Bigg Boss 9 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 57 (continued)
Rochelle says our job is what we are doing in this house. We have to appear strong here. prince says exactly. I have been telling this to you both for long, if we fight with Rishab and Priya then we will look bad, Suyyash says no one can influence at this stage, Prince says stop giving them importance, they will get frustrated by this, notice when i have argument with Priya, Rishab smirks.

In washroom area, Mandana ask rishab what he thinks its right being human? Rishab says you are not all being human, Mandana says yeah right, you are being human, thats enough, bigg boss announces that Rishab should wear mike on right side, Mandana ask if he is happy now?
In garden, Prince ask Priya to go and warn Rishab now, Priya says i will go to

when i want, Prince says now reality has come, public should note this, Priya says i will take action against him but when i want is my choice, suyyash says it is looking like your ego coming in way, Priya says i will take his protein jar, Bigg boss warned him so this is evidence against him, i will comeback here again, she leaves.
Priya takes Rishab’s protein jar and puts it in store room.
Prince comes to rishab and says your protein shake is gone, Rishab ask why? i was wearing mike, Prince says dont know, she said, she will not ask you but would take your protein and she did it, you can go and ask her.
Rishab comes to Priya, she says sorry i had to take your protein, Rishab says no worries, i dont give a damn, Priya says i dont give a damn either, Suyyash laughs, Rishab says i came here just to tell you that i was wearing mike but wrong side, Priya says Bigg boss said to wear your mike, Rishab says no he said wear mike rightly, Priya says i will confirm it from him, rishab ask how will she confirm? will she call Bigg boss? Prince laughs at this, Rishab says i was wearing mike, Priya says if i am at mistake then i will bring your protein back, Rishab ask Prince what did bigg boss say? Prince says bigg boss asked rishab to wear mike rightly, Priya says they asked me to take action against you, Rishab says you should not listen others but yourself only, he leaves. Prince says Priya agreed to give Rishab back his protein when she realized she was wrong but she didnt give me my protein jar back when she knew she was wrong, Priya says because you are Prince, Prince says you are unfair, Prince says Rishab spoke in english too but she didnt take action against him, Kishwar says to Priya that Rochelle is calling you, Priya says i cant come rightnow, Prince says this is your ego, Priya goes to talk to Rochelle, Kishwar tells Prince and Keith that i told Rochelle to call Priya and tell her that you are working alone and she should give some work to Rishab too, now Rochelle will blast at her that she is working alone.
Rochelle says to Priya that i am working alone, Priya says calll rishab and ask him to help you out in work, she goes in store room and brings his protein back. Rochelle says you brought Rishab’s protein back? Priya says because i listened wrong announcement and Prince confirmed it, his two punishments are pending, i will give him punishment, rochelle says he said to me that he will wear mike at wrong side but he will not get punishment as he is wearing mike, tell me if this attitude of his should be accepted? Priya says no this is wrong attitude, Rochelle says you are getting personal, Priya sys dont shout, i will do what i fell is right, and i know what i am doing, Rochelle says why are you shouting at me? Priya says i am not, Prince comes there and says she is giving Rishab’s protein but not mine.
Priya brings Rishab’s protein and says that you dont understand what is happening in house, i will give you punishment but will not take your protein as you take punishments sportingly but when i tried to give punishment to Prince, his attitude was wrong so i had to take his protein jar, Priya says to Rishab that you took punishment earlier for breaking rules so i gave you your protein shake back but now you have broken two rules first of wearing mike wrong side and also speaking in english so i have to take your personal items as punishment, still Rochelle thinks that i am not fair, she ask Rishab to come, she has to be fair, he says yes.

Kishwar is alone in washroom area, she sees some ghost like image in mirror, she runs to Mandana and tells her that she saw a ghost in mirror, she brings Mandana there and says look in mirror, Mandana makes her more afraid and laughs, Rochelle comes out of washroom, Kishwar gets scared by this too, Kishwar tells Rochelle that she saw ghost in mirror, Mandana says you are most nice girl in house thats why they show ghost to you, Kishwar says wait they will show again, Rochelle runs in washroom being afraid, Mandana laughs.

Day 58
Daru pila song plays, inmates wake up and dance together.

Prince is sleeping in bedroom, alarm rings, Priya comes and says that i have to take Prince’s mattress now, Keith says he broke first rule today, give him excuse for first time, Priya says i cant. Prince says i exposed her yesterday so she has taken things on ego, Priya comes back, Kishwar says to Priya that you are too much strict, Rochelle Prince didnt break any rule till now, you are getting personal with him, Priya says yesterday he behaved badly with me, Kishwar says you are being personal with him, Prince says you are hiding your fakeness, you are unfair, Priya says i maybe unfair but i did what i wanted, Priya leaves, Kishwar says she has forgotten that someone else will become captain too and will take on her then, Rochelle comes to Priya and says that you should start crying now to show to camera, Priya says you should start shouting camera is seeing you, Rochelle i do things as that is my personality.

Priya says to Mandana and rishab that i was lenient to inmates in first week of captaincy but as per bigg boss’s orders i have to be strict, they think i am not fair, Mandana there is no real friend in this house, Priya says what Rochelle would do for you, she is doing it now for Prince, she is covering his mistakes, she likes the job of being manager.
Prince says to Rochelle and Kishwar that Bigg boss made her captain for second time, she became egoistic.

