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Bigg Boss 9 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 25
Chakdoom chakdoom song plays. Inmates wake up and dances.

Rishab says to Yuvika that Mandana was crying, i told her that we did it for task, why she is getting affected, i shouldnt have to say sorry for doing task, Yuvika ask why did she cry? Rishabh says she cries because Kishwar alleged for not being nice friend, Yuvika says you both did task very nicely but you should respect a girl, you should have made Kishwar dog for one hour or so but you know Kishwar is egoistic and she wont give up, Rishab says i told her to not give explanation.

Rochelle ask whom we will make captain? Mandana or Rishab, Prince says we will make Rishab captain, Yuvika agrees. Kishwar says girl and boy cant be friends, Yuvika also said that Rishab is cute, Yuvika laughs,

Yuvika says he is new in house so i am being nice to him, Prince says even his bed is near Yuvika, Yuvika goes to Rishab and ask his hair band is his? he says yes, she says i thought it was Rochelle’s.

Prince’s captaincy time ends. Mandana and Rishab will have competition to become captain. task will happen on plank which is placed in middle of pool, both contenders will get pole to fight with each other, they will use it to throw other contender in pool, there will be 5rounds in total, the one who will win 3rounds(by making other fall in pool 3times) will become captain, to give equal chance to Mandana and Rishab, both can choose other inmate to perform on their behalf too, Kishwar will be supervisor of task. Mandana ask Prince if wanna do it? Prince says ask someone else, Mandana says you and Aman are options, Prince says you should ask Keith, she ask Keith, Keith says i am ready to do it but you should choose a person who is heavier. Mandana ask Prince if he will do favor on her? Rochelle says Prince should decide whom he want to make captain, Prince says we said many things to each other in nominations so i wont do it, Mandana says okay Keith will do it for her then, Keith agrees, Mandana says bigg boss Keith will do it for me, Rishab says i will do myself.
Keith and Rishab start fighting by hitting each other with pole.
Keith falls in pool, All ask Keith if he is fine? he nods, Round one winner is Rishab, they fight again, Rishab falls, Keith wins round 2 and 3. in round 4, both falls down in pool but Keith has used hands so Rishab has won round 4, Round 5 starts, both are fighting, Keith falls in pool, Rishab wins round 5. Bigg boss says congratulations to Rishab for winning task, RISHAB BECOMES CAPTAIN, Mandana claps.

Rochelle says to Kishwar that Rishab made you dog and today you were supporting him in captaincy task, Kishwar says he made me dog in ego and i did it for task and for my ego, i cleared my point with him but Mandana didnt clear her point that what she did with me in task was personal or not, i dont want to become stupid for Mandana again thats why i decided to be with Rishab and its my personal choice to support whom i want.
Mandana says they all are against me, Rishab says dont worry, they all will bear now.
Kishwar says to Rochelle that you are supporting Mandana again so that she become captain and sit like queen again, Rochelle says the guy who can make girl dog then he can do anything being captain, Prince says you have started talking to Mandana again.

Rochelle says to Rishab that you should be lenient with girls, you did dog task but now you should respect girls, Rishab says you kept taunting me in task, Rochelle says it was my task to irritate you, Rishab says you hit me in task too and girls are beating boys in every task and here i want everyone to be equal, if i want girls to clean then i will give her that task and if you girls think that boys cant clean washroom then i will prove you wrong.

Rochelle ask Rishab to remove his bag from bedroom, he says i am captain and i can do what i want, Rochelle says its my house too and i want it to be clean, Rishab says but i will keep it here, Rochelle says bigg boss call me in confession room, Rishab says you all call me devil not captain only then i will listen to you.

rishab is discussing work with inmates, Yuvika says we should give water to plants, all laughs, Rishab ask Rochelle what she has to say? Rochelle says people are washing clothes in sink where we wash face so that should not be done, aman says we can also clean sink after washing it, Rishab says Aye Rochelle, listen.. Rochelle says dont call me Aye.. Rishab says you should first learn hindi, Rochelle says dont pass personal comments, he says okay i am sorry. Rishab says i am captain of house but for you all i am Rishab, Prince says you said you are devil, Rishab says i have put it your minds now you will keep thinking that, Rochelle says we will call you captainji only, Rishab says you are taking things personally, Rochelle says you are forcing me for that.

