Bigg Boss 9 4th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 4th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nomination Special
Day 85
The housemates wake up to the old song I am a disco dancer. Rochelle and Rishab dances to song, Prince and Kishwar seems sad.

Rochelle says to Rishab that many people gave me advice that how should i play are now gone, Rishab says thats why i dont give advice to anyone, the one who gives advice become loser, do what you want thats best formula, you can only trust Keith.

mandana says to Priya that you people are so cheap that you listen my conversation with my boyfriend and discuss it, Priya says i didnt listen but Rochelle listened it as it was on speaker, your boyfriend said that he is not proud of you, Mandana says talk was that he said i am proud of you then i asked if my family watches show? he said that they watch it

on and off and enjoy it, Priya says everything is discussed in house, you also do that, Mandana says who the hell are you to discuss and say that my family is not proud of me? Priya says you are that Mandana who commented about my marriage, you said that i should give lap dance to Rishab, not me but your family is not proud of you, i am not twisting anything, Rochelle says let me discuss it, Priya says Rochelle it was you who started this topic, you told me about Mandana’s boyfriend’s comment, Rochelle says i never discuss family of anyone, Priya says you have double standards, you and Keith agreed to me, you and Keith were discussing Mandana’s family and now you want to become devi infront of Mandana, Mandana says Keith and Rochelle should not talk about me, Keith says i just said that i have same opinion and left, i didnt discuss it but if someone asks me that Mandana eats more chicken then i will say that yes, she does, you are no one to stop me from giving opinion, Mandana says but why discuss my family? Rochelle says Priya wanted to ignite fight by discussing your family with me, its her idea, Mandana says why you get in her trap then? Priya says Rochelle want to save her ***, Rochelle says atleast i am not fighter cock, Priya says yes you are something else, Rochelle says i am miss india, i am beautiful.

Rochelle says to Keith that when fight was going on, you just said that you had opinion and left, Keith says i just said what i wanted, Rochelle says dont shout, Keith lowers his voice, Rochelle says when Priya was fighting with me, why you didnt speak up? when Kishwar fights, all stand behind her but when Priya is fighting with me, all are laughing at me and no one is there to stand with me, Keith says you are wrong, Rochelle says you never took stand for me infront of Priya, Keith says i was not involved in that discussion, Rochelle says you were there only, Keith says i thought that you discussed about Mandana’s family with Priya, Rochelle says i never discussed it, i just agreed to her and you were with me at that time but you didnt even notice if i discussed it or not, she starts to leave, Keith tries to stop her but Rochelle ask him to leave her, its good i go out this week, she leaves, Keith gets sad.

Prince gives punishment to Mandana and Priya, he makes them stand across from each other with their hands on the other’s shoulders. Priya finds the punishment funny, Prince says you both should repeat “you both are so fools that talking in english in last weeks of show”, Priya and Mandana repeats it, Priya says Mandana is not putting hand on right spot, she says her spit is coming on my face, they stand and repeat words, Prince ask mandana to leave and ask Priya to continue punishment as she is not serious about punishment, Priya says i am enjoying my punishment, who are you to tell me how to bear it? Prince says i am captain and i am telling you to get serious, Priya says you are being unfair, i didnt speak in enligh more than Mandana and still you are giving me more punishment, now i wont do any work of house, Rishab says to Priya that her stuff will be taken, Priya doesnt listen.

Keith says sorry to Rochelle, Rochelle says you thought that i will pass comments on someone’s family? Keith says i thought you discussed it, Rochelle says that means you think i backbite about people? keith says i was wrong, i am sorry, i will not shout at you, he hugs her.
Priya says to Prince that if you think i am going against rules then here is my stuff, take my make up too and put me in store room too and if thats not enough then put me too there, Rishab ask Priya to not overreact, Priya says Prince is always bias when he becomes captain, she leaves her luggage there.

Mandana cries, Kishwar ask what happened? Mandana i am tired here, people talk about my life, my family and my boyfriend, i dont say that its right or wrong but i was clear i clear from start of show to not bring personal life in fights, same thing happened with Nora with that zero comment, Rishab says i called myself zero, Mandana says i am not talking about you, if you dont wanna listen then go out, Rishab says who are you to tell me this? Mandana says you are saying same shit as Priya, Rishab says you are shit, Rochelle sys Rishab what are you doing? cant you see she is crying? Rishab says fine, Mandana says i am sick of people like Priya, Rishab and this house, Rishab says it doesnt matter to me, Mandana says they hurt alot, Rochelle says to Rishab that you are behaving nasty, he says okay, Mandana says rishab is animal, Kishwar says you called us animal too, Mandana says so what? at that time, i thought you people are animals now i think Priya is animal.
Rishab comes to Priya and says Mandana called us animals, i was laughing on her, Priya ask who was with her? Rishab says Rochelle and Kishwar, Priya says nor i am surprised neither hurt, Rishab says its in our favor only, Priya says let them play.
Mandana says to Kishwar that did you see Rishab? Kishwar says dont get affected by his words, its his style to irritate others, dont give him attention, Rochelle says he is fake, he tries to be someone who he is not.

