Bigg Boss 9 7th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Bigg Boss 9 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Eviction Special
Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone in Bigg boss. Salman says DIGANGANA and SUYYASH are nominated, inmates will have to decide who should be evicted.
Video call is connected to house, Salman ask Prince if Suyyash leaves then what will happen to him? Kishwar says what about me, Salman says you will survive, all laugh. Salman jokes about nose jewelry, he sings Oh Priya Oh Priya.. she laughs, Salman says we will have lie detector test now, he calls Priya in confession room and ask her to sit on lie detector chair, she sits and attaches detector on her finger. inmates watch her on Tv. Salman ask if she thinks Kishwar cant play alone? Priya says yes, green light blinks means she is saying truth, Salman ask if she thinks Mandana thinks she is best in house? Priya says

without a doubt yes, all laugh, green light blinks, Salman ask Priya if she thinks if Kanwal hadnt taken that ticket to finale then Rochelle would have taken it? she says yes, green light plays, Salman says Rochelle naughty girl, all laugh, Salman ask Priya to go back in lounge and call Prince in, she comes out of confession room, Prince who was standing outside says Boo, Priya screams being afraid, everyone laughs at her.
Prince sits on lie detector chair, Salman ask if you think Kanwal is stupid? Prince says no, red light blinks means he is lying, all laugh, Prince jokes that i had attached detector on wrong finger, Salman jokes every finger can do some special task, all laugh, Rochelle says chii(shit), Salman ask for what we use middle finger? he says to move it in ear, it feels nice, put it in ear slightly deeper, all laugh. Salman ask Prince if he thinks Suyyash can survive for much time, Prince says yes, green light plays, Salman ask Prince if he thinks Rishab is after every new girl? Prince says yes, green light blinks, Salman teases Rishab that he is agreeing too, Salman ask Prince if Keith was not Rochelle’s girlfriend then he would have tried to make love angle with her? Prince says yes, green light blinks, all laugh, Salman says i noticed it on first day, Salman ask Kanwal to come in confession room. He comes and sit on lie detector chair, Salman ask Kanwal if he thinks Rochelle doesnt deserve to win Miss India title? he says no she doesnt deserve, green light blinks, Rochelle says truth is that i have already won it, Kishwar says Rochelle devi, Rochelle devi.. Salman ask Kanwal if he thinks Rochelle has zero humanity like Mandana? he says yes, green ligh blinks, Salman jokes one house has two of this. Salman ask Kanwal if he thinks Rochelle didnt feel bad about destroying his pillow and her tears were just to show off infront of Keith? Kanwal says yes, green light blinks, Salman ask Kanwal to comeback in lounge, he does.
Salman ask Prince and Rishab how was lust task? all laugh, Salman says Rishab you highest heart rate was 150, in cardio it merely goes to 130 but you crossed it all, all laugh, Suyyash says smoke was coming out of meter, all laugh, Prince jokes that we were remembering our grandmother and all to keep meter in limit, all laugh, Salman says thank God only heart beat was increasing nothing else, all laugh. Salman ask who is jealous of Rishab and Prince for that lust task? Suyyash and Keith raises their hands, Salman says even i am jealous, Salman ask Keith and Suyyash to go in activity area, they go.
Salman says to Kishwar and Rochelle that now only God is your savior.
Keith and suyyash sit on chairs in activity area, inmates see them on Tv. Their heart rate is noted, a girl in short dress comes in activity area, she pole dances on Aang lagade re, suyyash is smiling while Keith is serious, they dont look at girl, Salman and everyone laughing seeing their faces. Girl starts dancing infront of them, she comes closer to Keith and suyyash, Prince and Rishab dances in lounge seeing them getting to control their lust too, everyone laughs. Girl dances infront of Suyyash and Keith, they dont look at her and keep looking down, she moves her fur on Suyyash’s face, he looks at her and smiles, Kishwar laughs seeing this, girl leaves.
Keith and Suyyash comes back in lounge, everyone claps for them. Salman says Keith has won this round as his heart rate was low, but keith this is not good, you should eat some dry fruits, all laugh. Salman says to Suyyash that girl was every close to Rishab if it has happened with you then dont know about your heart rate, Prince says today’s girl did nothing, it was like we are watching Salman Khan’s family movie while the girl in our time was like we are watching Emran Hashmi’s movie, everyone laughs, Salman ends call.

Salman says to audience that you might have selected your favorite contestants but you can change it as wild card entries are coming. First wild card entry is Nora Fatehi. Salman welcomes her and ask about her opinion, Nora says there should be more fun in house, Salman ask her agenda, Nora says i can give support or love to Rishab and Prince, lets see, Salman says good, Nora leaves.
Salman says next wild card entry is Giselle Thakral. Giselle comes there, Salman ask about her ancestors, she says i am from Rajisthan, she says i am half catholic and half Punjabi, Salman welcomes her in Bigg boss, he ask her favorite contestant, she says Prince, i like his aggression, they are bored in house so i will be their entertainment, there should be some romance or flirting in life, they have no work beside fighting, infact couples are looking brother and sister in house, all laugh, Salman greets her, she leaves.

