Bigg Boss 9 5th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 5th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Salman comes on stage and welcomes everyone. He says we saw people changing and their relationships changing, we saw Prince and Kishwar fighting who used to call each other sister and brother. Mandana and Rochelle fight sometimes and become friends other time, latest they are friends for rightnow. The relation between Bigg boss and inmates have taken turn too.
Inmates bags are hanged in garden area to give them punishment for not following rules.

Day 55
Aavinye aavinye song plays, inmates wake up and dance together.
Inmates come in garden area to find their luggage being hanged to roof of house. Mandana says they have cleared everything, there is no food in house, nothing to eat. there is some chilies in platter in garden. Rochelle have milk powder and tea bags,

she says i will make tea, Mandana says there is some rice, we can make Khidichi.

Inmates are sitting in lounge, Tv is switched on, inmates are shown how many times they have broken rules, how many times inmates were sleeping at day time, like Rishab sleeping while alarm is playing, then Prince not wearing his mike, then Rochelle, Priya, Kanwal and Mandana speaking in english, video ends. Bigg boss says to inmates that we are happy to bring smile on your face by showing you are acts, Bigg boss says this is first time so many inmates are in house and so many rules are broken, Bigg boss wanna know if they are illiterate to not follow rules? or if they are just blind towards rules? its time to make you follow rules, your personal stuff, luxury budget everything is hanged on height, you all have to follow all rules, if you start following rules then things will start coming down from height in your reach but if someone breaks any rule then things will go on height again, its upto you now if you want things back or not. Keith says to inmates that we have seen who breaks what rule, Prince says the one who will break rule will be given punishment.

Priya is in confession room. Bigg boss says we are telling you few things as captain, there is some food left on kitchen platform, inmates will use only those items, they cannot use items which they had hided in their beds, you have take those things and put it in store room, there are few things in garden which you can use to give punishment to inmate who is breaking rules, if you are able to perform well as captain and make inmates follow all rules then your captaincy can be extended to next week too, Priya nods.

Rochelle is cleaning washroom area, Keith puts things in shelf there, Rochelle ask him to not do anything in washroom, go and do his work, Keith says i have no work and i have brought this thing from bedroom so putting it here, i will do it, Rochelle says to Keith that Priya was asking me clean to bedroom but i said that i am cleaning washroom, ask Kanwal to do it, she said to me that you will get more work after cleaning washroom, why should i do more work when i am not breaking any rule? Rishab says we all are doing it, Rochelle says i wont do extra work.

Rochelle says to Priya that clothes are spread in shelf of washroom, i am not cleaning shelves, ask Kanwal to clean it, Priya says Kanwal is cleanign counter of kitchen, you leave his shelf, Priya says to Rochelle that inmates are cleaning counter of kitchen he cant clean clothes from that shelf, you clean other shelf, Rochelle says i wont clean clothes, Priya says i can punish you for this, you have to listen to me, Rochelle says you are asking me to not clean shelf of kitchen, Priya says since morning you are not listening to me, i asked you clean bedroom so you said that you are cleaning washroom and i should give it to Kanwal, i agreed to it, not everything cant be done as per your will, Rochelle says i told you clearly that Kanwal has cleaned platform and he can clean clothes from washroom whats wrong in that? Priya says this is not fair that he cleans platform and then clean clothes too, Rochelle says why i am being given extra work? why not Kanwal? Priya says i have given him extra work already, no inmate will clean those clothes now, Rochelle says you are encouraging inmates to not put clothes in place, you clean washroom and do other work alongwith it then you will know, Rochelle says if people are leaving clothes there then captain should warn them, Priya says you can leave shelf which has clothes, clean other shelves, i have given Kanwal work to clean kitchen so how can i send him to do work, Rishab says there is no use to fight, tell me what is work, i will do it, Priya says Rochelle is forcing me fight, Keith says you both need to understand each others point, Keith says to Rochelle that Priya is captain, she can give you extra work, Rochelle says but.. Keith shouts that if no one listens to me then how will i explain things? Rochelle is silenced now, Priya says to Keith that i have to give punishment to you now for speaking in english, she gives him punishment to wash clothes.
Rochelle comes to Priya and says we can put clothes anywhere from now on as captain has no issues with that,Priya says you are not understanding rules, its my authority to make rules, you dont know anything, Rochelle says you are speaking in english, Rochelle says you are breaking rules, rule is we cant speak more than 4words in english, but you said nore than 4 words, Kishwar says this is not such a big issue which you guys are making it, Rochelle says Priya is making issue, Kishwar says Mandana did samething with me, she came to cook and said there are so many utensils on platform so she cant cook, Rochelle says dont compare me with Mandana, Kishwar says i am just saying that you just need to do your work, dont think if others are working or not, Priya says to Kishwar that you used english so i have to punish you, she hangs her head on headless statue placed in garden, Kishwar agrees for punishment.