Priya speaks in english, Prince takes her bag in store room as punishment. Priya makes rule that whoever will break rule, his personal belonging will be sent in store room.
Rishab says to Prince that we are not friends but if you want protein shake then you can take mine. Kishwar says to Priya that when Rishab broke rule, you just took his T-shirt but when Prince broke rule, you took his protein shake. Rishab says dont bring me in all this, Prince says to Rishab that we dont have anything against you.

Priya ask Rochelle to not sleep, she seems sleepy. Rishab is sleeping, Priya comes and says i have to take your personal belonging now, Rishab says take it, inmates will not get satisfied till you dont take my protein shake, Keith says nothing like that, Priya takes his ganji,, to put in store room but he says that i wear this, take something else, Priya says fine, she takes protein shake of Rishab and put it in store room, Rishab comes to her and says this is what all wanted, to take my protein shake and you did it, now take my bag too.

Nomination Time
Bigg boss says to inmates that its time for nominations, Priya won car task so she has immunity from nominations, no one will nominate her. every inmate have to nominate two inmates, it will be open nominations, the one whom you want to nominate, break sugar bottle on hir or her head, he ask them to wear safety googles, they do so. Nominations start.
PRINCE: He says since this is open nominations so i dont have any choice, Rishab tries to play game but he seems going wrong way, he bangs bottle his head, he says i have started friendship with her but still i dont like some of her acts, he breaks bottle on Mandana’s head and nominates her.
ROCHELLE: Rochelle nominates Kanwal as he is not game changer for her. she says i thought about nominating Mandana but still i have friend-enemy relation with her so not nominating her still. She nominates Rishab.
SUYYASH: He says its good to see change in Mandana but dont know her real side, he nominates Mandana and breaks bottle on her head. he says Rishab has no contribution in house as such, he nominates Rishab.
MANDANA: she says Suyyash is not doing much in house as his partner Kishwar is very strong maybe because of their age difference and also their relation is old one so he is under her influence, she nominates Suyyash. she says Kanwal is not contributing much, she nominates Kanwal.
KEITH: He says i didnt like when Mandana said that her boyfriend is not in house, she looked cold, he nominates Mandana. he nominates Kanwal saying that if i get in nominations then i should be with weak contestant.
RISHAB: nominates Rochelle as he wants partners to play alone, he nominates Prince to break his ego, Prince says you have ego.
KANWAL: he says Keith is sweet and not for this game, he nominates Keith, he says Rochelle said bad words for me and didnt said sorry, he nominates Rochelle.
KISHWAR: she says Mandana said words against me in fight two days back, i didnt like it, she nominates Mandana. She says Rishab said today i take side of wrong people and i am part of cool group, i hate this phenomena of grouping but still Rishab said it for me, it hit me hard so i will nominate him, she nominates Rishab.

Bigg boss says MANDANA, RISHAB and KANWAL are nominated till now.
Bigg boss says as captain, we are giving chance to Priya to nominate one inmate, that inmate will get nominated directly. Prince says it will be me, Priya says unlike Prince i will nominate the one whom i would have nominated if it was close nominations, this is not personal but strategic nomination, i nominate KEITH, he is very good like me, he has no faults like me, Keith says dont thinki am that innocent, all laugh.

Bigg boss says nominated inmates are MANDANA, RISHAB, KANWAL and KEITH.

Rishab says to Priya that it was good you nominated Keith. Priya says it was beneficial in two ways, now Rochelle will go more against me and will show her bad side and also Keith can become strong in coming weeks so this is right time to nominate him, if i had nominated Prince then it was waste opportunity, i have nothing against Keith, Rishab says he is kind of person who wont fight with anyone, Priya says he is just seeing Rochelle’s perspective.
Prince says to Mandana and Rochelle that Priya nominated Keith to show she is fair, Rochelle says she says Keith is nice then nominates him.

Priya is washing utensils. she sees ghost reflection in mirror, Kishwar and other inmates sees it too, Priya freaks out and says it was some child reflection, it was scary, Kishwar says to Suyyash that you will go with me everywhere, even for Susu, suyyash smirks, Rishab says it was just light, it is fake.

Nora and Gizele comes in house, they are in pool of house, they do sensuous dance in pool, Rishab, Prince and other inmates enjoy it. After dance, Nora and Gizele meets inmates, they come in house and says its nice interior.
Rochelle says to suyyash and Kishwar that i know this Gizele really well, we had same set of friends, when i left that group, she entered that group, i know her reality, she is not good, Suyyash says to Kishwar that this Gizele is same who arranged a theme party sometime back and i got to listen it was vulgar party, Rochelle says i just want to tell to stay away from her, she is weird and not good, Suyyash says if you were part of her group then she knows about you and will try to target you so be prepared, Rochelle agrees, Kishwar says dont worry, we have got more names to nominate in nominations, Rochelle laughs.
Priya ask Nora and gizele how she looking outside? she is playing right? Nora and Gizele says you are going great, Priya says i dont have any idea how i am going, Gizele says you are going great, you have become wild of Bigg boss, they laugh.

Prince ask Gizele what message did her sister sent with you? Gizele says you have to be yourself, Rochelle is very fake person, you dont have drift away from Suyyash and Kishwar, see Suyyash is in relationship with Kishwar so she will be his priority but you remember it was Rochelle who called you Goon again and again and now becomign your friend just for her own advantage, Prince says i know she is playing game with me but i wanted to show people that the one who called me goon now wants to become friend and infact defending that goon only, you have to be with Suyyash and Kishwar till end, cant you see Rochelle changing party every now and then. i saw she was bashing you in one of weekend episode then when Keith left, she became friends with you as she wanted support, Prince says i know, i was nice to her as Keith asked before leaving to take care of her, gizele says you have come out more stronger.