Call is connected to house, Salman says to inmates that Suyyash and Digi are nominated. decision is yet to be taken, voting lines were not opened, for first time inmates will decide whom they want to evict from house, Kishwar says Sir dont do this with us, Salman says digi and Suyyash to go in activity area, they leave. Digi and Suyyash comes in activity area and stand in separate booths Salman says to inmates sitting in lounge that Priya will not be part of this voting as she had nominated them both, you should write the name of person on chit whom you want to eliminate from house, means the one who will get more votes will be eliminated, lets start voting from Kanwal.
Kanwal votes, then Prince then Kishwar, then Rochelle then Rishab then Mandana votes, Salman ask to put box in store room, she does.

Salman says to inmates that as per votes the you have eliminated… it starts sparking in Digi and suyyash’s booths, inmates are seeing this on Tv. Salman ends call.

Salman says the one who is eliminated will come on stage now. Digi comes on stage, DIGANGANA IS EVICTED, Salman ask if she is shocked? she says no, i knew i will be eliminated, Salman says i thought, Suyyash would get more votes to be eliminated, digi says its difficult to decide who is fake in house.
Call is connected to house, Salman says you have voted out one person, she is evicted, he makes them meet digi through video chat, Priya says i am sorry, we couldnt say bye to you, Digi says why are you guys regretting, you have voted me out only, Suyyash comes in lounge, Rochelle ask her to get well soon, Kishwar hugs Suyyash. Salman ask Digi who she thinks voted out her? she says i feel Rishab wouldnt have voted me out, Rishab says i wrote your name because i didnt think that you are my friend or he is my enemy, but i saw who progressed more in house and it was Suyyash so i voted out you, Salman ask inmates about their votes.
Keith voted Digi
Rochelle voted Digi
Kishwar voted Digi
Prince voted Digi
Kanwal voted Digi
Mandana voted Suyyash

Salman ask Priya if she had voting rights then whom she should have voted out? Priya says i would have voted Suyyash and saved Digi, reason is digi is my friend and secondly suyyash is more stronger than her so it would have been chance to vote him out before Digi who isnt much threat. Digi says to inmates that everything happens for good, maybe it was correct time for me come out, she says bye to inmates, call ends, Salman greet Digi, hugs her, she leaves.

Salman says lets see whats happening in house.

in house, Rishab says to Priya that if suyyash is progressing then he deserves to be in house, Priya says yes, Priya says i know you are not influenced by anyone, also Keith and Rochelle didnt vote out suyyash as they want to maintain good relation with Kishwar’s group, also Prince is their connecting link, now it will Prince, Keith, Rochelle, Suyyash, Kishwar vs you and me while Mandana and Kanwal are inkdividual.
Kishwar says to Suyyash that why did they save you? Suyyash says they want to put up a fake act infront of me that they are good but they think that i cant understand, Priya’s statement was this only that i was stronger than dig but they saved me, Keith’s game is nothing, initially he was above me but now he is nothing near me, Kishwar says he saved you so that we dont nominate him, i thought to nominate Keith in next nominations but now how will i nominate him? Suyyash says if it is open nominations then it will be problem to nominate him but if nominations are confession room then you can nominate, Kishwar says but i cant nominate Priya too, i dont have any problem with her, infact she has immunity, Suyyash says now game has come at stage where it is time to nominate every person who is your competition.

Day 57
Prince is lying on first floor in garden area and has closed his eyes, Priya says Prince you can sleep, its against rules, Prince says i am not sleeping, Kishwar says he is just lying not sleeping, Rochelle says to Prince if he needs coffee then he can come to take it, Prince ask he to come and give it to him, Rochelle says no you come down, Priya says you should come down as there is scope of sleeping lying on first floor, Prince says when i dozes off then say this, i am not sleeping, Rochelle says you are behaving like kids, Priya says we got less luxury budget as we are still breaking rules, Kishwar ask Rishab to get up too who is lying on bench, Keith gives coffee to Princ eon first floor, Prince says if i want to sleep then no one will be able to wake me up, Priya ask what he means? Prince says if i want then i can sleep but i am not sleeping then why are you saying me? Priya says its my duty to remind you to not sleep, Prince says now i will sleep and i shall see who can wake me up, Priya says why are you acting like you are doing favor on me by not sleeping? Prince says you warned me one time, i listened it then why are you repeating it again and again?

