Bigg Boss 9 4th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 4th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 23(continued)
Kishwar says to Yuvika that Rishab is getting irritated as he knows that i will not give up, Suyyash comes and hugs her, Kishwar says dont worry about me, Suyyash says your feet must be hurting, Kishwar says i am fine.

Mandana says to Rishab that if we have got the chance then we should do our work, Rishab says you are right, Rishab throws bone in pool, he ask Kishwar to bring it, Kishwar brings it by using hand, he says you have to bring it by clutching it in mouth, Kishwar says dog cant fall in water to bring out bone, only this is way, Rishab keeps throwing bone away, Kishwar keeps bringing it.
Rochelle says to Suyyash that i feel so bad for Kishwar, i cant give do eye-contact with her.

Prince ask suyyash to hide bone as Rishab

and Mandana is not here, Aman comes and throws bone out of house, Mandana comes and says Aman have done mistake, it was bigg boss’s property, Prince says so Aman’s punishment is that he will replace Kishwar and will become dog, Aman agrees, Mandana says Kishwar and Aman both will do it together.

Rishab comes in lounge and taunts Digi, he says i can come anywhere anytime.
Rishab throws bone in pool, it drowns in water, Rishab ask Kishwar to go in pool and bring it, Kishwar is thinking. Vj Andy(contestant of BB7) comes there, Mandana is excited to see him, Andy meets Digi, she is excited to see him, Mandana ask Kishwar to go in pool and finish her task. Kishwar goes in pool and brings bone out.

Kishwar talks to Suyyash and says that i am irritated, Kishwar is picking up bone for more than 3hours, we all are doing task but Rishab should respect that she is a girl, its just too much, she has knee pain now, Rishab doesnt have to show his class in task, Andy says many things happen in tasks, you have to perform it.
Rishab calls manager Prince and says you can do anything, you can go against me, Prince says i am stuck, its my job to talk to you as you are guest but when you will not be guest then i will give you over dose which you need, Rishab says if you want game on then tell me clearly, Prince says game is on, Yuvika says to Prince that he is our guest, let it be, Prince says to Rishab that let us serve you.

Rishab brings Andy to Prince and he wanna talk. Aman is messaging Mandana’s feet. Andy requests for message, Rochelle says Mandana is taking it, Mandana ask Aman to give message to Andy, leave me, Rochelle thanks Andy for requesting message,

As Andy’s request, Rochelle and Keith have to perform dance in pool, inmates sing song while Keith and Rochelle romantically dances in pool, all are enjoying it, all clap for them, Andy is happy with it.

Rishab says to Aman and Kishwar that you both have to stand like cock, they stand like it but Rishab says you are not doing it nicely, Prince says you keep becoming cock but they dont, Rishab says when did you see me becoming cock? Prince says i will keep saying it, Rishab says dont raise your voice, i can too, Prince says then do it, you are a cock, Rishab says you are cock, Prince comes closer to him, Rishab says you have bad mouth smell, he moves away.

Day 24
Andy and inmates wake up to song Its magic, all dance together.

Mandana orders breakfast. Kishwar says to Prince that we will do work which you will order us, guests will not tell us which household chores we have to do, they can only tell us who will cook for them, they can tell their personal wishes like message, food etc but cant order us for any household work, Kishwar says Rishab doesnt understand task, Rochelle says he screams that he is smart, Rishab says i will read instructions again, Prince says read it, Rishab says you are fake, Prince gets angry and says we will bring Mandana’s breakfast but not yours, do whatever you can, Rishab says all have become hot.

Bigg boss says its time for Andy to leave house, he ask Andy if he is satisfied with services and staff of BB hotel? you can decide this by taking off or putting star back on it, Andy gives 1star to hotel for their good star, all hug him in happiness, Andy says whenever i asked anything, staff brought it for me so i give them 7stars, Andy leaves.

Prince comes to Rishab and says you are wearing jacket on mike, you should wear mike on jacket not under it, Prince says i am captain and i will not allow you to wear it like this, either tie it like dog, Rishab says you are fake, you are fake, Prince comes closer to him, Rishab ask him to move away, Prince says dont touch me, Rishab shows him hand and says talk to my hand, Aman comes there and tries to stop Prince, Rishab says be away, Prince says i am ordering you as captain, if you dont follow then i will teach you lesson, Rishab says you are fake, fake and fake.

Ali Quli Mirza(contestant of BB8) enters house, everyone welcomes him. they give him welcome drink, he says its very bad, Kishwar says you will not complain now. Yuvika ask what you wanna eat in lunch? Ali says surprise me by making anything. Prince brings Ali to reception, Ali says 7stars for that drink? you have to win my satisfaction so gain star from me.