Nomination Time
All are standing in garden.Bigg Boss then announces that there will be open nominations. The front door of the house is opened for the second time this season, each housemate is required to nominate two contestants by writing the desired names on footballs and throwing them out of the house. Priya says its exciting, house door is opened, Kishwar jokes if Suyyash is still outside? bigg boss ask Kishwar to start nominations.
KISHWAR: she nominates PRIYA and says i am her competition and now she is my competition, you know strategy, she writes name of Priya on ball and kicks it of door, she nominates ROCHELLE and ask if she is happy now? she kicks ball out after writing her name.
RISHAB: Rishab says cool group’s master mind is Kishwar and she should go out, he nominates KISHWAR, Kishwar says i wont go out, Rishab says Prince is my competition, he nominates PRINCE.
ROCHELLE: Rochelle says Priya is annoying so if she goes out then it will be peaceful for us and she is my competition, she nominates PRIYA. she nominates RISHAB and says he doesnt seem to much have much support from outside.
MANDANA: Mandana says Rishab might be good from heart but he says he is individual but he is juggling between people, Priya even said that Rishab uses her mind instead of his, she nominates RISHAB. Mandana says i wanna nominate Priya, Priya says she comments about my family, Mandana says if you stop talking then i can nominate you, Mandana says she is so nasty that she passes comments on my family, Priya says as if my family is not my family? Mandana nominates Priya and tries to give reason but Priya interrupts her and says i dont use slangs, i dot get physical, i.. Mandana says she is not allowing me talk, she says Bigg boss sorry i cant do complete this nomination, she puts ball back, Mandana waits, Priya says i have give my point so you can continue now, Mandana nominates PRIYA, Priya says all know you are fake.
PRIYA: she nominates KISHWAR, and says she is my competition, she thinks about 2nd nomination, Kishwar says you are thinking whom to nominate? (pointing at Mandana), Priya says i am nominating ROCHELLE, she juggle between people like football, Mandana calls her psycho, she sings little little, fat fat psycho, Kishwar laughs at Mandana’s antics.
KEITH: he nominates PRIYA and says she said so beautiful things to Priya and also she is my competition. He nominates KISHWAR and says she has given me nomination trophy so now giving her favor back.
PRINCE: Prince says to Priya i have written your name upside down like your mind is upside down, you try to involve in all matters which is not right, you try to make plans and get trapped in it only, he nominates PRIYA, Rishab says it doesnt matter, Kishwar says it matters to you most thats why keep saying doesnt matter to you, Rishab says okay aunty, Kishwar says okay grandpa. Prince nominates RISHAB and says only one lion can survive in jungle and he acts like kid by wearing devil’s cap.

Bigg boss says KEITH, RISHAB, PRIYA, ROCHELLE and KISHWAR, are nominated for this week.

Rishab that to Rochelle that Keith made mistake by not nominating Mandana, if you had nominated Mandana then Prince would have nominated her too, Keith says i calculated that Prince wont nominate Mandana, Kishwar comes and ask why you both didnt nominate Mandana? we dont have any animosity but you nominated me, Rishab says why you nominated me? Kishwar says i didnt nominate you.

Mandana tells Rochelle that she knows where Priya’s stole/shawl is hidden, Rochelle says give it back to her as its er husband’s gift, she is finding it from two day, they come in washroom area, Mandana shows her place where she has hidden it, its behind poster on clothes rack.
Rochelle comes to Priya and says if i give you your stole back then will you stay quiet for one day? Keith sys she cant, Rochelle says then i wont give stole back, Rochelle brings stole, Rishab asks her to give it to Priya, Rochelle says i found her stole but she is ungrateful, she should atleast ask me how i found it.

Priya asks Rochelle where did you hide my stole? Rochelle says i didnt hide it but i wont tell you hiding area, Priya says clearly someone hide it deliberately, Rochelle says its my my drawer. Priya says to Keith that i feel like i am in school, my things are hidden.
Kishwar asks Rochelle who had hidden stole? Rochelle says only me, Mandana, Rimi and Kishwar knows that hiding place.
Priya says to Mandana that do you think this is adult’s behavior that you hide my things? Mandana says you irritate me thats why someone has hidden it, Priya says you find my nature irritable so they are punishing me?
Priya comes to Rishab that Mandana is saying that all feel i am irritable thats why they are punishing me for my nature. on my sipper, it is written “love you from Bhushan and Karma” but it was thrown in garbage bag. Rochelle says to Mandana that if you knew where her stole was then you could have informed her, Mandana says its not my responsibility to give her things to her, Kishwar says she is sentimentally attached to it so you can tell her atleast, Priya says i dont have a photo of my family, this stole is all i have, you can do anything with me Mandana but i cant even say anything.

Mandana comes to Priya and says i wanna say sorry, Priya says i dont wanna listen to you, Priya says to Kishwar that if you had made her realize her mistake then she wouldnt have come to say sorry, Kishwar agrees, Mandana says i came to say sorry to her but she is not listening to me, Priya says if i start doing same behavior with you as yours then you will know, Mandana says you are *****, Priya says this is your apology?

Rochelle says to Priya that i wanna confess something, Rishab says here is “truth’s fake idol”, Rochelle says i might have hide your stole but didnt remember it, i dont even remember if i have hidden it or not, Priya says i kept finding stole but no one answered me, Mandana says once you said that your friend had gifted this stole to you not your husband, Priya says even if my friend gifted to me, i have emotional value attached to it, Rishab says she is blo*dy robber, Priya says am i mad to find it like crazy, Mandana ask Rishab to calm down, Rishab says you are not even equal to my nail, Mandana Karimi, Mandana leaves, Rochelle says Mandana s giving so many explanations so she had stolen it, Kishwar says she said that she didnt take Priya’s words seriously about stole, that means she had stolen it only, Priya says ofcourse she knew that its my favorite stole.

PRECAP- There will be task, there are huge pots placed in garden and sand is filled in it, each inmate will get one pot and they have to protect sand in it from other inmate and there will be fight to get “ticket to Finale”. Prince says that i will irritate others. Rishab tries to protect his pot, Priya says you have gone mad. Inmates try to throw sand from others pot, Kishwar says war is on, Prince says nothing matters now, Priya says you never played individual game, you call yourself lion but you are fox who lie everytime. Priya tries to take out sand from Mandana’s pot, Mandana puts hand inbetween, Priya tries to remove her hand, Mandana screams and asks her to leave her hand, Rishab says this is happening to her because of her deeds, you steal people’s stuff, Mandana throws sand on Priya’s face and tells her to leave her hand.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Neeru (PHFFAN)

    The first thing to say – VOTING LINES ARE CLOSED THIS WEEK…
    A twist… Something to do with the tickt to finale i guess….

    Rochs… You can fyt,,shout nd do nythng.. But the way you treat kieth is really pathetic.. you start blaming him for not shouting at others for you,, you walk off vn he tries to explain.. i hate it….
    In su-kish relationship,, kish maybe the man,, but there is mutual respect..
    But in rochs case sometimes i feel she has taken kieth for granted…

    Priya you myt be a good person frm heart,, but you shud go now.. !
    Your voice nd the way you follow ppl around the house to say your point is really Annoying… Enough..

    Mandy,,, you being a person who is very specific abt your things shud stop touching others stuffs.. Just let it be.. Why do you have to give priya the chance to call you a thief again nd again..