Kishwar says to suyyash that Prince brags too much that if he wants then nobody can wake him up etc etc, Suyyash says nobody gives damn, he can sleep, Kishwar says i swear dude, i remember when you were asking me to come out of car in immunity task as i was feeling ill then Prince said yes, go out, you will get ill etc etc, he wanted me to leave task then when we had to hold ropes, he was tired so made me agree too to leave rope, i was stupid to listen to him.

Priya is in kitchen, Mandana says to her that Prince is saying he will not comeback from garden, if alarm plays for sleeping then you can call him, Priya says so he will not make breakfast? then there is no need for him to be in cooking team, i will remove him from cooking team, Mandana says no, he is good.
she comes to Prince and requests him to make breakfast.
Priya comes to Kishwar in bedroom and says i am washing utensils but Prince is not coming to make breakfast, why is he behaving like that? Kishwar says ask him to knead flour, i will make parathas after cleaning carpet of bedroom.
Prince ask Mandana what she is saying? Mandana says she said she will remove you from cooking team but i want you to be in it, i want roties, come make it. Prince says i will not make it now, he comes down, Mandana says hey bhagwan, Prince says she will make it now.
Priya says to Kishwar that i know you can make parathas but its his duty, if he doesnt do it then i will take this mattress, Suyyash this is childish of him.
Kieth says do it properly. You should not look wrong.

Day 56, 05:15 pm,
Mandana says trust me I know these latches. Kishwer says she spoke english. Everyone says tell what she said. Kishwer says why should I? Kishwer says in first round anyone can punish you.Priya says I am the captain so I make the rules. Prince says why would you? She says because if you become captain there would be your rules. He says I will announce and become one. she says I wont behave like you when you become. He says you can’t even. he says you have right. She says I will give you punish of my choice. She says Rishap help me I gave to dry his mattress.
Priya says bigg boss, Prince is not doing punish of his mistake. He says show me the mistake first. she says you said it yourself. He says I can say whatever I want. She says when you said it you give me right to punish you. He says dont talk aloud to me. I am not Roshan. She says who are you? He says I talk as same tone as you. She says you said you respect girls. He says you can’t play this crying drama in front of me. You can shout on everyone not me. Kishwer says why does he say this line always. She says you are giving me attitude. He says yes to expose your fake image.
Kieth says when it comes to oneself they don’t listen.
Rishap comes and says so much fun.
Prince says come play, you can’t make me do anything. He says everyone will see how fake you are. Priya says everyone is seeing real you. she says you are so bugged because you are being exposed. You have lied. Kishwer has even left you. He says this is not abroad. She says this is India, you will teach me geography now? I know this is India and I am Indian.

Prince says i will clear everything now only, he calls Rochelle, Mandana, Keith everyone, he ask them if he has ever said anything bad about Suyyash and Kishwar? they say no, Priya says you are alone now, Prince says then how can she say that they now know my reality so staying away from me, that they have seen my real face, Pruiya says i am taking your mattress, Prince says i wont allow you, he sits on his bed so she cant take his mattress, Prince ask Keith if he has ever done b*t*hing about suyyash and Kishwar with him? Keith says no, Priya says to Suyyash that i told him that his friends Suyyash and Kishwar have seen his real personality and he had genuine connection with them but he left them for game, Prince how i have lft them? just tell me, Keith says there is no need to dig things, Kishwar says to Keith if you were captain and so much scolding Bigg boss had done for breaking rules and you know whenever suyyash and Prince goes on first floor, they sleep only then you see Prince taking pillow on first floor and lying there then you would doubt that he might me sleeping, even if i was captain, i would have doubted him, Prince says when suyyash was in smoking area, you said till you dont see him smoking with your own eyes till then you wont doubt him then why me? when i will break rules then i will say it myself, Keith leaves, Priya comes and says its okay, Prince says leave, she leaves. Prince says to Kishwar and Suyyash that if you have problem with me then say it on my face, suyyash says why were you explaining things to Keith> Prince says i cant see all this, Kishwar says we didnt say any word for you like we have seen your real face and all, Prince says i fight for you both with all, he leaves. Priya puts Prince’s protein jar in store room as punishment for him.

Salman says two wild card entries are coming that is Nora and Giselle. Lets see when these women will replace a kid(digi) then what will happen to men inside and outside house, he signs off from show.