Gizele says to Priya that Rochelle always gang up against wild cards, all thought she is under Keith’s shadow initially but when Keith left, she changed her strategy, now it feels like Keith is innocent and just revolving around her, her policy is that of divide and rule, she was faking to be Mandana’s savior and all, she herself called Mandana fake behind her back, Priya says really? Gizele says yes, she says Rochelle is always against wilds but she was sweet to you last week as she wanted to corner Mandana and she wanted all housemates to come on her side and gang up against Mandana and she successfully did it, i know what Kishwar did was wrong, spitting was not good idea but Kishwar hasnt changed much, she is same like she was initially, shows she is not fake, Priya says Kishwar has toned down he aggression too, when i entered house, i had wrong impression about her, i thought she is bad but after staying here, i have realized she isnt that bad person, Gizele agrees.

PRECAP- Nora and Prince have pillow fight, they both have fun in bedroom, Rishab sees this from garden area and is upset, Kishwar jokes that seems like someone is burning, i can smell it. Later Nora shows her sensuous dance moves, Prince and rishab are awestruck, Rishab says bigg boss please give me dance task with her.
Later Bigg boss changes house into ghost house or haunted house, there are people in garden area dressed as ghosts, they try to make inmates afraid by making scary noises and faces.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Sam Barua

    This week big boss started with a great bang. We are enjoying big boss now,watching Priya being roasted by salman as well as by the inmates. The fight between prince and Priya was awesome. Prince is back.
    Thanks for this nice episode.

  2. Sweetie

    What is wrong with gizele.. y shes giving her “expert” advice to everyone.. god i hate even looking at her..

    • Neeru

      Haha… Yeah i agree.. She shud atleast wait for a day… LOL…. But i like it when wild card entries come with a bang nd change the game.. Giselle nd rochs seem to hate each other.. There’s definitely some bad history..
      Nora hv already started her strategy that she mentioned to salman.. “Rishab aur prince ko pyar dena” .. πŸ˜€
      I like priya but she is getting tooo strict.. Nd somewhere she is biased towards rishab..
      I liked how everyone realized priya’s game plan of divide nd rule nd decided to frustrate her by not fyting with each othr bcoz of her.. It was good to see how everyone supported prince vn priya was being bossy.. So now its prince, kish , suyyash, rochs nd kieth against priyaa … Rishab beech me phas rha hai..
      Mandy i am confused… She was seen with priya gossiping abt others nd then with prince gossiping abt priya… But i liked how she is trying to be frnds with prince.. πŸ™‚
      The wildcards, , their entry , in the pool was awesome… Prince nd rishab ki tho nikal padi.. πŸ˜€

      • Sweetie

        Gizele is calling roch fake. But she started bad mouthing about her the moment she stepped in… How desperate is she for attention..

      • tedd

        Yaah giselle had to wait atlst for another day…but it can’t be ignored that what all she said about roch (dal badloo) is right

      • tedd

        Hey neeru hwz u??…aj ka epi k liye itne saare comments and itne saare fights…omg…i was like shocked wen i saw all those comments…kitna fyts chal raha hai….

  3. variin

    Thnx gizele to show d real face of rochelle. ….for today’s episode I can say that she is perfect wildcard entry….. now prince should know that only kish nd suyyash are best for him as they are genuine …….hate u rochelle …. u r a cheap girl. ……making everyone against wildcard……Rochelle is doing all this to get attention bt we r just hating her…..u can’t win like this…..never…..u r a loser for me

    • I guess u r wrong..rochelle is a sweet girl..n Keith and rochelle are not fake..Suyash and kish b*** about least rochelle and keith don’t do this..n this Gizele is really such a rascal..she is trying to make everyone go against rochelle.. I hate her..

      • variin

        Really priya rochelle is sweet…..I dont think so……she always change her side her opinion acc to her profits… she always being witj the strong contender to be safe……firstly when mandy was strong, she was at mandy side but now she changed her side… really……and whatever kish talked about prince at his back was human nature. When u do alot for someone and dat person left u then it hurts alot…..
        For me kish is real player..

      • variin

        Hey lovely thats my personal views….I dnt like rochelle’s attitude. …so pick up small topic to create a big mess….thats gissele game, whatever she is talking about rochelle… I like her coz I hate rochelle….

  4. nb

    really happy wid the progress in house.. honestly if mandana kish nd priya bcm the bester of frnds.. dey cn b a real entertainer.. hoping dat dese grls find a soothing cmpny in eachother

  5. sak

    gizele… is she mad tat she started gossiping as soon as she entered.. tis shows her real face.. started hating her on 1st day itself.. she s nothing in front of Rochelle

  6. Heny

    Finally a fun filled episode. And if this is gonna be the group of 5 Kishwar Suyyash Prince Rochelle and Keith then I can say that they might be the top 5. Suyyash can be excluded and Mandy can be included. This wildcards already started playing games. The Bhoot bungalow task seems fun. But I agree with Gizelle that Kishwar hasn’t changed from the time she entered. So she’s not fake.

  7. Heny

    And ya Mandana and Kishwar was looking really cute together. Hope they become friends. Does anyone else wish so ?

