Bigg Boss 9 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 88
They wake up to song ‘Kya Karein Kya Naa Karein’ which sets the tone for the day. Mandana kisses her bf’s picture. Prince dances with Mandana, Keith caresses Rochelle’s face. Mandana says Bigg boss should explain, Priya explains her meaning of song and says task will on these lines.

Priya says to Kishwar that i attacked Rochelle in end, you all were attacking Rishab, Mandana was doing it openly but when i attacked Rochelle, Rochelle was like God help me, and all, Kishwar laughs, Priya says i was hurt too in task.
Rochelle says i dont want Priya’s explanations now, Prince says i told her that i wont be in contact with her after show, i get negative vibes from her. Keith says Priya was crying and asking me to give her 5minutes,

she talks about humanity but she doesnt have it, Prince says she can win title but not respect, what will she do with money then, Keith says she will get just trophy, nothing else.

Mandana says to Priya that you fought with Rishab but Rishab was sitting like girl, he didnt even protect you, what was that? he was hiding like girl, Kishwar says atleast Prince did something but Rishab didnt do anything, he played sly game, Priya says he didnt ask me to help him, i chose to help him, Prince says you were openly supporting him, he asked you to attack Mandana, Priya says you didnt listen he asking me to not attack Rochelle, he asked me to just help him and not attack anyone, you didnt listen that.

Rishab is sitting silently, Priya asks what happened? Rishab says i lost opportunity, Priya says you played 80% defensive and 20% attack. Kishwar says to Prince that Rishab stayed silent and made Priya fight his war.
Priya says to Rishab that you were defensive but you had that plan, you missed opportunity but that doesnt mean you cant get any other opportunity, you will get another one.

Bigg Boss announces the next stage of the Road to Finale’ week, Priya reads it. This task is held in the garden area and Prince, Mandana and Kishwer have to enter designated fenced boxes where each one of them have assigned buzzer, they cant get anything to eat or drink, Rochelle is supervisor of task, task will start after buzzer plays. they will be given three options, depending on what they chose, they will win or lose the game, options are:

A) The first one (out of the three) to press the buzzer will be out of the game and he/she will continue to stay in the house as a normal contestant.

B) Whoever presses the buzzer second, will be out of the house, however he/she will receive a total sum of Rs.6,33,333(six lacs thirty three thousand three hundred thirty three rupees). Priya claps at this, Rochelle is shocked listening this option.

(C) If the person presses the buzzer third i.e last then he/she will directly get the ‘ticket to the finale’.

Buzzer plays, Mandana presses the button, Kishwar presses it too, Prince says task was not started, you played buzzer when task’s buzzer was still playing, game was not started, Mandana says i kept pressing button, keith reads instruction that when buzzer starts playing, they have to take decision, Mandana says i took decision, Rochelle says Bigg boss i am confused, Mandana had to play buzzer for 5seconds and i dont know if played buzzer for 5seconds or not, Rochelle asks Bigg boss can she talk with him as her hindi is not also strong, Bigg boss says Mandana pressed the button first so she is out of task and race to ticket to finale, he says to Kishwar that you pressed the buzzer in confusion after Mandana as you thought task will start after we play buzzer completely so we are giving you chance again, you are still in game.
Mandana says to Prince that many people made relation here, that of brother-sister etc, now its time for Kishwar and Prince to show their relation, they said that they will be happy to see other one winning, Priya says they always said they will go to top 2, Mandana says Prince told Kishwar to press the button, he knew that he can sit in task for 40hours but i cant so he wanted Kishwar to press the button.
Prince says to Kishwar that you had to play buzzer, Kishwar says i got confused and she saw you pointing me to play buzzer first so she also pressed it, i thought game will start after buzzer playing, Priya comes there and says i asked Mandana why she fought so much in sand task when she had to leave in this task like this? she said that she cant stay without food, if i was in her place, i wouldnt have pressed the button, i would have sat in task, Rochelle says she did right, Priya says she did task according to her body, Keith says i will be with you Kishwar and Prince. Mandana comes and says to Prince that sorry, i cant compete with you in task, he says you dont need to me sorry. Kishwar says i will compete in this task.
Mandana says in camera that Kishwar and Prince kept calling each other sister-brother but now its time to see what they will do for each other, now is their real challenge.

Kishwar is sad, Keith asks Kishwar to not think much, you dont have to give tension to yourself, Kishwar cries and says this is unfair, Rochelle says i know, Kishwar says i worked so hard, this is very unfair, Keith asks her to not think negative, Rochelle says they wanna see how much you can fight, Kishwar says what if i and Prince press the button together at sametime? then this task might get terminated, Mandana says Bigg boss can even ask you both to leave house for pressing button together, dont go for wild ideas, Keith says this is mind game, dont stress yourself, Mandana says you both are brother and sister, dont think about pressing button together.

inmates put suyyash and Kishwar’s photo infront of Kishwar to make her feel good, Prince says i will leave this game for Kishwar, i will do it for her, she is my sister, Kishwar says no, Prince says i wont let her go, then i will beat her outside house, Keith says dont think like this, Prince says to Kishwar that we both will fight, we will keep sitting here and Bigg boss will have to discard this task. Rishab says to Priya that you become legend when you think your competitors as legend.

Priya says to Kishwar that we were happy that Mandana pressed buzzer first, Prince asks her to not talk negative and go clean platform, Priya says Prince you are so bad captain that you dont even know that i cleaned platform of kitchen last night, Prince says Kishwar did it, Prince says Priya leave, Priya says to Prince that now i will show you how difficult i am to handle, i will not do anything, Prince says you have ego only and you cant do anything, you shut up, Prince asks her to shut up, Rochelle says she is creating drama as she knows that this episode is all about you and Kishwar, Priya says really.

Prince says to Priya that you take our jokes seriously too, Priya says you are so image conscious that whatever you say in spur of moment, you call it joke then, Prince says you can say anything about me, you didnt even come in show from day one, Priya says you have ego that you came in this house from day one, i came on 48th day and you are here for 87days but we are equal.
Rochelle says to Rishab that these fights will not work in favor of Priya, Rishab agrees.
Mandana says to Priya that you came in show in middle, you are not equal to us, open your eyes, Rishab says how? Mandana says Priya you do nothing but just fight, Priya says everyone can come in middle of show, Mandana dances and teases her, Priya says no one is strong or weak, Priya says anyone can win but i want people to not say who is weak or who is strong, i will like it when Mandana gets evicted before me, Rochelle says why you fight with everyone in this house? Keith says atleast think about Prince and Kishwar who are in emotional dilemma, Priya says if Mandana tries to provoke me then i will talk back.

Priya says to Rishab that how can Mandana say that we are wild cards and we are not equal to them.
Mandana sys to Rochelle that i wanted to say they are not on same level emotionally like us, Rochelle says you didnt use right words.
Priya says to Rishab that Mandana is saying we are not on same level and when i am trying to clear it, all are silent and telling me to not talk, Rishab says they are getting hyper as they wanted Mandana to be in task, now one of the friends will go out of house, when group wil break then it will be fun to play.

Rishab says to Priya that Kishwar and Prince have got stuck in their trap only, Priya says they are like this, they wanted to keep their group strong, its like they fight with me first then asks me why i am sitting alone and i should sit with them as if i am their puppy, and will go behind them.

kishwar says to Rochelle that how can one of the original player should leave house like this? i dont have problem with elimination but going out like this is not good, we have not come here to get 6lacs, my aim is to go in top 5, Prince says Bigg boss you cant throw us out.
Rishab says to Priya that i dont think this task will be discarded.
Rochelle says this task’s main aim is that original player sit together and talk, Keith says even wild cars can come here, Mandana says really father Keith? i dont want them here, Keith says fine, Mandana laughs, Rochelle says i dont have problem with Rishab, i can joke with him but Priya, i cant even talk to her, Mandana agrees.

Rishab says to Keith that they can even lie down in fences, Priya says it is designed in such a way that they cant be comfortable in it, Prince says i am not talking to you, why you are talking about my position and if i am comfortable or not, i didnt ask you to comment on it, Priya says everyone was talking about this only here but the time i started talking, you gotta problem with it? what you think that if you have problem with me opening mouth then i will stop talking? i will continue talking.

Bigg boss says to inmates that we are increasing amount from 6,33,333 to 8lacs for the person pressing buzzer second, this amount will be deducted from prize money of winner, Prince says it will go till 25lacs, very smart Bigg boss, Kishwar says we will not leave like this. Keith says there is twist in story, Rishab says price will keep increasing.

Keith says to Prince that you are potential winner, now prize money will keep decreasing, Rishab says there is also possibility that we will get task to increase prize money again in next week, Kishwar says this is stupidity to leave house at this stage when you know that you are potential winner, this is my first reality show, i will win it, Prince says i am here to win too.
Priya says to Mandana that Prince is very image conscious, he might leave too.
Rochelle says to Kishwar that if you leave show then you will be able to pee in your bathroom, Kishwar laughs. Kishwar sys to Prince that how many reality show you will win? get the extra amount and leave, Prince says this is last show of mine, Kishwar says go out and meet Suyyash and Nora.
Mandana says i want to know end of this task, who is going today, Priya says i wanna see you going, Mandana says goodluck.
Kishwar says to Prince that you can leave task for Priya but not for me? today i know there are no real relations in reality show.
Rishab says to Mandana that they thought its easy to win over you but it trapped them both, Mandana says i saw Prince pointing Kishwar to press button first.

Mandana says to Kishwar that you are brother-sister, decide both, Kishwar says brother have won 3shows, he can leave, Prince says i wanna win 4th show, Kishwar says you are greedy, Priya says Prince said in start of show that he can leave show for his sister, Kishwar says i am joking, even i wouldnt like Prince to leave show for me, Prince says exactly, Priya says that is different, Prince says Priya you are here to provoke us? Priya says you said it, Mandana says you said that you can leave for sister, Prince says i said that if i leave show then my sister should win, Mandana says this is time to prove your relation, Kishwar says i already announced everything is fake, nothing is real here, Prince says ..

Priya says to Kishwar and Prince that maybe one of you will leave in middle of night so bye, she leaves. Kishwar says she is very happy, Bigg boss you really want Priya to come in top 5? Prince says we are working for this show from start, you want one from potential winners to leave so that Priya can go to top 5? seriously Bigg boss?