PRECAP- There will be open nominations tomorrow, the one whom inmate want to nominate, he has to break bottle on his head to nominate him. Rishab says its time to break over-confidence, he nominates Prince. Suyyash says Prince has changed alot, i dont know what is your real side, he nominates Prince. Rochelle says to Mandana that i dont think you are game changer, she nominates Mandana by breaking bottle on her head. Later Prince and Priya have argument, Rochelle says captain herself is deliberately making fun of your rules. Mandana ask who the hell is she? she is just captain, dont try to be oversmart. Wildcard entries will come in house. Kishwar is alone in washroom area, she finds scary painting hanging on wall and sees someone’s face behind her back in mirror, she gets afraid and leaves from there, later she tells this to Mandana and Rochelle that she saw someone lady in washroom. Mandana comes in washroom, lights are switched off to make her afraid, she screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thank you sooo much.. Was waiting all this time for the update <3

  2. I liked today’sepisode…
    To start with ,, the Lie detector was good…
    Then the dancer with suyyash nd kieth was fun too.. Kieth’s heart rate started with 120 and reduced to 103 by the end of the dance… LOL…
    And then comes the wild card entries… Both girls are coming with a strategy to spread some love… Prince is in demand it seems… πŸ˜€ will be fun to watch…
    DIGI’s elimination was kinda expected… Frankly both digi nd suyyash are the least seen ones so it din matter much to me… I liked digi’s reply to everyone when they said – not fair,, we cudnt say bie to you..!! Her reply – “itna regrt kyun kar rhe ho..tumhi logon ne nikala hai.. Mat karo”… πŸ˜€ Awesome…
    Kish nd suyyash hv started b*t*hing abt prince… They were seen talking to each othr abt him… It wud hv looked good if they said it on his face… Evn though i liked the trio,, it is fun to watch prince play without them…
    Priya nd prince .. Their fyt got nasty.. Prince’s dialogue -mein mandy nd rochs nhi hun, mujpe chilaoge tho mein bhi chilaunga,mein sabki tarah nhi hun etc etc would hv created a problm if rochs nd mandy were nearby… As kish correctly pointed out,it produces a meaning that everyone else is afraid of priya.. Good that rochs nd mandy din pay much heed to that evn after suyyash bringing it up.. πŸ˜€
    Priya always try to bring in racism if a word called india comes in.. Gawd… Nd then she twisted her words when everyone came in nd prince confronted her… LOL.. I liked that.. I feel priya is taking her captaincy a lil overboard.. Shud cool down a lil…
    Later When prince asked Kish nd suyyash ki tell me on my face if you said that – “tera asli roop aa gaya”,, then both of them said noo.. Like really. ? Abhi abhi toh bola tha bahar… Haha..
    Precap – today it was only prince,, tomorrow it seems everyone is against priya’s ruless…
    Can’t wait for the wild card entries…
    Open nominations… Yaay..
    Nd What is the new ghost twist. ?

    1. with lips like that, gizelle(2nd wild card girl) may seem like a ghost and cause mandy and kish to get frightened :P. The episode on the other hand was quite fun actually, Prince behaving like a stubborn kid looked fun(I just can’t hate this punjabi guy). Priya is so manipulative, trying to provoke all in every possible way. Suyyash and Kish don’t trust Prince now, it seems. Good reason for him to go solo now, something i always like bb contestants doing.
      Nora is going to replace digi(as a shadow) in the house i guess, she looked equally stupid when she said that her motto in the house will be to flirt with prince and rishab *facepalm*, i mean gizelle atleast said she wanted to add sparks & entertain, on the other hand this one literally panned out her whole plan outside. So now, even if something romantic happens inside the house, all will know its just fake from her side.

      1. Wild card show peace h ekad ko to pakkA patayengi

      2. @harshal Hahaha… That was funny.. I love reading your comments…
        I agree.. Prince can openly play solo now… Also Suyyash is nominating prince it seems.. All the more reasons now….
        As for nora,, fake or true, it wud be fun to watch some love in the air… But i don’t think her game plan wud work.. she seems too much naive.. I guess we have to wait nd watch…

      3. I would love to chop giselle’s lips into half…and in some other reality show(baazi mehmaan nawaazi ki),she said it was her real lips….?????

      4. :p haha.. .
        BTW freak, sweetie, super girl.. Where are you guysss ??

      5. Neeru…just was watching the repeat telecast…found as if roch is jealous when dancer was dancing for keith ??

    2. Kish ne to sirf itna hi kaha ki prince and suyash go to first floor, they sleep so if she would have been captain she would have doubted him also na…usne to suyash ki v baat ki…kahan b*t*hing hua neeru???
      Jis tarah se bb ne in teeno ko toda hai and prince ka reaction jaisa hai…itz natural for suyash to nominate him na….
      Priya has kept that racism strategy for getting sympathy…kuch v bolo racism ho jata hai uske liye….she z now going overboard with this captaincy stuff….

      1. Just totally agree with you. Kish and suyash ka reaction natural hai, price toh bhool hi gaya hai ki go teeno kabhi friends the. And rahi baat b**ing at back ki toh price bhi kam nahi hai.

    3. Ooops sorry neeru ..hadn’t read the first part of sukish’s conversation…actly after posting my comment i felt,u wouldn’t say unncessarily that sukish b*t*hed about prince …then i again read the whole epi and understood which part u might b referring to…..about that car wala task and kish saying that prince is bragging…but i felt prince and priya dragged a small matter too much….