    Rishab,, your only problm is your language.. Too much abusing .. That too for girls.. Well today,, Kish’s counter question abt why din you vote for mandy nd your face then was epic.. πŸ˜€

    Precap – interesting… Real fyt for finale startss…. πŸ˜€

    • Subhashitha K S

      Hai neeru. Missed u from past few days.why were u not commenting?

      Don’t understand mandana’s stealing r hiding behavior why does she need to do it.

      Rochelle is really irritating she doesn’t respect keith at all

      Priya is pain for ears.Hope both these girls are out of the house but don’t know what is the new twist with voting lines closed.

      Want prince r Kish wins the ticket to finale. And rochelle r priya shld nt win it at any case.anybody else get it no problem but not these two. for prince and mandy it doesn’t matter as they however will enter finale with there fan support but Kish r keith might require it.

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @subhu… I don’t watch the weekend episodes nymore…. I Just read it here… Nd commenting without watching the episode is not a good idea… πŸ˜€

        Abt mandy stealing,,, I Dont know abt earlier cases, yestrdy it was just hiding… but why give priya chance to raise a finger ..
        Also i remember mandy creating a hell lot of problm vn her things are touched… So as kish mentioned yestrdy,, now she can’t say nything if her things go missing..
        But i am glad she understood the thing aftr kish explained nd went to say sorry …

        I agree.. same feelings abt the ticket.. Nyone other than priya nd rochs…

      • Subhashitha K S

        @harshal oh I completely forgot that part.may be that’s possible.
        I hope either priya r rochelle accept it and not any other.
        And really don’t want mandy to go out before finally. Ya I really really hate mandy but I don’t want her to go out before finale bcoz even if prince wins after that it will not be like a real win.

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      Voting line closed this week only means that they want priya here for another week, so more drama and fights.
      now about that giving some money to any contestant for him/her to leave the show, that’s a big twist. My guess would be either of roch/priya/keith leaving, if that’s the case in the order i expect them to(roch has high chance of accepting offer). I wouldn’t be surprised if mandy is shown door with that twist too, given the film promotion of kya kool, it may be pre-planned. suyyash prediction may come true :/

  2. Manmarziyaa

    Shocked to see no one nominating mandana maybe the gharwale have come to the conclusion that mandana is unstoppable from reaching finale

  3. thanu

    We love u mandy u r the winner of bb9 iam a big fan of u.good going dont bothered anything about priya she is a real psycho.dont worry iam always supporting u

  4. NURA HASIN ??

    I think PRIYA is the most annoying person in Bigg Boss. She always try to find a clue so she can fight with MANDANA and after fighting she try to get sympathy.
    I support MANDANA, some people say she is aggressive and she abuse people it is natural she is also a human being like us when we got angry we also abuse people. So I don’t think she is doing anything wrong.
    Please vote for MANDANA.

  5. Heny

    I think that Rochelle is unsecured of Kishwar. As her main problem is that people listen to kish and fight for her but in her case she has no one. But that’s because of her double standards. Rochelle is damn afraid of nominations.
    Mandana always crying n giving reason that she is feeling lonely but she herself has opted for it in the beginning she told that she is not here to make friends n family. Then dear you will b lonely.
    Priya n Rochelle should be thrown out. I think Suyyash was more deserving than Priya.

    • harshal(PHFFAN)

      bebo, its given, right. all are so close to the final glory, that them being in huge pressure is not that surprising

  6. Doink

    – steals facewashs and shawls and later denies.
    -Speaks lies as she did for the mike case saying’i didn remove the mike’.
    -Fake apologies (also tried one)
    – Fakely Maintaining peace with prince(to use him)

    Still people say she’s least fake,then whom do i say fool? (Mandana or voters)

    -When she worked in group,fought for group.

    • SweeneyTodd

      Once again the thief is back..
      In addition to stealing,she says ‘sorry’and next starts abusing the victim itself.
      But Mandana voters feel that’s her human side & I congratulate them.
      She has stolen your hearts but will throw them in garbage bin so congratulaions again!

      Your Wellwisher,

  7. Nadia

    That Priya is a b****? She is soooo irritating she should leave bigg boss house…… Literally rishabh is her servant….. Rishabh doesn’t know that Priya is using him…. Bali ka bakra

  8. akt

    i lke prince and resab nomination the way they nominate each orther…
    priya wants to take some attraction from audience that is why she always try ro fight with prince and mandana…because she know prince is strong …

  9. Keith – roch fight& love is being irritating nw.plz send 1 of them home.priya was wrong to pass comments on mandy’s family & mandy was wrong to hide priya’s shawl.both of them deserve each other’s behaviour.bur roch was clearly at fault to tell every1 abt mandy’s personal talk.kish was gud
    nominations they were targetting priya too much.felt bad for her.keith is becoming next joru ka gulam.
    Rishabh was luking damm smart & cute.loved the way he told roch to take advice only from keith.but ungrateful roch nominated him.he took nominations really sportingly specially mandy’s nomination,tht was really funny.he tried to solve issue between priya & prince also.prince’s punishment was quite funny.priya gave a gud option “keep me in storeroom”.sm1 shuld do tht.she is right but she streches the points too much.its becoming irritating nw.i hate the tasks in which there is too much of violence like dairy task bhoot task,rikshaw task next task bhi aisa hi lag rha hai.they should bring more tasks like murder evictions this week .very gud very gud.jai bhole nath u rishabh.

      • raj

        And if mandana wins,it will a disaster for the big boss show. Prince has given 100% in every task, he has huge fan following, He must win unlike mandana who uses abusing language, racist comments , and given up every task.

