Bigg Boss 9 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 5th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 86
Song Do or Do panch plays, inmates wake up but are not in mood to dance.

Mandana says to Priya that i didnt know genuinely about your shawl, i didnt hide it, Priya says but you saw where it was hidden but you didnt tell me about it, and you are lying even now, Mandana says i came to say sorry but you are showing attitude, Priya says you cant fool me again and again.
Mandana comes to Rishab and says i am trying to talk to Priya but she is not talking to me, whats your problem with me? you said sorry to me for your behavior and now doing same again, you are not using your mind, you change sides, Rishab says you do that, you use me, Kishwar, Rochelle, anyone for your benefit, you have done friendships for benefit, you are robber, Mandana says you are

dog, you dont have brains, you are stupid, you are wannabe, Rishab says you are stealing things from childhood, she leaves.
Priya says to Prince that she can do anything with me and then say sorry, Prince says even you say things and then apologize, Priya says but Mandana is another level.
Priya comes to Rishab and says you misbehave with me and then say sorry, i accept it and people say why i accept yur apology even when you are in my friends category then why they are asking me to accept Mandana’s apology?
Mandana cries, Prince says you said sorry and thats enough, dont get affected by them.

Priya ask Prince why he is taking Mandana’s side? Prince says you bring Nora’s name in everything, why? Priya says you also say that how Bhushan handle me and all, Prince says we joke about it, Priya says dont take my husband’s name and i will not take Nora’s name, Prince says okay, Priya says shut up, Prince says you shut up, who are you to tell me to shut up? Mandana cries listening to their fight, Rishab asks Priya to leave them, they dont deserve a fight too.

Bigg Boss announces the first task of the Road to Finale’ week, all inmates are provided with containers full of 400 kgs of sand each, they have to prevent sand from falling off the container and save till the end of the task. The housemates are allowed to attack others and take out sand with the help of a lever placed at the bottom of the container or by other means. The three housemates who will have most number of sand left in their containers by the end of the task will move to the next level of the game, there is red mark near end of container, if sand gets less then the red mark in container then that inmate will be disqualified from task. Keith is nominated to for whole season so he wont be taking part in task and he will be supervisor of task, if someone breaks rules then he can take out as much as much he wants out from container.
Buzzer plays, inmates stand near their containers, Prince opens Priya’s container’s lever from bottom and sand comes out little, Priya comes to his container, she puts bucket on his face and tries to take out sand from his container, Rochelle comes to Priya’s container, Priya leaves Prince, Rochelle says you have put bucket on his face and this isnt violence? Priya says Oh my God, Keith says you have said word in english so i have to punish you, he opens Priya’s container’s lever and counts till 10, sand falls out, he closes it after 10 and says i will increase counting numbers later, Rishab says we should get Keith as supervisor in every task.

Rochelle says to inmates that we can make deal too that we can attack one inmate like Mandana, Rishab says nice idea, Rochelle comes to Mandana’s container, Rishab throws out sand from her container, Priya says we can attack one inmate, Kishwar says when we didnt nominate her then you had problem, now when we are attacking her, you have problem with that too? Mandana goes to Rishab’s container, Rishab leaves her container. Rishab ask Priya that if she wants then she cant take out sand from his container, we should target weak person, Priya says your attention should be towards saving your sand.

Risbab and Rochelle tries to take out sand from Mandana’s container, Mandana comes to Rochelle’s container and breaks her container’s lever, Rishab says i wont leave you Mandana. Keith takes out sand from Mandana’s container as she speaks in english.

Rishab says to Priya that why she is not going against Mandana? she had hidden your husband’s shawl, i cant accept this sadistic behavior. Rochelle says Mandana have broken my container’s lever, so i am asking everyone to break hers too, Mandana says they say that i am not competition but they are attacking me most, Kishwar says you dont deserve to be in this house thats why we want you to leave house.

Rishab says to inmates that i was fool to take Mandana’s side, you dont have upbringing, respect and education, Mandana says go back to your village, Rishab says you cant throw me out of my village, Mandana says even if i leave house, you people are nothing for me. Mandana says to Prince and Kishwar that if they take her side then she will attack Priya and Rishab, Prince says you attack Priya, i will protect your sand, Priya says to Rishab that see this Prince who calls you friend, Prince says i am one Rishab’s side too, Priya says i know you will throw out Rishab too out of game, Prince asks Rishab if he has problem, Rishab says i am thinking about myself only.

Prince says to inmates that i am going to protect Mandana’s container while she will attack Priya’s container, Rishab says i will stop Mandana, Priya says but you cant go against Prince? you can stop me rom attacking Prince but cant stop him? Rishab says i helped you too, dont put blame on me, Mandana asks Prince what about Rishab? Prince says Rishab will not come inbetween, i listened to him and didnt attack Priya so he will not come in my plan, Priya says you always convince Rishab. Mandana runs to Priya and opens her container’s lever, Rochelle asks her to break it. Priya comes to Kishwar’s container and tries to take out sand, Rishab tries to protect Priya’s sand, Mandana says you cant play alone. Prince asks Mandana to break Priya’s lever, i will protect your sand, Priya says to Prince that you cant play alone, you cant do, Prince says nothing matters now, Priya says you never played individual game, you call yourself lion but you are fox who lie everytime, Mandana comes to Priya’s container and opens lever while Prince doesnt allow Priya to take out sand from Mandana’s container. Kishwar comes to Priya’s container and tries to take out sand from her container, Priya throws sand on her face to stop her, Princes, Mandana comes to Priya’s container and throws sand out of her container, Priya comes to Rishab and says you wont stop them? now all are my competition, Kishwar is taking out sand from Priya’s container while Priya tries to push Rochelle away who has hand on her container’s lever as its broken. Priya tries to protect her container, Rishab asks her to close her container’s lever, she says i wont, she asks Prince to play alone if he has guts, Prince stops Priya while Mandana takes out sand from Priya’s container, Priya opens Mandana’s container’s lever, she breaks it, Prince tries to break Priya’s lever, she asks him to leave her hand, she cries and says its hurting me.
Priya says to Mandana that you cant move now as you have to put hand on lever as its broken, Kishwar tries to fix her container’s lever. Prince breaks Priya’s container’s lever too.
Priya comes to Mandana and tries to remove her hand from lever, Mandana cries and says she is getting physical, Mandana cries, Rochelle asks Keith to take action against her, Priya says i am not physical, i am just holding lever, Mandana throws sand on her face, Priya leaves her container, Mandana cries as her hand hurts.

