #nooffense

    • tedd

      Mandy ne push kiya tha…but the way kish described “bahut buri tarah push kiya hai” woh nahin tha….as a bf suyash’s reaction was normal, but he went a bit overboard…

  25. jonwick

    priya is an ugly human being yaar,gisele ne jo kaha so kaha ek baar dislexyc…THATS HER MISTAKE & SHE ACCEPTED But priya ne matter drag kiya public sympathy ke liye and keith ko bataya public ke saamne image k liye…but she ultimate hurt keith and she knew dat,bass uppar uppar se hi keith ko sympathy de rahi thi waise usse nominate kar diya…..PATHETIC…..SHE WAS ACTUALLY NOT CONCERNED ABOUT KEITH….JUST SHOWBIZ & DIRTY GAME…..

  26. Maxx

    @ tin tin tumo wat they did was OVER in reaction to just a hand push & kish mandy’s matter they themselves must sort out…why the hell this wicked man jump in between girls and c wat he says i’ll spit on his face…..they duo knows just one thing in the world thats SPITTING & SPITTING!

  27. tin tin tumo

    heny really i agree with u prince did nothing, if by chance he will win, becoz of his blind followers .
    Prince ke saamne koi ladki aati then he start flirting to gain popularity, cheap stunt first in splitsvilla anuki, yuvika and now nora fatehi, this is showing his character. And mabdy those who r saying that she will be the winner, r insane. She doesnt deserve to be in finale and also in this bb house ……. this was mandy who start doing physical things, like kick and all which so cheap and she seems herself to b enertainer and always play victim card, and the reaction by sukish is natural if she kick someone to kya wo dumb ki tarah chup rahe, these traits r of weak and dumb person and kish is not like this, agar kish n osske saath aisa kiya hota then she will also do the same thing …….

    • Heny

      Mandana is irritating but she do gives content for the show and she has many fans so she has chances to win. N I think Mandy pushed, Kish pushed her back. Chapter close.

  28. U guys angry with prince and suyaash for talkink loudly with girls but have u all forgotten when rishabh shouted at rochell at the peak of his voice just when she asked him to follow the rules of house.

    • Even though Rishabh had made a good entry in the house one of the reason why I didn’t support him is because the way he disrespected girls and made Kish do task for 3 hrs despite the fact that she is injuried but after that he tried to mend his ways

  29. II

    Priya one word for u. After coming out u will be garlanded and honoured by the managers of zandubam amruthanjan and saridon companies as u have indirect ly helped their businesses to flourish. Sorry ya. But it is a fact. Accept it or throw it. Do whatever u want to mam. Another word for rochl. Hindi teachers association are waiting outside the bbhouse doing rastharoko as u insulted them saying aap ki jaise teachers ki vajah se. They are nt gng to leave u until they teach u full hindi.

  30. ridhi

    I think Priya was right in taking the days dyslexic is just a word that we use fr making fun of ppl..but this is really bad..and that too making fun on TV, where thousands of ppl are watching you..its really bad..priya I support u as a viewer bcoz someone has to take a stand fr dese minor but important issues…we need to change the stereotype of thinkin..

    • U r correct ridhi. Even one of my good friend is dyslexic but we just treat him like a normal person and don’t even utter that he is dyslexic

  31. Aneri

    I felt kish reaction was normal because she will never get physical n she knows that it is wrong also but she reacted yesterday as she thought if I will not react now then Mandy will do more n more further that’s y she thought react n she also have thought that in this way if I push Mandy then no will say anything to her so its a good chance to get Mandy’s reaction may be n about suyash he thought that I should react now otherwise Mandy will not stop her doings n also told her spiting n beating things to make her angry bas that was it . It was all about task n kish is really very smart n stronger than Mandy must say u all will see this when tym will come ?

  32. If prince is flirting then what about rishabh. Prince tries to express his feelings but all the girls ignore him. Rishabh is a fake guy.

  33. jonwick

    Are yaar if some girl is accepting to be wooed then wat must men do….prince liked yuvika but while going yuvika didn’t reply in that matter….now he trying where he is getting’s wrong to woo if u r already commited to someone.Prince isn’t commited anywhere so why make tis an issue about anuki yuvika nora….TAKE IT EASY PEOPLE and don’t run after snitcher suyyash…

  34. naina

    kish should b the ultimte winner.truly deserving nd prince or priya dono ka overconfidence dur karne k liye kish ka winner banna bohot jaruri he

  35. Life Rules

    Mandy’s reaction was natural but kish pushing her was too aggressive. It is clearly seen in video how strongly she pushed mandana & how she actually moved forward with that force. Hats off to her for not reacting back to kish and suyyash(no-sense man)

