Bigg Boss 9 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 6th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 87
Housemates wake up to the song Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai. Inmates dance to the song. Keith hugs Rochelle.

Rishab says to Prince that i will not tuch you in task, Prince says i have done my work, i, you and Kishwar will win this task, they look at containers, Prince says our containers are filled, we have done our work yesterday so we will sit quietly now.

Prince says to Priya that i am new prince thats why i am not goon now, Priya says you were pushing me aggressively, Kishwar says Priya you were so aggressive yesterday, Priya says Keith was watching me, he didnt call me violent, i know my lines and i didnt cross that, you all can ask Rishab, i was aggressive but violent. outside Rochelle says in camera that Kishwar agreed that Priya was

violent yesterday but now she is afraid of Kishwar thats why she is agreeing to Priya that she was not violent.
Priya says to Prince that i will do my task today, i will attack Kishwar today, Prince says i will protect her, Priya says if you get physical, i will cry and will see, you were holding my hand so violently yesterday, Prince says i left it when you said its paining you, Priya says even i left Mandana’s hand when she screamed, Kishwar says to Priya that why dont you agree that you were aggressive yesterday.

Kishwar, Rochelle, Mandana and Prince makes plan to attack Rishab, Rochelle says Rishab will attack me first, Prince says he cant, we are with you, Kishwar says you know why Rishab didnt attack me? because he knew Prince will go against him then, he played safe, Prince says he nominated Kishwar but didnt attack her, Priya and Rishab cant attack us, if Rishab tries to touch our container then we will empty his container and i dont want Rishab to go to finale.

Buzzer plays, inmates stand near their containers. Prince helps Kishwar to tighten her container’s lever nuts and bolts. Priya tries to open Prince’s container’s lever, Kishwar tries to stop her, Mandana says we can play by not getting aggressive, Priya says if i dont attack them then you and Rochelle will lose, Kishwar sys she is showing as if she is helping you but Rishab made plan with her to attack Kishwar today. Mandana ask Rishab why he is lying down? he is playing like girl, he is coward. Kishwar says Rishab is way to afraid, Prince says we say openly that we are playing in group but Priya you are afraid to say that you are playing for Rishab.

Priya tries to attack Prince but Prince stops her by bringing his body inbetween, Prince says i have phurti/quickness to protect myself, Rochelle asks meaning of phurti(quickness). Kishwar and Prince tries to surround Priya to stop her from attacking, Prince tries to lift Priya, Priya says you dont have to get physical, Prince says i am just protecting myself, Priya says you dont need to do this, Prince says i like to irritate others.

Kishwar and Rochelle tries to attack Rishab’s container, Rishab tries to protect his container, Rochelle stands on box and takes out sand from his container, Rishab tries to hit box and says you will fall down, Kishwar laughs, Kishwar and Rochelle tickles Rishab, Rishab says this is cheating, they try to tease him.

Priya comes back, Rishab asks Priya to come, they all go back to their places, Rishab bangs into Mandana in process, Mandana says Rishab you are physical not me, you hide behind Priya, if you have guts then attack Prince, Rishab says i dont want to do that, Mandana says you dont have ****, you act like girl and not attacking anyone, Rishab says you wanna win this task so desperately, Mandana says i am not nominated but you so you are more desperate.

Rishab and Prince decides to fight against each other, Rishab asks Priya to not come inbetween, Prince says no one should come inbetween, Rishab and Prince hold each others hands and pushes each other to fight, Priya opens Prince’s container’s lever, Rishab says this is cheating, i told you to not come inbetween, he gets miffed with Priya, Mandana says we all agreed to not come inbetween, Priya says even you cheat in everything, Rishab asks Priya to not go against him.

Priya tries to attack Mandana, Mandana says Priya kicked me, Keith shows her middle finger and says no one kicked you. Mandana attacks Rochelle, Rochelle says she didnt kick you, Mandana says you all are liars, she kicked me, Keith says on whom you are shouting? get lost with your fake attitude, dont show me this attitude, Mandana gets silent seeing Keith angry.

In the next stage of the game, the contestants are now required to leave their levers open from bottom and allow the sand to leave the container but at the same time, keep filling the container from the top. The three contestants with the most amount of sand in their container after one hour will get the access to the next stage of the task, they can take out sand from other containers too in the process.
Buzzer plays, Rishab asks Priya to help him. Priya tries to attack Rochelle, she says i havent done anything, why attack me. Priya tries to attack Prince, Rishab says to Priya that you will get hurt, Priya says let me hurt you. Rishab says this is individual task now, Priya attacks Rochelle and doesnt let her fill her container, Rochelle cries and says i didnt do anything bad with you, Priya says i am not against her personally but i dont want her in top 3, Priya tries to cover her lever hole, Keith says you cant do it, Rochelle asks Prince to help her, he says i am coming. Keith asks Mandana to not touch your container’s lever, Mandana says my lever is not fine, Keith says i dont know but you cant touch it, Mandana says even your girlfriend is touching it but you wont say anything to her as she is your girlfriend, Keith says Priya is attacking her. Priya comes to Prince’s container, she holds container’s mouth and hangs to it, she starts taking out sand from her container, Keith asks her to come down, Prince tries to bring her down but she she wont, Rochelle slaps her leg and asks her to come down, Priya says i cant come down, bring me down as Prince have removed box from there, Keith brings Priya down.

Rishab asks Priya to help me instead of attacking others. Mandana takes out sand from Rochelle’s container, she says to Rochelle that you went against me. Priya attacks Prince’s container, Prince takes out sand from Rishab’s container, Kishawr says to Priya that i have to take revenge from you for taking out sand from my container, Kishwar tries to take out sand from Rishab’s container, he says not do it, Rishab says to Priya that all are attacking me for your antics, you are attacking them and they are attacking me back.

Mandana asks Prince to help her, Kishwar says he cant help you as all are playing individual, Rochelle says dont know whats happening here, someone attacks someone and they take revenge from someone else. Priya comes to Rochelle and takes out sand from her container, Rochelle says why you are attacking me? Keith stop her, Priya sys Keith cant stop me, i am doing my work, Priya doesnt allow Rochelle to fill buckets to put sand in container, she throws sand away coming out of lever hole, Rochelle cries and tries to stop her using bucket, Priya says Rochelle have hit me with bucket, Priya takes her bucket, Prince takes bucket from her and gives to Rochelle, Rochelle cries, Keith asks Rochelle to not cry and play. Rochelle is filling buckets while Priya is taking out sand from her container from top.

Priya is attacking Rochelle, Rochelle ask whats her problem? something happened in her childhood? Priya says now you will talk about my childhood? Rochelle says alot happened in my childhood so i know about it. Priya takes out sand from Rochelle’s container, Rochelle pushes Priya who is standing on box, Priya says i will push you too now, Rochelle cries.
Prince asks Mandana to win over Rishab. Mandana takes sand from Rochelle’s container, Rochelle cries, Priya is taking away sand from Rochelle’s container, Rochelle pleads her to stop it, Rochelle’s container’s sand falls out below red mark, she is disqualified from task.
Rochelle comes with shovel to take out sand from Rishab’s container, it hits Rishab, Rishab calls Keith and says she has hit me with this hammer, Rochelle says i didnt hit you intentionally, Rishab says i will throw you out of game, Rochelle says i am sorry, i was just taking out sand from your container, Rishab says i wont leave you if you get physical with me, go from here, Rochelle says i swear on mom, i didnt hit you.
Prince says to Rochelle that trust me, Rishab wont win.
Rochelle comes to Rishab and says i am sorry, i didnt intend to hurt you, Rishab accepts his apology, Rochelle tries to take out sad from his container, Rochelle says Priya started all this for you, Priya says Rishab was asking me to not attack you, Rishab tries to stop Rochelle and says now i will win this show for sure, Kishwar takes out sand from Rishab’s container too, Rishab says to Rochelle that i didnt attack you but you are attacking me, i will win this show now, Prince says i will win this show on my own guts, Rishab says i have seen your guts. Priya says to Prince that you cant take revenge from Rishab for my deeds, he asked me to not touch your container, Prince says even i didnt touch his container, Rishab says you are lying, you are afraid and terrified person, Prince says i am openly asking you attack me, Rishab says don do any promise now.

Bigg boss asks Keith to announce winners who have most sand in their containers. Keith says Prince, Mandana and Kishwar are winners of this task, Bigg boss congratulates them. Rochelle cries, Prince and Keith consoles her. Mandana hugs Priya and says i knew you were playign strategically. Keith asks inmates to give time with Rochelle. Keiths cries and hugs Rochelle, he says you played really well, you have grown so much, you have fighting spirit.
Rishab comes in washroom, he is sad and bows down, he chants Mantras.
Rochelle says to inmates that i didnt hurt Rishab, Prince hugs Rochelle, Kishwar says we all go hurt in process, Madnana says Rishab is man, he played like women, Priya says Rochelle you played really well, Rochelle asks her to leave her alone, Prince says i wanted girls to win and i am telling you are going in finale, you deserve it.
Priya comes in washroom and says Rochelle wants everyone to act according to her, she cries, Rishab asks her to not cry.
Kishwar says to Rochelle that we knew they will attack you, leave them.
Priya says to Rishab that Prince was saying that he wanted girls to win, am i not girl? Rishab says they can conspire against me but i will win this show.

Priya asks Prince why he was supporting Mandana? Prince asks why she attacked Kishwar? Priya says Kishwar is nominated so i attacked her and i wanted to attack you as i have personal problems with you, i thought it would be easy to attack mandana in next task, i ousted Rochelle from task, you wanted to Mandana to win this task alongwith you and Kishwar as you didnt want to compete with Rishab in next task, Prince says i dont plan about future that much.
Keith says to Rochelle that i wanted to stop Priya, i understand that it was Priya’s strategy to target you but she started getting pleasure to attack you as you were her target.
Rishab says to Priya that Rochelle attacked me physically too, Priya shows bruises on her arms and says she attacked me too, see this, Rishab says Bigg boss see this, Priya says Bigg boss was seeing everything.
Keith says to Rochelle that Mandana didnt asks Priya to stop it, she waited till your sand falls out.
Rishab says i didnt attack Rochelle, Prince back stabbed me so i am lion, not him. Priya says when Rochelle was attacking you, Prince stopped me, he made plan with Rochelle to attack you, Rishab says i wont let these three win, i dont like Prince’s back stabbing nature, Priya says when i asked Prince that he chose Mandana for next task as he didnt want to compete against Rishab in next task so he said that he doesnt think about far future.