Rochelle comes to Rishab and says its not clean to keep bag on your bed, Rishab says i will keep my luggage near my bed only, Aman says you are captain you should not set wrong example, Rochelle screams that this is not cleanliness, Rishab says dont shout, i can shout too, Rochelle says i was taking to you sweetly only, Rishab says dont point fingers at me, Rochelle says its my finger and i can point it, Yuvika ask them to relax, Rochelle says this is my house too, Rishab says you wont be able to irritate me, i will not remove bag, Rochelle says you are setting this example as captain? he says yes, she says then see me, what i do, she mummers some slang, Rishab says what did you say? how dare you call me *****, she says no one listened me saying that, Rishab gets angry and says how dare you call me that, Rochelle says i was saying that for myself, you can shout as much as you want, Prince says you can ask her about slang but dont shout at her, he takes Rochelle from there, Rishab says bigg boss call me in confession room rightnow, Prince says maintain your tone, be in limits with girls, i was silently sitting in corner but i came inbetween when you started shouting here, Aman says to Rishab that you started fight, we all have made rule to place bags in one corner, Rishab says this rule was set by you, i wont follow your rules, Keith says then tomorrow we will put our bags on your bed too, Rishab says do whatever you want but i wont remove my bag from my bed, he leaves, Prince says we should spread our bags in room too.
Aman says to Rishab that we have made that rule to keep bedroom look clean, Rishab says to Aman that its their rules, Rochelle have very small thinking.
Rochelle says to Keith that Rishab gets irritated soon so i am liking to irritate her.
suyyash says Rochelle said slang then said that i was saying it for myself, Yuvika says Rochelle gave slang on Rishab’s sister and i think Rishab sister have some hearing problem, thats why he got so angry, Suyyash says but he shouldnt have shouted like that, Kishwar says if she had said slang to you then you would have reacted like this only baby, Suyyash says but i would have respected girl.

Rochelle have placed make up and other things near sink in washroom area. Rishab says to Yuvika that this is against rules, Rochelle comes there, he ask her to remove things from here, Rochelle says you can order me to do household chores but cant order me personally, if you think that its clean to place bag on bed then i think its also clean to keep things near sink, Rishab says dont get personal, Rochelle keeping bag there is also personal, we do make up there, Rishab ask her to remove things, she says i wont, i want things here only as this is my house, she leaves without listening him, Rishab says to camera that Bigg boss ask inmates to do their work, Yuvika says to Rishab that bigg boss have made you captain and now its upto you how you make inmates work. Suyyash comes and says this is wrong but she said that if you can place bag on bed then other things can be placed here and there too, Suyyash says we will remove things from here.

Yuvika, Kishwar and digi pours lotion on Rishab’s jacket and says in camera that we are doing this and Rishab will blame Rochelle that she must have done this, its going to be fun, they laugh.

Someone starts playing drum in confession room, Yuvika says he seems scary. Puneet Vasishtha enters house as 2nd wild card entry,he comes in lounge, Kishwar says you were doing drama in confession room? he says yes, he kisses Digi’s forehead and says your Nani sent it, he meets Keith and says he is only man in house, he meets Aman, he says to Rimi that you wont go from here and will say that you wanna stay here, Rimi rolls her eyes, Puneet says to Rochelle that we will set your english, he makes fun of her english, he drinks water and acts like dying, he says Kishwar gave it so i was afraid.
Puneet says to Aman that i want o war shorts, i am always in my short. Bigg boss welcomes Puneet and ask them to not talk in English.

Rishab says to Puneet that i didnt know these people from before, i came here and i wanted to wake them up, i have instilled new energy injection in them but they are still play saas bahu sage, Puneet says this is life time opportunity and they should play individually, Rishab says Prince thought no one can beat him but i have told him that i am here to play.

Rishab comes to Rochelle and says very good, you cleaned things which you messed up, i am sorry for shouting, i will beware now, you can call me by any name, Rochelle says please remove your bag, he says okay but you have to hug me for that, Rochelle hugs him, Rishab jokes that i liked some of your things in washroom and can hide it too, Yuvika makes Rishab wear jacket on which she had put lotion, he sees it, Kishwar, Yuvika laughs, Rishab says clean it, he request Yuvika to clean it as if its get dried then it wont remove, Yuvika says i will remove later, Rishab goes to wash it himself. Suyyash says we are going to put his empty bag in swimming pool, Prince hides Rishab’s bag and bring another empty bag, Suyyash and Prince runs infront of Rishab and throws bag in pool, Yuvika says your bag has been thrown in pool, Puneet says what kind of joke is this? you have put artist’s bag in pool, this is not right, he jumps to get Rishab’s bag, Prince says you are taking it seriously, dont bring it out, Rishab also jumps in pool to get bag, all hoot for them, Puneet pushes Riahsb in pool more, all laughs.

all are enjoying in pool, Rishab is singing for Yuvika. Keith says you will slap you, she says no i wont slap you. Kishwar says Rishab was saying that you are going on date with him then Prince said that she was going on date with him too, Rishab says i will cook for you too, Rishab ask Yuvika to say that he is very nice. Yuvika says Rishab is very nice, Rishab deliberately falls in pool.
Puneet says to Yuvika that i am taking bed which is beside you bed, i sleep very peacefully, Yuvika calls Digi and says that tell Puneet that you are taking bed beside me, he will listen to you, i dont want to be rude, digi says come with me. Yuvika and Digi comes to Puneet. Yuvika says to Puneet that i want to take bed with Digi, we will sleep on beds beside each other, will you shift to her bed? he says no, i wont shift.

