Bigg Boss 9 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 89
The classic Deewana Mastana song Head Ya Tail wakes up the housemates on Day 89 in the Bigg Boss house. Priya says to Mandana that this song implies one has to leave house today, Mandana agrees.

Priya is making parathas, Mandana says you are not making it well, Priya says Keith likes it less oily, Priya’s hair falls on flour, she throws that side of flour, Mandana says you cant make prathas, Priya says i have made it earlier too, i make it in my style, Mandana says i will make one and will show you, Priya says let me make it, Mandana says you are real psycho, Priya says i cant be more nicer than this to you, dont get me started, Mandana says i am trying to help you, your hair fell in flour too, Priya says i never cook food while my hairs are open,

it happened my mistake, Priya says you can make issue of this too.
Mandana comes to Keith and says Priya’s hairs is falling in flour, Priya says i am not wearing scarf today, i threw flour in which hair fell, i am ill and still making food for all, i am being nice to her, i dont wanna fight, if she wanna make it then you all tell who should cook, Mandana says i was just helping her, Keith says i dont have problem with anyone making it, Mandana says i dont wanna cook it, i just wanted to help you, Priya says fine.

Priya tells Rishab that Mandana have hidden flour as she wants to cook for herself, i will reheat last night’s parathas for you. Rishab comes to Madnana and says why did you hide flour? you wanna make it for yourself then take flour for your paratha but why did you take whole flour? Mandana says i didnt take whole flour, i took flour for my paratha, Keith asks if she has taken more flour than needed for her paratha? Priya says flour was less and Mandana has taken half from it. They come in kitchen, paratha is being burnt, Mandana says i cant eat this, Keith says it got burned by mistake, Mandana shows him flour which she took for her paratha, Keith says i dont wana to talk about food as it looks cheap, you can take as much as flour i want, Mandana says i dont want Priya to make food for me, Priya says let her be.

Priya shows flour to Keith which Mandana took for her paratha, she says its so much that we can make 5parathas from it, Mandana says i will not use it now, why did she touch it? it has become dirty now, Keith says she has touched it, it doesnt matter, Mandana says i will knead more flour for me now, she can use the flour which she touched, Priya says if you act like this then i wil touch everything of yours, you have eaten food cooked by me, i have touched everything in kitchen, dont use it now.
Keith comes to Kishwar and says it feels like we are school. Mandana says to Rishab that your friend is touching everything in kitchen, Rishab says she is cookign food and you can eat your luxury food, we eat like this, Priya says she cant call me untouchable, i have touched everything, Mandana says you can do everything, she dances infront of Priya to tease her, Keith sats you both look like school kids.

Rochelle says i cant survive this attitude, Mandana, Priya and Prince are killing our appetite too, she asks Mandana she feels she will win by behaving this way? mandana says i never start fight, i just defend myself, Prince says i never instigate anyone, why you are bringing me in all this Rochelle? Kishwar says Mandana and Priya wont win like this, Rochelle says sorry to Prince.

Bigg boss says to inmates that we are increasing amount for the one who will press button now, Bigg Boss increases the offer amount to Rs. 9 Lakhs and decreases the winning prize amount to Rs. 41 Lakhs, also prize money will not be increased in any way now, the much it reduced till now will remain same, cant be increased again. Priya says they can increase till 15lacs most, Mandana says it doesnt matter for how much time, they will sit in task, there is one option that one has to leave so they have to make decision in end, Bigg boss also announced that prize money will not be increased again, we have to convince them to leave, Priya says amount matters too, Rochelle says we cant ask someone to take 15lacs and give ticket to finale, Priya says if it was Suyyash of Keith in their Place then things would be changed, Mandana says they are friends, they can decide themselves.

Bigg boss increases amount to 10lacs, Prince says maybe prize money will become 10lacs like this. Kishwar says i wanna win, i dont wanna go like this, Mandana says you are getting money and you will give chance to Prince too to win, Kishwar says i dont want money, Mandana says i will be straight with you, you are nominated, first you will lose money and secondly you called Prince your brother and you are not giving him chance to go to finale, Kishwar says there is not guarantee that i am leaving on saturday.

Priya says if Kishwar thinks that Prince is strong enough to win then Kishwar should take money and leave, Rishab says whats the guarantee that Prince is going to win, Priya says i also think Prince is not going to win, Rishab says all inmates are thinking that task will be discarded, it doesnt matter to me, i just wanna win show, Priya says money matters to me.

Mandana says to Keith that in worst case if Kishwar leaves this week then she will lose money too. Rishab says prize money decreasing doesnt matter to me, Mandana says catch is Kishwar is nominated and can get eliminated, if she takes money and leave then there are chances that her brother prince might win the show, Mandana says for me Prince is strong contender.

Bigg boss increases money to 13lacs and decrease prize money to 37lacs. Mandana is mopping washroom area and says Bigg boss you should announce that Kishwar and Prince have to take decision in 1hour otherwise they are not going to take decision.

Rishab says to Mandana that give him mop, this is his work, Mandana says let me do it, Rishab says okay mop it, thank you for doing my work and i will mop with this mop only, clean it after cleaning floor, Mandana gets silent.
Rishab comes to Priya and says Mandana is tensed, Priya says she is tensed that prize money is decreasing as she thinks she is winner, Kishwar says she should be last person to think about prize money decreasing, she should stay in garden in cold night then she will understand, Rochelle says she wanna show like we are just sitting here and not doing any work.
Mandana says in camera that they are all useless, not doing any work.

Rishab asks Mandana to clean his mop, Mandana says i wont clean it, Rishab says then i will not clean washroom are, Mandana says i have done kitchen work too, you cant clean a mop? Rishab says mopping wasnt your work, Mandana says you think you are going to win show like this? Rishab says who are you to tell this, go and wash mop, dont talk to me, you are so stupid, Mandana says you are smart, that is enough, i dont work for you, Rishab says clean my mop, Mandana asks if its his mop? Rishab asks her to clean his mop, who asked you to do my work? he asks Prince to tell her to clean mop, Prince says you use other mop, Rishab says i cant use it, Prince says you bring mop here, i will clean it, Priya laughs, Rishab says why did she done my work? he says to Mandana that she couldnt do any work in 13weeks, what will she do now, Mandana says you are burning, Bigg boss open exhaust, Rishab says atleast dont use my words, do come in finale to clap for me, let me ask vote for you, he chants vote for Mandana chor(robber).

Priya says to Mandana that my hairs are usually tied, it was open today and you made issue, Mandana says i saw your hairs in kitchen earlier too, Mandana says the thing was that your hair was going in flour, thats why i asked you let me help you, Priya says i understand your intention wasnt wrong but it was action reaction.

Bigg Boss increases the offer amount to Rs. 15 Lakhs and decreases the winning prize amount to Rs. 35 Lakhs, Bigg boss says this is last offer made, Bigg boss says to inmates that there will be no change in options of this task, means one from Kishwar or Prince has to leave with money and one will get ticket to finale, Kishwar and Prince have to decide who will take money and who will get ticket to finale, you both have one hour to decide what you wanna do and also you both should decide it, no one else should get chance to take this chance, Prince asks inmates to let them be alone, Priya hugs Kishwar and says you will realize later that it was good for you to take this decision, All housemates hugs Prince and Kishwar, inmates leave them alone.
Mandana says to Keith that this golden opportunity for Kishwar, this situation is emotionally draining for them, i understand this situation.
Prince says to Kishwar that i wanna make my parents see finale stage. Kishwar says even i promised Suyyash to win this show. she says girls have less competition, Mandana, Rochelle and Priya are not contenders for winning, Prince says Keith is my competitor, but i have fan following, Kishwar says everyone has that, Kishwar says i really hope to take right decision, we are competitors, you have other competitors in house too, Prince says if i go to finale then my fans, friends from Punjab are going to vote for me alot, Kishwar says if there is even 1% chance of me winning over you then we shouldnt do this mistake.
Keith says to Rochelle that Prince have fan following, Rochelle says Kishwar doesnt wanna go out at all, Priya says eventually she will go, imagine Kishwar coming second in end, she will get nothing but now she is getting 15lacs.
Kishwar says Keith thinks that he, you and Rochelle are contenders for winning, i dont think Rochelle is contender, Keith takes her name as she is his girlfriend. Prince says i have fan following from earlier shows, Kishwar says but it depends on your journey, in actual you and me are competition, i dont think Keith is competition as he was not present for 3weeks, i always thought that we both are contenders for winning, even if i leave today, i am not going to press buzzer like this.

Bigg boss says we gave one hour to Prince and Kishwar to decide who is going to leave house with money, now we wanna know Prince and Kishwar’s decision, Prince and Kishwar are sad, Inmates come there too, Kishwar looks at Suyyash’s picture and says i am sorry, she says Bigg boss Prince is my brother, he will go to finale and i will go out of house with 15lacs, she cries, Prince is sad too, all inmates console Kishwar, Prince comes to Kishwar and makes her stand up, Kishwar tightly hugs Prince and cries, Bigg boss says they have taken decision that Prince will get ticket to finale and Kishwar will go out of house with 15lacs so Prince is first finalist of BB9, Bigg boss wanna say to Kishwar that her journey was eventful, she was appreciated many times, her fans must be disappointed with this but we wish you for your life ahead, we want Kishwar to pack her bags and come out of house, Rochelle hugs Kishwar, Priya is crying too, Mandana is sad, Kishwar says i didnt lose task, Keith hugs her and says i respect you.