PRECAP- Priya reads next task for “ticket finale week”. Mandana, Kishwar and Prince will compete for this. In task, they have to press the button, the one who will press button first will win prize money of 6,33,333(six lacs thirty three thousand three hundred thirty three rupees) but will have to leave house right then and the one who will press the button in last will get ticket to finale week. Mandana, Kishwar and Prince thinks and are tensed. Buzzer plays, Mandana and Kishwar presses button at sametime, Rochelle is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Nadia

    Thnx Atiba…… Well done mandana for playing individually….. Stupid Priya is nothing compared to rest of the house

  2. Neeru (PHFFAN)

    Rochs.. What wer you doing there ?? Was that a misunderstanding ?
    Telling the cam that kish is supporting priya now.. LOL.. Where as ,, we wer shown at the same time how kish was telling priya ki she was wrong… Funny it was.. 😀

    Task got really ugly…

    Rishab i think you lost just becoz priya is your frnd.. Trust me,, You’ll do better without her..
    The initial plan was the best for you… Prince nd kish not doing nything … But priya attacks prince nd rochs nd you are in trouble.. Your anger at prince in the end is ok,, but understand that – why wud he support you vn your frnd is targeting him… And priya puts fuel saying prince asked rochs to attack rishab.. -_-

    I felt bad for rochs.. Priya you wer really rude to her.. Atleast vn she was crying nd asking 5 mints you shud hv givn it to her.. So much for being insaniyat ki murat.. :/

    Kieth crying… 🙁

    Priya i know you wer doing your task, but it was too much…

    Precap – mandy. ? Really. ? I hope what tracy posted the other day doesn’t come out to be true… -_-

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @tracy… Yeah..
        @harshal.. Thanks for the info abt the game.. Relief..
        But again i dont think the best prfomers wud be allowed to go out nd others just sit there nd enjoy.. How is that fair..
        That too in a double trouble room type of task wer it depends on luck.. Nott fair.. :/

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      Neeru, its a confusing precap, no one knows who is out yet. the person pressing buzzer 2nd will be out actually and this process will take place inside a booth and not in the open.
      But no matter who is out, mandy(60%), kish(5%) or prince(35%), I will lose my complete interest in this season and stop watching the show, as i find it ridiculous to have 1 of these 3 out and keith, roch and priya still in the show -_- ….

      • @ Harshal you very right and because of that i have rewatched it several times and this is my humble understanding of the possible scenarios
        1. Prince has already pressed the button and therefore was not even moved to press it when the final buzzer went off. Therefore Mandy and Kish were each trying to be the last persons to press the buzzer. And is they both pressed at the same time (which I doubt) then BB has to get another task done because BB forgot to make room for a scenario where two or three of them press at the same time. Unless he declares that both have made it to the finale.(which I doubt)
        2. If only Kish and Mandy pressed at the same time at the sound of the final buzzer without Prince pressing, then another task has to be created and maybe that’s when the booth may come in as indicated by you, Harshal.
        3. Or if it Is the ploy by BB to get Mandy to go promote the movie at the request of the producers and therefore will intentionally make her stay as an ordinary contestant but not part of the game just to get TRP. (Then too bad for BB)

        If the third is right and Mandy is made ordinary contestant and Kish asked to go home I definitely agree with you Harshal that, that will be the end of BB for me because Mandy, Kish and Prince make BB9 rock. without these it will be very boring and irritable.

        I must say today that Keith another of my favourites got me upset because he was a bit biased towards Rochelle. She slapped Priya’s back and used bucket to hit her.(although Priya too had done that so I understood it a bit). But when he was asking Priya to get down from Rochelle’s container i didn’t understand that bit. In fact Rochelle formed alliance with Prince and Kish but i never saw her trying to help them apart from Mandy so why did she expect them to really help her. And Keith saying Mandy didn’t help Rochelle. Did Rochelle lift a finger to help Mandy. No!

        He and Rochelle are feeling guilty for showing another side of themselves to the general public. That is Rochelle’s ability to use “f” word and be violent when frustrated that everyone is attacking her AND Keith for using his middle finger and the way he reacted to Mandy by walking all the way to stand right in front of her too quickly before he realised his mistake of keeping up appearances with the public. They should both relax and learn that in moments of frustration and feeling alone or targeted these things are normal human tendencies (hope they understood how Mandy felt and she felt frustrated and alone with attacks from every corner. This is the real them they should stop keeping up appearances. That’s why i prefer Mandy, Kish and Prince because they behave like anyone of us in real life. (we all make mistakes – No one is perfect so Keith and Roch should stop trying to keep perfect appearances)

      • oh sorry even forgot about Keith refusing to acknowledge that Rishab kicked mandy on the head was not cool (I bet if it was Roch in that case Rishab eld’ve bn made to apologise). see the way Rishab made so much noise about Roch hurting him on his shoulder.9although i must say that was accidental unlike Rishab purposely kicking knowing her head was there.

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @tracy… Kieth did surprise me too….he has slowly started losing his cool… That gesture was soo not kieth…. Maybe you are ryt… Maybe this is the real kieth.. A normal person with normal temper…

  3. Nadia

    OMG mandana i hope that u dint click the button….. Otherwise I won’t have anyone to vote for who is deserving

  4. Sam Barua

    Prince is a coward, he is playing behind ladies (kish,Mandy&rosh).how a strong man could physically attack a lady in name of a task.
    Prince is a big betrayer.we want to see nice game ,not dirty game like prince.he is a cheater.
    So what are we learning from bb house?
    Thanks and regards to all.

  5. shuba

    Thanks atiba.for the fastest update..
    Poor rochelle.I realy felt bad for her
    Priya is the most irritating person in the house.hate her

  6. harshal(PHFFAN)

    o.O …. wth is this? 3 strongest contenders of the show, and 1 of them is definitely out. This is so illogical way of removing one person out. or are they just confusing all of us by mixing precaps -_- . Are they really planning this way to remove mandy out…if so, no words….

    About the episode, Boring!!!!!!!
    no one was actually trying to play like yesterday. Prince, Kishwer, Mandana, Rishabh, Rochelle, no one. It was plain boring seeing priya targeting roch, roch crying, rishabh sitting back with fear of getting his sand tunnel attacked, prince, kish, mandy just filling up their tunnels. Stupid end to a potentially good task.

    Priya: you atleast played and played with strategy, attacking roch, given she is your nominated partner.
    Rishabh: Now if you say that others made you lose and played in group, i can definitely call you stupid. If you had so much hopes of trying to win, you should have tried atleast. Your only strategy in the game, ” mai kisiko kuch nahi karunga, tum mujhe kuch matt karo -_- ”
    Roch: felt sad for you, but you got to understand , its a game.
    Mandy: Disappointed with the way you played at the end.
    Prince: Disappointed with the way you played at the end.
    Kish: Disappointed with the way you played at the end.
    Keith: disappointed with your sanchalakgiri.

    Overall, no one played today, and I want salman to shout on everyone for what happened today…….

    • @Harshal I pray that they don’t take out Mandy but if that’s their ploy then they will definitely say Mandy pressed first. Their TRP will also drop sharply if they evict Mandy or Kishwer. So I hope its just a trick.

      For Rochelle and Keith I don’t even have any words for them.

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        tracy, hoping for no one out of the 3 to go out actually as all 3 are deserving finalist as per me.
        Btw, read my comment below and you will know what is actually happening.

    • akt

      harsa;..i think it is bigboss plan its a no one will go gome ..bigboss trying to show that who wants to win this show disperitily..because u can’t eliminate best performer of task like that….

    • bebo

      @harsh…Wait bro letz watch tomorrow epizode….Bigbozz wanna give zuzpenze to audience zo precap z trp trick

    • Bluephoenix

      On point, Priya and Prince played well strategically. Kish is shadowed by prince and she choose to be in his shadow. Mandana grabbed opportunity whenever she saw it. Rish – I like him a lot, but nope he is not a winning material of this season.
      Mandana don’t deserve to win, but cant deny the fact that she is a very good game player. At this point prince playing well for a game.
      I tried to see Mandana from your point harshal, but I dont like her.
      Today i thought, less or more prince also not fair, but playing game. So, I asked myself, why do I hate mandana. May be I incline to people who have some good than less good.

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Bluephoenix, hehe, I can understand why some people hate mandy, it’s quite right from their side and so, i can understand your hatred too which is justified. She has bad qualities that she shows openly(abusing,selfish,aggressive, stealing maybe not sure though) and that’s why I am inclined to these people who are ok with showing their bad sides.
        Besides, I am looking at this as a game and not real life as we all know the huge difference between bb house and real world. Those who look to me as good game players with intelligent minds and good strategy, I support them. And the fact that they play individually, makes me like them even more. Those who look good and calm on show, but don’t play the game in fear of image, I don’t like them that much(reasons why i hated pritam, niketan, tanisha, aashka, sana, etc before).

  7. Gaurav

    Bigg Boss announced new ‘ticket to
    finale’ task in which Kishwer,
    Prince and Mandana had to stand in
    their individual booth.
    All the three of them were given
    buzzers with some instructions.
    Firstly, once all the three of them
    get inside their booth, they can’t
    eat or drink anything.
    Well, coming back to the game
    changer point,Bigg Boss gave three
    options to all of them.
    (A) If out of three, one person
    presses the buzzer first, he\she will
    be out of the game and will stay in
    the house as a normal contestant.
    (B) If the person presses the
    buzzer second, he/she will be out
    of the house and will be tagged as
    (C) If the person presses the
    buzzer third i.e last then he/she will
    directly get ‘ticket to finale’.
    Well, this task is going to be
    tougher and also all the three would
    give their best to enter the finale at
    this stage of the show. Well, who
    will use brains and who will leave
    the game in this task will be a game
    changer of the show.

  8. Gaurav

    This explains no voting this week…
    P.S ignore first comment ciz by the looks of it, i presumed it.. [confusing precap]

  9. tin tin tumo

    rishabh is rite….prince is really a backstabber type…..wat he thinks of himself blo*dy damn bhikhari……he is living in his overconfident nature……i hate him…i don’t want him to win this season…..he lied everytym…..he backbitted against sukish also….
    rishabh is a man…..he is playing individually…..he is same as frm starting…..i lyk when he stopped priya……really he is playing really well…i m happy dat he realised his mistake by thinking prince as a frnd….
    he is gr8 i want him to win dis season …..
    support rishabh guys….