    • harshal

      noooo!!! they are more awesome as enemies, both are really good, I can’t even imagine what bigg boss 9 ratings would be today if not for their fights, both are strong personalities, and need to remain separate entities, thats way more fun

  8. tedd

    What gizelle (though her bee-stung lips don’t suit her face and how i wish to slice her lips into two halves?????) said was ryt…if u are someone’s partner,then that someone’s partner will be his/her 1st priority…
    And yes roch gangs up against wild cards, last time when priya came in, she made a gang against her (said that we are here since beginning,how can a wild card entry come and go far wid us)….
    Captainship is getting over Priya’s head, she is being bossy just to show that she z fair..but yeah shez playing a smart game of divide and rule…..
    Good that kish supported Prince against Priya, after many days kuch to bonding dekhne ko mila….

    • Neeru

      Yeaah.. We just mentioned it yestrdy nd today they are back.. πŸ™‚ Somevr deep down suyyash, kish nd prince share a special bond.. So evn if they fyt ,, two days nd they are bck … As you mentioned it was good to see suyyash nd kish support prince.. Priya seemed dumbstruck seeing that… LOL..
      But I am glad they sorted it out in the morning itself befre giselle came in nd gave her “tipani.. ”
      Else fir lagtha ki dusroon ki baathon me aa gaye …

      • tedd

        Haan yeh to hai…nh to lagta ki giselle ne kaha to prince ghar laut gaya…. But overall seeing the trio is soothing to my eyes….

    • Sweetie

      So true… I always knew princes feelings for her were not genuine… He was doing that to get attention like gauhar kushal and upen karishma

  9. knightrider

    Great nomination decision by priya really clever . what a joke by prince i know rochell using me .you are so stupid anyone can use and throw u. Waste wildcard entries not need of that .

  10. Prince should understand that Rochelle is been sweet with him for her advantages where as I think that kish have genuine feelings for him. That ghost twist it seems to be interesting.

  11. loved rishab in today’s episode.he is funny & cute.he doesnt need to shout & fight to get attention he gets it by his cool attitude.& thats what makes him different..diggi & rishab were cute together.but he never realised tht diggi has a soft corner for him.

  12. piku

    now the game is on… asli big boss Masala…. from now onwards dynamics of game will change and also so called friendships Priya will become overconfident prince is going good keep it up dude

  13. Pri

    The new wild card entries will be very interesting. Either they will do an amazing job, or be flop.
    Priya is doing very well, i think she is fair. Rochelle keeps switching up sides, BUT remember, both Rochelle and Gizelle do not like each other, so both will talk bad about one another! We will not know who is fake and who is real until a week or two in! Kishwar has toned down, i agree, and she has been the same person throughout! I think the new wild card entries will put Mandana in her spot. Gizelle chalaak lagti hain, but you never know.

  14. II

    Omg i thought only after priya leaves her captainship all will gang up against her. Within just one day all went to one side leaving priya alone. I dont know whether it is strategy or unknowingly it happened. I agree priya was little being strict. But today i really felt very tvery bad for her. It was really funny to watch prince saying like a child that i exposed her i exposed her. Mai usko vatt lagayi aaj seedhi hogayi something like that he said. No my dude priya realised how can be i so fool to fight with another big fool. Sorry i dont hate prince butbyesterday he appeared little stupid in priyas fight. Till now i didnt understand clearly what he really exposed about priya yesterday even after watching the show two times. She just said after knowing ur asli chehera kish and suysh backed off. The same thing she clarified to suysh when prince calledeveryone inside.anyway he took this as abumper chance to re unite with them. Really today is avery bad day for priya. Even i didnt expect this from kish. So soon she left priya. Atleast priya nominated keith openly but kish said i will nominate keith yesyerday but today she changed as it is open nomination. Little bit shocked. Mandy well said to prya they make friends then cut ur throat. I thought kish will not leave priya that soon. Anyway nothing can be done now. Hope priya becomes much stronger before rishab leaves her too.

    • tedd

      Priya aur kosh kavi dost the hi nh…neither they were enemies…haan kuch dino se kish chup baithi thi but u can’t assume that they were friends…kish ka yahan par suyash aur prince k alawa koi dost hai hi nh…baaki jo sab hai,that’s strategy……priya was also going overboard this morning, dragged kal ka issue this morning….it was not needed na….that’s obvious ki kish will stand for prince as they are friends

    • I found Suyyash’s captaincy the best until he became biased towards Kishwer in the captaincy task. But Priya is doing a great job as a captain but she is too strict . At least contestants are following the rules.And BB seems to be little biased towards Priya but that’s not Priya’s fault.

  15. sab ki anarkali

    Y do eveyone think mandana is bad…. she is making such good progress. Yes she can get annoying sometimes but overall shes a great contestant in games like these when u need a mind and strategy

    • harshal

      don’t worry, she is not that hated as much as she is loved. She is one of the hot favourites to win this show. Infact, She and Prince have highest number of followers and fans when it comes to showing support.

  16. Dais

    Wow yr sabko ek ek nomination toh aa Hi gaya except kishwar sahi hai yr pehle sab uski buraai karte the ab sab normal ho gaya !! gharwale kya palti marte hai
    But anyways kish is my favorite .??

    • Heny

      Exactly sab bolts hai ke she is bully they don’t like her but she hardly gets nominated. This shows that everyone wants to have good equation with her as she is very very strong !