Kishwar hugs Priya, Priya says you changed my opinion about you after coming in show, Kishwar says you flipped like we flip paratha, Kishwar hugs Rochelle and says do become captain now, she hugs Prince and says you are my brother, she says i will miss you all alot, she leaves house, Prince breaks down in tears, Keith hugs him and consoles him.

Priya says i never thought i will feel so bad about Kishwar leaving, i make friends difficultly but when i make it then its difficult for me to detached with them, Rishab says she was my enemy but i am feeling bad too. Rishab says the most funny part in all this is that they used to call wild cards “mild cards” and irony is that wild cards are still sitting in house while most of them have left show, what they are bearing today is because of their deeds, Priya says it was forced kind of eviction.
Rochelle says to Keith that wild cards dont deserve to go ahead, Prince says they totally dont deserve to go.
Rishab says to Priya that i was winning sand task but they ganged up and made me lose so its their plan back-firing.
Prince says i wish Kishwar had pressed button before Mandana or i had pressed it earlier then we both would have gone to finale, Rochelle agrees.
(Was not a fan of Kishwar but I loved the fearless streak in that girl, will miss her.)

PRECAP- Soonam Kapoor will come on weekend special and will join stage with Salman. Salman will discuss about last week which was eventful and full of emotions.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. john vinith

    make kishwar to come back in bigg boss 9 atleast for entertainment like upen came back in bigg boss 8. bt this is very unfair bb9. salman kuch karo

    • bebo

      @ john Haha agar mandy bahar gaya hota zallu vl do lot 4 her kish k eviction zallu alo wish zo again c should not enter diz dirty show.let herlive peaceful c z gud soul.

  2. blah

    I feel very bad for Kish! she is a strong contestant and deserves to be in the finale. Prince could have sacrificed for his so called sister. I don’t want him to win the show coz he is too overconfident.

    • bebo

      @ blah after diz epizode i hate prince lot.cunning and arrogant.he got carried away with hiz previouz show sucess and thinks he z punjab k sher .being punjabi i am telling gatiyaattitude aur arrogance self confidence doeznt make u punjab k sher dz zworzt than punjab k gutter ka keeda.

      • bebo

        not zelf confidence over confidence.datz y i want priya ,rishab,keith,aur mandy should win zo dat he get hiz medicine 4 wat he sow.kish z mozt dezerving winner even though c dint get wining title c vl remain winner.sach kahun aize dirty zcripted show k liye wt RIMI SEN did z ri8.c played it well lol.

  3. Neeru (PNFFN)

    Has anyone heard that Ankit is coming back as a wild card? There are rumors around right now Google it. interesting turn in Bigg Boss 9

  4. Neeru(PHFFAN)

    Kish you’ll be missed….!! It’ll be remembered ki you left coz you wer forced… Not becoz you wanted to….

    Just came across this tweet by SUYYASH…
    “Reality shows mei rishtey bante hain” prove kar diya @KishwerM…
    @princenarula88 yu better win this now kameene… #GundaTrio of #BigBoss9

    Love the trio.. Forever..
    Prince,,, now you better win this.. ๐Ÿ™‚ All the best….

  5. vipin

    Jhuund ka hua khatma….
    Suyaash ke baad kishwer out…grt..
    Indivisually kabhi khele hi nhi…
    Dusre nikle toh ye khush…
    Khud nikle toh Rone ka drama…httt…
    Inko toh phle hi nikal Jana chahiye tha

  6. akt

    i am feeling very sad for kis..but i can say that both prince and kish has proved that they r actual bro-sis..but as we all know out of 2 one have to go…so wt any one can do..i don’t want to say anything today just i want to wish best wishes to kis for future….no one can forgot her…
    cong prince u totally deserve this..
    if prince leave this task then prince hater asked why kis did’t leave taskk..
    so its not prince fault

    • bebo

      @ akt zorry dude itz prince fault kish too azked u have won many show dz z my firzt rather 2nd thought he could hv do it if he mean it.cmon yar zplitzvilla winner prince ko kha ate hain rishte nibhana n all all fake drama.kish had no choice zo c left wid 15 lax.glad winningamount z lezz aiza hi hona chahiye .

    • Anjana

      Yeah we understand that they were trapped in a bad situation.. But sorry to say prince’s sorrow after kish’s eviction seemed fake to me. And even when the task started instead of asking Kish to press buzzer he could’ve done that! Just my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Avani

        Yeah i agree prince could have press buzzer first as he would have definitely gone in finale but i guess everything happened so fast nobody could think too much.

  7. Sam Barua

    Prince has proved once again, that he is fake,lier, cruel & cheater.
    He had said before that he want the girls of bb house, to be winner.And now he even didn’t sacrifice for his dear cool group sister else she requested him a lot.
    He had even said before, that if the task was not going to finish till 30 hrs he may give up for kish but now even after 36 hrs he didn’t.
    Felt really bad for kishwer.

  8. i am very happy for Prince but I am feeling sad for kishwer . she is very strong . bigg boss it is very unfair they won the task and they should not deserves this . who lose task should deserve this not kishwer.

  9. Nadia

    Kishwer r u crazy? U have disappointed ur fans and lost a golden opportunity…. U know there was chance kishwer could’ve won the show even though prince might win too…. But really pleased at they way she sacrificed

  10. John

    Kish I love u so so much girl. You were my favourite. I am so disappointed with ur FORCED eviction. ????Hate bigg boss now.? No bigg boss from now on!!!???

    • bebo

      @ john Biased,bizzare Bigbozz tuzzi gre8 ho g.reality show k naam par khud k reality dikhaya k wat a cheapo u are phew.BB producer should b roazted in tandoori oven wd hiz fav conteztentz.

  11. bb

    you earn my respect kish.. love u.. u hav alwyz been my fav, whom i wanted to win.. nd stand against mandy.. winning.. bt u r a real winner.. wen u lowered down ur aggression.. nd grew on the show.. for good

  12. santu

    Very sad for kish..
    Very sick episode..
    Very bad ending for kish..
    I wish her best for future.. I think u were the one among keith rochelle yuvika and aman whom I knew before bb.. u were popular.. u r more ppular now.. u ll fare well in ur career.. and wow 15 lakhs.. enjoy with suyyash.. party hard..
    Today I hated Rishab for his comment about karma and all.. it’s not karma.. no wrong if u play on groups.. it’s his fault if he dint make friends..
    Liked priya wen she was crying for kish..
    Mandana not even a single tear.. patter tum ho.. no kishwar..
    But I liked mandana s logic about y kish should go out.. even though prince is her competition she dint tell prince to go.. she told kish to go..
    Overall I liked that kishwar did the task for 2 days and then left. . Respect as keith said..
    Mandana would ve definitely rahe money yesterday night only
    Main fault is of prince.. he used mandana to get rid of priya and Rishab. . Then suggested kish to press first which gave idea to mandana which she only accepted that she saw prince telling kish.. abd he could have pressed first if he used little brain…
    Biggest culprit is bug boss.. hate you

    • bebo

      @ santu Bizzare epizode of BB.even though itz forced eviction c left show like a legend.more than winner name kish vl b remembered.iron women f show.all the bezt 4 ur future kish.

    • bebo

      lol BB k baad hum bhi dekte hai mandy ko kaunze producer dikhayga bade parde pe atleazt for 1 hour.

  13. SweeneyTodd

    Mandana is the most wicked and selfish lady of the season,she was restless and resented today as the prize money kept decreasing.It seems she has nothing to do with winning the show,she just wants prize money.She is making the fool out of her fans who think she is quite committed to win.
    She is most uncooperative one ,she didn’t let Rishabh do his work and when he started resting ,she said ‘carry on’.
    She also fought with priya without a reason as she started fighting with her regarding the way she is cooking.Just like that she invited fight and abused priya calling her ‘psycho’.A trouble for everyone and help for none without any winning spirit is what she is.She just wants money and nothing else.Whole time she has taken the show for granted neither did tasks nor showed humanity.She is a devil in disguise of a girl (sorry theif).She speaks sweet where she is getting benefits but in real she is a spoilt brat.

    Your wellwisher,
    Sweeny Todd

    • akt

      be practical yar.. we all want to see kish in finale …but we all also know that prince has got highest vote in previous week ….
      i am not saying that she can’t win ..she can
      but she proved salman wrong that she is not having emotion..
      now i want to see what salman will say abt kish.
      but whatever i am happy the thay have not given any chance for heater
      to say anything about their relation ..

  14. santu

    Wow big boss has a boss.. and it’s mandana.. I dint hear mandana telling bb to give 1 hr deadline.. and bb listened to her.. Wat shame.. mandana must have very good mouth for bb… chee

  15. Synyster

    Rishabh is such a namby-pamby that brags a lot but does none.He is so weak in character that he never stands on his words.He thinks he would have won the sand task being a milksop.Prince atleast performed that task but Rishabh sat like imbecile.He thinks prince received him but truth is he tried to receive prince but fell in his own pit.Rochelle ousted Rishabh from that task as priya ousted Rochelle,so pay for friendship ,what prince got to do with it.
    From the starting he speaks thing about others covertly and never wins any task.He must buy some bangles for himself.He has done nothing in show up till now besides being priya’s puppy.
    Seriously absolute coward person.He says today four people ousted him but reality is only Rochelle ousted him because of priya.This way he want to portray himself as victim just as Mandana does.He says wild card still friend that’s because wild cards like you loose all task and not win a single one ,so sustain just like today.