Priya comes to Rochelle and throws out sand from Rochelle’s container, Rochelle says i cant leave lever from bottom as its broken, she tries to protect her container, she asks Prince to help, Prince comes to help but leave, Rochelle moves her leg in air to protect against Priya, Mandana ask Rochelle be careful and dont get physical. Rochelle puts hand on lever, Priya tries to push her hand, Rochelle says i never got physical with you then why you are doing so? Rochelle asks Rishab to see his friend. Prince asks Mandana to move Priya away from Rochelle’s container, Mandana pushes box away on which Priya is standing.
Priya’s container’s sand gets lower than red line, she is out of game, Rochelle ask Keith to remove her from game, Keith says she is out of game but if she is going something against inmates then i cant do anything, Priya tries to remove Rochelle’s hand but Rochelle screams and says she is getting physical, Mandana tries to stop, Keith ask Priya to leave task, she doesnt, bigg boss announces that today’s time of task has ended and it will continue tomorrow, Priya says if iw as doing wrong then Bigg boss would have stopped me.

Rochelle says to Keith that i never did anything against Priya then why she is against me?
Priya says to Rishab that i will provide you support openly tomorrow. Kishwar says i and Prince will be on one side, i will openly support him. Maybe we will not do anything tomorrow and will keep sitting, protecting our sand.
Keith says to Rochelle that Prince will support you tomorrow and make Rishab one your side, Rochelle says i didnt go against Rishab today, Keith says yes use your mind.

Rochelle says to Priya that i will not go against Rishab tomorrow, we can attack Kishwar and Prince, Mandana is weakest target in this task. Prince will reach finale so we cant attack him in task.

Rochelle says to Keith that Kishwar is playing double game, she offered me that i can attack anyone and she will protect my sand, i told her that i will just protect my sand.
Kishwar says to Priya that i and Prince are on one side but not Rochelle, i didnt like her behavior last week, she is not with us now, i nominated her and said if she is happy now?

Rishab and Priya comes in lounge, Kishwar teases Priya if she has done lecture of today? Priya says he was giving me lesson, i like to take his advice and i value it, Kishwar says this happens in group, Prince says atleast you will make one friend, Priya says you have experience in playing group, Mandana says best was when Priya was screaming Rishab.. Rishab.. help me, Priya says not once i asked Rishab to attack Prince by grouping with him, i attacked Prince alone, Prince says you are liar and must be ashamed on yourself, you are not even equal to my finger, i keep distance with girls, i am not like you, Priya says finally we will see real you after 87days, you backstabbed Mandana too as when she was taking out sand from my container, you took out sand from her container and lied to her that you are protecting it, Prince says baby you can say anything, Priya says dare you call me, dont call me baby ever again, Prince calls her baby again, Priya says you used to call Nora baby right? you will find another one now, you are missing Nora now, i dont know how Nora found your genuine guy, you always say that you pity Bhushan but i pity Yuvika and Nora both, Prince doesnt answer her and lies in Kishwar’s lap.

Rochelle says to Rishab that i wont go against you, i dont know Priya’s plan for tomorrow, Rishab says even i dont know, Rochelle says if you help me tomorrow then i will be happy, Kishwar wont help me, Rishab says if Kishwar’s lever gets broken then game will be interesting, then Prince and i will play openly, he wont attack me before it as he has to protect Kishwar too but if one Kishwar’s container’s lever gets broken then i will need you to protect my container as i will attack Prince then and he wont attack you.

PRECAP- Rishab, Prince, Rochelle, Mandana and Kishwar are remaining in ticket to finale race. Rishab says this is individual game. Rishab fills bucket with sand and puts it in his container to fill it again. Prince throws sand from Rishab’s container. Rishab tries to push Kishwar away from his container, he pushes her, she falls down. Mandana and Priya throws sand on each others face. Priya stands on box to throw sand from Rochelle’s container, Rochelle slaps her leg to bring her down. Rochelle tries to take out sand from Mandana’s container too while Mandana tries to protect it byt standing inbetween Rochelle and container. Rochelle comes with long hammer to take out sand from Rishab’s container, it hits Rishab, Rishab calls Keith and says she has hit me with this hammer, Rochelle says i didnt hit you intentionally, Rishab says i will throw you out of game. Rishab says to Prince that i will win this show, Prince says lets see.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Rahul

    Mandana Kishwer and Prince Won the Sand container task and they’ll do the 2nd task for the Ticket to Finale!

  2. Neeru (PHFFAN)

    I don’t know why but i was literally laughing during the task…

    Priya – Poor you.. But i m glad you are out of the game..
    1. Wen kish, rochs nd rishab wer planning against mandy that was ok.. Thats strategy.. And wen prince nd mandy plan against you,, thats groupism,, prince doesn’t play individually nd stuffs.. Waah..

    2. You started being physical.. Throwing the sand on kish’s face.. Nd then what not… Not to forget the bucket on prince’s head..

    3. Wen kieth is asking you to go out ,, still you stay there nd trouble others.. Disgusting..

    Prince – well done my boy.. I loved how everyone was like prince – prince, help..
    Awesome job.. :p
    You wer there protecting your container nd then running around nd helping all the girls other than priya.. πŸ™‚
    and Everything being in his limits.. No being physical..?
    And I like prince nd rishab’s frndship.. πŸ™‚ nd Its high time you understand it priya…

    Mandy good job girl… Wen kish, rishab nd rochs wer attacking you,, you stood there nd tackled them.. And then prince nd you togthr attacking priyaa.. Awesome.. πŸ˜€

    Rochs.. Too much insecurity… Saying to priya that you shud target mandy nd prince… ? Rishab nd rochs hv planned to protct each other nd tomorw they are fyting.. LOL.. πŸ˜€

    PRECAP – More fyts.. Kish fall down wen rishab pushes her.. Rochs hitting rishab with hammer.. Gets wilder..

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      neeru, after killer task, i kinda liked this task to be honest. Its a task of aggression mixed with strategy making and hence a perfect task which uses person’s physical as well as mental strength.
      Rishabh and roch should start a partnership to be honest, that would be clever of them. If they go against each other like precap shows, its only stupid of them to play so….

      p.s. for his support today, I declare 1 vote from my side for prince in coming weeks πŸ˜›

      • Jonwick

        @harshal this is prince’s strategy while all this time you could see him supporting Mandana ,as this fetches him votes of mandana’s supporters.Like you many mandana’s fans will vote atleast once for prince,if they vote twice for Mandana.As soon as it became apparent during weekends that Mandana is a ‘dark horse’,see how prince changed his game to his own advantage & alas! People still prefer calling him brainless if you read the comments.

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @harshal – I liked the task too..
        Well rochs nd rishab went against each other it seems… Thats why they din win… :p

        P. S – only 1 vote. ?? ?
        And i hope it doesn’t go wen at the secnd level they play against each othr.???

      • Jonwick

        @harshal look @asap also now has starting liking prince,this was prince’s strategy to fetch some votes from Mandy’s fan club.

    • Tedd(PHFFAN)

      I too laughed reading the updates…Prince says OKAY, then Priya says Shut up(Priya- Prince fight in beginning)…Roch hitting Risabh with hammer…rofl rofl

    • ck1234

      Kish, prince & Mandy attacked priya and Kish & prince were safeguarding there as well as mandana’s container.