Keith, Rochelle are sleeping in garden, Kishwar feels cold and covers herself with shawl. bigg boss says there is so much cold in house that even relationships are sharing cold shoulder to each other, lets see what is lying ahead as game is at crucial stage.

PRECAP- Kishwar and Prince are determined to win ticket to finale. Bigg boss increases prize from 8lac to 10lacs for person leaving house. Priya says its like deal, the person is giving other the ticket to finale while taking money. Mandana says Kishwar that whats your priority money, friendship or game? kishwar is tensed. Bigg boss says to inmates that there will be no change in options of this task, one from Kishwar or Prince has to leave from house for sure. Prince says to Kishwar that i wanna see my mom dad on finale stage, Kishwar says i really hope to take right decision, we are competitors, you have other competitors in house too, Prince says if i go to finale then my fans, friends from Punjab are going to vote for me alot, Kishwar says if there is even 1% chance of me winning over you then we shouldnt do this mistake, Prince says i am sorry Bigg boss. All housemates hugs Prince and it seems like Prince have decided to leave, Kishwar shed tears.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Kishwer leaves the house with rs 15 lackhs and Prince won ticket to finale…sad for kish and happy for Prince..#BB9 very unfair

  2. Gautam Gulati

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!! Kishwar walked out with Rs.15 Lakh. Prince is going to the finale. Sad for Kishwar she was the top contendar to beat Prince. Oh man!!!!

  3. Aman Verma

    Guys, Kishwer is already out of the house. She was given more money to motivate her to win. Bigg Boss rasied the price from 6+8 lakh. She took 15 lakh total. Prince will win the show!!!!!

      • [email protected](PHFFAN)

        Hi soha…how r is saif doing..tell her that i m a big kareena fan…how is ur mom sharmila tagore..n kunal khemu..i dont like hom ..he s nt a guud actor..wen is ur next movie releasing..!!

      • Nush

        lol are you out of ur mind?? normal people have changed their names as ‘gautam gulati’ and ‘aman verma’. Do u really think such stars would comment over here?? hahaha

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        freak, you don’t like kunal khemu? πŸ˜› dhol nahi dekhi kya? “GOTI KALTI MAAR” … one of the classic lines you will hear..

      • [email protected](PHFFAN)

        @nush..i noe..was pissed off wid kish elimination…isliye soha ki stupidity pe gussa aa gya..:-D jo aman verma and gautam le rhi thi..:-D plzz come back n win bigboss

  4. Billo (PNFFFF)

    SHOCKER!! Prince won ticket to finale. Kishwer pressed the button and took Rs. 15 LAKH. Congrats Kishwer!

  5. Mudasir Khan

    Task has ended with a interesting point. Prince is going the finale. Mandana is a fool. She will never win this task. Kishwer is leaving the show. She took the prize money. not bad, good luck to Kishwer. PRINCE will win the show. Gud luck to all other contestants.

  6. Soha Ali Khan

    Today was so much fun to watch. Mandana is not winning this show. Kishwer has decided to take the money of Rs. 15 lakh NOT BAD. She was the strongest in my opinion.

    • Zac

      I agree mandana played very smartly.. Gr8 move.. Though bigg boss shouldn’t have counted it coz she pressed b4 the buzzer.. The entire thing should have been a re match.. Anyways gud job mandana.. Sad that kish is leaving she was a strong contender

  7. Maxx

    Kishwer quits and takes 15 lakhs eviction amount..Prince directly in grand finale..yipee..I bet if any one would have been with prince in that battle..prince would have won..PRINCE THE REAL KING! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  8. Neeru

    Bigboss this was the worst thing you hv done to inmates in the history of BB… Unfair..

    Mandy i liked your reason that you gave prince nd others.. That you cant compete with him for long hours.. Good thinking nd well played… Appreciated..
    But what you said to priya nd the cam,, that you wanna see what happens to the bro-sis relation.. Not cool at all..
    And you choose priya to open your heart to. ? Really. ?
    I loved those funny moves though…?

    Kish,, i felt really bad vn you cried.. Evn we know its unfair baby.. Totally unfair.. But girl,, trust me you earned respect with this… Good going..

    Priya,,, mandy get evicted before you ? You think so. ? LOL… πŸ˜€
    And yea,, each day i hate you more… These days I am at lose of adverbs for you…

    Kieth as nd vn the game btwn prince nd kish started,, you said that i’ll sit with you guys all day, all nyt.. Respect.. πŸ™‚
    And Rochs nd kieth slept outside with them.. Wow.. Much appreciated..!!! πŸ™‚

    The reports says the task is cancelled.. But if its as shown in precap nd nyone of the these guys leave then i am quitting the show.. I hope this is just a trick nd whoevr leave comes back..

    • Gaurav

      No neeru you dont do that mistake…
      She’s really leaving because they know prince has better chances..
      So if you ,i quit watching show.. How will we make our prince win
      …. Moreover its kish’s wish too..
      So please dont let the sacrifice go in vain…
      Winners are not those who never fall, infact those who stand after falling

      Almost weeping for kish.

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        I am sorry gaurav…. But if kish leaves tomorrow then,,, thats the last episode for me.. I don’t care who wins nymore bcoz i dont believe our votes count.. The whole show works according to their likes..
        I wanted kish, prince, rishab, mandy as top four..
        How can they come up with such unfair thing…
        Sorry but i hv better things to do in life than be cheated this way…

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @anu,, really. ? Sorry dear.. I din see him..
        It was really sweet of him then.. Sleeping outside evn aftr feeling betrayed by prince nd kish.. Such a sweetheart he is…. !!

      • [email protected](PHFFAN)

        @neeru @anu r..keith rochelle rishabh and mandana slept outside..
        I love mandana..o see her everywhere..:-D

    • Subhashitha K S

      Ya neeru I hv still not watched the episode so not commenting on that.
      But after seeing reality post that Kish will go out of the show winning 15Lakh.
      I m really not liking it.I am feeling somewhat helpless ? ahh….
      I m feeling helpless that there is no way to bring her back to the show.
      Though I was watching the show from first day only for prince (I hv never watched any other season of bb as I hv never liked bb) but I started liking Kish.(I had also known suyash and Kishwar from the shows they hv done).
      I wanted those two be in finale and prince to win the show. But now thats not possible.and for me this show is now boring and I will watch it again only for prince.
      Though happy that prince won ttf and Kish won 15 Lakh (as I feel she wouldn’t hv won the show) but she shld hv been in the show till the finale
      She deserved to be in finale. But she is out and priya and rochelle r still in the show that’s still more annoying.
      K how many more times I tell also fact is fact it will not change.and I hate bb for this.and however I would nt hv watched any other season of bb but now I will definitely not watch any other season of bb.
      But will try as much as possible to make prince win the show if bb gives fair chance and not does anything like this again.It was completely unfair
      Hope prince u win the show

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @subha.. For me theres no next time… Nd Its not about prince winning nymore… Its about the cheap planning bb did.. Kish deserved as much as prince..
        And Be it mandy, kish or prince.. Or evn others priya, rishb, rochs or kieth..
        How unfair is it.. They fyt for the tickt. .they win.. Nd then they are shown the door…

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      Neeru, sorry, i know its not right of me to defend mandy right now given the sad eviction of kish, but what can i do, old habits die hard …………
      Mandy said the same thing(bhai-behen thing) to them on face twice today as she did confide it to priya. I know its wrong thing to say, but you need to understand that this is a game and she is playing it, as per which, all other inmates are her rivals as she said later. Even kish-prince said hateful things about mandy today

      • Jonwick

        @Harshal the point is that in front of them she is apologizing for pressing the buzzer first due to her compulsion and acting suave,courtesous and compassionate and in front of camera she says now she will see how brother and sister will fake their relation .
        Couldn’t she say the same thing on their face and with same grudge feeling that she showed in front of camera and at their back?

      • Subhashitha K S

        Harshal what hate full things did prince and Kish tell about mandy today.atleast I didn’t hear any.they didn’t even blame her fir quitting and for that Bursor thing

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @harshal.. She told that bhai-behen thing in a playful way to prince..
        But the other thng was different .. She said she left coz she wanted to see what they do now.. That too to priya ?
        Nd later comes to prince nd says sorry nd stuffs..
        She left.. Which was totally appreciated… That was the best thing to do.. She din need a reason for that..
        But then,, vn priya questions she takes her inside nd says this..
        Which i think was a poor thing to do…
        And I don’t get what she was trying to prove by saying that on cam..
        Now if you say thats her game,, i din understand the need..

    • Neeru

      Just saw some of yestrday’s comments…
      – Roadies ka auditions kya,, puraa season hi dhekha hai.. I know ki wo dil se hi boltha hai…. LOL.. πŸ˜€
      – I am in you fav list… πŸ˜€ good choice…??
      Muuaahh.. ??
      – Agar mere haath me hota tho kab ka nikal deti priya ko.. Jis din nikalegi us din party karenge…. πŸ˜€

      @pari.. I loved my tag…. Thankss.. πŸ™‚
      You’ll be cute,, lil banaras ki pari for me…
      PHFFAN Ki jaan.. ? See it starts with P-for-pari.. ?

      @anu – Thanks dear.. I am glad you think so.. Sweet of you..
      Log sochenge ki ek dusre ki taarif karne me lage hai..??
      See you during next prince-rishab fyt.. πŸ˜€

    • akt

      @neeru..i completelly agree mandana played smarty but the way is reacting today bro-sis was very anyone can think like that…its shows how low she is…i start liking her but no yaar
      but i am sure hersal will justify it very well..
      sad for kish..because i want to see both in finale

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @akt – actually I don’t think mandana thought so deep nd planned abt seeing bro-sis fyting nd all.. There was hardly ny time to think..
        At that time She just thought of saving herself…
        But later wen priya questions,, she invents a point to defend herself… Thats what i din like.. Why does she hv to do it.. ?? That looked so fake..
        Nd then Mandy says it to the cam.. :/

        And you wer ryt.. Harshal justifies it.. πŸ˜€
        But i am not buying it.. πŸ˜€

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        akt, hehehe, you know me very well πŸ˜›
        Its a game buddy and they are her rivals. Ofcourse if any one of them goes out, its a huge advantage for her and exposing their weak sides will just help her game further, and that’s what she is doing. In real life, such comments are wrong, but in bigg boss game, its just another form of mind game being played and a strategy. Besides, Mandy is always taunted for not being able to make friends and relationships in the house and she is just trying to show how real the relationships are in the house(bolte hai naa, game mein koi kisi kaa sagaa nahi hota), can’t it be like a defense from her side as to why she has restrained herself from making true friends and relationship in the house?
        And let me tell you, just because others are quiet doesn’t mean they don’t doubt the relationship. I bet that everyone is questioning the relationship and thinking about the decision that prikish will make, atleast from the inside, and that includes roch and keith. Its just that they are either too afraid to say it in open or are rather trying to maintain a good image still(as they know that any 1 of them will be till finale and rivalry with such strong contender can be bad for them). Only people who will say it to their face, are mandy and priya. Rishabh may also do that, but he is unpredictable, so can’t say for sure.