Ali says to inmates that i joines many gyms to follow Rimi but she kept changing gyms, Rimi is busy in her make-up, Ali says now she is stuck here, i love bigg boss for making her stuck here, he talks to her in english.

Sanaa Khan(contestant of BB6 and BB8) comes in bigg boss, she is welcomes by digi, Sanaa says princess is serving me? that should be written in golden words, she ask to crush sugar in welcome drink, she meets everyone. Prince shows her bedroom, ali is taking message from Rimi. Sanaa meets Rimi, Mandana and Rishab, she ask whats special here?

Mandana says we are giving two options to Digi, either she swim in swimsuit or if she cant do it then she will have to resign from BB hotel, digi talks to Prince, he says i cant force you, it will affect me in nominations but i wont force you, this is task.
Ali says to Mandana that we should target Aman too, Mandana calls Prince, Sanaa says even manager is not present here, Mandana says to Prince that other option is that either Aman becomes bald like Ali or he resigns from Hotel, Aman agrees to become bald, they leave with him, Digi says to Prince that this is first task which i am not doing.
All comes in washroom area, Ali starts shaving Aman’s hairs. Digi says to Prince why Mandana is so stubborn? Prince says its ok if you dont wanna wear swimsuit.
Ali says to Aman that its great effort by you get bald. Ali, Mandana and Sanaa comes to Rimi and says we will color your hairs, Rimi says no, Sanaa says then you have to say that you are resigning from hotel BB in camera, Rimi says okay, she comes infront of camera, Ali ask her to say that i am quitting task, Rimi says in camera that i am quitting task.
Sanaa ask Digi to say in camera that she is leaving BB hotel as she is not able to do task, Digi says in camera that she is leaving BB hotel as she is not ready to do task, Mandana thanks her and says nothing personal.
Yuvika also leaves job from BB hotel. Mandana says to Prince that we want to apply black spots on Kishwar’s face, Kishwar agrees for it, Sanaa applies black spots on her face and says looking nice.

Bigg boss says its time for Sanaa and Ali to leave house. Ali says the staff served us very well so 6stars for that and i have memories with this house so 7stars for that, all thank him. Sanaa says i wanna take one star as 3staff members left job, she says if Keith says some good lines for me then i will give 7stars, Keith says no one more beautiful than you ever came in house, i swear on Rochelle, all laughs, Sanaa gives 7stars to hotel.

bigg boss says Hotel task is done, he congratulate everyone for performing well, all are happy to get compliment from him, he says as per secret task given to Mandana and Rishab, they had to make two staff members leave their job and they succeeded in their task so they are safe in next nominations while Prince couldnt control his staff and didnt satisfy guests so he is nominated for next week. ,,

Kishwar ask Mandana that she was irritating her for that secret task? Prince says you both made Kishwar dog, Rishab says i did feel bad, Prince says i wouldnt have done something like that, Rishab says i am bad, you cant do anything about it. Mandana says we have to do task which is given to us, Kishwar says but you had authority to not choose me for making me crawl for 3hours. Mandana says its game, Rishab and i was team and Rishab can decide anything in task, Prince ask Rishab to speak up, Rishab is wearing hood, Prince comes to him and ask him to remove hood and talk to him, Rishab comes to him, they both start verbal fight again, Rishab says dont come closer to me, Prince says dont touch me, Rishab says it was task and i was doing it, Kishwar says i give you challenge to do 20push-ups, its easy to say dialogues, Rishab says my task was to break your spirit, Prince says you should have atleast respected that she is a girl, Rishab says should i see in task first that if she is girl or boy then decide task? Prince says you should have chosen boys for task but you dont have guts to compete with boys. Kishwar says why didnt you choose Aman or Keith for task? Rishab says they are my friends, Kishwar says girls cant be your friend as you comment on them like give us sight and we will keep cleaning pool for you.
Digi says to Mandana that you said you Yuvika that she is looking confident on camera and all, Mandana says you are talking for more than 1hour and i dont wanna listen to you anymore, Digi says you keep talking whole day and we keep listening to you, even Salman ask you to cut your talk short, Mandana says it was task and Rishab was giving work to everyone, Kishwar says we shouldnt have given Mandana clothes and shouldnt have supported her, Mandana says i am not talking to you, Kishwar says dont show me attitude, keep it to yourself, she says to Prince that you are captain, make her do all the work tomorrow, Mandana says i will become captain too, Prince says do you think you will become captain like this? they all laugh on her, Kishwar says Mandana did everything in task and now clearly putting blame on Rishab, Rishab says we will not give clarification after task, if you give explanation then you become bad for someone and good for someone else, its like Saas bahu saga.