  16. Subhashitha K S

    Ok friends bye.Will not be able to comment anymore as I can’t watch this baised show anymore.
    But consolling myself with the positives.Kishwer didnโ€™t know who would win but we could guess it from outside that she might hv not won but settled in third r Fourth position. though it’s unfair by bb that she was not given chance to known that and live that life by herself and instead was pushed out if the house forcefully though she didn’t want the Money.
    Happy that she won 15Lakh instead of zero for her struggle in the house (but the fact is she didn’t want the Money she wanted the experience and satisfaction)
    Votes of sukish will now hopefully go to prince.and there less chance of vote getting share.(if votes r counted and matter)
    Though can’t believe this show that our votes will make prince win I will still vote for him though I don’t watch the show.
    Found certain people(I guess only one) in the house disgusting today.but now it doesn’t matter. Let them do whatever they want.
    And I’m not even bothered abt those comments that fool grp, it’s all fake kind of one’s anymore.and will not anymore try to share my opinion with such comments.
    However felt good being in this forum and sharing opinions.Liked sporting nature of all who comment her sensibly.
    @neeru,harshal,joyee,freak,anu r,tedd,maxx,manuelfererra, gaurav,santu,akt, annamma, and anyone else who I forgot sorry.
    Miss u all bye.
    And plz keep voting PRINCE (let’s see if it counts r not.hopes r less with bb.but trying from our side to give Kishwer eviction a justice by making prince win the show if it’s in our hand)

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      even i am thinking of quitting commenting here.Have lost most of my interest in watching the show and the one thing that kept me here is also going far away(reasonable fans with reasonable comments). I might still watch bb until mandy is there, and will vote for her, but with neeru and you thinking about quitting, I think its high time even i quit from here.will miss you subhashitha, good luck with your future. Hope we meet next season at this same place ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hey harshal dnt quit.i promise i wil vote for mandy if u dnt quit.some people here including me really wait for ur comments after every epi & we appreciate ur analysis.i can say u hav some fans here.u r salman khan of tellyupdates.think abt mandy atleast ,who wil defend mandy here?dnt quit.quitting is never a right option(except ticket to finale task).where r u neeru?

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @harshal…. I agree.. Thats one of the reason i m leaving – “This forum is not, what it used to be.. ”
        Nywaz i am glad i came here…. I hv enjoyed every moment of countering you…. ๐Ÿ˜€
        As you said,,, Hope to see you next year… !!
        Nd yes,, I’LL MISS YOU….

        @subha.. You came in late here,,, but wer one person who always shared similar thoughts with me.. I always waited for your reply coz i know that wud be supporting me.. ๐Ÿ˜€
        I’ll truly nd deeply miss you.. And i’ll definitely watch bb kanada at least once.. ๐Ÿ™‚
        Love you girl…

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Anu, that’s so sweet of are one of the most sweetest persons that i have found in this forum. I will try reading your comment from time to time and make sure to reply to you too. Its just that countering anyone for mandy or any other contestant, that is over. My participation will be minimal now. Also, keep voting for rishabh only, not mandana, every vote counts now dear ๐Ÿ™‚

        Neeru, you are one of the most sensible person i found in this forum. Loved our arguments-counters. Our favourites matched too, just in different order ๐Ÿ˜› ….I will miss you too… if possible, lets meet here again on final episode, and then we can meet next season ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Tedd, Joyee, Tracy, Freak,Pari, Annamma, Siva, Jonwick, maxx, asap, shazna, vipasha, rehana, Bluephoenix, Kiara, Kushagra and so many more(sorry i missed many names, i mean it for everyone i have had arguments with), will miss you all. You won’t see me countering here anymore, just occasional comments with friends. Good luck to you all and to your favourites ๐Ÿ™‚

      • tedd(PHFFAN)

        Oye harshu..neeru..anu…pari…joyee…freak and all frnds…..galati se v hum sab ko mat vulna..nahin to bigg boss 9 main daal dungi…..jokes apart…miss u guyz…lets meet up occasionally to chat over here

    • Plz dnt leave subhasthitha.i told u yesterday tht it was benificial to kish only.no1 expect winner wil get anything.but kish got both money & respect.i agree it was unfair of bb but this is just a game.tum chali jaogi to prince ke liye mujhse ladai kon karega?dekho maine tumhare prince ki kitni burai ki hai nichewale commentme,reply nhi karogi?plz dnt leave for ur prince has always given us gud entertainment i knw they r unfair this time but dnt quit specially when ur another fav is there in the game.& bcoz of bb only u got to knw abt kish personally right?think abt positives.& keep fighting with me.dnt quit.

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @anu… I m here but leaving tonyt…
        I’ll miss our debates abt rishb nd prince… ๐Ÿ˜€
        I hv always said this nd will say this again… You are one of the sensible rishab fans i hv met here..
        Tc and Be the way you are… All the best for rishab..
        Hope to see you in a different forum or maybe next here same place.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • tedd(PHFFAN)

      It was quite dissapointing…but all the statements made by u…are correct…couldn’t agree more….???

      • Tedd.u r also quitting?ab kis kis ko dnt quit dnt quit bolu?whts wrong with u guys?i understand ur frustation with the show & some of comments here but this is nt way to deal with it believe me some people here do appreciate ur fair views sab apne favourites ke bare me to socho,kya pata apki comment ko padhke unhe vote denewale 2-4 aur badh jaye. finale tak to ruko .kitne kam din bache he finale me.u guys r the reason i am commenting here.ab koi bhi quit nhi karega.bbme kishne quit kar liya vohi bhot hai yha pe koi quit mat karo.hame to paise bhi nhi milenge quit karne ke.neeru dear, apni debate continue nhi karni?where r u yar?

      • tedd(PHFFAN)

        Hey anu…thnx for asking me to stay…so sweet of u…..will not quit compltly dear…will not comment frequently though……..

    • Subhashitha K S

      Thank you all for your sweet words.Will miss you all.And all the best for everyone for your future.I wish you all get all the good things you wish in your life.

    • Big9

      Neeru,harshal,subashishta u guys made a right decision? seriously..
      I always liked reading ua opinions..
      I’ll keep supporting prince and mandana..
      It’s high time now contestants should get reward for their hardwork especially prince.
      Mandana: been receiving (I don’t mind if she wins)
      Kishwar: received it (I don’t believe that I cried for her yesterday, though she was not my fav contestant but I liked her as a strong competitors)
      Prince: yet to receive.. strongly want him to win.. & hope that people will shut thier mouth and appreciate his performance..

      More than the makers of the show am really disappointed with people’s response to the current happenings in the show..

      • Big9

        Tedd.. miss ua jokes?..
        Freak and fatarajo?? neutral..
        One of d recent jokes which they made was…
        Freak: ddon’t worry fatarajo… rishab and princes fans r going nuts here????

      • Big9

        One more thing..
        Neeru used to be the first one to comment..
        As the day passed I think u lost ua interest in commenting ..
        Even harshal started writing short.short comments…

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @Big9 … Yeah dear.. Correctly spoted.. Just lost the intrst..
        And thanks for all the support… For liking my views…
        Now we’ll start fresh next yr…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Ankit Gera

    Hey guys Ankit Gera here from Bigg Boss contestant. I know I got evicted in the beginning. I am very sorry for Kishwer, but I wan to let you all know that I AM COMING BACK! YES. I am coming to win this show.
    Along, me are two new wild card contestants. One is Kokila Modi from Star Plus. AND…….Drum roll, please……………….Digangana Suryawanshi. YES! She is back! Breaking News! Please vote for us. Thank you.

    • bebo

      lot f difference between being human and being can v expect humanity where the entire show z run by inzane ppl .

  18. asap

    that you are first finale doesnt mean yu r winner…i love you mandy…yu really used to brain..dey got trapped in der game..i dont feel bad dat kish left show for prince dats stupid of her…people on instagram sayin prince was trying to cry not from his heart..rishab n mandy beginin to love rishab he understands gameee..mandy rockz

  19. megha

    am nt a fan of kish.. bt really felt bad for her .. all d very best for yo future kish this was a wise decision though u dint win d show. u won d millions of heart .. #respect

  20. amannnn

    rishabh bb kabhi nahi meet Santa …,
    air apne sapno se niklo kyo ki tm loose the ho air rhoge rishab……

  21. Maxx

    Felt bad for kish but prince had certain obligations and prince never carried out emotion coersion for kish to leave.
    Ahem! People go beyond logic to prove flaws in anything prince does.Now they have problem why prince didn’t leave for kish BTW if he leaves he doesn’t deserve to be winner because that proves he has no regards and zeal for winning the show.But I know if he quitted some rascals would even say that,he has no spirit to win the show and he drooled for money.His relationship with his sister was apparent the way he couldn’t stop crying and sniveling untill she left,sometimes there is no need to show off like Mandana in front of cameras.It feels bad when fans of treacherous nasty Mandana pinpoint nuance mistakes or even self assumed mistakes of prince because for Mandana is a pool of evil actions and deeds.I pray prince wins as only he is the most deserving left along with Keith after kish is gone.

  22. Unfair bb nd unfair cruel prince..u idiot..u made our kish to leave lyk dis..dsgstng..we all r kish fans..nw we r nt gnna watch dis shw..u wnt our kish back..we wnt her to win..we wnt her to knw dat she has a huge fan following..bttr dan mandy n prince..we respect u nd we love u only..
    Plzz guyz raise ur voice against dis bb dcsn..we wnt kish back..tend dis all ove da country plzzz

  23. biplabini

    i felt like crying after seeing kis..u own many respect girl…its my first and last comment
    and one thing i alwayd read comment of neeru, subhasita,harsal,tedd

    • Subhashitha K S

      Thank you @biplabini for reading my comments. However even I am commenting here for the last time dear.
      Ya Kish really won our respect and she will always be in our can’t take that from us.
      Kish future is really bright and hope,pray and wish her all the best for her future personal and professional life.