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @ashish.. Prince ? Brainless ? πŸ˜€ Funny..
        According to me,, he had the best strategy…

        1. He was in cool grp but maintained a good connection with mandy,, rishab nd gizelle..

        2. When he doesn’t agree,, he Shouts nd makes his points… But then he goes nd solves it sepratly… He have made sure that he is in everybody’s good books.. He was the only person who had a good connection with all other 8 inmates till last week…

        3. Mandy who hated prince nd always nominated him hv started sharing her problms with him.. they share a good relation now..
        Rochs who called him goonda says to salman – prince is the one who runs the show.. his decisions nd stands are fair nd he deserves to win..
        πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
        This is called playing game…

        4. Supported mandy vn kish was against her.. The bag issue.. Fought with rochs ovr it.. Nd Kish’s puppet you say.. ? LOL…. πŸ˜€

  10. stg

    i hate dt irritating priya!!!!! i mean heights of cn one be soo irritating…if v cmpare mandans,s reaction to normal life even v people will behave similarly..except her all r fake in house..rochelle fake..prince maha fake…rishab mannerless dumb fellow..actually gavar he is..kishwar is gud..shes awesome..keith is also gud bt leave dt stupo rochelle.. so i want kishwar mandana n keith in top 3

  11. Xerxes

    Rishabh is imprudent & impudent & impotent silly fellow,he doesn’t know whom to nominate & how to nominate and thinks of himself as stud ,as prince said 15 yr old airhead devil ! Witless chap!

    • Sumit I think u are a big supporter of the two b*t*hes Kishwar & Priya..
      This season is all about Mandana .
      90% of every episode revolves around Mandana, irrespective whether she’s present or not..
      So wake up Sumit & face the reality & start voting for Mandana..

      • raj

        Lagta gai tumne salman ki baat suni nahi jo usne mandana ke bare me kaha ki koi aaj tak is show ko nhi jita gai jo uske jaisa behave karta ho

      • raj

        Dusro ke personal life pure pyar se discuss karti hai lekin jab apne pe aata hai to rone lagti hai kyuki sabko pata hai ki real life me wo ek characterless woman hai

      • Cherry W.

        If that’s true then u have to also admit that maddy have the support of the BB team. Because from 24 hours we are shown only 1 hour and they do the editing.
        it does seem to revolve around maddy more than others.
        If she doesn’t have that support how come the things others do were not shown, for example the pee throwing thing between Kish and priya. It’s a bad thing alright but its would have been interesting. Right? There were so many such things they have edited to keep focus on maddy only

        so BB team is helping to make maddy a winner.

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @cherry… Din get your example. .. What do you mean The pee throwing thing. ? It was shown… Fully… You don’t remember ?? o_O

  12. ManuelFerrara

    Rishabh and Suyash are in bank.
    Bandits came and looted the bank and started looting people too.
    Rishabh,gives 1000 rs note to suyash who takes it and asks
    Suyyash- what is this?
    Rishabh – Returning you my debt!

  13. Kiara

    These people are getting on my nerves now

    Rochelle:- keith is your bf not your dog so stop treating him like one…….and stop being so double faced….you had no f**king right to listen to someone’s personal conversation and discussing it with others

    Keith :- you are a man not a dog so stop acting like one

    Prince :- liked the punishment which you gave to mandana and priya

    Rishabh :- i don’t know why but i like you

    Kishwar :- loved you

    Priya :- you are annoying i dont know how people tolerate you and the personal comments you made on mandana were wrong

    Are you the same person who goes around barking insaniyat

    Mandana :- why are you such a theif…….
    And stop that nautanki of yours

  14. Chikni chameli

    Mandana ki koi aukat nahi hai industry me….jis ladhki ka khud ka bf uske bare me bakwas kare usse ghatiya kaun ho sakta hai….sali pehle khud prince se chep hoti thi jab usne bhaw nahi diya toh uske against ho gayi

    Salman ko galat galat signals deti hai bc public kya pagal hai ki usse samajh ni aata

    Pehle bola mai single hoon phir bola bf hai and ab pata chala married hai juthi aurat


  15. Jonwick

    Today Mandana was pathetic,she deserves flak for this stealing habit.Her petulance and curtness is what we witness each day but now she’s going overboard..Humans is ‘dumy of mistakes’ but she is like ‘drum of mistakes’.Today priya really took umbrage bcoz that scarf was something personal but still mandana maintains that cocky attitude.
    Really a blunt brazen bi*ch!

  16. santu

    No comments even at 1 am … peviously there used to be minimum 10 comments by this time.. it shows how bb 9 is going down..
    Mandana worstest person in the universe..
    Rochelle worstest Gf in the universe..
    That’s all for this episode πŸ™‚

  17. Havas ka pujari

    Rochelle chamaran hai puri

    Keith aisa mat karo keith vaisa mat karo

    Abe maa hai kya tu keith ki

    Iss sali ko laat marke bahar nikalo show se

    Keith ko mandana se shadi kar leni chahiye
    Mujhe lagta hai keith aur mandana like bhi karte hai ek dusre ko

  18. gia

    Priya is really annoying she have to get the hell out now she keep provoked mandy and the other housmates please kick her out as possible
    Rochelle shud stp treat keith like her dog
    Rishab. Shud hav some respect for girl
    Mandy u r the best

  19. Pri

    MANDANA and PRIYA are both so annoying!! All they do is argue and pick fights. I hate the fact that all MANDANA does is want to gain sympathy.
    ROCHELLE needs to start treating KEITH like a human. She needs to leave the show! When KEITH tries to man up to her, she cries. I feel that KEITH is getting tired of her and loses his cool at times. Lets see if they last after the show!
    KISHWAR is getting better and better! Hopefully she plays amazing still now that SUYYASH left!
    In my opinion, PRINCE and MANDANA will for sure go to the finale.

  20. Avani

    After watching today’s episode I agree with Roch it will be better if she leaves this weekend. I think she is frustrated and confused. She knows somewhere in her heart that she won’t win so venting out her frustration.

    Kish looking sad without suyash πŸ™ . but its good now people will see her playing individually.

    Liked the punishment prince gave.

    I agree priya is irritating and annoying. I don’t like her much but she is generally right and mostly speaks truth. What she spoke about mandana’s family was not good but I dont think she deserves what mandana did to her.

    I remember last week when Mandy got violent with priya the reason was Mandy was lying that she never takes anybody’s things so others should not and priya reminded her that she steals things and Mandy proved priya right yet again. She called it prank. People play pranks only with friends not random people.

    Mandy then apologized later which as always was not genuine. Also such apologies does not matter if you do mistake every day and then say sorry. Mandy dint even look apologetic. For her stealing is not a big issue. That really give insights of her character. Even if a thing has no monetary or emotional value nobody has right to steal it. Also Mandy had no right to steal just bcoz she finds her irritating.