      1. heyy teddd…thatss ok.. Chill… I know you aren’t able to watch the episodes these days nd reading the updates sometimes doesn’t give the whole picture… I understand…
        I absolutely agree.. Theres nothng wrong in suyyash nominating prince.. I actually understand his reasons too.. What i said was, ab jab khulke nominations ho hi rhe hai tho its good.. Prince can play alone nd chnge his image of being kish’s chamcha.. .But somevr i feel ki kish nd prince ki dosti ho hi jayegi again…
        As for the “priya- prince” matter they definitely dragged it long.. The actual problem was priya making new rules every now nd then… Once priya started shouting, prince being prince started raising his voice above hers.. But if you closely hear the fyt, I felt priya provoked him saying that your real face has come out nd thats why your only frnds left you etc.. That made him angry nd then it went on for ever , until he called everyone in.. But frankly, Unwanted fyt it was..

      2. Did you notice how kieth, rochs, rishab nd mandy said no wen prince asked whethr i hv b*t*hed abt su-kish to you…. Haha… Either they don’t remember or These guys are playing very well.. Nominated digi nd showed support to suyyash nd kish.. Nd then lied for prince nd showed support to him.. Nominations see bachne keliye i guess…

      3. Thnkx….yeah priya provoked prince..matter ko kahan se kahan pahuncha diya…..yes i marked how they lied …i was like wtf..telling white,black,blue every colored lies…prince on the very first day itself after seeing the clip b*t*hed to roch and mandy…..and to a certain extent kish v kitna chup rahegi…matlb,frustration (about the person who called her his sister ) on prince to nikalegi…it was atlst ok to share with suyash…she dint go and talk it out anyone else…ab suyash hi to apna hai wahan…

  3. This is so stupid
    I mean Prince is just picking fights for the sake of it now and is looking like a little spoilt brat like Rochdale was a few days ago
    I’m so glad Kishwer and Suyyash aren’t friends with an idiot like Prince anymore

    1. prince is not an idiot. he is the best. suyyash is nothing without kish. kish is so cunning. i’m so glad that prince is not trying to be more friendly with them. that’s good for his future.

      1. Lekin directly vo kish ke samne apni baat kehna se darta h kahi fight na ho jaye agar fight huyi to vo to ghar se beghar??? Saala chamcha

    2. Prince was looking funny yesterday when he told Rochelle that Mandana and Digi are backbiting her and see it with her owns. Couldn’t control my laughter that time πŸ˜›

      1. Isme funny kya kya kish ke sath vo ausa karta stupid abhi tak chamcha bankar hi tika h

    3. I don’t know what r u saying as I don’t understand hindi, do u mean by why I found it funny?
      Oh, even I don’t know why I found it funny, maybe because of Rochelle’s expression
      Btw, I wanted to ask u r u a fan of Rishabh? @Rishabh

    4. Jo v hai but the trio were good together…agar dosti itni achi hai…they could have cleared their misunderstandings…but their differences are increasing day by day…..

    5. I knew that the trio will break up one day. But I felt very bad for Kishwer when Prince misbehaved with her , initially I thought Kish was faking if , but she really treated Prince as her brother . I really felt bad for Kishwer that day. And no offence, Prince is kinda weird. Sometimes I wanna vote for Prince, sometimes I don’t want to.

      1. @fatarajo Mee too.. When kish cried the othr day,, i felt really bad.. But i feel they’ll be back soon.. πŸ™‚ somevr deep down kish nd prince share a special bond…

      2. Yup kish never cried on the show except that mandana wala…so i also feel that kishwer genuinely feels for prince…

      3. Yup kish never cried on the show except that mandana wala…so i also feel that kishwer genuinely feels for prince…i never felt kish akeli nahin khel payegi…but definitely suyash can’t play alone

      4. Hope that day comes soon. Don’t know what’s wrong with Prince nowadays

  4. i really hate prince he is so stupid nd nonsense always try to fight ……… ireally hate prince and i sukish did right to break friendship with prince and also nominate i want him to out of the house becoz he is totally undeserving candidate in the house i dont know why he wins the title of roadies and splitsvilla stupid and the serial is also a big BAKWAAAAAAAASSSSS!!!!

    1. Agar Prince Fgt Krta H Toh Kish Kya Krti.?Itna Bura Mt Banao Yr Prince Ko Usne Hamesa Unke Liye Stand Liya H

      1. i agree with u. prince is nota bad boy. he is jest telling what he feels.