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      tin tin tumo, rishabh is one of my fav too, but when he is wrong, I will say he is wrong…

      1) He played individually: No, he did not. He was 1 of the first to begin group attack(on mandy). after that, all rishabh did was stay near his pyramid and do nothing in fear of his tunnel getting attacked. he was helped by priya in filling up his pyramid too, so, he was not individual.

      2) he stopped priya: yes he did. but only due to the fear that people will attack his tunnel in retaliation. That didn’t show his strong side and infact showcased his weak side. atleast rochelle fought somewhat, rishabh did nothing.

      • I agree with u Harshal Rish was wrong today, he didn’t play the game well , he kept on doing what others did he was the one who pointed out that it’s an individual game but still using groupism type tactics. And Prince was good today not bad, I think it was his move the silent killer move

      • Rishabh didnt promised roch tht he wil attack kish.if we watch yesterdays episode,it was roch saying tht.kish ko kyun attack nhi karre yar?rishabh was saying ki agar prince kish ko protect nhi kar rha hai to ye game ka matlab hai( which was right bcoz if 3 of them hav more sand why wil they attack others).roch twisted his words & said tht he said abt attacking kish.if he has more sand thn others why wil he attack others & invite others to destry his game.roch was as usual lying just to gain some support frm prikish .rishabh’s strategy was to protect his sand rather thn destrying others which was righ
        t bcoz he had more sand.i dnt think priya spoiled rish’s game.bcoz they hav already discussed abt attacking rishabh in bedroom.1 side prince promising rishabh tht he wont attack him& otherside saying he wants people who r here frm day 1 to win(agar aisi bat he to rish ke sath strategy kyu bnayi?)he was instigating girls against rishabh.prince can help roch bcoz he knew mandy,kish wont attack him.same is nt with rishabh so for him its imp to protect his own sand.Though he was saying priya nt to attack roch.prince ek taraf promise nibhane ki acting kar raha tha aur dusri taraf ladkiyo ko bol raha tha to attack rishabh.he clearly backstabbed rishabh.why u guys ignoribg tht? Prince wanted rishabh out of game.vo chahta tha ki mandy uske sath next level jaye so it becomes easy for him.rishabh’s mistake his he played safe(which was justified though) & he trusted prince. mandy was shouting on priya for attacking roch but wait she was shouting after roch was out of game.keith u caught tht.matlab game me bhi rho aur support
        karne Ka natak bhi girl.wht happened to ur give up task attitude?priya was too harsh
        to roch.sad to see keith cry.

      • Hey anu r maybe u saw Rishabh in differnent POV that’s why u r saying like that I m not saying that Rish is entirely wrong , maybe his plan was ok but the way he executed it was wrong, so that’s why he looked wrong in my POV. But I must say if Rish was smart always he would have definately won BB9, but everyone has certain weakness even Prince and Mandy has weaknesses like being influeneced n anger. #justmyopinion

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @anu…. Abt promises… Prince made plan with both… Rishb nd others.. To rishb he said that i wont to do nything today.. And Actually if you look at it,, he din attack nyone… He kept his word..
        To others he said if rishb attacks you we’ll empty his tank.. But i thought he said that becoz he knew rishb won’t attack anyone as he nd rish planned ealier…
        But priya spoiled the game… Rishb nd prince wer fyting nd priya promised nt to interfere… But she did attack prince.. Now prince sand becomes less.. Why will he then keep his promise ?
        Still i din see him attacking rishb fiercely…. But vn priya says she is helping rishab, rochs as a ryt to target him for what priya did..
        Rishb lost just becoz of priya.. Nd evn rishb realized it at one moment…
        If priya had not attacked prince,,, prince, kish nd rish wud hv won..
        if Priya wanted rishab to win she shud hv attacked mandy nd roch.. Nt kish nd prince… !!

      • Maxx

        @anu again repeating the same RISHABH CONSPIRED AGAINST telling Rochelle that if kishwar’s tap is broken then kishwer couldn’t help prince and then ROCHELLE & RISHABH WILL ATTACK PRINCE!!
        So watch the episode again..i’ve watched again hence saying this!

      • Neeru sry but so convinently u r saying tht prince might hav thought rish wont attack any1,so he said we wil attack rishabh if he attacks us.prince said we 4 wil play against rishabh.chalo 1 bar vo bat chod bhi do.par usne rochelle ke kan me bola ki rishabh ko attack the way kan me kyu bola?wasnt tht backstabbing?max did rishabh said i wil help u roch?did he said i wil attack prince/kish?no i am 100% sure he didnt promised anything to roch.chalo ek bar ke liye tumhari bat man hi lete he ki rishabhne aisa kha but usne aisa kiya to nhi na?princene to ka bhi aur kiya bhi.

      • Hey max u r right.nw i remember the whole thing.rishabh said to roch agar prince kish ko protect nhi kar rha hota aur prince aur mera ka face off hota to ye task interesting bnta.but he didnt said he wil attack kish.he didnt promised roch tht i wil help u.tht was nt a tum kish attack karo aur mai prince ko attack karunga aisa kuch bhi nhi kga usne.agar kha hota to vo plotting hoti.roch seriously twisted his words.& prince is responsible for roch’s action coz he told her to do so & rishabh is nt responsible for priya’s action coz he told her nt do so.sidhi bat hai yar jiska fayda defensive honeme hai vo attack karega kyu?rishabh’s only intention was to save his sand he didnt wanted to attack any1 uske plan me bhi nhi tha kisi ko attack karna.only deal he made was with prince.i am wondering prince ladkiyo ko kehta hai ki rishabh attack karo aur vo priya ko hold karta hai taki vo rish ki help na kare.aur phir bhi vo backstabber nhi hai?whts the logic?

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        actually neeru, anu has made a good point there. Although prince himself didn’t attack rishabh, he did kinda instigate the girls(kish and roch) to go against rishabh . mandy was already against him. he himself didn’t attack, but that’s not called keeping promise. He actually just smartly found a loophole in that promise. Even at the end, when he helped mandy win seeing roch going out, it felt like a strategy to avoid rishabh winning and that too smart one, i have to give him that. And i definitely like smart people more…
        for me the ranking in this task as per their efforts:
        1) Priya: constant attack mode, she is impressively strong
        2) Prince: Used brain as well as strength. looked unbeatable.
        3) Mandy: for the first time i saw her using strength too, along with her sharp brain, she was attacking as well as defending(atleast in 1st phase).
        4) Kish: surprisingly less involved, but played smart
        5) Roch: she cried, but fought for her own defence. maybe now she will realize the dangers and loneliness of being a “TARGET”. For me, she tried digging a grave for others(target mandy, prince) and was okay with it, but when she herself fell into it, felt betrayed.
        6) Rishabh: expected more from him, was least performer in the task, doing nothing but save himself and his sand.

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @harshal.. My point is,,, priya was the reason rishab lost…. Priya irked prince,, for vch rishb had to pay..
        Thats what i asked anu,,, why wud prince keep his promise vn his sand was going down due to priya..
        Now why wud rishb pay coz of priya is a diffrnt question.. But then somehow thats related.. Just like mandy attacked rochs vn she got angry with kieth….

    • aario

      Yup…so true. Prince is just using everybody and proving he is the gunda of the house. Rishab is the best…so want him to win at least not a back stabber and says different things to different people like stupid prince. Didn’t like the way rishab played today but he knew if he did anything they all will gangup on him. They just let mandana win cause they knew it would be easy to throw her out in next task. The best is later they say to Roch that they wanted her to win but when she was asking for help no one came to help her. All were busy helping each other, blo*dy liars. Only rishab was stopping Priya .
      The worst was Priya hugging mandana in the end and Maddy thanking her for her help. What was that all about, I mean the one who b*t*hes the most abt you,abuses youy the most, throws things at you and hurts u the most and yet you support her…Priya u r losing it and becomming more stupid. I hope Salman takes a class for all of their stupid behavior in the task.

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @aario.. When rochs asked for help no one came. ?? Really. ??
        Maybe you din see the episode properly… The only time prince din help was vn kieth stopped everyone from helping.. Otherwise he was helping rochs against priya’s attacks..

    • Mandy got 6,33,333 and is out of ticket to finale not from the house..competition between Prince and kish…not liking the logic both are strong and 1 will have to leave bb..they perform in tasks and one will be evicted not fair

  10. Jonwick

    A mud lion was witnessed today who rode three boats at same time.He conceived about next day game with Rochelle against prince’s side,collaborated with priya to help him while she destroyed others game and made deal with prince not to attack each other.He made deal with everyone not to attack him but surreptitiously he was guiding and instigating them against each other so that he himself wins.People don’t survive riding two boats,how the hell could you survive riding three.His game was characterised by cowardice,over-defensiveness and oversmartness.Being so coward he was valiant enough to call himself lion.

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      sad that i have to say this for rishabh who is my 3rd fav contestant, but your story is kinda true for today. hope he changes strategy in future and just not be codependent on others and actually play…….

      • Maxx

        Spot on! Even I believe that if Rishabh didn’t owe onus for priya’s actions,how prince could owe onus for Rochelle’s actions? That also after Rishabh had conspired with Rochelle against prince.