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @ck1234 – yeah.. I forgot to mention kish….. She did a wonderful job too…. πŸ™‚

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        mickey mouse is joyee :3… atleast inform me when you change your name joyee, yesterday i was replying to you and didn’t even realize that it was you πŸ˜›

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @harshal…. I am kinda used to the DP designs of our frnds.. So i just guessed…. ? what if its not joyee…. :O

    • prakash

      Had prince done the same thingh with mandana and rochelle u shou have seen their reaction. They have ascused him many times. He doesnt mess with them because he has already tried that thing and he has been called gunda and others stuff. I m not spporting priya but atleast she is better than both mandana and rochelle.

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @prakash.. I agree that mandy nd rochs wud hv reacted differently calling him goonda nd stuffs.. And it shows how the perspective differs vn the “things” are done on somebody else…. Totally agree.. Prince evn questioned abt this double standrd to rochs..
        But priya is not less.. Aftr prince started attacking priya she started her verbal war..
        I guess you remember how she started saying all those things abt individual playing nd sher nd stuffs… Thats her way of reacting….

  3. Sam Barua

    BB house best individual player is rishab and priya.
    Prince can’t play as an individual,how his fans gives votes for him.
    We liked todays episode.

    • Rahul

      Prince is basically playing for himself along with protecting Kish Mandy and Roch. Prince protected all 3 of them as much as possible.

    • santu

      I partly agree with u..
      Half way in the season.. Wen in one weekend episode prince got screwed by salman for not playing games but behind cool group.. and prince crying to camera I ll show how to play the game.. Wat he did after that.. he spoke to many people that we ll play together.. I remember once he told Rishab that we ll fight in front of others but we ll be together.. it shows how he needs support to play and afraid to play individually.. am not saying it’s wrong.. it is good strategy but don’t boast I am tiger I play alone etc etc

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @santu.. Vch weekend episode are you talking abt. ?? That crying thing was aftr he lost the captncy task to kish nd felt suyash wasn’t fair..
        That speaking thing you said was aftr a clip shown by bb.. Nd aftr that day prince was nvr behind cool grp.. He was the part of it but playing strategically… As i mentioned in a commnt yestrdy he Made good relations with all.. Evn rishab as you mentioned…
        Thats called strategy nd you intreprt it as being afraid.. LOL.. πŸ˜€
        Nd the definition of individual playing is very beautifully explained below by jonwick..

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      Rishabh didn’t play individually !!!!He, roch and kish were the first to begin group play against mandy. Priya played individually, agreed, but it looked stupid from her side. She is known to be smart, but i think she just got carried away today. She could have tried protecting her sand, but instead she tried attacking other people’s sand.
      Also, i think this task itself is kinda inclined to make groups and temporary alliances to save yourself

    • sonai

      Watch bb before commenting. Prince helped others exept Priya .. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t playing individually.. And that loud Priya, man I must say you got World’s best ears which can tolarate her voice

    • Jonwick

      ‘Individually’ means that one is capable of taking his own decisions,make his own strategies with his own mind and follow them.
      Individuality refers to power of speech to make people play from your side.
      Individuality refers to winning the tasks with your own sincere efforts,not that you can’t take someone’s help as the part of your strategy.
      The kind of individuality you want will portray a person mindless ,outlandish and bohemian
      and will suffer eviction out of support.
      So understand what ‘individuality’ refers in context of the game.

    • For once I think I get Prince’s strategy. Protect girls and worse scenario let Mandy be part of the three who make it because its very likely that Mandy will leave task at the next level and even if she doesn’t he can partner with Kish to kick her out of the game and between Kish and Him,Prince, if its highly likely he can win against her in the last task. So he is definitely using his head.

      Priya is frustrated and trying to exact vengeance through this task but too late it didn’t work.

      Rishab thought that bcos of his agreement with Prince and still being in Priya’s good books will help him. Put one can’t put feet in two different ships and expect not to sink.

      Rochelle is very funny so if Keith was not there what would she have done. She actually believes that after all her tantrums Kish had forgotten and forgiven her. Its ok to attack others but when they attack you its wrong.

      In any case she is turning out to be more violent than Mandy. Her true face is coming out. Same with Priya. You all can’t hide it for so long in the BB pressure cooker(house). I was so shocked the number of times Priya used the *s* word. So much for always accusing Mandy for cursing.

      i couldn’t stop laughing when Keith was torn between his duty of being best BF and best supervisor during the Priya-Rochelle

      Kishwer take a bow! Your intelligence is on point. But watch out cos Prince is right behind you.

      Mandy great job proud of you. Just make sure you don’t give up in the next task too quickly to show appreciation.

  4. santu

    Hi avani.. this is reply to ur yesterday msg..
    Yes kannada bb I’d 50 times better than hindi bb..
    Ya language problem is there but I think u can watch just 2 to 3 episodes and make out how good it is in terms of strategy, dedication towards tasks. Encouraging each other, without unnecessary fights and calm strategic talks.. hope u see the difference wen u watch it.. it’s in colors kannada..

    • Subhashitha K S

      Ya santu even I hv replied for her yesterday comment in that page.
      I guess language will be a problem as I don’t think there is bb kannada written update as far as my knowledge goes.
      But without understanding the lang also bb kannada is more enjoyable than bb hindi.atleast 2 3 episode is must watch and weekend episode on sat to know how a host shld be.

    • Avani

      Hi santu and subhashitha I would definitely try and watch the show. I have seen sudeep in movies like makhi and baahubali, would love to watch him

  5. Rahul

    All these ladies used to shout “physical physical”… Ab aaya maza jab they are shouting..” Prince prince”

  6. Bluephoenix

    Hmmm…fights and more fights. Honestly at this point, I dont have a fav contestant. Liked Gisele as she spoke on face and bit entertaining too. These days, slightly inclined to kishwer. I would have liked keith, if rochelle isn’t in the show.
    @harshal – After reading updates, it is must for me to read ur comments too.
    @maneul ferrara @tracy @neeru @tedd – Keep commenting people
    Bit late, But, Happy new year Guys (wishes for every bigboss fan, tbh written update saves our time than videos)

  7. akt

    today i like the way prince and mandana played ..guys winner of task has declared
    3 winner
    rocell ..between 3rd to 6 week i like her
    but now i know her real image …i am feeling bad for myself for supporting her..
    resab one word for u..
    bolne se kuch nahi hota pahle individual khud kelo tab bolo same for priya malik she always try to form grp and she blame orther for forming group

    • @ akt don’t feel bad. It human tendency to disappoint sometimes. Lets see if she changes when she happens to make it to the finals and unfortunately Keith leaves(although it getting more unlikely)

  8. harshal(PHFFAN)

    ….and that’s how people you turn the tide in your favor. very smartly played mandy, you are indeed one of the smartest players in the house. love you :*
    3 people (roch, kish, rish) gang up against mandy at the start of the game itself.Prince stays aloof, priya stays aloof, but still irritates talking. It looks like mandy will once again be targeted and lose. But what she does, against all the odds, makes a temporary team with prince of all people and takes out priya. gets support from kish and rest is history…
    It was supposed to be an individual game, hence felt bad for mandy first, and then most bad for priya. But when the housemates have decided they want group-play always, nothing can be done. Good thing to watch was mandy was just saving her own sand while emptying priya’s. Still, bad thing priya was victim here. She could have tried to save herself, but her own actions later(constant bickering and provocations) led to her downfall, she should have played little smartly….
    It would be interesting to see who priya will target tomorrow as revenge. now secret pacts and alliances will be important to win this game. I thought the task would be boring and physical as usual, but the politics and the mind games involved made the task awesome to watch, even though we know who the top 3 winners are….