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @biplabini… Thank you so much dear…. Much appreciated… ๐Ÿ™‚
        I’ll miss kish tooo….

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @tedd….. You along with freak were myyy first frnds here…..!!
        And im glad we are leaving together… ๐Ÿ˜€
        Love you akku… !! Muuaahh…

      • tedd(PHFFAN)

        Hey neeru…yeah…we were the firstest of the frnds…me will miss u too…but kavi kavi aa jaya karna plz….and next season main v pakka ana…aur naam yahi rakhna nhi to pagal ho jaungi dhoondte dhoondte??..
        Muaah babes????

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @tedd…. Sure.. Pakka.. Maybe on the finale episode.. Tab milthe hai..
        Nd ya It’ll always be neeru from “PHFFAN” grp….
        It’ll be fun… Reminds me of a Hollywood movie i saw…
        wait for one whole yr without contact.. Nd then meet up at the same place.. Cool naah.. LOL..
        you too remain “tedd..” ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. Namira

    this is emotional atyachar …. bb9 is all abt prince prince n prince I’m sure they wants either prince or roschele win it… Guyz tell me one thing dat is it was mandana ‘s suggestion to big boss to give them 1 hour I’m confused as I have read here dat mandy said it on camera… it was good dat kish took money n left ๐Ÿ™ I know she is a deserving contestant bt her ff is less than prince or mandy…. Bt I’m going to miss her badly in this house seriously she was so good in last few weeks n for me she was d most honest person after Keith in dis show (though I’m a mandy fan I can’t accept dis biased Ness of bb) I just hope they show some twist regarding dis eviction… actually it’s not eviction it’s just a joke to d audience who follow dis show n vote for their fvrt…

  25. Kiara

    I have no words to explain my grief today

    Kishwer :- what can i say about you….you were ine heck of a wonderful person…and one of the strongest contestants in the history of bigg boss
    You will definitely be missed

    Rishabh was talking about karma today well rishabh you know what karma is


    bigg boss is an as* to be honest

    Apart from that i would really like to comment how double faced

    First she says she doesn’t care about the money and then we see her getting so frustrated about the pricr money going down

    I never said caring about the money is wrong but lieing that you dont care about the money is

    I dont get this girl…

    she says that she plays this game individually but then we saw her forming a group with rishabh and gizzelle

    She said prince is a gunda and what not but she ends up being friends with him for her own benefit

    She said she never lies but she does and she did it many times

    She steals

    She says she doesn’t think she doesn’t strategize but her action proves her wrong

    So no matter what people say she is fake

    Anyways lets come back to kish well all i can say is have a great life ahead and today you earned thousands of fans and lots and lots of respect love you kish

    Gonna follow you in twitter and insta ??

    Ps:- @subhashita k s :- hey plzz dont be like that you are an amazing person and we all need your comments plzzz dont go like that

    You were one of the very few people whose comments i use to read

    I can only request in the end its your decision

    • Subhashitha K S

      Kaira thank you for reading my comments and liking them.
      But I can’t watch this unfair show anymore. So I will not be able to comment bcoz it will not be right.(as I will not know what had happened in the show and it will not be my point of view).
      Ya but I will try to watch the finale episode and will comment here.

  26. sam

    This is really not done..Kish is that kind of gal that really challenges guts also in the task.. she is not a looser n escapist..she should in the finale as she is brave heart to accept both victory and loss…

  27. piya

    reality shows are just fake!
    I never liked kishwer but the way she left the house was totally unfair…
    this season is full of meaningless fights and senseless evictions -_-
    i support keith and i really wish he wins the show…but votes don’t matter in bb…only TRP matters here :/

  28. Ravi bihar

    i am very happy for Prince but I am feeling sad for kishwer . she is very strong . biggboss ye bahut galt hai
    log competition complete krne final tk pahuchte hai
    usse kyu aap nikl dete hai
    aaisa hi tha to
    aap kyu itne log ko biggboss house me late hai
    kisi ek ko trophy de do
    or winners bol do
    ho gaya show kahatam

    sb bakwas hai
    prince or kis dono ko final
    pahuchna chahiye tha

    aakir aaisa game to kheltete ho insan ke dil or dimag ke sath

  29. Raghav

    I can read the comments of fans of fake people basically Mandana and Rishabh.They are very happy and also criticizing prince why he didn’t he quit for his sister.If prince would have quitted they would have first bashed prince for giving up and then kishwar for not giving up for her brother.Either case they will bash both.I feel shame why Mandana and Rishabh have got such stupid fans whose primary motive is to bark bark and bark like a loyal dogs of mandana.
    Abe bhaduwon aur koi matter nhi mila prince aur kish ke against..chutiya fans!

  30. nt

    bb apne ye bilkul bhi theek nahi kiya kish ko nikal diya vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv unfair I hate u for dis Jo bb me rehne k layak bhi nahi hain unhe rakh rahe ho nd Jo deserving hain unhe nikal rahe ho v mean nd biased

  31. Raghav

    Jealous fans of mandana and Rishabh..jalne ki badbu aa rhi hai..kyunki yeh log jinke fan hai wo kuch karr nhi paate kyun ki prince kuch karne nhi deta..bass apni tasreef jala rahe hain chidkar ๐Ÿ™

  32. tania

    kish..i ll miss u a lot…n prince ..i want him to win the shw i rlly want him to den only it ll b justice to kish leaving the house … kish ur my fav. n prince u too…huh jst hate lukn at mandana …she doesnt fit the shw anywer …

  33. astha

    i will not gonna see big boss 9 again….lv u kish…u r best….i hate u big boss…..salman khan what would u say now….kish proved that she is the real sis of prince

  34. piu

    U earn everybody’s respect kish…. Al d bst fr ur future… Dnt wanna watch bb any mre… I lkd d cul grp.. May b dey wre violent in d beginning but dey wre impressve at d end.. Kish gve hr 100% n all task nd mandana ddnt do any tsk sincerely.. Nd dn also mandana s n d shw nd kish s gne… Dis s so selfish of bb… I thnk mandy ll win d shw.. I mean d shw has always been n favour of hr..

    • has alwyz coverd up mandy..
      F*** u bb..ur trp is gnna loose nw..let me write dis u stupid..
      Plz guyz raise voice against dis f*** dcsn..we wnt kish to cm back nd win da show..othreise we wnt see it..nd boycott it

  35. Jonwick

    Can’t you people see that big boss is biased,he knew Mandana will quit first and he is on the hunt against cool group first suyyash faced injustice and now kishwer faced injustice.That’s what I’ve been repeating since begining that bb is unfair and so is salman.
    BIG BOSS ADHERING TO MANDANA’S SUGGESTION TO GIVE 1 HR is the proof of prejudice .Same thing once happened in Ind Vs Aus series when RIcky ponting suggested to umpire for ‘out’ after getting a fake catch of Tendulkar.Now I have no qualms remaining that winner is fixed and that is Mandana..

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      I really used to think that you were among the reasonable fans out here in the forum jonwick, am very disappointed now that i thought so. Bigg boss was unfair, 100% true, biased to mandy , that’s false. There’s a difference between being unfair and being biased to someone…..

      1) Task was decided way before, as evident from salman khan’s comment on sunday, so now if you say that bb knew mandy, prince and kish will be in the task on thursday(4 days later), I have got to say, bigg boss is a great fortune-teller. and no one stopped kish from pressing buzzer first, infact she herself wanted to press it first after signal from prince, its just that mandy played the move first.
      2) adhering to suggestion?? really, that’s how much you will say to just try and prove any point. remember rishabh-roch decision, bb did the same thing(gave them 2 mins to decide among themselves who should play for the captain task). It was the same here. I didn’t hear mandy giving that statement, but even if she did, its just a co-incidence.

      sorry to say, you are so filled with hatred for mandy, that you are just trying to find reasons to blame her for everything. If i want, even i can give such bulls*it reasons to say that bigg boss is biased towards prince and i can say the same for almost every contestant out there, barring 1 or 2 exceptions. But that’s just wrong and i know it.

      p.s. if you have no qualms about the winner being mandy, I think you would have no right to come here to celebrate if prince wins the show. but i know then you would come out here and celebrate saying that bigg boss knows he can’t mess with fans decisions and the right candidate won -_-

