Bigg Boss 9 8th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 8th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Elimination Day
Salman comes on stage and dances on Prem Leela song from Prem Ratan Dhan Payo movie. After dance, Salman welcomes everyone in Bigg boss. he wishes Diwali to everyone and says i wanna see you some crackers, if you remember that Kishwar and company spat in Rishab’s drink and i talked about last day, lets see what happened after that.
Video plays, Mandana says to inmates that i was doing my task which was said by Bigg boss but you people stooped so low, you have given me so many names that i am player, fake etc but you have made fool of yourselves only, Yuvika says you dont listen to others so why should we? Suyyash says you also commented that you are enjoying making Kishwar dog, Kishwar says i didnt spit in your food, it was Keith so i dont need

to explain it, Kishwar says to Yuvika that you dont need to explain it to her, she made me dog and didnt explain it to anyone.
Mandana cries and ask Aman if there is any way to leave house? he says you can try, Mandana says in camera that she doesnt wanna live here, i wanna talk to you bigg boss.
Kishwar says all were giggling and laughing when spitting idea was brought up in task and infront of Salman all denied being part of it, Rochelle says i didnt deny it, Suyyash says they all become afraid infront of Salman. Aman comes there and says you are not kids that i have to stop you from spitting and all, you people should realize it, Kishwar says in lagaan task, when Suyyash and some others denied stealing then others also stopped stealing as other gave them suggestions to not do it, Aman says stealing and spitting are different things, i told Keith to not spit and i was clear that i wont spit in food.
Digi says to Rishab that Puneet is trying to influence me using my family’s name, Rishab says these people take you lightly, Digi says i didnt spit in food when they were doing it.
Aman says i am talking to Suyyash but Kishwar keep coming in it, Kishwar says you came here and got involved in discussion and now saying that you were talking to Suyyash only, if you wanna talk to him then dont come to now, Suyyash says i was talking to everyone not only you Aman, Aman says you were pointing fingers at me, Aman says i wanna talk to you, come aside, Suyyash goes with him. Rochelle says you are misunderstanding his point, Kishwar says dont take his side, he can say many nice words but i have understood his real self.
Aman says to Suyyash that i am not your brother or father to stop from doing anything wrong, suyyash says but you are part of team and can say that this is wrong and i wont do it, Aman says i didnt spit and i didnt take part in all so this means that i didnt support or endorse it.
Kishwar says to Digi that Rishab doesnt know what Rochelle did with him, i wanted to tell him that time only when she was doing it but i didnt, Rishab comes there, digi tells Rishab that bathroom was cleaned with your toothbrush and Rochelle did it, Rishab ask Rochelle, Rochelle says i was joking about it and i threw that brush with which i did it, Richab says to Rochelle that you cleaned washroom with my brush? Rochelle says i didnt, who told you this? he says Digi, Rochelle says did you see me doing that? she ask him to shut him, Rishab says i wont leave you now, Rochelle ask Digi did you see me using his brush when cleaning washroom? Digi says you told Kishwar this only, Kishwar says i accepted my mistake of spitting in glass, Rishab made me dog but all blames are being on me, i will not become bad for everything, all do every filthy thing in this house but blame is always on me, video ends.
Call is connected to house, Salman wishes them Diwali, he says all are enjoying Diwali outside house but you people are stuck in house, only one wil leave this house. SUYYASH, RIMI, DIGANGANA, YUVIKA, AMAN are nominated, he ask Mandana why she wanna go home? Mandana starts crying and says i am very strong girl, i enjoyed here alot but now things are getting nasty here, i am not able to cope up with all this, Salman says you wanna show yourself as weak person? if you quite this job then nobody will cast for anything, people will say that she cant do her job, she starts crying and leave her job, Mandana says i dont wanna see ugly things, Salman says if you see ugliness then try to clean it, dont lose