  17. neeru

    Mandys doing really good…. just need to hold the tears…. keith isnt made 4 the show hes too lenient and sweet. Kishwer i just hate… rishab is hot…. prince too agreesive

  18. neeru

    Priya is slowly mixing into groups… the way she entered i thought she was gonna be a real game changer but she is becoming dramabaaz and fake day by day

  19. harshal

    well well well…. 3 consecutive good episodes, a rare sight in bigg boss 9. best episode in weeks i could say, lots of funny moments, ghost scene(mandy frightening kish and roch), Prince’s scheme of making priya look fool :v, roch making fun of priya, mrs. big lips actually stirring some fights, rishab jealous, kish joking about rishab’s jealousy and so much more. Awesome episode.

    Mandy- girl, you are and will always be my fav, continue the lone wolf journey, cheers. also, you looked damn cute when you frightened kish and roch in that funny way

    Prince- bro, really taking off nicely now, you have quickly become my second fav contestant(earlier you were well below), continue with this funny schemes and mind games, don’t get much distracted by Nora i hope, timepass kar bas πŸ˜›

    Roch- You are moving farther away now in my fav contestant list, but that 1 line to priya(“don’t forget to cry or you won’t look righteous”) gave me the laugh of the day.

    Big Lips- friendships can be continued after the house, don’t you dare revert Prince back to how he was before, he is pretty entertaining now and yeah, do something about your lips please, it really takes all the attention away despite your hot smoking body

    Priya- phurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜›
    To others, start doing something atleast now when you have the chance, finalists(mandy, prince, kish, roch/priya) are looking more and more obvious now…….

  20. lovely

    Oooo god people plz understand rochelle is a human and not bhishmpitamah that even if kauravs were wrong he supported them coz he promised them.common she is not god.she acts as per situation.where support is needed she supports d right one

    • variin

      I think you r rochelle’s friend…..please u dnt need to tell us how rochelle is…….we can see……we didnt asked ur opinion over rochelle……

  21. Pragya

    Guys gizelle is making everyone go against Rochelle’ coz she was in the group of what Rochelle was-so she is targeting them-and really are seriel actors so disgusting that they look up to girls like Nora and Gizelle?! Disgusting. And priya & others are are being targeted by gizelle against roch

  22. Sachin

    Prince is going great…but has started backb****ing ..and that too in front of giselle about rochel…somewhere is believe this giselle is malefic..prince must maintain distance from her bcoz giselle will befriend priya and prince must play his game shrewdly.

  23. Maxx

    prince caught priya in snare…and proved her fakeness in past two days .He has showed how she is totally partial towards rishabh …now every housemate agrees on that and each one is against PRIYA .she told prince once you are no more a tiger well there he comes with a roar and priya dramebaaz one that brings topic of racism from no where is looking troubled

    • knightrider

      I dont agree in fight with priya prince seem to be stupid totally how can he say her foreigner who the hell he is .even u have to look the clip all bbhouse contestant even pruya laugh on his reaction .

  24. Ritika

    b*t*hing started on the first day itself…interesting….and shez right about both rochelle and kishwar. And what’s wrong with Prince, jahan ladki dekhi wahin chipak jaata hai! Someone in splitsvilla, then tried to be near mandana- she kept a teddy in between, then yuvika then now this nora. Very wierd! I dislike Prince’s this side…very confused and foolish! Rishabh is the cooler one and maintains his attitude!

  25. knightrider

    I my opinion this season of bb get first wild card entry winner priya malik because she have beauty with brain .she only have strategy and plan other like prince are fool .

    • harshal

      has brain, i can let that slide, but beauty?? really??
      Also, was it part of her ‘plan and strategy’ today i.e. getting absolutely roasted and exposed today? πŸ˜›
      Lastly, a person who asks the new entrants how she is looking in the house from the outside world pov, can only mean that the person is just trying to create an image of herself(living a fake identity) and not being an honest person, because, if you are truly honest with your character, you will always know how you are and how you will be seen by others and don’t need confirmation from others about your character ;). She is just trying to live a life in the house where people will appreciate her and her being “righteous” and all and definitely not trying to live with her own true self character. And that my dear friend is what we call as………………..” BEING FAKE” πŸ˜€

      • Ritika

        Yup even I feel that either kishwar or Priya might win this season…they are deserving and very strong! …Oh but how can I forget…If Salman Khan doesn’t go to jail in today’s high court verdict (up for trial today in high court), Mandana also has an equal chance! Lol πŸ˜€

    • Ritika

      Every1 is fake in big boss but Priya and Kishwar are actually playing a ‘strategic’ game…Some are saying ‘exposed Priya’….what did they expose…so childish- in that too she got the most footage for the day! It’s all a strategy and it’s true without Priya and Kishwar show would be dull!

  26. nitika

    Mandy kish and pri should work together…. they spice up the show….. y does mandy get cornored and as people say bullied

  27. nitika

    I think prince or rishab is gonna get crazy over giselle or norah…. they r the flirty type especially rishb

  28. Shona

    Prince seems like such a juvenile fellow fightinh with Priya like a spoilt brat. Its most annoying. Priya is being too strict. Rishab is the coolest one. He has got a nice attitude. Kishwar is going well. Rochelle is just the most fake person in the house. Possibly more annoying than Prince. Priya is the smartest one and playing a good game just tone down the crying and strict behaviour babe. And Prince- grow up. If that is even possible lol

    • Ritika

      Completely agree, instead of ‘exposing’ Prince himself looked very childish whereas Rishab maintained a cool attitude to whatever Priya said, And Prince getting after every girl that he meets shows his foolishness…can’t he maintain his dignity!