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @harshal.. -_-
        Where do you bring such points from.. ?
        What rochs, kieth or rishb had in mind is not evn important… It
        was mandy,, the so called sis-bro,, helped yestrdy..
        What she said nd did yestrdy,,,was fake, rude nd unwanted on her part… Period..
        And You think that statement to priya was her defense as to why she has restrained herself from making true friends and relationship in the house?
        Really.. ?
        Well then lets rest this case.. I don’t know what else to say…

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @jonwick.. If kish leaves,, then thats truly unfair.. Cheap way of eliminating ppl..
        Nd i don’t think BB9 deserves the same trp or response aftr this.. or my time as a matter of fact…
        Give me a single reason to continue watching it…
        Nd i can’t comment if i don’t watch it.. i am truly sorry…
        Having said that,, i am Still waiting nd hoping for the twist.. tomorrow..

        P. S Thank you for that compliment… πŸ™‚

    • santu

      I don’t think task will be cancelled or anyone who goes out is coming back..
      Keith staying outside is good.. either it’s for them or coz rich is supervisor..:)
      But roch slept outside only coz she is supervisor. .

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        @santu – But i am still hoping.. I just can’t bring myself to believe that BB will be soo unfair…

        Rochs.. Yea.. Maybe.. πŸ˜€
        But kieth told at the very start itself that i’ll be here with you guys….

    • tedd(PHFFAN)

      Ssly i just woke up and started reading the updates to find this bullshit….I would have loved if kish had been the winner..and itz totally unfair of bb to let kish out at this stage of the competition…Kish desreved to be in top 5….how can Priya be there in top 5, how come……Now I want Prince to win…but the show will be a drag from now on…i hate bigg boss??

  9. Maxx

    Now it’s up to you people whom you wanna make win big boss..
    The person who has stood with determination for so long.
    The person who lives the dream of being winner.
    The person who has 100% record of winning all tasks.
    The person who has even helped his enemies may it be Rochelle,priya or Mandana in the past.
    Or some one else?
    Audience will decide.

    But it’s for sure that no one in the house has determination,faith,bravery,chivalry and confidence that prince has at this moment…No one lives the dream as he does!


  10. Gaurav

    I am first sad for kish
    after that i am happy for prince….
    Also for all those who think that prince is faking friendship or his special bond with kish go and [email protected] somewhere else….
    Because this is the prince who gave up his bike that he won on roadies finale.. Only for his brother gurmeet singh……

    • Gaurav

      From the start of the show they were like best buddies and biggest competitors and till now they are together and are spotted with ranvijay in his show squdrann.
      And now prince we promise you that we’ll make sure you win bro…..
      P.S ..
      .seriously feeling bad for kishwar…

      • Raghav

        @gaurav there is one person Sam bhaduwa who will [email protected] for you.

    • Subhashitha K S

      Yes gaurav now we hv to make sure that prince wins the show.
      He really deserves it.
      And I also agree with your comment regarding roadies.if he is in any bonding then he gives 100% for that.we hv seen that in roadies and every where.and gesture he showed in roadies for gurmeet was also commendable

  11. Really kish going!??
    But going lyk this is totally unfair..thats why voting lines are closed this week..coz eviction is on the basis of this task..then why nominations held in this week..if bb has to evicted on the basis of task..really unfair bb for kish’s fans.atleast fans does support her..

    • mandyfan

      Why every indial will hate big boss. I dont understand why people saying mandana is frm iran bla bla and an indian shuld win. Isnt it racism. If shilpa shetty can win big brother thn why nt mandana. Being an indian I support mandana. There is nothing to deal wid indian or not what matters is a strong pkayer should win

  12. Banu

    Initially I started to watch thz show bcoz of prince… ten slowly inclined to kish..
    Without kish I’m nt gonna watch thz disaster anymore…

  13. Neeru (PNFFP)

    GUYS! The task was ended and Kishwer took the money. Bigg Boss has increased the prize to 15 LAKH RUPEES! WOW! Prince is the first finalist! Good luck.

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      Neeru…what bout kish..??/priya going to top 5 insted..nt done yar..seriously nt done..

      • [email protected](PHFFAN)

        Arre yr..confusia gya m toh @harshal..:-D

  14. Subhashitha K S

    Oh my god.I was relaxing thar no one will be eliminated but no Kish is going.It’s so sad.Ya I am happy that prince won the ticket to finale.It’s better that he won it rather than anyone else but I am really really sad and somewhat not feeling good that Kish has to leave the show after coming to this stage and fighting so hard.this is not fair
    She shld hv been given choice either money r staying in house.but here staying in house was not at all a option
    One of them had to go.
    And now I don’t know prince has to win the show.
    Till today I was like ok I will support prince let’s who will win.I had no problem of keith Kish had won the show.but now no its only prince who shld win the show.I really hope he wins and bb gives him fare chance to win and not do like what he did with digangana,suyash and kish

    • Gaurav

      Exactly… Now we’ll strike like ”GHAYAL SHER”….
      Thunderstorm of votes is coming….


    • santu

      Very sad if kish goes out.. she is the one who has really improved both as a person and in tasks over the course of this bb9.. mandana played well.. but this task is made for mandana… cunning b**ch.

  15. Sam Barua

    Thanks bigg boss for making justice,by revealinag the truth of brother and sister.
    Totally enjoyed the episode today,we want more episode like this.

    Ohh… Shocking!!!
    Prince could not sacrifice the ticket to finale, to her dear cool group sister???

    Rishab is awesome ,
    and priya is a big fighter ,prince is cheater,Mandana is dramebaaz,rochel is double standard and keith is a legal player.

    And life of bigg boss house is salman bhai.

      • [email protected](PHFFAN)

        Haha..:-) rightly said..:-D

  16. G.K

    I’m a prince fan …. but feeling unfair for kishwar …. not fair at all big boss … that too priya still in the house:(…prince, kishwar and Mandy should have been the three finalist….not fair…:(

  17. Jonwick

    Priya is such an exasperating lady,she keeps babbling all the time and creates issues with out a root.I despiced her when she herself raised the fact that ‘we are alike even when I stayed 40 days’.You really feel people who have undergone extra mental torture for 48 days are gonna love your statement?
    When Mandana said we are not equal although she didn’t intend to say it the way she did but still crying and over reacting over this petty thing and infuriating Rishabh for that..totally sick woman!! God bless her.

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      Sick…really sick…:-X i hate her even more now..

  18. [email protected](PHFFAN)

    What d f**k was that..:-x if this is going to happen…its so dumb ass idea…i wud hate to see either priya or rochelle to go to top 5 instead of kish…serious damage..mood off…:-x nt expecting that at all…stupid idea to send a good contestant. Back home…sad day in big boss history..

    • Jonwick

      If the next elimination will be by votes then priya will be gone or if bb plans something else then can’t say.

  19. BB9

    I was waiting for commenting…… all u fool (cool) group fans…..understood the relationship dey portray bhai behan ? ah bakwas….they never in their wildest dreams would have thought they both would be put to such a situation.
    Mandana seriously u showed everyone tht ur a real player who purposefully came out of the race to show these two fake ppls true face hats off girl u pulled it….I couldnt stop laughing seeing kishwar and prince face when they realised their situations. ?? finally the greed overtook and buffoon Prince thinks he will win the show…. he is the biggest loser as this show is Mandanas only she is the winner….mark my words….its was only mandana mandana mandana all these 3 months the show was running only coz of her. I only wish the other buffon suyesh was der his expression would have been a treat to watch ?. But I hope that Keith or Rishab wins this season. Anyways im happy tht tge fool groups real face came out as real bhai behen? LOL. Waiting for the finale more over waiting for Saturday to see how Salman take class and make fun of this foolish ppl. ? Gudnyt.

    • Subhashitha K S

      Really u feel like this what reality came.just bcoz they r bhai behen they doesn’t need to give prove there would hv been foolish if they had given.Did they fight.did they cause each other. Did they target each.did they make fun of each other.asking the other to leave the show.they were crying and consoling each.And even admist that situation they were having slight nok-jok.Is it bad to make relationship with people who like.I don’t understand what’s wrong in it. Due want people to only to kick and abuse each other to win a game.I really don’t get it. It’s there fighting spirit and determination that made them sit there for almost two days without food under the sun without any other activity. It’s really not funny. and I don’t think they relationship will break after this.they will remain bhai behen even after this.

      • tedd(PHFFAN)

        Egjactly subhu…..if u r creating a relation, u need not prove in front of others…..and yes mandana played cunningly but the lines she used…bhai behen ka rishta ..prove karo and all….that was bad…atlst in this situation…….yeah they will maintain this relation even after the show, thatz for sure…what bib boss did was unfair..very unfair…ppl who are way more irritating are left insyd but kish who has has improved as a person is going out…
        I agree itz a game and one has to win, others have to loose, but if a desrving contestant loses and that too in this way…not fair…
        Like neeru am too hoping for a twist ……

  20. has

    I am very sad to hear this
    I was a big fan of kish
    may be kishwar knew somewhere that prince is going to win the show so she thought 15 lakh is better than nothing.

  21. Bhavana

    So so bad…I felt very bad for kishhh….love her for today’s thing…u r awesome kish…really sad that u r going…show won’t b same without u…I hope prince wins now

  22. BB9

    Sam barura….u said right this was the best episode apart from Salmans….BB showed who is real. Just loved todays twist. ?

  23. i just kill u

    I like the ur move big boss its to much fun .prince u say kish to press button but y not u .. U know that u r surely go to finale u dont need this finale ticket …
    And its clear now kish go with 15 lakh….
    Wah price u said baby ruk ye task aur 45 minute chla me chod dunga..u forget that..
    But deserve and ur chances for winning is greater than kish than its right decision by both..