hope but show sportsmen spirit, he says when Rishab and Mandana won job then how they were chosen as worst performer? he ask Suyyash. Suyyash says first Yuvika, digi and Rimi were chosen as worst performer but then Rochelle brought point that Rishab and Mandana stretched doggy task, Salman says it was Kishwar’s choice to do task for 3hours, Kishwar could have given up task but she didnt so why should Rishab stop it? he tells Suyyash when he will start playing his game and stop getting influenced by other inmates? he says to Rochelle that Rishab’s work was to make inmates quite their job and he did his task, Rochelle says his style was not good, Salman says i have seen style of everyone, you people have style of spitting in food of others. he ask Aman’s opinion, Aman says Kishwar should have quite task but Rishab should have also stopped after a point, i could see Kishwar getting pained so i ran and threw bone out of house, Salman ask Rishab his point, Rishab says i dont wanna say anything, i dont wanna stretch that spitting issue, i would not move on in game if i keep stretching things, Rochelle says Rishab’s personality is changing drastically everyday, one day he is devil, one day he is funboy, etc, he should decide what he wants to be in this house, Rishab says why should i tell them what i am thinking? Salman says to Rochelle its not like we have to bring prototype of everyone like we have to have 5 rochelle in house, think what if we have 10 Rimis in house, all laughs.
Salman says inmates posted their complaints to us last night, we will ask inmates about their complaints, he ask Rochelle to come in witness box, Salman says you are alleged that you make inmates fight with Mandana then you become her friend, Rochelle says i have friendly nature, nobody wants to lose me in house. Salman says you are alleged that you have seen all seasons of bigg boss thats why you are puking in BB9, Rishab confirms that he has written this, Salman ask Rishab that you have put this allegation on her, first tell its meaning, Rishab says this i got to know that she had done research fully so now when she has come here, its like she has eaten food more than her apatite and now puking, same way she has seen so much of bigg boss that now puking in this season, Rochelle says he is watching everyone’s move so closely, he should calm down, we all are having fun here so calm down, Salman says Rishab calm down else if you breath heavily then your mustache will blow away, all laughs. Salman ask Puneet to come in witness box, he comes, Puneet says i have seen only 15episodes of bigg boss, i need your love, Salman says let me ask question first, start your acting later, all laughs, Salman says you are alleged to think high about yourself, Puneet says if people here call me arrogant then they can think it, i see potential in Mandana like you see in her, Salman says when did i say it? Puneet says its clear that you see potential in her, all clap for Puneet, Salman ask if you are eye-specialist? Puneet says if they think that i am arrogant then you can. Salman says next allegation is that you were trying to emotionally blackmail Digi as she is child, Puneet says yes i did as i had to win car task, her parents came to my house and were crying to protect Digi from Rishab, she sat in his car so i went to her and ask her to come in his car, i gave swear on her grand mother, Salman ask Digi if she knows from before? Digi says no, my parents must have got to know that he is entering the show so she thought to give message that i should remain calm, i tried to sort out past equation with Rishab, i liked his performance so i sat in his car but Puneet came to me and gave swear on my grand mother then i realized that he is taking this thing too seriously then he said that my family would be upset with me as i sat in Rishab’s car, he doesnt know my family but i know them and i know they wouldnt be upset, Puneet says i am not lying, his parents did come to my house, and they hate him, Salman says Digi is not kid, Digi says what are you trying to say who they hate? Puneet says her parents hate Rishab, Digi says my parents will be proud of me for clearing my conflicts with Rishab. Salman says to Puneet that you are alleged that you are fake person, Prince says i have written it, Salman says you are great to tell it too, all laughs, Puneet says everyone know me and my work, i have worked for 18years in industry, Salman says you keep talking about work, which three movies have lost while coming in bigg boss? Puneet says i had one movie as lead and i left that for bigg boss, Prince says Puneet is all about i me and myself, he said that he made you learn some dance, Salman ask Puneet, Puneet says it was in some movie Auzaar, Salman says i dont remember such old things, you said these things about SRK too, dont talk this, you make fool of yourself by this, make your parents proud and stopping talking like this, he says i will come later, call ends.