    I think rishabh should start increase his screen presence. She is not seen much in any episodes

    No voting this week. May be no one will be evicted and double eviction next week.

    Precap looks interesting. Hope prince or kish wins ticket to finale.

    • Neeru (PHFFAN)

      @avani… Absolutely true.. Priya,, many a times,, is right in her points… But the way she says it,, her voice, mannerisms nd actions, is so irritating that her points somehow become invalid…

      Now if i come to think of it,, i agree to your point.. No one has the ryt to take others things just becoz he finds a person irritating… Well said.. !!

      • Subhashitha K S

        Ya Priya is most of the time right but the way she stretches the topic and they way she tries to convey it by following the person seems irritating and what she wants to convey goes unnoticed.
        And mandana always does wrong things and goes without any punishment. Nobody has right to hide anybody else things just bcoz they r annoying

      • santu

        If u find the way priya argues is irritating even if she is tight.. then u should see sushma of kannada bb.. Priya is nothing in front of her.. Wat say subhashita?

      • Subhashitha K S

        Ya santu sushma(from bb kannada) is more annoying than priya and she does it even when she is wrong

      • Avani

        Thank you neeru infact I think Mandy should thank Priya, from last 2-3 weeks she is getting footage due to her other seem to not pay heed to Mandy ??

    • Avani

      Subhashitha and santu the way you guys keep mentioning about bb Kannada I would love to watch it but I guess language might be an issue

      • Subhashitha K S

        Ya it might be difficult as u will not get written updates of bb kannada as far as I know but u atleast try watching weekend episodes on Saturday they are really fun to watch. The way Sudeep – host of bb kannada handles it without being baised is amazing.

  21. Doink

    If u give a f*ck to a girl,who doesn’t give a f*ck,
    She still doesn’t givva f*ck so don’t give a f*ck to someone who don’t givva f*ck and vote for someone like prince who deserves ur votes.
    NOTE#itz not vulgar although it looks,read carefully!

  22. Suman

    Vote for priya mallik. Guys cannot u see she is being so geninune. C fights for what is right .C was never a liar like other inmates.
    Wake up india …u all supported the wrong politicians like a wrong personality like mandana…support the true personality like priya who is right always.

  23. Malaa

    Prince will win
    Hate mandana
    Keith should have gone out he rochelle would hav realised
    Other two couples are sad and she is sat there fighing

  24. If indeed what Suyyash said after his elimination that he was the second highest in terms of votes after Mandy, then how did the report of Prince leading in terms of votes come about. But will be sad if indeed Mandana will leave on the 16th of January as predicted by Suyyash (because Mandy has to leave to promote her movie).

    • preety

      Suyyash is insane .. He can’t be the second highest vote gainer.. How come one be so dumb like him ??

    • Neeru (PHFFAN)

      Whaat…. ? ??
      Now why wud nyone do that.. One week aftr 16 th,,its the finale…. She can do the promotions aftr that..
      I think its fake… Eithr suyyash has gone crazy or the entire intrview is false…
      And if its true then that will be the most stupidest thing that i hv evr seen..

      • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

        I was equally shocked when I read this article, I think he can’t digest the fact that she didn’t get immunity despite being captain. Suyyash man u just lost respect from me, I think his sister assumed 2nd lowest as 2nd highest, aiyoo suyyash , he forgot about his bro-in-law prince, and keith

  25. I agree with Ashish. This year show has a little grace due to Salman, Mandana, and Keith. Rest of the people are good for nothing. I will not surprise if we see Prince and Kishwar will eliminate the show step by step. Prince is boastful and kiswar is arrogant and insecure.

  26. Gaurav

    Mandy you really need to set your mind that if this is real manxy or fake… If its real you are wrong very wrong…
    Prince… Well this is why we wanted nora out of the game….
    Nice punishment….

    Guys lets vote here…

    i am with narula

  27. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Today’s episode was boring. As usual fights n fights. In today’s episode Roch was so annoying she is becoming more irritating day by day. I wonder how Keith tolerates her. It is not surprising that he lost his cool, anyone would have done so long time back. And Roch please stop praising yourself, and concentrate on your gane. I feel so bad for Keith. he lost his bro but he still came back for his gf. And his gf instead of helping him makes it worse. πŸ™ Keith we r with u all the best. And nominations this priya as usual irritating, Mandy is Weird but better. I found that part funny when Rish-Kish aunty-grandpa fight and Prince saying devil acting like a kid πŸ˜› prince hates Rish jacket, I also hate Rish’s jacket, but prince I also hate your jacket. Everytime, my uncle watches this show he says can someone please throw these jackets out πŸ˜› no voting lines very interstiing maybe next week is doubke eviction , ticket to finale very interesting precap, i wonder who will get it, okay witg anyone but please notpriya . I hope keith is in the battle of ticket to finale, but dont think so πŸ™

  28. Guys im back…WISHING @FREAKK @TEDD @JOYEE @NEERU AND @HARSHU A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR..Missed u all alot..I guess u all didnt miss me..Im really sad..Plz forgive me if i hurted any of you…SORRY

  29. Brooklyn

    Well..finale is approaching and it seems the house would burst anytime with so much hues and cries, fights, insecureness that is clearly to be seen on all the contestant’s faces. Anyway, coming week is definately a must watch.. No public votes ;yet the race to finale with an important task is here… Lets see who rules it out.
    Talking about the contestants….

    Prince : Just a brawny person, less intellectual,easily affected but a potential finalist just because he has a good number of fans. I still find it hard to see his individuality.

    Priya : Irritating, Loud, but yes she can voiced her opinions. At times she emerges out to be a smart one but hey dont stick to one point for long ,it becomes irritating ,as a result u lose your grip in the house.. but definately a potential to be in finalist.

    Keith : Eye-candy of Bigboss, infact we all love you. Your generousity and your calmness always an inspiration but wait a bit ..try some planning and plotting in a good way.. its finale time.. we wanna see some good action from you in effective way.

    Rochelle : Stubborn…Insecure…Over Loud. and we hate the way u treat your bf. I mean come on when you are wrong u cant be so indecent to ask your bf to support you for something which is morally incorrect.