Puneet says to Mandana that Tv can make or break anyone, this Rishab have done only one serial and i have more than 80serials and many movies but Bigg boss put me and him at one pedestal that Rishab and Puneet entering house, if he is nail then i am whole body, its like tiger coming to hunt cat.

Rishab says to Yuvika that Puneet is not innocent, you should have taken stand for yourself, you should have simply said to him that you cant sleep next to him. Yuvika says i wil talk to him tomorrow, Suyyash says you should talk to him rightnow as you are not sleeping on bed, Yuvika says i will tell him that he should sleep beside Aman or someone else as i am not comfortable, Kishwar says he should have thought about it himself, if i was in your place then i would have clearly told him to just not take bed beside and shift somewhere, Yuvika says i will talk to him.

PRECAP- Rochelle ask Puneet to keep his voice low, Puneet says you are sleeping at 4pm and you want everyone to be silent so you dont get disturbed in sleep? he shouts on top of his voice that he will wake everyone up. Yuvika is cleaning beds, Mandana comes to her and ask her to clean her bed first, Yuvika gets miffed, both messes up bed, Yuvika abuses her and says i was cleaning everyone’s bed and i was coming to your bed too, you are not princess that i will clean your bed first, Mandana says keep blabbering, Kishwar says if only she cares for cleanliness? Mandana is using slangs and abusing us from yesterday as if we are not listening it, Puneet says but.. Kihswar says you shut up, she abuses him. Mandana goes in corner and cries. Later Prince gives heart shape paper to Yuvika and says we used to joke about us being together and in process, i have started liking you in real, Yuvika smiles, he says i am not asking you to take decision here but i will pursue you after show. Later Rimi, Rishab and Mandana are in double trouble, they have to decide who will bear punishment of sleeping on floor instead of bed, Rishab presses buzzer, all are tensed to see this on Tv.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Rishub u r truly cute.. sab tume itna sathaya.. tum haste haste sub kuch enjoy kiya…Good job……

  2. All are fools,why they are against rishab.He just did his task.Aman,Keith. Rishab and mandna are playing smartly.

  3. Prince going to propose yuvika! <3 🙂

  4. Prince is fool now he is trying cheap tricks like love messages to yuvika to get footage and votes thats how he will get people’s vote but as aman said people are not fool.Kishwer is as usual loud mouth.

  5. Puneet is a fun to watch.He will try to break unity of the house which is neccessary to make big boss a fun to watch.Only one person will win but all are acting like they all will win especialy prince group.Prince is getting peronal with Rishab because he hurted her didi:-)

  6. Is prince ko kitni bar love hta h!

  7. Not bad prince….

  8. Rishab is very much ill-mannered.He doesn’t know how to talk.What if he would hv listnd to rochelle? She ws jst telng to keep bag on place nd after all his drama he did what she wanted.Rishab we will not vote for ur devil dramas.It’s yuck…

  9. Rishab is full of drama…He seems fake.Till task was very sporty n smart bt nw in this episode he is uselessly being sometime rude othertime friendly.Rishab be a man,respect girls.We will like u

  10. Prince yuvika ko like krne laga.oh god…splitsvilla ki auniki ko date krne ko kaha tha.nw yuvika.prince kiska dil todega ga???

  11. What’s wrong with this suyyash and prince. Why are they saying respect girl respect girl. Even Rochell didn’t respect Rishab. She said slang and she has to bear it. Why are they supporting Rochell. She clearly said she like to irritate rishab. It is so clear that she is taking footage from Rishab. I don’t understand her problem. I thought she is much more mature person than this. And please Suyyash and prince keep your gyan to yourselves. There are more situation like this to come and we wil how will you react. Don’t say something which you can’t do. It is goo that Rishab didn’t drag this slang part. Suyyash have some sense and talk yar. Don’t be a swamiji and keep you pravachan to yourselve and use it when it is needed. Don’t have to publicize that you respect girls. Rochell, Rishab is not Keith to listen to you…

  12. Rishabh is smart ehh? I like how he is playing. Rochelle learn some manners! Not everyone is going to dance to your tunes like Keith does! And suyyash..omg this guy needs to be eliminated. He is full on lecturing about respect girls respect girls!! While his kishwer doesn’t even know the meaning of that!