  29. Maxx

    Marks based on your comments…

    Prince 5/10
    rochelle 4/10
    priya 4/10


  30. Maxx

    Looks are rochelle and prince are being seen as notorious ones by many….but everyone must understand its rishabh and priya who are playing the DIRTIEST game and prince and rochelle are just answering it back..and hence are looking naggy and loud….

  31. oh god!!What the hell this gizelle thinks about herself…i started hating her from the very first day…may roch,keith and prince move to the finale…

  32. tin tin tumo

    aye tattl prince tu mujhe bahut bura lagta and roch tum brainless i just hate these wild crd enteries also i mean bar bar wild card entry itna flop h kya serial

  33. Sachin

    Actually kish and suyyash are partial towards each other..which prince doesnt like.He thinks y only brother left alone…thats why he rebelled.
    Mandy is natural she is what she is n very Moody..doesnt play much mind games.
    priya is acting oversmart trying to divide n rule but getting it back in the face
    Rochel is 50% fair 50% unfair but keith defends her although honest good man.
    Rishabh went priyas side as initially she was looking strong but now he seems foolish n will be soon out if he doesnt leave her no housemate likes rishabh ‘dalbadlu’.
    prince is playing great but overreacts in getting priya n rishabh down.
    Kanwaljit doesnt matter n wil b out this week.

  34. fatarajo

    This prince always gets influenced by others so easily. I wonder how he has won two reality shows as it is not easy to win for someone who gets influenced so easily.
    That scene was funny when Kishwer gets scared and she tells Mandana, and she scares her even more πŸ˜›
    I think Kanwal may be evicted this week

  35. Meena Rani


    Rochelle is too fake and Priya is fair 10/10. Salman shoud criticize her once only then she will be ok.

  36. I think mandana sab say aachi hai
    naa us nay kabhi kisi kii side li aur naa us kii side kabhi koi hua ….
    woh akele he khelti rahi hamesha
    her baar sare gharwale us k khilaf hote thay m
    agar woh hamesha strong rahi……..

  37. I think mandana sab say aachi hai….

  38. ssss

    upto now what proved in bb is that…kis, suyash and price trio do best….vs mandy..scorpion, priya….fake exposed, rochelle….dramebaaz, rishav…..ultu pultu, keith….sailent.

  39. tin tin tumo

    kuhu u r totally insane guy how u can say prince will be the winner and those who r supporting u r also a big big DUMBASS ……. roadies aur splitsvilla jeetkar n jane apne aapko kya samajhta h bb jeetkar dikha oh waise bhi agar jeet bhi jaata to koi badi baat nahi h kyuki iss bb m saare weak h to unke saamne apne aapko hero dikhata h …… h but the reality he is only a big ZERO nonsense TATTAL BIKHARI PRINCE (TBP) his new name aur isike laayak h wo ……..wo log sabse bade pagal h ki us TBP ko pasand karte h ……..and khyati u think roch will be the winner tum to sabse badi pagal she will not be the winner undestand…..

  40. Aneri

    Kish can win d show but I think big boss is creating a circumstances in a way that kish started being partial towards others n change her real behavior which she was from the beginning of d show may be bb is playing a nice game with inmates who r best friends like they played with prince suyyah n kish don’t what is going to happen but for me kish is d winner from starting to end ? as I like her personality her nature her game n her heart I think she can never give anyone dhoka type u know n her protackting nature for her Frend n for her lover – her life ?

  41. @tin tin tumo prince won roadies and splits villa by defeating many strong boys physically. So he is my fav,not only me but for a large no of fans. BB is not physical but it is mind oriented ,so prince is not able to understand it but still he is my hero

  42. Mahi

    Prince bigboss jeena deserve nhi karta.. Kal tak mai chahti thi prince bigboss jeete but ab ni.. Kitna attitude h.. Pehle wo kish aur suyyash ko bhaai behen banake unke st tha fir jab bb ne video dikhaya rochelle ko jaake buraai ki un 2om k baare me.. Kal aayi hui gizele ne roch k baare me kaha tab prince saala mufat roch ki b buraai krne Lag gya.. 4 saal ka bachha h kya.. Priya ne fair decision ni liya Keith ko eliminate karke.. priya ko tho melodrama karna h.. Mandana fullon fake hai.. Sirf apne baare me sathi hai.. Acha hota wildcard me digi aur aman aye hote tho.. Digi tho khelne lag gayi thi.. Aman ka tho expect b ni kiya tha vo eliminate hoga.. I think roch a,Keith aur kish ko finale me jaana chahiye..

    • Rishabh

      Not keith and rochell they are still till 3 or 4 weeks after that new story of wild card gissel love prince.and finalist will be rishabh.,mandy,kishwer,priya

  43. vin

    Rochelle is very selfish and fake.she thinks if she doesn’t fight people won’t like her but there is difference between fighting for right thing n only for showing herself more n more irritating and squeaky….