  24. [email protected](PHFFAN)

    Pissed offf….real bad..:-x i just cant stand her..that ugly old women :-X screw you bigboss…

  25. tin tin tumo

    kish was really the strongest contested in show….i like her vry much i wanted her in top 3….
    bt its very sad……nw i want rishabh in kish place in bb finale……

  26. Sid

    Lol Prince is such a diva. Worst than any other girl in the house. Who is voting for this idiot!?! He always told Kish I am your brother but when it’s time to prove it, he just talks and talks. No action! In the first ticket to finale task he promised to support Rochelle, but to secure his own game in the end he told her, oh you have already lost, leave the task. After the task he was like I wanted all girls to win. LOL. What a joke!! Then why the hell did you win Prince??? And isn’t Priya a girl? He has no face, no personality. And I know in the end he will still win the show. This is the most boring Bigg Boss season ever!.. I am watching it only because of Priya and Mandana, they are the only two contestants who are entertaining and keep the show live.

  27. i just kill u

    And guys u can not said that kish& prince dont have choice they can also have chance to press the buzzer first but they missed out that not they are target by big boss.

  28. Doink

    Who says Mandana speaks on face and is not double faced?
    Today while being outside with kishwar and prince she retorted for her quitting by saying that it was her compulsion and she is so ‘sorry’.
    & in the front of camera she is backbit*hing about them that let’s see how these so called brother-sister relationship goes?
    Say it on their face,where are the guts?

    It has been proved in past few days she backbit*ches,is fake and doesn’t play individual always.

    * The girl who steals and lies that she didn’t.
    *Who now speaks sweet on face and also backstabs I’m sure this is not the Mandana that her fans knew.
    *The girl who speaks lies,uses other people for her benefit.
    *Suddenly she became friends with prince and company,where is her frustration..lost in fakeness???

    She has admitted that she is using prinve, if she’s not fake why not speaking it on prince’s face..extracting the benefits not over???

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      Doink, if you see the episode, she said the same bhai-behen thing twice to them;

      1) in afternoon, she sat besides kish and said that.
      2) at night, she said the same thing.
      The only difference is, instead of harshly saying that thing, she said it in some light way as the situation was already way too emotional for the two. She is and will always remain one of the very few contestants who has the guts to say things on others face without caring for the consequences. Backbiting is a common phenomena in bb house and she also does it. but most of her backbiting come back up and she says them again to the person involved on face.
      The reason you are seeing her being bit less straightforward now-a-days, is because if she does that now and that results in fight, people get reasons to target her saying that she provoked the fight and now is fighting and abusing

      • akt

        chini ka pharatha khusi me kha rahi thi..jabki prince ne help kiya tha ..pleaseat this time try to accept she was wrong

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        akt, why do you expect her to be sad if any of the two is out? they are her rivals, its as simple as that. about prince help, thank you from my side as well as i am sure mandy thanked him. but, in game perspective, it was just strategy from both sides, mandy wanted to save herself from attack, prince wanted to have mandy by his side while doing task. Don’t expect more from them. they are meant to be rivals and will always remain so, even if they remain in good terms with each other. Even prince and kish said in the garden area that bb, you are eliminating us and keeping priya and mandana , who don’t deserve it in the house. Do you see me complaining about that? I understand that it is a game and rivals want other rivals out.
        lastly, please don’t make me defend mandy again, atleast for today. I am honestly sad due to kish elimination and hate to do this atleast for today……..

    • mandyfan

      Seems dat mandy has stolen smthing of urs thats why u r calling her a chor and yes she said it on prince and kish face that now its time to see brther sis relationship. She has dat guts

  29. harshal(PHFFAN)

    I was happy when task got cancelled news flashed, but now its official that kish came out of the house with 15 lacs. As I said before,sad thing is , it is very unfair, specially because all 3 should be finalist. and with priya and roch still in the house, its so bad to remove kish out. she has less fan following, agreed, but she still would have defeated priya if it would have been regular nominations. I can cope up with digi and suyyash evictions(given their status as players), but strong contender bowing out and that too in unconventional way is wrong .
    As a mandy fan, i should be happy, but as a bigg boss viewer, i am sad. congrats prince on winning ticket to finale. Kishwar fans, sad for you but be proud of your favourite. She has not gone out via nominations, but has instead gone out by an unfair rule of bigg boss, with her head held high and 15 lacs in her bag and with a status of “UNBEATABLE STRONG WOMAN” πŸ™‚

    • Subhashitha K S

      Agree with you harshal. But that’s really unfair for Kish.especially when priya and rochelle r still in the house. And any one of them who is way weaker than Kish will be in top 5.I really bb trp reaches to the lowest possible after this.

    • Harshal I still think there will be a twist to it. i will wait for tomorrow to confirm from BB’s wiki.

      Will be so sad if its true. Will definitely miss Kish. But then again we can’t trust all these spoilers because they initially said that the task had been cancelled and then look at this. Will still keep my fingers crossed.

      • bebo

        @ tracy …fingerz crozzed.If itz trp stunt cool but real thn kish mizz u.ztil notsure hw much amount she got it.every week theze contestantz are paid from 1 lakh to 3lakh according to 15 lakh or 8 lakh then kish movez zupercool c dint get winnning title c gt zimilar amount of winnimng bux and eliminated by winning lot of ppl heart.

      • Blue phoenix

        @bebo I heard it’s 3-5 lakh every week.. For very popular Contestants like Tanisha and Rimi, money can go up to 8lakh
        @Ttracy.. I am hoping for a twist too.. And I don’t think prince is fair too in this task… Can understand, it is a game and ppl come to win the show.
        But, he shouldn’t have said, that I want to see girl as a winner. My sis is more important and stuff.

      • Blue phoenix

        He shouldn’t have asked kish to press the buzzer… If he knew that he have more chances to become a winner then it is kish who need ticket to finale..

  30. Sad for kish.she was my 2nd fav.i still cant believe bb can make contestants leave this way?may be isme kuch twist hoga.though possibility kam hai.mandy made a very smart move aur princene kal wale taskme mandy ki madat karke khud ke pav pe kulhadi marli.mandy ki jagah koi bhi hota to vo buzzer khatm hone ka intejar karta.well played mandy.but practically kish ka decision shi hoga bcoz 15 lac is a gud amount &i dnt think she has chances to win the show.she is a gud player but she has less fan following.thank god rish disnt reach 2nd round.i wil miss kish’s smile.gud luck girl.u r a sweetheart.

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      @anu r..rishabh or prince or mandy..ppl here may be divided between these everyone had kish as their secnd choice…:-D it was a bad play…i wish priya had won the round instead of kish..:-(

  31. piku

    prince is a all time winner
    kishwer all time contender
    rish all time. joker
    Priya all time loser
    Rochelle all time confused
    Keith all time silence
    Mandy all time drama

  32. Riya Raj

    Kish ye aapne kya kiya i luv uh dil se nd aapko stay krna chahiye tha bt aap bhut strongest player ho :-* :-* :-*

  33. Heny

    Kishwar deserves to be in the house more than Rochelle Keith n Priya.
    I was really sad I think in the precap people were hugging prince as he won ticket to finale n kish was crying because she can’t fullfill her dream of top 5.
    I think she left task for prince as a Sister otherwise till I saw today she was much passionate about being in top 5.

  34. II

    Kish gone out!! Today is the dooms day actually. I wanted kish and mndy to switch of the final lights of the bb ‘house and wanted kish to lift the trophy. Prince u had already won two shows. Cant u sacrifice this one to ur sister. Dont worry kish u have earned much deserved respect than the trophy. I think now it is waste to watch the show though mndy winnng finale wld bring me lot more satisfaction than prince. Anyways harshal all the best to ur girlfriend.

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      II, even i am sad for kish, she deserved top 4 status.
      p.s. i know its selfish of me, but please vote for mandy in finale. I think she needs it more than ever now given how prince’s fan following is, and how riled up sukish fans would be to not let mandy win it…

      • Hey harshal i wil vote for mandy if rishabh is nt in finale.but nw i guess he wil be there.if nt,i am supporting mandy i clearly dnt like mandy but she is indivisual player.

  35. Arjun

    Are toh kya hogaya emotion me aake bol diya bande ne ke Behan ke liye quit kardega..usne socha ki task cancel hojayega…salon bacche ki jaan loge kya?

  36. rao

    are sach mein kish gayee kya chalk cool group ka brain chalk gayii Dino behen bhai mil me mandana ko chutiya samajte the aakhir usne dikha diya mandana karimi baazigar hai

  37. Bigg Boss Himself

    Bigg Boss chahtay hain kay saab un ka yeh komment parhay:


      • Blue phoenix

        Haha… Let’s put mandana and big boss ina house for 90days to make a show.. Then he will know. And we will know whether they would be together or not after the show. Lol, I want her in finals, but no not a winner.

      • Bebo

        reg mandy waz i think i cmented below the belt but theze commercial model n actrezz professionializm z zimilar to diz….

        @ Blue …haha BB 90 dayz wid mandy Qayamat.

  38. Annamma James

    I hope this news is not true…
    Am happy if Prince will win,but io don’t want kish to go….
    Kish…plz….stick there….If u both will fight, BB have to cancel d task…atleast for humanity….

  39. iyenene

    Don’t understand ppl can call Mandana fool, are you so consumed with hate you ve sold ur thinking faculty? Are u so consumed wt hate and negativity u small little minds cannot give credit when it’s due? Mandana played way smarter than kish nd price, they got cocky and got cocked by mandana!even as a mandana fan I am nt so blinded wt ill conceived hate that I can’t commend Kish for playing well and go out wt some price money! Kudos!!

  40. Prince is a deserving contestant to reach finale and so is kish.she spent 87 days in bb house and did well in all tasks,this person is being thrown out.this just proves that kish’s mother was right,the makers/bigg boss is trying to potray her in negative manner.i was never a kish fan but this is very unfair.never watching bb again.all we get from this show is babaji ka tullu

  41. Shruti

    Not done, I think they should stop public voting and themself decide who is gonna win. For me winner of Bigg boss 9 is RIMI SEN. Kishwar out ab BB you also out… Not watching anymore…

  42. bigg boss fan

    If Kishwer is leaving itzz really unfair and unfortunate.And for all those who are questioning about their relationship. ..seriously?????????Are you guys blind or what???I’m pretty sure that if it were anyone else other than them in this task,by now at least there must have been a vocal fight..the very least!!!but look at them…both are sad abt each others leaving!!!!!And even after so much provocation from priya,Mandy…they are standing for each other and defending each other for sarcasms!!!!seriously..they are emotionally connected….not building relationships for benefits!And mandana is such an irritating person …first she announces that she cant tolerate priya nd talk to her…few minutes later she’s chit chatting with priya..and commenting on prince kish relation!she doesn’t even deserve prince attention…even after helping her in sand task she is not grateful..cheeeeeee!!but look at rochs and Keith…even though rochs is double standards…today I liked her!she nd Keith slept in garden for prince and Keith!this is called gratitude which Mandy seriously lacks!shame on you!?