      • 1.rishabh didnt promised roch tht he wil support her.he was just discussing.if u listen to tht convo was roch who asked him ki tum mujhe support karo & he didnt say anything.he said agar kish ko prince support nhi karta hai tabhi is game ka matlab banta hai otherwise there were 3 confirm winners.(rish,kish,prince)roch used this discussion twisted his words & said he wil attack kish,he never sais it.roch did it just to get support frm kish.& she always instigates fire.
        2.i dnt think priya spoiled rishabh’s game bcoz it was predecided tht they wil attack rishabh,in bedroom prince said i want those people to win who r here since 1st day,1 side he promises rishabh tht they wont attack each other,if he didnt wanted wildcard to win Why did he made strategy wth rishabh?strange enough.
        3.For rishabh it was best strategy to protect his sand bcoz he has more sand thn mandy & roch.agar vo kisi aur ko attack karta to vapas uspe attack hota aur uski sand mandy aur roch se kam practically rishabh ki strategy best thi.prince rochelle ko help karne ja sakta hai bcoz he knew mandy & kish wont attack his sand & rishabh has promised him.but he was constantly saying priya to stop
        torturing roch.even keith confirmed it.
        3.rishabh 10 times told priya nt to attack prince & princene roch ke kano me bola to attack rishabh.ek taraf promise karo aur dusri taraf ladkiyo ko bhejo attack karne ke liye.& u guys r blaming rish?why bcoz like a fool he belived prince’s promise & prince played a double game.prince’s main intention was nt to protect mandy or roch but to keep rishabh out of the game.
        3.mandy was shouting on priya for spoiling rochelle’s game but after roch was out of smart of me bhi raho aur support karne ka credit bhi lo.prince said he wanted girls to win to phir rishabh ke sath strategy kyu bnayi?he doesnt wanted girls to win but wanted a mandy in next task so it becomes easy for him.Priya was Too hars
        h with roch.but roch dusro ke liye khode hue gadde me aadmi khud hi girta hai.rishabh never promised u tht he wil attack kishwer,why did u lie?felt sad for keith.he is a sweetheart.mandy rightly deserved tht scoldibg frm keith for making drama all the time.

  11. Jonwick

    Prince was adamant upon his words and promises throughout the task.Even after he was being beguiled by Rochelle in name of support,he still helped her till end.Her deceit although led to her downfall but prince helped three girls without backing off.He was the one who showed an act of chivalry for priya few days back & management he did today really needed some brains.He was openly
    challenging Rishabh after his defeat to fight him but Rishabh feared him and never went near.So prince was the real lion.

  12. Anjana

    Please don’t tell me Mandy pressed the buzzer for that cash.. that’s like a slap on the face for all those who support her…
    I don’t get the deal with Rochelle… She can gang up on Mandy n rishab but when priya attacks her she goes all “why is everyone attacking me, i dint harm u” pure double standards!! Everything rishab does is funny these days.. Why make a promise to BB that you’ll win? Like he cares 😀
    I did not like Keith today.. I get Rochelle is your gf, behave like a man dude!

  13. Jonwick

    She rode on two boats and her pants were badly torn & all she did was reiterating please forgive me & all that drama.Although felt pity on her somewhere but loved to see her cry as she is a ‘betray queen’.The one she deceived came to rescue and other one enjoyed all the time watching her sob.She is the one who has made a joke out of Keith.

  14. Jonwick

    Mandana was a sly today outrightly.Played the game behind prince’s back.Got security from prince & attacked Rishabh and Rochelle.I would rather say quite judicious of her.Her strategy was quite coherent and forthright.
    She too played well today,I have to give it to her & for priya she has gone nuts.She is such a sulky,sadistic and irksome bi*ch who finds intrigue in glitz.I mean the way she was showing those bruises,she would have been pregnant after being so much physical with prince.

  15. Arjun

    Priya u r such an irritating lady and you speak so loud and so much……..your voice hurts my ears and the way u overindulge in others matters and force your points on others,I just hate you………sometimes I feel like shoving =====D in her vocal chords to keep her silent.
    I can’t stand her anymore……I will watch big boss only after she leaves…

  16. Life Rules

    Huh?! Precap looks interesting!
    Rishab has the capability to win but he is being overconfident and shadowed by Priya. Priya needs to get out this week so rishab gets back to his track. Hopefully!!
    Rochelle is also a good player keeping aside her behaviour with Keith. Today she was being attacked and was so helpless. Felt bad for her.
    Prince & kishwer literally dint play in this task but just supporting each other. That’s not the way for doing a task. At least this task should have been done individually.

  17. Maxx

    Back again after few days..
    How can Rishabh call prince unfair when he himself strategized with Rochelle regarding how to attack prince?
    At the end of the day if Rochelle deceived her then how can he place the blame on prince’s shoulders for being renegade.
    I don’t understand rishabh, his folly will sink his ship.

    • U r mistaken rishabh didnt promised roch tht he wil attack kish.if u watch yesterday’s epi,roch is clearly lying.he said ki agar kish aur prince alag khele to ye game ka koi matlab hai otherwise no use of roch & mandy’s game cause already 3 of them hav more sand.nt remembering word to word but he said something like this.he nt 1% promised roch for help.why wil he?if he has more sand thn roch,mandy.why wil he want kish( tht means prince also ) opposite him already mandy is opposite kish ko attack karke vo apne pav ke kulhadi kyun marega?prince clearly backstabbed him by saying girls to attack him.didnt he?

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @anu if rishab din plot against kish then why din he deny it wen kish questioned him.. wen kish questioned, rishab said – haan kiya.. Tu muje attack karle ab..
        Or something like that..
        He din deny.. Becoz he knows he did..
        But he just planned but din do nythng..Similarly prince just planned din do nythng..
        If you say rochs did what prince planned then priya did what rishb planned….
        The difference was rishab blamed prince but Prince openly asked him to come attack…

      • akt

        @neeru..i completelly agree with u..i think our thought match..priya was doing to thing
        1.dameging orther
        2.helping resab
        so.resab was trying to show that he was playing individual and he is not envolve in this ..but it seems like resab ND PRIYA WAS TOGETHER AGNST WHOLE HOUSE THEN HOW AND WHY RESAB EXPECTING FROM PRINCE
        according to me
        all three
        deserve to be in finally .if any one out of these three win ticket of finalle accoring to me it will be fair

      • Neeru rishabh didnt planned tht with priya.he was genuinly stopping her.why wil he destry his own game by instigating roch & mandy.if he had planned something with priya they would surely hav shwn it.he was playing too defensive i dnt think he told priya to attack them or he said he wil attack kish.why would he?practically defensive hona uske liye best strategy thi.agar vo attack karta kish prince pe to usme uska fayda nhi nuksan hota.they showed us roch talking to rish,priya they showed rish prince planning they showed prince planning with girls then why would they wont show rish priya planning? when kish said tht may be it wasnt clear to him
        abt wht she was saying.& it happens everytime roch lies,instigates & gets out of it fo
        r ex chocalate thing,shawl thing.
        K agar tum logo ko aisa lagta hai rishabh ne prince ko backstab aisa nhi lagta princene rishabh ko backstab kiya?

    • Maxx

      @anu I watched the episode again & yes RISHABH PLOTTED AGAINST PRINCE.He told Rochelle if somehow kishwar’s tap is broken then she couldn’t help him & then he and Rochelle would attack prince and hence prince won’t attack Rochelle and both Rochelle and Rishabh will be safe.
      Also if Rishabh didn’t owe any responsibility for priya’s actions then how prince can owe responsibility for rochelle as she emptied Rishabh’s tank & btw rochelle was the girl with whom Rishabh PLOTTED AGAINST prince.

  18. Jayatee

    Priya took personal greivance against Rochelle….when Roc targeted Risabh..priya told her rishab was speaking on her behalf stopping her from attacking Roc…. If this was best example of ethics..then Roc also didnt target priya….why did she left all and was aftet Roc….big brother finalist…you only learnt tricks from your last stint… arr as cunning as Mandana…..Roc you r rocking

    • Neeru (PHFFAN)

      Rochs did a wonderful job.. It shows her determination to come into finals…. Truly deserves to be a finalist…

      • akt

        yes,,she has done a great job.whatever the result it wd not mater…if prince will not nominated then i will give one vote to rocell in coming week

  19. Doink

    Tomorrow big boss introduces the task in which each of the three contestants are given buzzer kept inside a cabin.Contestants can’t leave the cabin to empty their bowels or even eat or drink.
    The first to press the buzzer will be out of the game but will remain in house.
    The second person to press the buzzer will have to leave the house and will be nicknamed as ‘chela’.
    The last to press the buzzer will win ticket to finale.
    Now according to BOC prince has won the ticket to finale,which means kish will be out as Mandana will surely be the first to press the buzzer 😀

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      doink, link?? where boc tells prince has won ticket to finale? I think you got confused if you are refereeing to the prince winning the ticket to finale task thing(as that refers to this sand tunnel task where he had most sand, followed by kish and mandy respectively.)
      Because, I don’t see mention of prince winning ticket anywhere officially and the task is still ongoing with only its rules being published…

  20. Shruthi

    Aare ho prince aur kithna drama karega.. I hate u.. hate u.. hate u.. rochelle ko tumara jooti support math dhikav.. lier…. lier..

  21. Annamma James

    @ jonick I completely agree with u…

    @ tin tin tumo
    If somebody will try to sail in two boats at a same time,no doubt he will sink ….
    That was happend today with rishabh…
    It was Crystal clear…
    He tried to save him with Priya and Prince…
    Atlast Prince was pissed of priya and understood d cunning master plan of rishabh….
    So he saved mandana…
    But Prince was truth full to his words and thats y he openly challenged Rishabh so that if rishabh will attack Prince he can attack him back also…
    As usual rishabh didnt….
    Dont blame Prince for rishabh’s failure…
    Another sailor was our Rochelle also…

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @anu dear.. If you want rishab to win, then pray that priya gets eliminated…
        Prince din ask girls to attack rishb.. When Prince and Rishabh decide to wrestle, both Rishabh nd priya promises that Priya will not attack Prince’s tank. However, Priya does not stick to her words.. This spoils Rishabh’s game as Prince plan to attacking him.. Nd then rochs comes.. Poor rishab.. Bure sangathi ka asar.. !!

      • Neeru i think u missed tht part.rishabhne apna utna hi sand giraya jitna priyane prince ka giraya tha when they were wrestling so tht was nt issue.& prince told roch & mandy to attack rishabh.he told tht in low voice.

  22. Annamma James

    And one more thing Prince let Mandana win so that he can took revenge from Priya by Rishabh failure…
    When kish tried to empty rishabh container Prince didnt even support her…
    Bcz he dont want to beat Rishabh …
    But Rishabh so called Bhabhi priya irritated behaviour and Rochelle’s helpless cry forced Prince to took revenge…
    Even there was differences b/w kish and Rochelle but Prince was considering roch friendship always….