Rochelle says to Keith that Priya is not fair in in distributing work, why they are all comparing me with Mandana? no one is fair.

Salman says that after Keith’s return, Rochelle’s attitude is changed, she became strong when Keith wasnt in house. Lets see whats going in house.

In house, Rochelle says to Priya that you are breaking rules too by speaking with Kishwar when she is bearing punishment, Priya says you dont teach me anything, Rochelle says you should be punished too.
Digi says Rochelle has gone mad, Mandana agrees, digi says when Rochelle sees herself going wrong then she becomes mad.
Rochelle says i saw you breaking rules, Priya says ok i will bear punishment too. she puts her head on statue. Priya says i will bear punishment now, she cries and says i am just making inmates follow rules. Prince says to Rochelle that you are coming out wrong in all this, you need to calm down and ask her to remove her head, Kishwar says you are coming out as wrong in all this, Rochelle comes to Priya and says 10minutes are over, you can remove your head, Priya says no, she ask Rishab to count till 100 then she will remove her head.

Priya is crying in kitchen, Mandana ask what happened, digi says she is giving punishments fairly but have to listen to people.
Rochelle says to Keith that i am fighting my fight alone, if you dont wanna be on my side then its ok, Keith says i am on your side but you are coming out as wrong person in all this, do fight but fight fairly and i will be with you.

Priya says to Mandana that after cleaning kitchen selves you have to clean bedroom area, she agrees. Kishwar is brooming in lounge, she says everyone are working in their comfort zone, no one is making food and not doing other work too, Mandana says i was ill so i didnt make food, Kishwar says you didnt do any other work too, we were busy in money money task but you didnt to any work. Mandana says everyone leaves their work too, Kishwar says i do my work always.
Rishab says to Rochelle that Mandana have problem in brooming, she thinks her respect will become less using broom, if Miss India can clean washroom then why cant she broom?
Kishwar says to Mandana that i do all my work, Mandana says i am doing my work too, i agreed to broom too, you speak ill, Kishwar you have no brain but just keep blabbering, Mandana says i told captain that i will do brooming after kitchen work too, Mandana says i am not lazy, your boyfriend is, Suyyash ask Mandana to control her tongue, gulp down the respect given to you, Priya says to Mandana that Kishwar-Suyyash do their work. Priya ask Mandana to broom first then clean kitchen, Mandana says i will broom and will mop too, i am promising you, Priya says okay.

Salman says Kishwar and Mandana are strong and have evergreen animosity between them, lets see.

Mandana says to inmates that why all blame is on me? why i should do all work? Kishwar says every inmate do all work but you never broom, Mandana says i did brooming with Puneet, i just denied it one day, Priya comes and ask what happened? Mandana says they are blaming me for everything, Mandana says to Kishwar that i am not Kishwar but Mandana, Kishwar says you cant become Kishwar, Mandana says Chi Chi.. thank God for that, Kishwar says she doesnt do tasks, we slept after long task that day but she was cribbing about handling luxury budget, Priya says to Mandana that i have to punish you for arguing unnecessarily.