    • Subhashitha K S

      Ya true. Even I hv commented the same.
      Suyash elimination was atleast withstandable (though it was not by votes) but why Kish.I really can’t understand.
      I hv never voted any contestant in any reality show wasting my money.I hv either voted through website r if it’s a missed call.
      But not this time. i will vote for prince from all the seven numbers in my home.convince my brothers sisters and friends and will make sure he will get atleast 25 to 50 votes from my side.( I really wouldn’t hv done this if not this task.)
      I am really angry and frustrated ? ahh….

    • Rochelle is supervisor of task so she has to be there and Keith so long as Roch is there will definitely not go and sleep in the bedroom unless he wants to have a war with Roch the next morning.
      In any case three people sleptin the garden just go back and check. Its highly likely its Mandy. Staying there doesn’t show anything, BB is a game of the mind and strength. So it all boils down to how one uses these.

      • And Prince and Kish helped her for their own benefit so no-one needs to show appreciation. It was a strategic alliance for all of them.

  43. Pri

    today kish proved dat she ws nt faking her relation of sis wid princy.. Respect!! i m seriously hvng mixed feelings for dis incident.. nt understanding whether i shud cry or smile.. d biggest unfait decisn taken in history of bb.. hate dis show..

  44. Pri

    today kish proved dat she ws nt faking her relation of sis wid princy.. Respect!! i m seriously hvng mixed feelings for dis incident.. nt understanding whether i shud cry or smile.. d biggest unfair decisn taken in history of bb.. hate dis show..

    • True..we kishes fan..nt gnna watch bb again..dis is dsgstng..we love u kish..u won our really hoping dat u would b da 2nd finalist..???????
      Bb f****?????????????

      • kushagra

        i can just make a request vote for prince bcoz she wanted him to win the show if she doesnt win

  45. Shruthi

    Ha ha ha joke of the day prince ne bhola tha girls show jeethengi gi tho prince bhooth kushi miltha hai… ye dheko doosre girls ko choodo kudh ki behen jesi kish ke liye bhi giv up nahi kiya.. wake up guys prince fake hai.. drame bazz… thts y I hate him..

    • kushagra

      man if risabh was dere he wuld have done the same thing
      ppl are not understanding it was not abt ticket to finale it was abt eviction

  46. Nish

    This is really unfair if kishwer leaves.. I mean those who worked hard are suppose to leave?? is dis kind of mesg bigboss is trying to give?? den no one vl do task oly coz if u work hard den u vl b targeted..!!! I really hope dis s not true and kishwer is still in da game

  47. piya

    this is so unfair!
    what the hell?what kind of task was that?
    prince and kish both deserved to be in top 5…and one of them will have to leave the house due to this stupid task?!? -_-
    I’m not their fan and i don’t support any of them,but i really felt bad for them today πŸ™
    this season bb is giving stupid tasks to inmates -_-

  48. Princy Jain

    kish….u earned my respect you yar dil se…u r d best player of ds season…as u r d mastermind of cool group…n vo krhte hai na… u can love me..u can hate me but u cant ignore dats ur personality…no 1 can ignore you…miss you yr… #unfair_biggboss ..ths is nt done biggboss…are u serious players lyk rochelle, rishabh, priya s pehle hi kish ko evict hona pada… y sb biggboss ki planning hai mandy ko winner bannane k lye #notdone… #we’ll_miss_you_kish

  49. Ravi

    prince or Kis ke Alawa koi or nahi hai winners ke liye
    or Usse dono ko katka@ diye
    aaisa kyu
    ye to bahut unfair hai biggboss..
    .. jo itna aacha hota hai Usse
    log jaldi bhul jate hai hai
    or log priya jaisi ko yaad krne rahe hai

    Maine abhi tk bb nahi dekha tha
    b.s. prince ke bajah se ye Pura session dekha
    biggboss ka Pura episode written update padhna
    bs prince ke liye ki kb jeet ga
    pr aaisa mor kyu la diye
    I hope prince leet jaye

  50. Shruti

    Prince was asking Kishwar to press the buzzer but he did not pressed it so actually he wanted ticket to finale. Now whenever Kishwar is opposite Prince always makes her emotional. In the entire show he has always used her, I felt it today. The task was waste bcos of 6 contestants the second best is eliminated. So, in a way Keith had benefit inspite of being nominated for the entire season. In this season major eliminations were done by bigg boss not the audience.

    • kushagra

      u r faking too create a hype against prince there has been no news leaked like

  51. Shruti

    Also bigg boss was repeatedly creating pressure that the terms of the task will not change and one of them will get eliminated, I think that’s why Kishwar is eliminated otherwise they would have played to get it cancelled. Sad for Rishabh, he never speaks in front always bragging behind back.

  52. asap

    manddy u playedd smartttttly….thumbs up to yuuu…u wil win show…prince shud hv given up for his sister..but de sister ended up giving up for him…after all he sed…mandy rockkkzzzzzzzzzz hats off to you..ur de real game player

  53. santu

    Very very unfair.. wrote a long msg but it was lost..
    Anyway all the best kish in future .. may ur career reach great heights..
    I want to find out who designs these tasks and approves them. . They must ve imbecile..
    Simple task
    First buzzer take money leave
    Second buzzer stay
    Third take ticket
    Who stays long is deserving. And also tempt with money who can’t compete.. bb knew mandana can’t compete with them. .. eventually she has to press first.. that’s y stupid rules made. ..
    Ans I bet in that initial confusion about pressing buzzer after hoot. . If kish has pressed immediately after hoot then bb would have said no u ve to press once hooter stops..
    And mandana u don’t know Wat relations are so better don’t judge others .
    Very bad bb team and director..worst tasks this tine

  54. Subhashitha K S

    Just watched the episode. Was crying along(especially when task was announced and at the end) This is really disgusting. How can a show be so unfair. If u hv brought the contestants give them all ( all means all) a fair chance to win.Dont create situation where one your u want to stay in the show for your trp,stays.
    I really really hated mandana, priya today and to some extent rishab also.
    I agree whatever mandy did was strategy bla bla etc… But I really didn’t like it ahh…Just bcoz one doesn’t give up for other doesn’t prove there is no bhai behen’s never measured that way.if one leaves also the other who didn’t will be told that he was not true in that relationship.
    Let us consider a situation where two brothers or sisters are competing in singing r running race competition. It Doesn’t mean either of them hv to give up to prove there relation.they can compete and still stay as brothers and sisters. It’s competitiveness,determination to stay in game.which mandana never had.what she has only planning, plotting, cheating, stealing etc…till yest she wanted prince support today she wants to see bhai behen relationship.
    Priya toh…. She is annoying and will remain annoying. I don’t want to speak abt her and neither wanted to hear during the show.I don’t know how will I tolerate this people till finale.shld do all these only for prince. I guess tomorrow will b my last episode of bb to make sure that prince is still in game and hv won ttf.then I will quit watching the show and continue voting prince. Bye bb fir u r baisedness,stupid task, annoyingness.
    Had never watched bb and was always scolding the show.did very big mistake by watching this season. For sure this is my first and last season. And will try and vote as much as possible for prince. And try to make him win the show if bb is atleast 10% fair.nothing much can I do than this.wasted all my time watching this backwas show ( was so stupid to watch it even during my exams).feeling like I am such a big fool.

    • saifu

      same was happen in last season when upen patel evicted….. they cheated wid rishab coz he will be tough for them in ticket to finaale race ..nd support Mandy so they can get advantage….bt mow Mandy have …f**ked both of them …. nd ur talking abt unfair … lol bb always support prince…in chor police he was in team wid 3 contestant already save from nomination nd had advantage that they r police chances of police team was cleary 75%more as chor team has to put all the diamond…. it was clear that prince will be next captain as he has to compete wid girlz…….. in same task he didnt get punished even after touching diamonds…. there was no use of gizzel thackral biggbomb nd many more…. u are thinking unfair juz bcoz ur favrt contestant is in danger…wo kehte hai …. naa jab khud pe aati hai tab hi jalti hai ?? ? ?

      • Subhashitha K S

        I would hv felt the same even if it was mandy, rishab, priya,keith,rochelle any one for that matter.if they hv come so far fighting in this jail kind of a house they all deserve a fair chance to win the show and not elimination like this by a task.
        And by the way plz read my comment I hv asked fair chance to ALL. I don’t want anyone to be favoured r these kind of task where there can be no fair. that’s it was my point.
        Till today also though I support prince and he is my favorite I had never thought mandy Kish keith r anybody else shld not win the show. I thought they all deserve so was waiting to see who will win the show. And I was supporting prince Kish and Keith that’s it.
        There is nothing like meri jail hai and it’s only that I am feeling bad that a show can be so unfair that u don’t give a contestant who has worked hard for 12weeks a fair chance to win instead forcing one of them to quit the show.
        And if u feel like laughing at my sadness and the contestants situation then u r free to
        I can’t stop u
        It’s only that I was a fool to watch such a show

    • Hey subhasthitha dnt be sad.atleast kish got 15 lac.her chances of winning were was really unfair by bb.i also like kish very much.but i think its gud for her only.vaise bhi top 5 me aake bhi kya hota.i knw its nt abt money but think it in positive way prince got ticket to finale kish got the money.gud for both of them.vaise bhi kish wont taking money &giving prince finale ticket is a practical decision.

      • Subhashitha K S

        Ya anu i agree with u. But u and me feel kishwar wouldnt hv won.It might also be truth that she wouldnt hv won.But its not fair to decide that even not allowing her to enter the top 5.Who knows she might have won.Everybody shld be given fair chance right.that too after they have fought for 12 weeks.Instead she is been forced to move out.Even as she told kishwar (and even me) wouldnt hv felt bad if she was evicted this week or if she had reached top 5 and not won.but evicting this way is unfair to anyone especially at this stage.