  23. Priya very bad player.. she had to tk revenge from prince as prince threw her out of game yesterday.. she ruined Rochelle’s game today for what? Priya saying strategically strategically again n again was tht strategically today? Not at al.. big boss should kick her ass n throw her out bcoz she non sense player and ful time babbling. Insaniyat bhe koi chez hoti ha Rochelle was crying n begging but ye aurat apny yaar rishab ko bachany k chakar ma thi saali kutiya

  24. harshal(PHFFAN)

    Ok, khabri has cleared some doubts…. what we saw in precap was just a confusion. The game began with that rule in precap. Kish and mandy press buzzer amidst confusion where they fail to realize that they will be out of house by that. So, game restarts. No one presses buzzer for long. Bigg boss changes the rules to the one’s mentioned by Gaurav in the comment above and that’s how the real game has begun now.
    I just hope that bb changes the “going out of the house” rule as none of the three deserve that at this stage of the game. And specially after actually winning the task. Hope its just a prank of bigg boss to just gain TRP as they know people will be desperate to see these 3 contestants. They might give the ticket to finale to anyone and just let go of the out of house rule…..

  25. ManuelFerrara

    HEART(to brain):Agar me blood upar supply na karoon toh banda khada nahi ho sakta.

    BRAIN: Agar tu neeche supply na karre toh bhi kahan KHADA HO SAKTA HAI..
    …………..:D 😀
    Admi pairon pe 🙂

  26. If Mandy out in this we will not vote anyone guys u hv any idea Mandy really press button? If Mandy out in this I think trp is also very down” we like mandna & we want to see her to win ! Vo akeli strugle krti h baki SB ek dusre k support Ka wait krte h she is only deserving to win this season

    • Honest opinion

      She’s honest, fair, and real!!! She says it like it is from day 1!! Everyone remember to vote for her & prince!! We cannot just assume they’ll get saved!!

  27. bbdt

    Felt sad for rochs….kish attanked rishab bcos he planned to attackher…so prince silently supported…..priya roch ko isliye attack kiya ki use maalum thaa ki prince kish support roch instead of mandy….orroch ko vo apne se weak maanthi he…we know that voting lines are closed..they dont know…roch ko finale ticket milaa tho priya is week out hogi..yahi uska dimaag he..prince bhi rishab ko threat samajtha he…agar rishab ko finale ticket mil gaya tho problem prince ko he…so roch ko uska against kiyaa

  28. Ritika

    Priya and her antics 😮 oof, shez too much 😀 hanging there! Lol 😀 but i hope bb people don’t find her antics as a means to generate viewership/trps as they need 1 person to irritate others and create a drama too

    Hmmm Rochelle! One thing i realized today that rochelle is giving her best to the show in whatevr way she can, shez desperate. Good4 her 🙂 kishwar great going! 🙂

    • Neeru (PHFFAN)

      Everyone is confused darling….
      What i understood was –
      if you press button first you’ll get rs. 6,33,333 .. But will hv to leave show ryt then..
      If you press button secnd,, then you’ll remain back as others.. Normal contstnt..
      If you press button third,, you’ll win the ticket to finale..

      • Subhashitha K S

        Neeru it’s not that way. U hv mixed 2ND and 3Rd option. 1st- win 6,33,333 and remain in house but out of game
        2. Press 2ND – out of the house with chela tag
        3.Press 3Rd – ticket to finale

  29. Gaurav

    The rules are not good…
    If they wanted yo evict someone thru this [worst idea ]
    the rule should have been that
    1st one would be evicted
    2nd one will remain normal
    3rd will win tic. To finale

    as in this they are not allowed to talk,eat ,move ,drink..

    It woul have been better…

    Although evicting one of your top 3
    is the worst idea itself..

    This season so many things are there which creates a doubt in our mind , if bb is really a reality-based show..
    1)kicking incident..
    2)digi evicted
    3)postponing double eviction without explaining anything
    4)captain’s immunity disregarded.
    5)now this shitty task..

    • Subhashitha K S

      True gaurav it’s really getting bad day by can u make such rules and game. And we all know digangana and suyash were not evicted based on votes.and now again this task where u r eliminating one among three potential finalist based on some stupid task.this so annoying.

      • Gaurav

        Exactly suba…
        If any of these three are evicted i will loose interest in the show and if prince is eliminated i will stop watching it…

  30. Gaurav

    The rules are not good…
    If they wanted yo evict someone thru this [worst idea ]
    the rule should have been that
    1st one would be evicted
    2nd one will remain normal
    3rd will win tic. To finale

    as in this they are not allowed to talk,eat ,move ,drink..

    It woul have been better…

    Although evicting one of your top 3
    is the worst idea itself..

    This season so many things are there which creates a doubt in our mind , if bb is really a reality-based show..
    1)kicking incident..
    2)digi evicted
    3)postponing double eviction without explaining anything
    4)captain’s immunity disregarded.
    5)now this shitty task…

  31. This is the 1st season of bigg boss that im still confused whos my favourite..Btw the one who think is my fav.get evicted in that week only.I liked aman,rimi,yuvika and gizelle and all of you know where they are now…So let the best win…So bad luck of mine..LOL

    • Fatarajo

      True.The only thing that is attracting viewers to watch BB9 to see who is the winner as anyone can be the winner and there is no certain fav. Sometimes Prince gets highest vote, sometimes Mandy gets highest vote, sometimes Rish gets highest vote and this way the no.1 spot is always changing.
      Same happened wid when show started I liked 5 person till the end- Rimi, Digangana, Yuvika and Keith, and when Gizelle came after the 1st week only Keith is still in the game but he’s nominated for entire season and also the 3 weeks gap made a different 🙁 only voting for Keith nowadays(will start voting from next week)

  32. Abhi

    Prince can u hold ur mother sister too such for just a task or u are obsessed to touch woman by any means

  33. Today’s episode was quite messy and confusing . I think I need to catch up the actual episode at 6pm to know what is going on. So much intensity and violence, Baapre. Really these contestants need to chill and get a life, they don’t get tired of fighting? Today for some reason I liked Roch she really give her best shot and so sweet of Keith to not be biased he knows that u can’t be biased that’s why I like Keith a lot unlike Su who is always biased of Kish tht he even backstabbed his own team n Kish didn’t even told him to do so, he was actually making his gf looking bad for his mistake. Keith my support is with u till the end. If Keith don’t reaches at least finals this certainly proves that bigg boss is merely a show for people who fights :/ I felt so bad when Roch cried but she didnt complain today well done Roch 🙂 so sweet of Prince and Kish to console Roch. And Rish was really weird today

  34. Precap seems to be quite interesting . I really wanna know what happen.a. Who will it be Mandy or Kish? Or is it that Prince already won ticket to finale. I like Prince and Mandy more but I want Kish to win ticket to finale

  35. AN7

    Prince will not press the button for money.If he does it is fixed by bb to remove him from mandana’s way for winning the show.

    • Neeru (PHFFAN)

      Yeah true.. He was the one who wrote (actually meant to write :p) 30,00,000 to get his luggage… He is not playing for money…
      But no one is.. If Nyone press the button for money then its scripted…. :/


  37. Bipasha

    Prince this was bad.. You have no respect for women how can u bruise priya so bad just coz she is tiny… Play alone not behind ladies.

  38. Sreevani

    According to me

    Prince- Just clearly playing game using girls. He calls himself lion.. He is not lion but a fox.

    Kishwar – Shows her frustration against Rochelle because Suyyash is out Keith in house ( Nominated her – reason she got irritated last week?? like REALLY? ManD who irritated you hurted you and by ur mouth you told you are afraid of mandhana)

    Mandhana – I dont really understand her, from starting she is telling that She dont want friendship, she dont want to be in group, but to tanisha she told she is alone all the time, Crying and creating sympathy.But i need to ask her that You really forget Rochelle helped you blindly and you always tell bad about her and complains her. I really hate her personally because she is violent, She is bad mouth, liar, double standard, drama queen.. She dont want anyone to talk about her personal things but she talks about everyone’s personal.She didnt even do anytask.. but now during final she is grouping and working.. As alone she didnt even won a single task but now ticket to finale for a person who just dont do task, abuses national language, abuses everyone?

  39. Prince welcome

    Prince is best todays task . I want prince to win this show. Vote for prince.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  40. BB9

    Just hate this Prince the name does not suit him at al….he only has plus body and minus brains. Biggest backstabber same with Kishwer and Mandana….
    Rishab very deserving to win
    And girl power by Rochell and Priya dey really fought well unlike buffoon Prince and his side kick Kishwer.

  41. Prince welcome

    Prince is d best of all .there is a loud sound for prince from all contestants because everybody knows that he is a threat for all thats everybody is behind him and want his help for themselves. Well deserved and clear winner of this season. Wake up prince fans vote for him in a huge amount. Vote for prince……☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    • Big9

      Incredible job prince.
      Haters keep hating.. prince s using his brain wisely..
      Actually ppl use to say prince doesn’t use his brain n al.. but now when he is making strategy they say he is backstabbing lolzzzyyy…
      Kishwer is called prince’s side kick now??
      I remember him saying “hard koi apna dimaag apnea tarreekhe se use karthra hai”..
      good friendship is also required to survive in the show. for eg Kishwer and prince..
      Many failed in doing so..

  42. Prince welcome

    Priya was frustrated woman thats why she came inbetween everybodys game and these bruises just becauseof her behaviour from all the contestants dont blame prince only for that .He knows how to respect d girls. Vote for prince….,☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  43. Sreevani

    Priya – Such irritating one. She was nominated by 5 other people in house but she targeted Only Rochelle? She hugged her enemy who called her fat, being violent? She was like i did my job? lol funny..

    Rishab – Man your best enemy is your friend Priya.. When she leaves you you can win game.. Rochelle didnt hit you intentionally but it was an accident.

    Keith- Feeling bad for you.. Time for you to be strong.. Perfect answer to ManD she needs that..

    Rochelle- What can i say girl? Feeling pity for you for being targeted by Priya and ManD. To be honest everyone is using you. But you are not understanding that.. Play your game be strong..

    Anyway Im happy for Rochelle that she didnt win the task because anyone from that 3 goes out.. This is called Karma.. Im happy if it is ManD or Kishwar.