    Kishwer : I loved her. She is fun, entertaining, smart …not a footage queen. She have voiced her opinions on necessary matters. One of the favorites to win the show.

    Mandana : Sometimes she is so irritating , sometimes like a baby with her silly tantrums..but we all agree she is a smart player. She knows the game well. If your behavior is just for the show then go ahead otherwise we are sorry , we hate you if in reality you are this. Another favorite who can win.

    Rishab : You seemed to have lost somewhere. A funny guy but wait we honestly hate your behavior towards female. Accusition,vulgar…aahh something we dont admire. Need to play smart more and act wise.

  30. akt

    guys …i want to say that resab is trying to prove he doet’t have mind its clear he is following priya malik one of dirty mind player of bb9..he has accepted it…and now he has envolved in bac…ing too..i am surprised to listen that how is he lying topriya that prince ,rocell and kishwer all r about her….he proved that he does’t have mind..before this episode after 1.prince2.keith may be my third choice resab but now he has lost his respect….because he is not having any quality of winning…
    now its cleared that prince will win this show..

  31. akt

    no its ur thought..because u r not understanding the actual game game..if u remember
    then i want to to say that prince is the main person who is responsible for forming connection between roceel,keith and suy,kesh plese think what is he doing its easy to say that he is following kis ..but reality is different..he has played and taken stand agnst kish and rocell both but rocell and kish has not taken stand agnst prince this is called as real game player..but u guys r blindly following salman khan if in next episode suppose salman will tell keith is most fake then u will accept it but its not true….
    bt its my opinoin don’t take it personal..i am writting this because so many time i have read
    same comment like prince is following kesh but according to me everyone is following prince
    ..prince is having good relation with everyone except priya(dirty mind)

    • shruti

      @Akt very fine analysis, points well made but I still think that our Princy is not that smart bcos words, actions and body language convey a lot. Prince will be more than delighted to hear your smart explaination. that’s like a true fan, keep it up.

  32. ssss......

    Bb9 now in last stage, not seen any double entertain yet, totally saying ghatiya show compare to others before, all Bb9 contestants are treated like slaves except mandana… think they promote her…but the real toppers in Bb9 are.. Kiss,Prince and Keith.

  33. Rahul

    Ticket To Finale : Prince broke Priyaβ€˜s sand tap and her sand box got empty. But she is still in the Game.
    PRINCE NARULA leading now,Keith became moderator of Task.

  34. Rahul

    Bigg Boss 9 : It’s Ticket To Finale

    Official Logo Of Bigg Boss 9
    The Reality Post exclusively reveals that Bigg Boss introduced Ticket To Finale task in which the housemates had to spoil the rival’s game in order to get the finale ticket.

    Bigg Boss introduced a very interesting finale task for which a inverted pyramid was placed in the garden area of Bigg Boss 9 house.

    The inverted pyramid was divided into different portions and each portion was allotted to each housemate as a part of their game.

    Only Keith couldn’t participate in the task, as he is nominated for the entire season and due to this he was appointed as the moderator of the task.

    Coming back on the task, each portion was filled up with sand and in order to win the task , the contestants have to try to open the tap of the sand of their rivals.

    Interestingly, the moderator of the task Keith plays a major role in this finale task. Incase, if Keith observes someone cheating, he can either open the sand tap of the contestants or can even ignore to do so.

    It is his choice if he wants to save or spoil anyone’s game.

    The task is going to be continued for almost 2 days, and just after few hours of the task the housemates got into an ugly fight.

    Soon, Princeand Priya got into an argument and between all this argument, Prince broke Priyaβ€˜s sand tap and due to this, sand box slowly went empty.

    Though Priya Malikβ€˜s sand box got empty, she was still in the race.

    Meanwhile, Kishwer, Prince and Rishabh have targeted Mandana in order to remove her from the game.

    Also Prince is leading of all in the task with more sand in his portion.

    Well, now it’s all about reaching directly to grand finale and it is obvious that the housemates would try their best in this task.

    • So sad I knew it Keith is not part of the task . Why BB, why ? I just hope the most deserving one in the task and also in the house wins the ticket , I think someone like Kish would be perfect to get ticket to finale. Don’t think it’s Rish because he’s quite bewakoof but sometime he does use his brain, if this happens then Rish. And Prince must do well like how he does n not get influenced. The reason why I didn’t take Prince/Mandy’s name because audience votes will bring them to finale, so someone who gets average or less vote compared to others deserves it. And not Priya because she’s annoying. And Roch if she becomes the old Roch then she can get it. Best choice was Keith but he’s nominated for entire season πŸ™

    • Neeru (PHFFAN)

      @Rahul.. Thanx for the updates…. ?? πŸ™‚

      God.. This is going to be one ugly task… I just hope girls be sporty nd don’t blame others for being physical or boys for touching inappropriately… I mean this is a physical task.. You need to stop other ppl from ruining your sand tap… so if you don’t want to be touched,,, don’t take part in the task.. Simple..

      Kieth,, you have the toughest job here.. You need to be fair,, support your frnds,, support your gf nd look into your benefit for future to remain in the game… All at once… Thats difficult…

  35. suhani

    Priya actually won , with her annoying and irritating behaviour.Mandy has lost her temper and behaving like that. I really hate her tone and what ever she speaks, Rishab if u are on priyas side, no one vl vote you.

  36. mandyfan

    Mandana is the best. Hate priya. She is so irritating. She deserves what mandana did to her. Good going Mandy we Lv u. Priya is following mandala everywhare to irritate her to get viewers attention so Mandy did this to her. I don’t understand why people call Mandy chor.just Bcoz Priya said Mandy is chor. Allinmates touching Mandy stuff is okay but if Mandy is hiding something she is chor wow.and Mandy boyfrnd did not say anything bad abt her. She is sticked to her statemnt till now that she is not here to make frnds. She is mot playing in groups to avoid nominations as other do. We love Mandy and will keep voting for u.