Priya comes in garden with Mandana, she says you have to eat green chilies, Mandana says i cant eat it, i will have acidity, give me some other punishment, Priya says ok will you take rounds of garden? Mandana agrees, Mandana cries and says why i am being subjected to all this, Priya says you only agreed for this punishment, you are constantly talking in english, Priya chains Mandana’s feet with weight and says you have to take 10 rounds but you take 5rounds that are enough,Mandana starts taking rounds with weight on her feet, Prince tries to say something, Mandana says i dont wanna talk, Prince says i am saying this for you only, listen to me, Mandana i dont wanna talk, Priya says you are again speaking in english, Mandana cries and take rounds.

Mandana comes in bathroom area and is crying, Digi ask what happened? Mandana says i do all the work in house but i am being blamed everytime, they all gang up against me, no one is fair to me, Keith and Priya comes there, Mandana says i was not personal to you, Mandana says i have no problem with you giving me work or punishment but you should listen to what i am saying if i am not doing punishment, Priya says my work is to give you punishment and not to listen to you, Mandana says you are not my teacher, Priya says i will explain you in english now then i will bear punishment, she says i am person who appreciate and encourage inmates if they do good but you dont encourage anyone and is full of yourself, you call me teacher what if i call you that you are not human but an actress, she says to Keith that i will get punishment now.

the things hanged on height is lowered little. Rishab is given punishment for using slang, his head is hanged between slates, inmates come to tease Rishab, Keith slaps his bum, Prince comes and slaps his bum too, everyone laughs.
Bigg boss says today it was first time inmates tried to follow rules by heart, we hope that you wont force us to take such actions against you, the way Priya handled her duty of making inmates follow rules were great, we promised to her that if she makes inmates follow rules then her captaincy wil be extended, now we are extending her captaincy for one more week, everyone claps, Bigg boss lowers inmates things, they are happy.

Priya reads instructions that the team who won luxury budget task “5 vices” and Priya will have right on luxury budget this week.
Rochelle and Mandana discusses what they should do about luxury budget, Rochelle says to Keithand Prince that Mandana doesnt want to share few things, Keith says we should distribute things among us then who wanna share can share with them, i and Prince wanna share with them, Mandana doesnt want to share so she can keep her part of luxury budget, he ask Rochelle if she wanna share with them or not? Rochelle says i am thinking about things which we should share, we didnt get many things like coffee which we share Mandana says we can keep snacks or salty for ourselves and can share other items like honey coffee with them, Rochelle calls Priya and says we didnt get much to eat last week as we dont have habit to eat after every interval like them and it used to get over before we could eat, Prince says to Rochelle that they shared everything with us, if you want to take your share separately then you can but whole luxury cant be kept away from them, we will share that, Priya says Rochelle wanna keep few things for herself and Mandana, Kishwar says we didnt do anything like this, we shared everything but you people can do what you want, Priya says to Rochelle that think when other team will win then they will do this too, Rochelle agrees, Kishwar says we didnt do anything like this but its fine if you people dont wanna share, from 8weeks we share luxury budget with losing team which was fair but this isnt, Rochelle says we are talking about snacks only, not such a big issue, Kishwar says there is no big issue for Rochelle in everything, you think all issues are small, Rochelle says it wasnt a big issue for you when i didnt get to eat things, Kishwar says what you didnt get to eat? even we have not gotten many things to eat, so what? why such a fuss, atleast we shared everything, you take whole luxury budget, i dont want anything, you are greedy and selfish, Rochelle says you are overreacting, when other team had won earlier then you could suggest samething which you are now so it wouldnt look greedy but you didnt. Rochelle says i dont wanna do anything, she leaves.