    • sam

      prince is backstabbing person they cheated n won now nice happened for them they save manadana for their using

      anyone one win i dont care i dont want prince to win

  55. nish

    I won’t watch this anymore loved u kish u left n this show is over for my family. Nni promise after this season will never watch any other season of bigg boss fedd up from the team who decides task .last time pritam n this time kish is victimised. U are very nice kish u left for ur made bro in today’s world for real bro also nobody sacrifices. Kish don bhi this much good man this world is very bad dear

  56. rizwan5952

    if the buzzer round task played at first round than the game look much fair and by eliminating rishab priya and roschelle the least favrts u cannot throw out top 3 out of the compitation by this format truely this is first time in the whole season of bb happen unfair task .. bigg boss is all about voting till the season 8 but this year 2nd time happens after digi ..and salman also told us nobody can get ur favrt contestant out aoart from u where the rights come from noww.. think before u speak salman and bb

  57. nish

    I’m with prince but I have a strong gut feeling that they have purposefully done this with kish n prince. N my 6th sense suggests that 100% rochelle will win . Mark my words if she wins but this is pure gut feeling.

    All the best prince for I’m not going to watch anymore hope my words turn falsw n u win

  58. oni

    BB9 is really shocking and boring…AMAN eviction shocking tha,,,RIMI 7weeks tak thi BB house me BORING,,..DIGGY eviction thi shocking aab KISHWER…..sabhi atche or deserved contestant to ek ek karke bahar nikal diya

  59. benny Nigerian

    wow prince left for kish? that’s good of him.bigg boss u too seems mandana is going to win the show.she is very sharp

  60. Amin max

    very unfair decision………if it happened others too that’s also unfair…….it’s not public opinion…….so… sad

  61. sonu

    i hope rishab or priya wins ,, i dont knw y everyone hates her so much lol i dont want this stupid prince to win either he is so annoying n fake.

  62. sand king

    According to BOC spoilers…..prince won ticket to finale and kish went out with 15 lakh rs ………..hope this isn’t true

  63. Prince welcome

    Prince should win d show ,vote for prince.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  64. aario

    Today mandy totally proved how smart she is and turned the tables on prince and kish..that was really good.
    What happened now, till yesterday prince was saying I want a girl to win this year and all the blah blah he was saying . How much he valued kish and stuff, he so proved that he is nobodys and plays for himself.
    It’s good kish realized no relation is real in this house. Prince’s true image will now be revealed. Would be fun to see weekend episode.

    • kushagra


  65. bebo

    Great episode .thank god mandana is out of game from her own wish .for the firzt tym BB is fair.But if he get the devil thought of ekta kapoor like after the main lead diein daily soap after few weeks he/she will b back alive.mandy z trp factor but bb does diz to gv preassure to audience itz unfair game .mandy ‘z out of game till finale very much fair.kish dezerve to win.prince u hv already won 2 reality showz u better leave even though u r good at task.chalo bahot hogaya bhai behna ab toh acha bhai ban.

  66. Mandy is very intelligent. She knows her weakness and strength. She left the task very smartly. it is her master stroke. She is very popular from the day 1. Now it is not easy to win the final for anyone. She is still in the game. Good move, Mandy. In Vancouver people like you Mandy. You play your game by yourself not with the help of friendship and personal relations. If Kishwar, Prince and Sush play individually from the beginning then the will find the different picture. Now it is too late. prince you will not win the game.

  67. saifu

    u nailed it bb … hats off???? ? kya bajayi hai bhaii behen ki maja aagaya …. kishwar rah gayi to chalenga…ye bandar ki hasi wala chutspa prince ko nikal do ….. hats off to Mandy aaj fir tu inpe bhari PAd gayi

  68. saifu

    u nailed it bb … hats off???? ? kya bajayi hai bhaii behen ki maja aagaya …. kishwar rah gayi to chalenga…ye bandar ki hasi wala chutspa prince ko nikal do ….. hats off to Mandy aaj fir tu inpe bhari PAd gayi .. prince kitna fake hai dikh gaya… pehle uvika fir roschele ab is task me rishab aur ab kish …???? ?

  69. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Why bigg boss is so desperate to get Kish/Prince out of the game? πŸ˜› if Prince/Kish really gets evicted the Bb will lose a lot of viewers and Bb itself knows that well, I think there must be some twist in the story. If Kish gets ticket to finale I will be more than happy. But I must appreciate Prince and Kish for very well. I wonder what’s wrong with Mandy why is she doing like that? One thing I like about this season, despite a lot of fights housemates do support one another in tough times except for Priya. That’s why everyone in the house is against her. Am really looking forward to tomorrow’s episode.

  70. Forsale

    My first comment –
    Not unfair as everyone is saying. Salman said last week, there will be two evictions every week. This week as well. One of those who lost the first stage will be eliminated this week as a second (and that is without any money ☺)

  71. What the hell this is…One of the best contestant like kish is sent out..Really bad bigg boss..PYAAR ME HAR INSAAN PAGAL HO JATA HAI..hence proved by bb in love with mandy…hate you bb for this!!!

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      Ha ha…:-) pari rocks..:-D

  72. Seshaadhrisuresh

    Kishwar is the only person always very fair and sound minded. Now, BB proved how stupidly world works with a fair persson…
    Bb is very very unfair….
    Mandana is a b*t*h looking for shortcuts in everyway and boast herself for her cleverly plans…but its only going ruin her…

    Dont worry kish…you have given your best…

    Bb is not worth watching anymore…house is already looking empty and with out you, its going to be like a graviyard

  73. kishwar ne accha kiya kyuki usko pata tha ki wo top 5 a jayegi bt jit nehi payegi bcs of fan base. bt prince k jitne k chances 90% hain. prince ne hamesha apna relation ko value di hain jab vi support ki jarurat hui. kish ne to bola ki she is joking . wo khud nehi chahti prince uske liye game chore.

  74. AN7

    If prince is evicted I am not watching this show anymore.
    Arrey assh**e bigg boss why did you call so many contestants u shud have only called mandana for 90 days .
    SERIOUSLY? Those who performed the best have to go home ? Aisa hai toh aaj hi announce kardo ki chor mandana winner hai

      • Blue phoenix

        Actually that’s a good idea…. I hope somebody make a show keeping mandana alone in a house for 90days..nobody to put blame or shout.. .pagal hojayegi…whatever man can’t deny the fact that she played well in the game… Lesson from mandana- see the opportunity and grab the opportunity or else create one

  75. Bigg boss wow so many celebrities r in tellyupdates today πŸ˜› soha ali khan se shuru Kareena tak XD
    And I totally agree wid u Neeru Bb himself is the worst contestant in this season only talk talk and talk
    Season9 contestants are unlucky because of lack of creativity by makers and also less energetic and motivating salman khan but they were lucky to see salman-shahrukh together. I pity on BB9 contestants really a double trouble for them

  76. aum namo shivay

    Rishabb lost the task ..sad….but it was a blessing in disguise for him…….

    Jai ho bhole nath ki fikr nahin kisi baat ki……

  77. shanu

    Kish is out of the house..that is really not done…
    The worst task ever..
    I personally think bigg boss wants some weak contestant to win thats why he might have thought it is the right time to evict one strong contestant from these three…
    Bigg boss 9 the biggest FLOP….

  78. shanu

    To be Honest now i even don’t want prince to win coz he is so mean and he proved it in that task…
    For me the winner of bigg boss 9 is…….
    “Bigg boss Himself” for playing such mind tricks with the contestants….
    I hope there is no other season of bigg boss becoz it is really unfair show……
    Throw this bigg boss and his team in garbage bin….
    I hate this season of bigg boss…..

  79. Bigg boss good in k 7 aisa he hona tha..agar sand game me rishab ki help karte to thoda easy hota khair rishab bach gaya…ab pata chalega groupisam bhai behan ko…..i am sure kish to sacrifice nai karegi….prince over confidence tume kis mod pe le aya dil kare haye koi ye bataye kya hoga….

  80. BB9 had to evict someone that’s why kept this task…it would have been genuine and interesting if the 1st one who pressed the bazar would have gone home and the second one will get the money and stay in the house and third will win ticket to finale….. NOT INTERSTED IN WATCHING BB9..IF THE ABOVE THING WAS GIVEN BB9 KNEW THAT MANDANA WOULD BE OUT …PLANS BY BB9 TO MAKE MANDANA WIN….UNFAIR TRULY UNFAIR… Not going to watch this damn show

    • Yeah really agree with u lulu..if the task was like that then mandana would have been gone…@bb9 wants to make mandana win…quitting this damn show

  81. Subhashitha K S

    Cannot comment for each commenting for all those fir once and last.When I am seeing people commenting masterstroke by bb, prince real face came out, prince shld hv given up for his Kish, he has already won two reality show so now he shld give up, mandana is game planner, prince and Kish deserved this kind of task,there (Kish – prince) reality came out, prince was saying girls hv to win what happened now etc…..
    I am feeling really… Really people can hv such thoughts.
    I don’t why would a person come to show to lose.why do you expect him to give up when he can win.that’s foolishness and not greatness.and that he wanted girl to win why not give up now statement.he wanted a girl to win if he cannot win the show.nobody will want to win the show after coming so do you expect that also I don’t understand.
    When bb can’t give fair chance to all the contestants to win the show.why the hell do you bring them? And waste viewers time.why do you ask people to vote and waste their time and money.
    And people feel there bhai behen rishtha’s truth have come out by this do you tell that
    If Kish give up prince is not real bhai
    If prince give up Kish is not real behen and prince chela of Kish,he is puppet,he doesn’t have Brain etc…
    What the hell
    All the time I was saying my cousins why do you watch such stupid shows like bb they r not worth u r time and they r fake.but this time I myself became a big fool by watching this.I wouldn’t never watched if prince was not there in the show.
    It was my biggest mistake to watch bb and waste my time.
    This my first and last season of bb which I had watched
    Today will be the last episode I will watch to confirm. That’s it good bye bb.
    I was the biggest fool here for watching such show

    • Neeru(PHFFAN)

      @subha.. Ignore all such comments dear.. not worth your explanation…
      some Ppl hate cool grp.. So no matter how unfair the actual situation is they’ll find justification…
      They are actually taking out the anger that thier fav lost the day b4 yestrdy.. :

      • Neeru(PHFFAN)

        No matter what some ppl say –
        1. It was unfair against kish.. ppl who win the 1st part of a task are out nd ppl who lost are still safe.. LOL..
        2. Prince nd kish genuinely like each other.. It wasn’t fake..