PRECAP- Rochelle ask Rishab to remove his bag, he says wont, Rochelle shouts that its not clean, Rishab ask her to talk in low tone as he can shout more than her, i will not remove bag, Rochelle says then see what i do. Later Rishab says to Rochelle that why did she abuse him and what slang did she say for him? Rochelle says you can keep screaming, Prince comes and says you can ask her about slang but dont shout at her. In captaincy task, Keith and Rochelle falls down. Puneet Vasishtha enters house as 2nd wild card entry, he meets Prince and hugs him, he says to inmates that who are you all? all are here to play game, stop using dialogues, its time for action, he acts like fainting, Yuvika comments that if one(Rishab) was less that one more(Puneet) has come too.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Hayathi

    This rishab na waste contestent….. BB what happend kaha se lathe ho aise contestents… seriously salman ji weekend me aap bhi samjao na iss animal ko gsme kya hota hai…. no respect for girls… badtamezz…. idiot…..

    • SOPHIE

      He is d worst guy,i mean that rishabh, he made kishwer crawl like dog for 3 hours,who does this for task nd how can one justify dis as task…kishwer did not know it was task….that guy did it for himself…to get safe in next nominations….i hope salman teach him a good lesson…he has no respect for anyone….he should learn something at least one thing for sure how to respect girls like prince does….love u digi…she did not fall below d level of an animal for task….and i love kishwer…what a spirit…hats off….and i loved prince for d first time…love u prince….he took stand for his staff wherever he can…though he knew he would be directly in nominations for dis

      • xyz

        kishwer knew about the task…as suyash did it before her for rishabh.and what lesson will salman teach to rishabh….kish aunty deservs the teatment she got…and btw why are they here…? are they here to make money without doing anything … this is what they are doing sitting idily there for all this while…. are they here for showing respect ?

  2. Hayathi

    Guys i dont accept it…. see in digi condition its her respect she cant wear swim suit…. seriously guys i wil pray to god chahe job ho rishab aur mandana eliminate hona chahiye rediculous persons…. so cheap persons like 3rd class mentalitt

  3. anu

    task me kya girls kya boys…all are equal….girls boys karna he task me toh BB GIRLS or BB BOYS k liye request kar lena

  4. anu

    prince jada he dusro k bich me aa raha he…kishwar se task karwaya dard jada usse ho raha he…rochelle se baat kar raha he prince fir bich me tapka….emotional fool

    • Sush

      Exactly..!! Just emotional fool. R n M were playing d game, instead of playing he z behaving lyk its his family n he should protect every 1

  5. bhavs

    i hate suyash and kish…prince apne didi ke liye lad re….wake up prince for that once we need to show a video message by ur frnd?rishab is not that bad.spitting se tho dog wala hi better hai

  6. jas

    Hayathi what do you mean no respect for girls. Rishabh was doing his task and if it was kishwer instead of rishabh i bet she would have done worse and could be more rude as she is already

  7. at 1:45 am its suyash talks to andy.nt kish.& abdy demands massage frm kish & mandana tells her to bath 1st & then give massge to andy.

  8. priti

    I loved prince today..all d inmates should go anti rishabh n anti mandana now..all vs both hona chaiye..tb mandy wil know team kisko bolte hai..

  9. Shruthi

    What’s wrong with this rochell.. kyun ithna exite ho jathi hain.. kash task mein ithna excited ho thi tho naam rochell se roshn ho jathi thi.. chodo.. and personally rishab ko target kar ra hein he log.. very bad.. prince ssuch mein murga hai thu jab deko thab kaabab mein addi bankar chale jaatha hein.. dosrokn ko bhi game kelne do..

  10. mandana was making rishab do all the bad things & tht idiot rishab who thinks he is very smart was listening to her all the time.lastly she put all the blame on him only.

  11. anu

    i like digi…but rishab and mandana wrong nahi he..unhe aisa he task karwana tha jis se woh jeet sake task…..
    kishwar ne give up nahi kiya headoff….but mujhe atchi nahi lagti bikul kyunki sab ke piche burai karti he

  12. priti

    I dont agree guys..its not abt girls or boys..its abt dignity actually..task mei itna bhi nai girna chaiye ki personal ho jao revenge le lo n say ki task jai..mantain some stndrd rishabh n mandy nai kiye..u cant leave humanity fr a task..n jo prince kiya..he z not emotional fool..he showd hz dignity..m we should b proud of him..ds guy hz amazing leadership quality..