Rochelle is crying, Keith gives her pictures of her dog, Keith says i know you are strong, you will come out stronger, Rochelle says i do so much for everyone here, i wanted packet of salty things only, you leave me too, Keith says i brought these pictures for you, rochelle says you leave me too you will loose too because of me, Keith says i will fight for fair, you have to call Kishwar and talk to her about your point, you shouldnt be stubborn in all this, i am going now, Rochelle says i am stubborn and if you cant accept me like this then its fine, Keith says you are mine the way you are, its doesnt make difference to me, Rochelle says apparently it is making difference to you, Keith says no, Rochelle says why are you not taking my side then? Keith says when i wasnt here, you were taking stand for yourself, it looks stupid if i talk on your behalf in everything, i think i did mistake by coming back, you dont have to be confused, say it clearly what you want, i know you wouldnt even talked about not sharing luxury budget had Mandana not raised that point but she confused you to share somethings and not not share others, you have to stick your grounds and it shouldnt make difference to you, Rochelle says it doesnt, i am not taking anything now, Keith says you have to become strong, you dont need me, Rochelle says you think i am weak because i am crying then its your problem, Keith says love you for that, i am leaving you here now and i dont wanna say anything more, its perfect.

Salman says suyyash and Digangana are nominated, one will be eliminated from them but not on basis of public voting as voting lines were closed but on basis of inmates power/votes.

PRECAP- Ranveer Singh will come to promote his film Bajirao Mastani. Salman says lines from film. Ranveer says now there will be fight between girls of inmates as who will become my Mastani. Mandana-Kishwar force each other in opposite direction to win and become Mastani. Rochelle-Kishwar fight too.
Salman ask Mandana why she thinks she is targeted? Rishab says Mandana is ungrateful, Mandana says they want me to pray infront of them like they are God, Priya says you want this not us, you want us to wash your feet and thank you. Keith says Mandana is all about i me myself. Mandana says they blame me for every single thing, they wanted excuse about the mistake they did in task so they put blame on me. Kishwar says initially it was just me who understood Mandana well but not whole house have understood Mandana really well.
Salman says for first time audience will not eliminate a contestant but inmates themselves will eliminate someone from house.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. prynca

    omg seriously day by day it’s getting harder to bear Rochele and mandana .. such a dramebaaz this two girls are .. no entertainment at all only their stubbornness throughout the episode . no wonder Keith is also getting irritated wit his girlfriend.

  2. Anu

    Bigg boss is so biased towards priya..
    Its like hes favouring priya. Im not gonna be surprised if she wins as we will understand that this is paid bigg boss. Bigg boss is saving priya from nominations by making her captain again and again . Once priya is nominated she will be out in a second

  3. sachin

    Once again a disappointing episode to say the least….. No salman action on Saturday …. This bizarre from the makers of bb9

  4. prynca

    I don’t think bb is favouring her . she has been fair in giving punishment to everyone who breaks the house rule including herself .

    • harshal

      The last thing one can say is that priya has been fair. reasons…..
      1) Roch-Priya spat:- roch comes to priya, asks her to tell kanwal to pick up his wet clothes, priya replies saying he will after he cleans sink or whatever. roch counters saying he has completed, priya says, go tell him yourself then. when roch tries to go inside to tell him, priya forbids her saying i am captain, i forbid u to talk to him, when roch snaps at this, priya comes with excuse saying roch is trying to question my captaincy, that felt ridiculous.

      • harshal

        2) rankings for contestant:- need i say more?
        3) anger management task:- the task was who endures more, who can resist their anger. Clearly, mandy looked better at enduring as she faced many challenges calmly(that filthyness, loud noises, etc). rishab had to do literally nothing and the one and only thing prince and co did to him affected him most badly, so proportionately, rishab was poor at the task.
        reasons given by her were even more silly, like rishab had to face mental assault, while mandy had to suffer physical, mental assault hurts more, I mean seriously, last time i checked, making loud noises near person’s ears counts as mental stress and is definitely more lethal than silly mind games and provocations to give up

  5. oni

    sorry anu lekin mein agree nahi karti tumse se…priya strong contestant he … woh ek second me nikalne wali nahi he…..

  6. Neeru

    I don’t evn hv a comment to write… Boring episode.. Just shouting nd crying… I think evn salman doesn’t hv much to say …. So no proper weekend ka war frm past two weeks… LOL…

    • tedd

      Priya has been by far the best captain…and watz happening to roch day by day….??…omg shez cribbing for every single thing and is also not redy to listen to keith as well??….