  37. Akt sry but i slightly disagree with u.he just told priya mandy is talking janwar etc.he didnt told her word to word thing.even though she asked him.& priya asked who is sitting there,so he named prince,kish,roch,keith.he didnt said they r backbiting abt her.he wasnt involved in mandy & priya’s fight abt mandy’s prince priya fight also he was making priya understand so i dnt think he was blindly following the shawl thing every1 was supporting priya & rish was angry wjth mandy bcoz they already had a spat so he was targetting mandy.the only moment i thought rish was following priya was nomination time.but i guess he & priya were too much targetted so it was justified.brokylyn i agree with wht u said abt rishabh he should stop using those galis.this is the only thing i didnt like abt rishabh.but i know he wil correct these mistakes & play well.

  38. Roch nominated rishabh even though he supported her for captaincy.if roch was in his place she would hav cried & shouted for 2 days.maine aapko support kiya aur aapne mujhe nominate kiya?plz mere sath bat mat karo…etc etc.when roch came in after nominations,rishabh-aa gyi sachai ki jhuti mandy was nominating him he fell down& said i am dead.tht was also very funny.i love this guy.though he shouldnt hav called kish aunty but kish was also laughing when mandy was calling priya fat.

    • akt

      rocell and only problem with rocell is she want to do wrong with orther and expect good for ourself…i am agree with u if same thing happened with rocell then she must react why u nominated me….because we have seen this before two days captency ignore her…
      i want to say u that i like resab after prince but i don’t like resab too because he is supportimg priya for her irritating bahavior

  39. Banu

    @ Fatarajo.. I agree with u completely.. Kish should get the ticket to finale.. Bcoz Prince & Mandana will go to finale directly bcoz of their fan following..
    Also Neeru y didn’t u comment fr past 3 days….
    I use to read urs, fatarajo, harshal, kiara & Rahul comments daily..

    • Neeru (PHFFAN)

      @Banu,, Dear i don’t watch weekend episodes these days… Thats why i din comment on satrdy nd sundy.. πŸ™‚

      • Neeru (PHFFAN)

        @joyee.. Coz they are boring…
        Last yr earlier bb contstnts came nd took classes of inmates.. That was soo intresting.. That way different POVs wer heard.. All issues wer covered … Inmates got bashed nd supported by experienced ppl…. So fun..
        This yr only Salman is there nd he doesn’t evn touch some issues that happened That week… i feel evn salman is not interested this yr..
        So i stopped… Waste of time..

  40. shruti

    Rishabh can leave even his most devout fans speechless…he is cute and equally stupid. I think he gets enlightened and says those funny one liners and then spoof…the connection goes off. Yesterday, very intelligently in the post-nomination discussion he was telling about others faulty strategy and when Kish asked him about his strategy he was blank, I loved that. But he needs to get consistent. I think Rish-Kish together will have great comic chemistry.
    BB should give up these nasty games and come up with funny games in these last days. I think it would have much funnier if contestants would have been given the task- where one will have to convince other inmates to empty their tanks and the first one to get empty would be the winner of the task. BB needs to realise entertainment can be both ways.

    • Ya shruti kish & rishabh hav a different kind of chemistry.both r funny.they should interact more.& bb shld stop these nasty this bigg boss or circus?agar task interesting ho to trp wil increase.the major reason behind failure of this season is idea to bring couples.the concept of bb is hw u behave when u hav no contact with outside world,hav no 1 to support u & u r surrounded by strangers.but if u r entering as a couple u knw their is 1 person who wil always support u no matter wht.,even if the whole house is against u, it gives comfort & mental it cant bring best in u or ur real personality.bhai bigg boss na hua ye logo ka romantic vacation ho gya.this season is worst season of bb.tolerating it just for rishabh & salman.

  41. Now this priya is getting on my nerves. She is so irriting. And gd for nothing. Keith is like a servent of rocelle. Rishab always disturb others. There is no gd habit in him. Mandana always argue with others. Rocelle always controls her boyfriend and really emotional. Prince is better that them but he is really womaniser. So I think kishwar is best among them. She deserves to win. She is clear about her destination. So she should get the ticket to finale.

  42. @Neeru (PHFFAN) really? They did oh! I have watched every episode but did not see it untill they showed it this week. I have this feeling they do not show the full episodes out side India. I have read some episodes before the telecast and found some parts missing. ?

    • Neeru (PHFFAN)

      @cherry.. Yeah.. They did… Kish throwing it in the car,, then priya throwing it at kish’s face..
      Maybe they dont telecast these disgusting things outside India… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      Cherry u r correct they do cut some parts of the episode when aired overseas, even in Singapore when I wwatch the episodes some parts are like missing from the written updates, especially the Thursday tasks I remember they didn’t show the car task where Puneet threatened Digangana, then also the task where Prince’s team won the task against Rishabh’s team and they had to do different poses of yoga and Giselle and kishwer were sanchalak of taak, I think it has got to do something with sponsers. I don’t know. Don’t know about other countries, but Singapore they don’t show those tasks.

  43. Sayma

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  44. neha

    Priya: I m not your fan but you know to twist the situation nicely……..good comment you made on prince and its fact that he never ever played as a individual………so he deserve ur comment…and of course he is not the lion orr king…………..and to earn this he has to prove himself as a good player……and not shading behind girls or cool group…

    Mandana Bhaiyeeeee……….you are a real thief…….I think in ur life you like to steal people things and love to remove frustration by way of ur ugly tongue and slang………..u suck………….

    prince: May be you have alot of fan following………….but as a contestant in BB9 you have not proved your self as good player……….always seen behind cool group which is controlled by Kishwer Brain and also your so called love relation………. Take Priya comment strongly…….

    Rishabh: It’s hi time that you have to stand for yourself..leaving priya mind trapped game far behind……………hope you do well.

    Rochelle::::::::::::::::::::::: Yes.I hope your wish come true……… getting evicted this week…..
    You are brainless women…………….Dont know on what basis u were crown Miss India…

    Keith……………Come in Picture……………..and throw ur so called rochelle out of your way,,,,,,,

    Kishwer…………….Doing good……

    • kushagra

      how can u say is not a good player
      he may not be a good individual but he is the best player
      won almost every tasks
      ur reason unjustified

  45. neha

    Rishabh ……………its from all your fan following………………..Dude ……good luck and hope you win the show as u deserve to be BB9……….only for Rishabh……….