        Now the positive things…
        1. kish leaves nd will always be remembered as the victim of the most unfair decision. .
        2. Kish fans can say, she wud hv definitely won if bb hadnt cheated.. :p
        3. Prince gets su-kish fans votes too.. It won’t get divided between kish nd prince now..

        P. S – i’ll keep voting for Prince nd rishab evn if i don’t watch it nymore…. πŸ™‚ but i am nt sure if votes matter .. Bb vl eliminate imnates thru such tasks vn they feel like.. :/

    • Big9

      Subashishta thumbs up..
      Found 1 sensible comment today..
      I was shocked to c ppls response today..
      Kish took a right decision actually.. Good for her,,

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      He he..joyee…next season will be
      Biased boss s10.:-D

      • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

        Lol freak, let’s see who has the guts to participate in Bb10, not Bigg boss 10, biased boss 10, oops content not available(no bigg boss 10) πŸ˜›
        Flop bigg boss 9 πŸ˜›

    • Bebo

      @fatarajo Contestent list BB himzelf with mandy n sallu,ash,kat,ranbir,imam and sky from previous season,gauhar,priya malik the eardrum breaker,karishma tanna,

    • Bebo

      @ fatarajo πŸ™‚ and zallu will tell i waz always kidding that i hate Bigboss diz time m seriouz HATE BIGBOSS …unfair and intolerence. coz he cant imagine himzelf az finalizt.

      • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

        Yeh Dosti ham hamesha torengi Bb aur salman hum dost na Raha hum, hum hain doh dushman Mandana ke peeche peeche πŸ˜› #justforfun

  82. I am feeling soo bad for you kish…..
    ….u were nt fake….n I hate prince; he couldn’t give for his soo called sis…mandy took a smart decsn n love it……evn being mandy”s fan I feeling soo bad for kish….:; (

  83. I am feeling soo bad for you kish…..
    ….u were nt fake….n I hate prince he couldn’t give for his soo called sis…mandy took a smart decsn n love it……evn being mandy”s fan I feeling soo bad for kish….:; (

  84. Really unfair. Big boss should be the winner. Cuz I’m not seeing any other contestant more mastermind than him. Love u kish. U went out with respect. I wanted u to be the winner. How can they eliminate the person like this who played really well in whole season. Really bullshit. Big boss U disappointed me today. Now see u will lose ur lakhs fan.

  85. Pari ki bhavishyawani for contestants after the show is over–Rishabh will try to be the best friend or boyfriend of digangna and resign the post of devar of priya…Rochelle will marry keith but after many ups and downs in life…Priya will be happy in family life…Prince will search for a new girl in life and will be beaten up by dozen of girls..The groom kish and the bride suyash will get married and at last..All will be watching Mandys movie in respective houses..LOL

  86. Prince wanted kish to press the button she gets out of game then he competes with mandy & wins the ticket to finale.matlab act like supporting kish & save ticket to finale for urself.dude u want girls to win this show?right?then why u didnt go out of game & let the girls fight.kish could hav easily defeated kish ko ishara karne ki jagah khud hi button press kar dete.prince acts like supporting girls but he supports girls only for his own benifits(&to support girls of his grp he shouts at girls of other grp).at afternoon he said he wil
    give up for kish but jab yhi bat priyane ratme boli he got frustated at priya.i dnt expect prince to give up.k no1 does tht but stop acting like u wil give up for kish.u underestimated mandy right?u thought u wil easily defeat her?aisa hi hota hai jab log ladkiyo ko kam samazte hai.sad for kish i really liked her.prince ek taraf tum kehte ho priyane respect earn nhi kiya hai aur priya ke samne kehte ho u r deserving.plz explain jinka respect nhi hota vo deserving kaise hote hai?&”i want girls to win the show” aisi bate sirf politicians karte hai u sound too fake saying tht.

    • bbdt

      But prince and kish relation fake nahi he….vo dono ek sath finale me aana chahtha he…
      Or priya…task se vo deserving he..magar uski bakbak nature usko bhaari padtha he

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      @anu r..correction..:-D priya aunty…:-D go back to australia…:-D

  87. neha

    Nice Twist Big Boss….very interesting mode you have brought the show…likewise lets c how Prince can keep his word towards her sister.and be for her…..

    this time something different to view in BB9……of course yar one need some twist………in the show……

    • kushagra

      tute re tute saari kasme tute
      rah alag hai chah meri ruthe toh ruthe
      of abcd

  88. shanu

    It was a well planned task but mandana is not reaponsible for eviction of kish but surely it is strategy of bigg boss team to make their favourite win which may be from these three;
    But why so unfair with kish….
    lets see what salman sir will say about all this stuff…..
    He will surely say that it is double trouble so thats why this task is added to create double trouble…..
    Double trouble my foot…

  89. Zoya

    I had always been a die hard prince fan but ever since nora came prince seemed to lose interest in the show.Now again he is back in form.feeling bad for kish.yes felt the task was unfair but 15 lakhs is a big amount plus kish gain respect from all audience ho earlier hated her for her rude behaviour..realy wish prince n rishab comes in top 2.this season is full of twists n lets wait for the next unexpected condition…

  90. ssss......

    Think..this will last episode for viewers to see or get interest to see…… Again Bb9 prove himself it’s really a faltu show…

  91. II

    Kish! Like gauharkhan u will be remembered for ever. Feeling very sorry for u. I want to see ui as a top most anchor in the upcoming shows. Ur a persn of joy love bonding everything. Faced all the criticism sportingly. Hats off to u. Ur exit will bring tears to many.

    And priya atleast dont fight when others are in a trauma as who is going to be evicted. Prince may disrespect and demean u as usual to bring out reaction from u but still u should have mantained ur respect and dignity atleast in such a worst situation of bb’history. Ur viewpoint may be absolutely right but not a right time to argue. U totally lost ur timing. Not happy for u at all. Dont desperately try to lose ur respect for silly and stupid matters.

    And hatshal! A big thanku for ur humbling response ysyrdy. Inspite of ur deep rooted liking to mndy still u have the guts to say right as right and wrong as wrong eventhough the concerned prsn is at top of the hatelist. Aapke liye ek clap aur standing ovation tho zaroor bantha hai. Hope bb will make u a full time sanchalak next year. All the best to ur mandu

  92. Aman

    Kishwer is very good in spite of all her devilish acts n Backstabbing and Rochelle is very bad inspite of playing so fair since beginning without any group. Jo bhi hua kishwer ka karma hua. She even cheated Rochelle in ticket to finale task

  93. Shruti

    The task was not ticket to finale but ticket to home. BB fielding his favorites in finals. Very disappointed ?. At least finale should be among strong candidates.

  94. bbdt

    I dont think bb itna unfair ho sakthe he….kahi na kahi ek twist hogaa.hope…..
    For those who says mandy played smartly…..its her luck…mandy or kish dono bajaayaa thaa….but bb decided its mandy first…and kish se khelne ko kahaaa….Bb ko pathaa he mandy ko rekhne se koi faydaa nahi..kish or prince hi khelenge vahi log task karte aaye he…log dekhenge…..
    Roch aaj achaa lagaa…keith bhi….

  95. maya

    Bulshit why viewers are acting like saas bahu sort please give a break and think Kish used prince to win in first task and got in top 3 .bb already told that this is the game and rules so she should have planned well and got to press button first but she was I don’t know we don’t have to press button now and now if she leaves the task so nothing is fare .don’t forget in reality shows sometimes more deserving contestents loose because of people votes

  96. HEY @FREAKK..2 CRORE KE LIYE SAWAL APKE SCREEN PAR YE RAHA…1.WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO MARRYIN BB HOUSE??OPTIONS ARE—-a)mandana b)yuvika c)digangana d)gizelle (i intentionally didnt keep rimi in the options because its obvious you would like to marry her)..others next question is for you guys so be ready!!

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      @digangna..:-D lao 2 crore..;-)

      • Great idea for bigg bad boss–sare contestants ko bahar nikal do aur fir tum or salman andar fugdi khelo..Cmon yaar accha karte karte last me gud gobar karna zaruri tha kya??As salman says do whatever u want to do ..this was not necessary bb to prove salmans words…I HATE YOU BB SO MUCH.,YOU GO TO HELL

  97. BB9

    Im really surprised to read the cimments how can u ppl tell BB unfair sad for kishwer well dine prince and negative for mandana or priya……this is a reality show and the concept itself is yo test peoples personality and patience level…how can BB be unfair? This lady kishwer during the rask said I dint come for money but to win the show…den y madam left with 15lac thus showed her greed and loose tongue…muscle man minus brain prince said mera behen mera behen bullshit the whole season but when it came to prove his statement he backed off at the last moment even though kishwer was prompting him behen ke liya nahi chodoge? Kitne reality show jeetoge behen ke liya chodo….but no buffoon was just lying down simply….really prince and kishwer fans cant u see or understand tye footage or just for sake of commenting u omit moral values. Mandana on the other hand as we all know will never go over the limit for any task she really pulled her trump card and quited the task to show these fake ppls real face she told in confidence to priya about her plan as to y she quit the task even though she does nt knw hindi she understood the option given by BB as buzer bajte hi contestant buzer bajate hi out hojayega…..hello hindi speaking kishwer dint u understand this and latersaying to hide her stupidity as task starts after buzer sounds LOL kishwer fans even u ppl.dont understand ur hindi???the real face of fool group was show yo us by BB and mandana waiting for Salmans episode as to how he portray the situations. …. very deserving to be in finals are Kieth my favorite, Rishab and mandana. Next week either Priya or Rochell will be eliminated but muscle man minus brain Prince may be first runner up….MARK MY WORDS fool group fans LOL….
    yesterdays eposode was awesome and an eye opener for all of u….cholo apne paise barbad karo vote karke fool group ko.

    • shruti

      I think this is not the first season where groups are there, last year it was P3G, which of course had Salman’s support. The whole point is the task was ticket to finale and not eviction. At least at this stage eviction should be by voting. As far as Mandana’s smart strategy is concerned, if there was a confusion BB could have easily restarted the game and it was BB’s decision as to who did the right thing by pressing buzzer that could have been either way. Nobody was blaming Mandana, but then she went inside started blurting out nonsense. There is nothing to prove in the task, one has to leave. This is not first time when BB eliminated without voting.
      Rimi was the smartest player, who made BB loose his bucks without getting into ugly fights. She made BB go out of his wits and I am sure BB evicted her not on the voting basis.