    • SOPHIE

      absolutely priti…i agree wid u totally…bigg boss is all about how u maintain your dignity despite of challenging circumstances….that shows your standard nd brings d real person in you…i dont like prince before yesterdays episode…but now he is 1 of my fav…and that mandy and rishabh wo itna gir chuke he k ab unhe khud ko insan nahi kehna chahiye

  13. Sweetie

    See its very clear that kishwer is not as strong as she potrays herself.. c mon there is no discrimination in task… If she didnt want to do it she could have given up.. but now cribbing about it makes no sense at all

    And Prince is acting like a real sour loser man… It was just a task n i feel rishabh n mandana acted like a team and did whatever they could to win it… After all its just a game show..

  14. Sweetie

    N i dont get why digi is becoming so defensive towards mandana… ?? Mandana had hugged her n said nothing personal just a task…

  15. Unko agle nominations mein safe hona tha isliye unhone kiya yaar… mein wo bura nhi ho gaye…..unhe jitna tha…..aur wo jeete….kishwar aur prince overreact kar rahe h….

    • Afrin

      Yes Bishay. They are over reacting. If the secret task is given to prince and kishwer they would have done worse than this.

  16. among all the guests andy was the smartly he got kish out of the torture.aman got bald for this task ,diggi cooked nonveg, kish & suyash become dogs,prince worked so hard & rimi gave up for just colouring the hairs….she just gave up.she didnt even talked to her team. waw hw great tht was!those who r voting for her r clearly disrespecting the hardwork other contestants r doing.

      • Sweetie

        Actually shes more established actor than any of the rest of them… She does not have to anything bizzare to get attention from audience.. shes already very popular..!!
        So in my opinion i dont think she did anything wrong

    • priti

      If she z so popular and dont need attention..why did she come to BB house..and if she has attempted ds..she hs to do tasks!
      And in d past bhi actors hv come who were far more popular dan her..everyone made efforts..and she too needs to make some effort atleast!

  17. Shruthi

    Ha I agree with u priti.. but
    Kiswer ne jo kiya uss mein konsi dignity thi.. hunka gar mein guest aagayi kishwer ko ho log pasand nahi iska matlab khane mein split kar sakthi ye kya.. prince thoda jayda hi sabke bich jaa raha hein.. hein konsa rule hein.. appna ladaayi kudh ladnaa chayi.. har vakth hein nahi rahenga.. sab ke saath

      • xyz

        madam, please watch the show again, she spitted into the drink of rishabh even before he asked suyash or her to do dog what you are saying aboubt her being frustrated for suyash is wrong.

  18. Finally Big boss season 9 started now..No comments on yesterday’s epi everyone is getting personal and want to take revenge..I think all the contestants have left humanity outside the big boss house..
    Aman took the challenge Sportingly..I like that..
    Lets c in todays epi what is gonna happen..New wildcard entry..
    On entering the house Rishabh too hugged Prince first now they r fighting and new wildcard entry too hugs him..lets c next..

  19. anu

    leadership nahi he prince me…leadership hota toh team ko ek karta ki kishwar ne task kiya dard usse jada hota he.. dard usse sirf kishwar k liye ho raha dusro k liye nahi… i like prince lekin aab woh kishwar ka chamcha he..kishwar kuch hua nahi suyyush se jada dard usse hota he……….

  20. Bhavu

    Taking stand fr a girl ws crrct bt nt 2 dat extent bcoz it ws seen as prince s tkng his frustration n rishab dono fr wat reason apna deemag thanda rako yar nd tmrw full footage s reserved by rochelle devi hahahaaa

  21. Shruthi

    Ha I agree with u priti.. but
    Kiswer ne jo kiya uss mein konsi dignity thi.. hunka gar mein guest aagayi kishwer ko ho log pasand nahi iska matlab khane mein split kar sakthi ye kya.. prince thoda jayda hi sabke bich jaa raha hein.. hein konsa rule hein.. appna ladaayi kudh ladnaa chayi.. har vakth hein nahi rahenga.. sab ke saath

  22. aman tuk the task so sportingly.he didnt think for a min to go bald &he was smiling when they were cutting his hairs.hats off to his spirit.he supported kish so much.if he was in kish’s place she would hav laughed at him.i hate kish but today i felt bad for her.she is a very very strong player.if there was any other girl,she would hav bursted out in 1st hr only.but kish did it for 3 hrs.hats off to her.

    • SOPHIE

      seriously yar..i also hate kish..but wat happened wid yesterday dat was horrible..i also felt bad for her…and i respect what aman did for kish…he threw d dog bone out of d house and was ready happily to become dog in kish s place…and getting bald wid a smile was so amazing….kish would surely haven done dis

  23. yes…i too agree. fr us a girlz n boys r equal, if this 3 hrs task would happen with any boy.. v still would feel bad. Just to win d task u cant loose ur humanity. There could have been other task too.