  46. II

    Roch!babe! Keith wld hv spprtd u if u had been right ie if u didnt discuss about mandy. U did it but blamed priya. U know very well how prya reacts if improperly blamed. Atleast have guts to say yes we talked but not that seriously then the matter wld hv ended there itself with few galis frm mndys side. Thats all. I think u repeated the same mstke of last week where u put blame on prya about the nora thing. Priya is such a prsn when wrong(blame) button is pressed she will show live telecast of hiroshima nagasaki blast of japan .

  47. parnika

    hey guys… the winner of bb9..n pls uske bare m kch bi coment krne se phle uski cnditns ko samajle..wo us gar k liye perfct h n ye show jitne k liye bi.

  48. AN7

    Prince is the best with the biggest fan following.
    If mandana wins then it will be so obvious that votes are not counted.
    Mandana doesnt perform in tasks,is a drama queen,doesnt respect anyone,uses people for her advantage,is supported by salman and bigg boss,breaks rules (kicking,pushing).
    Only Prince,keith kishwer deserve to win.

    • mandyfan

      Take a chill pill. This is a game and she is doing her best to win. At least she is stick to her words that she is not here to make friends. Not like others who are making fake frnds to avoid nominations.

  49. mandana bahat hi overconfident,arogant hain,ushse jaida sundarELI EVRAM thi par bhi ke bare main bura nahi kheti thi,aur yeh madam sabko fat ya ugly khedeti hai,mujhe nahi lagta ki yeh winner hogi,sorry yeh mera soch hai.

  50. We like mandna so plz plz plz plz vo single bndi sb p bhari h & jitne k liy b or ek sentence Jo usne Priya ko bola vo usne kitna irritate kiya tha & vo to sbko hi kr ri h irritate

  51. Vo start nhi krti & vo show out nhi krti kbi b ! Jb log start krenge ldai to vo kya chup rhe & y big boss h bina bolne Vala kitne din reh skte h ! Right eli avrm is beautiful but beautifull hona sufficient nhi h game k liy

  52. Mandana is leiture.vo sab pe bhari nai padh rahi vo ulanghan kar rahi hai aur insaniyat bhul rahi hai fir roke mafi mangti hai stupid girl. Vo agar jiti na to bigboss ki choice hogi viewers ki nai. Viewers wants kishwar or prince to win. Agar vo violence karti hai kick karti hai muh pe mitti fekti hai aur isliye vo bhari padh rahi hai to vo insan nai vo khud animal hai with no brains

  53. harshal(PHFFAN)

    Finally got to see the episode! same boring stuffs getting repeated, making me lose interest in this show even more. I just want the finale to be done and the show to end…….
    1) priya roch keith going personal on mandy: ethically wrong and given that they twisted the words of gaurav to make it sound like gaurav is not happy with mandy, even more wrong.
    2) mandy hiding the fact she saw stole of priya: again, ethically wrong, she should have told priya about it, given how priya was searching for it. now, if mandy was the one who steal it and hide it, mandy is even more wrong, whether revenge or not, doesn’t matter. if anyone else has stolen it and blaming it on mandy to get off, wrong from their side. My suspicion is somewhat on roch given how she was trying to tell priya that she might have done it and doesn’t remember it -_- . but, its just a suspicion, no proof available.
    3) mandy getting zero votes in nominations: masterstroke game plan by mandy mixed with fear by contestants that she has strong support and hence not get nominated along with her and instead target weak contestants like priya. mandy’s good equations with prince is working wonders for her, though not friends, the two seem to be in good terms with each other.

    Now, its last 3 weeks of the game. Hoping to see more mind games being played rather than this foolishness going on since last week(irritating others and getting reactions and physical confrontations and stealing). For now, seeing only 3 strong contestants playing mind games which goes in their favour: mandy, prince and kish.
    potential candidate adding there is rishabh, if he comes out of priya’s groove and plays smartly now, and not get used off by priya. Keith, great human being,but not bigg boss winning material(my personal opinion). . roch is roch.

  54. harshal(PHFFAN)

    now, seeing the support on twitter, facebook, forums, etc, the inmates with fan followings are in this order:
    1) Prince
    2) Mandy
    3) Keith
    4) Rishabh
    5) Rochelle(many are drifting away from her)
    6) Kishwer(yes, sad fact, don’t know how big boss will make her come in top 3 or maybe even as winner)
    7) Priya(very less followers)

    • Kish has less fan following nowadays because she’s so inactive and also barely been seen nowadays, that’s why I m supporting Kish to win ticket to finale as she really needs it happy to see Keith at 3 πŸ™‚

      • harshal(PHFFAN)

        can’t say that i agree to that…..
        Infact in recent weeks, her calm, composed, matured behavior has earned her lots of praise and made people wonder that she can be a winner of this show and so, that can only mean that she has gained some followers.the reasons for her less following can be:
        1) Her earlier aggressive behavior and controlling nature(bullying).
        2) Suyyash fans may be getting divided among her and prince
        3) she was not that famous before entering the show.
        4) Her being nominated very less number of times. coz more you are nominated, more opportunity arise for you to earn fans(prince already had fan following, hence he is exempted from this law)

    • Subhashitha K S

      Then I really hope Kish wins ticket to finale bcoz prince will however enter finale with votes

  55. Rahul

    3 HMs who will have heaviest sand left in their containers by d end of d task will move to the next level of d game Ticket to Finale

  56. Rahul

    Prince Narula,Kishwer Merchant and Mandana Karimi are the TOP 3 finalist in race of Ticket to Finale

  57. As the prince already have won 2shows due to popularity its obvious that he will hav a lot fan followings Bt the great thing is Mandana also have highest votes as Prince based on the current show and her performance I think mandana deserves to b winner.

  58. pav

    rishab will win the showwwww
    there is no problem who ever win the show bt prince should not win the showw plzzzzzzz god

    • neha

      s i totally agree with you.prince should not win the show..he does not deserve to be……………..rishabh do well in the Sand task…………..Prince you know to show ur physical but brain is dumb…………..

  59. shiva

    I see kishwar a very strong contender.. She is a balanced person and plays her game very well. prince and rhishab r over the top. keith is subdued by rochelle. priya is irritating. Mandana may go upto the finale too, coz bhai loved her πŸ˜‰ but for the past few weeks he is maintaining balance towards mandana. all-in-all its turning out to be a interesting show

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.