Soonam comes in house with her Prem Ratan Dhan Payo co-stars. all sit in garden area, Soonam says we have a extended family of Prem Ratan Dhan payo and i want you all to meet them. Armaan, Neil and other co-stars come in house. Armaan says to inmates that you guys are doing good and fight for yourself, Music starts playing, Salman comes in house playing dhol, all are elated to see him, Rochelle hugs him, Salman hugs Mandana, Salman meets everyone, Bigg boss welcomes family of Prem Ratan Dhan payo and wishes them luck for their upcoming movie. Salman says it feel very nice to be here, i am lucky to associated with bigg boss family and Prem Ratan Dhan payo family, Salman says i got to know that a performance is being planned for us, lets see that. Rimi, Rochelle, Yuvika, Mandana and Kishwar dances on Prem Ratan dhan payo song, Soonam and Salman joins them in dance, all inmates enjoy dance. After dance, Salman ask Rochelle and Mandana to come on stage, they come, Salman says you both would look good in saree, he gives them saree and says we three will tie saree, its a competition. Salman, Mandana and Rochelle try to tie saree, Soonam says for me winner is Salman khan. Neil says now competition will be between Salman and soonam, they will make Jalebi and we will see whose jalebies are more round. Salman and Soonam makes Jalabies, Neil jokes that Soonam is making omelette not jalebies, all inmates eat jalebies. Salman says diwali is celebrated, now we will see who will eliminated today, Salman says Rimi.. Rimi says dont joke with me sir, i will get happy that i am going out then you will say i am not, Salman says i will not say that, i will that Rimi cant be one eliminated, you have to rot in this house, RIMI IS SAFE, all laughs, Salman ask Aman to come forward, Mandana says no he is very nice guy and smart too, Salman says AMAN IS SAFE, he says YUVIKA IS ELIMINATED, Yuvika says really? she is happy to be eliminated, Salman says Rishab and Prince must be sad, Rishab says i was not in race, Yuvika hugs everyone, she hugs Prince who seems sad, she hugs Suyyash and everyone and leaves house.
Salman says to inmates that we will weigh every inmate in weighing balance, inmate will sit in one side of weighing balance, there are weights on which qualities like selfish, arrogant etc are written, you have to put weights according to qualities of person. Mandana sit on one side of balance, Prince put weights which have qualities like stubborn, beautiful written on them, Mandana says these qualities are needed to survive in this house and to fight with people like Prince, i am not going to be impressed by your muscles Prince. Next Rochelle sit in balance, Rishab puts weights which have qualities like Dramebaz(actor), Rotlu(cry-baby), he takes off one weight, Rochelle’s side goes up, she gets afraid, Soonam ask if she is fine? she nods, Salman pulls Rochelle down, Rishab says Rochelle is stubborn, Rochelle says everyone in house knows that i am not. Kishwar sit in one side of weight, Aman puts weight like Dramebaz and angry girl, Aman says she always to try to come in everyone’s fight, she makes everything dramatic, she is selfish too, Kishwar says he is right that i am little loud and animated character but i am not selfish. Next Aman sit in weight, Suyyash put weights on other side that which has fake written on it, Suyyash says he is changed person inside house, he puts quality that he is arrogant and doesnt give chance to anyone, aman says i have given you many chances, Suyyash says his good quality is that he is helpful to everyone, task is done. Salmam takes selfie with whole house, Prem Ratan team meets everyone and leaves house while Salman is still in house.
All come in lounge alongwith Salman. Bigg boss announces that its time for nominations and Salman will nominations this time, all are surprised.