  44. gourav

    Mr. Tin tin tumo the first thing is that the winner is not going to be decided by you
    The winner is decidede by the max. Votes okkk nd ek bar sare cmnts dhyan se padho majority wants prince to win bb so dont act as if u r the big boss of this site everyone has a different opinion u cant change it so stop calling others mad nd this name ‘Tattal Bikhari” suits u more……

  45. vic

    I think prince is very aggressive , every time he shout’s and always try’s to prove that he is right by shouting , he’s not real but a dam fake attitude person , frankly speaking he don’t deserve to be in BB huzzzzzzzz….

  46. vic

    Mandana , keith , Reshab , Priya , these are ppl ‘s who is real.. bcoz jo abhi woh karta hai , woh sab ke saamne karta hai , whether it is in task or any thng else . if I get 1 chance I would , I would like to teach prince a lesson ……ki behave like a gentle men not like a jungli person . , Agar gut’s hai toh keith se flight kar de kho ,,,hamesha girl’s ke upper maat shout karo……….reshab is much much better than prince bcoz prince toh flighting ke shiva aur kuch nahi karthe but reshab atleast entertain kar tha hai ………

  47. Pragya

    Lolz??…madana n real seems contrary..same for Roch. Whether you accept it or not bt kish has been the same since day 1.Mandy n Roch don’t deserve a bit to be in finale…most fake n undeserving contestants so far. They Cry n fight for stupid reasons. N Keith plz stop being Roch’s tail. Prince going good. Kish is best. Love sukish?

    • harshal

      how can you call a person who is looking like arrogant & selfish FAKE? because from my viewpoint, those who pretend to be good, even they are not, and try to be ideal contestant are fake eg.Priya. Mandy has never pretended to be an Ideal contestant anytime
      Secondly, if your criteria is excessive fighting, I think even your fav Kish has fought a lot in this house, so, what makes her more deserving than mandy?
      Thirdly, if kish has remained same from day 1(to which i agree), i think even mandy has remained the same to which most people will agree.

    • Rishabh

      Isme real or fake kya it is a game or yaha kabhi kuch bhi karna padta h kya aap Vo stupidity jo prince ne ki

    • anushri

      Totally agree with you. I don’t think mandana is being real any time in the house and her previous manager Rochelle have proved several times that she is fake.

  48. vic

    I don’t think so …………compare to roch , mandana is much better den her coz …..coz Mandana back bit nahi karta and company change abhi nahi katha rocha ki jisi…..and for kissh she’s uh uh …tikh thak now coz before she ws bab…….bt now it seems sheis pretending to be good .

  49. @tin tin tumo , yes u r right. no one will be d winner of bb9. The real winner of bb9 is u nd only u deserve to be the winner of bb9!!!!!!!!! The biggest dumb is u Tin tin tumo

  50. tin tin tumo

    hello Mr gourav i think u didn’t read my comment proprly…..i m nt deciding d winner of d show i jst giving my opinion nd yeah majority toh us tattal prince ke against bhi h….nd btw i guess u felt vry bad abt his tbt name so put it in urself… suits u more….nt me… it….

  51. i hate prince for shouting on a girl.salmanne use pehle bhi kha tha ki hamare jaise ladke ayenge to unse fight karke dikhao.ek ladkipe shout karke aap strong nhi weak lagte ho.priya was right in her place agar koi ankh band karke leta hai to obviously samnewale ko lagega ki vo so rha hai phir priya usko punish kyu na kare.sab priya ko target karke unnecessary fights kar rhe hai rochelle ne bhi vohi kiya.

  52. Rishabh genuine HA ha ha . First he tried to act like a don to entertain. Next he realized everyone against him then changed strategy by acting like kind hearted to escape from elimination. He is fully fake

  53. Rishabh genuine HA ha ha . First he tried to act like a don to entertain. Next he realized everyone against him then changed strategy by acting like kind hearted to escape from elimination. He is fully fake

  54. mottu

    i totlly agree wid anu r y he alwayz pretend dat he is write….i hate him…..okayyy he hv huge fan following bt der r sum who hate his acts…his bakwass attitude….nd his unnecessary fights…..i jst want ki koi use jabardast lessons de…..

  55. vic

    mandana is better than roch………………mandana is doing coz dis is her stratege hai , she is playng openly nt like roch & prince hiding behind the ppl’s ,shouting ,flighting in BB9 huzzz.

  56. tin tin tumo

    oh kuhu jaake psychiatrist ko dikha tere ko jarurat hai…..tujhe m bb9 me kaha dikh rha hu….r u feellng okkk….thnks 4 ur favr i really want 2 b der….or agar m waha pr hounga toh tu pkka mujhe vote kregi qki tune toh mujhe na hote hi winner bana diya…..lols……….hahaha……bechare prince mandy nd all avaiyeee bb9 me baithe hue hai….lols…….hahahahaha…….hey kuhu go nd take psychiatrist advice u must need it…….lols……

  57. oni

    prince karta kya he bb me joh winner hoga…hahahahaha…very funny….hamesa group me rehta he kabhi kish suyash toh kabhi rochelle keith k sath…

    • Rishabh

      I agree but if he leaves the then he wii be eliminated from the house it is a stertogy of kish suyash and prince for save from nomination

  58. oni

    end me dekhna kahi ka nahi rahega woh…mandy or rishab toh pasad nahi karta usse,,,priya k sath banta nahi..keith or suyash ko pith dikha diya….