      • The flash getting too snapy now…diggi was right wen she said…rochelle ko jb lgta h ki vo galat he vo baukhla jati h..her spat was so ugly wid priya n irritating too

  7. bb

    can ny1 xplain me y mandana is considered as a strng player.. i undrstnd dat y kish is strong.. bt i dnt find ny reason for thinking mandana to be strong..

    • bb

      ppl cnsider mandy as strong jst cz since frst week salman supportd mandy nd sbke dimaag ko manipulate kia k mandana strng h.. jst bcz shez beautiful.. shez nt allowed to do dram den.. ek aisi bandi jo kanwal se jhgda hone pr knwl k liye khana nahi bnati.. jo log baki housemates k sath luxury budget nai baant skte.. it shws.. den too.. wat ppl think.. hw does der pyschology wrks . i dnt undrstnd

      • Agree with you salman is supporting mandana from day one. She is just irritating person , every time salman says ppl are loving mandana but we are not loving her at all,what to talk about this drama queen Rochelle she irritates me as her best friend mandy

      • As we all can see salman is supporting mandana from day one,I don’t known why. Maybe just because she is beautiful but a person should also have inner beauty with outer. At a time Rochelle was coming out as a strong contender but now onwards she is behaving like a fool. Priya was fair, love kish as she is very clear about what she say and she is very mature also. Salman says that audience is liking Mandy but we are the audience and most of us don’t like her at all, about which audience salman is talking about

    • shinu

      Mandana is closer to salman….. Old friendship so all team voted for mandana bcz of salman and kish is strong because uski juban uske mind se jyada teez chalti h or wo haar nhe manti uske votes b jyada aate h

  8. II

    As a ocaptain priya did splendid job thatswhy bb gave her one more chance as she is only one who can handle all fairly and beutifully. When she punished herself by bowing her head keith said to rochelle woh natak karrahi hi. No man she got irritated by ur so called girl friend who is not at all ready to understand inspite of all her efforts to make her understand. Salman said rochs has become much stronger after keiths entry. No sir she has grown much stupid. Its clearly showing on the screen. I dont know why rimi said priya will slit ur throat to win the competition in an inter view after comi ng out. If it comes true i have to slit my throat for liking her. Priya cant go beyond top4 since 123 places are already reserved for kish prince andmandy. But she will be ever ever remembered for her splendid captainship for which even bb has fallen for.

  9. Big9

    Day by day this show is getting worse. ..
    People who r sane in the house their footage are shown less and they only show us cribbing and crying scenes that’s it… I miss big boss6,7nd8 it was so fun to watch them play, fight in the house
    But this year nothing but a boring characters… I feel prince and keith are the ones who play and understand well…

  10. kriya

    Rochelle is fighting over petty issue
    Bechara keith soch raha hoha main bahar kya gaya meri girlfriend ki personality mein 360 degree change aa gaya

  11. bb

    can ny1 xplain me y mandana is
    considered as a strng player.. i undrstnd dat y
    kish is strong.. bt i dnt find ny reason for
    thinking mandana to be strong.. ppl cnsider mandy as strong jst
    cz since frst week salman supportd
    mandy nd sbke dimaag ko manipulate kia
    k mandana strng h.. jst bcz shez
    beautiful.. shez nt allowed to do dram
    den.. ek aisi bandi jo kanwal se jhgda
    hone pr knwl k liye khana nahi bnati.. jo
    log baki housemates k sath luxury budget
    nai baant skte.. it shws.. den too.. wat ppl
    think.. hw does der pyschology wrks . i
    dnt undrstnd

    • shinu

      Mandana is closer to salman….. Old friendship so all team voted for mandana bcz of salman and kish is strong because uski juban uske mind se jyada teez chalti h or wo haar nhe manti uske votes b jyada aate h