    • Subhashitha K S

      @harshal oh now again don’t give the credit to mandana Harshal. Mandana never tried to even convince prince to come to her side.she was so angry and carried away by the attack of rishab,Kish and rochelle that she even invited to prince to damage her sand tunnel. But it was prince who changed the plot and stood in favor of mandana and convinced others too.

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Subhashitha, this is how the events happened
        1) roch-rish-kish attack mandy
        2) mandy agitated, tells prince even you can come here and damage her sand tunnel
        3) after some time, prince not whole heartedly starts moving towards mandy’s sand tunnel with plough. Priya tries attacking prince’s sand tunnel(her biggest mistake today).
        4) prince returns back to his place to save his tunnel and is angry with priya.he says he didn’t attack priya only due to rishabh’s request. Priya taunts prince further angering him.
        5) mandy quickly hatches a way out, tells prince that if he sides with her, she will destroy priya’s sand tunnel.
        6) Prince agrees to the offer and the game then…….
        That is why i gave credit to mandy…. see, am not taking prince’s credit away, he played brilliantly and displayed once again he is a strong task player whom all depend on. Am just giving mandy credit for her quick thinking to save herself. If not for that move, she would have been the first one out given how others were targetting her

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @subha… Neither mandy nor prince…. It was priya’s stupidity more than nything…
        But having said that mandy shud get credit for what she did..
        I agree Prince was ny way targeting priya befre mandy came in the picture nd said – i’ll do it if you support me..
        But mandy hit the perfect spot on the perfct time.. nd that helped her coz if she had kept mum,,, prince wud hv attacked priya once or twice nd returned to attack mandy.. But giving her support to prince to fulfill his intention she ensured his support.. πŸ˜€

      • Jonwick

        Yes, prince supported her according to his own strategy.Mandana never played any trick.Just because prince decided to support her she is in top 3 else she would have lost this task too,like all previous tasks.Both Mandana and prince are using each other as both know that they are strong contenders.Mandana now doesn’t pick any fights with prince and prince also
        supports her over priya .

      • @ Subhashitha its still a great plus for Mandy cos Prince is the last person anyone would have expected that she asks help from considering this is ticket to finally. She’s still part of the shine for starting the alliance because if she had not done so Prince wouldn’t have accepted to help.

      • ck1234

        Hey u guys are forgetting Kish first she attacked Mandy with rich & rish but after that she teamed up with prince & Mandy to attack priya.

      • Subhashitha K S

        @harshal @neeru was it that mandy first approached for partnership when prince decided to destroy priya.I thought it was prince who approached first when mandy was angry and asked empty her tunnel.if it was mandy first then credit should go to her also.
        And as neeru mentioned it was priya’s stupidity along with these two’s mind.
        And prince knew the only one who is attacking him now is priya and hence it’s better to throw her out.and also if he would hv attacked mandy then she would hv again become abla naari and all 4 members attacking one girl’s better he didn’t attack mandy instead took her side

    • Neeru (PHFFAN)

      Priyaa was totally a fool today.. She lost coz of her own stupidity…
      1. Priya’s first mistake was putting that buckt on prince’s head.. Aftr that prince was sure to attack her .. He actually openly told that..
      2. Priya’s second mistake was running towards prince’s containr wen he was going to attack mandy.. Rishab asked her to stop as prince is helping him.. But she din listen .. That pissed off prince nd then he says instead of mandy i’ll target priya ..
      Now vn mandy saw the chance,, she says to prince that, if you support me i’ll open priya’s tap(masterstroke) vch prince readily agrees.. Prince convinces rishab.. Nd kish joins in..
      3. Priya’s 3rd mistake was throwing the sand on kish’s head.. Kish gets angry nd there goes her sand..
      4. Last nd biggest mistake- rathr than planning nd protecting her sand she attackss everyone… -_-

      • [email protected];)

        @neeru…correction..:D smdays priya is nt a fool..:-D rest of d days…she cn be totally dumb..i doubt ki april fools day trend was started d day she was born..1960s i guess..;-)
        This time i get smthing i always wanted..prince n mandy together..:-D still three weeks for prince to fire his love shot again..;-D

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @freak.. πŸ˜€
        I had soo much expectations from priya… Remember her entry ? how we discussed it nd those Nominations with her.. But look at her now….
        So much for being a “strategic” player.. :/

        Prince nd mandy are bettr off this way…. πŸ˜€

    • satish

      harshal this is a group task..if everyone plays individually then they will end up saving there own sand only nd no one will attack to other person’s container..prince kish nd mandy did well playing in group..

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Satish, this was an individual task, not a group task. Having said that, it was just a strategy to play in temporary groups which is fine in order to save yourself as well as eliminate others.

    • Avani

      Harshal it has nothing to do with Mandy. Its just that prince does not like priya and they have been against each other in every tasks. As we have seen so far priya is quite aggressive on tasks and does not give up easily, a quality that is found in prince and kish also. So strategically speaking it was better for prince to throw priya out of game. And priya also said that he was taking sand out of Mandy’s pyramid, may be its true he might be backstabbing Mandy. Prince can do anything to win

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Avani, neeru has explained beautifully in above comment, the complete scenario.
        Mandy is safeguarding her own sand tunnel too. If prince is removing her sand as priya says( i doubt that, did not see such scene), i still feel that to wait for now would be better option for mandy, because if she attacks prince due to that, she will be doomed ( it will become 4 vs 1).

      • Avani

        I agree harshal Mandy should wait for now. After all Mandy is not as stupid as Priya so she would not attack prince. In 2nd task also her first target will be kish whatever the task be

  9. santu

    Regarding today episode
    1. Priya lost it today, both game and mind.. but still even she is irritating she is right most of he times.. right people suffer most and are cornered most..
    2. Mandana I hate you.. but we’ll played today.. good defense and attack. . But that crying was fake.. u can’t act baby.. I ll try to avoid movies u act in future if u get any..
    3. Rochelle has lost the spirit of the game.. she thinks she is weak.. trying other means to succeed.. u can’t even properly follow keith advice.. miss india beautifull everything past.. Wat u r doin now matters.. from precap I see u r being physical who said that word max in this season..
    4. Keith good supervisor.. not partial..
    5. Prince u got a nice lesson today from priya.. I was laughing wen u were out of words and calling her baby.. U r nicely screwed..
    6. Kishwar was ok.. good goin
    7. Rishab is most genuine guy in the house.. I liked the way u supported priya.. esp got that nozzle from pool.. I am very happy that u are sobered.. that’s good for you as a person even if u don’t win the game.. don’t worry even if u r not noticed as much as mandana.. u ll get offers in tv we u ll succeed due to ur good nature..