  24. Pritty V. Rodrigues

    Mandana is with them fr sum many days…if it was rishab y she did nt stop him..kish was her so called friend…boss she belives she is right firever…shame on u mandana…hope u dont get friends frever

  25. Pritty V. Rodrigues

    Hello rimmy fans…plz stop voting her if u luv her…as she hates u all fr voting n keeping her safe….she has proved today..dont keep any expectations frm her. She vl not do anything fr her fans

  26. Heny

    All are telling that kishwar is bad she spitted in the juice that is wrong bt that’s her way of showing frustration. On the other hand we cannot disrespect that she did that dog task for 3 hrs I bet none of the house member would have done that. Rimi gave up just for colouring her hairs means like really ? She is waste for the house. N suyyash was crying as he can’t see his gf I’m this state. Its but obvious any bf who loves his gf will not be able to see this kind of humiliation.
    And Rishabh wasn’t doing the task he was taking it personally. Usne already game dekhi hai and he knows kishwar is negative character so he thinks k usse yeh sab karva ke wo hero ban jayega stupid looser !

    • priti

      Ditto my thought..after dis task i hv totally become anti rishabh n anti mandy..suyyash was really genuine wd hz tears..claps for team prince ds tym..suyyash kish aman digi especially!

    • Afrin

      Yes Rishab is taking his personal grude like Kishwer also took her frustration off by spitted. Kishwer should have said NO to that TASk but now she is cribbing about it is not done. Rishab and mandana are in BB house to play the game and they did it(dirty game), Suyyash is genuienly concerned about his GF then he could have stopped his GF doing task and make her resign from BB hotel. It is as simple as that. Why to cry. nothing to get emotional. And before entering into house kishwer and suyyash should have watched previous seasons and they did know how tasks will be in BB. Kishwer and Price are no one to ask explanation from anybody after task. They should think it as task and stop cribbing over it.

  27. sneha

    rishabh or mandana kinne paidal/stupid h…
    ali or sana ne unhe save kia… ow kishwer kbhee give up nhi krti.. anytime they could have targeted rimi n yuvika…
    i just hate mandana.. she is loyalty… she can never win

  28. Pritty V. Rodrigues

    Guys…rishab n mandana tried best with their cheap tastics to break suyyesh..kish n digi…n finally guest helped them with easy target n easy task…rimi gave up within a minute n digi after nt accepting their cheap challenge

  29. Pri

    I think Mandana and Rishabh won only because Sana came up with the idea..otherwise the two of them are fairly dense. And Rimi and Digi gave up a litle too easily…they could have done what Andy had done a couple of seasons ago when it came to such challenges..a time limit cannot be imposed, so the two of them should have said “we’ll think about it and let you know” and then just stalled till the buzzer rang. as for spitting and all..i know it is not the nicest thing to do, but unfortunately it is a reality that happens in restaurants and hotels too. If you piss of someone who is serving you food, you’d better be prepared for some spit…it’s a well known fact. So Rishabh and Mandana got what they deserved.
    I just find Mandana might condescending. She needs to get off her throne. She will start an argument, belittle and berate people and then say “I don’t want to have this conversation”

  30. Diya

    I fink the way kishwer is, she deserved it… It is just a task.. Of course, Rishabh and Mandana will give them tasks which have an upper limit… It is their choice to do it or not… If u av done it zen assume it and don’t complain.. I don’t like Kishwer but if she had not spit and done that task zen I would av liked her a bit.. But wen she already did that n Rishabh made her do zat, it was fair.. U av come into a game so play it!!

  31. life rules

    Suyyash stop being so emotional! He should be out I feel, he is not as enthusiastic as he was in the beginning!
    I bet kishwer would have done worse than rishabh and mandana. Bcuz it was a secret task, rishabh and mandana had to do whatever they could, to make them lose. Can’t blame them! If they are here to play, then this is the spirit! And if talking about humanity, where were these people when Mandana fainted. It was keith, aman and Rochelle who carried here. Kishwer just ignored her. This Is humanity?

    • Afrin

      Yes I completely agree with you. It is about nominations and rishab and mandana don’t want to get nominated(true players of BB). That is why they did it. If kishwer is in their place she would have played t really really dirty if it is about her nomaination. She did friendshp with mandana to get saved from nomination. She herself accepted. So it clear that would have made this task worse if she is mandana’s place.