  44. bhavs

    rishabh dnt worry…dnt feel bad abt losing the game ..we fans are proud of you …u r not prince(tharki) and mandana(witch) thats enough to gain respect. its easy for you to join in the gool group but u never tried atleast 1% to do it,u never kissed any girl for footage,u never backstabbed any one, u never talked infront of any one that i will support u later nominated same person,its ok if u r not game planer,its ok tharkians think that u r loser and its k mandana karimi thinks that u r a girl for not attacking girls physically …not every one will do voting…we can watch you in tv with family members…we can never ashamed to watch with family members .u r the real devil who stole hearts.u r truly good at heart thats y u r not cunning.

    • Hey bhavs so happy to read ur comment u wrote my emotions.keep supporting our devil.jai bhole nath ki fikar nhi kisi bhi bat ki.he may nt win the game but he has won the hearts.&trust me he has great future.

      • neha

        @ anu m with all guys..let support our hero rishabh……………………..u just adore our heart…..luv u…..

      • Priya said the right thing that prince did not want rishab to go further in task. Its easy for him to beat mandana in task as compared to rishabh as he has to take kishwer along with him. Mandana was easy target for kishwer and prince to eliminate than the other three contestant. As evident from tommorows episode that mandana and kishwer pressed the button, rishabh have not done that as we have seen him in capatancy task with Rochelle

      • [email protected];)

        @anu r u doing…;-) ur rishabh is goin greatt….;-) hope he s the frst wild card to win ..all d best..:-)
        Haha ..norah wala joke mast tha..;-) acche se aag laga di prince k fans m..

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @anu… First of all understand that i m nt blaming rishab for nything… Now Answers to your questions..
        you say,, Rishb just planned but din do… Similarly prince just planned din do…
        Prince says to mandy in low voice – ” go take sand from rochs tank..” and thats what she did..
        Prince says to rochs in low voice – ” you hv lost.. Now let us win.. We’ll take sand from yours nd Trust me that way me nd kish will win.. ”
        He din ask rochs to go nd attack rishab.. Thats what i heard.. Just watch the episode again nd confrm if you hv doubt..
        Now prince helped mandy nd gave her idea .. That margin lead to rishab’s lose.. Is that fair against rishab ? No its not.. Thays why in my very first comment i said ki i undrstand why rushb is angry with prince nd it is justified….
        But my whole point is that priya was the reason why prince decided to help mandy in the end.. Evn rishab said to priya – “tum mera game kharab kar rhi ho..”
        Ab rha sawal ki priya ki galthi ke liye rishab ko kyun target kare,, tho somehow thats what everyone does.. Kieth scolds mandy nd mandy attacks rochs for revenge…. Your frnds pay for you.. Sirf islye i said ki priya ki dosthi use bhaari padegi.. There are many ppl,, including me,, who love rishb but won’t vote for him just becoz he is with priya…

        nywaz It seems you’ll not agree to me… So lets stop the topic here…. 🙂
        You guys here seem prince haters rather than rishab lovers.. LOL.. 😀

      • Hey neeru as usual i dnt agree with ur points.but nw i am nt in the mud of typing long reply.chodo ab lets end this topic here.anyways no1 got tht ticket to finale.but i must say neeru u r 2nd best sanchalak of tellyupdates( 1st is harshal) i love ur comments.very gud very gud.

      • Subhashitha K S

        True @neeru . anu r and rest of the rishab fans hate prince only becoz they love rishab. However though I like prince and most of prince fans dont hate rishab.
        And especially prince and rishab themself dont hate each other.
        But what to do different point of view make things look differently.Its k they hv right to there opinion and we hv right to ours.

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @anu.. There are many ppl who make points that i dont agree to.. But i dont go nd reply… I just ignore… But you are different… I like you.. Sensible , sporty nd a True rishb fan… Thats why i always try nd rply to your commnts.. I like rshab prince nd rishb kish jodi.. I m sure they’ll be frnds again soon.. 🙂

        P. S Thank you for that compliment.. ?

        @subha – yeah.. Rishb nd prince themselves dont hate each other… 🙂
        As for me nd anu,, we always hv this debate ovr prince nd rishb,, where i love rishb but she hates prince…. Nothng new….???

      • Hey neeru,so sweet of u.thank u so much for the compliment.actually i used to get much angry by reading comments against rishabh but nw seeing u,harshal,freak,joyee i am trying to bit sporty.u guys r awesome.tum log har cheez kitni fairly sochte ho.trying to learn tht but i knw i wil always be biased towards rishabh.thanks for always replying my comment.we wil continue our debate for rest of the days.chalo time to watch bb.bye.
        P.s-very gud rishabh is trending in India.

      • neha

        @anu…Same here…Rishabh deserve to be the winner…he is every much clear in mind and also fair in the game

    • Truly said bhavs……he should not be worried about comments made by mandana because she kicks people abuses people voilent in nature Nd cries and backstab every friend made in bigg boss. Otherwise how coms it is possible to not to have a single friend after 85 days

    • siya

      Bhavs…totally agree with u…love rishabh….he’s really genuine person..
      and it’s not about dat prince is not…bt he don’t deserves to be liked…his strategy is really worst…
      jo vo bolta hai vo karta nahi…so v can much genuine he is…
      nywyz der is no point to talk this…bcz it’s not gonna change anyones view…
      bt atleast people should try to think over it…dat does prince really deserve to win the show?…coz bigg boss is not only about task..der r so many things other than this…otherwise bigg boss ko hum roadies bolte…

  45. Rahul

    Exclusive: Mandana was the first one to Press Buzzer and She came out of the Game with 6,33,333 rupees and still in house

    Task is still Going on between Kishwer and Prince. Anyone of them will be evicted & one will get TTF (sources)

    • Rahul

      Mandana Karimi is OUT of GAME and Not House. She got 6,33,333 rupees and is out from Game of Ticket To Finale not house

      • Rahul

        Kishwer and Prince are not ready to give up the task as the person who will loose will be evicted (sources)

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        rahul, correction, mandy doesn’t get 6,33,333 rupees, but the one who will press the buzzer second out of kish and prince will win that money, with the 3rd person winning ticket to finale. the second person winning the money will be out of house as of now(am hoping that out of house thing is discarded as it is so unfair :/ )

    • Subhashitha K S

      Even I read this and it’s ridiculous.However I didn’t want and even now don’t want any of the three to go out of the house (though I hate mandy).bcoz all of the three deserves to be in finale.if they are not there in finale whats there watching bb9.the ones who hv won the previous task is eliminated from the house how stupid is that.
      And also in this task one who will not stay for long or works hard to win the ticket will be safe that too winning 6Lakh and not getting who stays and works hard among them one will be eliminated with chela tag and no stupid is that.
      Was this task designed keeping in mind that mandana will be the first one to press the Bursor.
      I don’t want to think so but I am getting irritated that one of prince r Kishwar will be out of game.and I wanted both to be in finale. This is so not done ????

      • Rahul

        They are not confirm about the Eviction & money thing now. They will soon confirm and update you with the news…
        But its confirm
        Task is still Going on between Kishwer and Prince for TTF

    • Subhashitha K S

      Ya even I read that and waiting for next.
      But if any one of the three is eliminated from house also it’s not fair.

    • Subhashitha K S

      According to latest news no one is eliminated out of the house.ticket to finale task is cancelled.The options were
      1-leave the task
      2-win 6,33,333 and leave house
      3-win ticket to finale.
      Mandy left the task
      Prince and kishwer were not ready to leave as they would hv been no one is eliminated and no one wins ticket to finale.
      They simply fought for it.waste of time.
      However happy that no one is eliminated.

  46. asap

    im sad rite now..i dont want mandy out of de house…m very sad nowwwww….i hop precap is wrong…..mandy should be in the finaleeeeee n shiuld win the showww..mandy cant leave like thiss

  47. neha

    Cool Keith Show the same attitude the way you showed to Mandana Bhaiyee in the task……..come on with full swing Keith………..

    Prince.Poor Guy……………you are just fake…………..the name prince doesn’t go well on your image…………its was bit surprised saying that you wanted the girls to be winned…….how come Prince??????????? then y didn’t you saved your friend Rochelle from Priya..////Y protecting ur game…..Quiet unfair with friends………..and on top promising Rishabh for the deal????????????? and at atlast backstep????????????????? what the fffff………You proved that you no have brain …to thing over it…and that what you told priya …………..haaaaa and you think you deserve to be win………not at allll…….BB9 is not for you…………………….atleast you could have learnt something or taken tips from our Gautam..the BB8 winner………..No words……..i wish you get evicted………..and for this best of luck

    Madanaa………….the bhaiyeeeeeeeeee….i think you are the dirtiest animal in BB9………you can go to your so called village…….where you have come from……………blo*dy thief…………

    Kishwer… know by nw that without prince physical support you cannot do anything………one work will be done you will kick prince within no time…………….

    Rishabh………I think you should have listen to yourself this time…………each and every task is important ………..time is high……….don’t trust the other contestant so blindly… they dont deserve dear….specially prince and kishwer……………due cope up…………you are strong….and we want you to win the show.

    Priya……..very well played in sand… you dear………..this is what the viewers wants to c everybody in each and every task……….actually to say the task was interesting only because of you and the credit goes to Priya………..viewers says you are annoying…irritating..but that’s is your strategy……….at least m happy to know that a lady and fight openly in the task………..challenging prince…….who is nothing infront of you………..Good Job….Priya ur husband will be definetly b proud of you. Happy to c you………………..and glad to say that becoz of Wild card entry the BB9 show is rocking and that’s the fact……………….Good Luck.

    • aario

      So rightly put neha…….the best was prince helping mandana , not roch even when she kept on asking for help and then he,kishwer and Mandy telling roch that we wanted you to win and as always started hugging and kissing. Such a pathetic loser prince is and kishwer playing him smartly. She will be out if she didn’t have princes physical support.
      It felt Priya was the only man in the task. Though she did wrong by supporting Mandy but I guess she had no option cause Roch was the only one whom no one was supporting and she wanted rishab to win so. I hope one of those 3 losers r out that would be awesome.
      Keith good was to explan to Roch who did what and very well given it back to stupid arrogant and cunning mandy.

      • neha

        @ aario… all will c the clear cut picture of prince…….since they all are close to final……..

  48. Cherry W.

    LOL. This buzzer task is all about rewarding the one who is a quiter. The one who presses the button first get rewarded with money and still having a place in the show but the ones who endure and try to fight for the ticket goes home? Is this fair? What do you guys think. I think maddy will get the money as she never plays the tasks always quit. This is a good reward for her win the money and don’t have to do anything at all. ROLL when she does ppl will say that’s smart

  49. neha

    Yes Rishabh……what you said was correct…….Prince backstabb you becoz he doesn’t want to compete with you…………he just show his physical power……….just a fattuuu……….