    • aario

      So truly said. Also Rishab is the only man in the house so darpok prince made a pact with him so that his true coward Ness doesn’t show. He can only fight with girls and show his gundagiri in girls by shouting for everything. Prince has no guts.
      Applause for Priya for taking all of them single handedly. Loser prince

      • sonai

        That’s why Prince is the task winner .. You guys only can abuse him .. But your Rishab is not even equal to his nails..

    • aario

      Thanks God rishab is not like prince and that’s y he is good. Prince only can show his antics in front of girls by shouting and physical torture . Thank god real man r not like him. If he were to put up against real men he wouldn’t last more than 5 min. He should have been in bb last season ,would have been out in 2 episodes. I mean someone calls u Janwar and 1/2 later u support that female…boo hoo. He only took mandana’s help cause he felt threatened by Priya and wanted her out. Loser

      • Subhashitha K S

        @aario prince hv fought against very very real man.if u want proof of that watch roadies. Its not that he has won only against girls.he has won against many men as well.

  10. Annamma James

    Suprb episode…
    I agree with u Neeru…
    Prince was d hero of d task…
    Poor priya…she was not able make even one good relation in d house…
    “Rishabh…Rishabh…”he was just sitting there and watching d show…lol….
    Prince comment regarding Bhushan was incredible…

    Rochelle…what r u doing girl….u r d most selfish one in d house…when priya was attacking u, u were shouting for help from kish and prince….they helped u also..
    U r asking rishabh to attack them…unbelievable….I think u will fall on your own digged pit….

    It was a treat to see that mandy ,prince and kish were playing together…

  11. Subhashitha K S

    According to report of BOC (business of cinema)
    1St winner-prince

    It was all prince today in the task.
    1.He was the first to open the attack when all were waiting, when priya was standing on that block.
    2.priya attacks him.covers his head with bucket but still he is able to protect himself.
    3.rochelle starts and Kish rishab join her in destroying mandana but prince being clever doesn’t join them (as he knows that however mandana will be a finalist as people are saving her from so many days and if he eliminate her from task and give one who might not enter finale with people’s vote a chance then it will reduce one place for him)
    3.he convinces rishab (atleast not to come against them when they r attacking priya), Kish (for whom mandy is enemy), mandana and rochelle to target priya.
    4.succeeds in eliminating priya.
    5.everybody wants prince to protect them
    6.while stratergising for tomorrow also nobody’s direct target is prince.he is last target as they know they can’t win against him
    Even after all these u say prince is not individual player and Kish control him.
    But it’s vice versa Kish is following prince now.
    I want prince and Kish to be in finale and prince shld win the show.
    And @neeru mine and u r thoughts match everytime. even today I agree with all your points.

    • santu

      Ok he is a good task player..
      But I don’t like the way he shouts against a girl.. he is more irritating than priya once he starts arguing. .
      Esp the way he behaved wen priya was captain.. then I started hating him a bit . But after those weeks with Nora I hate him completely now.. I want kishwar to win..

      • Subhashitha K S

        @santu mine and u r view slightly differ here.I cant hate prince as I am following him from roadies.I agree the love angle he started with nora was not right and even I didnt like it.But I guess he did it for game(he was stupid in it was not required).But i cant agree with u that he shouts against girl and all, as girls in bb house r no less and he has never crossed his lines according to me.And I really cant agree with u that he is more annoying than priya when he starts shouting.Because nobody can be more annoying than priya though she is right most of the times.There are different ways of conveying your point.
        So I can never stop supporting prince.

  12. Bt It always seems mandy gonna win this season… I don’t want that…. I want prince as bb9 winner…. though many time he not use his brain… Like when he was with kish n Suyash.. …
    When he was with Nora….. Vry disappointed….
    Then also I want him to win this season…. Bt the way of his playing task was always awesome….
    Bt it always seems mandy will be bb9 winner ????????

    • Subhashitha K S

      Don’t feel even I want prince to win and not mandy.according to me they r the only to competitors now.Keep hope and keep voting him it’s also possible that he will be the winner.

    • Subhashitha K S

      Hey from many days I wanted ask u one thing. Plz don’t feel chahat juneja your real name or are u fan of Kis des mein hai meraa dil there was child artist with this character name.and I had loved this name since it’s just a curiosity. Plz don’t feel bad if it’s u r real name.

    • Subhashitha K S

      Plz understand this couldnt be a individual game.if it was individual game then it would be borrowing.No one would hv so easily dared to touch others sand tunnel as they would know that there is no one to protect there’s and they wouldn’t take is a game where politics and groupism was required.else it wouldn’t be interesting.

  13. Jonwick

    Prince actually is quite irritable for priya,he doesn’t like the way she extends the matter and creates the mountain out of a mole,backbi*ches,chases people to prove her point and speaks long,blunt,bitterand loud .Also somewhere he likes it when Mandana assaults her because she instigates and compelled people with less patience to batter her.Hence prince is favouring Mandana not because she is his friend but because she is enemy of his enemy,also he knows people too get irritated when they see her ,so he is never shy of going against her.
    Rochelle is most selfish woman ever to exist.She can backstab even her parents for her benefit.She likes riding on two boats same time till her pants give up.

  14. akt

    prince is imotional and soft hert person..and i think he has soft corner for mandy
    if u r thinking that mandana is using prince using mind then i don’t think so i am desagree with u .if u remember prince has always suppored mandy whewnever she feel alone..
    he has fighted with mandana but he has not fighted with mandana in group…
    coming to
    rocell o my god how fake she is …
    her statement about prince shows that she is making friendship with orther for own business one more thing i want to add except mandy nd prince everyone is envolve in planning and doing stretgy but prince and mandy both r showing their real image..