      2. Isi stand ki vajah se to vo tik paya h and compare himself gautam gulati he is not albe to became a shadow of gautam gulati

      3. I agree… Its good that prince is not with kish nymore… Coz ryt from the outset the only negtve point everyone had to say abt prince was that he is kish’s chamcha…
        His sistr, karan kundra, kamya, salman, gautam, bb himself… Everyone…. So its good that he has decided not to play with them.. Good for him..
        @mottu you think prince is not deserving but suyyash is. ? LOL.. Thats funny.. Also if you are saying prince is not deserving nd that you don’t like him coz he fyts then definitely kish, priya, mandy nd rochs are undeserving too.. Coz they fyt more than him.. πŸ™‚

    2. I agree kya roadies or splitsvilla.aadmi hai ya girgit rang badalta h

    3. Roadies and splitsvilla was all about task guys…he deserved that coz he performed well in them…but bigg boss is not only about tasks…3 mahine aise band hoke rehena with no contact with others is difficult….and sukish didnt brk their was prince’s behaviour after seeing the clips that he decided to cut off from them (was good for him kyon ki usko woh chamcha and all words sun na nh padega)…sukish just decide not to interfere with his decisions….equations change here everyday..and bigg boss purposely broke their fshp to add some masala…dont take all those personally..we don’t like some of the contestants in the show,but in real life we don’t know how they are…they might b good or they might be like this…so guys chill and just enjoy the show…

      1. @tedd well said… πŸ™‚

      2. Thnx again neeru….ye log itna ssly le lete hain ki they hate some of the contestants to a huge extent…we also get iritated but we should take care not to vent out anger and hatredness to an extreme level….

      3. Subhashitha K S

        I completely agree with what u told but except that prince first b*t*hed abt course after seeing the clips he maintained distance with them but he never said bad things abt was kish who started it first.when kish nominated digi after she became captain for second time.
        And digi asked her why did she nominate her
        Then kish told” i couldnt nominate prince and suyash so nominated u.i know if prince was in my place he would hv nominated me. he also told to salman that if he was in rochelles place and i in mandana’s ,then he wiuld hv b***ched abt me.if i was in his place then i wouldn’t”.this was the first time kish started b***ching abt prince.what was wrong in what prince told to salman it was task and shld be taken as task.i feel sukish is drifting from prince bcoz they are feeling safe to be in good books of priya as she will b captain for two more weeks.(2 weeks for car task and 1 week for rule breaking day ).so leaving this week to more weeks

      4. @subhashita.. Well yea.. You are ryt.. .if we think that way kish started it. ..yes.. But remember prince going to first floor nd sitting there with rimi just afta the cataincy task.. ?. He told rimi ki yahan koi apna nhi hai.. Sab apna apna khel rhe hai.. Also he told us(to the camera) With tears in his eyes that inhe ab mein nhi chodunga.. Etc etc.. That was The point wer prince started showing distnce nd it was before the kish – digi incident…

      5. Kish had many fights with priya… but i don’t remember wen sukish “tried” to remain in good books of Priya…. In a way kish started because digi asked an explanation….but still all three were in talking terms…but it was prince who first started to ignore them….i haven’t seen anytym wen sukish ignored prince…after prince drifted away,they remained silent…agar b*t*h karna hi hota to kish jitna loud hai, woh bahut jhagda kar chuki hoti for this issue….as neeru said prince had started all this stuff even before this kish-digi conersation….i sometimes felt that prince, is unable to decide if he should support sukish or not (before completely cutting off from them) this case anyone would be compelled to give a statement…everyone is grown up over here, to remain under someone’s influence or not is their personal choice…being a grown up guy,prince chahta to pehele se hi dosti maintain karke v individually game khel sakta tha…….itz not that woh kavi bigg boss dekha nh hoga ya usko pata nh hoga ki wahan hota kya hai……so blaming anyone after creating a spcl bond like bro-sis is not acceptable…..

  5. Today’s episode was quite funny. Am waiting to watch the episode. Hmmm precap also seems to be funny πŸ˜›

  6. Wow yesterday episode was awesome. Lie detector super performance tha Keith and suyash.. Digi is cute usko drama ladai karna bilkul ni malum.. Digi ill thi isliye wo task b ni kr payi.. Aur usne bb ko bola b tha wo task karna chahti hai.. Usne sahi kaha jo hota hai achhe k liye hota hai.. Jo kish ne suyash ko kaha wo galat tha Keith k baare me. Keith aur roch fair khelthe h uske jaga koi b hota tho wo suyyash ko hi bachathe.. bcoz digi se jada strong suyyash hai.. Jo suyyash ne kaha vo Keith se jada strong cndentr hai stupid( suyash.. Keith 1week pehle aya he tho b strong hai vo. Bcoz suyyash ko kish ki chamchagiri karna h.. Aur priya kitni badbad karti hai wo jabse captain bani hai table stupid saathvi aasmaan ud thi hai.. Bb b pagal hai 1week aur captain gosht kr diya.. Prince ne sahi kaha vo roch aur mandy jese nhi hai.. Bcoz jab roch aur mandy se priya ladai karti h tho roch apni baat english bolti hai us cheez ki fayda utathi hai priya.. Jab priya jorse bathameese se prince se kr sakthi tho vo b uss tarah se baat kr sakta h. Tab priya ko ye ni bolna chahiye girls se decency se baat karo.. Overall episode superb tha… Vote for Keith, roch and prince