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        jonwick,really sorry, i know that comment came of as rude. It was just the heat of moment, mixed with frustration and disappointment of kish’s eviction. no hard feelings brother ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Kish-u r a tigress.u didnt loose the task.u hav won hearts.u made very gud points to prince abt hw its nt only abt task or making frnds but speaking the truth on face.( tht u always did,&prince never does.u said it indirectly to him)thts why i like u,u talk sense.gud luck for ur future.
    Priya-i am liking u nw.u hav the guts baby(oh sry u dnt like being caled baby)& u r genuine.whtever prince says “it doesnt matter” u r deserving to be in top 5 & u hav earned respect for sure.(bas thoda kam irritate karo ‘baby’)
    Rish-dnt be overconfident sweetheart. i knw u r genuine u dnt fake emotions,u dnt fake tears,u dnt fake romance & u dnt knw manipulating people.but dnt get carried away dear.we love u.keep saying those one liners.they make the episode worth watching.i hope salman gives u gud advice tommarow.
    Roch-i am seeing u frm day 1 so i can just imagine hw happy u were frm inside.gud acting though.
    Mandy-u r practical.& thts gud.liked the way u tried to convince kish for leaving.i love u when u talk calmly .but u can never say any1 tht i wont take the thing tht u touched.thts just inhuman.
    Prince-i remember u saying to nora i can leave this game for if u can leave for ur 2days gf(jab usne yr bat khi tab nora ko aake 2 din hi hue the)why cant u leave it for ur sister?vaise bhi u like girls winning right?i expected u to say it once for formality tht u wil give up but no u didnt.aur jitna maine kish ko dekha hai she wouldnt hav let u go.u didnt said it once fearing kish wil tell u to give up.since yesterday i am watching u r avoiding the discussion bcoz agar tum kish ko bolte i am nt giving up to tumhari image kharab hoti aur agar bolte i am sacrificing to vo to tumhe har halme nhi karna tha.its k if u wnt to think abt urself nothing wrong in tht but dnt give emotional excuses ki mai mummy papa ke liye kar rha hu etc etc.u nt once thought to give up for kish & its k but just hav the guts to accept tht game is imp for u.& tht tears were luking so fake.learn acting to cry frm roch.even priya was more sad thn u.&when kish said tumne task ke siva kya kiya?u said maine sabse bnayi hai aur is gharme yhi karna hota hai (means it was ur strategy to make friends)& kish gave a reply ki sirf yhi nhi karna hota sahi ke liye stand lena hota hai,muh pe sach bolna hota hai tht means even kish believes u dnt do tht.u r a manipulative person u used every1 for game u dnt knw to play solo i am sure kalse tum keith ko bologe u r like my brother,we r here frm day 1 & we wil support each other against wc etc etc.bcoz u need a grp to attack for me u r nt a deserving winner.i am nt saying bcoz i am a rishabh fan even rishabh is nt a deserving winner for me infact no1 in this season is tht complete winner package.i remember gauhar she was so fair nt biased even towards kushal,always spoke truth on face,never buttered any1,never manipulated any1 ,took stand for right things,gave 100% in task ,never shouted never abused & though she & kushal were couple they didnt do cheap things for footage i dnt see all these qualities in 1 person of this season. & by the way prince ,u r no1 to decide who is deserving & who is nt.u r nt bigg boss or audience.mandy,rishabh& priya all 3 of them hav faced nominations & came to this point so clearly they r deserving.

    • raj

      Anu why r u so jealous of Prince ???

      Risabh abuses so many times to the girls…but u never write anything against it.

      And why the hell prince leave the task even he has comes in BB to win.

      • Raj.i said i dnt like rishabh abusing in my previous comments jo galat he vo galat hi,phir chahe vo apka fav contestant hi q na kare.i said rishabh overconfident ho rha hai. If u read my comments carefully i dnt said he should quit,i said he should hav guts to say it clearly tht game is imp for me nw u take ur decision.kish was so sad there but he was just lying down & avoiding discussion.uske mind me to ye fix tha tht he is nt giving up but he didnt said it to her until bb forced them to take decision.he has no reasons to give her so he brought parents in the discussion.he said he would hav given up but want to win dor parents.matlab uska selfishness na dikhe isliye parents ka reason .nothing wrong in being selfish in game but just accept u r selfish,dnt act to be mahan.he uses emotions pura season meri
        behen meri behen jab phas gya tab mere parents mere parents ka khayal karte he vo national tv pe cheap harkate nhi karte.(sry to say this).& why would i be jelous?kyun ki mai rishabh ki fan hu?.its my opinion abt prince &aur ye opinion friendspage wale taskse build up hona shuru hua.jab rishabh tha bhi nhi.i used to support prince at the start but vo vommiting wala comment & then vo friendspage task,yuvika ke sath jhuta pyar uske bad mere opinion badalna shuru hue,aur
        jaise jaise shw progress hua it get more & more confirmed tht i snt like liking towards rishabh has nothing to do with with my disliking towards prince.if i dislike prince i hav full right to say it as long as i am giving it a reason,whts the
        question of jelousy?life doesnt end with bigg boss,i knw rishabh has gud future he wil get gud anyways i dnt need to be jelous with anybody. i said i dnt find any deserving winner so ye shw koi bhi jite “it doesnt matter”.

      • Can i tell u why the hell prince should leave game for his sister?
        Bcoz for the whole season meri behen meri behen.mai game ke liye rishte nhi banata.mere liye jitne se jyada imp dost banana hai.i wnt girls to win ticket to finale.agar 30 hrs se upar hote hai to i wil leave this game for kish.kish mai give up karunga tere liye aur agar tu jitke nhi ayi na to marunga tujhe.agar time aya to nora mai tumhare liye khud baher jaunga par tumhe save karunga.
        Ye sare dialogue kisne bole the?humne?
        by the way i personally feel he shouldnt leave ofcourse uske chances jyada hai winning ke.but just dnt say it if u dnt mean it.

    • satish

      @ anu r(ishabh) you are right..this time there is not any contestant who deserves to win this show..nd on point of comparing with gauhar I don’t think there is any contestant like her in whole bigg boss history she was best in every thing she did..

  37. Dais

    Now bigg boss should officially declare this season as based on mandana karimi .
    Plus Jo teen log ne task me top kiya unhi me se ek strong player nikal diya . Now I am not gonna watch next season of bb. Kishwer I will miss u .The most fearless intelligent smart player of bb is gone I hate u prince n bb. ??

  38. Pri

    Kishwar, much respect for you. You will be missed!
    The task was horrible. Forced eviction. Honestly, I believe this season is fixed. We will find out in 2 weeks who wins (and we know if a certain person wins *ahm Mandana* then this show will be proven fixed because she was rarely punished for her deeds and did not do most of the tasks all the way!
    About Ankit Gera entering, that would be the biggest waste. He is definitely not going to win, he will just be in the show as a show piece!

  39. Ghufran Ali

    Miss u Kish.. Ur biggest fan from PAKISTAN.. Really feel this was unfair.. First Suyyash than Kish.

  40. Avani

    I have watched kish in many shows since hip hip hooray and found her to be deserving candidate to win. She showed so much change in her during the show. She did all her task very well with an ambition to win. I couldn’t understand how bb could do this. Every season money is offered but with an option to choose or leave. So the contestant who feels he can win the show leaves. First time in history of bb a contestant who was interested in money was forced to leave. Feeling so sad for kish ๐Ÿ™ and so angry on bb. If fans opinion dont matter to you then fans will stop watching the show.

    Priya truly said it was a forced eviction but rishabh told it was karma. Seriously dude atleast do something before telling other people they did right or wrong.

    Mandy just needs to grow up. She was making issues of such small things today. She knew today’s main focus will be prince and kish so started showing tantrums just to get footage. She told she won’t use flour touched by priya. Is she like five year old or what? She thinks she can win the show by just ridiculing and insulting people without doing any constructive things. Even if win the show it won’t take much time for people to forget her

  41. Ghufran Ali

    Kish, U were the only person didn’t change from day 1 .alot of respect for you from your Pakistan fans. Miss you. Now not going to follow this show anymore.

  42. Tracy

    I feel very sad about Kish’s exit. I would have loved to see you in the finale as part of top 5.
    All the same it was a smart decision on your part to take the money and leave because there is no 100% surety that you would have won so the 15 lac plus the weekly alleged payments is a good deal.

    You have left a lasting mark on all viewers of being a strong woman and that you were never eliminated but forced to leave. Wish you the very best. No-one should be blamed.

    To the rest of the housemates the game is still on so use all your might and brains since you all still have the opportunity to do so. Mandy all the best.

  43. raj

    Think B4 u talk rishabh
    Kish is evicted by Biased BiggBoss
    Not by public voting
    Islie waha baitha hai tu


  44. raj

    Prince fans get ready for another Biased weekend. Gandana ll b praised for her FATTU decision n Prince ll b bashed for KishwerMeviction

  45. People here who r saying mandy & rishabh were nt sad tht kish is leaving.its k atleast they were nt faking to be sad.faking emotions is more bad than having no emotions.this is a game every1 wants to win.every1 thinks of their own benifits some people say it some dnt.& rishabh has always said tht he & kish r nt frnds he said it on her face tht he wants her to be eliminated bcoz she is brain of cool grp.if some1 is being practical doesnt mean they r bad.infact i appreciate tht he didnt shwed fake sadness.he didnt cried for kish doesnt mean he is emotionless may he wasnt attached to simple as tht.Priya,rish& mandy hav the guts to say tht they r here to play the game.every1 is here to play game but nt every1 says tht.
    P.s-prince was trying too hard to cry ek boond aansu nhi aa rha tha.bas rone ka awaj kar tha aur face bna rha tha.kish’s crying was so heartfelt.even priya & keith were truely sad.