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      akt, I didn’t mean it like mandy is ‘USING’ prince buddy. today, she was in grave danger and prince was the only one who could have helped her and looked reluctant to destroy mandy’s tunnel. So, mandy used her brain, asked prince for his help and offered her help in return(destroying priya’s tunnel) and hence the partnership that we saw. If not for that, mandy would have been the first one out today for sure….
      p.s. prince is my 2nd fav contestant πŸ˜‰

  15. Banu

    Hi Neeru… Agree with ur comments.
    Today the game is only for Prince… he protected all the containers except priya… I couldn’t control my laughter while seeing today’s episode… I feel like tey both(Prince & Priya)playing KABBADI…
    Nw I dislike roch.. she is saying kish double standards… bt she is the one who has double standards…
    Though kish offered her help, she declined it.. N trying to target kish for nominated her…. poor Rochelle

    • Neeru (PHFFAN)

      @banu.. Cheers πŸ™‚
      Yeah.. Rochs is really getting insecure nd doesn’t evn know what to do… :p

      • kushagra


  16. Kiara

    Hahahahah loved today’s episode full of action and drama

    Rochelle:- i am proud of myself that i never liked you…you are a pain in as*…how keith tolerates you is still a mystery…and plzzz stop being so insecure…you said kishwer has double standards but love its you who has it infact you have multiple standards

    Its funny how you went from prince mujhse baat maat karo to “prince come plzz save my a*s

    Keith :- you were good but not fair….you took out sand from priya’s and mandana’s tank when they talked in english but not from Rochelle’s

    MAN UP

    prince :- you were great today helping all the girls except priya
    Its not a new thing that you are doing your tasks nicely but it was great to see how you helped everyone

    Rishabh :- you are consistent
    Sometimes you are smart and sometimes reallu dumb

    But i love your one liners and plzzz stop pretending to be the devil

    Mandana :- you are weird
    A theif
    And a very ungreatful person
    If you are not here to make friends then plzz stop crying over how lonely you feel


    KISHWER :- you are my favorite..
    Its funny earlier i use to hate you but now i simply adore you

    You are real…..real as f*ck
    Loved how you openly said
    My loyalty lies with prince
    And i and prince are a team and on one side

    Priya :- are you the same priya
    Are you the same priya who goes around giving lectures on insaniyat

    You are annoying
    I loved how mandana prince and kishwer got together to kick you out of the game

    Ps:- its not related to bb9
    I just wanna thank everyone who reads my comments and actually take out some time to reply…guys seriously it means alot to me

    And banu dear you said yesterday that you read my comments well thank you so much

    I just wanted you guys to know that m not a ungrateful person and appreciate what you guys do

    Love you all

    • gargi

      if everyone is against u , u 2 wil feel lyk saying go on go against me and do wat u can i dont need frnds lyk u but that doesntmean u wont feel alone u r a human being

  17. pav

    haa haa haa how many fans for a guy whoo regularlyy changes his girl friendss for pleasureee soo cheapp

  18. ManuelFerrara

    Prince – Abe rishabh Teri chaddi me ched hai?
    Rishabh – Nahi hai!
    Prince – Abe fir range kahan se dalta hai.

  19. ManuelFerrara

    Prince lying inside blanket watches Nora dance..Nora came near & saw the blanket rising like mountain.
    NORA:prince keep your knee down.
    PRINCE:This is not my knee baby

      • ManuelFerrara

        @Maya..Kya samajh me nhi aaya..?
        Dimag tez karo..Bournvita piya karo,sh*t mat khaya karo breakfast me.

      • maya

        @MAnuelferrara u start drinking bournvita so that your mind works to post bettter jokes and yes little funny too

      • ManuelFerrara

        @maya with due respect I beg to state that kindly fack off!
        Girls have self respect while you have none..I don’t wanna abuse kindly get lost with your ugly face.

      • ManuelFerrara

        And @maya my wish, I’ll keep posting jokes when ever I feel like,I don’t care about foolish loosers like you.

      • Raghav

        @manual this b**ch @maya tried commenting on my post same way but I banged her badly……………..@maya u r such a shameless woman…bugger off!!!!!!!!

  20. Annamma James

    I thought rishabh will bwind third place….
    Bcz nobody his sand was full tdy….
    What happened to him….?
    Am waiting for tmrw to c what will happen….
    Any way am happy for Prince and Kish

  21. Annamma James

    Sorry…typing mistakes..
    I thought rishabh will win d third place..
    Bcz his container was full tdy…

  22. akt

    if prince is supporting mandana that doest’t mean mandana is smart ..he is doing this because
    she was alone he is also geting benefit of this because if she is harming orther that mean it is good for both n ..its goes on both side n guys..
    i agree mandana played..
    according t me today episode is totally revolved around prince and mandana..and priya(irritating) bahar bejo yar…

  23. satish

    @harshal(PHFFAN) this is a group task..if everyone plays individually then they will end up saving there own sand only nd no one will attack to other person’s container..prince kish nd mandy did well playing in group..

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      satish, ok, see it this way. just imagine everyone playing individually. no groups. as soon as a 1st person tries attacking 2nd person’s tunnel, 3rd person attacks the 1st person’s tunnel, 4th will attack 3rd and so on. this would be ideal individual game playing in this game. Ofcourse there is always a chance of people fearing to leave their tunnel and hence just defending themselves
      But the housemates took different approach. they targeted a particular person(first mandy, then priya) and attacked in group, as in, the person who attacks the target will have his/her tunnel protected by the rest of players, so, even if “target” tries to counter attack the one attacking him/her, their tunnel will be protected by others thus proving ultimately unfair to the “target”…
      so, the game was actually meant to be individual task only, but the approach takes by inmates made it into a group and strategy task with temporary alliances

  24. ManuelFerrara

    Keith after marriage..
    FRIEND: yahan toh Sher bana ghumta hai,ghar pe kya hojata hai?
    KEITH: Ghar pe devi durga (Rochelle) mujh par saawar rehti h.


  25. Shruti

    I think now I would keep my favorite aside and will vote for the contestant whoes actions need least explanation. Contestant who played rather the game than rocking the house. Winner should be someone who handled the situations best and whose actions were not defined by weekend episodes or voting. One who tried to be their ownself than generate footage.

  26. Avani

    Today’s task was nice. After watching it I think prince deserves to win the ticket as he was most active and was playing smartly. He made sure that all contestants play like he wants them to. Not only he played individually but also he emerged as a leader.

    Priya should now accept that people play in groups and forming group can also be a part of strategy. There is nothing wrong in it. Who does not have friends or groups. Tasks are definitely for individuals but can also be played in group until there is a situation where you have to play one on one. Everybody likes if there is someone watching their back when they are in trouble. So nothing wrong in playing in groups.

  27. Avani

    Rochelle would now realise what it costs to change your loyalties continuously. She has never been loyal to anyone and goes towards contestant she finds stronger. So now no one will support her. Mandy ka bhi same hai but she will anytime use her ace card aka prince. Roch did a stupid thing by fighting with kish without any reason. If she would have been loyal to kish she would have supported her

    Tomorrow’s episode look exciting although as rahul said prince kish and Mandy won task and will do 2nd task. I hope its true

  28. ams

    You have to admit this is one of the most disappointing seasons of bb BUT it would have been complete disaster if Mandy, prince, kish and roch didnt enter the hse. Keith is ok, fair, nice but he is not the reason i watch bb. So i personally think prince, mandy and kish should be and deserve to be in final 3. I am still not sure who deserve to win it. It will be tight. There is no clear winner. As for todays task. Well done Mandy / prince. Rishabh is trying bit too hard to show ppl that he is playing individual. Its not looking good from here. Priya thinks she has phd of playing bigboss. Chill! We know uv bn to bigbro but that doesnt mean you become bigmom of da house. Roch, just when she started giving her best keith returned. She was doing great. Keith shouldnt hv returned.