  7. Prince Is My Fav Contstent

  8. nice episode,digi ke liye bura laga par woh deserve karti thi

    1. I agree this point of view

  9. Lov digi

  10. Itni kya jaldi thi digi ko nikalne ki kam se kam vo ye dono stupid girls wild

    card se to achhi hi thi ye kause dikh rahi h khelengi kya ab aur kitni wild card entries hogi??? Very bad season

    1. Sahi kaha rishabh apne wildcard girls se tho achi digi thi..

    2. Whenever, someone starts doing well in the show, they get evicted at the same week πŸ™ First Yuvika, and then Digi(I know many may disagree, but this week, she at least expressed her opinions)
      And I didn’t expect Aman to be evicted so soon.

  11. Yesterday for the first time i felt prince deliberately wanted to pick fight with priya while she was actually making him to follow the rules. He was just desperate to prove her wrong. He also said i will prove u fake. Priya just saidthat even kish and suysh realised ur actual reality and backed off. She didnt say they actually told her. Its just her thought. Prince just took this as a big chance to prove her wrong before kish and suysh. Anyway priya clarified it to suysh. She didnt change thesentence. She just made it clear what she actually said. I found prince manipulative for the first time. At the same time i also agree that priya is not stopping the fight soon. Instead of dragging the fight she could opt for any other solution to end the fight. By now every one is clear of priyas weak points. Just pinch or prick her at the wrong point and watch she doesnt stop even if god intervenes. Indeed a nice tactic to make her look terribly bad. Being a brainy one priya should under stand this and change soon. I think afterthis captainship all will become one and go against her. Lets see.

  12. My favourite contestants is prince , Keith, roch& mandana……they r deserves finale…….mujhe lagta h yeh log final me jaroor jayenge……thank u god ko ab uss kamine kis & suyy . Ka friend nahi h mera prince.& u r Mkat prince is stupid Jo itne Dino se uss suyyash or kishwer ke sath tha.thank u bigg boss …o video clip dikha kar price ko unka real face dikha Diya.MPRK u all r rock.

  13. Prince is my fav too!!!!

  14. I don’t know why but I strongly feel that the trio will reunite can’t say about suyyash but i think after a time Prince and Kish will.That may be due to game but they will reunite. And priya told the thing as Prince himself b*t*hed about Suyyash to priya when she entered and he even b*t*hed about Kish with Rochelle n Keith. They were just saying no to show prince that they support him. According to what they showed today Sukish were talking to each other so they were discussing change in him. Bt i personally loved the trio.
    N mujhe wildcards toh gharwalo se jyada boring lagte hai.
    Horror wala twist will be fun ?

    1. Absolutely…prince said that he has never b*t*hed about sukish but he had b*t*hed about them after bb showed him the video clips….he had gone to roch and mandy and said that usne kish ko behen banake galati kii……i don’t understand why bb is creating a mess by bringing in so many wild card entries…rather kuch interesting tasks karwate to acha hota

  15. Hope to see trio reunited soon . they r strong contender . if they r together no one can break them . that’s why big boss is trying to break it .

  16. prince make himself fool, as from now no ground to stand. Priya over acting too much. Rocheele may know herself about whts ok in lie detector. Kish n keith may unite to have super hero of bb.

  17. fight was between Priya and price y the hell she spoke about kishwer and suyyash? Priya is dng too much as she s captain.. she s looking for chance to create choas within inmates.. hate her..

  18. i only want to say wat wrong prince did
    he took the warning of not sleeping srsly and said i wont sleep
    he then said if kukduku plays then give me punishment
    i will accept that without any objection
    then priya tries to become the best captain and does not give a person a little space
    she actually contradicted her own statement today
    wen everybody were together in living room she said that prince is going away from sukish
    And today she is saying sukish have moved away from prince

  19. i just hate prince i dont know what he think of himself …….
    roadies aur splitsvilla jeetkar samjhta kya h sukish ko bro sis bolta h aur backbit karta h nonsense idiot h koi clip dekhkar aata h au phir ek ghisa pita dialogue “INDIA WILL SEE NEW ME ” what’s new here ?the backbiting of bro and sis hahaha…
    tumhara new dialogue hona chahiye YOU SEE NEW TATTAL BIKHARI HAHAHA!!!…..
    tum prince nahi raha ka bikhari
    manday u know u r a big big flop heroine aur tum jo overacting karti ho wo bhi bekkar lagti hhhh
    and u roch i really agree with kanwal that u dont deserve the title of miss india bechara keith he is really regreating to make u his gf ……… only do overacting totally arrogant no sense ….iss bb m sabse ganda player is prince oh sorry tattal bikhari (TB)hahahahihihihi im very happy