  36. rv

    kish is the strongest player of bb9..other contestant seems to be very confused..prince seems to be flirty since day one…rishab is also not fake…he is a nice person but everyone made joke of him.he is very funny.and I lv kish the devil

  37. #tin tin tumo if u cant speak in english then dont try even. She is used for girls not for. Jst see ur last comment , you used ‘she’ for prince

  38. Annamma James

    I don’t know guys y everybody is raising prince flirting as a big issue….After all its just flirting…just a public stunt…consider it as an entertainment factor….dats his own strategy….
    First everybody was blaming prince to following her God mother kish…when he started to play alone and takes his own stand…Nobody is appreciating it….Even sukish are not able to digest this truth neither their followers….
    I think prince need our support guys bcz he is not a celebrity like others..He earned the fame by performing d tasks in roadies and splitsvilla….

  39. bbdt

    Prince is the player…if u clearly watch he made sukish sis bro bcos he knew they are strong nd now the time to be good with other inmates so he breakes the relation yuvika nora sab uske game play…akela tho koi nahi tikenga bb he plays
    Mandy very very selfish…kuch bhi karti hai or apne ko akeli dikaane ki koshish karti hai
    Sukish dil se kheltha hai..agar each other ko support kiya thokya problem hai.vahi karna hai..3hrs dog banaa kish..kick milaa kish ko.ab push milaa vo bhi kish ko..phir bhi saari task poora karthi hai
    Priya sirf agle hafthe tikenge…nonimmune hone par kya vo rah payengaa
    Roch tho dikhaane ki koshish karthi hai…tho sab kuch ho jaatha hai..keith is not doing much

  40. tin tin tumo

    @kuhu i m nt god who dnt make any mistakes …..i m human…..okay….it was silly mistake nd thnxx 4 crrct it… i wonder u read my comments in very thoroughly manner….i appreciate it…noone found dis mistake nd u find….keep it up……

  41. Rishabh

    Jab Mandy itni irritate hogi kyoki us ghost Kishwer jo real life me bhi h every time unlike her what it is??? She is only a human being..phir vo kish ka puppy suyash vo bhi mandy ke khilaf bolta hai it is not fair

    • harshal

      her after-reaction was what was bad, and lets face it, its way too obvious that she targets mandy way too much. Infact, she even goes personal a lot, i mean last week’s “botox” comments, this week comments on “bad acting” and stuff, its way too personal and inhuman attitude. She actually tries to take out personal grudges in this types of task where she can get away. Because she did not try that on roch and nora.
      Girls never like getting their hair messed, speaking from personal experience :P, got scolding for that. Its just something that you should let be ๐Ÿ˜€

  42. Maxx

    The fact remains that “kick day” mandy’s fault was 80% and kish’s fault 20% …but yesterday kish’s fault 80% and mandy’s 20%……FAULT ON BOTH SIDES ON TWO DIFFERENT DAYS.

  43. Pragya

    Mandy is an easy target. She looses her temper quite easily… N that’s why she is targeted by most of the contestants. Its a task….n everything is fair in it

  44. Big9

    I like prince too… i want him to win…
    And @tin tin tumo
    Used she for mandy…. tin spelt mandy wrong

  45. mumukshu siwach

    rishabh is good. prince feels insecure of him.prince keeps on b*t*hing about him. keep saying that he runs behind every other girl and when infact it is reverse. prince tried on mandana but he knew he is not good enough for her. then because yuvika liked rishabh he asked her out. and now nora. this fake ass won splittsvilla because of rannvijay. it just his luck that he got three shows in one year.

  46. tin tin tumo

    @big9 dnt trying 2 b my englsh teachr got it…..nd btw prince is nt deserving 2 win……prince bhikari n yeah THARKI!!!!!

  47. Big9

    @tin tin
    U getting me wrong..
    I told @ kuhu dt you used “she for mandy”
    And not prince… first understand then reply…
    And sorry am not here to teach anybody eng… i juz want to knw ppls opinion dts it…

  48. tin tin tumo

    crrct saying @mumukshu siwach
    if prince will win he’ll b on cloud 9….nd i dont want him 2 win….

  49. Annamma James

    Tin tin… Dont take it personal…kuhu is pointing it bcz sometimes ur comments sounds rude and offensive eventhough u didn’t mean it….
    Thats all…

  50. crazyfan

    Gizele is sooo freaking irratating
    It’s like she came to the show to torture Rochelle as they know each other …. Hate her …. Kick her out

  51. tin tin tumo

    @annamma james my comments never sounds rude….if someone getting it wrng den i cant change his/her perceptn…..i m jst putting my opinions dats it….n btw its kuhu fault 4 making me rude 2wards her…..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.