  32. priti

    Kish ne spit kiya i agree..but she did it someone correctly mentioned here to tk out her frustration..dus wsnt a good gesture..but ek baari kiya..n rishabh n mandy..dey didnt stop only..way beyond greatness in a sarcastic way!
    N cumon yaar prince everytime jo task posible tha apne team ko convince krra tha ki abhi kr le baad mei i wil see dem..n usne exactly woi kia..and jo task wsnt possible..he didnt force anyone coz he actually kept himself in his team’s shoes and den socha..bhale hi d outcome wud b his nomination!

  33. Atisha Chand

    Rishab is an awesome wild card entry. Regardless of his attitude, which I think is the main purpose in Big Boss, he is actually in BB9 to win it.

    Its simple, if someone else were in place of him and Mandana, they would have probably done the same. I mean they were told to target the ones that would give up easily. It is not their fault that the girls turned out to be the weakest link.

    Prince, he is just playing safe. As the Manager of the Hotel, he had to keep it real and in tact. I think he did a fab job by not pressurizing his staff to do things against their will. Kudos to Aman for becoming a Bald on Ali’s request.

    I think BB9 has now started to be entertaining.

    One advise to all the contestant is to STOP explaining themselves when they are not supposed to. It is a task which they agreed to before entering the house of fury.

    Oh and one more thing, stop degrading Diggy because of her age. It should not matter how old she is. BB9 is not stupid by placing her in the game.

    Rimi, just be the way you are. You don’t need to entertain anyone just because you are told to do so.

    One question for BB, I wonder do you behave the same way as Rishab and Madana in Hotels?

    Cheers for the update.

    • Sush

      Haha.. Rimi could stayed at her house if c doesnt need to entrtain ne1. C z getting money frm BB n votes frm people lyk u just to seat n saying no fr every task.

  34. Afrin

    I hate kishwer. She is so irritating. I liked rishab and mandana in this task. Prince is acting like a typical brother which doesn’t suit him at all. He should concentrate on game more than making bhai behan relation in BB house. Prince you have all life to make bhai behan relations out side. BTW kishwer has to answer how she treated their guests before demanding explanation from rishab and mandana. They did everything as part of task but she took it as personal and spitted in juice. Suyyash is just a joru ka gulam and trying to get sympathy. Digi should chill.

    • Sush

      I was thinking prince may win BB bt now he z just seems lyk an emotional fool.
      Rishab z playing well though i dont lyk his attitude still he z serious abt wining rathr dan making a family.
      N mandana z just selfish bt c z good in every task.

  35. those who r saying if kish was in mandy’s place,she would hav done worse than this,r nt remembering the jamindar task.kish doesnt torture any1 for winning.she could hav kept the rates of going washroom & kitchen much higher or they could hav targeted them in any other way..but nt at any point aman & kish tortured others.they just played a fair game.

    • Sush

      Dis z coz dey were nt asked to make 2/3 members to give up d task.
      M nt supporting rishab n mandana bt dat was dere task. Dey thought if dey ll make dem dog dey may give up as its on ur self-respect. At dat time dey did wt came 2 dere mind.. n all d time dey both were saying its just a task.
      N if kish was at dat place c would hav done same or more. N laggan task was diff n dis 1 z diff.

  36. Arjun

    Its not a big deal to wear a swim suit.If aman can shave his hairs then why cant she wear swim suit. Its big boss any thing can happen here.Do not act like a child.

    • Sush

      It may nt b a big deal fr u bt it wad fr her. Every1 doesnt lyk to show dere body parts on tv. C z nt a child so c denied. If u r a girl den may b u lyk to show ur body bt c doesnt. Dis shows her class. To win a game u dont need to showoff. N if u r boy den i can undrstand y u r saying its nt a big deal.
      N every gal z nt same to show her body infrnt of every1

  37. Sush

    Kish, suyash, prince, rishab n mandana.
    No 1 z less dan 1 anothr.
    If nt R n M, S/K/P would hav also done so.
    As we all know kish n prince r rude n su z so cheap.
    N i liked Aman frm d begining. Its kish n su who potraid Aman as bad bcoz of dere personal reasns. N dats y he z silent all d while. I liked aman’s spirit yestrday. N digi has done a lot. N rimi could do dat task. C z really so so stupid.

  38. Sush

    N its lyk tit fr tat with kish. C has spitted a lot of times in d drink of rishab. No 1 felt bad fr him. N fr dog task every1 z feeling bad fr kish??
    Just bcoz c z a girl?
    This z BB.
    wts boys n girls? Fr task every1 r same.
    M a girl bt i really hate d mentality of girls. Fr everythng dey ll scream dat boys n girls r same n so we ll also roam n drink n smoke lyk boys. Our lives our rules. We ll hav extra marital affairs.
    Bt whenever it ll come to show d strong side all will say how a girl can do dat? Just scream we r same with boys bt we ll need reservatn. Dat dog task z ryt fr boys bt nt fr girls?
    Comm girls y at dis point u r descrmtng boys n girls??
    It was just a task. N if kish did dat den it was a part of task.. n c z strong.
    We girls r nt same as boys on d basis of showing body parts/smoking/drinking/ having multiple partners.
    We r same as boys like kish did by nt giving up n showing her strong side.