  13. Nice episode.

  14. Haha d show is pretty interesting now 😀 btw it seems kishwar likes or has a soft corner for rishabh, dnt knw but i have an intuition…

    bad girls (and sometimes even good girls) like bad guys and rishabh is quite bad and ‘different’…even though kishwar was pretending to be abla nari, she must b enjoying d dog-bone task (it’s quite s*xy if u see it in d other way);

    otherwise no1 cn mk a woman lyk kishwar do sumthng where her self respect is at stake and she would never be sweet to d guy after such a task. :/ Rishabh is d hot property nw, even though his attitude is obnoxious- but d girls inside d house and many outside r finding it quite attractive <3

  15. And puneet ji, khud ki tareef krna band kare varna zyada din tikega nahi.Ek din mein show ko rishabh jitna entertaining ya phir aisa banake dikha de jahan audience se strong comments/feedbk aaye (irrespective of d fact whether d comment is negative or positive, strong comments depict a large-scale interest in the show)! Tab hum maane. Apne muh miya mithu! Lol :/ 😀

  16. Btw guys, spitting on some1’s drink just becoz she felt lyk doing it (not becoz of any task nor any1 askd her) is JUST NOT DONE! and he drank it too :/ wth. That is inhumane. Even d dog-bone task is difficult but quite s*xy as a game but spitting?!!!?!

  17. love prince …… so cutee …..hate..mandana emotinal fool always crying. …. .thinks herself a…. princees ….i really hate her…….!!
    !!!! i just love prince and yuvika …… its wonderfully a great season……..

  18. Rishab is just playing his game either dirty or good thats why he entered the house.Rochelle is playing drama drama and geting footage she know thats how she will get audience vote.Puneet will be full dhamaka u will see in upcoming episodes.

  19. If rishab will be eleminated then there will be no fun in watching big boss,it will become old and boring friend friend show.

  20. itna to girgit bhi rang nhi badalta honga jitta kish aur mandy badalte hai.kal jis ladkene apko kutta bnaya aur jisse sab log apke liye lad rhe the aaj apko vo sahi lagta hai.aur mandy jisko rochelle ki awaj irritate hota hai vo rochellese bat karri thi.prince & suyash r fools to support kish.bichare kish ke liye itta dukhi ho re the par use to koi problem hi nhi hai.aur kish jitta chahe rishabse dosti karlo jab use saturday ko pta chalega ki apne kya kiya to vo sari dostiyari bhul jayega.i am nt understanding rochelle’s plan to support mandy.vo to mandy se bat bhi nhi karri thi na keith ko karne deri thi ab kya hua?

  21. Rishav is like gautam…..he is really nyc guy…. 🙂

  22. Gautam was Gr8. Rishabh is behaving so cheap for footage. Prince is always prince….

  23. prince simply proposed yuvika to gain footage.yuvika dont get confused in this matter also take stand and say no like rishab said if not after that u need to laugh on yourself.Rochelle knows that she was not there since 2 days so attacking rishabh for of now rishab is nice.suyash dont give gyaan take gyaan from kish its so good for u always

  24. i don’t understand kish. Jisne use dog banaya next day use use koi problem hi nahi thi bus bechare suyash & prince hi dukhi ho rahe the.
    Suyash is sach a bechara !!!!

  25. rishab ka ek cheese bohot accha laga….sab log usko pasand nahi karte aur uske sath mazak kar rahe hain phir bhi rish has raha hain…..its so nice….this is not the rishab i know….i think he has planned how to play before entering the show….

  26. Rishab is playing cool like gautam did and prince is gaining attention like krishma tanna did with her tricks.

  27. Kish wants to fool Rishab like she did with prince and suyash because she know rishab is a strong player.Puneet is there to support rishab so the two can stand against the non sense rules of house mates.

  28. I love Rishab. At least the show has got some momentum after his entry

  29. I don’t think its ryt to blame Kish for supporting rishab.. She had to choose frm eithr rishab or mandana for the captaincy task.. Now both of them made her dog.. and It was actually mandana who encouraged rishab to thrw the bone into the pool.. So if you look at it that way, mandy being a frnd betrayed her, where as rishab openly told her that he doesn’t like her.. A enemy is far better than a fake frnd..

  30. actually Rochelle supporting mandana was a shock… Two days before when mandy came to say sorry, rochs din evn wanna talk.. She evn dragged keith out of the room.. . Whenvr rochs says that i was there for you, i fought for you, Mandy keeps saying don’t do it nd that she don’t want ny care.. Then why is rochs so keen on being an idiot again. ?

  31. Mandana is really crack….
    Phele sabko touture karo fir akele me ro…
    Mandana is attention sicker nothing less……

  32. She is trying to be like gautam gulati….

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