    • harshal

      Ok, let me explain the reason….
      Since the start of this season, she has been like the lone wolf in the house, has been utterly honest about trying to win and not trying to make friends just for the sake of remaining in the house. Secondly, she gets targeted way too often, so sympathy will always come naturally towards her(just rewatch the entire week again with a neutral stand and you will get some much needed answers) eg, Even in tonight’s episode, you can see that mandy wasn’t even speaking to kish , when kish suddenly decides to shout saying that you should do work, when mandy pointed out that she is and will do mopping too, kish just starts blabberring nonsensical things like that money task and whatnot. And what happens, kish goes unpunished while mandy is punished by priya on grounds of argument and english (seriously, i see priya using english as a language more than mandy).Lastly, I have never seen her changing, she has remained constant right from the start and not tried to become ideal contestant anytime.
      Overall, a person who is most obviously not fake in the house(along with kishwar, prince and keith)

      • harshal

        My views on current contestants(ranking as per influence in the house)……..
        1) Mandy- A strong player whom i want to see winning.(won’t happen though)
        2) Roch- the other strong girl, but tries to be ideal, changing personality as of now, but still righteous in most cases.
        3) Kish- another strong player, but a wild and arrogant bully. Chances of winning are high though( urvashi dholakia’s strategy adopted)
        4) Priya- the new girl, easily the most hated contestant by me, too biased in decisions(ranking contestants, anger management task,soft heart for kanwal in roch spat tonight) , thinks she is always right, her accent(ROCHELLLLLE) annoys me and tries to be in every ***king conversation. Forceful idealist contestant.
        5) Prince- strong task player, weak in mind games, needs change in approach like this week more, can go far if he does so.
        6) Rishab- needs to settle somewhere in beliefs and stands, else will remain as clown only, shows signs of humanity sometimes, but is stupid most of the time. can be easily manipulated
        7) Kanwal- has potential to spark the controversy of the season(which is yet to be seen this season) or can simply wither out like digi and suyyash have.
        8) Keith- too good and mature of a guy to be on this show, unfortunately will be thrown out soon like aman was.
        9) Digi- why is she even there -_-, plain boring, indecisive,immature, stupid, doesn’t take stand, even her own, all in one,a complete package of the most obvious contestant to be thrown out next from the house. Only savior can be coupling with rishab, bcoz that is what some people might prefer seeing(kushal-gauhar types)
        10) Suyyash- male digi, tries to remain relevant, fails miserably. Never seen him doing work in truth, comes off as lazy mostly.

  12. kripa

    this is really stupid..rochelle and mandana cry in every episode :/ now priya has joined them too….
    the same stupid things happen everyday…mandana and rochelle cry and do drama,keith always makes these two girls understand,kishwar shouts,digi passes one/two comments -_-

  13. Lovely

    I am pissed of this priyas pepepepep.She acts as if she is here to teach everyone.she is.not a teacher.And hw cm she is fair.Being a sanchalak she is favouring one team or discussing things with one team.Initially she said that kishwer suyash and prince has a cool group which is not cool according to her but now I can see she is herself becoming part of their group.Please she is unbearabls

    • harshal

      I share same thoughts as you in this matter. can’t even understand how some people feel she has been the best captain so far. She is very annoying and biased in her decisions. And isn’t what she doing also like bullying(the thing she hated about kish before entering the house), trying to impose her superiority. By far, it seems she likes being the centre of attraction

  14. Lovely

    No man can be a partner of kishwer.Only a chooza can be her partner.A real man will never prefer a woman like kishwer.Its okay to be vocal about ur opinion but being vocal doesnot ask u to be a loud character and always disrespect people.without bullying and disreapecting others u can keep u point.It was in Gauhar Khan

  15. santu

    I dint watch today.. but by goin with written update I think it was boring.
    Rochelle going out Keith s hand abd also audiences hand. Just shut up and thunk for a minute who I’d right and who is wrong.
    Priya good captaincy. .. but giving One more week was not required.. may be some other power might be enough. . I know continuing captaincy is a fair reward for good captaincy. But still..
    Phas gaya Keith. ..bechara
    Rishab y so soft.. wars the problem I ll do work.. no man.. don’t become like another diggi. .
    Guys bb 3rd season in colors kannada is going on around 4th week. These guys should learn from them. It’s superb. Task means task. No shouting fighting in between. They ll discuss Watever softer the task. At night. They also enjoy making fun of dialogues..singing. .etc..