PRECAP- Salman says to inmates that they have nominate two inmates. pictures all inmates are placed on wheel, inmates will put dart on inmate’s picture whom they want to nominate. Wheel is placed in garden, Salman will be there while inmates will come there one by one and nominate two inmates whom they want (not an open nomination). Aman comes and nominates Kishwar. Puneet nominates Kishwar and says can fool anyone. Rochelle says Rimi has no respect for show, she should go home, she nominates Rimi. Rishab nominates Rimi too and says she is not one which she seems to be. Later Puneet says to inmates that when i talk about my experience then it taken as my arrogance, if my knowledge and experience is arrogance then i am arrogant. Aman says to inmates that i used my mind in task, i threw bone outside house as it was hurting my teammate, Prince says you would have not done that if i have not given you that idea, Aman says then why did you not throw it yourself?

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. pariayush

    Aman is best.Mandana is strong,Rochelle is Fun .Kishwar ,Prince,Suyash,Rimi are assholes..Rishabh chamcha of KISHWAR.kishwar ne thuka that doesnot bother him but rochelle used his brush which she threw bothers him.Suyash Kishwar ka BF hai ya beta .Kishwar is a dog.Khud sirf negative na dikhe toh sabko negative dikhaigi.Na ki khud main changes lao for betterment

  2. the only person who seems sensible & balanced is aman.he is playing really well without doing any drama or seeking attention.i like diggi & prince also.but somewhere they r nt understanding the game & they r under other’s influence.prince to aisa lagta hai ki abhi spiltsvilla me hi atake hue hai.isliye bigg boss ko spiltsvilla ki tarah khel rhe hai.aur diggi ab thoda thoda samaj rhi hai.& though slowly she is going gud.but i hope she doesnt loose her innocense bcoz thts her strength.

  3. i am missing keith very much.yar ye rimi ko kaun vote karta hai?vo jana chahti hai to jane do na.vaise bhi sadi hui shakal leke baiththi hai.

  4. Ritika

    Puneet -” i see potential in mandana like u do”- did he just compare himself2 salman khan ๐Ÿ˜ฎ heights of stupidity and arrogance. Rishab is cute โ™ก ek acha chehra toh aaya bb9 mein! Baki digangana should b encouraged. Mandana doesnt need encouragement, she and rochelle r both v.shrewd and knw d game. But one more time, mandana says anythng regarding indians or shows herself as if shez sum princess frm anothr country, she wl ruin not only her chances to cntinue in d show but lose respect too. Kishwar is strong but v.v.mean and b*t*hy-types! Aman is fine but a uncle ๐Ÿ™ prince is ok ok, rahe na rahe! Rimi ka toh kya kahe- gazab namuna h bhaiya …expressions de deke big boss ko na maar de ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. nidhi

    Was it shown in the episode that keith spit on food..?? No right..?? I think it’s very wrong to just show kishwar in bad light…I support her completely…and everytime this happens that salman (biased as always) shows kishwar in bad light bt that time everyone is quiet whereas when things are being done in the house they all support her n cheer her for it. N if bigg boss shows kishwar spitting then should show keith n rochelles wrong doings too…y only target one person…

    N mandana is super fake..hate her

  6. Ritika

    Brush se bathroom saaf kiya ๐Ÿ˜ฎ INSANE! What’s wrong with these people? Do they forget they r being watched! And they r doing things which we would NEVER do even if we r not watched! Disgusting :!

  7. Arjun

    If mandna is saying indians indians then its due to behavior of house mates.All house mates are againts her thats why she says them indians not the people becoz she feels alone that moment.

  8. Arjun

    Rimi should be eleminated becoz is playing dirty game by being a big time fake.If she is in the show then it is due to her stardom nothing else.She dont deserve to be in the house.She is like aasteen ka sanp kabhi bhi das sakti hai.

  9. Sunil

    Kishwar is not bad, salman has always been biased in all Bigg Boss Episodes. As if Bigg boss wants to keep some inmates in the house and trying portray others in bad light and kick them off. Bigg boss producers are always biased. I love kishwar, suyash and prince. Better luck Salman

  10. oni

    kishwer is strong but suyyash and prince toh dialogue baj he…jaha kuch nahi hota waha apna bhasan start karta he or jaha kuch karna hota he pith dikha deta he…..losers …,

  11. bhavs

    rishabh is nice.he is not friend of kish &co.he is just using them for game.i think rochelle is playing game and her so classy cheap character is shown since wild card entries.she wants footage more than kish&co.i thought that she was very cool but she knows stratagies more than any one in the house.

  12. Kishwer is right that everyone enjoyed her deeds of spitting,bt when it came to accept then mistake no one came forward.Aman is disgusting.Mandana is a b*t*h.Rochelle is nothing.She is the always been targeted by salman.Salman is totally biased towards aman and mandana.He should not do that.He shoul not b partial.He should be fair judge and host which he is not.

  13. She is kishwer.Kishwer is da one who is always targetted.Her gud deeds are not shown Only some of her mistakes are only published.SLAMAN PLZ CHANGE ur attitude towards kishwer.HATE SALMAN KHAN in bIGG BOSS

  14. Salman only hugged Rochlle and Mandana whn he came to the house yesterday.Why is this so???? he should hugg everyone or should not hugg anyone.Then also when saaree was brought kishwer was enjoying salman said its not for u.Whats da use of saying that???He is not behaving properly at all with kishwer and not also with suyash.WHY???WHY????WHY????jUST HATE SALMAN KHAN FOR HIS ATTITUDE.EXCEPT KISHWER AND SUYAASH he forgiives everyone for their mistakes.