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        raghav, no abuses please. understand that this is a social forum and everyone has the right to voice their own opinion. If you don’t agree to their opinion, either counter it in a fair, proper way or just ignore their comment……..

    • neha

      Prince is scared of competing with rishabh…thats y he always need support of b*t*hes…………suck prince

      • [email protected];)

        Arre yr neha..:-D chillax…rishabh is good …ha ha..tum f… Complete likh dete to bhi moderater usme apni ungliya bna deta..;-D see..prince is a dumb f**k..;-)
        Though i want both prince n rishabh to go to finale…anyone cn win…i even like mandy n kish..;-)
        Just enjoy d show..;-) n keep votting for our rishabh

    • Messi

      2 minutes of silence for neha as she thinks rishab is better than prince.
      Rishab went to splitsvilla 2 times and did shit
      Prince won it in his first attempt.
      Prince is scared of rishab??Really,are you watching bigg boss 9(Colors,India)or some other show?Check once .
      Prince fans =50k+
      Rishab fans = ? Still trying to find one excluding. neha who is watching the wrong show I think.

      • neha

        @messi.Chilll……….and don’t compare Spiltsvilla to BB9………..come out of your dreams………Viewers are not fools………….your one opinion will not make any drastic changes……………hope you know that BB9 is live telecast and since ur so called prince is not Mr. India…..where one cannot see his stupidity…….wait and watch the show……….and lastly the show is not only of being playing task its also of mind game…….hope you know…………Lastly.dont be so hyper or get personal…….since every one see the game in different point of view….so good luck

  50. FCPC

    Prince – Winner material
    Kishwer-Strong but no fan following
    Mandana-Drama queen,thief,uses others for her advantage,tears for trp,no respect for others,LOSER.
    Rochelle- Irritating
    Keith-Winning material (if rochelle is evicted this weekend).

    Finalista according to me
    Prince,keith,kishwer and mandana (cuz of _______. I think 2 names can be written in that blank.)

    Prince (Biggest fan following)

    Runner up
    Keith(Deserves to be winner but less fan following)

    2 nd runner up
    Kishwer-Truly Deserving

    Kick out mandana(blo*dy thief)

  51. DON

    2 minutes of silence for those who think rishabh is better than prince.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  52. Maxx

    What I feel is that prince will give up before kishwar and will get eliminated because kishwar is quite obstinate.
    As soon as this happens,let the bb go to hell,I won’t be watching it anymore in any case.
    Why does bb make such tasks ,everyone knows that Mandy will press the buzzer first and kish or prince have to go.
    That mean it was planned that way to break cool group as firstly suyyash was made to leave without any reason,why do they conduct votes then? Now bb has put sword on necks of remaining two.

    • Subhashitha K S

      Hey maxx after nowing prince how did u think that he will quit the task.that too which will eliminate him from the show.i dont think he will press the bursor.and according to reality post news none r eliminated and no one wins ttf as both prince and kish didnt give up.

      • [email protected];)

        @joyee..;-) there is a war goin on here…unlike us…prince n rishabh fans are going nuts..;-D
        Wish they enjoy the show here..else priya will win..;-)
        Muscle n a lot of talk..;-) i think she s more muscular then prince..

      • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

        ROFL freak, I think others sometimes become like BB Contestants #BB9effect , maybe it’s their love for their fav contestant, I only like Keith the most, I also like others but Keith is my fav and don’t mind if anyone says negative about Keith because they r also correct. So let’s just chill 😛

  53. Pri

    Bigg boss himself is always in favour mandana.. i hate her most.. i truelly want kish nd princy to go to finale.. if mandy is still in house taking d amount nd d one who successfully won such difficult task eliminates frm d house den its surely a game fixing of bigg boss in mandy’s favour.. which is unfair..

  54. Pri

    Bigg boss himself is always in favour mandana.. i hate her most.. i truelly want kish nd princy to go to finale..

  55. FCPC

    I think between mandana and kishwer someone will win the prize money and someone will go home and prince will win ticket to finale

  56. Messi

    Whenever I read the comments almost 90% of the comments include prince’s name .So it is clear if votes are counted. Then he is the winner

  57. inaoton

    True or false 1pm update ..
    mandana press buzzer 1st n she is safe in bb house with RS.6,33,333
    prince n kishower under danger zone!
    who press 2nd buzzer going 2 out of house with title Chela..
    Dis is not fair tusk
    don’t 4 get they r the winner of 1st round ticket to finally Tusk!
    if bb want to eliminate some1 then why voting line is Close?
    n why not Priya eliminate C is 1st contestants out of the Ticket to finally Tusk…

  58. Rahul

    Oh my dear roch,felt really bad for you!!now I really want you to win ,no one else!!il vote for you for sure!!i love you be strong and be brave little angel??

  59. kushagra

    i just hope prince is safe and this is really cruel by bigg boss
    atleast he shuld give some remuneration to who is leaving the house
    that 633333
    peply with a YES if u like my idea

  60. I also think bigg boss and salman supports mandy alot and that is why now a days she is filled with over confidence..Rochelle baby there is still time play nicely you can be the finalist…Keith i love you..You are theee best..

    • I also used to think so. But I don’t know if it true as they are showing mandy less nowadays and also on Sunday I don’t remember but I remember I read an article that salman scolded Mandy, but maybe they may also do this to assure others that they are not biased I don’t know

    • @ Pari I don’t think its over confidence. I think its her mentality that she will not win especially being a foreigner so she will just play her game. From her actions she actually expected to be kicked out and is therefore not scared of evictions because deep down she knows that it may be impossible for a forager to win against an Indian but it will be fun to play the game very well even if she will not win by giving them a good run for the money.

      Contestants who are sure they will win or stand high chances of winning are very cautious about their image. (Because psychologically more people will tend to support those who do good than bad. So those who are pretending to be good rather think they can win).

  61. inaoton

    If I m bb maker…

    hold housemate should participants
    in same task wit 2 different results. ..

    1. prince mandana kishower for ticket to finally n winner should b who buzzar last..

    2. priya Rochell rishap keith for eviction n winner should b who buzzar last..

    big boss9 maker try this

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      inaoton, ideally, it should have been like that only, they should have made those 4 (priya, roch,keith, rishabh) stand in booth and the one who will quit first will be out of the house. I agree to your idea

  62. @pari my results will come at 11 Jan. Please pray for me. I m really nervous. Please pray that I get very good results which will be enough for me to go to my desired college. Exams were really tough and according to some sources it it’s said that this exam is the toughest compared to all the last10 yrs exam

    • [email protected];)

      All d best joyee..;-) get ready to rock

  63. Mahi

    Go priya go priya..!! More power to you girl….only girl…ONLY PERSON in the house brave enough to stand against prince single handedly!!..really impressed..everyone else try to act friendly or play sister with him in task…even mandana formed group with him..”calling herself individual player”..Rochelle at least now understand…prince and kishwer could have helped much for a cool group..all are two faced..prince only paper tiger..groupism is his only strategy..made deal with the only man in task and attacked girls..rishab too same but at least didn’t attack anyone…go girls..and among them PRIYA..only individual player..!! loved when all fled from rishab as she came back :)…!

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      Haha thanks for the encouragement I m chilling and doing whatever I want to do before my official doomsday on 11 Jan. U know as they say do whatever u want to do. And also live everyday as if it’s your last day 🙂

  64. @freakk @tedd @harshal @neeru Guys mai zinda hu..You can talk to me..Cmon yaar im missing you all alot na..What about PHFFAN yaar guys wake up Pari is back with a bang..Yo @joyee

    • [email protected];)

      @pari..<3 welcome back..;-)

      • [email protected](PHFFAN)

        😉 neeru.yr priya ko nikalo..:-D jaha bologe vahan phffan ki party hogi..;-)

  65. Mahi

    Prince later said he wanted ‘girls to win’ why to make deal with rishabh then..really a geedhad sly least priya is a khuli kitaab…openly admits she strategises…no pretense…daring and bindass attitude..!

  66. inaoton

    Prince,Kishower plz don’t give up..
    bb9 H is da most save place in India!
    continue ur hunger strike till final day of BB season..
    This da only way u 2 gets tickets to finally!
    there’s no other option
    plz continue 4 ur FAN

  67. II

    Rochl! There is nothing wrong in hvng a bitter experience which priya had already yesterday. When all the three were attacking her ystrdy u were also sittng under ur funnel and shouting uska ye nikal woh nikal. Yestrdy it was celebration for u all for kicking priya out of the game why doomsday for u all today. Somewhere it shows u all dont want to priya to play her game fully.
    Dont forgt it was only one attacking u that too not directly just she was taki ng ur sand on and on without giving u a chance. When u were all highly desperate to kick her out cant priya be despo to pull u out. Usku bi chance milna chahiye na. And by the way u hv a full on supprt from keith + coolgrp+ur fans after the task. For priya inspite of whole lot of bruises and cuts tdy and ystrdy not even one cheer. Still ppl wld say what is big deal in it anyone in task wll get hurt(by shrugging their shoulders) .

    Ur crying and yelling wasnothing before her bruises. Literally srry to say this. I expected u to fight without crying like a child. It is a game. U cant expct priya to sit quiet na. Humanity can be definetly talked about if priya had no cuts on her entire hand. She didnt shout for it but u shouted for sand. Be happy that she appreciated u at the end. Sorry for u once again. And cheers for priya for playing the task well. Hope u will face hatred of whole world after coming out with the same confidence.
    They are backing up rochl to enter finale not u priya. I wonder the power of hatred. But its ok.