  16. Ritika

    Haha kripa good 1! πŸ˜€ i agree! Anu, i disagree, priya did a splendid job (captaincy) and is a v.strong contestant. In some ways, even better than kishwar though both have similarities.

    • tedd

      Yes…priya as a captain did the best…. And also is a strong contestant…and kish is very loud..apart from her last mistake, she has been able to mould her behaviour in good ways…but atlst she hasn’t changed from day 1 like others who keep changing every moment

  17. mahi

    Oh God iss kish ko thapad ki bahut jarrah h.. Mandana har baar target hothi h.kish new shuru kiya tha mandana se ladai.. And priya (b*t*h)English kafi saare logon ne bola tha par mandana ko hi kua kama mirchi kahan ko wahan b behaviour kiya .. Mandana ko hi kyu alg punshmnt mila?? Mje koi glti Ni lgi Roch ki jab could ek kalam kr right h tho priya dusre kalam krne ko kese keh skti h?? Namkeen ki baar ko b kish ne bahasa krne shuru kr diya
    Kish and suyyash a dumb, irritating people chamcha scale
    Roch, mandana and Keith rokzzz

  18. Riki

    Rochelle is becoming pretty irritating. She hardly understands any language.How can Miss India 2012 be sooo dumb.Guess she intentionally fighting to gain footage but sadly its going against her only..Priya was pretty faire n she is becoming a strong contestant. Mandan n Kishwa…Was the quarrel required…I all pls sstop being sooo cheap..voewers dnt like these kinda fights….other seasons were soo good..fight , groupism, cunning ness …ntertainment..all elements were there.

  19. piku

    day by day Rochelle n Mandana r not getting any topics to fight or gain sympathy from audience now they r fighting for any stupid reasons and taking stands, as Priya had seen the show she has the advantage and she is taking it very brilliantly

  20. bb

    kish ne isliye bolna start kia cz mandana ne ginaya k sb so rhe te tb usne sbji kaati nd all.. pr vo behen ji ko koi ye btaye k vo task 6od k aai ti… jb ki kish suuyash prince keith ko aaram ki zrurat thi.. cz puri rat khade rehna is nt a childs play.. nd vo koi lone wolf nai h.. vo jakr sbko ungli krti h… pehle.. nd dad fact..

    • tedd

      Might be possible is that all what has been done to mandana, has gone a lil overboard…..but yes standing all night in task is not a child’s play..

  21. priya was unfair in luxury budget task . because pahle Usna khud kka ki achha hua kisi ki koi emotional cheez nahi hai and than madana said ki meri emotional cheez hai shayad kanwal ki nahi hogi then priya said aap kaise keh sakte hai ye sab .pahle khud kha aur fir madana ko blame kar diya

  22. krodh wale task mein kishwer ki team ne bahut kushh ganda kita mandana ke saath but prince ki team be sirf USSe emotional karne ki koshish ki but fir bhi usne kishwer ki team ko winner declare kar diya so unfair . Jo larki ghar mein aane she pahle keh rahi thi ki mein ye ganfi cheeze nahi karti aur wohi larki kahti hai ki manipulate karna zada khtarnak in sab cheezo se

  23. bigg boss aapko fir se usse captain nahi banana chahia tha because she is so unfair or kisi air ki mauka dena chahiye Jo captain banna chahte jaise ki Prince or Roch aur prince apni captaincy mein achha tha.

  24. saz

    Bigboss ab aap sanyash lelo our Priya ko Bigboss banado. Austreliya ka tag leke aai hai usko sidha ticket to finale do. Jo log pehele din se hai usko andekha karke Sirf Priya ko hi dekhrahe ho sirf isliye ki she has a tag of Aus ???? So unfair

  25. Seema

    Eviction is not fair several times diggi nominated but save out by audience vote and fans support but most of the time kishwer saves suyash from nominations but this time he nominated then bb is not fair

  26. ssss

    today voting… mandy,roch,keith,rishav supposed to vote digi and kish,kamli sopposed to vote suyash. vote of prince is in confusion. so suyash may be nominate to leave house…..again a great contestant may be leave bb….i confused to conclude that bb likes only this type of boring game….only make loud, fighting,crying etc etc which we do not like to see more……in house….keith n prince loss their foot bcse they support on wrong thing…mandy n rochelle r in hell….priya supposed to judge fine….kish pointed the wrong things.