    • neha

      @ anu well said…and prince supporter have to accept this …one should not run from the fact…truth is bitter as always said……….Prince was not aware about what the BB show is all about…it was kishwer who explained him………at last moment…………Good Joke of the season.
      Borther and sister relation he didn’t kept at last…he made kishwer to leave…well more colours to come and c from prince……..and Prince too agree that he has his fan followings from Previous flatforms……..on that basis he is assuming he could be the winner…..Thumb Down for you…..dont be so overconfident……………He added saying that Keith is his competition whereas in any angle Keith is not his competition…i think he is targeting week contestant….No way Prince don’t think you deserve to be the winner from any side……………….you have such a bad drwback….from initial till now…..girlss n girlss n your fake n ugly romance

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      @anu r..ha ha..baap re..prince kahi tumhare samne aa gya to uska encounter he kr doge..:-D rishabh played really well till now n m dead sure he ll be in d top d only disadvantage is his late entry..lets hope that nt the case n he wins..though i like prince too..his probability to win is a lil higher ..
      Maybe a lil distance from priya cn do the trick..i wud luv to see anyone of them d winner of this show
      Except priya off course..time for her to go back to whichever planet she came from n nt blow our minds off wid her superstupid talks..:-D

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      I agree to d fact..prince may have thought abt it was a reallly reallly slim chance that he wud have given up for krisshh..
      If u remember the bag task..where they cud have won back the prize miney..he made kishwar leave the task with him..:-D so that he still comes out as the last one to leave the task..:-) he s shrewd that way…;-)

  46. Diya shah

    BB9 this is unfair. Who stayed in task until end and work hard doesn’t deserve to be evicted like this. Pls bring our kish back ???. The inmates like Priya doesn’t deserve to stay who doesn’t do much just shout , so irritating. According to me kish deserve to be one of the finalist. Happy for prince. Now prince u need to be a winner of BB9

    • Wake up Diya…. Prince cannot be trusted, he’s the most selfish & self centred man on the planet.
      He has used relations for his personal gains…. LOOSER THIS BASTARD

  47. Ritika

    Kishwar…! I didn’t know i wl feel this bad for kishwar going ๐Ÿ™ Shez a v.strong girl but broke down and cried too- can imagine what she went through!

    Well, ideally Prince should have pressed the buzzer 1st and left both the girls to compete for the ticket to finale…hmmm Prince is shrewd realized now. I thought hez a womanizer but innocent & gullible. Now i don’t think so! Hez “playing”! But Mandana is a v.tough competition and i want her to win now

    Big boss people were themselves confused who and how to evict as they want Priya and rochelle for the drama (trps) til the end.

    Kishwar could have won definitely. She was not nominated much so people r not aware about a huge number of people in outside world in mumbai and del particularly and across the world who would hv voted if she reached finals. Many people in the ‘real’ world don’t comment here in forums.

    Mandana is a sure-shot winner now. Huge following she has!

  48. Annamma James

    What was that…??
    I was crying with them…
    Great Bigg Boss….what a move….Gr8 show…I pity on ur show
    I will not watch this show anymore….
    Eventhough Prince was my favourite bb was very bad with kish…
    Atleast consider her journey man
    Bye guys…
    It was a fun to b with u all…
    God bless u all….

  49. Prikanksha

    Really this is total bs, priya is so fake and acts like she felt bad for kishwer, I totally hate her. Kishwer was my favourite contestant and so is prince. I respect kishwer for making a sacrifice for her brother. Now prince it is up to u, u have to show Kishwer that she didn’t do wrong by pressing the button and win the show. And if this week priya or Rushabh don’t get out I will stop watching the show

  50. bebo

    Unfair eviction by bigboss but kish evicted from a biased and worzt zcripted game show not from thiz world.wishing diz ztrong girl lot of luck and happinezz.kalyug mei aiza hi hota hai ache ache ko bugatna padta issue c wpon lot of heartz i 2 like her after watching her in BB.glad c z dint go empty handatleazt 15 lax extra c got it along wd her weekly payment.itz prince who played the game zmartly not mandy.being cunning mandy tok the oppurtunity after ceeing prince ishara tokish to press buzzer firzt.he black mail kish in the name of bhai behna ofcourze roadiez zplitzvilla fame.aize show jo rishtonk maa behen karte hai zo very much expected from prince and hiz freaking dialog sucks agar mei buzzer prezz kia hota blabla ….i dont like mandy but according to biazed BB he want mandy towin zo forced eviction happened.i wish priya,rishab or mandy win zo dat prince arrogance about himzelf comez to an end

  51. CL_08

    She was very b*t*hy earlier but I guess she has learnt a lot in BB’s House. Now I want Mandana to win the tittle, all else are morons.

  52. Vivek

    I read a lot of people mention that BB was unfair..Kish got a unfair deal but did BB know that before the task that Mandana would come out first. It’s a reality show and twists of this sort make the show a bit un predictable.

  53. Tasmiya

    Wat ever happened with Kishwar was not fair ,this is the first time it’s so silly reason for a person to leave the house

  54. Sonya

    Prince said he would give his place for his sister as relations matter to him but when he really had to do it he denied. Well done Priya you had the guts to tell him this.

  55. Raju

    L yk seriously bigboss…..its not as if the show is going on its as if the show miss mandana karimi is going on… can u accept whatever she is saying…..if u lyk her so much then announce her as winner why the hell do u need to play with emotions….

  56. aario

    Unbelievable turn of events…now it will be fun to see how liar prince behaves. Till.yesterday he was saying he wants a girl to win and will do anything for his sister, what happened when he had to prove his sayings, well his real truth came out. He not even once offered to take the money and leave to kish. She sacrificed for him but now its proven he is such a liar and only playing his game. He is nobodys. Now I really hope he doesn’t win. Kish deserved way more than him to be on the show. In all his task he has only used his power, his physical strength and followed kish’s brains. Would be fun to see next week. He would definitely try and use this emotional front and create sympathy for himself. Truly wish rishab wins. Mandana you r truly getting stupider and stupider by the day.

  57. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    The worst episode of BB9 ever. BB9 makers really need to get a life. For the first time Priya is right it was a forced eviction. Kishwer u won all the respect from me. You are the winner for me. Well done. To be honest, when show started I hated Kish to the core and now I like her a lot. The only mistakes, she did was the spitting thing which was a very big one but I can say she did feel bad about it. Guys, nowadays even I m fed up of Bb and bored of commenting, but let’s at least comment as friends. Bb9 is the worst show of colors which even has the lowest trp among all colors show. Iss se toh acha sasural Simar ka hain ๐Ÿ˜› Bb makers must admit they have nothing to show so they just showed paratha drama. BB9 makers deserves a thumbs down , where is the dislike button? ๐Ÿ˜› I liked the part when Keith it seems we r in school ๐Ÿ˜›

  58. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Seriously Ankit Gera???? Makers didn’t find anyone better. Now I m confirmed makers have gone crazy . At least that Kanwal or Arvind was better than that Gera. And Kokila Modi lol, what an insult to Kokila Modi ๐Ÿ˜› In the ad, I have seen Udaan show became a circus, I think colors showed wrongly Bb house has become a circus ๐Ÿ˜›

    • How can we vote for a person so selfish & self- cantered …
      He is a LIAR & goes back on his promises & uses people for personal gains…
      Don’t waste your votes on him …

      • G.K

        if u think prince is fake watch rodies and splitsvilla where people voting are not involved still he remained the same … always helped his friends…


    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      So true just waiting for 24 Jan the last day of BB episode can’t tolerate it anymore ๐Ÿ™

  60. Feeling happy..kish dekho tumara bhai kaisa nikla….prince akele khel paoge…mandana aa jao ghar se bahar tume tumari film promote karni hai AGAR…rishab hum tume winner dekhna chahte hai.

  61. Kishwar kaisa nikala bhai tumara..feeling happy tumare jane se…prince akele khel paoge?agar rishab tumara compitition nai hai to kyun darte ho….rishab tume he jitna hai

  62. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Hey akku, Harshal , Subhashita and others please don’t quit let’s at least comemt and chat with each other and do it for any of ur fav contestant Prince/Mandy/Rish/Roch/Keith/Priya frankly I also lose mood to comment but missing all of u already

    • tedd(PHFFAN)

      Hey joyee…me too miss u…watched the repeat telecast……i find risabh way too bad…talking about karma everytym, but it was a forced eviction…..i don’t have any problem with prince may b he is genuinely feeling bad for kish….but the statements he used…he wants a gal to win, after 30 hrs i shll quit…these all contradicted his decision of not quitting the show….I am not telling he should have…but he himself has contradicted himself….

      • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

        Yeah Tedd, in sg they will show it on 6pm but I don’t feel like watching it and it’s not surprising that Prince didn’t do so

    • tedd(PHFFAN)

      But somewat i felt what kish did was ryt for her…remember last season…Pritam singh did the same thing on the finale day…yeah the difference was that Pritam knew he wasnot going to beat gautam…but hee Kish is one of the strongest contender…atlst kuch to mila…but was an unfair game

      • Fatarajo

        Yeah, that’s also correct but don’t u think Bb offered this thing earlier than usual, it could have been a good task if Bb didn’t pressurize Kish/Prince for this task.

      • tedd(PHFFAN)

        Yes…too earlier…but happy atlst kish got 15 lacs than getting nothing if she was runner up…..

      • bebo

        Anywayz kish z having great time wd her Baby pie suyash n celebrating their aniverzary …God z fair wd her he gv her great year by winning many heartz and now c z wd her Apne log not n devil houze.zo happy ending.