  39. i dnt like mandana at all.she didnt think ki task khatam hone ke bad kya hoga?obviously if u r friends with sm1 then task ho kuch bhi ho u hav sme soft corner for them.kish ko dog bnaya yha tak to thik tha par 3 hrs tak vo chiz karna galat tha.rishab targeted kish just bcoz he dnt like her nt for the task mandana should hav understood tht.aman jo kish ka dost nhi hai usetak bura lag rha tha.aur agar andyne interfere nhi kiya hota to pta nhi kab tak vo kishse ye task karwate.

  40. Arjun

    Guys u r forgetting some thing,there were bone shape woods in big boss house it means rishab can play the dog game.dont blame him.prince is a fool.

    • Sush

      Yah i agree with u.. y every1 z taking dese things personally? They hav gone dere to play nt to make family n frndz.

  41. sAKTHI

    i hate mandana… she is nt loyal to anyone in the house,. such a selfish person. i think she s the next KARISHMA TANNA of the house

  42. sangita

    I like PRINCE as a captain.He did fabulous job in hotel task. Also, He was taking all stand for his team. On other side, manadana is very irritating….As a person i can’t admire her…so please don”t vote for her!!!!!

  43. xyz

    firstly this is a game,secondly everyone is here to win.those who are saying that rishabh does not behave humanily with kishwer should consider that he was only playing the game as asked by big boss , there is no difference between male and female contestants,their task was to make 2 people to leave the task, they were only trying that , kishwer had all the freedom to decline the task assingned if she wanted , then why this humanity question? if rishab and mandan show humanity than how will they win task. also kishwer is no angel…b*t*hing behind everyone…and please note that she started spitting and doing ugly things before rishabh asked her or suyash to do dog task.and why bragging about your task by explaining and asking rishabh to do twenty push ups…it was a task …if she had taken it sportingly like aman did then why is she bragging about the task , she could have given up the task easily.prince has nobrains…despite repeated messages from his family and freinds he is in gang of kishwer.suyash is weak.rimi is showing only showing starry whims..who forced her into BB9? SHE IS BEING PAID BY BB.;and for those who claim she is popular already and doesnt need to do anything should consider that is also wanted money and popularity and peoples attention thats why she is here, people should not vote for her

    • Sush

      Exactly..!! Aman played nicely n so Rishab..!! I dont lyk rishab’s attitude bt he played well.. othrs r just emotional fools specially suyash n prince.
      I just hope salman to show d spitting scence on satrday infrnt of every1 den only dat kish ll stop screaming. C z behaving as if m a abla nari mere upar atyachar ho raha h.
      Its just tit fr tat

  44. For those who are supporting kishwer prince and suyyash
    This is a game show yahn task aisai hote hain agr ap ko itna he tha k mae ek Larki hn blah blah tou apko game show mae ana he nai chahea tha ya tou ao task chor dyti kisne force kia tha k ap wo task kro and same for digangana ap task chor skte the
    Rishab and mandana did thr task very well and I think MAndana is the only contestant Jo first week se fully apna100% dyri hai..
    Aur the whole spitting thing which kishwer did was disgusting wo na he task tha na he entertainment she is a b*t*h with loud and irritating voice

  45. saz

    mandy ने खुद सब decide किया तो उसमे इतनी हिम्मत वि होनी चाहिए थि कि वो स्वीकार करले लेकिन उसने सबकुछ Rishab के उपर डालदिया Rishab भी सिर्फ task कर्रहा होता तो किथ को लौटाकर सुयश से पैर नही दब्वाता पेर्सोनल खुन्नाश निकालरहथा सिर्फ किश एंड सुयश को टार्गेट karrahatha

  46. payel

    Prince when i saw u in BB house first time then i told everyone that Prince will win BB9 surely..I have deep confident on u bt now i m loosing it..
    Prince what r u doing..??
    Plzz show ur real spirit what u hv shown in Roadies X2,splitsvilla8
    U r not came here to make brother and sister
    So plzz leave them and play ur game alone..
    U have the spirit for which u can definately win BB9..
    no one can beat me..
    Plzz Biggboss give my msg to prince it wiil help him to play his game in the right way

  47. bhavs

    people r suppoting kish &co saying ki humanity. already they started to take revenge on rishabh and mandana.wat do they want to prove? dare to go against kish &co if it is a task future no body will go against them in tasks whom have boy friend and bhai support.Salman will surely pin this point how kish is so cheap .she opens her mouth for doing yuck .