  20. prince is d best and it wont change by seeing some foolish comments

  21. Prince is the best. Won splits villa and roadies . I don’t think these stupid celebrities(rishabh) who calls him beggar and says he has not earnt any money ?. Will be eliminatd soon. Everyone calls prince weak contender but my hero prince has large no. Of fans too.luv u prince

  22. Show wud hv been much more interesting if aman and yuvika were made as a wild card entry

    1. I completely agree with u. It would have been more interesting.

    2. Guys i dont understand why ur fav is prince .he is just overconfidance and stupid guy always saying now u see real prince thats mean till now he is fake . he think he can fight with anyone but in that show priya just break his nonsense . he is totally fake guy in that house in my opinion .

      1. I also don’t like prince . But he was still ok last week.But this week? My fav contestant changes every week.

      2. see urself first and then talk againest prince

    3. Sorry Binny, I didn’t mean to hurt Prince fans just representing my opinion. Currently , Just to clear confusions I m just confused as sometimes I feel Prince deserves to win the show sometimes I don’t , by the way I like the name Binny a lot(am being honest)

  23. Sabirashaheer

    Backbit tho kish aur suyyash kiya hain. Prince tho uske baare main kuch galath nahi bola aur backbit bhi nahi kiya. Prince step back kiya game kelie aur akele khelne kelie,thum bahuth acha kiya prince very good. Woh lok ek saath tha thab sab kaha akele khelo prince , aur ab woh akele khel raha hain tho bhi sab ko prmblm . I can’t under stand yeh lok sach main chahtha kya hain? Go ahead princiiii

  24. Helloooo whoze rishab just commenting nonsense about prince
    First see the bb episode clearly and write genuine comment about contestants in bb house all r creating fights only ;;; but not entertainment so only there is no one here fav contestant bb8 was full of entertainment fight etcc…. plz create some entertainment bb lot of love gautiii

    1. I want to clear one thing…prince is a person who always comes in others word. He always do as others say.first he was with kish and suyyash but when bb and his own frnds nd gautam told him to leave them and stay alone…then why he did this …he should thought thiz earlier…. now its looking like he is a fool without mind…..he can only win physical taskz…..mentl game is not his cup of tea…….a cheap flirter……at d entry time he told he would like to be with digi and then he started liking yuvi… splitvilla also he proposed some another girl…… can u tell me what is dis?????

  25. Prince is gonna win the show because every one is talking about him only nd thats big boss motto , to be in discussion all the tym nd see there is no cmnt today in which prince is not mentioned well done prince we love u bro u r a real person ghar me sbse junior nd unexperience hone k bawajood u r winning thoudand of hearts……..
    Gud going bro nd u were gud with trio as well as individual

  26. What a joke by u guys u say prince left trio but guys please view that clip sukish left that bakwas karne wala foolish prince. And who say he not backbiting sukish he do that lier kahi ka

  27. And one more thing i notice foolish guys that all guys except priya know how to play they guys got a chance to evict contestant but they choose weak contestant(digi) . what a nonsense .they have chance to evict stronger contestant but they do that not. And giving reason digi is weak what the hell they have in there mind only priya say if i got chance to evict i choose suyash because he is

  28. ohh mr gaurav i dint agree with u at all i mean sab prince ke baare m baat kar rahe iska matlab yeah nahi that ki wo bahut famous h non sense h wo ok

    1. price is suberb donot speak ill for him ok mind ur language

  29. tin tin tumo

    prince pagal h sabse bada pagal h

    1. u are too in same house

  30. Priya ka role tha..inmates ko separate karna..vo tho karthi hai..

  31. Prince is the best. My hero in roadies and splits illa . Don’t know what happened in bb. BB is very much boring than splits villa. Then why so much prize money,because of huge celebrities

  32. The thing is that suyash and kish decieved prince during captaincy task..also the clip that prince saw clearly saw both duo are befooling him..didnt u see how suyyash tried to instigate mandy n rochelle when prince was fighting priya .n for suyyyash prince fought gor you..preferred u over diggy in voting…n you eventually backstabbed him by nominating him in next episode..REALLY cheap man.

  33. I think Priya is really smartly tring to break up the connections in the house to make her self strong. Because there was no need for her to go to kish and tell them about what prince said in the first place and ask them why he’s doing this and that. She’s adding fuel to the fire and trying every thing to break them and make them weak and in the process making herself strong. Really smart Priya

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