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      Joyee, I promise i will try to come here from time to time to have chat with you, pari, freak, anu, tedd and neeru. No bigg boss talks though, I am bored of it ๐Ÿ˜›

  63. actually it is not prince’s fault
    it is his also right to win the game
    actually bigg boss didnt do right
    how can they make one of the strong contenters evict??????
    feeling sad

  64. actually it is not prince’s fault
    it is his also right to win the game

    how can they make one of the strong contenters evict??????
    feeling sad

  65. prince will be the winner of bb 9. I will always vote for him. I am really happy for him . I am a biggest fan of prince . and I know he is not overconfident he really has huge fan following and he can win obviously

  66. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Thank u bigg boss for showing such a ridiculous episode now I can sleep earlier than usual and also comment less in the page . Well done , for self-destruction bigg boss

  67. nancy

    Guys I really felt sad for kishwar but don’t you all think that it will be also unfair to blame mandana for all this becoz she has done nothing so please stop making her responsible for all this…
    Kishwar was much deserving to reach the finale but it is all about luck nothing pre-planned by bigg boss…
    Stop thinking negative about the show….
    Keep supporting your favourites and don’t say wrong about others….

    • ria

      Mana kish deserve krti thi but group me game khel ker mandana akeli struggle kr rhi h….. Bina kisi share ke….

      • bhuwaneshwari

        sorry ria going to cut your words…..mandanaaaa is such a shit…. yaar always what she does in task #meri thik nahi h n ladai k time she is like a bomb not actually bomb just a queen bee…, irritation hota h yaaaar use dekh kar cant see her face more…. n her cheap habbits offf no words , aisei ladaki kya fight karti h .. only for self-obsessed…..shoddy , sugar coted, n she was styled in front of camera that meko dekhni h ki bhai behn kya karti h bla bla regarding to last task…eventually kish ne quit kia n ladai nahi ki… choda nahi to ladai kar sakti thi with prince k sath

      • Avani

        I think you dint see the task. Mandy formed an alliance with prince and kish and that way they were in top 3. So how can you say kish Played in group and Mandy was alone. Nobody is blaming Mandy but you just need to see nobody can survive any reality show without forming alliances.

    • Shruti

      No one is blaming Mandana but BB can’t evict the performer of the task. It was clear that who all perform so top 3 were kind of expected and why to eliminate them. So the task was to eliminate the performer. It should not be that audiences are voting for insignificant eliminations and BB will make the important ones.

      • ria

        Nhee yaar game me sab he janwar h sabko kisi na kisi ke piche pdna hai but mandy pagalpan se ya stupidity se he sahi akele krti h uske piche sab pdte h wo b pdti h priya rishab kish suyash Keith Rochell mandy ko sab bahar nikalne per lge rhte h kish suyash or Prince ki wjh se etni aggressive ho jati thi ki dimak ki dahi kr deti thi baki maine jo notice kiya bola…. M kisi ki koi fan nhe

      • ria

        Or strong toh khud ko sab samajhte h ,..kon h jo ye khega ke weak hu sabko overconfidence h or koi guaranty nhe thi ke kish jeet jaygi but 0 se better she got 15 lakh rupee….. Ye fake bhai bhen wo khud bni uska faisla tha Prince ko mauka usne khud diya risk toh usne khud lena nhe chaha….. Or ye game h wo b voting depend…..

  68. Shruti

    Its not about a favorite contestant but a forced eviction of a strong contender. A task where winner gets ticket to finale and second best is eliminated. I don’t think anyone is winner material now except Keith, if the parameter is of being real not fake. Everyone is fake… Alvida BB humara saath yahi tak tha. May Rimi’s wish come true and there be no next season as I don’t wish to waste my three months. This season forced evictions – Rimi, Digangana, Suyyash and Kishwar. Why drama of public voting?

  69. ssss......

    Bigboss sorry smallboss, the toppers. were evicted, I think who’s are winning in task were got punishment, actually the task should be given to the loosers one, so who are surviving, it may be intrested, before the same thing was happened, who won captainship was got punishment to be nominated and evicted. So I think it’s time for bb to ulta ginti…I think same thing happen with viewers or trp.. Ulta ginti… zero.

  70. Gigi

    kishwar i really felt bad for u but u were seriously more deserving than prince who has gt an enormous ego has no individuality jst relationship and love angles…but evn u did the same thing but difference was u said whatever u felt on the face
    prince: ur ego will let u down u r the most shrewd person u just promise but cant do anything to keep ur word
    Rochelle: stop acting u r the most happy person now that kishwar is eliminated
    Keith u r a gentleman but u seriously need to think about urself bcz u r so naive that u didnt understand that it was nt priya but the cool grp that let u down firstly u r nominated for whole season then they easily removed Rochelle frm the task
    rishabh: yes that is karma these people denied u every chance be it the captaincy where prince lied then the balloon task or the sand task …but u need to work hard i like u but u really need to do wat u say
    priya : u r irritating but u n only u performed the task well

    and those who say kish lost it fr Prince’s not true she jst realized may be she cant win bcz of wat Prince said so better take the money …n prince jst couldn’t cry

    • G.K

      come on man y should prince give up he is just beginning his career… where as even kishwar or even mandanda I don’t think anyone should give up but big boss producer to be blamed for having this task … these three have the highest fan following of all … if anyone lost in this task then it is big boss… 1/3 of fan following is lost …

  71. Abhay

    salllaa kuttaaaa….big bosss….harami….
    jaan bujh k kishwar ko nikala h..otherwise kishwar would have must win this show…..

  72. DON




    • AN7

      I also read that prince,mandana,rochelle and rishabh are the top 4.
      Keith should be the runner up at least man.WTF?keith evicted and rochelle and rishab in finale?seriously?

  73. [email protected](PHFFAN)

    Lets look at it d other way..may be bb was nt biased at all…may be d winner gets away with the prize money…:-D bt what if he wanted d best performers to walk away with smthing and nt empty handed..;-) prince gets d ticket to finale..mandy 6 lacs
    Kish 15 lacs.. If that was nt d case n all three of them made to d finale..only the winner wud have reaped d benefits..;-) lets nt consider it a bad move bt a smart move..all strong contenders going away wid smthing…
    Eventually everyone s here to win d matter how they faking it by sitting back or individually or in a group..everythin is fair in love n war…;-)
    The moral of d story being…:D keep watching and keep commenting..

  74. Guys according to me top 3 will be prince,rishabh and keith/mandy…God knows bb kab kise bahar nikal de…Ankit se better to puneet tha but it is all nonsence they cant bring a wild card now as the show is going to end soon..Please @ted and @harshal dont quit..Hello @joyee..@Neeru and @freakk where are you guys??

    • tedd(PHFFAN)

      Hey pari…me here…yeah read about re entry of ankit gera…koi aur nahin mila..and last moment pe wild card??…bb gone crazy

      • Gaurav

        Guys i wanna tell you some FAKE news thats spreading like fire…
        1- mandanna out on 16
        2- ankit re-enters
        3-any wild card entry…

        All are FAKE news..

  75. Life Rules

    I initially disliked Kishwer bcoz of her arrogant and irritating nature. But over time she was being really nice and sensible. She was surely a deserving one to be in the finale and had chances of winning too, coz I am sure suyyash fans would be voting for her the most. But this forced eviction was too harsh! She literally cried her heart out while I felt that Prince dint had tears coming and he was struggling so badly to cry. I don’t know whether he has genuine feelings for kish, but the way he cried when his real sister came and the way he was TRYING to cry yesterday was so different. It all looked fake for me. While kish, u just stole my heart. Wish u all the best in future. U were truly deserving the top 5 position.
    And BB is not being biased coz he never knew that Mandy was going to press the buzzer first or those 3 would win the sand task. Then how can u ppl say he is biased? I am sure that the other contestants must have had a huge relief that they dint win the sand task, or they would have been trapped in this task?
    Rishab wasn’t crying or faking his emotions coz I think he just don’t want to show his emotional side and was controlling his emotions. He was sad though. He dint cry when his sister came but he was evidently sad, so that just shows he is not being a emotional person but being strong. Now that he just need to play individually.
    And prince, I think I don’t want u to win this show coz u r overconfident and I hope anyone else wins the show and u realise that even others got a huge fan following. I don’t know why, but I kinda lost all the respect for u after that Nora thing. Sorry!?

    • Anjana

      Spot on! Every single point! Prince n Rochelle were totally faking it… I hope Prince’s overconfidence brings him down

      • Life Rules

        Yeah. Rochelle I am not sure though coz maybe she is sad that one of her competitor is out but I always feel that she is concerned for everyone. Like when the relatives come, she was there to console every single person and she was the first one to run to the store room and asked bb to let suyyash come out. Also when mandana is upset over something she goes to her for consoling. So I think though she is lil bit crazy at sometimes and her arguments are pointless at times, she has a soft corner for everyone. I like her in that way.
        Keith too..he is a gentleman. He told kish that he respects her. Rochelle is lucky to have him, but if keith is lucky to have her..I don’t know??

      • Anjana

        he he.. All that I can think of when someone says Rochelle is “Guys.. Aaj diwali hai fight math karo.. Guys.. Aaj christmas hai fight math karo” ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Every other day is totally okay to fight ๐Ÿ˜›

  76. viv

    Prince is a fake person.. And again and again use her fan and Punjab to win bt he doesn’t know that people are not fool ….
    We all see that rishab was also the winner in the sand task bt they dont want rishab to win so they play in group…so frnds pls vote for rishav

    • G.K

      Stop blaming prince because rishab don’t have leadership qualities. fact is rishab can’t influence anyone nor anyone will listen to him that’s y he keeps saying individual player fact is he is not capable of influencing people …

  77. G.K

    people who are saying prince should have left for kishwar will also would have said that to kishwar if prince had pressed the button… its the plan of rishab and mandana fans to gain kish votes… kish supporters remember what she said at the end she wanted prince to win don’t get into these fake pplz words …. big boss too biased prince and kishwar were confirmed top two …

  78. Rahul

    ROCHELLE or Keith should win.i cnt see anyone else besides them with trophy..will miss you kishwer?