  29. Mickey Mouse

    OMG Itna Sara violence :O but I must agree that Keith has done a great job as an sanchalak till now he has not been biased and also very observant . Hope he don’t become biased towards Roch tomorrow. I found Priya funny today πŸ˜› So sad everyone is against her πŸ˜› housemates must understand that it’s individual task not group task – finally Rish understood this in the precap, I hope Keith takes some action for those who are being violent tomorrow.

  30. Kal k task me sub ne apna rang dikhaya…priya tum aur strong bano..kishwar prince ki aad me apne ko protect karri.mandana to ek num ki harami hai rochel to dump..prince tum punjab k puttar ho na?kyun k ek punjabi sawwa lakh k brabar hota hai lekin tum ladkiyun ki help le rahe ho jitne k liye…prince jhund me kutte ate hain sher akela hota hai..ab tum sher to ho nai sakte…rishab tum apna game akele khelo priya k bagair…TUM HE JITOGE YE BB9.ALL THE BEST

  31. No bathroom no shower 24 hour bigg boss power.rofl.from where it comes to ur mind sweetheart?priya may be irritating but she speaks the truth & she has tht guts to stand against every1.& tht bruises on her hand.sad.kishwer u r really the brain of this group. But i like u for ur sense of humour.i really want to change the channel whenever roch keith convo starts but i dnt,just not to miss the next lines e closed this week means we hav to bear roch for another week.hi santu completely agree with u rishabh wil get gud roles in tv serials & films also.gud luking to vo hai hi but he is gud at acting also. i just watched all starting episodes of qubool hai online( i hav watched them already but just watched it again for rish).ksg,surbhi & rishabh is awesome trio.qubool hai was a lovely & different serial at its start but nw it has
    degraded to ghosts&black magic sad to see tht.ek bat to pakki hai bb jite na jite acting acha future mandy aur rish ka hi hai.

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      Ahhh, anu, if you are refereeing to the bruises on hand while washing hand in the bowl of water, blood clotting, etc , that was mandy( hint: black dress and not that stupid tiger strip costume). If any other scene, ignore my comment :p

      • I thought it was priya.i didnt noticed the dress may be it was mandy.tum to mandy ko bina dekhe bhi pehchan jate ho, true fan ha.i also hate tht dress of priya.

      • Gigi

        saw the repeat telecast again it is priya who is hurt because she was wearing nail paint(black) n mandana didnt hav any and the spikes r also visible in one shot

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Gigi , i think priya was wearing her tiger dress then as per scene. Mandy was wearing black dress. So, i feel it was mandy. Black nail polish is there, but how are u sure mandy has no nail polish? I didn’t notice spike.
        Anu, haha :p

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        Anu, if you are sure, then i think i overthought on the dress thing, my bad… guess i need to be better fan still :p

  32. Gigi

    rochelle is the most selfish girl who acts like a bimbo but makes plans as per her advantage (attacking mandana) then when she is attacked cries like
    rishabh loved u as always because u r genuine u helped rochelle even when she said i think lever broke because of both mandana and rishabh but wen keith said i only saw mandana’s . Play smartly next time bcz priya was right prince n kishwar tried grpism so that everyone’s sand .
    Kishwar: i like u r genuine nothing fake
    Keith: liked u before now u r jst a toy in Rochelle’s hand

  33. bhavs

    i dnt like priya but yesterday wat was happened with priya was really body supports her bcoz she is choti n moti not s*xy like need to vote for her atleast u can accept the truth that mandana karimi kicked her with legs but still no one say its physical.Mandans karimi easily gives up the tast but this is for finale thats y she is doing this .mandanas fans and prince fans are same if they r wrong some times u can atleast accept the truth..u can vote for them but dont support blindly.

    • Zac

      I agree that ppl ganged up on Priya ystdy.. But the thing is she didn’t play strategically.. Ppl ganged up on mandana but she very cleverly teamed up with prince who was hesitant to attack her.. Priya had a bone to pick with Prince but she attacked him at a wrong time.. She should really learn to pick her battles.. When prince first opened priya’s tap she would hav realized that prince was gonna target her.. But instead she started getting all riled up.. But anyways the way she played was much better than roch who kept throwing tantrums the entire time..

    • Agreed with u bhavs. Mandana only gets support because of her looks. her behavior is disgusting. People support her like when she will come out of the house she will go on date with them. Priya behaviour is annoying but atleast its not voilent like mandana. Thats what salman also said if its for game its okay but if she is like in tbis real life then she will get in trouble

  34. Whenever i see rochelle i remember gizele’s dialouge “mai un logo pe vishwas nhi karti jinke eyebrows nhi hote”.though it has no logic but its damm funny.i miss gizele.agar vo shuru se hoti iss gameme to definately finalist hoti or potential winner bhi.she was outspoken & funny.she deserved to stay more.

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      even i miss giz :/… it would have been so interesting to see how she would have played yesterday πŸ˜€

  35. inaoton

    prince is the MP of da BB house. .
    when he Want 2 attack Priya every1 follow his order
    n he protect who follow his command!
    dis is result of gud leadership..
    U deserve finally ticket bro

  36. inaoton

    prince is the MP of da BB house. .
    when he Want 2 attack Priya every1 follow his order
    n he protect who follows his command!
    dis is result of gud leadership..
    U deserve finally ticket bro

  37. inaoton

    prince is the MP of da BB house. .
    when he Want 2 attack Priya every1 follow his order
    n he protect who follows his command!
    dis is result of gud leadership..
    U deserve ticket 2 finally bro.

  38. bbdt

    Prince kish and mandy well played….its individual task….They helped each other accordig to the situation….Roch and rishab strategy banaya but failed….kish is superb….sab strategy me aayi…priya ke khilaaf thi and uske baad priya se baathem kar rahi thi…mandy was also …is final weeks me…dosti dushmani sab jais he…jo jis situation me correct chunega vahi jeetingaaa… rishab was still in confusing state…potential he but not playing acco situation…roch kuch karne ka sochthi he but kisiko apne sath rakhne me kaamiyaab nahi..priya to as usuaal…irritate karke victim ban gayi……

  39. Heny

    Rochelle is the most insecure person of the house. Now she wants to attack Prince n Kish but baby they are too damn smarter than you.
    Kish Prince n Mandy you rocked the task today.
    Priya ne toh khud ke pairo pr kulahdi maar di. ??
    I hope Prince Kishwar n Mandy wins the task. N now I want them 3 to be in a grp bet no one can stop them from reaching to the finale.

  40. Prince welcome

    Prince rocks today & always bro. He deserve to win d show because kishwar also knows that she is nothing without prince support .ultimately prince is d leader of d house .he deserve to win . Vote for prince.

  41. Prince welcome

    Vote for prince……………………………☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  42. Prince welcome

    Prince is a showstealler of d house thats why every body wants his support even kishwar jaise ki saare kehte hain kishwarprince ko chalati hai magar prince has a emotional bonding wd her so he supports her. Othrwise kishwar is nothing without prince support. In todays episode we all see that without prince support all are blank. She use him bt he support her understsnd guys prince is d ultimate winner of this show. Vote for prince.