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      II, completely agreed. As a human being, it was natural for me to feel bad when a girl cries so badly, but then rochelle should think how others felt when they were in her situation.
      1) when mandy got attacked by 3 including her, she is fine with it.
      2) when priya got attacked by 3(mandy, prince, kish), she was ok with it too.
      3) when rishabh is attacked, she is fine and joins them.
      4) But when others attacked her, she is like maine kya kiya kisiko, mujhe kyu attack kar rahe ho and started crying.
      I really commend what priya did in the task and honestly feel that she was the best in that task(her work rate atleast). She was stupid to let herself lose in the first phase, by trying attack on prince when they were attacking mandy, that led to her downfall, but its proper to say that she was the only one who played individually throughout the task……

      • Maxx

        Yes,she lacks mind as well as commitment that she makes with others .Her naggy attitude adds cherry to the cake.When it’s ‘akal badi ya bhens’ she chose ‘bhens’ yesterday,her own twin sister .Rochelle,Rishabh and Priya’s game plan had flaws but prince,Mandana and kishwar’s strategies were good ,this created the difference.

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        mandyfan, I have always been an admirer of keith’s calm nature, but his recent antics have made me hate him somewhat. It’s like he is just trying to hold a personal grudge against mandy for some reason. yesterday was filled with violence to be honest. 1)Rochelle got away with her actions(in the name of anger and desperation to save her sand from priya),
        2) Rishabh did kick mandy, I am not saying it was bad kick, but atleast an acknowledgement of him kicking would have been fine by me, because i know that if mandy had done that, everyone would have taken the house on their head.
        3) priya prince did show some borderline aggressions to each other.
        Thing was, in every case, Keith failed as sanchalak, whose duty is to stop such violence and punish them if need be. His weak decision making ability is what makes him weak contender for the show(he has got a very good character build). Even yesterday, he just said stop to priya, while priya continued attack even after her sand ending. He needs to be strict sometimes. Maybe he is desperately trying to maintain his cool, calm guy image in the house and whenever that image is in jeopardy,he tries to bail out of it(mandy-roch-priya-keith personal life comments incident)

      • Pri

        YES! I agree with Harshal, it was natural to feel bad for Rochelle…but she was also rooting for everyone who were ruining Priya’s game.
        I also kind of felt bad for Rishabh when he told Priya that because of her antics, everyone is aiming him.
        But a task is a task. This isn’t “I’m going to save this person because they’re my friend” lol. Let’s see who will win Bigg Boss 9 in a couple of weeks. This season of BB has not really been fair.

    • Maxx

      Totally Agree to your points but the difference between Rochelle and priya’s game was priya’s aim never looked winning,instead her aim was that cool group looses.
      Secondly every one was going against Mandana but priya constantly had problem with that and rather than convincing the other three to not attack mandana,she was arguing with prince and kept screaming in his ears & he hot irritated badly and convinced the three girls to rather attack priya.She never defended her own funnel but attacked others so her aim was not to win but to make others loose.
      Thirdly priya had decided to support Rochelle the previous night and neither she adhered to what Rishabh said her to do nor did she stick to the words she said to Rochelle.
      Fourthly even after torturing Rochelle she should have given her 5 minutes to cry.
      Fifthly those scars that she had were justified ,the way she was fighting with people in the task.
      Due to her Rishabh lost 🙁

  68. rishab and priya both are the biggest losers of the house right now… they can easily attack mandana and rochell… but in the whole task they don’t use there brains and at the and of the task… dono ki shakle pa saaf nazar a raha tha we are the biggest fouls…;)

  69. Mandyfan

    Don’t know whats wrong with keith. When mandana kicked kish they made such a big issue and when rishabh did d same keith refused to acknowledge . Rochelle hit priya and keith did not punish her. So the conclusion is its only mandana who gets punishments and not anyone else for doing d same offence.

  70. Maxx

    Kish and prince didn’t quit the task for several hours hence ticket to finale has been cancelled.:D (reality post)

  71. harshal(PHFFAN)

    The ticket to finale task has been cancelled…….
    – source: realitypost @twitter

    Great news!!! all 3 deserving contestants are safe for now 😀

    • it was so obvious that the two Kish and Prince will never give up for the other to get the ticket and end up leaving the house. In any case as you earlier indicated BB’s options were not the best or may be is BB trying to create a rift between the two? All the same I hope another task will be given with better options.

  72. Wow isn’t it amazing that people who hate mandana coz of her abusive language are abusing her and then talking abt morals nd all. If mandana is hiding smthing she is chor. If smone hit her then its ok bcoz she deserves it.
    Noone is talking abt rishabh and rochelle who crossed their lines.
    Hate keith for his biased behavior.
    Hate rishabh 4 kicking mandana nd calling her chor

  73. ManuelFerrara


    This is funniest of all my jokes that I’ve posted here so be beware..

    Here it goes..


    Ha ha ROFL ! 😀

      • [email protected](PHFFAN)

        Anu r abhi aa k iska encounter kregi..;-)

  74. Gaurav

    Good news guys

    Kishwer and Prince
    didn’t leave the task, The
    Ticket To Finale Task is
    CAN___ wait for it.. CELLED

  75. Rishab plz akele khelo aur winner ban k khas kar prince k moh par tala lagao.o 2 show jeet kar khud ko bht mahan samajhra is bar over cofident howa hai…prince agar nora k liye feelings hai to ANUKHI k liye kya hai.??

  76. Today in ticket to finale task bigg boss gave three option to all of them.1) if out of three, one person presses the buzzer fst will be out f game but stay in house as normal contestant. He/she will also get rs6,33,333…
    2) if the person press buzzer second will be evicted out of the house will be taged as chela
    3) person presses buzzer last will get the ticket to finale
    Mandana will press the buzzer fst, take the Money and remain in game. Now the game will be Between kish And prince, it will be ultimate fun to watch dere relation now.. I don’t wana fight between kish and prince as I like both. But they have to pay for back stabbing Rochelle and rishabh( gud contestant) and supporting stupid annoying irritating mandana. I must say mandana is deserving to be in finale becoz she is always a main topic in house. But she is portraying herself wrong! If she is really like this outside thn I must say vo apni maa ki v sakhi ni hogi! Agree or not?’

  77. @harshal . Thanks for the update. I have been waiting for this news only. Dont worry harshal i will be there to counter you after writing all the exams-till 11 jan. But practicals commencing from 18 jan and that will be the final weekend of bb. How can i vote for prince.

  78. Ankss

    Guys whoever is abusing mandy over here(at this forum). I simply wanna ask what you guys are doing? lol if she abuse then its wrong but its totally finr when other Hm’s do so, and obviously if each and evryone get ganged up against one person so what kinda reaction do u xpect? I was supporting keith just because of her fairness in the game but what he wanted to prov by showing middl finger to a girl and as he said that action ka reaction so the same mandy do when other peopl ganged up against her…awww evryone is so insecured of her!!! poor Rochelle she waz crying like a baby ” maine kya kiya priya” so what mandana had done when you asked evryone to ganged up against her in the task? hahaha Karma what goes around comes around!!! and keith was such a biased sanchalk ever it was looking like as he was playing a game against mandy.. lol
    He punished Priya and Mandy for speaking english and what about Rochelle did Bigg boss provided special authority to Rochelle to sppeeak in english? when Rochelle hurted priya through bucket he said she just pushed it wow!! amazing if Mandy would have doone such Hm’s would have created a big issues out of it… and coming to Priya she played very well hatts off to her the way prince handled her was wrong it was actually physical but no one pointed him out…. and people who call Salman a biased host Kindly please check the recnt weeknd episodes where Salman continuously bashed on Mandy, where mandy was not even wrong so guys Instead of using abusive word for anyone enjoy the show as its just a game and evryone is playing according to them!!!

  79. [email protected];)

    @anu r..m gud..:-) actually ..i just dont wanna see rochelle or priya…going to d finale..:-D mandy prince riahabh kish neeru joyee tedd are my fav..;-) i ll be very happy inme se koi bhi jeeta toh..;-)

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      Thumbs up agree wid u 😛
      But in this list for me I will add Keith
      Missing Tedd aka akku a lot


    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      @pari..;-) haha thanx for d tagg…;-) u r really cute..;-) ab m phffan m p for pani puri hu..;-)

      • hey @freakk thats me p for pari in PHFFAN ok dont cry i will share my p spot with you..thanks for the complement buddy..missed you like are you everything going well in life???kabhi mujh jaise friends ko ye to bata dia karo ki tum zinda ho..What say guysPHFFAN am i right??

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      Haha thanks benaras ki pari I love gulab jamun my fav sweetdish u reminded me of my aunt always calls me sweet and also makes gulab jamun for me whenever I come to her house, and today is her wedding anniversary , and also missing her and her gulab jamuns. And when I come to benaras do treat me with gulab jamun

  81. [email protected](PHFFAN)

    @joyee..missed u tooo..:-D
    @neeru..roadies ka audition dekhna prince ka…;-) banda dil se bolta h bus..:-D

  82. [email protected](PHFFAN)

    Sm priya fan posted she loved her badass attitude…
    After few min i rralised she forgot to put & in between..
    Bad ass & attitude..:-D

  83. Shruti

    I seriously wish for all Mandana supporters that may God give strength to Mandana to show her performance in at least one task. If the above updates are true then can she ever give competition to her strong co-contestants? Why is she always hunting for reasons to quit? I don’t think that’s a quality of a winner. Anyways congrats to Prince and Kishwar for taking up the challenge and once again proving that they are strong.

    • And wht abt kish and prince who admitted tht if they hd pressd d buzzr they could have saved frm this situation. Means they were also thinking to press d buzzr . So wht mandana did was right and anyways its her call how to play we will support her.

  84. hey @freakk thats me p for pari in PHFFAN ok dont cry i will share my p spot with you..thanks for the complement buddy..missed you like are you everything going well in life???kabhi mujh jaise friends ko ye to bata dia karo ki tum zinda ho..What say guysPHFFAN am i right??

    • [email protected](PHFFAN)

      Hey pari..m gud…:-) didnt get much time..change of place…how r u..?? I missed u too…;-) n ur cute talks..:-D

  85. Jawad

    I will strongly suport Rishab and he realy deserve to win bigg boss season 9 and hi not fake at all from any angles… he is the best.. east or the west rishab bhaai is the best

  86. Kiswer leaves the house with rs 15 lakhs..and prince won ticket to sad for kish and happy for Prince #BB9 so unfair strong contender out kish will miss u…

  87. neeraja

    priya is far better dan dis stupid prince.cheater cock.all dis planning wouldnt help u in real life.nd u r living in BB9 dont defend dat u r dng a drama at BB9.this is d reality.

  88. Aneri

    No I think who will play d buzzer first that person will get ticket to finale n that money too this d big boss game

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.