  79. G.K

    and one more thing those who are saying prince is fake trying to gain sympathy you plz watch rodies and splitswilla where there was no voting like big boss and still what he has done for his friends… he is the same … at times he acts like emotional fool people try to take him for granted but the good thing about him is unlike rishab he never stops trusting ppl…

  80. Anjana

    Just imagine a situation where bigg boss brings kish back next week.. No doubt she’ll win the show cause she has won the respect of all the viewers ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Sky

    If prince does not deserve to win the show then who do u al think.he always win the tasks,most frnds in the bb house,he wants to show his parents the finale night by wining the show is it not bigger then the relationship of kishwar with him .he just want to make his parents proude so he did not give up

  82. Prince welcome

    Vote for prince . He is here to win d show . Winner of d show.โ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บโ˜บ

  83. MAHI

    Kishwer trusted prince and uncertainty and doubt was all that prince showed… Kishwer gave practical reasons while prince was going on about his Punjabi fanbase and his mom and dad…sly fox made her all emotional…with all his fake act of crying..not a drop of tear…just made up his monkey face…said kaash mai buzzer dabaata pehle mere dimaag me nahi aaya…clearly his strategy of selfishness,insecurity ( to be in race for ticket getting Kishwer out) and eager to play behind and against girls( knows mandana couldn’t stay longer). Ya phir he really is a khaali khopdi as he said himself…( I don’t believe him)..if anything is unfair in bb, its using same level of physical tasks to judge both genders… after Kish left,..Mann me toh laddu phoote uske…He stands exposed…apne muh badhai kiye jaa raha tha…MAINE SABSE BANAA KE RAKHI HAI..we all knew that..relation ki aad me hi ab tak game khelta aaya hai woh…gud rebuke by kishwer that game is not about that…and this was not the first tym PRIYA stated her perception of kishwer had changed…she had said this earlier too….she is against fake prince and trashy mandana…..all who say her strategy is to fight and gain attention…WAKE UP…when has she ever fought with Kish or Keith…???she fought on genuine points..sad.. people are not able to see or tolerate one who stands up to bullies and fake people..guess its because of our chalta hai..even salman said it is interesting how Priya and Kishwer seem
    alike…I totally get his point.. Kishwer certainly deserved not to go…And also a BETTER rakhi brother…

  84. piku

    all joshi fans vote for prince now becoz for prince kishwer made sacrifice so for respect of that sacrifice pls vote prince

  85. Madhav Budhanagariya

    RESPECT for that FEARLESS GIRL…had courage to show her real side in this biased game…feeling sad for kishwar.

  86. papri

    if you guys are saying prince overconfident then rishab is also very very overconfident….he considered himself as winner.! And kish maybe would have 1st runner up…but prince will win the show…so thats a good decision kish took.its good for her.atleast she got 15lacs…i was a kishwer fan…main tum logo ki bakwas me nahi ane i’ll vote for prince…cz i’m not fool…

    • Apurva

      I dont know.. Y salman sir always support mandana .. And always potray prince as bad.. Whatever is going in the house is for the game. Kish’s elemination was unfair. She was deserving to be in top 5 .. Mandana doesnt deserves at all.

  87. Heny

    Kishwar earned RESPECT.
    She really proved the meaning of Sister as she really thought of Prince as brother.
    People were not aware about her fan following as she was not nominated. Otherwise I think she has equally strong fan base as Prince.
    N Rishabh you are inside because you didn’t played that sand task. N kishwar was not evicted on the basis of votes otherwise she would be still there for competition.

    • MAHI

      Not one point you have where priya’s stand was…it comes down to personality or age bashing….even Keith wouldn’t approve of that if I think..!

  88. Shruti

    I have not seen Prince’s previous shows. But in BB I could see the hangover of his previous wins. For me in this show he is an average contestant remember he was totally absent for two weeks when with Nora. But what surprises me is how these random guys after winning two shows (we all know there are n number of shows on TV now) believe that there are fans who have a liability of voting them. They just forget that we watch shows people come and go, we discuss them and in next season we again discuss new people. Such people do become a liability where there fans have to justify their actions. Its not only about Prince but for all those such contestants. Bhai fans banane k liye samay aur mehnat dono lagta hai. So please stop becoming our liability.

    • G.K

      if u had watched prince previous shows u wouldn’t be having this opinion… we don’t simply support a person… u must know with what difficulty he is at this stage that doesn’t mean he can take granted his fans yesterday he said that he has lot of fans because if he give up he will be called loser and if u had reached that stage with soo much difficulty there is no point in giving up.

      • Shruti

        That’s what I am saying he is getting reward bcos of his previous shows. In this show his performance is just average. To pass every class you have to give exam every year, you can’t pass next class on the basis that you performed best in last class. Plus don’t say something you can’t do, which he did in this task. Please don’t get offended as I kind of liked cool group but could never justify his approach. And it seems that our bollywood actors take longer time to get such loyal fans than these reality TV participants.

      • G.K

        u donโ€™t need time to make
        fans its just how ur thoughts match โ€ฆ
        and he might be average In ur point of
        u but In mine he plzyed splendidly and
        as far as what he said yesterday it was
        the pressure of that situation not him
        even when I get emotional I say things
        that are foolish which I realise after
        some timeโ€ฆ for me even though Iโ€™m a
        prince fan I wouldnโ€™t mind kishwer
        won ahead of prince both genuinely
        deserve the title( I didnt no kishwar
        before )

  89. @akku Bb ghar to circus ban Gaya colors please change the promo not Udaan Bb house is circus ๐Ÿ˜›
    Jahaki ki joker Prince hain aur ringmaster Mandana hain ๐Ÿ˜›

  90. G.K

    u don’t need time to make fans its just how ur thoughts match … and he might be average In ur point of u but In mine he plzyed splendidly and as far as what he said yesterday it was the pressure of that situation not him even when I get emotional I say things that are foolish which I realise after some time… for me even though I’m a prince fan I wouldn’t mind kishwer won ahead of prince both genuinely deserve the title( I didnt no kishwar before )

  91. what a plan by mandana. She went to prince and said sorry i cant compete with u . Behaves nicely with prince. And went before camera and said i wanted to test brother sister relation. What a cunning girl. And mandana fans- prince is bad. Hello what do u think. If keith and rochell perform will anyone leave by saying he is my boyfriend/girlfriend. If suyyash and kishwer perform will they leave for relation.

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      @pari..there are certain clges that produce good dentists…if u persue ur bds from there u r certainly at a edge..+ it has a great scope outside india in d west ..:-D

  92. even kishwer wants that prince must be the winnes . Then whats everyones problem. Only mandanas fans are afraid that prince will be standing in front of mandana in the final.

  93. every one before- kiswer is bad . Controls cool group. After todays episode mandanas fans-kishwer is very very very very good- vote for mandana-wah wah wah. Kishwer also said that she wants prince to win.

  94. blah

    The young, charming man Prince might have won the โ€˜Ticket to Finaleโ€™, but the lad seems to have enrolled his name in everyoneโ€™s bad books.
    Yes, the man has not only made all the inmates against him, but has also irked Salman Khan to the core.
    If you are eager to know more about the details, let us give you all an inside scoop of the Bigg Boss house.
    A sources shares with us that in tonightโ€™s episode, Salman Khan will show a video footage to all the housemates, which will show Kishwer and Prince discussing about who should exit from Bigg Boss house. During their conversation the duo bad mouthed about other contestants and at instances, even remarked that others including Keith and Rochelle are not deserving enough to be in the race.
    Finally, in the footage Prince shared info with Kishwer that he had signed a contract with the channel for Khatron Ke Khiladi as well. Hence, he has more chance of winning the game.
    Smart choice of words Prince.
    But, his selection surely made Salman furious as there was hardly any truth in it. Salman will shout on the young man for lying to Kishwer and tricking her on walking out of Bigg Boss. Even others will support Salman stating that Kishwer always favoured Prince, hence it was not fair on Princeโ€™s part to cheat the young lady.
    Princeโ€™s statement of other inmates not being deserving enough will also irritate others and they will turn against Prince.

  95. inaoton

    rishap why r u spending most of ur time in mirror with ur hair..
    R u actress or Girl!
    We viewer of BB know u r puppet of Priya who teach ABC in pre nursery class..
    n u say u m playing individual!
    u r looser

  96. simranjeet kaur

    Sab log prince ko blame kyun kar rahe hai issme prince ki koi bhi galti nahi hai ki kishwer left the house . ye decision prince or kishwer Dino ka hai. this is not point to blame prince for that he don’t sacrifice. ussne Jo bhi kaha sach kaha tha he really had huge fan followings . he can win the show so prince’s hatters stop blaming him for that

  97. simranjeet kaur

    kishwer ne prince ke liye issliye sacrifice kiya because usse laga ki WO jeetega so please don’t count it at negative point of Prince

  98. MAHI

    There wouldn’t be any hate if he admits he also had a plan and strategy all along…BE GENUINE….mai task mein itna nahi sochta…mai friends ki b*t*hing nahi karta…mai sher hu..mai behen ke liye task chhod dunga…..BADBOLA banega phir khud yehi sab karega toh questions toh uthenge Hi….be true…

  99. arun

    Prince deserves winning bb…He made least he has someone to love..Wat did others earn?just bcoz prince left..hw can u blame him this much?too bad..mandy is too bad..hate her..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.