  15. Tarannum

    U r ryt cutebaby…..What ever u said is right……
    Salman is being very partial in this season…… Don’t know why???? He is doing likh this…

  16. Tarannum

    N don’t know why he only encourage mandana…. he should encourage all the constenstent not only mandana…..

  17. Tum logo ka abhi tak wo level nhi hai salman aur manฤ‘ana k bare me ye sab bol ne ka. Apni limit me rah kar baat karo. Pata hai tum logo ko yeh sab comments k liye jail bhi ho sakti hai.

  18. hate salman khan love ameer

    I hate salman for his behaviour I was his once coz I thought he is golden heart man BT now in bb9 seeing his attitude I m hating him and love madana and Keith

  19. skp

    Bb9 me lagta hai salman&co aur kiswar&co dono me beech me takkar hai. Salu bhai judjge hai ya participant hai pata nahi but jitna bhi kaushish karle kishwar&co ke aage fail hai, Jo ki abhi bhi dikhai de rha hai.

  20. salman fan

    Hate…. Amer mind ur language u asshole don’t talk shit about salman b*****y a******e love u sallu watching bb9 just for u dear sallu love you sallu to. Much East or West sallu is best

  21. sarah

    guys just stop ur nonsense its a game and all are playing it who are we to judge them and plz befo saying any word abt salman khan think abt it. its a request

  22. sarah

    not only salman sir but also including the inmates der r different fans by judging any one it will hurt their fans too

  23. kuhu mind ur own languag.Who r u teach me how to comment and for whom to comment???Mind ur own business.Free advice 4u.Dont try to teach me.

  24. sarah

    and frm wer salman and ameer came frm it is not bollywood its a part of game so dont ever tell abt lyk dat plz

  25. jUST SHUT UP EVERYONE.iTS A GAME THEY are playing for our entertainment.So we are the main judge to comment on anything related to this program

  26. Tarannum

    May be cutebaby….
    Pr jo v hamare comments ko galat bol rhe hai…. to wo log v kisi v inmates ko galat nhi bol skte…..

  27. angle

    i think price will win or mandana or kishwar frm these 3 anyone will win but mandana seems to be not intrested these days

  28. nidhi

    Salmaan ko hatao…..someone else should come up….he is soooooo biaseddd….

    Hope he reads al these comments n leaves himself…n yes hope he takes his mandana along…:P

  29. Good girl

    Woah! After readng d comments, I think dis section is also another bigboss ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ inmates r d fans f ppl inside d house ๐Ÿ˜€ no offense..

  30. My favourite was prince but now its rishabh cuz he knows wat he is doing although he can over do it at times. Rochelle should not act like a queen bee when she is not. Kishwar should bother abt her own life instead of interfering with everyone. Suyyash must take a stand than cry wen somethings happenin to kishwar. Amans attitude is fine i dont find anything wrong with him. Rimi and mandana are both talented and pretty but needs to stop ranting abt going home, if they want they can win this. Digangana must act her age! If she is a child then act like a child dont act like a 20 year old and must decide whether she is friends with rishab or not. Really disgusted abt kishwars behaviour. The dog task happened afterwards , they were just taking everything personal wen mandana and rishabh were doing everything within the task.
    Puneet must stop shooting his mouth to everyone abt wat he did wat wid and wid whom
    Salman knows how to put them right
    Contestants are all more on one team and rishabh and mandana are on the other team
    Plz put urls game together and stop acting like url need instructions on everything

  31. This show is basically showing the people who need the most counselling in the world that they dont understand something thrice wen told by salman like putting their game right and ranting abt home

  32. zank

    Abe yrr Yuvika ko kyu nikal diya..finally we wre gnna see sm love budding in d house wd Prince..damn man Bigg boss team u gtta bring her bck or else ur trp is gnna go dwn lol cz kickin her out sucks man..get rid of rimi ppl..FYI Prince is in love wd Anuki in d recent Splitsvilla episode..LIKE SALMAN DUDE ASK HIM ABOUT ANUKI IN BIGG BOSS PLEASEEEE

  33. May

    Unfair Salman. Fake mandana look down on Indians. Rishabh and Digi should become friends. Kish, shaush, Prince good withought being group.

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