    • neha

      @BB9 …it was nice to read ur comments…..really that’s what i hv been commenting it will be an eye opening for the supporter of Brainless Man Prince……At last kishwer was kicked………nice to c such fake relation..

  98. AN7

    Dont blame prince for kishwer’s eviction.He has done quite a lot for her. throughout the show.

  99. BB9

    Neha thanks and AN7 wht has prince done other dan saying behen behen and not nominating her and her cry baby BF only in the sand funnel task he saved her funnel tht too as dey were side by side if tyey were opposite to eachother den we could have seen how he saves her sand funnel…Prince was just using her thts it…not worth to win TTF too.

  100. mandyfan

    Big boss is no unfair coz this is d first season in which all the tasks were played in groups and in ticket to finale prince and kish openly said dat they are supporting each other so its right frm big boss side to test dem and ya its not big boss format but we shuld nt forget dat they hv already changd d format frm begining stating its double trouble.
    Though I did not like kish going bt happy dat she got 15 lakhs.

  101. Gaurav

    For all those people who are prebiased in their mind that why didnt prince quit for kish…
    I can bet this that these same people would have said that if he didnt come for money and all then why did he quit….
    Secondly they would have said that he doesnt have brains and follows kish….

    Well guess what …….
    This is called JEALOUSY…….
    .and a perfect example of DOUBLE STANDARDS

  102. Kalika

    BIg boss is scripted my dears. Kishwar is getting married in Feb, why do you think she is going out right after Suyash? Same thing with Mandana she will be leaving soon to promote KKHH3. Rimi was paid more than the actual prize money to be in big boss. The winner will either be Prince or Rochelle. Keith, as nice as he is, is almost invisible these days. The terrible triplets (Mandana, Priya and Rishabh) will go in the next few weeks leaving Prince, Rochelle and Keith to fight it out.

  103. bb

    kish going wid the money is gud thing frm her part.. it ws totally unfair for her.. and i love the way kish was i the house.. growing and sporting .. and she has beared a lot in the house and evn outside the house ppl hav had hated her.. wen she doesn’t deserve such hatred.. bt prince counter argument ws also rite .. he has fans much more than kish.. that wud help him ti win against mandy.. and we all knw that if the finals r agaimst kish and mandy.. den obvio pura hindastan apko dekh ra h type mandana wud hav win.. i ws almost in tears.. cz i loved the way kish ws..

  104. neha

    Big Boss itself know by now who is playing brain mind game and who are not…..
    if prince were brain master then he would have definetly target mandana or kishwer ..but he did not do that…………he concentrated on her enemy that is priya ………which was foolish on his part………..and as he agreed to priya than he doesn’t think about future things……….that’s y he got trapped in this current taste………Viewers thing wisely…………Nobody is jealous on the contestants…its peoples point of view which is different from others……..

  105. BB9

    Here’s a terrible news for Mandana Karimi fans! The hot Iranian model is all set to bid good bye to Salman Khan’s show on January 16. According to sources Mandana’s eviction is due to the realese of her porn-com β€˜Kya Kool Hain Hum 3’ which will hit the theatres on Jan 22. Mandana might not enter the finale of controversial reality show Bigg Boss season 9 as makers of the movie want her during the last leg of promotions. Also during the ticket to finale task Mandana was the first one to quit hinting her exit in the upcoming week. We are sure fans will miss Mandana’s stint on show if she gets evicted right before then finale week!
    So Fool group fans be happy πŸ™‚ LOL……But i jut hope buffoon Prince does not win….the winner should be either Rishab or Keith …… Fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  106. Fool Group

    Well, this is a shocker for all Bigg Boss 9 and Kishwer Merchant fans! What was really unexpected took place when in a sudden turn of events, Kishwer Merchantt decided to walk out of Bigg Boss 9! Well, Kishwer is out of the show with a fabulous prize money of 15 lakh. Well, Mandana left the task frost leaving Kishwer and Prince to compete against each other. In the midst of the task when both of them were putting their all to win the task, Bigg Boss gave an open offer to both of them that one of the two can leave the house with the prize sum of 6 lakh. Bigg Boss made it even more interesting when he hiked it to 8 lakhs. But Kishwer and Prince were actually hoping to get a bigger offer and when Bigg Boss finally raised the sum to 15 lakh, Kishwer pressed the buzzer thus accepting the offer and happily left the show.

    She was quite happy after leaving the show. She also took to Twitter and wrote: β€œThank u guys for all the support and unconditional love .. missed u all so much!

    This is the Kiswer.,,,,,, for fans who supported her……money money money bigger than any relationships .

  107. Pri

    truelly diya.. if such kind of things gonna happen in bb’s nxt season den d show is nt worth watchng.. m seriously wtchng dis show since its first season.. bt bigg boss broke my heart!!

  108. Unfair bb..who says kish has no fans..we r her fans…we dnt wnt to see bb again..dnt trust ppl plz we wnt kish back..guyz cm on raise voice against bb

  109. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Really a big thumbs down for BB9, season was not that bad till yesterday’s episode proved me wrong. Bigg boss should get an oscar for backfiring itself by getting strong contenders like Kishwer Merchant and Mandana Karimi(don’t know if it’s true) evicted. Not a surprise if trp drops to 0 this week. Pathetic . Really disappointing.

  110. DON


    I think prince,rishab and rochelle will be in the grand finale as mandana has to leave for promotions of her movie.

  111. maya

    do anyone find roch and rishab better than keith
    please kish fans now vote for keith please as he supported kish in last task and motivate her not to leave it

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      I m also voting for Keith , as for Rish n Roch ya I do agree Keith is better than them, for the past few days Keith is better than Rish and as for Roch she really did well in the ticket to finale task

  112. viv

    Frnds pls u all support rishav , he is the real man in the house …prince is playing game with group but rishav is alone ….and play game in her style not take help with other ….so plz plz plz vote for rishav…. He wants fans support and fans blessing

  113. MAHI

    wow khud group form karke har baar khelo…task mein apne so called bhai behen boy/girlfriend ke liye partial ho jao…popular contestants(rish and mandana) se deals karo…..peeth pichhe phir bolo ki bb unko ghar me kyu rakhna chahte hai….ALL FAIR….aur EK DUSRE KE AGAINST PIT HUE TOH UNFAIR…everyone has come to yeh FAKE RELATIONS KA DRAMA KYUN??? ITNA GROUPISM KAROGE TOH YEH TOH HONA HI THA…WELL DONE BB…
    now we will see the PAPER LION OF BB 9 sucking up to roch keith and mandy…uske bhai behen jo chale gaye….kabhi toh show some individuality….majority task physical rakhe jisme us saandh ko hi benefit hai aur har bar prince aur uske chele ek team me…never seen prince in double trouble room…khopdi khaali jo hai…priya se neg vibes aati hai..guess what…she shows mirror to you..revealing your true face…never sucked up to you…really priya me bohot ego hai?…prince ne khud ke friends ko bola tha mujhe is ghar me koi rok nahi sakta…uske toh
    pasine chutt gaye priya ko roktey hue…woh kaam nahi karti..khud kahaa sunta tha uske aur suyash ke captaincy ke time….you too have not earned true respect…priya is the apt answer to your arrogance…she even agreed theres no chance she will win…THATS CALLED GROUNDED NOT EGO….RESPECT PRIYA…NEVER TRIED TO CHANGE HERSELF FOR THE CAMERA..

      • MAHI

        might not be more but definately one of the popular ones…other than that only reason for the deal to not attack rishab will be that he is fattu and targetted girls…and then claiming he wanted girls to win…dramebaaazz or fattu…i said it was all his play..if you would rather agree with he being paper lion…i wont mind..

  114. bbdt (luv u kish)

    These comments shows kish is a real winner….ab tho prince ko jeetna hi hongaa…kish ne use ticket to finale dilaaya he…..jeetkar milna behan se…..
    Luv u kish

  115. Queen kish pressed the bazar for her rakhi brother prince…Queen kish is trending… Mandana will not be evicted its confirmed…plz don’t give fake news yaar..

    • Agree with you kish the real Queen…strong contender… Hate mandana is she not going??????Queen kish and very good risabh is trending on Twitter

  116. Aisa nhi hai ki kish ne koi balidan diya hai.. Agar prince ne give up kiya hota to prince gr8 nahi ban jata.the game was all about how much u r fair with urself n ur game u played till now..jaise ki kish n prince bolte hai ki wo deserve karte hai to be finalist more than agar dono itne deserving hai to final ke itne pass hone ke baawjud bhi wo task ko thik se samaj bhi nahi Paye..
    aur agar Mandana se itni hi nafrat hai to use help hi nahi karni thi sand wale task me..such to yeh hai ki aap rishabh se dharte ho(even though he is wild card entry and requires double efforts to be in the game)kish u says tumne aur prince ne mandana se jyada mehnat ki hai to galat hai coz u r in show bcoz of support of Prince n suyash while mandana is playing alone from beginning without any support..
    kish n prince are very fake players..

  117. @surabhi then whom do u think are real???? I am sry that I can’t agree with you.. I don’t think kish was fake..Risabh makes friends for his benefits.. Mandana and priya attention seeker

  118. who said ki prince aur kishwer be task nahi samjha . Prince me task ko achhe se samjha that aur kishwer ne buzzer pahle bajane ki koshish ki thi . aur mandana ko to task give karne ki aadat isme koi bhi badi baat nahi hai

  119. Simpi

    Love u kish,u rocked. Some stupid people think ur fake but u were the most deserving contestant rest r fake. Now BB9 is not worth to watch.

  120. vipin

    Well played by mandana….
    Jhuund ko kiya khtm….
    An kya hoga prince ka….
    Starting se dusro ke sahare aagey bdhne Wala prince an kya krega…

  121. Simpi don’t say stupid to others instead if u love kish then keep loving I appreciate that u like kish.k..but dont do personal comments like stupid n all…

  122. Actually prince khudke benefit ke liye frnds banata hai shayad isiliye har bar mandana ko bura bhala bolne wala prince sand task me usse support kar raha rishabh ne akele se hi task kiya..

  123. Ritika

    Kish left πŸ™ wth! But maybe acha kiya as mandana wl win now it seems πŸ™ i wanted kish to win! But 15 lakh kam nhi hota!

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.