  59. oni

    prince k liye arman bb7 and dolly bb4 se aa k uski khabar leni chahiye ….. dusro pe chilana bhul jayega

  60. To kya ladki prince pe chillayegi aur Vo chup rahega kya.he also has to prove that he is right. Priya is taking side of rishabh. Riahabh also changed side from mandana to priya. Fake priya and rishabh

  61. tin tin tumo

    toh kya prince real hai….haha…..jb cnfssn room se bahar nikalata hai toh bolta hai nw india will see a new prince means wat….wat he was shwng to india before…..fake….totlly….nd ofcourse dlly bndra or armaan hote toh bhigi billi bna rehta….darpok……tattal bhikari…..


  63. Tin tin tumo please see splitsvilla and roadies one time. You will start liking him. He defeated many boys physically in task. He is hero. Don’t compare these stupid celebrities with prince. Prince can beat rishabh in 2 minutes . Ha ha ha.prince beat more strong boys in previous shows

  64. @tin tin tumo rishabh acted like a don to show that he is a entertainer. After he realized everyone against him ,he is acting like good kindhearted man.then when he realized value of priya he left mandana and joined priya. Priya is waste. The fool. Trying to divide all. Goes to everyone and tells all sorts of things to show that she is very very very fair . But she takes side of rishabh always

  65. tin tin tumo

    oh hello miss fortune teller……sry lgta hai prince bhikari ki manger……lagi reh uski maala jpne mein….i hv no prblm…..nd yeah…4 ur comment i hv only 1 answer……POOR PJ…..nd b hppy 4 it…..u DUMB…..

  66. tin tin tumo

    nd yeah….m chiti toh tu pkka haathi hai….qki tere prince ki toh m issme leta rehuga or teri naak me dum krta rehunga….so be prepare 4 dat…otherwise dnt say dat i dnt warn u…….miss hathni…..

  67. Rishabh

    Prince; kish; suyash ;teeno ki team unhe nomination Se har baar save karti h or teeno ko chhod kar abhi tak kisi ka bond nahi ban paya h rochell wants to be made up a bond but mandy and keith neglect her. SO GUYS DO U AGREE

  68. naina

    i completely agree with kuhu and all @tin tin tumo wat u think urself prince really very strong if u see roadies and splitsvilla den u really become his fan
    u cant criticise him like dis …….


  70. Mahi

    @RISHAB: I’m confused I don’t know kaun ayega finale main bcoz mje roch, Keith aur kish pasand h that’s why.. mandana aur priya mje bilkul pasand ni hai aur RISHAB fair khelthe h..

  71. tin tin tumo

    hey kuhu i knw prince ko koi effect nhi hone waala bt tu irritate ho rhi hai….dats enough fr me….nd by d way i m nt dumb….d fact is u r a biggggggg DUMB!!!! got it…..and @maxx wat is ur prblm……i m giving my opinion in my way….who d hell r u to teach me…..mind in ur damn buisnesss…..nd oye hathni tu toh mere nishane aa gyi….BACHKE REHIYO…….haha….

  72. naina

    i agree with mahi really i think kish is a strong player bt i dont like rochelle is big dramrbaaz
    bt priya is playing very smartly and really she is becoming strong day by day and i consider rishab as entertaining

  73. #tintin tumo, ya ryt!!! U cant say dt who will b d winner of bb9 but U can be part of decision dt who will be d winner by voting. But chiti kahika tu thori hi na vote karne wala he kanjush
    . If u thnk dt I m an fortune teller then u think bt let me tell u prince is d winner of bb9

  74. oni

    hahahaha great yaar….rodies me task karte he …yaha total different he…24*7 cemera notice karte he…… physically strong hona bb jitna nahi hota….khali was must physically strong than sweta(sweta won),,,,mehak was mentally syrong than juhi(juhi won),,,emman was most entertener than urbasi(urbasi won),,,,plz yaar past me joh tha usse chhori present me kyakar raha he dekho….. bb apne jage he he rodies apne jage he…rodies or bb ko mixed mat karo…. bb no 1 reality show

  75. tim tim tumo

    hey oni….u r absultly crrct…..actually i thnk bb is gr8… hv dffrnt zone nd criteria…..yaha ache acho ki bnd bjti bhi hai….or bjate bhi hai….u hv 2 mentally strng to bear torture by inmates…4 make up a strategy…its totlly mind oriented game…..prince roadies or splitsvilla me chala hoga bt yaha woh dffrnt hi hai…

  76. siva rishab ke sath partiality karne ki bat to badme ayi pehle prince ke sonewala kissa hua usme prince chilla rha tha u cant punish me u can punish any1 but nt me.kyu bhai tu aasman se tapka hai jo tuze punish nhi kar sakte?uski ye bat to kish ko bhi sahi nhi fightme chillane wala prince tha priya nhi.vo to sirf usko reaction de rhi thi.vo fight unnecessary thi.aur badme jis tarah usne us matter ko khincha vo bhot stupid tha.

  77. Pragya

    @harshal- its not about being aggressive or calm. Fights are common…in fact they are important to spice up the show. Bt there’s a thing called SENSE…n these two fools( Roch n Mandy) don’t even know what they are fighting for??….n as you said mandana is same from day 1…OK if we agree too…if she is like this only then also she doesn’t deserve to be a winner.

  78. maya

    A tight slap for not updating my favourite episode I can’t see due to upcoming exam but u people can’t understand ?

  79. Ritika

    185 comments…same Prince supporter commenting and fighting with different names and IDs….He/she by mistake copy-pasted the same comment with different names LOL πŸ˜€ But Prince does not deserve to win this season, why waste time on him! Chill!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.