  43. Really nice episode. Priya was irriting and disgusting lyk always. And mandala was a crying baby. Prince played well. Good to see him helping girls although I hate him. Rocelle is totally fake. Keith is being her dog. Keith has no personality. Rishab was quite good today. He didn’t disturb others that much today. And my KISH WAS JUST AMAZING. SHE REALLY DESERVES TO WIN. SHE HAS ALL THE GD QUALITIES TO WIN THIS SEASON. LOVE U ALWAYS KISH. U R MY FAVOURITE.

    • maya

      What about prince and Keith they both rocks personality means a good and pleasant nature and good looks ok ?

  44. Suraj

    Plz …throw this prince out of the house. He is just a fox who lies . Priya rocks. We know u are already a winner. Everyone attacked u …its fine. See mandana…how irritating. But worst would be if prince wins the show. Hell arogant .,,,dramebaaz…fake love…f**k u prince

  45. Rishabh is the best among all the contestant. He may not win the task but his personality is better tgan tge the others. He is fun loving character and only contestant to have some sense of humur. When suyash attacked mandana he was the one to stand against her and in all the task he has always favoured the almost right persons. Salman rightly said that has biggboss been the task a out obysical strength he could have send four five strong boys in the house then he could see how prince and suyash will react(intial episodes). So biggboss is not Being about phsical strength but about personalities. Risha has a plesant personality among tge current contestants. In real life i bet no one will like to hang around people like mandana and rochelle, ofcourse if for you face only matters then its different thing altogether

    • Neeru (PHFFAN)

      @prakash…. I agree rishab is fun loving nd a good person…. He is really sweet..
      But his language is pretty bad.. Too much abusing…. That too against girls.. Specially mandy nd priya…. Thats a very bad quality….
      You say rishab stopped suyyash vn he attacked mandy… True.. But he did the same thing with mandy aftr one week.. He dared her to touch priya nd show.. Good that kieth, nora nd others stopped him..
      Rishab is definitely a finalist if he mind his language a bit…

      • MAndana abuses the most. Even prine sais that thing to not to abuse him. In this task rochelle called priya b*t*h. So both of girls do abuse a lot. Rishabh never abused yuvika kish or digi because they also never abused him. People treat u the same way as u treat them

  46. Kishwer is real player. No one is close to her in smartness. She deserves to be in finally. Prince always needed some angle to move forward in the game. He flirted with every girl in the house then proposed yuvika and just in few weeks times he proposed another girl. He tried with mandana also but she is not his cup of tea. He plays well ut he sbould have not done that. More over in bis previous show he has done tge same thing.

  47. bbdt

    Yes..kish is the real player..everybody blames her for spitting in food and hwr loud nature…spitting was a mistake done by her …she is the one who was kicked by mandy became dog by rishab and also priya thew urine on her (as their confession) so actually she is the victim….but she never made such an image…and focusing on the game…all felt when suyyansh goes what will she do…she is so strong mentally and physically…suyyansh support her bcos of her lovable and caring nature….isliye

    • neha

      Yes Rafik he is fake ….he is not the one who can play individual……..he backbites……..he does not keep his word………he can go to any level for the game…….The viewer will see his..original colours……….Count Down.just began………….

  48. Prince welcome

    This show is all about overall personality. Prince is a genuein guy he shows all his personality fronts like emotional, agreesive nature, humble & also loving he didnt flirt wd yuvika he just like her if she stays in d house for rest of d time im sure than nora isnt cup of tea ofcourse. Every body who is young has a emotional front .so guys prince is a real person in dis house.infact nora wanna be freind wd him.he is a genuein one .kishwar knows his outside popularity thays why she is wd him, she very well know how to emotional blackmail a emotional . He is not a fool ok guys. prince will definately win d show. For all prince supporters wake up and wake up and vote for him in largest numbers ever.Vote for prince……………………☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  49. kya yeh log without fight game nahi khel sakthe he kiya.This is my first season he.kya biggboss main hamesha fighting, slangs hoti he kya.this is my first hindhi comment if there is any mistake then please tellme plezzzzzzzz. and i like kiswar’s honesty,rishab’s funny expression,keith’s silent,prince’s jokes. if anyone like my comment then pleazzzzzzzzzzzzz reply me.

  50. inaoton

    I m very happy priya is out of ticket 2 finally tusk. .
    mandana say prince is Gunda
    priya n rishap say body without brain
    everybody in da BB house say Keith is smart +gentleman

    Now we C..
    Rochell was strong+indipendent when Prince backing 4 her!
    prince is more Gentleman then Keith. .

    Mandana don’t fight with prince
    bcz C realised he is da real Tiger in da House..

    kishower say openly 2 Priya i m with prince do whatever u want
    Means she want 2 follow Prince strategy..

    Who is the real Hero of BB?

  51. Gaurav

    Hey harshal about one of your previous comments… You said that mandy cleverly formed a temporary alliance with prince..
    I agree to it but… Mandy was hesitant to her plan only coz of rishab who said he will attack mandy.. It was prince who convinced mandana and rishabh to go with the plan … So i will vote for mandana too you vote for prince too that way they get the credits they deserve……..

      • Gaurav

        Hehe.. This is giving me chills as the biggest rivals are dealing inside and outside the house too..
        P.S deal…

      • Gaurav

        Okk… Let me offer you another deal…
        You vote for prince only and in favour i will break up with mandana.. That way she’ll br available for you…. Hehe [btw Gaurav is my real name]

        what say harshal??

  52. Gaurav

    And rahul i know that you do copy paste from realitypost…
    Would you please share that voting link [who’s ginna win bb9] in this forum as i am noy able to do copy paste…

  53. Gaurav

    And those of you who are in the impression that prinve follows kish have to be a bit observant than being prebiased….
    it was prince who decided not to attack mandana
    it was prince who convinced kish to support mand. Not the other way round
    neither kish follows prince as they give only advises to each other..


    PRINCE yaar waise tu YEDA ban ke PEDA kha raha hai…

    Love it..

  54. I love Mandana…?? I dont agree with kishwer who said that mandana doesnt deserve winning the show .. I think she is wrong….

  55. subham

    Mandana is winner….vo starting se akele game kheli h….without any support sbke pas support systm tha tb sb yaha pahuche h…kishwr ki ma ki ankh jo cool group bina kuchh nhi thi vo bol ri mandana is not disrv
    Baby….mandana is winner second prince nd 3rd uhhh

  56. kri

    Rochelle s d fair player on this game. Woh hamesha fair khelti hai….sab usey target ban the hai…. Rochelle has to win bb9….

  57. neha

    Prince………..should get evicted…………..BB9 is not for you dude……………….Behind girls…………haaa…haaa..hhaaa……you always b there and hide…………………….u r fattuuu

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.