  27. nb

    hypocrite mandana.. she cant eat chilly cz use acidity h.. bt she can make kishwr dog.. in the hotel task fr 3 hrs.. use sirf khud ki padi h.. i dnt knw wat makes mandana a strng person acc. to the viewers..

  28. suyash n digi r totally same..its gonna be interesting …
    though according to me mandana is too much selfish type but it’s being unfair towards her…
    she is being blamed in every small issues …
    But m enjoying …After all this is call the BB9…β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

  29. Aneri

    Hello ppl I m commenting here wasting my tym for u all to open ur eyes (who all r supporting Rochelle idiot Mandy also n the duffer prince )

    1st thing – kish spat that was bad but Rochelle also spat video clip is not show but it is confirmed so don’t hate kish only hate Rochelle also n when kish was spitting that tym all supported her that means all were equally responsible n rishab also made kish a girl dog so we should hate him more but as kish spat that’s y no one is feeling that yaa prince is wrong as kish spat don’t spoil her name by this in this way u all bidding his biggest mistake

    2nd thing – kish is never like mandana like dramebazz n back bitting or never act like l me myself . kish is always straight forward n that’s made her aggrasive but she was right all s tym the mistake she did was only that spitting wala but rochelle n others were also responsible

    3rd thing – kish is straight forward n suyash is also sweet n understanding it shown they can never give anyone dhoka type there r tending their friendship nicely but prince didn’t understand as he doesn’t trust on himself n on them just getting manuplated by mandana n Keith obviously in any situation couples will support each other first then their friends time will come n that tym Keith n Roch will also support each other first don’t hate kish she is d most strong contender then mandana also

  30. Aneri

    Hidding his mistake *** rishabs mistake

    U all hidding his mistake by spoiling kish name in spitting no one is seeing that rishb is also d person who is also wrong n now nothing doing anything in house idiot

  31. fatarajo

    Hmmm. Tomorrow’s episode will seem to be interesting. I have read somewhere that the contestant who gets the higher number of votes to be evicted will not be evicted instead will be sent to a secret room. However, I am not sure if this news is true or not?

  32. oni

    salman baise nahi he….. starting me mandy sahi thi so mujhe v pasand thi lekin abhi kuch jada he hi raha he or abhi salman v kuch nahi bolte mandy ko…. rochele middle me thora thik thi so salman ne tarif kar d woh v gae aab…. sirf mujhe yeh atcha ab tak bb me ,kish task karti hr atcha toh salman kabhi tarif nahi karta lekin ek chhota galti hoi jaye toh weekend par uski bend bajate he…… kish abhi mere liye sabse best he lekin pata nahi age kya hoga….

  33. oni

    keith thik he mature he,,kissi k bare me bolne se pehle 10times cemera or fans k bare me sochta hoga…but mujhe pata nahi kyun uski yeh atchae hajam nahi hoti….. prince and kish jesa dikhta he wese he…. priya strong he or usse pata he bb pe kese tikna he..,,,rochelle toh footage k liye bb me he… mandy kissi ki baat nahi sunti joh sahi lage wahi karti he chahe koi sath de ya na de or roti he…. rishab toh confuse package he.. diggi sweet but kuch week se invisible he…. kanwal k bare me abhi kuch nahi bol sakti

  34. JYOTI

    Rochell is going irritating & unbearable day by day
    Mandana shuru se hi aisi hai kisi ki nahi sunati & never acknowledge anyone (also irritating)
    Guys Priya did a good job as sanchalak & deserve to be captain
    Kish is straight forward
    Price play Individually doesnot mean that you have to fight with Kish
    Rishabh i dont understand him
    Diggi i like her but she is not meant for big boss as show needs people who fight on silly things
    She is mature

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.