  48. priti

    You need to entertain d audience by making the game interesting..not cheap n nasty..plz understand d difference!

    • xyz

      we are understanding the difference madam, par is hamam mein sab nange hain,and it was kishwer who started doing nasty things first.

  49. xyz

    and rishab is holding his cool, even when prince is deliberatly trying to provoke him into fighting.prince should understand that this attitude will not be helpful in long run.

  50. payel

    I want to tell prince that who are saying that mandana is doing good,they r right..
    Bt prince u can do much better than mandana..
    plzz show the real Prince..the king of reality shows to everyone

  51. xyz

    aman is humble and polite, he takes all criticism humilatily and takes all task sportingly.he was insulted by kishwer in the friendspage task also it is well known that kishwer doesnt like aman but still he was the first person to ask rishab to let go of kishwer in dog task , he also threw the bone out of house and was willing to do dog task with kishwer.but that lady kishwer do not even have a nice word for him…also suyash felt bad and was crying seening kishwer aunty doing dog task…but then did not hide the bone when asked by prince to do so….its all for footage and to gain sympathy of public that he shed crocodile tears.

  52. JYOTI

    Yar chill, all is well planned by BB team , to create TRP . They didn’t like contestenant to live happily and peacefully, they want them to fight so that their tRP will increase.
    I don’t like Mandana she is so stubborn & crack , right Prince is emotional but good too he fights for himself and for everybody as he is not mean, he is very gud captain & leadership quality, Rishbah poor guy trained by Big B team . now kishwar & prince will teach them a lesson. Headsoff to game sprit of Kishwer. Aman is luking so sincere, mature & sensible.
    I also like Digii N yuvika.

    • xyz

      are they here to live happily and peacefully….? TRP toh chahiye he … otherwise who will pay their bills…are they here for charity work?

  53. priti

    Haha kitnee serious ho gaye yaar..itneee comments n replies…kudos to bigg boss..everyone has diff perspectives..but inspite of everything..this forum gas become fun..yaha ke comments to episode se bhi jyada addictive hai..hats off guys 🙂

  54. Arjun

    Xyz you r right but all is not scripted some situations are created by the contestents to gain votes or sympathy.Big boss is about mental and physical ability and patience.

  55. Arjun

    Kishwer is playing dirty games to gain votes you know villan gets more TRP.Suyash is still playing the kishwer’s game.Prince is emotional fool he cant bear a thing.It was a just task,he always get hyper.

  56. anu

    i like prince lekin woh kuch jada hi hyper ho jata he… kishwer ne kaha ki prince captain he so kal mandana ko ghar ka sab kaam karwana..yeh galat he…hope prince asa kuch na kare aaj k epi me…task me khunas nikal toh alag baat he lekin captainship ke tym nahi..yeh galat hoga…hope kishwer k bekar idea me na jaye apna akal lagaye…

  57. oni

    prince kuch jada hi hyper ho jata he… kishwer ne kaha ki prince captain he so kal mandana ko ghar ka sab kaam karwana..yeh galat he…hope prince asa kuch na kare aaj k epi me…task me khunas nikal toh alag baat he lekin captainship ke tym nahi..yeh galat hoga…hope kishwer k bekar idea me na jaye apna akal lagaye…

  58. bhavs

    breaking news in captaincy task kish supports rishab instead of mandana.rochelle shocked and confirmed with kish how can u support a person who made u dog.she replied that it was a task nothing more than that but mandana being as a frnd tortured me where as rishab clearly told that he doesnt like me.people here fighting for kish saying big words like humanity she simply told that wat ever happened was a/c to the task.poor kish fans?

  59. neeru

    I think prince is wonderful as a captain. ..he did really good.. II think its ok to take a stand for your frnds.. We all do it.. And it is nt only for kish that prince stood up.. He always talk when he feels somthng is wrong.. And i love that abt him.. More than rishab mandana played dirty.. .she was seen saying that – we shuld make use of this chnce nd aftr that rishab throwed it into the pool… And latr she says she din do nythng… Really. ? Aman did really good.. .!!

  60. nidhi

    Ppl here r criticising prince for his anger bt I really liked him atleast he took a stand for what he felt wrong …he’s now coming back like the orig prince he was in other shows …n mandana finally showed her true colors….atleast she should accept instead of putting all the blame on rishab…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.